After the Antarctic meetings

January 22, 2015: A few weeks after the events in the Savage Land, Magneto invites Polaris for dinner. Like a normal father. Lunair tags along since Magneto shorta kidnapped her because she was sick and being chased by Hydra.

Mutant Town

It is a restaurant in Mutant Town. Somewhat odd, not very fancy.



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Now Magneto is in New York, he figures he needs to talk with Lorna. Because, well, parenthood duty. Or something close enough. In truth, there is some kinship, even if it was not family, Lorna is the only other alpha-class magnetokinetic he knows. There are things only he can teach her, hard-earned wisdom that shouldn’t be forgotten, and things only she could understand.
There is also the question of Zaladane, casting a long shadow over them. Will she try to kidnap them again? The HSM Starfire left the Savage Land without Magneto. The old mutant stayed there to do… some investigations.
So he invited Lorna for dinner. Isn’t he nice? The best restaurant of Mutant Town, which is not very good compared with the really good restaurants of Manhattan, but the staff are all mutants. That is quite important for Magnus. Oh, he also invited Lunair. She should be mostly recovered from her flu, and the Savage Land problem also involved her.

Magneeeeeeto stuff. Lunair is okay with it, but she'd been down with the sickness as it were. She's like State Farm, always kinda there. Nevertheless, she appreciates hanging out with the 'neto, and does her best to dress appropriately, even with her post-fever flush. She is curious, looking over her shoulder now and then. So, there she is, sitting near the Magneto. She did her best to keep her promise. Alas, HYDRA and life happen. But she did what she could. "Neat," Smile.

Somewhat naively, Lorna Dane had thought that if she was going to meet up with Magneto again, it would be at her instigation, not his. In fact, whether or not she should seek him out has been pretty much the only thing that's been on her mind since she returned from the Savage Land. She'd even come up with some half-formed plans about how to go about it, although she hadn't managed to summon the resolve to go through with any of them.
The last thing she expected was a dinner invitation from the Master of Magnetism.
She could, of course, have declined. Or ignored it. But both of those options felt like hiding, or worse, running away. So she moved on to the next crisis: What does one wear to dinner with one's supervillain father?
Only slightly late, but still wearing a harassed expression on her features, Lorna arrives at the restaurant. Her long green hair has been tamed back into some kind of style, and she wears a short-sleeved green dress with a skirt that flares out as it falls to about her knees, and she quickly locates her host… and Lunair. The sight of whom seems to relax Lorna some. Crossing to their table, Lorna rests her hands on the back of an empty chair but doesn't sit immediately. "Hi, Lunair." She offers, quietly, before looking at Magneto. "I'm not even sure what I should call you, back in the real world." Her voice remains quiet.

Magneto stands when Lorna comes within the room. He reserved a booth and invites the green-haired woman to sit down in front of him. “Thank you for coming. I go as Eric Magnus nowadays, at least among other mutants. My real name… I will tell you if you are genuinely curious about my side of the family. Unfortunately, no one else survived the Nazis.”
Not a very pleasant start of the evening, is it? Well, Magneto is not a fun person to be around. “Thank you for coming, Lorna. It must feel strange for you. It is not easy for me either.”

Lunair bets that Magneto is tons of fun at the right place. Like a ball pit, or uh. Hmm… Nevermind. Lunair seems to enjoy talking with Mr. Magnus, and that's just how it goes. But she seems very accepting of people in general. She has no internal references otherwise. Still, she smiles and waves politely to Lorna. "Hello there," Lunair greets Lorna in turn.
She is quiet as the two talk, though she stands after a moment. A 'wait, I just missed something oops' expression crosses her face. Well, she tries. "… the Nazis?" Eyebrow furrow. "And it is good to see you." Lunair falls silent for a moment.

Standing up when she enters is probably intended to be polite, but having Magneto suddenly looming over her, reminding Lorna that as well as being more powerful than her, he's also taller and undoubtedly physically stronger than she is, is intimidating whether he intends it to be or not. If she wasn't already questioning her decision to RSVP, she would be now. But here she is, and there's nothing for it but to carry on.
Whatever Lorna was initially going to say, she thinks better of it as Magneto's greeting veers off into Nazi territory.
"Strange." Lorna says, slowly, as if testing the word. "Strange is a good word for it." She agrees, pausing for a moment as if coming to a decision. "But I don't know anyone who /wouldn't/ be curious after everything that happened." She admits, and sits down as she's bidden.

Magneto sits down, and nods to Lorna. As for Lunair question. “I am older I look, Lunair. I was your age when the Second World War ended. Those were… dark times.” But he didn’t come to talk about that. More recent events are more important, aren’t they?
“Yes. Pending business with our ‘friends’ in the Antartic. I have some good news and some not so good news,” he begins. “Garokk survived your battle, as you probably already expected. I am not sure about Zala. But I am quite sure she burned off her powers fighting you. I took some time reverse-engineering Brainchild’s inventions.”

BLINK. Lunair tilts her head at Magneto. "Wow." Boggle. She's a bit in awe. "But - I understand," That is, she isn't going to pry about All Things Magneto(TM). She will let it go and look to the two.
Lunair will sit, after a moment. "Yeah, I was wondering…" She admits. Then a clouded look that Garokk survived. Bummer. "Oh?" A curious look. But she's not so great at this leading a conversation thing. Obviously. She looks between them.

Lorna did a little digging through the files the X-Men have on Magneto after she got back from the Savage Land, which is why his offhand comment about Nazis didn't faze her too much. Having him come right out and talk about how old he is… added to the fact that he's her father… only adds to the unreality of the situation. She's glad Lunair reacts like she does, because Lorna would like to lean forward and ask about Magneto's past - her family's past - but instead she pours herself a glass of water from the pitcher on the table and sits back with it, taking a small sip while Magneto gets around to the reason he brought them here.
Despite his words, it sounds a lot like bad news. She grimaces. "Honestly? I was hoping he was dead." Lorna sounds quite sure about that, although she looks a bit conflicted about Zaladane. "If you're right, then she had to survive having half a mountain fall on top of her without her powers. Those aren't good odds." Lorna toys with her water for a couple of seconds, looking into it as she swirls it around her glass. "I guess that's on me, whichever way you slice it." Taking a breath, Lorna looks up. "So Garokk survived, but he needed Zaladane for his big plans. What are you going to do about him?"

Magneto nods, “Garokk needed her to alter the poles. He can’t use her now. But Zala’s natural mutant abilities include super-human strength and limited invulnerability. So her survival is hardly impossible.” Those are not good news, no. “On the other hand, I went back to the Sun City and interrogated one of the priests. I wanted to know why did they need your alien friend,” he nods to Lunair. “Apparently they had planned a… ritual. Mysticism. But then again, Garokk is a mythical being. Garokk was going to use Starfire somehow to obtain mental control over all solar-powered beings on Earth. Fortunately the astrological window for the ritual is gone.”

Lunair didn't have much time to do much digging. Nor such resources on the run. But it's okay, she seems to be okay with Magneto as he is. Maybe they can talk about it later. Still, the signs don't look good. She tilts her head. "That was a lot of rubble," She considers. "I wouldn't feel guilty about it too much. You did what you could. We tried to talk to her…" And that didn't seem to go too well. She's not sure. Lunair's people skills… *handwobble*
"I don't know much about her, besides that she is royalty from far away. And that our sun helps her. Still, that's pretty awful." Her nose wrinkles. "At least he can't do it now even if he tried." But really, most villains know better than to put their shoes on their own table. Who knows? She goes quiet. "I wonder how many there are."

That's both a weight off Lorna's shoulders and a chill down her spine, as Magneto tells them more about Zaladane. "I wouldn't have come within arm's reach of her if I'd known THAT." Lorna says, mostly to herself, as she tries to decide whether to be pleased she might not have had a hand in the other woman's death, or to be alarmed at the prospect that a super-strong, invulnerable nutcase might be looking for her with revenge on her mind. Those thoughts distract Lorna, and she's not really listening to Magneto talk about Starfire, but she hears enough to ask, "This priest you interrogated. Did he tell you if Garokk had a Plan C?" Because if he did, then discussing it over dinner and not doing something about it right now might be unwise.

Royalty, really? Magneto is not surprised, that is what the priest said too. Magic has strange rules that he doesn’t understand, or cares much for. “No, nothing about future plans. Although the Sun City’s preparations for a war of conquest against the other nations of the region continue.” But that is not their business anymore, is it?
A waiter (mutant, of course) arrives to get their orders, so the conversation is paused for a few minutes. When he departs, Magneto looks at Lorna. “I am curious about the X-Men’s reactions to this Savage Land in the Antarctic. Have you talked with them?”

Lunair listens, tilting her head a bit. Well, she's going to settle into listening mod. She huhs. "I guess that isn't unusual among most nations. We still have countries around here trying to do that sort of stuff. It probably makes sense others do it, too." They probably can't do much about it really. The Savage Land isn't necessarily the easiest to travel or deal with.
Lunair smiles at the waiter, politely, and places her order. She falls quiet at the talk of X-men.

"And I bet if we tried to stop it, everyone would decide WE were the enemy. Isn't that what always happens?" Lorna offers grimly, agreeing with Lunair but not looking terribly happy about it. Her eyes stray to Magneto. Unless, of course, you decided to go back down there and take over, she doesn't say, but she's thinking it. Fortunately, no-one at their table's a telepath, and equally fortunately the waiter then makes an appearance. Lorna orders, then looks mildly surprised when Magneto turns the conversation toward her. She shrugs. "I haven't exactly made an official report." Perhaps she should have, but Scott knew where she was then, and he knows where she is now. And if she's honest she hasn't wanted all the questions that go with being Magneto's daughter. She glances at Lunair. "I mentioned it to Betsy and Warren, but they were a little busy arguing over remodeling the grounds at the time."

Magneto is not going to take over a city of humans, what a ridiculous idea… wait, he did try that a couple times with small human nations. Lorna is right being suspicious. He is also mildly surprised she has not reported in details.
Ah, but that would mean admit she is his daughter. Awkward. “Regardless. Would-be gods with world-conquer ambitions. Isn’t that X-men business?” He might be being somewhat ironic there.

Lunair looks puzzled. "Um. That's a lot of people's business, I thought. Like if Garokk and stuff did his thing, Superman, Thor and truckloads other more - including governments, would step in," Lunair points out. This got a bit awkward in a hurry. She seems uncertain. And Lunair definitely has no official brain powers. "I saw um," Should she use his actual name? "I saw one of them but I had a serious case of terrorists and being sad at the time." Hawkward. But she is allowed a LITTLE bit of angst over this whole business. Don't worry, she's not going full 90s X-men. That would just be weird.

"All of whom have better PR than we do." Lorna puts in, flippantly, and takes another sip of her water. She's been holding it too long, and too tight, it's gotten warm, and she drinks down the rest quickly. She directs a look of concern toward Lunair. Terrorists and being sad? Lorna doesn't speak, but her eyes ask the obvious question, 'are you OK?'. Concern for Lunair or not, Lorna can't put off dealing with Magneto's sense of humour any longer. "I guess you're right. You'd think it would be X-Men business." She agrees, before shrugging again, keeping her eyes on him all the while. "But you're still walking around, so I guess we haven't be trying very hard." It's not malice in her voice, just enough of a challenge to show she's not going to be chided by /Magneto/ of all people. "Besides." She says, realising that things were always going to come to this point. "I can't give much of a report if you know all the details and I don't, can I? Maybe you should tell me everything you haven't already told me first." She seems faintly amused. "And I think that's going to take longer than dinner, isn't it?"

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