Security Breach: Lower Levels

January 24 2015: HYDRA assaults the Triskelion with plans to destroy the building to cover the purpose of the raid. The Sub-Mariner, Lunair and Zatanna respond to the lower levels.

Triskelion Lower Level

The lower levels of the Triskelion house administrative functions and the docks. There are sub-basements that hold storage and secure facilities, and also the structural supports of the tower above.



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  • HYDRA Operatives
  • Chinese Demons
  • Stolen Vikings

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Jericho had warned May after the attack on the SHIELD annex that HYDRA would probably try something nastier than that soon. And he'd inquiring after ways to make SHIELD more magically safe but the long and short of it seems to be that it's unlikely short term that there's going to be anyone can do but respond to the attacks as they happen. So the hacker has stepped up his network monitoring to try to make that happen but it's actually a chance encounter with some occultists in M-Town that gives Jericho the information that very large attack is immanent.

Slightly too late mind you. He doesn't have a chance to warn May. Or anyone else for that matter. Because as he's coming to this realization (in another plane of existance) an ordinary day at the Triskelion is turning not so ordinary indeed. Portals open up on every floor, multiple places and begin to disgorge howling angry… vikings. Others, red instead of cold blue, open up moments later and begin to vomit out smaller numbers of beings that can only be described as demonic. Mostly large, ram or bull headed monstrosities wielding axes and clubs and other nastiness. Either way, suddenly every floor is fighting for it's life. Communications are spotty, and chaos reigns. Whose in charge here?

The waterfront area of the Triskelion is particularly hard hit. There are things boiling up out of the ocean (From portals just beneath the water) that Should Not Be. Fish and Tentacle-headed monstrosities. Not even at Atlantean ones, these are from… well let's just say they're Old in a particular way that makes them not from around here.


In her room at Titans base, Zee's magical senses are twanging. She's not sure why but there is something very wrong, somewhere… something that she might be able to help with…. she's just not sure where. Given the way her teleport spell has been working lately, the Mistress of Magic is prepared to risk fate and let her 'sixth' sense and magic take her where she's most needed.

Before teleporting though, Zee changes into her costume… the feeling is that strong, she's not going to wait till she's onsite. So it is, that there is a soft 'pop' sound and a raven haired nineteen year old, in unitard, swallow coat, fishnet stockings, thigh high boots and a top hat appears on the waterfront area of the Triskelion… right in front of those Tentacle-headed monstrostrities.


The Atlantic Ocean not far from the Virginia shoreline a singular Atlantean Warship lies submerged beneath the surface.

"Your highness, we can not get that near American soil without them declaring it an act of war." Warlord Seth protests, not usual for him - the man is usually quite cooperative with the demands of Prince Namor, Champion of the Lemurians and King of New Atlantis.

A low snarl escapes the Sub-Mariner as he watches the holographic 3D display around the Triskelion. "Act of war… " The Atlantean-Human hybrid scoffs and waves his hand, the images are scattered. "Withdraw our ships and form a defensive line incase this cannot be contained. I will proceed alone."

"Yes, my lord." The blue-skinned man bows quickly, armored fist clacking audibly against his chest. "I will send several of your royal guard with you."

"No, I travel alone. I will not have these dim-witted bloodthirsty surfacers using such simple precautions against us." Namor counters before heading above decks and out of the upper hatch so he can swim to the waterfront of the Triskelion at speeds that even a dozen feet below the surface a wake is left behind him. He will arrive within several minutes in a no doubt grandiose fashion.


Blissfully unaware of what goes on under the sea (fish get their groove on, there's shrimps, that one really cool animal she liked and it's fun to look at stuff in the ocean), Lunair was alerted to well, a HYDRA thingy. A HYDRA party? Whatever the case, it's not good, and it's nice not to be on the receiving end of it. She's going to have to be careful, though. She adjusts her armor to look more like a magical girl or something. That's a good disguise, right? It works on TV? Course it does.

She'll end up taking her dark purple Vespa there, parking a couple of blocks away and - holy fishsticks. At least she doesn't lose a few SAN points looking at the tentacle guys. "… really." Siiiiiigh. Oh well. Time to - get a huge laser cannon and electric gun.


Jericho breaks in on Lunair's Outsiders comm and Zee's Titan one. He doesn't know about Namor's grand entrence impending. "Lunair, Zatanna, we've got a situation here. The lower levels are near completely overrun by dead Vikings and Demons. They're ripping up the power generation systems and I'm concerned they might try to plant explosives or otherwise compromise the foundation of the building. Clear the basement and I'll update you as I can. Out."

The Tentacle headed ones make right for Zee. They might be trying to say 'hello' but it's not particularly likely. More likely they want to devour her mind/soul/something else unpleasant. Certainly the corpses of the men who were working here and the smell of gunpowerder in the air indicates that.


Upon Namor's command the Fleet has withdrawn to a safe distance. None dare question the Prince when he is in one of his moods (which is quite often). Erupting from the water with an explosive lap of waves and a soaring leap the self proclaimed king of a non-existant domain makes his appearance black clad save for his bare chest, head and feet he strikes a magnificent figure before soaring downwards with a fluidity that says he could easily be a creature of the skies as well as the oceans - obviously the ankle wings serve some purpose.

The Sub-Mariner aims himself at the center of a landborn crew of the Vikings, his impact will spider-web the earth and throw up debris and chunks of terra firma in all directions.
"IMPERIOUS REX!" A warcry the minions of the multi-headed dragon banner have grown fearful of late, as the Lord of the Antartic Seas has declared war upon any and all who strike the colors yellow and green in the name of HYDRA.

"Acknowledged Aspect." Zee doesn't spend a lot of time conversing with the hacker, she's watching the creature bear down on her. It's the waterfront and there are some various ropes and pieces of netting lying around, perfect for the young magician to use. With a gesture of her hands, Zee speaks

~ steN dnA sepoR dniB tI ~

The netting moves and drops over the Tentacled headed creature and the ropes wrap securely around it, before fastening themselves to a bollard. Turning on her heel, barely waiting for the deed to be completed, Zee heads at a run to the stairs to the basement. It will take her a few moments to get there.


"Okay, got cha," Lunair nods, replying to the comms. Thankfully, none of them seem aware she's here yet. Maybe her rather odd magical girl disguise worked? What kind of magical girl wears black and blue anyway? She's not good at this. In the slightest. She's preparing to clear her way through to the basement, trying to spot a door amidst all of the tentacles. But then, she's dispensed of the heavy laser cannon in favor of a lighter laser rifle so she can run and gun. Then, did she just see - holy snaps, is that - she's scampering inside just in time to barely see the Sub-Mariner smash some vikings. IN THE DOOR SHE GOES.

There's a few laser blasts in her wake as she nimbly hops along and runs. Ruuuuuuun to the basement.


The Viking types turn to greet Namor with sword and spear charging with ferocity and courage but little order. The do seem to mean to impale the Sub-Mariner though, if they can. And they're dead, which ironically makes them stronger. Zee's monster finds itself bound which does buy her a few moments. It's bound pretty securely but it's not clear that it'll hold. Zee in particular can probably feel the portals, open to respectively Helheim and some Hell-Plane. They're powered by an unstable mixture of magic and it might be possible to close them, though that still leaves the monsters to deal with and without finding out why they're here, they might just open again.

Lunair draws… well she'ss possibly one of the few humans alive on the lower levlss that hasn't hidden or legged it so she's getting all the attention. It might take more than a few laser blasts.


"Foul revenants you will be put to the ground once more." Namor's body becomes a battering ram with vicious lashing limbs attached. Nordic Ghasts being hefted and pounded in to one another as he parries or deflects spears in a warriors abandon.

"Who commands you!?" He yells while peeling one of their skulls from it's neck and spiking it off the ground like an overzealous Athlete who just scored a touchdown.

"SHOW YOURSELF HYDRA SCUM! The Scion of the Seas demands serpent blood!" He seems oblivious to the presence of Lunair or any of the others who could be near. He's in combat mode and only here for one thing and one thing alone.


"Aspect, I'm going to try and close these portals unless you tell me otherwise." Zee isn't sure she can, but really stopping more of the incursion seems like a good thing. Banging through the Basement door, the Mistress of Magic looks for a safe cubbyhole to shelter in momentarily. Seeing one to the left, just a small indententation in the wall really, Zee puts her back against it and focusses her attention.

~ wohS eM erehW and woH ehT slatroP nepO ~

As her spell fires, a small ball of light starts moving along the hallway, all Zee has to do is follow it and see where it leads.


Oh snap. Well, she is probably supposed to be kept /alive/. Lunair is determined to remain as such while she's apparently the center of attention. "Normally I like cephalopods…" She may have to dual wield, electricity in one rifle, lasers in the other. "Shoo! Shoo! Bad!" Remember, she's banned from combat dialogue. But she's going to have to fight her way slowly through. "Ah, screw it." Time for a grenade! She will chuck one at the furthest group in the room and duck for cover. It's like a bad action movie meets magical girls. Her armor is cute, the grenades less so.


The grenades are less cute, but they are effective. The furthest group (one with a horse headed demon with a glaive) goes down in a spray of shrapnel. It's enough to give her cover to run to the basement, but it also likely calls her out to Namor who can indeed see into that area from where he is if he looks. There are less vikings now, mostly because he's tossed or crumpled them. He's starting to draw demonic attention though, one of the portals spilling a pair of odd looking ox headed demons with pikes of brass who advance at him. "Hail the Serpent." They bellow as the move to engage him. These… look tougher.

Zee gets… a flash of a vision. Someone is fighting her, but the source of the porrtals seems to be multiple locations. They're being powered from all over the city, but the control? The control is all here in the Triskelion, somewhere. Likely a mage or group of mages. Feels like a group and they're not moving togeher, but at least some of them are down in the basement area. Or sublevels, is probably the proper term.


"DIE!" Namor screams at the Ox Headed Demons and is launching himself at the duo of hell beasts, in one hand is the battered corpse of a summoned Viking that has been used as a bludgeoning weapon and the other a chipped and weathered sword from a fallen opponent.

"Tell me puppets! What forces command you!? Bring them before me so that they may be properly greeted."

The Sub-Mariner is still high on his own power and working in a sort of tunnel vision state, bloodlust and rage carrying him at his foes which has a tendency to make him underestimate or become careless (and always reckless).


Zee shakes her head to clear the vision… she only has to find one to break the circle of power. Blowing out a breath, the teen mage thinks hard before deciding on a potential solution. Running water generally affects most magic…. and the sub levels is full of water pipes and the sprinkler systems. Bowing her head, Zee tries another tact…

~ sepiP tsruB dnA srelknirpS nO revO ardyH segaM ~

The spell is a little more complex than she would usually do but if the Triskellion have magical workings going on, Zee will try not to compromise those.


For better or worse, she isn't going to bother the Namor. Anyone who cheerfully flops into a group of vikings is probably not to be provoked. Lunair is going to stay out of his way. Lunair scampers, rifles in hand. Her gun fu is actually surprisingly good. She holds back a lot fighting in groups. Alas, she has 0 knowledge of magic (aside from that it is both a card game and to avoid riling up mages unless one intends to shoot them most quickly), so she is heading into the basement.

She scoots, shoots, scoots. Lunair also does her best not to get any shrapnel or whatever on her. Just keep scooting. Just keep shooting.


There is a point to the attack on the Triskelion, most assuredly. And it's probably happening somewhere in the upper levels. But down here in the basement, well that's the perfect way to cover up what you came here for. Collapse the building and everyone will assume you just meant to wreak havoc. And down here, in the sublevels where Lunair has escaped to, there are sadly, still demons. There are also, however, green clad operatives setting bombs on structural supports. Just a few need to go to bring down the whole thing.

Namor slams into the Ox-Demons which bellow with rage. One headbutts him (which turns out to be ill advised) but the other dives in aiming that spear - enchanted, demonic brass, full of energies of decay and corruption - right at the Sub Mariner's shoulder. As it happens, a voice breaks in on the PA. "When you're done with the petting zoo there, you might find a, oh, that looks like that hurts. I'd go down to the basement though, if I were you."

Zee may recognize Jericho's voice on the PA but she does have other problems. Problems like that mage using her link to the sprinklers to link back a viscious mental attack on the young mage.


The blighted spear slams home on some of Namor's shoulder meat. The Sub-Mariner's eyes bulge in surprise and then he grips down on the Ox-Demon who had headbutted him, it's horns in both hands and he snaps to one side then the other, rough, swift and violent. No mercy shown as veins swell and tendons expose in a heft of that creature's body and it swung in to it's spear-wielding companion. Both upon one another he pursues, flying in to the air then slamming down in to the middle of the one on tops back. A crackle sound exudes.

"Harumph." The Sub-Mariner exclaims before rubbing his finger over the wound, ichor mingled with blood. Disgusting and debilitating. He can feel it already trying to seep in to him. That sword he'd dropped while grabbing the first demon is lifted and piked on down through the monsters.

"I will not be herded like cattle!" Namor grunts yet despite his objection he is going below as if it were his own idea. Because he is an obnoxious dick like that and the only good plans are his plans. Any of HYDRA in his path he will demolish by means of brute force. He isn't the shy sort.


Zees eyes water and the teen is driven to her knees as the mental attack is launched. It takes everything the young woman has to stay conscious and her hand reaches for the wall to help her stay upright. However, a link in is a link out and although it will take Zee several minutes to recover, she will send her own attack out along the same psychic route.

~ elbasiD ymenE segaM ~

However, Zee will not rely on her magic alone… forcing herself to her feet, she forges onwards. If she finds the mages in person, she will deal physical pain.


It never ends, does it? But Lunair is worried. She remembers the mages who wanted an awful lot of SHIELD agents dead, dead, dead or worse. She's trying not to think about it. Nor is she thinking about who might be coming down in the basement. There's already plenty of friends for her here on this level. Worse, the demons aren't even the worst thing down here anymore (nor even the worst at the local DMV). "Oh, stuffing." Well. The electrical rifle can go. Time for a good ole fashion 50 cal, and so goes the other weapon. It's a bit comical and/or horrifying as she turns the weapon on the nearest set of green suited operatives.

"Stop that!" She says. Yes, indeedy. She'd be a lot more threatening if she could pull off the dialogue. As it sits, her marksmanship and rifle will have to speak for her.


The operatives tying down the exlplosives look up. They must not be the ones with magical command over the demons because there's a bit of shouting and scrambling for cover involved before the trio of tiger headed demons (there's a theme going here) charge Lunair. They don't look like the type to be deterred by large guns. Which is not to say that it won't hurt them. Just that they're too dumb to notice.

Whether or not Zee's strike does disable the mage this is the scene that greets both she and Namor as they both make it down the stairs. That might be awkward considering who Namor recently abducted… then again there are bigger problems to hand.


Namor's stomp down the stairs is interrupted by Zatanna's who he pauses long enough to stare down his regal countenance at.

"If you are a foe I advise against lifting arms otherwise stay out of my way. Beauty only grants so much mercy."

No more than that and the aquatic nomad lashes forward in a blur of black and pale motion, a strong hand snaring up the scruff of one Tiger Head Demon and hurling it towards the wall with bonecrushing velocity.


The raven haired Magi recognises Namor from the records the Titans keep, her eyes narrowing at his words as she bites back what she wants to say to the 'man'. Still disoriented from the mental strike, Zee has enough fortitude to focus on the second of the demons and throws her hand up, palm first in a 'stop' motion

~ tsniagA ehT llaW htiW ouY ~

It feels like the teen magician puts all her physical force behind those words as the second of the tiger headed demons goes flying to hit the wall hard, slumping down out cold. Turning a look on Namor, Zee raises an eyebrow "I would assume you are an ally?"


Well, then she's just going to have to shoot the operatives. Lunair does her best to shoot them over the demons. And/or around. "Kitties! BAD KITTIES!" Lunair wails. Lunair is not a master of battle cries, it seems. And then, suddenly, A WILD NAMOR APPEARS! "Holyshitsholyshit," Get out the way! Lunair at least manages to scramble out of the way of kitty and speedoking alike. But she does get knocked over in her haste to clear da way.

Dismiss large gun. Try for shockwaves! One of the cats is going to be swatted backwards with a strangely adorable staff that has a cat carved onto the end if it gets too close to the young lady in magical girl-esque armor. Yup, she's angling for adorable and totally incognito. Totally. Nevertheless, her target is not the demons. She's barreling for the operatives.


Namor's Tiger Damon leaves a rather precisely shaped hole in the wall where the Sub-Mariner slams him. The second jumps on his back and claws, only to be thrown off by Zee. And the third? Well… er… Lunair should be taken seriously. Let's leave it at that.

The space is starting to fill with gunfire now as the operatives try to buy time to set their charges (not armed yet, thankfully) and behind the chaos the three heroes might spy a mage taking off down a hallway in a hurry.


"I have no allies on the surface." Namor states bluntly, "Not anymore." As the claws rake at him he gnashes his teeth, as quick as it was on him it was thrown free. Which gets a snap of a look towards Zee and then a quick cautionary glance at Lunair and then, movement, the mage escaping.

"The puppetmaster is mine!"

The man is motion again, it's very hard to define it as running or flying with the way he moves. It's just movement. The operatives trying to blow up the Triskelion are no concern to him, he cares very little for SHEILD or this place falling to ruin.


That tears it for Zee. Namor is now right up there on her most unliked list "Why don't you just…." Zee struggles for self compsure as the mage is seen escaping. "Good luck sea boy…." Zee doesn't mind taunting and looking down the corridor she smirks as she gestures and speaks

~ srevoC ylF, selbaC dniB dnA gaG, sihT egaM sI eniM ~

As soon as the effects of Zee spell is let loose, the covers on any control panels in the area will fly at the escaping mage and cables will wind to bind and gag the escaping mage. Zee strides after Namor, ready to knock the poor mage unconscious if she has to.


Well, okay. Lunair looks a bit puzzled by Namor beneath the visor of her helm. "Okay." She can respect the dibs. Lunair totally respects dibs. Especially from that dude (Namor). She also has no desire to upset Zee. For her part, Lunair does care about SHIELD. May and the other agents have been surprisingly kind in light of her distinctly terrifying powers. It seems like the mage is going to be duly subdued. And frankly, she has 0 desire to be in either of their way.

She will do her best to help deal with the charges. Once Lunair is sure Zee and Namor are out of the way, it's time for ole faithful. The dreaded 9-banger, a rather painfully souped up flash bang to get hurled at the operatives near the charges. And bullets. SO, so many bullets. Even with her good armor, it's likely dinged and she's bruising worse than an apple in a hockey rink.


The mage goes down. Zee's spell sees to that. But she (it's a she) has one gambit left. Before she's gagged she cries out and a huge tentacle faced, winged monstrosity appears over it. And glares at Namor… and then tries to give him the mother of all tentacle face hugs as he closes.

Lunair is fortunate in that the bombs aren't armed… and no one really wants to hang around and get shot by the girl who can have any gun she wants. Good thing they don't know about the nudity ray.


"… you dare deny Namor!?" The Atlantean is poised above the mage that Zatanna has bound up by means of spell, "Then moc—- " IT's then that he gets a tentacle crammed down his throat hole and several others bind around his face, arms rise up and fingers clench in and teeth bite down. The creature and Namor flip body over body.


Straight through the wall and in to several other rooms, the sounds of fighting are turbulent, thunderous and boom after boom is heard before the Sub-Mariner is climbing free of their exit hole, squid colored juice mingled with bits of blood coating his body and streaming down his chin. He still has tentacle bits in his teeth. "Then you mock him!? Try me you backwards speaking witch hag." A pause and he turns to upchuck bits of magical tentacle monster. The retching and splashing sounds against the ground are quite nauseating.


Zee smirks, actually smirks, whilst Namor is physically ill. "I think I have better taste than to try you, Seaboy… most of my men don't throw up on first dates" the raven haired woman walks over to the bound the mage and looks slightly apologetic "This may hurt, I am sorry…." bending down, Zee picks up a sizeable chunk of wall and brings it down on the womans head. Lunair, who Zee doesn't recognise from M-Town, gets a nod of thanks "Nice work and thank you."


Lunair knows better than to try to deal with magic or tentacles. Neither are her area of expertise. Also, it's nice to have really heavy hitters there. Nevertheless, she is going to do her best to drive off any remaining operatives. Without the nudity ray today. She's business today. She rushes over to check the charges, relieved the bombs aren't armed. "They aren't armed," She ofers helpfully.

Although, she winces - poor Namor. "Are you okay?" She asks Namor. "I mean, that looked pretty … rough." The armored surfacer feels a little queasy just thinking about having a tentacle - no, just no. She's also trying not to join the vomit chain. "Uhm. Thank you for your help, your uh - … who are you?" Lunair seems puzzled. Well mannered. But puzzled.

And Lunair remembers Zee, at least. "You're welcome. Thank you, too." Nodnod. Yup. It's sort of goofy armor, cute with little frills. Being incognito is tough work.


The building is quiet now. The mage's downfall has closed the portals and in the distance sirens can be heard as New York responds to the disaster. Which it is. The building is torn up, power's mostly down, systems are compromised and there's a fair number of dead agents. But it could have been a lot worse…


"Careful, witchling. This 'seaboy' tires easily of flapping tongues that fail to properly service." A wipe of his forearm across his lips and Namor straightens up. The injuries sustained his worst seems to be from the first, the spearhead that pierced his shoulder - the festering blackened bile upon it creating darkened veins around the puncture.

"Ignoble savages." The Sub-Mariner grunts while looking at the unconscious mage. He cannot kill the unarmed. A twist of his lips and he ignores Lunair's question about his health and begins to stride up the stairs and back towards the ocean. A pause and he looks around him, "This is the headquarters of SHIELD? Is it above us?" So tempting. He could easily finish HYDRA's work for them, let things fall upon the ears of these girls and be none to blame. A weakened structure and all…


Zee smiles sweetly at Namor and raises an eyebrow. She sees the look he's giving the comples, she's read his file and she taps her comms unit "Aspect, this is Zee. One HYDRA mage disabled and Namor heading back the way he came. This area appears to be secured." Zee begins to stride with him. "Let's go find your transport, shall we?" Lunair gets another small smile as the raven haired magician follows Namor "Aspect should be able to tell you if anything more is required."


Lunair is glad stuff seems to be - steady, for the moment. Lunair looks to Namor. "… are you a seadude? I'm really sorry. I don't know what to call you, sir. I hope you're alright. Thank you for your help," She curtseys neatly. Lunair is odd, but well mannered. He seems kind of grumpy. So Lunair decides not to ask any more. She waves to Zee. "Sure thing. I'll probably make sure these bombs get cordoned off or something. It was nice to see you, despite the circumstances. Be well." She'll probably open her comm to bother poor Aspect at this point.

At that moment Aspect breaks in over the comms… and the PA. "Thank you, by the way, for saving our collective asses. If you'd like to come upstairs to the thirty third floor I'll send an elevator down. I'm sure the management here would like to at least meet you to say thank you."

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