Ballad of the Fleet: Initiate

January 20th, 2015: Namor and the South Atlantean Fleet declare war on HYDRA, their first target is in the Bahamas. Storm Surge, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl intervene. (emits by Namor)

The Bahamas
The islands of Abaco.



  • Atlanteans
  • Warlord Seth (Atlanteans)
  • Warlord Krang (Atlanteans)
  • Horst Eisele (HYDRA)

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Hours Ago…

The Tongue of the Ocean. North of Andros Island deep beneath the sea.
Numenor's Wrath. The flagship of Prince Namor's Fleet.

"Your highness." The voice of Warlord Krang interrupts Namor's reverie. The hybrid himself standing at the Numenor's viewport. His eyes locked upon a moray eel that circles the coral bed not far away from the monolithic Atlantean vessel.
"The information we acquired from HYDRA holds true. We have found several of their bases beyond the one near the Bahamas."
"I tire of containing my wrath. The eagerness to shed serpent blood is consuming me, I grow restless. Ready your warriors, Krang."
"M-My lord, are you sure this is wise? We have only but a taste of their intel. We can learn so much more if we exercise patience and tact." Krang's blue face contorts, pinching with a scowl, gesture that causes the black goatee to bounce.
"Are you saying the Scion of the Seas is without tact nor patience?" Namor spins around. The gap between himself and Krang is no more as half-Atlantean hoists the blue-skinned soldier aloft. Namor's own features twisting in irritation, "I have waited almost six decades. SIX DECADES to avenge ourselves upon the villains of the surface. Are you afraid Krang?!"
Namor's hands bind themselves in to Krang's neck, closing down with a crinkle of armor as it buckles and he is shaken. Teeth rattle in the Warlord's skull and he defensively lifts his fingers to band them around the iron wrists of his monarch. A bubbled gasp and then he speaks, "No, my liege, however, I only wish you to think of what more we could accomplish… if… you but wait… " Something dawns on Krang. Something sinister. This is perhaps the exact moment he was waiting for, the moment he has been waiting to capitalize upon.
The Sub-Mariner's features further deform as that well known temper overcomes the Prince of Atlantis. Then just as abruptly as his companion's words begin to sink in they soften. That edge beginning to fade.
"However, my Prince, perhaps now /is/ the time. We are still under HYDRA's shadow and what is to say they will not learn of our treachery soon… these surface born snakes are slippery. Perhaps, it is your wisdom I was underestimating. We are at our best right now, our soldiers are avid, our ships are prepared the ocean is cold and still… Neptune is waiting. The surface must learn we are not to be trifled with, not simply a place for them to discard their refuse. " There we go. Krang's lips twitch as a smile is stifled, a curl at the edges he has to turn down, to keep from rising upwards.
One of Krang's hands motion towards a projected image, an image of the Delaware and South Carolina Atlantic coast where retired subway cars are being dumped in to the ocean.
Stone faced Namor studies Krang's features. Stares in to the man's glimmering eyes and considers then his eyes move towards the vision the man has by means of tech conjured forth.
Krang is dropped and Namor turns about to face the viewport again, the moray is gone now replaced by a school of Basslet fish.
"Prepare the men. We strike now. The King of New Atlantis tires of games… "
The Warlord's face no longer visible to Namor deforms itself in to a glee filled sneer. With a salute that consists of pounding his fist in to his chest and he exits.
The Prince stands with arms behind his back listening through the walls of his ship as Krang shouts orders commanding their troops in to motion. The South Atlantean Fleet stirs like an awakened leviathan.

Less than Twenty Minutes ago…

Northern Bahamas. Little Abaco just north of Hope Town.
An isolated and hidden facility that extends beneath the earth.

"Sir, we have incoming." A man in a green and black uniform rotates in his chair to look towards the section commander. A man known as Horst Eisele.
"What do you want me to read your mind or are you going to tell more more than just 'we have incoming?" The tall lean built man with a military high-and-tight glares from his reclined sway in a hammock (it's strung up by means of a bolt in the wall and a door). He is supposed to be here checking the munitions deposit and some of the new experimental tech but he is also treating it like a vacation. To some extent.
"Ships, some submerged and some not. They're identifying themselves as Atlanteans… "
"Atlanteans? Hrm, I have no orders in regards to Atlanteans. Open a channel."
The flatscreen across in the center of the room flicks on and Horst stands up, arms folded across his chest.
"Greetings comrades." The blue-skinned man on the screen almost chortles. "I am Warlord Krang, second-in-command of the King of New Atlantis." A snide tone underlying the Atlantean's words, emphasized more when referencing a king.
"What is it you want? This is a secure location and frequency. How are you aware of us?" Horst demands.
"We have recently been in negotiations for alliance. I am assuming you were not of rank to know such things." Krang jabs in an easy reply.
A quiet stare and Hisele opens his mouth just in time for red lit alarms to blare throughout the facility. His bolted in hammock topling as a wall shudders, "Those negotions didn't go well?"
"Quite well actually but our monarch has very little patience and has grown weary of diplomacy. Your bastardized organization is child to those that have lain our society low. This was inevitable. The bones of HYDRA will be sacrifice the souls of the lost. We send you now to our dead kings, mothers, fathers and children. Count your blessings, serpent, as our first your death will be swift." The mocking face of Warlord Krang vanishes as the wall erupts outwards in an explosion that causes earth and water to leak in.
Horst Eisele had lifted his arm to defend himself from the rupture and calmy turns to look at the aid, "Get my armor toge…" The man's body lay slumped with a piece of shrapnel gutting from his neck, a geyser of blood pooling forth in spurts.
"I suppose I'll do it myself." The white-haired HYDRA section commander opens up a panel and smiles grimly at the sight of his emerald painted power armor suit. "Hail Hydra."


Little Abaco, HYDRA weapons division facility located north of Hope Town currently the site of a warzone.
The South Atlantean Fleet has surfaced and rain down fire upon the beach and the HYDRA units being deployed. The scene lay out before the world looks like the Normandy Landings of 1944(ironically codenamed Operation Neptune).

HYDRA soldiers rally along the beach and along the coast in amphibious tanks firing out in to the ocean at behemoth sized Atlantean warships. The back and forth canon fire pockmarks the coastline and explosive eruptions flare up in rapid succession.
Prince Namor self-declared King of New Atlantis, Champion of Lemuria, the Scion of the Seas stands on the boom of the largest of the vessels, the Numenor's Wrath. A seashell war horn or conch situated in his left hand clutched there tightly as he surveys the battlefield.
Surging from the water are dome-headed Atlantean warriors with trident stylized weapons and shields, behind them crust encased sea mammals flop and lurch. Creatures the surface world rarely sees, let alone encased in oceanic armor. One of the walrus-like tusks gores down on a green and black clad trooper who manages to pull himself out of the prone position way too slowly.
The smell of burnt ozone, blood and the sea fills the air. Smoke plumes scale in to the Bahaman sky… this tropical paradise is beginning to look like a nightmare. Even the sea has begun to churn and roil as storm clouds roll in from the south, mystical in nature? Not likely but a less superstitious sort would very easily believe so.

Horst Eisele stands atop a cemented bunker energy shots blaring out from the slits below his feet. His darkened emerald power armor casing him in a protective coating he obviously holds much confidence in. "Get those cannons online and target their warships. Mortar the beach already… "

"Yes sir, what about Raptor Platoon?"
"Fuck 'em. We'll lose more than just them if they get past. Hail Hydra." Eisele says roughly.
Upon the man's orders large cannon of Phalanx level proportions swivels out of the hillside and takes aim and fires. Opposite it a anti-air machine gun hums rounds out towards several strange airborne oversized fish that look far too akin to flying piranhas.
"This is a goddamn horror movie." Eisele grunts as he watches the scene unfold.

Rowan is no stranger to the sounds of war, the pulse of energy weapons, the cries of wounded men and the steady boom-boom of artillery. But since coming to this Earth he's heard surprisingly little of it. So it's something of a shock to him that, taking a long, exploratory flight over open water, he hears the sound familiar symphony of combat.

That's not right. The planet is in conflict… in some places, but not here. Not usually. Not that he'd read of, at any rate. He pulls up higher, the six winged dragon silhouetting the sun as he tries to get a better look.

This is something that can be missed, but not if you have ears trained where an Ambassador should, and that is upon the other 'nations' and what lays dormant or - like this scene: Comes to life.

Leaving the Themyscira House other Amazons are at the heels of Diana as she exits the building and slings her bow across her back, then adjusting her vambraces.

"We should come, this is a matter…" Xanthippe insists, only to be cut off by Diana with a hand rising.

"Not one of war involving our people, not yet. I do not wish to display such inadvertently." With those words Wonder Woman takes to the air in speed of force that makes the barren branches of the bushes rustle. If she needs her people she will call, that much is known. But she tends to be one to try and handle things diplomatically, alone for the moment.

Across the sky she is but a streak, hearing long before seeing those blasts, concussive and echoing as a stray cannon blast now has miss-fired and is aimed towards one of the nearby villages. People are taking cover already despite it not having yet spread out from the coast. Better safe than sorry, and as they flee some look up at the incoming rocket released from the blast, screaming…

Wonder Woman lowers, her speed unceasing as she flies towards the rocket and the village, grabbing it and using that counter propulsion to spin, dragging it with and redirecting, flying with it and redirecting it towards the melee, landing it just between the firing lines of HYDRA and Atlantis, letting the beach erupt in the landing of sand and stone, hovering like a shadow above it.

"Keep yourselves contained!"

The Raptors (self designated) is otherwise just 3rd Platoon, it's their stylized armor and their veteran status as HYDRA operatives that they feel entitled to special status. They've earned it. Sergeant Tragen's broad form can be seen with plasma cannon hoisted on shoulder his other hand sporting a electrical baton. He physically on his onesie just beat an Atlantean down with it. It worked better as a blunt weapon since the electrical shocks from it seem to do very little to the enemy soldier.
"Goddamn Eisele is bombing us!" Tragen shouts from his position on the line.
"Yessir. 1st Platoon is blotto and 2nd Platoon is withdrawing. It's just us now…" The man with a single slit visor replies, a high-tech sniper rifle stretched on the sandy rocks near him. He is over watch, he has vantage and he's already killed seven of these Atlanteans. It's quite easy, you don't really have to headshot them just burst their domes which means you can miss just a little. Then they suffocate on oxygen. "These fish heads are easy kills if you don't let them get close."
"Stow it, Moss. Raptor's hold your ground! They break through us they'll take the beachhead and we'll all lose our commissions."
So brainwashed. Every HYDRA agent goes through some conditioning, by means of drugs, hypnosis and otherwise. It solidifies their loyalty. The smarter and stronger willed ones though, like Sergeant Tragen they tend to shake loose of their control and end up requiring much more payment.
Horst himself lifts up a forearm and fires a barrage of mini-rockets off at one of the flying fish mounts. Explosives pop all around it as it sails downwards, it's rider alongside it. Upon it's descent is when he sees the dragon. "Redirect and fire on that thing. Whatever the hell it is."
Tragen is out of range of hearing Horsts commands as he is in the thick of things and that isn't really his men’s jobs. Their job is holding the line. It's then that a missile lands between him and an onrushing wall of Atlantean foot soldiers. The massive shower of sand, shrapnel and concussive force sends him to his back and scatters the members of the Fleet. Ears ringing he scrambles for his weapon, only to look up and see Wonder Woman.

"My lord… " Warlord Krang starts but is cut off by Namor. "I see them, Krang."
"The flying beast is not one of ours and the woman…" Krang proceeds.
"The woman is a celebrity amongst the walkers. An Amazon." Namor's lips curl a little and he turns the horn in his fingers. "Continue the assault. If they get in our way destroy them as well. Vengeance this day is owed to us. Triton's will."
That giant storm bank continues to roll upon them from the south, dark, shadowy and it's already beginning to creep over that very sun that Storm Surge's dark shape had been cast before. Perhaps something he will pay little attention nor care about when the anti-aircraft rounds begin to light up his general direction. This happens now.


Rowan's used to battlefields being dangerous. Still he hadn't expected to be fired upon quite so quickly. The first couple of rounds ping off his scales and one rips through a wing. It hurts, but it won't impede his flying. Not that he does much. Tucking his wings in generates more of a 'fall' then flying but after a thousand foot drop they're open again as the dragon weaves, trying to evade the RADAR guided anti aircraft fire. Lightning begins to crackle across his form as he roars his displeasure and then looses a storm of electricity worthy of a storm god (or goddess) in the general direction of the weapons firing on him.

Another round is unloaded her direction and if it dodged or allowed to pass it will aim for that village again. Wonder Woman does not waver in her aerial hover, that lasso at her hip emanating its faint glow, her hand now gripping it in preparation as the rocket impacts her form.

Somewhere in the air the brakes are applied, but that proximity this time knocks Wonder Woman back a few yards before she brings it to a slow, enough to use her lasso and latch it around one of those tanks. She does not need it to stop, and cannot with the missile, quickly lassoing one of those tanks and reeling it in like a catch of the day. One final jerk and she is using that to pull it in towards herself, only managing to left the front off the ground and its path with a groan of resistance while her incoming form bearing a black mark of burn across the surface of her skin launches that rocket right back down the nose of the tank with a resounding boom that casts her form out and towards the water with the concussive push.

Give her a moment. She hates when people don't /listen./

The anti-air battery is struck with the bolt of lightning the touchdown sends men around it scattering before the giant weapon is whitewashed in eruptive casing.
"Shit!" Horst exudes out before leaping away from the bunker. Mechanized legs augmented in motion that moves him at a blur, one Atlantean is smashed in to the earth before another is piked through with a metal encased fist. "We need re-enforcements!" He shouts to whomever. His men are falling in to disarray. "2nd Platoon defends the banks. Raptors maintain your hold. Pershe, call for fire on those ships!"
"Sir that will reveal our submarines… "
"DO IT NOW! Blight Company regroup and meet those goddamn fishfuckers head on.” Tanks now begin to roll forward and fire at ships and the surface charging Atlanteans. Several of the Fleet ships are already sinking in to the ocean with flaming gouges through them.
The third tank explodes with the missile stuffed in to it's canon, the heavy vehicle booms out of existence showering the air in all manner of refuse. Wonder Woman included.
"Bitch is insane…. “Sgt. Tragen grumbles, "And not on our side!" A roar escapes the burly body armored man and he leaps through the air with a jet assisted leap trying to slam that baton in to Wonder Woman. He's not a superhuman by any means and the injections from HYDRA only put him on par with the likes of low end peaks. He's still got some tenacity, however.
"They are on our side?" Krang questions Namor.
"No, I am unaware of whose side they are on. Their presence is coincidence alone I presume. Perhaps I will not need this after all." He indicates the conch while uplifting his chin. "I had been prepared it's use to save on our own casualties but… this could play to our hand."
Krang frowns slightly but then concedes a nod. /Interlopers… how dare they assure an easy victory for the princeling./

Better late than never. Even though Shayera does not keep tabs on Diana, she is 'round the embassy enough to know when half of her sisters are gone into battle and Diana is not there, something is afoot. There was a rocket blast in the sky, small woman with wings flying, mace equipped and brought to life with a single slap as she neared the approaching battle.

"Now this is more like it!"

Bloodlust behind lenses covered eyes, armor soon coating her body mid air as she only stops partly to rear back with the intent to intercept the man who aims towards Diana with a baton.

She will hit, that is a question, but how hard.. is another. The mace itself was meant to be lethal and there will be no love loss if he /dies/.

Rowan pulls up sharply from his 'strafe' in the throes of a flashback. Another coast, another world. Nameless holding the beach against Atlanteans and their Homo Magi Allies. Casualties mounting. His Blue dispatched to provide breakthrough at a critical point. He spins midair and comes back down, raking the battlefield savagely with lightning before he lands not far from Diana (not seeing Diana but a black haired Blue in combat armor with a coral rifle). "Phoebe!" He roars. "I have your back." And then the lightning starts again.

The blast that sends Diana over the water lasts only a moment in taking her out, a heartbeat and when she sees that stretch of attacking shadow and spins with one arm raised to block…

Hawkgirl’s slam forward brings a smile to Wonder Woman's features, but one of relief and determination, something to see come upon the battlefield when reinforcements and sisters arrive. The arrival of Rowan though;

Cerulean eyes blink, but the is not shocked, a moment of passing awe that yet another creature of 'lore' has revealed itself, but the confusion at what he calls her is there in a moment of a head lowering stare from beneath brow and a perked brow.

Phoebe? Umm…

The electrical charged blast though draws her from the moment lasting several seconds, launching down and forward, as a tankard begins to sink with its side full of holes she hefts it up, just to where one edge is in the water, enough to make a kick stand and end over end it back upon the shore.

One by one… Wonder Woman is forming a wall of the discarded and unusable war machines, both Atlantean and HYDRA.

Sergeant Tragen's triumphant war cry is cut short by the interruption of Hawkgirl. The Raptor leader is slapped aside and careens in to the beach with a flop and tumble. It's then that Wonder Woman, Storm Surge and Hawkgirl find themselves standing in loose triangle in the middle of a warzone. Quite the pose.
On to the west the HYDRA company and to their east the South Atlantean Fleet. It's almost as if the battlefield pauses just long enough for them to get a freeze frame.
Horst slings a corpse away from him and straightens up his posture already a tall man the green power armor makes him stand around seven feet tall. Bulk adding to his imposing image. "This battle is nor yours Wonder Woman, they attacked us! We are merely in defense of ourselves. Step aside and let us settle this as men and warriors."
Krang snorts as he watches Horst Eisele engage in dialogue with the trio. "Perhaps he bargains with them against us? Let us strike fast." A wave of his hand and Krang motions two of the ships on his left, the cannons on them roaring to life as energy is cast off towards the beach where Horst, Wonder Woman, Storm Surge and Hawkgirl stand. A barrage of fire that could obliterate a small town.
A slap sends the Warlord to the ground and Namor snarls, "Our target is HYDRA, not these would be heroes. You fool."
Krang's arms lift up to ward away any incoming strikes from the Prince but he doesn't cower, only moves to defend himself. "My lord, they are surfacers, we… "
"Enough, it is done. You have forced my hand… "

With the skirmish brought to a momentary halt, Hawkgirl does take the time to notice Storm Surge, and offers a nod and a pound of her chest in greet. Though, back to the matter at hand, she inches close towards Diana, her voice low as she glances at the slight trifecta that was formed around the three. She was more of a battle first and ask questions later type of gal, but this one warranted questions because..

"What is going on." Her voice was low, aimed at the three. It's possibly what happens if you come at the tail end of the fray.

Rowan, still a dragon, has no idea. Or rather he does, but its wrong. "Atlanteans are trying to break through." He mutters. "Nameless have them bottled up. Got to..," He shakes his head. "Wait…"

There's light, and then there was /light/. Wonder Woman is stepping to Hawkgirl's back, leaning slightly in that moment, lips parting to answer before it is becoming suddenly -brighter-…

"MOVE!" The energy blasts headed for their coordinates are seen and felt before they even clear the water, one hand grips and -bites- into the hide and an appendage of the dragon as he speaks in his odd manner, the other wraps in Hawkgirls harness and she rockets to the side, back towards the water and into it just before impact, hopefully clearing them of any impending damage if they do not wrest free of her grip.

Once she hits the water though she is swimming, Diana not one to hold in battle unless she is seeking to end it, it is beyond that point and she is speeding through the water like a missile for Namor and Krang's ship, hitting the base of it in that speed to send it /rocking/ like it had just received a response…

Oh they did..

The heavy energy barrage fired from the Atlantean warships blankets the area along the coastline 3rd Platoon, Hawkgirl, Storm Surge and Wonder Woman were located. The blast's initial touchdown is amazing, earth shattering and cacophonous. The beach itself could very easily become glass from the intense heat that just smothered the shoreline. Sgt.Tragen breaths his last as does the rest of his HYDRA famous Raptors.
Horst Eisele leaps backwards hands coming up to propel him faster away with green gouts of propulsion. His HUD lit up and scrambled.
"Report! Report goddamnit! 1st Platoon, 2nd Platoon, 3rd? Anyone? Blight Company what is the situation!?" Static is all that filters through Horst's ears.
As wonder Woman torpedoes through the water and in to the side of the Numenor's Wrath, the Sub-Mariner had already leapt free in action and was descending upon HYDRA Section Chief Horst. "Now, we do battle as monkey and Atlantean. I will give you what you do not deserve, an honorable death."
Krang is nowhere near the speed of Namor and finds himself falling backwards to slide across the bow of the ship towards the stern. "What was that!?" His words in Atlantean. The response is a garbled sound before someone screams, "The Wrath! She has a hull breach!" Namor's flagship… sinking? What could cause such damage. A glorious moment for Krang. "What is the source!?"
"The woman, she is inside. She broke through."
"We are being raided by a surfacer?" Intriguing. "Engage them. Kill her and her companions. All 7th Fleet ships about! Draw in. The interlopers may still survive. 8th and 6th maintain fire on the beach. We pummel these walkers in to chum while our liege rips off their head." Their head being Horst.
HYDRA is scrambling after that large barrage. Numenor's Wrath is slowly bowing to a side from Wonder Woman's assault on it and the rest of the Atlantean Fleet looks to be circling about, seeking additional targets to fire upon. Those targets being Hawkgirl and Storm Surge (as well as any HYDRA forces that look to be still functional).

Rowan is hit. Energy sears his hide, smokes his feathers and shatters off his scales. He roars in pain and fury as the shock of fire jolts him back to the present. Water. He has to get to the water. In the moments before the hellish rain of charged particles blankets the beach again the Blue is back in the water, his form morphing as he abandons Air and calls Water to him. His wings vanish and his form turns sleek and arrow sharp, perfect for knifing through the water as his thirty foot reptilian form heads toward the Atlantean ships.

So Diana did not get Rowan out… But he survived at least, proven by the roar that echoes even through the waves of water. Diana comes through the hull of the ship and reaches up to a passing ladder, swinging up and out of the torrent that pours in after her, standing there and slapping the wet strands of black out of her face and down her back. Fists are balled and when approached by the Atlanteans aboard Numenor's Wrath she charges forward, arms slamming into them, throwing them into the flood of water to be sucked into the undertows and out.
Slowly she is ascending from below to meet those above.

Most south Atlantean weaponry that is 'energy' based in nature is actually hyper-compressed jets of ionized water. As outstanding as that sounds long ago both the Lemurians of the Pacific and the Atlanteans of the Atlantic were gifted with the secrets of advanced technology. Between the warships and within the water is another marvelous vision, massive turtles being used as troop transports, these shelled behemoths dodge and swerve around Storm Surge. a creature that looks akin to a natural predator. A bit of shock value that causes confusion among the aquatic forces. This does not stop the men and women of the Fleet from firing upon the Draconian beast, however. Even as he closes in on the more prominent warships.
Aboard Numenor's Wrath the Princess of the Amazon's wreaks havoc, her trail of destruction in her wake one of considerable measure as she batters one Atlantean warrior to the next. It's Warlord Krang who puts himself between her and the man's bald head tipped down as he stares from underneath his brows at her, a hooked long weapon in each hand. Both of Atlantean steel. Something sharp enough to pierce even the warrior woman's flesh. "Surface hag. You trespass where you are unwelcome… the destruction of the Princelin… " The Warlord catches himself, "the King of New Atlantis ship is a dire offense. One that I will acknowledge by slaying you."
Hawkgirl was drawn aside to safety by Wonder Woman and thrown sidelong in to the water, water that is hammered further by the blasts of Atlanteans and additional fire from HYDRA in an exchange. The spinning torpedo fired from a marine HYDRA vessel is the path she finds herself trying to escape before it goes off, the explosion causing a lapse in consciousness that has her drifting in place under the wake of the war torn ocean. An ocean that is now eclipsed by a tremendous storm, waves now swishing to and fro in giant walls as rain begins to pelt the torrid waters. She'll float in a state of conscious to not through the darkness and light. At least for the moment.
Namor and Horst continue their battle upon land. Clearly the Prince has the upper hand as a thunderous boom is followed by the crack of armor. "I shall peel you from your shell, ape! Rip you from it and then with my bare hands wrench your blackened heart free for Neptune himself to feast upon! Nothing will save you from the Avenging Son! NOTHING!!! " HYDRA tanks reposition to fire on the Sub-Mariner as the section commander seeks retreat an attempt to draw the focus of the enraged Atlantean.

A volleyball with a face on it floats by Hawkgirl.

"Do you not know your King's correct title yet? Or do you refuse to allow yourself to speak that with pride?!" Wonder Woman knows that sound, her own people torn in twixt back in Themyscira due to her mingling amongst the 'Patriarchs', it has caused dissent and mistaken words from tongues of the careless.

Krang's weapon withdrawal is met with her own, both hands lowering and those blades of Hephaestus sparking to life with an emanate glow, opposite that of the lasso that hangs at her hip. "Let him acknowledge me once I clear my path!" And with that simple yell of challenge and acceptance she bursts forward towards Krang with those blades in hand now, dulled to the war-torn luster of magically forged steel, seeking to meet his own.

The slowly sinking ship begins to list in the other direction as a large thirty foot lizard claws his way up the side of the hull and onto the deck. A trio of Atlantean guards are flung off the deck and into the water. One comes back up only to be beat repeatedly with a knife-finned tail. "You should not have done that." Rowan growls. That growl turns into a roar as Wonder Woman and Krang duel. Focused sound like a submarine sonar tears into the ships hull at the base of the gun turrets before being turned outward. Sonic blasts pound the next ship over, ripping into the weaponry and superstructure.

"Fully aware of what our lord chooses to call himself." Krang spits back at Wonder Woman, "Acknowledge you? You're barely worth my time." The man leaps forward in a dazzling display that has both of his weapons clash with Diana's own. His legs brace and he finds himself outclassed in strength almost immediately, skill may be another question. A feint to his left and he withdraws his blades from her own and slices low to high. "Amazon? Your people care as much about the rest of the world as do ours. Why bother?"
Numenor's Wrath lurches and Storm Surge perches upon the deck, the elite guardsmen scatter before several regroup and launch attack with spears, tridents and harpoons. Their words in Atlantean no stranger to Rowan, "Kill the beast! Save the Numenor! FOR the King of New Atlantis!" A chorus of them from various directions. They hold loyalty at least.
The warship Storm Surge sonar pounds dips in to the water in an attempt to escape but finds it's hull cracked and splintering.
Upon the shore Namor spins a tank through the air to land upon another with a loud KRA-KOOM. "COWARD!" He screams as Horst Eisele retreats behind a wall of cover fire. It's then the Sub-Mariner has to give pause and look back towards his Fleet. The Dragon and the Amazon are destroying the Numenor and now Warlord Seth's own ship, the Lord Pike is being swallowed by the ocean.
Namor takes flight not for fear of the vessels but the men and women upon them his body vanishing in to the ocean in a silent dive.

Hawkgirl's unconscious float will be interrupted by the binding grip of fingers clutching in to her scalp, tangled mess of hair and Nnth metal helm as a powerful fist coils in and she is jerked free of the watery depths she was just sinking. Drifting upwards she feels her self peeled out of the ocean only to be thrust out at arms length on display before the battle being waged upon Numenor's deck. The self-proclaimed King of New Atlantis has her by the skull.

"STAND DOWN! If you value your winged companions life you will heed my words." The booming voice of the Sub-Mariner carries even above the storm and war waging around them.

"Oh, but you are." Even in battle, Wonder Woman is acknowledged, and she will -show- Krang exactly why she is who she is, just like she has the others who seek to question her position, loyalties, and meaning. The clash of mystically forged weaponry sounds like a grinder after a sharpening, there is no stopping the dance between them as she takes one step back and plants her sandal encased foot, muscles in thighs showing as she stands her ground and pushes him back, those swords that crossed to block his blow spinning articulately in her hands to snare his own, and then Wonder Woman uses brute force… Ripping his hands wide and leaving them both open she cracks her head down upon his own face with full force enough to break his nose, give him a concussion, and if he was mere mortal, concave his skull.

When his body falls Diana looks up with the blood spilling from her brow, his mixed with her own from that hardened bone structure and the harsh impact, but by the time she reached the deck of the ship it is sealing, the blood congealing…

There hangs her friend, those swords at her sides lowering while ceruleans seek the dragon, those fingers stroking over one twist of the golden lasso.

Rowan takes several spears, two of which pierce his hide. Atlanteans are strong, not ordinarily enogh to get through his scales but this close it's inevitable. He shrinks down, taking the form of a Blue, albiet one charged with the element of Water. His spear springs into his fist and an energy shield forms over his right arm. The Atlantean crew forces him up onto the prow of the ship, though their numbers suffer for it, before Namor's call halts both he and they.

"You strike at your own allies of the deep!" Rowan calls back. "I am Blue, and you…" The dragon warrior's eyes narrow. "You are Namor. Purjured, cursed and outcast. There are no words you can say that I can trust while your men yet fight and you hold a hostage."

Krang's body crumples to lie at Wonder Woman's feet. HYDRA is withdrawing and the south Atlantean forces are surging towards Rowan and Diana. "One of the Blue." Namor repeats the dragonshifter's own words as his free hand lifts and motioning with a palm outwards. The Atlanteans cease their assault but remain poised, weapons drawn and facing the Amazon and their cousin Atlantean.
"Outcast? No, betrayed, forsaken, yes. You and all others who claim /blood/ of a Atlantis are the cursed, oathbreakers and cowards." The Sub-Mariner snarls and shakes Hawkgirl's limp form in the air. His anger causing the action to hold more violence in it than the Prince possibly intended - the woman's arms slapping against her sides in the process. That palm out turning in to a pointed finger at Rowan, "Your people are not our allies. Yours bend at knee to the flaxen haired weakling and his ilk. Those who would snub and shun the true Atlanteans. Now tell me why you join in this fray? What is your game? /Blue/." The agitated noble almost spits out the word. His steel-blue eyes level on Rowan before sweeping back to Diana and back again.

"Let. Her. Go." Wonder Woman had ceased as he demanded, and he did not yet keep his end. This is not how trades go. "Before I consider you an oathbreaker, King, and you live up to what Krang calls you… /Princeling/." In saying that final ord Diana's teeth flash, it hisses between them and her stance shifts, that lasso in her grip, dangling over her thigh where a loose end slowly grows. If he drops Hawkgirl she will catch her.

"My fight here only came when it did not cease. I have no stake in this until now. Do not beg me to have one." Her hand now extends towards namor and that of her unconscious friend. The dragon catches a glimpse, a flicker of those eyes, she has not forgotten him but a life is at stake.

"I heard the sounds of battle." Rowan is taking a risk, turning his back to the Atlanteans, but he does. The Wrath is settling in the water but not so quickly as to make the prow untenable. Armed with a coral spear and a shield, and the Blue turns to face Namor. "I heard the sounds of battle and came to see. I stuck at your enemies. Then was shot from behind." His gaze turns to the ruined energy cannon his sonic blasts have ripped off their mountings. "From this ship. From your men. Do you deny this? What is a warrior to do in such a situation?"

Rowan cannot answer the claims of the Prince, that his people bow to Arthur, though his own information suggests that's not quite true. Still, he's a stranger in his land, so he leaves that be. His voice lowers slightly, but still carries. "What would you have done?"

"Warlord Krang would not be fool enough to utter such disrespectful words in my presence or not. Let no poison seep from your mouth wench or I will see your tongue removed with my own hand." A flick of his wrist and he tosses Hawkgirl towards Diana. That arrogance ever present as he gazes down the length of his high cheekbones and proud nose at the two wayward warriors.
"I will let you leave here in peace and with your lives, this day is done. Consider your hands justly played and let us not press it further or else you risk the wrath of the King of New Atlantis."
The hybrid drifts downwards to land on the deck of his dying vessel and walks forward only to pause by Rowan, "I would have killed every man and woman on this ship." A few more steps and he stops with his back to the two of them, "Now begone and let us not cross paths again. This war is my own, ours is in due time."
Krang is hoisted up on to the shoulders of two soldiers and they dive free of the Numenor's Wrath. Likewise other fallen are taken up by the Atlanteans to be moved to ships that are still functional. True to his word Namor will be withdrawing and doesn't appear to be pursuing attack further.

"In due time, when he wakes up from the beating I put on your… /Warlord/." As if in emphasis she gestures to the hefted and unconscious man, just before her arms are filled with the Thanagarian, picking her up and cradling her with ease.

"If you find the truth to be poison, you will die of your own rot. It's your own life you should be more concerned with." And upon those parting words of indifference and calm Wonder Woman heads for the opposing side of the ship, looking back at Rowan in that pause before she takes flight. It says plenty, she will stall but for a moment for him to join her, and then be gone.

Rowans smile is grim. "Then next time, control your men." He turns to leave the royal ship, by air rather than by sea. "For as you measure, so shall it be dealt to you. I shall not look for a next time, King of New Atlantis. But I shall not shy from it if we meet across that small, deadly space once more." Wings sprout from the Blue and he takes off in a hover. "Fair sailing, until then."

Namor's brows once more arch upwards and his teeth clench. The clench becomes an actual audible grind as Wonder Woman and Storm Surge depart. "Much blood feeds Neptune's waters this day… " He reminds himself almost as though it was a mantra to keep himself calm. His knuckles whitening further before he exhales and releases, gouges left in his palms. Killing HYDRA is one thing killing Amazons and Blue is all together another matter.

"Atlanteans! Today is a victory!" The man shouts and his attention drifts towards a chorus of cheers while the storms roll in. Storms that will sweep away much of this carnage and carry the Fleet on to their next battle.

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