Ollie walks in on a robbery and an interview breaks out

January 19, 2015: Oliver Queen shows Melody Kenway that he doesn't need his arrows to stop a robbery.

Minichiello Jewellers

A jewellery store on Granville Street on the Upper West Hill of Gotham



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Whether you spend a little bit, or a lot, nothing lasts forever. They all succumb to the ravages of time, or misuse. For Oliver Queen, it would be the latter explanation as he has come to Minichiello Jewellers on Granville Street to see about getting his watch fixed, and is currently leaning against the counter, his back to it, while the old Swiss horologist is in the back room, having a look at it. There's another woman in the store, with what's probably her fiancee, looking for a ring, and being served by a gentleman with an Italian accent.

Oliver reaches up to run his left hand through his glorious golden hair and looks up at the ceiling. They've taken some nice touches here, creating a textured mirrored ceiling out of triangular pieces of glass, giving it a diamond like appearance. He'll turn around to glance at the case in front of him, running his finger along the groove where the glass meets the metal frame, and he walks along the side of the countertops, before he stops to look at this rather large, blue sapphire necklace. Near the door, there's a security guard, though he's a bit on the plump side and seems to be reading a newspaper. Rent-a-cops, gotta love them.

Among the gang wars and East End being shut down, Melody… no, Rant. She saw her way out and managed to do it with the guise of searching for someone who had left them. Sure, it was a lie, and sure, it was probably seen through, and her keepers would turn over in a grave that was not yet theirs if they knew exactly what she went out to do.

And she was dressed.

Sneakers, pair of Chuck Taylors upon her feet, pair of baggy camo-cargo pants faded black, grey, and olive green. (Hah, it rhymes with Oliver Queen). Jacket upon her person tied up tight and hair stuffed in her baseball cap that was fitted with the brim angling backwards. A bandana covers her mouth, giving her the image of a small, young adultish boy, with too tiny hands and a bookbag upon his/her back. It wasn't the best disguise, but you make do with what you can.

Everything about her was downloaded, accessing programs that detailed 'how to parkour', showing demonstrations, physics, calculations, uploaded into her cerebral cortex with just a twitch of her eye. So from building to buildng she ran, jumped, climbed, hopped, she had never worked this hard just to rob… wait. It was her first time. Alone. This was going to be good.

Finally landing atop of Minichiello's, she drops down towards the back way, a pair of glasses pulled from her pocket and a makeshift gun that looks /all/ too real and many parts fake pulled from the back of her cargo pants. A hand presses against the door, her eyes bleeding black to follow the lines of electricity to cause the mechanized door to unlock as she slips in.

Parkour may not have been invented in Gotham, as the name would imply, it is of French origin, but Gotham is perfectly suited to the philosophy, with it's mixture of the modern and the old. Oliver Queen knows this well, having spent a great deal of time leaping, spinning, rotating, running, and otherwise freerunning through the city as his costumed alter ego, the Green Arrow.

But that's for another day. Instead, he wore a white collared shirt, the top two buttons left undone. There was a slight bulge in his left breast pocket, though it was hard to tell what was in there based on the shape of it. Something rectangular, but it could be almost anything.

When Gustav returns, Oliver moves away from the blue sapphire, "So, what's the verdict. Can it be saved," he asked with a smile. The kind old man, probably in his late sixties, or older, wore his white hair long in a ponytail, and a black vest over his white shirt and dark trousers. He spoke with a German sounding accent, "ja, for sure, Oliver. Anything can be repaired, it is merely a matter of the proper application. It will take some time, but it can be done. It… will not be a simple fix, I should warn you."

Any good thief, she's read, should know that the best diamonds weren't going to be in the front. All of the treasured jewellery would be hidden away, locked in a safe until specifically requested. It would be damn stupid to go in, fake gun blazing, and forcing everyone into the corner. Nope. She was going to hit the safe in the back and get out of dodge before the getting is good.

Slowly, the gun loosely and awkwardly held between her fingers, sliding through the hallway to press her body against the wall to peer into the main showroom, just to see who was there.

And… holy. Crap. Was that Oliver Queen? What the bloody hell was he doing in Gotham? Was he mad? Was he stupid! There's a goddamned gang war about to start and there was the richest… well one of the richest men in the Tri-City area out and about like nothing was wrong!

Her mouth drops beneath the bandana, her body slowly sliding back and away so that she's not seen, seeing that there's bigger fish to fry here… no. No Melody. Stick to the plan. Do not deviate.

Once she's out of sight and out of the way, she turns sharply, lightly slamming herself into the ill placed cabinet there and creating a racket of boxes that fall off of shelves.

Gustav continues, "Ordinarily we're not supposed to bring people to the back, but come with me, Oliver. I will show you what needs to be done." He seems so kind and sweet, almost grandfatherly, and Oliver will oblige, slipping through the separator that Gustav lifts for him, "thank you, Gustav," and the pair of them will head towards the back rooms.

As they approach, they hear the sound of boxes falling. "What was that?" they both say in unison, and immediately they head towards it. Gustav doesn't seem as worried as Oliver though, suggesting, "I admit that I am slightly embarrassed to admit this, but we seem to be having a slight rat problem. The nest is in a neighbouring unit, and no matter how many traps we set, how many times we bring in the exterminator, we cannot seem to rid ourselves of these little pests."

Oliver isn't the type to spread idle gossip, so all he does is nod, "have you looked into relocating?" But Gustav immediately dismisses that, "oh no, we relocated twenty years ago, and just this past Tuesday, someone came in and asked when we moved from our old location. We can't move, as much we might like to."


A long time ago, there was a video game that said the same thing. If Melody could remember it, she'd crack the heck up laughing on the spot. But this was serious. The boxes were a mess. She didn't have time to pick anything up and put it back where they fell from. She heard the voices, and they were coming. So she had to act fast.

She wasn't the fastest hacker, but she did have a fast brain, the nanites embedded within her system allowed this. However, she wasn't of the tactical mind, she really couldn't think of what to do on the fly. So as soon as the men rounded the corner? She kept her body straight, gun pointed in their direction, teeth gritting and…

God Melody, you're so dumb.

"Move another inch and I'll shoot."

Her voice wasn't disguised. But she somehow made herself believe that she actually would shoot them, even if the gun itself were fake.

Gustav was the first one through the door, and when he walked in, he saw the boxes first, but he quickly picked up on the burglar with the gun pointed at him. " Oh Gott, tu mir nicht weh!" He's so worried that he said it in German. Oliver enters immediately after him, but by the time he knows what's going on, it's Already too late.

He calmly regards the would be burglar, "whatever it is you came for, why don't you just take it and go. Gustav, I'm sure the insurance will cover it. It's not worth getting hurt, and ma'am, it's not worth you becoming a murderer. You don't want that. So, can we step away from the door," and the only exit. He has no idea what she's like, but the girl does seem nervous, so he's trying to be especially calm and even reassuring.

A.D.D. Case in point.

When Gustav speaks? Melody jerks her head a little in his direction. "Huh? What language is that?" The gun was lowered slightly and brought to her head, itching beneath the scalp for just a moment. "Is that Russian?" She didn't know. But she did love to learn. Which was pretty sad, in this case. She was always told to enrol in Gotham University, and it looks like after this? She was going to do it.

As Oliver begins to speak, there was a huge blush that crept up upon her features, a step taken back as she takes in a breath to steel her resolve. Yeah, the gun was empty, but it had promise to shoot hot water onto their clothes. Right in between the legs. Total laughing stocks she'd make them. But she wouldn't.

"See, I wanted to take it and go but I made kind of a mess." She explains. "And that little mess kinda got me in trouble here with you two peoples. So. We're going to do things like this. Mr. Queen, you're going to step aside while Gustav closes up the shop. And /then/ I'll get what I ca.." She pauses now, gaze gone to the ceiling. She was checking the camera feeds and.. there was a soft 'awe' that slips from her lips. "Actually, we're going to sit here and talk for a moment. It looks like that guy is proposing to his lady love out there."

And he was! Down on one knee, ring freshly purchased and presented to the woman who blushes and cries so happily. It was so beautiful!

Gustav shakes his head, very carefully, in the negative, "No, it was Swiss German. It sometimes comes out when I'm… emotional." This can't be good for the old man's heart. He looks so pale, but Oliver's words helped. And the thief, she seems okay, as thieves go, not that he's ever met many of them, at least not that he knew about.

While Gustav looks at the monitor, Oliver never seems to take his eye off the thief. He's pretty sure that the gun is either empty or a fake. Few people, even the criminally insane, use the business end of a gun to scratch their own heads. That, and her body language, her demeanour, those little cues that he's spent years honing, suggest that this woman is no killer. Not yet anyway.

But still, he can't just take the gun away from her. What would Gustav say. What other tricks does she have up her sleeve. For now, he'll do as she says, stepping aside while Gustav waits for further instructions. And then a little rat skitters across the floor, moving between Melody's feet. Gustav did say they had a rat problem.

"Swiss German? To be honest it sounded really, really cool. I would ask for you to teach it to me one day but I'm sure you're going to say no because I'm attempting to rob your store."

Oliver would notice that Melody doesn't turn to view the monitors at all, her eyes occasionally placed at the ceiling, just watching the couple as they kiss each other and hug. The guard seems oblivious to what was going on in the back, which was a good thing, for Melody.

But she watches Oliver now, eyes behind the glasses pressed towards him, which was soon removed with her free hand and tossed to the side, the hat soon whipped off and tucked down into her top as she fixes her hair a little. "I don't know why you're here in Gotham, Mr. Queen, but don't you watch the news? It's really dangerous for your type to be here street side. You need to go home." She blows out a little bit of air, glancing up towards the ceiling, and watching through her internal monitors as the couple leave the store, arm in arm.

"You got a girlfriend, Mr. Queen? Someone to marry? A wife that you hide from the public or something?" Another step back was taken, her shoulder hunching and raising sharply to afix the bookbag properly upon her back.

Oliver can't resist a little bit of psychological warefare, and suggests, "if you didn't rob your store, I'm sure that Gustav here would be willing to teach you. He's really a nice guy and probably doesn't deserve to be robbed. You should know that he gives out most of his profits to charity." And when Oliver says this, it sounds like the truth, because it is.

When she turns her attention on him, he explains, "I'm here because I live here, and I have friends to support, like Gustav, who's kept his business open despite the goings on around town. It's what friends, and members of the community, do for one another."

"And maybe, one day. I have someone in mind," he's a little more honest than he expected, but sometimes that kind of thing works. "She doesn't know it, but she could be the one. I just hope I get the chance to tell her how I feel."

Melody tilts her head to the side, the way that the light causes her eyes to reflect would resemble a cat's when a photo or a picture is taken. It would almost seem mechanical, as if she couldn't register the sentiment that Gustav has on the store. "Which charity?" She asks. She genuinely wanted to know. "I know Gustav is a nice guy. He's not calling me bad names. Usually when they call me bad names, it hurts my feelings. Sometimes I don't do anything to deserve it. Unlike now."

Her hand was shaking, arm getting tired from pointing the fake gun at the two. Another glance up towards the ceiling, the shop was empty save for the other worker and the rent-a-cop, who soon mingle with each other in a chat and a laugh, and soon a smoke break.

As they head out of the doors, Melody turns her gaze towards the two, seemingly looking right through the both of them as the alarm is triggered to bring the metal barrier towards both doors down. With a slam shut, they were locked in, and with a toss of the gun towards Oliver, she turns and makes her way out towards the gallery, whistling loudly.

"I thought you lived in New York. But I suppose you need to update your business profile. In any case, don't come outside for the next few weeks, it's going to get /really/ nasty." Now, she was peeking in the gallery of diamond rings and necklaces, her hands soon scratching her head as she lets out a sigh.

So, she's got some kind of super hacking ability, a partner, or she's a mutant. Oliver considers this as he catches the gun that was thrown to him. Just as he suspected, it's a fake. When she walks out towards the gallery, he'll grab a cloth to wipe the gun, and place it on the table. Since her prints probably weren't on the gun thanks to those gloves, he didn't want his to be the only ones.

While Gustav will remain, in something of a bit of shock, Oliver will follow after her, "I keep a few residences, but the family home is here in Gotham." Actually, it's in the Bristol Township, which is just outside Gotham's jurisdiction. Convenient, isn't it.

"So, you know who I am. What is it that you want, miss? Between you and I, I'm not sure if Gustav can take much more of this."

She glances up from the display as Oliver follows along, her head tilting a little to the side to see Gustav, who did look a little pale. White as a sheet. "He'll be fine." She states, voice sure and true. If he were to have a heart attack, it would happen /because/ of her, and it would be fixed and healed due to the same person as well. So she truly wasn't worried.

"Ah. It's a good thing you don't keep that information readily available. I mean it could take me five minutes to find out where you actually live but I really don't feel like it. Though one day, I might need that information for some ungodly reason. I usually only know when it happens."

She moves away from Oliver, keeping that distance in between them. It was for safety of course. She didn't know if he was the type to rescue or try to be a hero, and plus being close to a person made her uncomfortable if she didn't know them. Grocery shopping with Melody is a pain. Blame aspergers.

"Yes. Everyone knows who you are. Especially in the world of big tech. QC is awesome, a good close runner with Wayne. Well not close close.."

She shrugs her shoulders faintly, still looking. "I want a heart necklace. One encrusted with diamonds. But I don't see it here, it might be at the other store."

Oliver replies confidently, "we do try and keep our distance on the competition, though Wayne Enterprises is pretty big locally." Meanwhile, Queen Consolidated has offices in places such as Vancouver, Melbourne, and Starling.

"I'm going to go out on a ledge here, but I don't think they'd be too keen on having it curried over, considering you're a thief, and taken two hostages." Maybe it's that cavalier attitude of someone who's used to getting what he wants, but Oliver doesn't seem too concerned about her. He follows her, maintaining a distance, but he never lets her get too far from him.

He knows she brought a fake gun, but she can also control the doors, could she have super powers and just brought the gun for the show? How to approach her, especially being on a security camera feed that will no doubt be monitored after the fact. "Would it help if I asked you nicely to let us go?"


She found it. Perfect one really. "I don't think there would be enough time for them to bring it. Plus I found it anyways. Well, the necklace that I want. I had a dream about it the other day. I wanted a friend of mine to get it for me but that guy takes /way/ too long."

She raises her brow at him then, a smirk drawing beneath her bandana. "You really don't have to worry about leaving here. You and Gustav can stay to finish your business. After the police get here. Signal is jammed and what not."

She begins to move around the counter now, finger tips playing along the glass until she reaches the back end, attempting to slide the window open without breaking it. But it's locked. The shopkeep with the keys is trapped outdoors. "Cripes. You got that gun on you still? I need it." Whilst she could use her hands, she'd rather not. She didn't want to bleed all over the place.

"You should really consider dumping QC into the arms race. Or at least heavily into communication. I think you'd make a pretty penny with the quality of stuff your company already puts out. But, don't listen to me. I'm just a thief, is all."

Oliver placed the gun on a table in the back room. He wanted no part of that. "Sorry, I left it in the back room." He's still on the opposite side of the counter, so for him to get it, he'd have to go past her.

She's awfully civil about this. "How come you came in here with a fake gun, anyway, and what makes you think you can just take stuff and walk out?" He's still casual about it, but asking some more direct questions, trying to see what she'll say or do, especially with Gustav still holed up in the back.

When she gives him advice on his company, his eyes bug out, "you know, this happens more often than you think, but honestly, I don't have much to do with the company. I leave it to… better people, to run it."

"So? Go get it." It wasn't like they could leave. But still, she felt a little bit more comfortable with Oliver right in front of her. If he walked off, she probably would follow and continue babbling until she did what he wanted.

Though, his question draws her eyes towards him, her hands placed upon the top of the counter top, her head tilted towards the side. She wasn't a liar, she was a /terrible/ one. Telling the truth was the only option because lying would have made her uncomfortable. "I just want to see if I could do it. Plus it's pretty. And I really can't justify the expense to my dad because he would rather me spend his money on practical things. Like school. Which I'm going back to soon. Eventually. When everything blows over."

Alright, so the truth made her uncomfortable. She even withdrew away from the glass a little, her eyes at a wince and her teeth soon ground to bits beneath the bandana.

Though, once the subject was off of her, she relaxes, only slightly. "You shouldn't do that, Mr. Queen. This is your livelihood. You need to keep better eyes on your stuff."

She places her hands back atop of the counter top, her hands smoothing across the top as she gives the glass an unnaturally hard shove. It breaks, one end falling into the case and cracking, splitting apart enough for her to try to pick and pry with fingered gloves to carefully pull it out.

He would have gotten it if not for her doing it the hard way, at least, he would have pretended to. He's not sure what he would have done had she let him go off on his own. This is such a messed up situation. It's like their casually speaking, and she's a thief. He could help, he could do a lot of things, except he's trapped by circumstance.

When she breaks the glass with an unnaturally strong, and precise, shove, it takes him aback. So it was a good thing that he didn't just try and grab her arms and remove her mask. That might have been embarrassing for him if she has that kind of strength.

"Not that it's any of my business, but is a necklace really going to make you feel better? Is it going to help you when you could get an education, a job, and then buy it yourself with your own money? You seem like a bright young woman. You don't have to be like this."

The glass was carefully removed and set aside. Really, if only Oliver knew… it was her first time doing this and doing this alone. She didn't have the backup of Catwoman, Remy, or Fantomex. And this was really going better than she expected. She met Oliver Queen!

"I don't know." She admits honestly. "I just want to be like everyone else I surround myself with and not be so useless. Most of the time I'm just hidden away, crying or cowering, or just probably selling other crap that was stolen that…" She was saying a little too much.

"At least I can say now that, hey. I'm up there with you guys. I did this. I'm awesome and cool." She reaches in to grip the necklace, then holds it up towards the light so that she could see. "It'll be stupid to ask you to put this on me, but I'm going to ask anyways. Cause you seem really nice. So can you?"

Oliver listens and remembers. He's painting a profile of her in his head, working out who she is, why she's doing this, and plans to use it later. For now, he's just an observer, keeping his eyes and his ears open to any clue that's on offer.

"If you're surrounding yourself with those kinds of people, maybe it's time to look for a new group of friends. I don't think I could put that around your neck, not with the security cameras. I mean, what would that look like? But, I may have an alternative…"

"Why don't you let us go, I'll pay for the damage to the glass, and I'll do one better. I'm reasonably certain I can find a place for you at Queen Consolidated." They have a program where they take on former criminals, usually ones released from prison, as part of their community efforts, but he could make an exception for her. She probably has some skills that would be useful.

Melody just shakes her head. "No. I don't want to. They saved my life many, many, many times. Many more times than I can count. They're like family." She tries to figure out how to best put this, and winds up smiling a little behind her makeshift mask. "They're like the family I chose by accident, and I just want to be a valued part of it." It was obvious she didn't think too highly of herself, but it was okay. She was still learning and growing.

But then there was a little scoff. "Don't worry about the cameras. I'm going to erase them before I leave." She steps to the side, placing the necklace down carefully, her mask soon pulled away and stuffed within her pocket. A rubber band was produced soon after, and her head bends so that she could fix her hair into a pony tail.

"And no. Not letting you go. Not yet. You're kind of impatient, and I'm starting to get the feeling that you think I'm just going to kill you guys or something. I don't kill people. That's just plain mean. And my dad would be upset if I take a job at QC. He's trying to be your competitor."

"Trying to be my competitor? Well, that narrows it down to oh, the fortune five hundred." The Queens aren't that wealthy when you compare them to some of the other mega rich companies. Robert Henry Queen started what was then known as Queen Industries only a few years before Oliver was born. Some other families go back generations. Oliver grew up with money, but his parents sure didn't.

"I may live to regret this, but if you change your mind, just come by Queen Consolidated. But until then, what else can I do for you, miss?" He's still going to worry about the cameras. He has to. But he's given it his best shot at trying to resolve this peacefully.

With her hair now tied into a high bun, she snags the necklace from the spot where she left it and studies Oliver for a quick moment. "Sort of." She states. The Kenways weren't as wealthy either, but if they knock the Queens off of the block? They would be in the running for the more advanced tech companies. As for now? Arthur Kenway is little known, unless it's in a few small divisions of the government agency which shall not be named. Thankfully, Arthur kept the family out of the spotlight.

"You can finally put this necklace on me. I know you're probably thinking that it's going to make you an accomplice but.." She glances up towards the camera, the skin upon her cheeks slowly alighting with a brief glow of blues and reds. Her finger lifts, pointing towards the camera. "Lights gone out. Nothing's recording. Eventually I'm going to scrub it. So, come on."

She looked a little too happy at this, her skin still sparkling with those many colors, the trail that they make across the surface maps out the veins hiding beneath. "Come on come on come on!" She finally rounds the counter top, not invading his bubble but.. inviting him into hers. All by holding out the necklace.

With a glance at the camera, the first time he's taken his eyes off of her since he first spotted her, Oliver will do as she asks, but it's not the gentlemanly way, there's no warmth there. He's tried to reason with her, to appeal to her better nature, but it's all fallen on deaf ears.

He's certainly not going to make this feel better for her if he can help it, but he does put the necklace around her neck, moving back immediately after placing it around her neck.

Normally, something like that would have felt so nice, sweet even, but she's a criminal, and one without remorse. And to top it all off, it somehow felt like cheating on… her.

Melody wasn't looking for warmth. If anyone who knew her, knew that she only had two range of emotions. Confusion, and anger. Depression was slowly creeping up in there, along with aloofness. But if you're aloof, do you have any emotions to begin with?

Once the necklace was on her, she looks down towards it with a frown. She really, really didn't feel better about anything at all. "Thanks." She mumbles now, taking a step back to lean against the counter, gloved fingers toying with the necklace as her eyes grow a little bit vacant.

Perhaps it was something that she wasn't meant to do. She didn't get the same joy out of it that her family did. In fact, she felt terrible. She said nothing to Oliver as she turned her back to him, removing her gloves and slapping them upon the table as her hands reach back to carefully undo the necklace that was put upon her. She then lays it across the counter top, snatching up her gloves yet again to quickly put them upon her fingers.

"I don't like this." She states plainly, her voice losing its edge and curiosity. "I'm going to go now."

Maybe he finally did get through to her. Or maybe this just wasn't her, not her real self. But if she's being truthful, it looked like the situation might soon come to an end, and she may have left a partial print on the counter as she lay the necklace down on it, or on the necklace itself. He would have to point that out to the police, or arrange to borrow it from Gustav. The latter might be the better choice.

After all, the only damage, besides stress, was a single pane of glass. "That might be a good idea. And the offer, it's still open. Queen Consolidated. We have offices everywhere."

Melody could have made off with the necklace. She really could. It wasn't as if Oliver Queen was going to do anything to stop her. He talked to her, humoured her a little, even offered her a job. He was really a nice guy. She had to appreciate that.

"I don't know. It's not a good idea. But thank you for the offer. I really appreciate it." She was going to go back to school. Especially once it was safe. At least get another degree underneath her belt to get her dad off of her back.

She lifts her hand to issue a low snap, drawing the metals up and away from the doors, pausing for a moment as she lets the transmission flood through to the police. The glow that coated her skin slowly dies down as she gives Oliver a kind smile, even… hesitantly, reaching out to lightly pat his arm. "Um. Thanks for the talk?" She wasn't sure how to say good bye, never see you again, stay out of East End and be safe! The awkward pat to his arm will do. "See you? Maybe… doubtful but… I don't know." She turns now, hat soon drawn from her coat and placed upon her head as she heads towards the front door.

Oliver could go after her, but he's not dressed for it, and there's Gustav to worry about. The touch of his arm was nice, it showed he might have gotten through to her, however briefly. She didn't seem so bad, misguided, but she had potential.

And she had some powers, whatever that glowing metal thing was, and her control over the electronics, her strength to break the glass, she wasn't normal. The security guard and the other employee, the ones who had been on the smoke break, are currently sitting across the street at a Starbucks, wondering what the hell is going on.

Melody was allowed to leave in peace, and all Oliver could do was think about the possibilities. But enough of that, he would head into the back to check on Gustav, and see about borrowing the necklace, video, and paying for the replacement glass. Whoever she was, she would bear investigating…

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