Jim's Urgency

January 21, 2015: Jim, Shayera, and Jericho meet up unexpectedly in Central Park.

Central Park

It's a park.



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Metropolis isn't usually in Jericho's line. He keeps a safehouse at the place and has been investigating it's power grid lately but a lot of that is work that can be done online and today it is. Jericho's taking a shortcut through the ruins of central park, slowly being rebuilt by the efforts of X-Red and the Titans. It's a nice place, and even nicer whin it's quiet which it is rightn ow since access is difficult if not restricted. Which is why he's surprised when he makes out a figure up ahead. Or he thinks it is. Lights going and honestly it could just be a bit of rubble at this point.

Jim lives in New York. Well, he's been a bit transient of late because it feels like the Fates themselves have decreed he won't have a stable place to live… first Shayera with his apartment, then some bunch of junkyard 'iron men' trashed Stark Tower… at least nothing bad has happened at Themyscira House — yet.

He's here at the Park doing some more research on a very disturbing trend he noticed in Metropolis. It's all about Symmetry… or synergy.

The Big Apple's power grid isn't laid out nearly as neatly as the Big Apricot's, BUT there are certain resonances that start to pile up around the Central Park area, which was the scene of a recent conflagration. So now he's on site there, poking around, trying to see if he can add one and one and hopefully not get three.

Shayera had no other reason to be there but to just be there. Flying around, working out the kinks from the battle from the other night, still wheezed and bruised due to water in her lungs and being pelted by rockets. What better way to ease old bones than to explore the city .. and then land.

While she didn't see Jericho, she saw Jim, that publy figure wasn't all too hard to ignore. And, she was trying to make nice, so why not start here? With the meatsuit that the Demon Bird wore.

She doesn't make herself too loud, but keeping herself loud enough to be heard as she wanders up towards Jim's back, a loud clearing of her throat with arms tucked around her waist, wings tucked back so that she could appear small. "What are you doing." Tone was flat. She could at least try to sound more friendlier.

Jericho saw her though. He tenses for a moment, his hand drifting to the blade case he carries now more out of habit than any need to feel armed and protected. When Shayera doesn't attack though he pauses, walking to the edge of the little clearing and standing there, hands in pockets. He's curious, you see. Once, Shayera had pleaded for understanding and Jericho hadn't been in a frame of mind to give it. Now though… well she's not destroyed any more apartments or tried to murder Jim.

Hasn't she earned another chance?

Haven't they all?

Jim raises one hand as Shayera greets him for a momentary silence. It's not 'talk to the hand' as much as 'keep it down'.

"Researching local ley line and power grid overlays. There was a situation recently over in Metropolis, and it's got me a bit spooked. Things shouldn't be setting like that."

Okay, it is part occult gibberish, and if the woman's tone is a bit flat, he either didn't notice or isn't acknowledging it.

Still, mystical stuff, and the meatsuit of the Demon Bird? All goes together, right?

"The partner isn't very strong on this stuff, it's a thing I kind of grew up with. Folks are into the New Age thing, you know, crystal waving, all that? I'm a bit more agnostic as far as it goes, but… when math and things start pointing to something being not right… well, hell, you know how that goes, right?"

Jericho hasn't been observed yet, as Jim is splitting his attention between an old city map folded over next to an old map of Central park also folded over and Shayera as well.

Shayera took a step back as he seemingly waved her off. She was ready to give him a shoulder shrug and a wave as well, until he started to speak. Was that a sign for come closer or stay still? Because she chose the latter, she stayed completely still.

Even as he speaks, she looks down at her feet, hoping to see just exactly what he was speaking of. Magic? Occult? Ley lines? In a way, it was new to her, perhaps in this language..

"The Corvinus is strong on this stuff. He does not realize that magic is another form of science that we, as Thanagarians and Terran do not understand." She takes a step forward now, brows furrowing as she tries to lift upon the tips of her toes to see the maps in full. It was only then that she looks up and out, spotting the figure of Jericho with a furrow of her brow.

"There. Over there." A hand lifts to touch Jim's arm. "Who is that."

Jericho looks, for the moment, to be one of those archetypal creepy observers, standing in a coat, hands in pockets at the edge of a circle of destruction in the fading light. When Shayera sees him he lifts his head slightly, acknowledging them both as he starts toward them at a slow walk. Step, step, step go booted feet. The amber light in his eyes simmers and gleams as he loks over the scene in interest.

The clipboard is lowered and tilted back so Shayera can see the comparisons that Jim is making between the two. There's not a lot of overlap, though there are some other maps on his clipboard that appear to be much more 'in - sync'.

Jim glances at Shayera, then at Jericho, then back at Shayera.

He cringes a bit at the sudden realization of oil, water, and… all of that… but hey. Central Park. If anything can get folks united this would be the place for it, especially after the attack here, right?

"The Corvinus is also a freaking idiot sometimes. Nearly got us killed recently, wouldn't listen to me, tried to assure me it knew what it was doing when it tried to ground out a generator chock full of magick goodness and electricity. It's totally grounded right now. No, not electrically. It doesn't get to come out or make any sorts of calls or do anything until I say otherwise, because it was far less enlightened and much more head - up - ass than I was, the one it claims is 'backwards and childlike'."

Jim's face is set in a firm line, it's probably the most determined Shayera's seen him, at least… possibly Jericho, too.

Once Jericho comes into clearer view, Shayera tenses up. Would he be on the attack? Would he issue tirades and question what she has done lately? Did he know about the mess that happened in Mutant town? Hopefully not. But she does nod her head in greeting as he approaches, she was armed, dangerous a little, banged up and ready to fight if need be. But she saw no reason to.

"Pride. I believe The Corvinus is and was built from such. He does not see his own faults at time and would call it enlightenment if it would get his shiny .. how you say.. rump.. out of trouble." There was a little smile there, but fades almost immediately.

"You say grounded. Does that mean the Corvinus cannot reveal himself this day?"

"House arrest, home monitoring, grounded, in the penalty box, in 'time - out', under ship - board restriction. And for the most part, barring the end - of - the - world scenario, yes. Please don't beat my head in?"

Hey, at least he's aware of the possibility, right?

"I'd buy Pride, but I also get a feeling from it… something of Guilt. And I thought it was because of your people… but I think it goes deeper than that? Almost like it — Gah. Hey, Jericho, how are you doing tonight? Recovered from that idiocy over in Metropolis?"

Jim attempts to change the subject. "Oh, hey. Jericho, Shayera. Shayera, Jericho. You've met under worse circumstances, let's hope these are better?"

And as soon as he says that, his attention shifts to a watchful wariness. Jericho has a fan club that's far more rabid than Shayera was ever to Jim or the Corvinus, and they are 'out there'.

"I won't." Shayera affirms. "So you are able to actually keep control of him, keep him in stasis by your will alone? Aside from the guilt." This was an interesting turnabout. Especially from what she's heard from Pepper and the man named .. gah, she couldn't remember.

As the introductions fly, Shay's brows lower, stepping towards Jericho to reach out a hand as was Terran custom, for a shake. She wasn't trying to start a war or another battle, she was tired. Genuinely so. And she made promises behind his back that she wouldn't go on a tear. Their agreement was made.

Jericho walks up and takes a stop about arms reach from Shayera and reaches foer her hand with a small smile. He'd been about to offer the same. "Warrior." He greets her with a nod, and a firm grip the same as he might any other soldier.

"I'm okay, Jim. Back's a bit sore but it's healing up. Still looking into other connections regarding magical bs." Which is saying something. Jericho is walking magical BS.

"We're a partnership. It's aware that it violated the terms of the arrangement. It gets to sit back and not get involved.. sort of take a brain vacation in a way. And… I'm a bit stubborn sometimes when it comes down to it. It's why I work two jobs plus and keep moving. May not look like it, though. That's genetics."

The portly fellow watches the handshake warily, his breath unintentionally catching…

…then he lets it out slowly.

"If the damn bird hadn't grounded out that generator, we might have been able to get more information on what caused that power surge. I'm just glad no one else got hurt."

"Comrade." She states, giving Jericho a firm shake. She steps back to make enough room for the winged being, well.. his wings weren't natural but it was all the same. He was a fellow winged one, someone she could possibly take to the skies and race through the clouds with. For fun. Maybe smack him around a bit during a spar. Jericho's future was starting to look a little bit grim now.. with her thoughts.

This little information that Jim gives was filed and stored away. Admittedly, it gives her a new light in which to look at the Corvinus in. He respected boundaries when he knows he's crossed them, as he did so long ago..

"That reminds me. I need to return to Metropolis to retrieve my staff. Surely, the lights on that city has been returned enough to keep those within the hospital safe and sound."

"Hospitals got priority." Jericho nods. "Along with basic utilities. Power grid's still a little strained and I'm worried now that it might be the subject of some more extra curricular activities." The hacker is quiet. He's not feeling tense per se but it is new and different interacting with Shayera in a non hostile manner. And he's will aware that his 'fan club' would probably think this an ideal ambush spot if they found him. Let's keep those fingers crossed.

Jim's complexion pales a bit when Shayera talks about retrieving the staff. If her staff is like her mace, and her weapons are like his partner's frame…

"Mind if I ask where the staff is at? And… they are still working on the grid. It REALLY got rocked. Older design, robust under its own power, but whatever hit it… wasn't pretty. That's the maps under the top two. If you compare them or hold them over each other, there's a lot of disturbing 'coincidences' in layout that have to be a design of some sort."

If someone were able to get a magic - nulling material…

Hearing that the hospital received priority made her relax. All of those people were saved, especially the injured that was brought in over time. That makes her happy at least, the Terran had their priorities in order and she didn't need to fully reveal and take it up with the leaders to tell them to do what. It wouldn't go over well at all. She gives Jericho a lingering glance, her lip quirking for a moment as she turns back towards Jim, just intime to see him pale. She almost placed a hand upon his shoulder, but thought better of it, taking a step back to gain them more space and the need to fly off to retrieve her staff.

"I will not tell you." She states plainly, she was going to get her staff back without fuss. "I am very sorry. But I would like it if my weapons remain my own and not of anothers." Yes. It was probably made with the same materia as Corvinus, and it was bad enough that he still walked around alive with it.

Jericho too has noticed the change in Jim's complexion and whats more Maxwell is telling him that the man's gone mildly orthostatic. "Something wrong Jim?" He has no idea what Shayera's weapons are made from save that they do lightning and no inclination to see anyone else wielding them himself.

"Is it in a secure location? I don't care if I get it, just — IS IT SECURE?"

He glances around warily.

"If you're going to attenuate the flow of that juice we ran into in Metropolis you need something that doesn't directly conduct that sort of resource, something that kind of nulls it out sort of like lead dampens a fission reaction. There's not much here on Earth that can do that, which is why that kind of big scale thing is hard to come by.. the rare earths are just that, rare, but a whole staff made of material…"

He's clearly editing *what* that material is because there are folks present that aren't privvy to that information, but he gives Shayera a worried look.

"Go. Hurry. Get them. Secure them. Make sure no one else can get a hand on them."

Huh. For someone that was concerned about getting his head bashed in his tune has changed…

To admit the obvious was rather silly. Of course it wasn't in a secure location. She just jammed it into a generator willy nilly and left it there unmanned. "Yes." She lies clearly, and was completely horrible about it.

His emergence though? Draws her into backing up, her wings flaring out as she takes in a deep breath, not sparing word nor goodbyes as she crouches down in preparation to take flight. There is a need to be a friend and ask if they would come along, but she thinks better of it, launching into the air with a crackling *POW* to head towards to Metropolis to retrieve said staff.

She needs to be more careful about laying her stuff around without supervision.

Jericho quirks an eyebrow over to Jim as Shayera leaves in a hurry. Apparently to retrieve her gear. "Worried that someone might get it who shouldn't? Or worried that we won't have it when we need it?" He's not, notably, wondering what Jim's worrying about. Even if they're not thinking of quite the same disaster he knows they're both imagining the same mechanism. He came to the same conclusion about the power grid last night.

Jim shakes his head at Shayera's false assertion, even as he gives Jericho the same worried look. Corvinus is grounded, and the portly fellow isn't a combat monster. Plus, Jericho sometimes has the ability to teleport. So if that's still a thing with the glow-eyed hacker mercenary, that'd be mighty handy at the moment.


"I'm more worried about the first one. Archimedes."

The salt and pepper'd man makes a motioning movement towards Jericho, kind of 'shooing' him in the direction of Metropolis. "You can get there a lot faster than I can. And I think you know why I went pale on this."

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