A Massage With A Difference

January 18, 2015: The Mistress of Magic opts for some time out with a massage and gets more than she bargains for when Illyana and Jericho appear.

Skin Deep Beauty

A delightful beauty salon



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What do young women do when they are in need of relaxation and spoiling? In Zatannas case, she hits the beauty salons of course. She's a little different to 'most young women', she's a magician and controls real magic which often means she finds herself in interesting situations. After an hour and a halfs massage at Skin Deep Beauty the raven haired young woman is totally relaxed, the masseuse has just left the room and Zee is taking her time moving. She's covered by the towels, of course, and is considering moving… but that might take some time.


The stepping disk won't trip any magical senses of Zatanna's, but the presence of Illyana and Jericho might by their magical natures. Certainly the flare of light isn't going to be noticed between the lights and Zee's eyes being lazily closed.

Much like a cat, Illyana's appeared on something she can sprawl somewhat lazily on. In this case one of the counters that hold the therapist's supplies. One boot on the counter, the other hanging down, she leans against the wall decked out in black leather and silver and the prickling air of Something Wicked This Way Comes. She's teleported Jericho in at Zatanna's feet, and waits a bit before speaking. "Awww, she looks like a contented kitty cat. All we need is a sunbeam. Can I keep her?" Presumably, she's talking to her Familiar.


Jericho chuckles. In that space between their arrival and Illyana's question he reaches out to massage Zee's shoulders just a little bit. Clearly some things are catching, like Illyana's mischevious nature. Or maybe he's always been a bit of an imp. It's been hard to tell what with most of his more playful or social aspects cracked and broken by two years running from HYDRA. Amazing what a bit of magic and a demon queen can bring out in a guy.

Well, amazing might not be the word that Zee chooses for it just at this moment. "Dunno if she's housebroken."


The flare of magic as the two enter the room, has Zee's eyes opening slightly as she tries to work out what it is she's sensing. She's learned to control /some/ responses but at Illyana's voice and Jericho's touch, she jumps and just barely maintains the covering of towels. Taking a deep breath she closes her eyes "Was a contended kitty" she corrects Illyana as she makes sure she's still covered. "Most masseuses ask permission before touching"


Illyana clucks her tongue at Zatanna's observation. "I know… He's housebroken but not trained yet. That's alright. I prefer him a little wild." Those cold blue eyes sparkle with mocking amusement, like sunlight on Siberan ice. "C'mon, you can stay contented kitten. I'm sure I could find us some sunbeams."

And just like that, the sorceress is teleporting them elsewhere. Massage table and all. The trio ends up on a beach, sunlight streaming down and not a soul besides them in sight.


Jericho blinks for a moment. He's a lot more used to teleporting elsewhere suddenly than he was before but Illyana does occasionally take him by surprise. The relocation draws a rather amused grin as he takes his hands off Zee's shoulders. "Huh, knew there was a reason they didn't let me pass that test." As if he's ever tried to do that professionally.


As the sunlight hits her, Zee blinks as she raises her head and looks around "That's impressive" she murmurs once she's over the shock. Grinning at the blonde, Zee won't ask /where/ she's been taken. "What do I owe the pleasure of your visit to?"

Jericho gets a small sigh "You didn't have to stop, it was just an observation." the young woman isn't going to move from the table just yet.


Well. Some of that might have to do with the fact Zee's now probably thousands of miles from her clothes…

In place of the counter, Illyana's perched on a rock now. A bit less of a sprawl but she still has a comfortable, lazy air to her. "A couple of things, actually. First, thanks for helping us get… unstuck in time." Zee probably doesn't realize how rarely Illyana thanks people to think much of it. "It gets you a lot of points with me that you didn't try to keep the sword." And with it, Limbo.

"Second, I was wondering if you know folks in the magical circles of South America. Local types, not the magial heavy-hitters." Illyana doesn't really because they tend to react negatively to 'demon'.


Also, Jericho suspects, Illyana wanted a candid peek at someone who just… keeps… turning up when Jericho is around. He was frankly rather curious about that himself but when Illyana had idly mentioned dropping in on the woman he hadn't realized she meant right now. However, the hacker is nothing if not adaptable and grins a bit. "Wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea." He's teasing. He's fairly sure that he can't give Zee the wrong idea.


No, Jericho can't give Zee the wrong idea, she's met the 'girlfriend scarimundus'. But Zee can troll as well as the next… she just may not be in the league of the Darkchilde and her …. consort. "She said I could be contented kitty… sunshine is just one of those factors." Zee points out as she smirks over her shoulder at Jericho.

Looking more seriously at Illyana, Zee nods slowly "You needed help, he's treated me well and it seemed like the right thing to do." It's what she does really. "The sword" her voice drops to a soft murmur "was amazing, but it wasn't mine and really I like my life just as it is." that doesn't mean she's forgotten what that power felt like though. Raising herself up onto her elbows, making sure all relevant bits are covered appropriately, Zee cants her at Illyana "I know a couple, and I'm always meeting more. Why?"


"Wars have been fought over the prize that comes with that sword." Illyana says, her voice soft with the crashing waves in the background. "But for those that want to help people, instead of look for power, it comes with a rather heavy set of responsibilities." She agrees. Guarding the gate, or one of them anyway, that holds the Elder Gods imprisoned. "You've dealt with the typical magical sorts before to know how rarely 'you needed help' means a damn." Most people that choose to learn magic are often power-hungry. Those that are benovolent tend to be born to it.

"There's a group working out of South America that's mixing magic, and their goals are far from benign. Hermetic, Witchcraft, Mayan blood magic, demonology… they're throwing a lot of things together that don't like to play nicely together." Illyana explains of the HYDRA group she and Jericho are trying to track down. "I figure the weirdness might ping the magical radar of some of the local practitioners."

Zatanna's comment to Jericho gets a smirk from the blonde, her chilly blue eyes flicking over to Jericho. "Guess she didn't want you to stop." She drawls.


"Especially if they're altering the tenor of the local ley lines, as seems likely." Jericho grins. It seems zee didn't want him to stop. So he goes back to it. "Right. Contented Kitty it is, but if she takes you home and gives you a collar with a bell on it just remember you asked for it."

He hadn't thought of it but Zee might well be helpful in this regard. Certianly she seems pretty approachable and Jericho wil certainly admit that neither he nor Illyana tend to be.


"As long as the collar is encrusted with diamonds, it might be ok." Zee smirks a little and enjoys the banter before becoming serious again "Well… someone is altering ley lines. I've seen two in the last couple of weeks. Both in Gotham." She /would/ shrug but Jericho's rubbing her shoulders … "You would think it would ping… A local hedge witch I know, she's apprenticed to Loki, doesn't seem to have noticed anything though." Chewing her bottom lip, she considers the blonde "I could ask around…"

Casting a look over her shoulder she frowns at Jericho "These are the same people that came at you with magic that night at the Supermarket?"


Illyana's eyes continue to glint, Zee's ultimatum shifting her gaze over to Jericho briefly. That probably isn't the last that she'll hear of this topic.

"Gotham?" That gets a bit of surprise from Illyana. She doesn't get out that way very often but… that's pretty damned far from South America.

"Loki has an apprentice?" That makes Illyana squint a bit. "Disturbing. But yeah, definitely ask around. If it's the same group, and it's happening this far away?" She shakes her head. "I don't like the implications."

Jericho frowns. "Yeah. Same group. Or it looks like anyway. They've targetted mostly SHIELD agents so far but also me, Illyana - rather badly because they don't know who she is but still - and a few friends of mine. Whomever this is, if it's related, they do seem to have a long reach. Any help you can give would be nice." He's still giving Zee a rubdown, and being very polite about it. Which doesn't stop him from smirking.

"She'll take you up on that collar. Careful."


Zee will /try/ to be careful and says no more about collars with bells, and tries not to purr. "Yes, Gotham. The one the other night was sterilising the magic in a fractured ley line." She does shrug then "Maybe it's a different group, but I find that coincidence is usually more. I'll mention this all to the Titans as well, they're not /all/ magical but have lots of contacts that might be able to provide more information." Seeing Illyana's squint, she grins and nods "Yeah, that's what I thought about Loki. My friend says she's trying to appeal to his better nature and teaching him to play 'Angry Birds'."


Illyana gives a soft huff. "Yeah. Like that's going to happen." Leopards don't change their spots. At best, they can lighten them up a bit.

"Agreed on the coincidence thing. In magic, there are very few coincidences." The blonde muses. Then she notes, "Are you familiar with a fae woman named Rune?"

"I know her yes." Jericho says. He's already smirking again because he knows how this is going to go later. "She's friends with Pepper Potts."

Illyana gets a glance. She knows Pepper or has at least met the woman once. And it had gone relaively well though as far as he knows they'd only met the one time.

He rather agrees with Illyana's assessment, eloquently expressed. Changing people's essential natures doesn't often happen. But sometimes that's not bad.

Though in Loki's case, probably.


"Loki…" Zee shakes her head "Is an ass… and he didn't like me calling him 'comic relief'" She knows she'll pay for that eventually and she's concerned for her friend as well. "I've met Rune once, in my friends basement actually, along with Miss Potts." Zee's met Pepper a couple of times now. Canting her head at the Sorceress, Zee looks at her thoughtfully "Why do you ask?"


"Because if I recall right, Rune is something of a specialist in ley lines. She could be useful. And inclined to help the greater good." Illyana explains. Unlike Loki, who might just let the world burn. Hell, it's part of his scripted destiny, isn't it?

Illyana taps a fingertip against her knee thoughtfully. "We might want to set a time and get a bunch of us together." Instead of all dropping in on each other in a mess of criss-crossing, overlapping informational visits. "Otherwise we're likely to put in double effort and I think we're running out of time to stop whatever they're up to." Prevention is better than damage control.


"Sounds like you need a meet and greet then. I can ask Pepper to get ahold of Rune. I assume that you can… get ahold of Zee when you need to." The image of Illyana simply yanking her out of, say, shopping or an act certainly occurs to Jericho and it does make him grin a bit. "We need to drop in on Central America. Soon. And I may have a line on another snake nest if we want to ask… pointed questions."


Or the bathtub or other such places, it seems. "That sounds like a good idea" Zee speaks slowly "And… please check what I'm doing before you 'get a hold of me'… I'll speak to my friends and look up anyone else I know." It's /almost/ a shame Constantines gone to ground, but the thought of he and Illyana in the same room makes Zee pale a little. Looking over her shoulder, she grins "South America sounds like fun!"


"We could use a good neutral spot." Illyana notes. "Think Pepper would host for us?" Magical sorts tend to get very territorial. "Round up anyone you think could contribute." She suggests to Zatanna.

The reuqest to check before dropping in? Illyana just grins. "Of course." Zee said check. She didn't say not to drop in if Zee were… otherwise occupied.

The dark haired woman's excitement about South America gets a bit more seriousness from Illyana. "Are you… OK with 'pointed questioning'?"


"If she's not we can just make it the two of us." Jericho is used to working with squeamish allies. He doesn't like using 'extreme methods' he simply doesn't hesitate to do so if he feels like it's warrented and magical HYDRA agents definitely seems like it quialifies. It just means that he's a bit more careful whom he asks to go with him. Illyana herself is, in ways, less violent than he. Though she's more ready to bend to the pressures of war than many he knows.


Drop In, Zee could cope with. Being 'yanked from' might be more embarrassing for the teen. "Probably not" Zee looks to Illyana, just as serious "But you guys can handle that, I can go sight seeing or something." The Mistress of Magic shifts slightly as she thinks "Pepper might host the meet, except isn't Stark Tower closed or something after being attacked recently? I know I heard about the attack…"


"I'm sure that they have other facilities that can handle a private conference. Or can arrange for one." Illyana notes. "If not… I'm sure we can figure out a good secure, neutral spot to meet at." Maybe she'll ask Fenris for a suggestion. He's been 'on the ground' a long time.

"Why don't you stick to the sightseeing." Illyana advises the teenager. "Things are likely to get… messy." She's alright with people not wanting to get their hands quite as dirty as she and Jericho are willing to. Hell, she'll get her own dirty so they don't have to. That's sort of the point.

"We'll be in contact when we have more to communicate. Or when Illyana gets together her magical confrence." He doesn't ask as much about that stuff though he's aware she's run with other magic users before to get stuff done. Powerful ones, ones on her level at least. "In the mean time… maybe we should think about finding you some pants."


Zee nods at Illyana's serious tone "Sure… I'll stick to sight seeing." She's quite happy to let that type of work be done by others… maybe she'll grow out of it one day. Jericho gets a serious look, no smirking from the young woman this time "Well, Illyana knows how to find me obviously and my clothes would be nice… whilst the extra massage has been nice… it's a bit limiting without them."


Illyana gives a chuckle. "How about I send you back to your clothes. We've got some work to do anyhow. Besides, maybe you're enjoying it a little too much." Illyana doesn't seem concerned though, smirking over at Zee as she lounges on the rock. "Also, leather's awful at the beach."

In a flash, Zee and her bed are back at the spa while the demon queen and Jericho are nowhere to be seen.


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