Worlds Apart

January 21, 2015: Doug tries to introduce Kida to Berto and likely gets more awkwardness then he bargained for.

DaCosta Enterprises Restaurant

Where the rich eat fish eggs or whatever it is they dine on?



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The ground floor of the Da Costa Building is mostly occupied by street-facing businesses, which gives the people who work there a lot of great restaurant options. Roberto, especially, likes to drop in on them, since he's a sucker for convenience and they're more or less living in his basement. Technically, tonight he's still on his way home from the Central Park reconstruction project, but there's no harm a detour to get some dinner. He's seated near the entrance to a mid-range steakhouse with a wine glass near to hand, poring over the menu and trying to pick a specific cut of meat.

Kida has only left the Slums once before to find Reese, she did not like it and held a nurse at spear-point as well as made a scene in a hospital. She was informed then not everyone was bad, and she needed to learn and adapt.

Kida didn't get it. Kida just stayed in the Slums instead. It was familiar there. Like /home/.

Then Doug came.

Holding that map he drew for her, fittingly crudely with landmarks giving her direction to where she needed to be. The stop sign with the bent edge, the stoplight dangling from a cord instead of two. Shoes hung over power lines… A fountain shaped like a clef, a high rise with a World atop it…. Statues…

Kida is staying out of the way and against building but the more she wandered the more traffic and pedestrians became harder to avoid even in parkour like methods that end in her leaping from a fire escape and hitting the sidewalk in a crouch to look from one direction of the intersection to the next. Red light. Go? Or stop? Which one?

Fuck it.

Bolting out the traffic goes as it is told and horns blare, taxis and other drivers screeching to a hold as the raven haired woman comes to a halt almost nose to grill of a delivery truck, pivoting to leap the hood of a cab, rebound off the windshild and /sliiiddeee/ on her ass in a landing right in front of the DaCosta building.

Behind her people are yelling curses and she is holding up her map with a scowl, dusting off her duff and giving them a rather pointed finger.

"Chaj!" Yes, she just called the taxi driver a penis in her native tongue.

He hadn't quite filled 'Berto in on the 'success' of the attempted 'let's try a bit of charity for Christmas' idea that he'd taken down to the homeless. The idea of outreach to give support to those who needed it outside the shelters didn't quite go over so well, and Doug was -late- in coming over to inform Berto about what was going on. After all, Roberto was busy with dinner, and Doug was dragging his heels trying to get that -one more- thing built in the experimental Minespot game.

Looking up at the clock, though, Doug frowns, does a quick check on Berto's location (Let's see, MyFace status… EATING AT STEAKHOUSE… not too far!) and heads down from the lab.

On his way, Doug rings up Berto.

"Hey Berto, coming down to meet you. Got to catch you up on the other day… uh…" Pause. "Something happening over there?"

Roberto may be absorbed in the menu, but the commotion out in the street gets his attention instantly. He's been a little jumpy ever since a relaxing basketball game was interrupted by a military strike force, and while Kida's arrival isn't quite that disruptive, New Yorkers do not take having traffic interrupted lightly — or quietly.

He peers out through the window, openly staring at the inked-up woman brazenly parkouring her way across 86th Street. It's not quite to the point where he would need to ditch his wine and intervene, but he's keeping an eye on the situation when his phone rings.

"Olá, Doug," he answers casually. "There's someone in the street, vaulting over cars. My money's on performance artist, but crazy person and supervillain are strong contenders."

From paper to building to paper she crumples it and stuffs it in her pocket. Kida is where she needs to be.

Denim pants are slung low on hips, tattered and torn and held in place by a belt of rope. The hide coat lined in old dirty looking fur hangs off one shoulder, her inspection over it has her hissing out yet another foreign curse word, evident by the displeasure on her face.

Looking up again and then within hazel eyes flick over the occupants, a studious gaze upon each person, but she knew none of them and so, sliding her backpack off her back she slams it down, right there in the middle of the sidewalk where her ass landed and pops a squat.

Zero damns given, even to those pedestrians passing and glaring.

Stepping out from the building, Doug checks, then approaches Berto. "Okay, on my way, and… … is that the person you were talking about? The one just sitting there in the middle of the sidewalk…? Man, what is she… oh my god, that's her!"

Answering the inevitable question from Berto, Doug starts stepping out into the street. "It's the homeless girl from the other night… the one where I was trying to do the food donation drive for people outside shelters… I told her to stop by, as maybe we can help her out on different things."

At this point, Kida's singular attention on the Da Costa Building has drawn the wary attention of several of Roberto's fellow diners, as well as the waiter who had approached to take his order. "Um, is that one of your friends, sir?" the server asks, pointing at the ceiling and, by implication, the X-men headquarters many floors above it. Two annoying things about being Roberto are being recognized by total strangers and being called 'sir' by people older than he is. (On balance, a blindingly wonderful trade-off.)

"No, but I'm being informed that she has an appointment," Roberto answers in his mild accented, setting the menu down and standing. "Filet Mignon medium rare, by the way." The waiter nods, but doesn't move away from the window as Roberto pockets his phone and heads outside. He'll want to see how this meeting turns out.

Leaning down Kida unzips her bag and plucks at it, a loose thread… Tugging it it begins to unseam the zipper from the pack but once she gets a measurable length she withdraws a rather crude and large blade from her pack and severs it. Now dirty looks turn to avoidance and turn-arounds to head back the other way…

From her other pouch a small kit is withdrawn and a needle is pulled free, the coat now slid off shoulders, leaving her to sit in the midriff top to sew her damn coat, still muttering under her breath in Haida as she begins to stitch her jacket. Looking up in time to see Berto moving and then direct those eyes down the road towards Doug in his approach, Kida carefully gathers her things, reaching behind her to ensure the hilt of that Haida etched pommel was still in place.

Safety first!

Approaching on the sidewalk, Doug's body language is very much like that of 'faithful puppy dog'. Minus the lolling tongue. "Hi there," Doug says, carefully keeping his hands where she can see. "Um… I see you made it here. My friend, Berto, is over there. It'd be easier if you, ummm… yeah. I guess it -is- a good idea to fix that jacket before we can bring you over there. Anyway… Roberto Da Costa, this is Kida. Kida, Berto's got all the equipment we need to help you check things out."

Roberto raises one eyebrow at Doug, and it doesn't take a mutant linguist to translate: the Brazilian isn't quite sure what's going on, and would very much like to be more in the know. Still, that's no reason to be rude to their guest, so da Costa turns to her wearing one of his winning smiles. "Pleased to meet you, Kida," he says, extending one hand. "I was just sitting down to dinner, if you'd like to join me. My treat."

Kida is looking between them now, the fog from the cold of the air forming before her lips, showing the slow breaths she is taking, it helps to keep one warm if they are stuck in situations like this. And helps keep your sanity.

Whoo-sah. Or something like that.

Hearing Doug she looks down at her coat, lifts it and looks at herself and then shrugs. "Showing a bit of skin is the /least/ I can do to offend people of your world." She says to Doug, and just as she is about to reclaim her knapsack throne and commence fixing her coat Berto steps in and offers food.

"Leave it to the charitable one…" Kida's stoicism leaves it hard to discern if it is joking or not, but she is re-hefting her things back up to head inside, though she stops at the door and studies it, looking low and back around her shoulder at them before she does head inside…

"I don't think showing a bit of skin is really all that bothersome," Doug begins, walking along, darting Berto a thankful look. "Anyway, uh, thanks. I'll pay for her, man… it's not really my story to tell, and things might be better if we don't, uh, invite her anywhere near machines for a while."

Pulling out a seat for Kida, Doug waits, before seating himself, and ordering a sirloin. "So, uh… did the people appreciate the food?" he asks, while waiting to see if she'd order… wait, she couldn't read the menu, could she?

"Offering to buy dinner for a meeting isn't charity, it's just manners," Roberto answers. The statement is perhaps a bit pointed, as he tucks his unshaken hand into one hip pocket. He's patient as she inspects the door, though — he came of age around kids with much more peculiar personal habits than that. He points them both to his table, where the waiter is busily arranging enough silverware, menus, and water glasses for all three of them. (One of the many perks of Roberto's life: people pay attention to your needs without you even needing to ask.) The young executive seats himself, folds his hands on the table, and watches Kida with interest. "So, what have you and Doug been discussing?" he asks.

The seat Doug pulls out for Kida is drug across the floor and situated. Her back is facing where there is either a wall or no people, her front is towards the door. If that seats her somewhere near the table oddly, so be it. But before she responds or says anything she is looking for other doors, other entries and mapping them with the rapid flick of gaze.

"They did, though you have those that appreciate nothing and you cannot seek to please the miserable." A shrug of one bare shoulder and she takes her seat slowly, watching around her as she does so to ensure no one is staring, then commencing to sew and give no regard to the menu, only guzzling the water on delivery. When Berto speaks up those hazel eyes are the only things that rise and focus on him, nothing else stopped moving or shifted for the purpose.

"Is this yours?" Kida asks Berto finally looing around the building in emphasis before looking back upon him, her gaze hardened and scrutinizing, but if you know what to look for - curious. Like a kitten that wanted to scale you and probe you with claws…and a 30 percent chance of cuteness.

Doing his best to keep his body language as though the way Kida was seating was perfectly -normal-, ignoring the looks from the others. "Well, that's pretty normal for any large group of people. Worrying about that just takes away from what you can do."

Leaving Berto to answer for himself, Doug grasps for the water, pausing long enough to ask, "Uh, do you want anything to eat? Anything you can have or want to try?"

Kida's question elicits a laugh and a shrug from Roberto. "You could say that," he answers, lifting his wine glass from the tabletop and sitting back. "I mean, it's a little more complicated than that. My name is on the building, but it wasn't my idea to put it there." He shrugs once more, taking a sip of his drink. He returns her gaze without reflecting its intensity. She's out of place, for sure, but he actually seems to be enjoying the way her presence is disturbing the other diners. Especially the waiter, who is still hovering nearby, waiting for their orders while ignoring everybody else in his section. He seems torn: not wanting to rush Roberto's guests, but also wanting to get Roberto's order to the kitchen as quickly as possible so that the VIP doesn't have to wait. He gives Doug a grateful glance for moving the process along a bit.

Kida sets the empty glass back down and crunches on the ice, it made her teeth hurt, her face contorting as she spits it back in the cup and slides it away, glaring sidelong at it like she just made a new enemy. "I don't like that, put more water on it."

For the moment she gives up on sewing, Doug's inquiry and prodding making her sigh and grab the menu, popping it open with emphasis as she glares at him from it and then back.


"That." She says to the waiter as she holds up the menu and points to the salmon steak with baked red potatoes, lemon and some other stuff on the sides she had no clue.

Now dropping the menu she smiles a bit triumphantly, at doing something without having to read it. Considering it was the meal of the day and the only image in there….

"We were discussing science and magic, food for the people I live with… and you. Here." Her hands lift and gesture around and then fall back to her lap.

"If you don't want your name on it take it off." Simple.

Following up Kida's order with a "Thank you, and uh… could you just get water without ice for her?" and an apologetic look to the waiter for putting him through all the trouble, Doug turns his attention back to Roberto. "Well, yeah. Turns out she's from another world, and uh… I thought maybe we could use our resources to find out more things about what she's looking for here, but she doesn't want to be inside anywhere with a lot of machines for some reason." Almost like, well, she was from a world with Skynet. Or something.

"But then I'd have to do a whole comprehensive rebrand," Roberto says of renaming the building. He makes a face and sets his drink back down. "It's more trouble than it's worth. Also, boring." He seems much more interested with the discussion of Kida's origins and the science/magic debate. He interlaces his fingers and stretches them.

"Well, we've got quite a lot of both science and magic going on here. We've also worked closely with members of alien species, so that won't be a problem. But if you could be more specific about what you're looking for, I can probably be a lot more helpful." He pauses, then waves a hand and adds, "Food's a nonissue. I'll have some donated wherever you need it."

Kida recognized that look that Doug gave the waiter in regards to her, it was one her parents used to give back when she was young and would embarrass them in front of the elders. It's been years…

This makes her shrink back, tucking her feet beneath her and falling to silence, plucking at her coat, flipping it, and then commencing to sew it, quicker now. Deft and learned the seam is tight, flawless, something she has done quite a bit, in fact if you look closer, that top is patchwork, the pants had far more holes.

"Coming or going and doing as you please with as much status as you have should not be trouble. Your boredom puzzles me." Kida does not look up as she speaks, lifting the remnants of the string and withdrawing that curved blade to slide it clean. A gasp from a corner, a few looks and a check ordered.

Seeing this Kida sheaths her blade back within her pack and smirks. She could cure his boredom, it's always fun to chase the sheep, right? behave, the thought has her taking a sidelong look at Doug and shrinking back more, tossing that coat back around her, now settling into more cover that concealed that skin covered inkwork.

"Science sought to eradicate magic. This world may not be mine, but if I can come so can /they/." When Berto goes on one brow raises and she blinks. Lips part and then seal in thought, her chin resting on her knees now. "I'll be sure to send you all of the places." There were several on the way here and she could easily find more. If the man has money and time to burn…

Right, Doug -did- catch that expression of mischief, and met it with a shake of his head. Don't, correct.

Wait, why was he suddenly being someone's boss?

"That's what I was thinking, Berto… if whoever's coming is already here, it wouldn't hurt to check. Besides, I kind of wanted to see if Cerebros would work with her or not, or see if we could detect what she was using."

There was a brief pause, before Doug blinks, looking outside suddenly. "Did you bring your… dogs?"

Roberto seems a little bit concerned when Kida withdraws, but she seems to get some of her confidence back by intimidating the other patrons, at which point he relaxes. Apparently he's not worried about his tenant losing business because of scary knife girls. After all, everybody knows there are X-men upstairs.

He smirks and explains, "I like to keep myself busy — lots of stimulus. A bunch of paperwork to rename a building doesn't really stack up against running the business, working with the team, going out, and so on. I could do it, sure. But there's only so much time for doing whatever I please, and I try to spend it on the good stuff."

The discussion of Cerebro and battles between technology and magic leave the Brazilian a bit lost, though. "Run that past me again," he says, holding up a hand. "You want to use Cerebro to look for what, exactly? Science invaders from space?"

"Guuj." Kida says to Doug.. "Not dogs, wolves. They're here." She says rubbing over the suede sleeve that she had just sewed, signaling to the inkwork beneath. But then those eyes snap towards Berto and away…

realization is dawning, and then her eyes dart around the establishment, the waiter coming and placing the plate in front of her from behind does not help for easing the sudden uneasiness, making her feet drop from their tucked position and her to /sliiiddee/ that seat away from the waiter and towards Doug, re-positioning herself as fingers grab at the furred sleeves of her coat and hold. Tightly.

"No, they're from here, but sideways. Everything's the same but here it is still bustling with life." Kida waits until the waiter is gone from serving them their orders, another water with no ice set before her. "Where I am from this is all burned. Waste. What lives…." Kida shrugs, her words stammering, she sounded ridiculous and yet discussing it is making her tense, jumpy. They are strangers and men of science lie.

"I'll get back to you with the list." Edgy now, Kida rises and tosses her backpack onto her back, taking her plate and backing towards the door.


Coming forward she takes the water refill of Doug's, because it has ice and that right there is diamonds in a glass… Even if it hurt the first time…

Okay, NOW she's leaving.

"Haw'aa." She salutes with the water and hits that door running.

At least she said thank you!

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