January 23, 2015: Healing the sick goes totally wrong.

Ellsworth Memorial Hospital

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The Hospital.

For as long as Fenris can remember, Hospitals are some of the most troublesome places in any area he's lived and Metropolis' hospitals are no exception. People have long since stopped thinking about them as anything but houses of recovery but the supernatural world sees them more as dinner buffets. Get a bunch of sick or wounded prey and put them all in the same place for easy access? Make them dependant on total strangers for their care even? Yes, hospitals are veritable breeding grounds for supernatural predition which is why the Old Wolf stalks the halls of this one. In the wake of the attacks on Metropolis most of the hospitals are full to overflowing and the overworked staff hardly notices the tall, odd feeling stranger in their midst. The few that do quickly put it out of their mind.

He's looking for something, the God-Wolf. Looking for someone who has been feeding of the pain and suffering here, perhaps prolonging it to drink in the emotional essence. Psychic vampires of this type are rare, but they are out there, and they're rather dangerous.

With all the haps that went on in Metropolis, her old stomping grounds, it's a wonder why Reese Takeda found herself wandering about. There were so many people who were hurt, even some of the minor injuries were worth looking at by the woman, but as usual, there was a need to start where there was lives close to being lost and those near close to critical.

She fits right in too, even though she has a place to live and clothes to wear, she dons a few hospital gowns which overlap, a pair of booties, her fingers run through her hair to muss up her slight curls. The pitbull at her side, quiet, harness gripped.. someone may consider her homeless or misplaced, some few say she still would be.

So there was a chance she passed by Fenris on her way towards one of the rooms in the back; burn victim, she's heard the nurse say. His lungs and heart were working hard to keep him alive, brain activity rapid. The man was in clear pain and his organs were bound to shut down.

She would start with him first.
Hal Jordan had tracked Reese here, the device which let her contact him also letting him keep track of her. He'd just figured to have some lunch, and there's a good Chicago style pizza place down the street. He was a California boy in almost every way, but California pizza sucked, even he admitted. Chicago or New York - they each had their charms.

He has his hands pushed into the pockets of his bomber jacket. For his part, he doesn't like hospitals - anybody who's been in a war doesn't like the inside of them. He's seen too many friends of his in beds just like this, tied to machines and bandaged up.

When Reese gets to the burn ward there's a tall man in dark clothing there. Not the vaguely predatory one she'd passed in the hall. This one has a hand on Mister McAlister's forehead. The moment the woman comes in he turns to leave out the back door. A quick examination of the man reveals that the nurses were right. His lungs are failing, and the rest of his body with them. But something… has happened. He's been brought back from the edge, but not enough to recover. He'll get worse, again. It's only a matter of time. It's as if someone's seeking to prolong his suffering, for some reason. Keep him here, helpless and in agony.

Walking along the wall, she pauses as she feels someone pass, perhaps it was the tall man in black, perhaps a nurse. Either way, Reese curled her arm around her middle and walked with a hunch, keeping the pitbull at her side until it refused to go any further. It felt something in the air, something wasn't right, but Reese ignored it and tried to keep him going. "Fine.. stay here." She says, placing a hand over his eyes as the universal gesture to stay, the trudges along into the room where McAlister had lain. Her empathy was in high gear, but he wasn't in as much pain as they thought. He was stable, but dull.

"Hi.." She murmurs to the man, all hooked up on tubes, wrapped in bandages that were recently replaced. Her hands touch the bar for the moment, lowering to the bed to feel for his hand to take up his fingers and curl.

"You're going to be okay." Her words were quiet soft, just so that she could listen to know if anyone was near. But hearing nothing, her eyes close as the little glow of a blue light draws from her fingertips and into the man, who visibly shudders and rattles the bed as his skin begins to slowly make itself anew.
Hal Jordan finds Reese, but stays back, letting her do her thing. Her healing was pretty amazing, and apparently magick, which explained how he had no idea how it worked. Of course, he didn't really know how the ring worked either - he just knew that it did. Hell, maybe it was magick, too, for all he knew. But somehow he didn't think so.

Regardless, he doesn't want to interrupt Reese at her work. A glimpse of the tall man makes him peer for a moment - another person who didn't belong, but, then, neither did Hal.

There's the shadow of something predatory behind Hal as a tall, lean faced man approaches the room. He doesn't stop Reese but the blind woman can all but feel the alien regard on her. Something not human is paying attention to her. "Well… magic, but not the magic I was seeking…" Fenris rumbles.

"Shhh.. shhh.." Reese calms the man, particular healing like this itches. And it's ungodly. He tried to tear at the bandages he wore but she kept his one hand still, the other hand of hers pressed against his head, to stop him from thrashing with the tubes within his throat. The light continues to flow through him until he takes a relieved breath, his eyes finally fluttering closed from lack of sleep. He was out. Finally comfortable enough to rest for days, and once he wakes up, they'd remove the bandages and the tube to find the man jumping and crying like a happy, newborn babe.

The pitbull inches a little closer to Fenris as he appears, his neck leaning out to take a sniff at his coat, soon backing away with his tail between his legs to move and sit upon one of Hal's feet.

The whimper from the dog catches her attention, and that glimpse and glance allowed her to feel something.. foreign. "Who is that?"
Hal Jordan would be attuned to electromagnetic disturbances or alien transmissions in the area, but the supernatural is just outside of his usual realm. So, to him, there really isn't much going on, although he can see from Reese's expression that not all is well in Burnville. Well, not that it ever was, really.

"Hey, Reese," he says, kneeling down a moment to scratch the pit behind the ears, "What's up? I thought we might get a little lunch, but I get the feeling you've got other things on your mind."

Fenris looks at Hal curiously and then down at the dog and finally back to Reese. "Just a visitor to the hospital." As opposed to the other tall man. Whom is probably closer to a 'resident'.

"You healed him." The Old Wolf walks over to look for lingering traces of what he's hunting. "I'm Jeremiah." He looks over to Hal. "You know her?"

Reese had been a fan of instant hate before. So she recognizes the need to back away and leave the area once Fenris makes himself known. "Hi." She murmurs to Hal, clutching the bedrail carefully as she turns away just enough to keep her ear prominent. "I think this is more important. For now at least. I'll need to eat soon though. Is this okay?" She casts a wary smile towards Hal, only quieting when he's addressed by the other man.

He didn't even seem friendly. 'Jeremiah' felt like he was made all wrong.
Hal Jordan rises up and moves over to Reese, offering the blind woman his arm to help support and guide her. "No problem. Pizza never goes bad. Well, okay, it does, but not if you haven't ordered it yet." he says.

When Fenris addresses them, though, he turns his head and takes him in, "Oh, hey, you're the wolf guy. I met him at the Stark Christmas party. While I met you at the Stark New Year's party. I'm going to pretend that's a coincidence, which it actualy probably is, because I can't think of any reasonable explanation that would make it intentional. And yeah, Reese is a healer. One of her special talents, along with smelling good and making road trip banter."

"Mmmmm." Fenris says pensively glancing behind him. Somewhere… out in that dreadful crowd.

"There's someone else here with a special talent. Someone feeding on all the pain here. And worse, prolonging it. He was here recently, I can smell him. Have you seen anyone else who… might not belong?" It's hard to tell with all the patients and visitors but Hal is an observant guy and Reese has senses other than sight. Perhaps one of them can put him on the trail. "It's important that he not be allowed to wander."

She reaches out to take his arm, stepping away and snapping her fingers towards the pitbull to draw him forward. The pitbull was still leery of Fenris, so kept tight against Reese as they walked just a little. "Wait. Jeremiah.. is he the one who was singing?" She appreciated his baritone. But.. with the crowd so condensed as it was, she wasn't aware that.. he had a freakish aura.

There was a little frown as she listens to his speculations however, her fingers tightening against Hal, glancing up in his direction to give a can't of her head towards Fenris' voice. "We can help him." She says quietly, then offers up her own words of observations.

"I felt someone leave. Right before I came into the room with the man here. I felt emptiness. Not calm. But like a void. Even a little hungry but I am unsure if it's me or not."
Hal Jordan nods, "Right, the singer," he says, confirming Reese's question. At Fenris' mention of someone feeding on people here, he frowns. In theory, Hal Jordan, test pilot, shouldn't be of much use in these situations. But Reese might need his help if things got hairy, and he wasn't going to let something happen to her or these victims just to preserve the sanctity of a mask. Fenris, it seemed, must have some special gifts of his own.

"There was a tall man, dark-haired. Went out that way," he says, gesturing. "Right before Reese got to the guy. I figured he was a relative, but…"

"That was me yes." Fenris had noticed Reese at the gathering but hadn't scented her, nor had he been particularly worried about her. "Tall man. Dark Haired." The wolf sorts back, associated faces with scents. Who has he seen today that might…

Ah yes. The Resident indeed. New doctors on loan from nearby hospitals to help deal with the crushing influx of patients in metropolis. One of them was the Phage. "Doctor Bergman. From ICU. That's who we're looking for. He's not what he appears to be." He glances over to Hal and Reese. Perhaps they could just page the guy and have him show up in an empty room.

"Ideas are welcome at this point. He has to go."

She brushes a hand along her face, slowly thinking of a way to drag whatever it was that was actually hurting these people, away from them. "I don't know.." She confesses, aside from deeply injuring herself, there was really no way she thinks they could do it without putting someone else at risk.

"Hal?" She looks towards him, tugging his arm a little and finally lets go, kneeling upon the ground to carefully soothe pitbull as her dead eyes move in Fenris' direction.

"Can you turn that off? You're scaring the dog." And then, she actually smiles. People seem a little brilliant when the mood has been lightened.

Hal Jordan considers, "Oh. Right," he says, in response to Fenris' identification. "Sorry, didn't recognize you from the back," he says.

At the mention of this doctor, he purses his lips. "We find him first." He walks over and flags down a nurse, "Excuse me, do you know where Dr. Bergman is?" he says directly, putting on his winningest smile.

The nurse smiles back and glances down at a clipboard overflowing with paperwork. "I think he went to take some of Doctor Theron's cases. Er, he should be in near the positive pressure rooms just down the hall." She can't tell Hal which patient the guy's seeing but hey, nothing wrong with that much info.

Fenris smiles. Well there's always the direct route. He gives Hal a nod and sets off in that direction. People seem to just unconsciously part for him. "No, can't Miss. Sorry. It's kind of as low as it gets right now." Since it's less an ability and more a flaw in his human veneer.

Lookit Hal go! Reese kind of smiles like that. He had all the charms he needed to get the information, which made it all the more easier for Fenris. Once they both move from their spots, Reese slowly stands, taking the dog up by the reigns even though he warily follows behind the Wolf God.

"Well. I suppose that's enough then. I don't know if we'll ever see you again, but I know by his reactions of when you'll be around." From the sound of Jeremiah's voice, she kind of feels as if he's tall. He's probably large too. But he's awfully light footed.

Hal Jordan follows along, but takes Reese's hand in his, making sure she doesn't get lost in all the shuffle. He understands the need to be swift - if people's lives are at stake, that's the only way you can be. But he wasn't just going to leave her behind to go chasing ghosts with the wolf. And Reese's talents might prove plenty handy. At the very least, she's a lot older than Hal and probably has more tricks up her sleeve.

As for plans? Hal wasn't much for plans. He'd dive in headfirst, see what the problem was and, most likely, hit it with a rock. Y'know, sportsmanlike.

Fenris's plans are… well… so despite the fact that he's over two thousand years old and has lived all over the world it's worth remembering that the Old Wolf was raised on Asgard which may possibly be the place vikings got their culture from. His way of 'opening negociations' is certainly direct enough. The moment the tall, dark man steps out of one of the isolation rooms Fenris takes him firmly by the arm and shoves him into an empty room, the door swinging behind him. "Doctor. We need to talk, the four of us." He practically growls.

By the time Hal and Reese get inside the 'Doctor' has put the empty bed in the room between he and Fenris who is folding his arms.

"Hey! A Phage has to eat, Wolf!" He seems rather upset at being interrupted.

"My hunting ground, my humans." The tall man growls back.

"You can't possibly be using all of the- who the hell are these guys?"

Reese takes ahold of Hal's arm when he offers it, and also takes up the reigns of the pup who warily follows behind Fenris. It hangs back a time or two until the man is shoved into the room by the Wolf God, and perches himself against the door to lay in wait, and guard.

Reese places a hand over his eyes again as a sign to keep him in place, then allows Hal to drag her into the room as she frowns.

She's never heard of a Phage before, in her long, long years of living. Guess that's what she gets for keeping her head down for so long.

"You need to find another food source, son." She pipes up. And even though she looked as young as a 19 year old could get, her words weighed with the true age that she was as she takes a slight step away, dislodging herself from Hal's side. She didn't offer up who she was, for she really was essentially a nobody.

Hal Jordan lets Fenris take the lead on this one, which usually isn't Hal's style, but this is apparently Big Bad's hunt. Anyway, wouldn't know a Phage from a phaser. Actually, he could probably identify a phaser, at least as long as it was a classic design, not one of those…

Nope, nope, not gonna go Trekker. Not the time.

To the Phage's question, he says, "She's the one who's been cleaning up your mess and I'm the one who's going to kick your ass if this guy doesn't."

The Phage snorts. Met with a growl from the Old Wolf. "Oh… but how are you going to do that… when the place is burning down around you?" The man narrows his eyes and there's a sudden intense mental pressure that takes physical form, a wave of expanding darkness made of terror and agony that threatons to engulf the room and then the hospital before Fenris, with an effort, shoves it back down. Clearly the god-wolf is concentrating. "Damn it." He growls. "Deal with him before he does that again. I'll hold him back."

Fenris' arm is up, a greenish light pushing against the pulsating black that has appeared in the center of the room as the Phage takes a fighting stance.

There was really nothing she could do for the moment, she didn't have her hands upon the Phage, so she couldn't smack him across his face as she wanted to. Bad boy! She probably would have yelled, but a lot of good it would have done when the room suddenly is on assault!

She gasps, feeling the heat lick against her sensitive skin, her hand pressed against her cheek as she steps away from Hal, her body soon shaking as she drops to her knees. She felt it all so intensely that she nearly threw up with the onslaught. "Hal! Jeri!" She shrieks out, keeping herself upon the ground, hands pressed to the floor so that she could at least feel that she was still /there/.

Mental attacks and mental pressure made most men buckle. Your average joe falls to his knees for that sort of thing. Obviously, the Old Wolf was tougher than that. But Hal Jordan - Hal Jordan was selected from an entire planet of men for one particular quality - his strength of will. His raw, undiluted mental toughness. His unswervable dedication. He doesn't bow down. He doesn't flinch.

He sees the fighting stange of the Phage. It thinks it's ready for him, of course. Hal could probably take him in a straight fight. Hal thinks so anyway, because Hal always thinks he'll win. But he doesn't know this thing's full capabilities. The longer the fight goes on, the more it could endanger innocent people, the burn victims, the nurses, even Reese…

A green shield forms out of seemingly nowhere, wrapping himself and Reese in its glow. Hal lifts his right hand, the ring, normally invisible, now present and glowing in the middle of his fist, "Okay, vampire boy, now you've pissed me off." he says. His movement across the room is so fast that it's not even a blur, literally flying his hand right at the Phage's throat, intending to slam him into the wall and, if successful, wrap his head in a bubble of raw force, like being smothered in a plastic bag of emerald light.

Fenris' arcane duel with what seems to be a sphere of pure negative energy continues. The Phage moves against Hal but finds he isn't fast enough. Well not fast enough to not get hit anyway. He winds up forced against the wall, squirming in Hal's grip. He's not… quite down yet. If the emerald light manipulating knight is with Reese… perhaps…

Psychic power focuses on the mage, seeking to draw out all the pain, all the fear, all the hurt in her long, long life and cripple her with it.

She felt safe for the moment, with Fenris battling the man down and Hal jumping into action, she tries to push herself upright to stand to her feet. Just to get away. If she was out of the way there would be no distractions right? But, that wasn't the case.

As the Phage focuses in on her, she lets out a shrill gasp, her body falling limp to the ground as her hands clutch her face, fingernails tearing at her skin as she begins to scream, flail, and kick at the floor. The pitbull was non plussed, growling low as it rounds the door, immediately barking as it stands in front of the poor woman who.. quite literally is clawing at her own skin due to horrors suffered, unknown.
The sound of Reese's screams are all the motivation Hal needs. Since he seems to have a grip on the Phage, he takes advantage of it by starting to piston his arm back and forth, hammering the thing into the wall over and over again, as if his skull were the head of a very large green hammer.


It's not clear when he stops. It's some point after he falls unconsioucs which may or may not be some point after a fairly large dent has been battered into the wall. Once the sphere of blackness fades, Fenris kneels down to stop Reese from hurting herself. "Hey, hey. He's done. You're friend got him."

The fear, the pain, everything was gone. But she still felt the residuals. No matter how old or how young or how resilient, it was hard for someone to come down and come back from nearly four hundred years of pain, horror and death. As he holds her hands, she tries to fight him off and back, kicking at the air until she tires herself out, breaking into an onslaught of tears as she fights to curl into a ball to make herself so small.

Her sobbing words were hushed, her natural language blubbering forth, some parts english, some parts Japanese, all carrying the sound of pleas and apologies and the need to be left alone.

The poor pitbull whimpers and whines, whirling around to try to lick at her face. The bloodied scratches she leaves heals with a soft, glowing blue light, followed by licks of the dog, who really isn't all that magical himself.
Hal Jordan finally comes to himself, realizing the guy's unconscious, feeling his rage quiet as the energy releases, dropping the Phage to the ground in a crumpled heap. Instantly, manacles and chains spring up, wrapping themselves around the thing.

That's all the concentration he spares, though, moving quickly across the room to kneel as the Wolf does, one hand taking Reese's, "It's all over now, you're okay, you're okay," he says, making sure not to get in the way of the pup's licking. Animals can be healing in their own way, too, after all.

Fenris can see that there are no lingering magical effects, so he rises, moving out of Hal's way. He's not hte best at comforting. Too creepy, to dangerous feeling to most people. Instead he crosses the room and tears a Way open to deposit Docter Bergman… somewhere he can be dealt with later. "How is she?"

There wasn't much to tell with Reese's state. She was still crying, though not as much, sniffling here and there as she wraps her arms about herself. Quite frankly, she couldn't be assed to speak to any of them, let alone to rebuff the poor dog as he continues to lick at her. She was traumatized, yet somewhere in all of that resurfaced horror, thankful that it all was over.

Hal Jordan kisses the top of Reese's head and strokes her back. He looks back at Fenris and nods, the green manacles dissolving as he disposes of the vampiric creature. "She'll be okay. She's been around for a long time - she's tough," he says. "If she really was reliving all she'd been through, then the proof is in the pudding. You got through it before and you'll get through it now," he says, turning to address her. "You're on the other side. You made it."

Fenris nods. "Good." He turns to walk by, regarding the both of them. "Good thing you were both here or this might have gone on quite some time. Should you need my help with her recovery, I'm not hard to find." And with that he heads out of the room and down the hall.

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