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January 19,2015: Bobbi brings the USB drives to Hunter to look into. They find out who is ordering all the Koa wood.

Hunter's Bungalow

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Bobbi comes wandering up to Hunter's bungalow at base camp, humming a song, and wrapped in a sarong. She raps her knuckles on the door, twirling a couple of USB drives in the other hand. Hill has work for him to do with them, and she was more than happy to be the delivery girl.

"Lance? It's me. The Deputy Director needs you to get into the data on these files we downloaded from the lumber company, to see if there's anything of use there." Bobbi leans against the doorframe as she waits for him to answer, or wake up, or whatever it is Lance has been doing this trip.


Lance is woken by the knock, and his instinctive actions is to reach for the gun. Then Bobbi's voice and he relaxes, only a little, sliding the gun back under his pillow. He wrestles his way out of the sheet, ignoring the chaos that is his room, and heads for the door, opening it wearing only boxer shorts. "Well hello there…" He leans against the door, a gesture inviting her in. "Hand it over, Bobbi, I'll get on it." The grin is lopsided, almost affectionate.


"I'll hand it over, for a price," Bobbi quips with a mischievous grin. "Pay the toll of a worthy kiss. But if you turn into a frog, all bets are off." She holds the drives in her hand behind her back and puckers up, then pauses. "Wait, did you brush your teeth yet?" she asks with a wrinkling of her pert little nose.

"By the way, you might get a few dirty looks from Clint. Ignore them. He's behaving like a baby over the fact that we might be enjoying ourselves," she adds with a snort.


The grin he shoots her before he kisses her should be warning. A toe tingling kiss, hugging her to him, before he pulls away and speaks, "Nope!" He turns and heads towards the small bathroom, and running water can be heard. Then he emerges, his hair wet, his grin still in place. "You mean like you got upset that he is with Kate?" The tone is ironic, a touch of light sarcasm there. He never pulled punched, sex or not. "So, give me the data, woman…."


Bobbi returns the kiss with enthusiasm and snorts when he heads into the bathroom. "Not exactly the same thing. He's been with Kate since about 5 minutes after we got divorced, and she's younger and more likely to…" Bobbi trails off and shakes her head. "Not important, anyway, it's none of his business. I'll talk to him tomorrow though, see if we can agree to not butt into each other's love lives."

She hands over the trio of USB drives, pressing a kiss to his jawline as she does so, then she moves about the room idly tidying it up. "Not sure what you'll find in those. I'm hoping to dig up some records on who is purchasing large amounts of Koa wood from the company. They might be purposely killing off the trees so the lumber can be taken within the eco laws of the state."


Lance just raises his eyebrows at her and then nods, his expression turning thoughtful.. "You know, it is alright to admit to still care…" The words are wry, and he adds, "Or so someone told me recently." He takes the USB drives, shooting her a look, as she begins to tidy. "Bobbi, leave it. Lovers, not wife. You don't have to deal with my stuff." He plugs them into the laptop, opening files, his fingers slow. "She knows that I'm only pretending to know computers, right?" The mumble is soft and he frowns, leaning back. "You get your wish, Bobbi, luv. Mr Simon King. Repeated customer, in California. Lots of money, lots of expensive tastes… Looks like he does… Investment advice."

A glance up at her comes with a cocky grin, "See, I have my uses." He pushes the chair back, reaching to pull her into his lap, work apparently done.


"Old habits die hard I guess," Bobbi admits as she stops trying to clean up his room and moves up behind him to peer at the results from the drives. "What the hell does an investment advisor need with that much Koa wood?" she asks with a frown. "Unless he's trying to drive up the value of the Hawaiian lumber industry to try and get his investors interested."

As she's pulled into his lap she settles there with a grin amd slides her arms around his neck. "As for Clint, you're right. It's all right for him to still care, as long as he isn't an ass about it."


He moves his chair so she can better see the screen, his arms wrapping around her waist, his head tilted back. "So long as he is happy for you, if you are happy, Bobbi, and you are the same for him…" A gentler than normal hint from him, there was a time when he would just have told her to wind her neck in with Clint and Kate. "Or making a bed the size of Gibraltar." Back to work, it seems, with a joke. The faint frown is concentration, thought, the more serious side that he so often hides behind a joke and a laugh.


Well Bobbi is not about to tolerate frowning, even if it's in concentration. She nibbles an earlobe as she murmurs, "I am happy. For the first time in about two years. Are you happy?" She draws back to look at him, her eyes curious. "I know you weren't exactly a monk while we were apart, so you weren't playing the lonely guy. Is this better than all the wanton girls of the night?"


His gaze moves from the screen to her, and back again, his distraction from work showing before he sends Director Hill a message, encoded, detailing what was found. Then he rises from the chair, taking her with him, carrying her to the messy bed, to drop her there and lean over her. Her kisses get returned, the man answering in a more physical manner before he pauses to stare down at her, considering, "Yes, and yes." Simply put, a reply without prevarication. "Although there is one thing…"


Bobbi wraps her legs around Hunter's waist as he carries her to the messy bed and plops her down on it, eliciting a laugh from the temporary brunette. "One thing? What's that?" she asks him, stretching out languidly and smiling.


The grin he shoots her is pure trouble, his eyes laughing down at her, "Way too many clothes, babe." He yanks his top over his head, tossing it to join a few other items of clothing on the floor, laughing down at her.

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