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January 20, 2015: Zee is harrassed by a group of young men on the street and teams up with Batwoman to teach them a lesson.


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Zee is back in Gotham again, she seems to be spending a bit of time there lately. Tonight she's dealt with a couple of minor thugs who were harrassing some young ladies on the street. By dealth with, Zee has them hogged tied and hanging from a streetlight on a corner somewhere, waiting for the Gotham PD to come and pick them up. Right now, the Mistress of Magic is walking down the street, in her street clothes, minding her own business.


Kate Kane is used to work late in the night… well if you want to work as a vigilante and do something good you have to wait for the night to watch the scum to crawl out of their holes and appear. Kate kneels in her black and red armored bat suit with her half-mask, long red flaming hair and her long cape on one of these typical gargoyles of Gotham's old houses and tries to look for any new 'job' to do, which will help her to have a better feeling than arriving in the booooring parties of Gotham's jet set. But as her eyes finally spot the nicely secured and hanging criminals she lets out a quiet giggle and tries to find frm the roof top the source of this scene.


The source of that scene is currently approaching a group of young men outside a convenience store. The young men spread out around the raven haired young woman, catcalling and inviting her to join them. Zee, used to such behaviour keeps walking until one brave young soul goes as far to make comment about certain physical attributes. Stopping, a slow smile spreading across the young womans face, she steps back towards the group of young men. "Would you care to say that to my face?"

"Sure love" a tall sandy haired boy with freckles steps forward "I'll say to yer face… and yer ass… " The other young men start to surround Zee in a loose circle, a couple of them look like they might be carrying batons or something inside their jackets.


Kate Kane finally spot the obivious source of mayhem in the nightly streets and makes a face under her half-mask, wondering how the black-haired girl could arrive in this part of the night looking obviously for troubles. She sighs and her left hand makes a quick grip to her utility belt, checking on her needed tools and gadgets as she follows the scene down below her, already slowly standing up to ready herself to save the girl.. but some curiousity still holds back Kate: either the black haired woman is crazy and wants to die to night, or she is somehow much more impressive than people would change on her by looking at the common girl. So Kate, the red haired Bat of the night, holds back, for now.


One of the young men, standing behind Zee makes a move towards her and grabs her arm "C'mon… you're out here on your own… let us protect you, love" The other boys take up the call and start to close the circle around the young magician.

Zee sighs as her arm is grabbed and she breaks the grip with a bit effort, thanks to some training she's had. "Really boys? Is that how you want it?" She really is concerned… she doesn't go out of her way to get into situations like this but she won't back down either.

~ gnikroW sehtolC ~

Zee speaks and for the second time that night, her sweater dress and leggings are replaced by her costume. Standing tall, she turns in a slow circle "I'm sure you all recognise me now….." she speaks to them slowly


Kate Kane was just to jump off the roof's edge to make a classic Bat entrance, arms and cape extended to glide down and already create fear and shock by arriving, but in the last second she blinks and stays up, as the damsel in distress seems to change and turn into a very well known magician "Oh.. its _HER_!" she murmurs and sighs, "Now even these mages started to hunt down mobster." she speaks to herself but lets out her hold back breath, knowing she does not need to hurry anymore, the black haired woman should be able to take care of herself. Kate even sits down , her legs and heavy boots hanging over the edge of the roof as she finds a comfortable place to watch the now upcoming scene, sadly missing some popcorn to eat and throw, but not being able to surpress herself from giggling, maybe even too loud.


"Oooooohhhhhh Zatanna Zatarra" one pimply faced youth drawls "What are you going to do? Strangle us with your fishnets…. Can you see us quaking in our boots?" The other boys continue to press closer to the young woman, taunting her as they do.

If Zee knew she had potential backup on the rooftop, she would have handled this slightly differently but she has allowed herself to be surrounded, a bad move on all parts really. Hard to protect your back when you're watching the guy coming straight at you.

Glancing around at the props that litter the street, the young magician sighs again. "Really… do you think I'd give you the pleasure of my fishnets? They cost far too much to waste on the likes of you" Bravado on her part. Pointing to a rubbish tin behind the group of three young men in front of her, Zee speaks

~ hsibbuR niB tiH eerhT syoB ~

The tin starts to move, spilling rubbish all over the pavement and collects the three boys behind their knees, dropping them to the ground. Zee moves, but she's not quick enough and one of the young men behind grabs her arm and holds it tight.


Kate Kane oohs and just wanted to applaud like for each nice show but somehow this shows seems to go wrong, as Kate watches the young girl being even captured by one of these boys, forcing herself to jump straight down off the roof, the extended cape flattering in the air and the thick soles of her heavy black leather boots aiming right at the boy's head who groped on the black haired woman, "Hey, you heard her!" Kate protests and comes to stop in a ready combat position, no weapon so far visible, but the red flaming hair and her eyes are often enough, "You guys apologize at once on the Miss!" she demands.


The boy is hit by those heavy soled boots and crumples to the ground, pulling Zee off balance until he lets go reflexively. As Kate lands, red hair streaming and her eyes blazing, the other young men stare in shock for a few minutes… but that's it. "Apologize to 'er…. what fer? and what are you goin' to do about it?" Six young men, now swarm on Kate and another four try to grab Zee again.

"Thanks for the assist!" Zee stumbles as the young man hits pavement but she catches herself and spins back to the three she's knocked down with the rubbish tin. "I'll just take care of these first… Dad always told me, once their down, make sure they stay down…." words to live by really. In the bin, was the tape that goes around boxes… Zee gestures to that with a hand

~ dniB mehT dnaH dnA tooF htiW epaT ~

The tape animates and wraps each of the three young men up, nice and snug. Zee spins and watches the other four young men come at her.


Kate Kane only makes a brief nod to the magician, "No worries!" she comments but ufffs as she looks at the six boys "Oh come on boys…. you all know how this will end if you continue! First I break your nosebones, then a few wrists and when you really pisses me off, I call Batsie!" she warns them, "And you know that he is not such a nice and kind person like me!" she states and pulls out a batarang from her belt, throwing it at the closest boy's feet to wrap a rope around them, hoping to bring them down as she yells over to the black haired girl, "Can't you just make a spell to put them into a cage or something?" she wonders, never been very familar with magic and its limits.


The four boys coming at Zee hesitate when they see what she's done to their partners in crime, but not for long. Kates batarang takes out three of her six, the other three still advancing.

"Uh No… not really. I need something I can use as a cage." It's how Zee visualises her magic at the moment. But that does give the young magician an idea…. There are bars on the windows of the convenience store, plus the security roller door. Zee gestures at the bars and the door

~ tuP mehT nI A egaC dnA dloH mehT ~

The bars come loose from the window and the roller crashes to the ground and contorts… in short time, a make shift cage appears and the remaining young men are being drawn towards it… but they're fighting that magical pull.

Zee moves quickly around the four that were coming at her and pushes the one at the back as hard as she can. The young man stumbles into his friends and the four end up falling into the cage.

That leaves the three advancing on Kate, being pulled to the cage, but fighting.


Kate Kane finds some hope as she watches the other boys already put out fo the game by the young magician, counting only 3 to face herself. She smirks and makes a face, fighting three untrained young mobsters in a dark alley…. yes this is the world she choose for herself. "Wow great!" she is even able to comment on Zatanna's magic this boosts up some additional adrenalin into the red haired woman, using her left arm to bloack any incoming punches and kicks from her face, the rest of her body covered by her thick armor and using her right gloved fist to punch back and drive the tree toward the cage, hopeing for the magic to do its job.


Kates efforts do the trick and the last three boys end up in the makeshift cage. It might be a bit snug in there, but hey, they wanted to get up close and personal.

Grinning at the redhead, Zee nods to the three bataranged youths. "Would you tie them up please, I'll finish the cage… and then we can get out of here before the police show up." In the background, the sirens can be heard getting closer. Zee waves her hand one more time and speaks

~ esolC ehT egaC ~

The final bars fall in place and Zee dusts off her hands. "Thanks for the help… I'm Zee and I don't think I've seen you around" She turns to the redhead to see if the other woman needs any help.


Kate Kane ooohs and shyly smirks at the younger girl, only the lower half of her face visible, but even as she bites on her lower lip its quite prominent, "I… I try not to gather any attention on myself." says a woman with long red flaming hair , "I am Batwoman." she honestly tells and moves over to the younger one, offering her thick gloved right hand, "Nice to meet you… and looking now at them, I was too early to jump in. You are quite awesome!" she honestly tells, being amazed about the other woman's magic and abilities, "Thats cool, what you do!" she states and adds with a serious voice, "But please be careful!" she warns, "Alyways check on your back!" she smirks.

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