Titans Meeting #1

<January 17, 2015>: The Titans' first meeting of 2015.

Titans' Meeting Room

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"Titans first meeting of 2015: January seventeenth at one o' clock," Keith says, sitting at the meeting table. The recording device's red light blinks to indicate that the video is being captured. "Present are members Changeling, Zatanna and Vorpal. All other members in absentia, video log will be uploaded for catchup. Alright!"

The redhead looks at Zee and Gar, taking a sip of his coffee. He's not in uniform nor is he in the shape of a feline- he doesn't want to shed on the seats and the carpet unless it is truly necessary. "We've got a few things to discuss, but first, any old business or announcements?"

"Well, the office on Staten Island opens next week," Gar says. "Titans, Limited, our holding corporation, has to have a public office. This is part of the same contract that got us this place. We also have an accountant-slash-legal-aide, a receptionist-slash-admin, and … I don't know what to call the guy who does everything else. A corporate face, basically. Does publicity, is the guy who manages request for our services from officials, and so on. Oh, and formally runs the website, even if Misfit gets to harden it against intruders. I also want to ask Oracle to make sure she doesn't break any laws or use anything lethal when she does that."

He shifts around on the office chair, which is of arguable comfort.

"The office, and salaries, are funded for the next two years. We'll need to get some way of funding past that point. Grants, or donations, or whatever."

Zee has settled into a chair and is sitting with her legs crossed, holding a cup of coffee in two hands. "I don't believe there's any old business and apart from the fact that I'm considering setting up a show here in the Tri Cities, which doesn't really impact Titans business, I've no annoucements." Gars update about the office, has the young woman nodding "I might have some ideas about fundraising and such."

"Good," Keith nods at Gar, "I guess that when it's open we should have an 'open house' sort of thing, invite the press. Prepare emergency escapes for civilians because we will most likely get attacked like we did at the X-Men Mixer."

A pause, "Gar, be a dear and remember to invite the X-Men to the opening. Since we're supposed to be allied teams and whatnot. It'll be nice to have them at the event, and if we get attacked it'll be nice to have backup."

He swivels to look at Zee, clearly enjoying the swivel chairs way too much, "And excellent, Zee! We'll have to come and see you when the show starts. Now… on to new business."

He taps one of the commands on the monitor in front of him, and the projector splashes a picture across the wall.

"First name, Veruca. No known last name that I could find, though known aliases are 'Veruca Brooks', 'Veruca Salt', which I think is a joke, 'Veruca Foote', which I think is another joke. I can't find any alises that she goes by in the underworld, but her criminal background has made her very prominent in the eyes of the international police."

"he's wanted in various countries due to illegal and terrorist acts. Murder, coercion, jury tampering, kidnapping, intimidation, larceny. In the tri-city area she has now been responsible for a body count of at least a dozen, or more, including our former Robin Two."

Keith taps his pencil on the table, "Collating information that I received from Midnighter's employer, Amanda Waller, and eyewitness accounts from Kate Bishop, we now know that Veruca is some sort of magician or mutant. She is capable of using mirrors and reflective surfaces for transportation purposes- hypothesis from observed videos suggest that she must be able to fit through the reflection in order to transport herself through it. So she can't escape through a tiny square, for example. But that is still to be fully tested."

"As if that were not enough, she can use reflective surfaces to create duplicates of herself. We do not know at this point if the reflective surfaces in question must also be large enough for her reflection's body to squeeze through. We need to find that out, and that'll probably have to be done the hard way- with a good escape plan."

He sits back on his chair, "Changeling and I tracked her down last week and observed her. Contrary to what my boyfriend thinks," he shoots Gar a grin, "I did have a plan of approach, though not one of confrontation. I wanted to see if Veruca could tell illusions as such, due to her power of mirror-magic or whatever. The result of that experiment was that Veruca cannot, in fact, tell illusios apart from reality, which gives us the upper hand- she can be deceived."

He takes a sip of his coffee, that was a long profile. "She is a problem, and she must dealt with swiftly- because I have reasons to believe that the woman is behind the hero killings that have happened as of late."

He taps the screen, and the video of the woman in the white mask starts playing. This is the video where she executes the most recent group of heroes- he stops the video before it gets to that part.

"In this taunting video, the woman in the white mask taunted the viewers, talking about us trying to lure her out. I have been thinking about this Hero Killer for a while, and this statement from her put the final piece of the puzzle… this woman is Veruca. It has to be. The MO and the brutality fits. And that statement…"

He looks around the table. "So what should we do about her, and how? We know that someone is taking care of her- she must have associates. There are cars sent for her, bodyguards, so she is not working alone."

"Wait, eggplant. Wasn't done with the office thing. So, for the minutes, they work for us but do not report to us, and hiring and firing are a board-level decision. I'll ask them to come by to meet the team before we do the open house. I'll check with Lisa about whether she thinks the open house is a good idea, since it would definitely be a villain magnet, and that kind of thing is what she's paid for."

Gar pauses for a moment, "Oh, and before I forget, so it will go in the minutes so we can discuss it later, I was able to finish the improved food purchase system for here. Also, I'm on a one-term leave of absence from university, though I'm taking a single course and grading a single course, so I can finish healing up. I go back to full time in June, and my masters will be finished (barring further drama) by mid-October."

Gar puts on serious face. "So, yes. Veruca. I don't think that she's the only one. I think we may also have a copycat. This is based on the phrasing and the fact that the copycat looked nothing like our original, really. From our encounter, I'm going to say that Veruca is a psychopath. She was quite innocently shopping, without any intention of causing harm to anyone except possibly the person who gave her the credit card. Vorp, did you send the info about what she was carrying to Oracle so she could check the purchases? Tracking down how she paid, if she's getting it from a particular card?"

Rain is around. She just often ends up doing stuff. She doesn't seem to trouble others with what she does, still apparently in her solitary, homeless mindset. A couple of years of living one way doesn't change over the course of a few months. Nevertheless, she does remember the meeting at some point. And she's happily all degree'd up. She knocks politely on the door, her broom dismissed and Captain chilling on her shoulders.

GAME: Vorpal has set the pose order to Keith/Gar/Rain/Zee

Looking up at the tap on the door, Zee smiles when she sees Rain standing there. "Come on in, Rain. It's good to see you up and about." The last time she'd seen Rain was at the hospital "Hello there Captain, I trust Fenris hasn't been using as anti-elemental device again?"

Turning her attention back to the swivelly Keith and grins a little. "When the shows all setup of course you guys will be getting tickets."

Veruca's video has her attention and she shakes her head in disbelief "Wow, that's pretty intense." cocking her head to one side, Zee chews on her bottom lip "If she can't distinguish illusion, then you and I at least Keith can use our powers against her. Rain and Raven too, I'm guessing. We just need to lure her out."

"Hey Rainicorn, have a seat! We've just started and are discussing Veruca. Yes… we do have an advantage of sorts. Personally I would love to let Raven loose on this woman and show her what true darkness is like. But that wouldn't be healthy for Raven. Big issue is that she seems to be working in tandem with this other woman."

Nash's own video plays. "This censored calls herself Mist. Seems to turn herself into, well… mist. Or some sort of particulate… whatsver. Mist and Veruca are engaged in some sort of 'anyone you can kill I can kill better' musical number, and both of them need to be stopped. Veruca, we can try the magic angle- Mist, on the other hand, should not be approached unless you can create an airtight container in which to capture her when she becomes her mist form. That means either I, Bunker or Zatanna should be in the teamn when we face her- Bunker and I can create our own containers, Zatanna can conjure something up from the environment. I repeat, do not face this woman by yourselves without one of the aforementioned members, she can get into your lungs and kill you as she killed that poor guy. Additionally, Kid Flash could also be in the encounter team- his ability to run and create whirlwinds could help manipulate the mist."

"Still, I think our tactic has to be to disable one of these two before going on to the other, we should never face them together. Between Veruca's duplicates and Mist's mist, I fear casualties would be inevitable."

Keith sips his coffee and sets the cup down. "We've got two more items and an announcement to go through. Any thoughts on this, or can we move on to the next?"

"Yeah, that's the copycat. I don't think they're necessarily related, Vorpal," Gar says impatiently. "You may be right that Mist is competing, but I doubt that Veruca cares about her if she's even noticed."

He leans back and fidgets in the char, then grabs his cup of tea and sips at it.

"If we're going after these two we need to coordinate with the Feds, at the very least. The last thing we need to do is to crap all over an ongoing investigation like a bunch of amateur scoobies. I'd like to go to Waller to make sure, but she's gone dark."

The Changeling nods a hello to Rain, and blinks once at Captain.

Rain smiles at Zee. "And it's good to see you guys again. I have clothing on that has a backside," Glory be! And then Captain speaks to Zee, "No, this time he used me on War Spirits," The orange tabby seems bemused. "At least I get paid well," He grunts and curls a little on Rain. The two do seem to genuinely care about one another. She waves to Vorpal, and will take a seat. She listens, tilting her head. She winces at the sound of someone getting into lungs. Shiver. Gar gets a polite smile from Rain. Captain blinks back at Gar. "Oh, don't sweat it, man. I know being green ain't easy. This frog on TV goes on about it all the time." He's sympathetic. But he's not above a bit of humor about what he is, either.

Rain smiles at Zee. "And it's good to see you guys again. I have clothing on that has a backside," Glory be! And then Captain speaks to Zee, "No, this time he used me on War Spirits," The orange tabby seems bemused. "At least I get paid well," He grunts and curls a little on Rain. The two do seem to genuinely care about one another. She waves to Vorpal, and will take a seat. She listens, tilting her head. She winces at the sound of someone getting into lungs. Shiver. Gar gets a polite smile from Rain. Captain blinks back at Gar. His tail flicks.

"Well, that's a good thing. Clothing with a backside, that is." Zee smiles warmly to Rain and looks sympathetically at Captain. Keiths discussion on Nash has the young magician chewing her lip again. "So I need to start carrying different materials too… Don't want to get caught short when we come up against either of them." She taps her fingers against her coffee cup and nods to Gar "The Feds are a good idea, if Wallers gone dark, who else do we know?"

"Nobody directly, but I do know Kate Bishop works with SHIELD. I could always ask her to put in a word? As for the purchases-" Keith looks at Gar, "I'm afraid the shopping bags were crushed with the car. Tracking the purchases is going to be difficult… though if the car hasn't been turned into scrap, we could go and liberate those bags with the jaws of life… but I'm not sure. I did a very thorough job of crushing that car." Keith grins. He is proud of the destruction he can cause. "Unless the shops have security feed and Oracle can track what card was used at the exact time Veruca went to the cashier… I don't know how the Hackermagic works."

"You didn't notice the bags? Turn in your gay card now," Gar scolds, almost seriously. He even has the arch, disapproving frown down, though he can't sustain it and has to resort to hiding behind a tea cup.

"I can check with Arsenal. He may be able to find out for us. Eventually, Lisa will have enough contacts to do this for us, but she's been spending her time getting the office together."

He nods to Rain, "Lisa is the general manager of our business office. We have to have a public face because this place is a secret, as much as it can be anyway. And checking with Kate would probably also help, though I doubt that SHIELD is actually looking into Veruca. Interpol, maybe."

Hee. Oh my. "You guys get cards?" Rain's eyebrows lift. She's playing the straight man, it seems. "Dang." But then, Rain goes quiet to listen. She seems quietly amused by the idea of Keith crushing a car. Really. Big. Purple. Kitty? Hmm. Captain seems to approve of Gar's greeting. Not many can read or speak cat-lingo, after all. She smiles at Zee in turn, in her quietly warm turn. Nevertheless, Rain is more catching up at the moment. "I see. That makes sense," She nods.

Zees to new to the team to have any Government contacts, so she sits and sips her coffee as the discussion evolves. "You crushed a car, Keith?" Zee grins at that one "Well I suppose you didn't bring a construction site down this time" she's read the mission report on that one. Looking at Gar, Zee frowns "If Waller is Midnighters boss and she's gone to ground, have you thought of asking Midnighter for another contact?"

A horrified glance is exchanged between Keith and Gar, and the redhead speaks after a few seconds of horror management: "I'd rather not deal with Midnighter unless we have to, without Waller's oversight. He is very happy to murder without restraint. I haven't even shared the fact that Damian has turned assassin with him, he'd probably get a tickle out of that. Seriously, the man is a sociopath to be trusted only when Waller has her well-turned heel on his throat. Otherwise… the guy is a total psycho."

He scratches his chin. "Well…. next item on the agenda and our third deadly lady is this one."

A picture of Meredith McCorr appears on-screen. "You might know this one, Gar. Meredith McCorr, fellow Hollywoodite. Famous oscar-winning actress who dropped out of the face of the earth shortly after her Oscar win. Was recently spotted by Kate Bishop in New York, and she apparently can brainwash people with a look of her eyes. She made Hawkeye attack Kate, I have a video of the event-"

He taps a few buttons and a youtube video plays.

And it's the wrong video. It's the video where Hawkeye gets hit by Lunair's nude ray. For a few panicked seconds Keith flails at the monitor while Hawkeye's quiver is in full display.

"OR I GUESS I DON'T!" the video finally goes down and Keith coughs, "ANYWAYS, AHEM. Kate says that this Meredith woman can hypnotize you by looking at you in the eyes, and she is part of some sort of crazy cult and has gone nuts. So study that face. Memorize it. If you ever see it, don't look at her in the eyes. Block her eyes in whatever way you can. Any questions?" Keith asks, he's blushing furiously now.

Gar VERY quickly continues, because laughing still hurts; bullet wound in abdomen is not THAT healed.

"Nope. I wasn't in La Merde's rarefied circle of big men with tiny brains and obedient wallets," Gar says drily. "Mind control would explain some of those. She wrecked a couple pretty solid marriages."

Seriously. Don't laugh. Talk to Captain. "Hey, you want something to eat or drink? We've got sardines."

Wait what. Rain's face goes briiiiiiiight red at the video. "Why did you even have that tab open." Stare. Her violet eyes go wide as dinner plates. "And why is he - don't they issue armor-?" Rain looks really confused. Ahem. She just sort of freezes, like a deer in headlights. "Owch."

Captain snerks a bit and looks to Gar. "Yeah, sure. I'll try a couple." He hops off of Rain's shoulders to check it out.

Zee does laugh as she tilts her head at the video, Keith shows. "Oh my…. how did he…." she's quiet for a few moments before paying attention to Keith again. "Got it, and the ummmm ladys face is memorised."

"… I'm sure that's not everything that's memorized," Keith quips at Zatanna with a smirk, trying to cover for his own embarrassment. Why DID he have that tab open, anyways?

"Now, before we move on to the main thing, two announcements. The first is that we have a guest with us by the name of Riana. She's a mutant and you'll see her mostly hanging out here in the under-base. She's helping us nailing down the issues of the radicals who want to blow up the dam… if you see her, be friendly, but give her her space if she requires it. Second," he snaps his fingers, "We met a very, very strong young man a few days ago. Bunker, Zee and I did."

He touches the monitor and Superboy's face appears. It's a snapshot of an illusion that Vorpal created of him after the event. "He appears to be on the run from someone. He wouldn't say who, but he was very guarded and very cagey, distrustful, even. Memorize his face and keep an eye on him, we don't know what side he's on yet, but by his ability to throw a thug like a rag doll, I'd say he probably has some minor strength powers. Meta or mutant. Keeping good intel on him could let us know if he'll be a problem or a potential ally. No idea who he is or what his name is, so if you find that out, that'll be awesome."

Keith then turns his swivel chair to Rain.

"Alright, now for the final item in the agenda… there's something I'd like to talk about if it is ok." He looks at his cup. Empty. Why is the Rum Java always gone? "Rain, at the hospital I heard Fenris say that Loki the Liesmith was your mentor. I think this might be a point of concern, so I'd like to hand the spotlight over to you to tell us about this situation?"

Gar opens the tin of sardines that he had on his side-table, careful not to create a Jay Crisis by getting the oil onto anything. He shares out a couple of the sardines onto a plate, and puts a couple between buttered saltines for himself.

"Riana's decent folks, kind of upset that we can't let her do anything for us. She isn't a prisoner, but for security reasons she can't get into several of the rooms, or the upstairs. She's in one of the nicer rooms here though."

He eats his fishy cracker while Vorpal shows the picture of WAITAMINIT.

"Vorp? That looks like Superman's younger brother."

He blinks at the revelation of Loki as mentor.

"OK. For reasons obvious to the one person who knows me well enough, I can't say that you shouldn't be a Titan. But Loki's not just a misunderstood mischief god. He's a full-on villain. You do not want to have him taking any kind of interest in you. You may not bring him here. In fact, don't tell him you're a member of our team, if you can avoid it."

That becomes a complication. Gar starts making plans and alternatives, and notes to himself. Talk to Lisa, suggest not putting membership info about probationary members on the website.

"Actually, was it Fenris?" Rain looks thoughtful. She doesn't push the question on why Keith had that tab open. Maybe catching up on the news? Studying archery in the buff? She just considers the group a moment. Rain looks to Gar, and Captain is going to take a couple of the sardines. Nomf. He doesn't have his on crackers, though.

Rain listens, as they talk about Loki. "It's okay if you'd rather I didn't stay around. I ended up his apprentice because apparently gun magic startled him." Pause. "I shot him in the face." And apparently, the little coward that could sort of impressed the guy. "I was a bit skeptical, but I believe in the concept of duality and amoeliorated evil. I try to encourage him to be kinder and keep an eye out. If something big is going down, I sort of…" Fidget. "Ehm. Well, honestly, I'm mostly on spider sorting duty, go check in the libary duty and sometimes I get to see Thor and Sif, which is really cool…" She likes Fenris, too. "Oh! And I sort books, too." It's an alarmingly mundane relationship. "I learn magic. I think he figured out Angry Birds." Think.

Zee smirks back at Keith and attempts to look innocent. Superboys image has her nodding though and adding "He's strong, but he's running from something. Says he's not like us…" she grins slightly "Well he's certainly not like me… tried to me that his abilities were because he took a self defense class a month ago." She shrugs "He knows how to contact us and I'll keep an eye out for him."

The mention of Loki has Zee's eyebrows raising and she chews her bottom lip again "He was waiting for me the other day in Central Park. Said he wanted to meet me… that he's getting a feel for the magic users around" her eyes crinkle in amusement "I don't think he liked that I called him the comic relief." Looking at Rain, the raven haired young woman looks serious "He's a trickster… just…. be…. careful. I would hate for you to get hurt."

Keith listens to the list of things that Rain enumerates and blinks.

He was prepared for a lot of things, but this portrayal of Loki kind of…

"I don't know what to make of this."

Loki playing Angry Birds? What fresh hell was this?

"We'll talk about Norse Predestination later, it'd be a rathole for this meeting," Gar says, "but realize that Fenris … might actually be tood to talk to about what Loki's up to. Loki being his father and all."

Not his mother. Nope. That's Sleipnir.

"So, is he any good at Angry Birds? It would be useful to have something distracting…"

Rain looks concerned. "Oh dear." She smiles faintly. "Well. I will. So far he's only really turned me into a goat when I said no to something. I try to look after him and encourage his positive side." She considers. "You know? Predestination sounds kinda rough." It really does. "I'll keep in touch with Fenris, too. He seems like a good guy." Really. Rain looks thoughtful at the Angry Birds thing. "So far as I can tell. But I usually help translate things. I'm learning a lot, and it's quite nice, you know? I like the Asgardians I've met so far."

Zee doesn't look convinced, she's not sure Loki has a positive side but if the other young woman can find it, all good and well. "Being turned into a goat for saying 'no' seems a bit extreme to me…" and the young magician just blinks. "Fenris is good people… stern, but he's been helpful to me." Looking thoughtfully at Rain, Zee tilts her head "How would you like to see my library at Shadowcrest? You might learn a bit from there too… but, I wouldn't want that shared with Loki." Talks of Angry Birds has Zee shaking her head, she can't imagine the man she met playing anything except maybe chess, where the chess pieces were people.

"I do get to see the Asgardian library slash and or Loki's library," Rain recalls. "I will be careful."

"Right then. Only one request, Rain: if Loki ever asks anything dodgy… let us know. And I think you know what I mean by 'dodgy', I'm not talking about him not returning your conditioner."

Keith looks around and exhales. "Alright, that's the meeting. Anyone have any last things to add or say before we adjourn?"

Gar blinks, this time not to Captain. "Asgardian library of slash? Loki wrote it?"

Clearly it's time for him to go back to sleep for a while, as his brain is making things sound deranged.

Rain looks a bit lost for a moment and nods. "I don't tell Loki things that are not especially Loki-relevant or useful. He honestly doesn't really care much for my business unless it's relevant or useful to him. I will keep your secrets." She promises. "And visiting sounds fun! I'll bring something nice," Rain offers to Zee. Then a blink at Gar.

You can almost hear the neurons snapping and going SPOINkSPOINK. "No,no. It was more both libraries. I can. Get to both…"

Zee dissolves into laughter at Rains and Gars conversation "It wouldn't surprise me if he did, Gar!" It takes a few moments for her laughter to subside and she nods back to Rain "It will be fun… " Finishing her coffee, Zee grins to the redhead with a shake of her head "Nothing from me, it's been really useful today."

Keith tries to get the image of Loki writing slash. Especially some of the stuff he's stumbled upon. Oh god.

He turns to the camera to address the poor team-mates who will have to see this video of th emeeting. "Sorry, guys. Just ask Jay for some Bleach, I'm sure she has the kind that works on brains."

"RIGHT, since all points have been addressed, the meeting's adjourned. Meet in the dining room in an hour for dinner courtesy of chef O'Neil. After I help my clearly delirious boyfriend to his room." He grins and turns off the recording equipment and walks over to Gar, offering his arm.

Gar will require a bit more help up than just an arm, but that'll do for a start. He flails for a moment about cleaning, before he just dumps the rest of the sardines on a plate for Captain, and swigs his tea, and then nods.

"I … think my brain wants me to sleep for an hour. I'll see anyone who's still around at dinner."

Rain doesn't want to think of Loki that way. She already almost blushed to death on meeting a certain handsome druid. She'll just DIE if she uses Tumblr in earnest. Rain smiles as Zee laughs. "Yeah," She looks forward to it! And then everyone's brain is breaking. It wasn't intentional. But Rain can make it rain awkward. So, so awkward. At least they covered Lokislash and Hawkeye's butt in one meeting. Very efficient.

Captain goes for the sardines pretty easily. he is an ambush predator and they aren't moving. "Thanks, dude." He grins in his catty way. Nomf.

Standing, Zee is still laughing. "We need more meetings like this, with those types of videos Keith, it adds to the atmosphere." Nodding to all three, she heads for the door "I should be here dinner, unless something comes up. Sleep well and recover, Gar. Rain, hope to see you at dinner but don't be a stranger and keep in touch."

Just as Keith is helping Gar out, he groans. "I forgot! Addendum to the meeting notes: We're offering this new Kid Flash provisional membership into the Titans, as a courtesy extended to him due to the mantle, and we also want to keep a close on him in case temporal or dimensional phenomena manifest. Alright, if nobody has any questions about that… we can adjourn."

Gar nods and lets Keef help him up to his actual room. Sleep, perchance to dream, etc. But not of Hawkeye and please, not about Loki's livejournal.

"Kid Flash? How many flashes are there?" Rain seems puzzled. She lets it go, and smiles as Zee is laughing. "Oh my." She is trying not to blush. Ahem. "I am fine with it. I'll have to meet him," She offers and nods. "I look forward to dinner, then." Captain is busy nomfing. But he's totally down with it. And Rain doesn't think about Loki's journal. She does care about the Asgardian.

"No questions from me, I've met the boy already." Zee heads out the door. "I'm looking forward to seeing how he interacts now that he knows me."


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