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<January 17, 2015>: <Janet Van Dyne and Morien Washington discuss how their can help those suffering from the recent attacks.>

The main New York Office of Umoja International

<Conference room of Umoja International>



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Umoja International

This is the main New York office of Umoja International. Umoja Industries
owns the top eight floors of this building. The building might not be as tall
as some of other buildings in the city, but it still a great view of the
city. The top floor only contains a huge state of the art conference room and
Morien's office.

Janet van Dyne
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The corporation's security guards would escort Janet to the top floor and hand her badge to allow for her to access the elevator when she departs the meeting. Morien is pacing in front of the table as he talks to a male and a female that are on opposite video screens in the conference room. Morien rubs the side of his head and sighs, "All right, send me the reports from the Delaware office, and I will try to look them over after my next meeting.

He turns off the screens with a remote. Morien's personal assistant comes in and places some tea down at the conference table. Morien smiles to his assistant, "Thank you, Jerome, I am going to be out of the office until Tuesday, so feel free to take the time off as well. I will not be needing you.

Morien hears the elevator opening and looks down at his security screen, "Can you direct my guest to the conference room on your way out?"

Janet is dressed pretty casually for a high powered business meeting, but then she is on the board and owns the company, she doesn't try to be the CEO as well. She steps out of the elevator when it opens up and pauses to look around the top floor. Just quietly appraising the decor and glancing out the window for the view now.

The view is pretty impressive, and the decor is a French neo-classical with some unique antiques placed around the room. Morien comes from behind the conference table and extends his hand to Janet, "My Dyne, a pleasure to meet you. I hope you enjoy tea. I have always like to discuss business with tea. I think it makes conversations more civil."

Janet smiles to you now as she is shown in. She reaches to shake your hand. "Tea sounds excellent Mr. Washington. Not sure about it being a civilizing factor, but it certainly has a fraction of the caffiene of coffee so it should be somewhat more subdued."

Morien pulls out a chair for Janet and pours a cup of tea for her and himself, "This tea is called, Ajiri. It is from Kenya." Morien settles down in his chair and clasps his hands together, "I called you hear in the hopes that will could perhaps use some of our resources to help out with these recent attacks. I really do not want to draw the eye of megalomaniacs, but I do not want to see people suffer when I can help either.

Janet settles into the offered chair and then picks up the cup of tea. She inhales lightly, taking in the aroma first before a small sip. She has experience with teas, wines, and all of those things that are worth experiencing in total. "this is quite good, I don't recall if I have had Kenyan tea before. I wish I could have done something about the attacks, it is a real tragedy. That said, I may not have been able to of course stop them, but I believe van Dyne Industries was going to make charitable donations Mr. Washington. What did you have in mind?"

"I was thinking that charitable donations were fine, but perhaps we can hold a telethon, but just not a normal telethon." Morien sips on his tea and says, "We will be auctioning services, fashions, etc via television, radio, and internet." Morien says, "Basically, we will be drawing help from all over the world to these cities, and using the power of mass media to help out.

Janet nods "Charitiable donations are good yes, the X-Men team, the Red one which.. I suppose is associated with da Costa International is restoring Central Park through a charity fund, which is okay. The Bridge will be an infrastructure project and create jobs and stimulate the economy. The powerplant.. well it doesn't need charity with the government grants and profit margins."
After a pause to sip the tea "The people though, those who lost family members. Those wounded or burned in the attacks. They are the ones who need help, not the public infrastructure which will sort itself out… Even Central Park to be honest."

"Exactly, I have some connections in the music industry, and you are one of the most well known fashionistas. If you add that with my holding in the transportation industries, we can hold a one night telethon that will aid those that have suffered under these recent attacks, and guarantee that any aid that is sent will reach those directly. If people don't want to donate money to the telethon, they can donate their services.

Morien slides over a folder to her. "We cannot write off the entire thing, so just having our corporations donating would be cheaper, but I am hoping that you will join me in the effort."

Janet picks it up and flips it open now "Mr. Washington, I am a corporation. I also have a charitable trust, which I would likely use for this endeavor and it would be a nonprofit activity." she reads "I could probably get Tony interested in this as well. He is also interested in being on TV."

"Good, because after the murder of my brother, I would prefer to stay out of the public eye." Morien sips on his tea and looks down at the tea, "I am afraid I am the few rich men in the city that did not get courage with his money." Morien smiles wearily, "I still think I can help behind the scenes, and hopefully that will be enough. I can handle the logistics, and I have enough ships, trucks, and security in my corporation that can help deliver the goods and services to the people in need.

Morien realizes that security is going to be necessary after thinking about the smuggling ring that him and Captain America busted up.

Janet isn't aware of your night job, and well probably vice versa though her day job. She sips her tea again, at least she seems to be enjoying it right. "I wonder who else I could rope in. I imagine Mr. Fantastic if I approached him. Maybe Jamison though I really don't much like his media empire, tabloid sleaze but still a New Yorker."

"That would be amazing if you could get Mr. Fantastic and Mr. Stark." Morien furrows his brow slightly at the mention of Jamison, "I have no problem with Mr. Jamison as long as if he is not wasting his energies trying to dig up dirt on our companies and the people trying to help. I do not want this to turn into "superheroes are the real problem" event.
"I would rather it be a "anyone can be a hero" type event. Let people's desire to be heroes be fulfilled by helping the people that are suffering through these times." Morien says, "I think we can get this message across with the right people.

Janet remarks dryly "I'm pretty sure he is too busy telling everyone he was right about metahumans and that spiderman was somehow involved in the terrorist attacks. I've never met someone who has such a single track mind about anything, the man is obsessed." she sighs and then nods "Every day heroes… I like it."

Morien finishes his cup of tea. "See, I knew you were the right person to partner with in this endeavor." Morien chuckles, "I have read that you are business mind is only match by your sense of fashion and beauty. The only problem that might arise from this deal is that I am sometimes hard to reach. Some of my overseas offices have a habit of not having good communications, but my board knows about my plans. I always returned my calls if it is true emergency. I like for people to know that they can trust me. I hope this minor problem is nothing that will sour our little deal."
Janet indicates the paperwork you showed her "Well it isn't a deal yet. I'll speak with some people and see if they are willing to sign on too. All of the details will need to go through the van Dyne Foundation lawyers though to make sure everything looks good. I may be a board member, but I'm not a dictator." she smiles at that "I don't see any reason it won't work though."
"I have to be a dictator, or my board will be using the resources of my corporations to exploit a lot of the countries we are now helping to develop. A gentle smile appears on his lips as he continues to smile, "I am sure that your board will sign on, and I never present shady deals to people, so I am not worried about your lawyers. Morien taps his left foot a few times underneath the desk, "I look forward to hearing from you.
Janet nods and then gathers up the paperwork into the folder. "Well I will fast track the review so we can get this together. We don't want to put it off to long, people are really hurting right now so it is time to act."

"Upon agreement from your board, I will leave it to you to announce it." Morien folds his arms across his chest and says, "I think you would make a better spokesperson for this than me. I really hate the limelight."

Janet smiles a friendly smile there and shakes her head "I'm surprised your board lets you get away with that in this day and age. CEOs tend to have to be extroverted public figures it seems. Still that sounds like a fine plan." she nods to the cup "Thank you fot the tea, I'll be in touch Mr. Washington."

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