Age of Sorrow: Prospect Park

January 25, 2015: Green Lantern, Reese, and Flash team up to finally bring Murmur to justice.

New York

Prospect Park



  • Detective Hammerman
  • Destiny Hammerman
  • Murmur

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Age of Sorrow: Chapter 3, Surgical Precision

NYPD Precinct, Three days ago:

Hammerman tosses down the stack of papers, one foot kicked up upon his desk as his hat is soon turned down to cover his face for an old man's nap. He was just into the good parts of the REM when a loud bang is heard, jolting him from his sleep.

His eyes light up once he sees his daughter standing in front of him, one hand pressed to the desk to wake him up, the other holding out a flyer in front of her face. "I know you don't like to skate, but this is my event. And you're coming as my date, Dad."

The old man groans loudly, tossing his hat upon the desk. "What the hell did I do to deserve this torture?"

Destiny smiles sweetly. "You've probably should have been a rollin' stone like your pappy and left me and mama hanging.."

Present Day: Prospect Park

Destiny Hammerman looked a little nervous as she approached the podium. Clearing her throat to gain the attention of the crowds that fill Prospect Park for her 'Save the Children' drive. Among attendance were a few of the local notables. Paco, a resident of mutant town who makes the best Mexican food from his cart, even in the cold. Jameson who owns the makeshift pizzeria that was just getting up from the ground. And a few politicians who were there to mix elbows and have fun with their children.

"Thank you all for coming. As you know, this little celebration is dedicated to the Children. With the freezing weathers and the recent attacks on our fair city, we owe it to them to give back! Donation kiosks are surrounding the lake, which was frozen over with assistance of a very great girl who wishes to not be named. So.. um.. have fun! Buy skates! Come party with us!"

The crowd cheers and begins to mingle, lines forming to purchase skates and other hot drinks, in attendance is Reese and Hal, getting out of Metropolis seemed to be the best thing to do. But someone else was there too.. skating alone, dressed in all black, trench coat sailing against the chilled wind..

Barry Allen has come in order to support Hammerman's daughter. After all, it was Hammerman who put his own reputation on the line by filtering the young man information on the case he was charged with. It was Hammerman who believed him when everyone else thought he was a murderer. Barry seemed determined to pay the detective back in whatever way he could.

So he's sitting out on a bench, sipping on some hot chocolate, and looking out over the skaters with some enjoyment. He'd asked Ronnie to come with, but she couldn't because of work. So he's flying solo.

Hal Jordan was trying to get Reese out and about more, whether she liked it or not (mostly not, he suspected, although she didn't complain). After suffering greatly in a recent conflict with a supernatural creature, she'd recoverd physically, but her psyche still remained damaged. Hal offered her his arm, guiding her along on a walk along the park, a pitbull trailing behind them, occasionally ahead of them, sometimes trying to thread between Hal's legs.

"Mangy mutt. He's trying to trip me on purpose, honestly. He wants to make me fall."

With over one hundred people in attendance, it was looking on the up and up. People came with boxes and bags to donate scarves, hats, gloves to the children, some came with canned goods, others filled the line with their pocket books ready to donate dollars just for the cause.

Hammerman stood by, sipping upon his cup of cocoa, nodding to a few of the NYPD officers who came in attendance for securities sake.

A tap of his shoulder had his turning, his smile brightening once again as he gains a hug from his daughter. "I'm so glad you could make it, Dad! What do you think?"
Destiny was happy, and it showed the way she bounced and clasped her hands together after she moved from the hug. "It's alright kiddo. It's all right." They both stand side by side to take in the scene, Destiny's eyes moving along the crowds gathered. People lined up to take skates, others were upon the bench putting them on, and a few were already out on the half frozen lake, twirling about, laughing and falling without fear. The mutant did a very, very great job, and even though she wasn't in attendance, Destiny would be sure to thank her for her help.

"Is that Barry over there?" Destiny asks. "Let's go sit with him a little bit."

They both make their way over to the man, one arm slung around his daughter to hug him close. "You know, if he wasn't already involved, I'd try to set you two up."

"Seriously dad?"

"Seriously. He's a really good kid." "Dad, ain't nobody got time for that. He is cute though. Little tortured."

Once they make their way to the bench, they each settle in on either side of Barry, Hammerman clapping Barry's shoulder while Destiny smiles and gestures around. "I'm so glad you could make it Barry. It's good to get outside after everything has happened."

As Reese walked along with Hal, she had to smile a little at Cujo. "I think he's just excited." Even though she didn't sound as if she were, at least to be out in the open like this. She'd rather sleep. And she makes this known.

"I rather go to bed. We're in New York. My friend Barry lives near here. You can stay and I'll go back to his house and catch you later, after food."

Not too far from where Barry and the Hammermans sit, a young woman begins to cough, dropping her cup of cocoa upon the ground.

Barry gives his trademark, slightly goofy smile, with his eyes shrinking just a bit as his skin wrinkles at the sides. "Not a problem, Destiny. I'm really happy to be here; it's for a really good cause. Besides, who doesn't like cocoa?" Barry looks to Hammerman with a smile and a nod.

Yet, over the older man's shoulder he sees the young woman begin to cough. Smiling eyes begin to peer as he watches; he thinks she must have choked on something.

Hal Jordan shakes his head, "You've slept plenty, I suspect. I know you're feeling a little fragile, still, but you have to get back out in the world," he says. "Who's this Barry guy, anyway? What's his deal?" he asks, looking out at the crowd of people carefully. He still didn't trust that they weren't being hunted, not since something had tried to rip Reese through the wall of a diner bathroom. He kept his ring's sensors on alert for any strange electromagnetic activity.

He looks at the woman who starts to cough, as much because of its intensity. That was a pretty rough one.

Little by little, people were starting to feel the effects of the poison. Some began to vomit, while others cough and try to hold themselves together to stave off embarrassment. Even Hammerman was looking a little worse for wear, slightly clearing his throat as he tries to focus on the conversation at hand, his cup lifting and soon set aside as he shifts uncomfortably upon the bench.

"Yeah. The cocoa.." He coughs and hacks again, doubling over in a fit of pain as he groans outloud.

"Dad? Daddy?" Destiny shrieks, slipping from her chair to her knees to shuffle towards Hammerman, gripping his shoulders to try to pull him up. "Barry! Barry, somethings wrong!"
Of course there was, this was all his designs. Murmur skated away, mingling with those that gathered, even taking up the hand of a little girl to twirl her around.. who screams at the very sight of him.

He wasn't dressed as he normally would, his mask made of the skin of his victim, mouth sutured shut beneath, pain marking his movements and yet he seems almost fluid.

The scream of the little girl causes others to look, and as Murmur spins, his coat reveals two long, and very sharp swords beneath.

Some who were on the lake in skates stop, falling to the ground in coughing fits, leaving the chosen few to look after friends and strangers alike, but he moves on.

"Barry?" She really didn't know how to explain that one. "You know, I don't think I've asked much of him that he wasn't willing to share. But he gave me a place to stay when I didn't have anywhere to go. He's?"

Hearing the woman cough, and not knowing that Barry and his friends were near, she releases Hal's arm to try to approach, allowing Cujo to tug her into the direction of the noise. Once she reaches the woman, Reese reaches out to try to place a hand upon her arm, stepping in close with a lean in to listen.

"Stay with your dad, I'm going to go for help," Barry says. As soon as her back is turned towards him, he's gone, running at high speeds and crackling with an electricity trail behind him. By the time he returns, he's clad in red and looking out over the mayhem with his light eyes.

"Pardon me miss," the Flash says; his face blurred and his voice disguised. "I'm going to get this man to safety." Hammerman is lifted up over his shoulder as best as the slight man can, before he disappears once more, taking the police detective to the hospital.

Things happen pretty quickly, but Hal's not exactly one to hang back and reconsider his decisions. The people falling to the ground, the sudden reveal of a well-armed villain type, and the singular electromagnetic disruption of having the Flash streak to and fro.

With Flash rescuing the victims and Reese likely to turn her healing talents on them, Hal decides to do what he does best: kick some bad guy ass. There's not even a flash as he becomes Green Lantern, his clothes simply reshaping themselves, mask slipping into place, "Some sort of mass poisoning," he calls to Reese, "I think I see the guy. Hey, skinhead!" Green Lantern says, flying up into the sky above, "Come and try to roofie me, you son of a bitch!"

"Barry, hurry!" Destiny calls out, tears within her eyes as she tries to focus on her father. He does look up, his eyes bloodshot red, tears bleeding from his eyes and..

There's the Flash! Hammerman was easy to lift, he didn't put up a fight, yet once Flash was gone, all that was left behind was Destiny and her crying.

She fiddles with her phone, glancing out to view the others in attendance, more and more people were falling onto the ground and coughing..

"Okay." Reese calls out towards Hal, quietly cooing and attempting to calm the woman as her hands begin to glow a slight blue. Once Reese reaches out to try to take the young womans cheek, the woman quick slaps away of her hand and a grip of her throat staunches her healing efforts and she was lifted into the air with inhuman strength.

Think 28 days later, but kicked into high gear. There would be no biting, only rabid snarling and growling as she tries to snuff the little blind womans life out of existence. She dangles, feet kicks, her eyes slowly rolling into the back of her head as a loud *SNAP* is heard.

With Reese dropped to the ground, the woman snarls and rushes off, the entire crowds soon breaking off into mayhem of attacks, gashing of teeth, and a fight. It started a riot.

Just in time for Murmur too, for he grins and stops his routine, gaze directly placed upon Hal as blades soon were produced from the thick of his coat, twirled within his fingers and soon slammed /home/ into the thick of the ice and wrenched.
While they were fighting on skates, coughing, puking, the ice begins to crack around them, sinking to draw them into a death meant to chill.


The Flash arrives in a whoosh that sends any loose paperwork flying. He points a finger at the nurse behind the desk of the emergency room, "I want you to listen to me and listen well. There are tons of people getting sick right now at Prospect Park. They've ingested something, probably through liquids and probably specific to hot chocolate. They're vomiting and whatever it is is extremely fast acting. You need to get on the phone and get every single doctor you can get here right away."

The Flash let's Hammerman slump into the arms of one of the nurses as the hospital begins to prepare for the emergency at hand. Flash meanwhile, is tearing away back to Prospect Park, digging into the pavement as hard as he can to propel himself further, setting off car alarms as he screams by, and shaking the snow off of the tops of trees.

One by one, people who are puking begin to disappear from the rink area as Barry pushes his endurance to the max.

Green Lantern's too focused on Murmur to see what's happening to Reese, else he'd have likely already lost his temper in a rather serious fashion. Hal doesn't have much in the way of friends, at the moment, and Reese has already been through enough this week. When the ice startss breaking amidst the frenzying people, though, he immediately replaces the ice with a solid wall of green energy, keeping them from falling in, then starting to lock up cages around violent individuals, one at a time binding those that Flash doesn't whisk away, "Careful, El Rapido Grande, looks like these folks are starting to do the psychobilly freakout!"


"Oh my god! Was that the Flash!?" One nurse screamed out, while the one that Barry spoke to immediately jumped into action. "Shut up! And get the CDC on the phone!"

She picks up the comm unit and begins to deliver the message: "Hundreds hurt and en route from Prospect Park. Need all emergency and residential staff on hand at the emergency entrance as soon as possible. CODE RED! This is a code red!"

The nurses and doctors who were already there begin to usher out the lesser injured patients, creating a small quarantine for the patients that were soon dropped off.

Hammerman's head loll's backward, his eyes snapping open, and soon he attacks the nurse!

Thankfully, New York's Hospitals, like the NYPD, do not play when it comes to the sick and dying, and soon he and the other patients who were brought in that started to frenzy were quickly quarantined and out of the public eye. Their security? Top notch since the attacks on the Tri City area.

PROSPECT PARK: Destiny manages to get to Reese as she falls to the ground, cradling the young woman in her arms as she cries and screams loudly. "Stop that.." Reese mutters, her neck hung at an unnatural angle, which was soon snapped back into place as the skin beneath begins to crawl and glow lightly. "I'm fine. Get out of here." She tells Destiny, who doesn't comply, only stammering and moving so that she could help the blind woman up.

" did you.." She sniffles loud. ".. I thought you were dead!" Reese's hand clutches her throat, clearing it for a moment as she pushes her aside. "I'm Jesus. Now -get- the hell out of here!"

Meanwhile, Murmur twists the blades even deeper into the ice, breaking off a crater that would separate him from the frenzying few. With Green Lantern above him, he had to act fast.. so he turns and chucks a woman into the water and begins to skate with blazing speed towards the safest edge of the park. He was going to make his get away. Little did he know, the Lantern already quartered off the parts of the ice that was broken, saving those who were on ice from a horrible case of hypothermia.

With both heroes in play, and while things weren't calming down any time soon, they were starting to make great headway at keeping the peace. But they were still sick, and getting sicker, which left Reese but with one solution.

The Flash dips down into the water to grab the person who fell and he's up right atop of it as he zooms out of the park. A few moments later he's back and staring down Murmur. Blue eyes trail upward to see Green Lantern as he stares down at the man in question. The Flash could just bum rush him, but he's not sure whether this perp has some extra things planned. It's gotten him into trouble before.

Hal Jordan turns his head and sees Reese getting up and shoving aside the helping girl. Ah, that's Reese, all right, always gracious to the Good Samaritans. He catches the Flash's eye, "See that woman?" he says, pointing to Reese, "See if you can superspeed move her around. She's a healer!" he cries, "The faster these people are healed, the better off they'll be," he says. He knows it might be pushing Reese's limits, but he also knows that she'd probably do it anyway, so he might as well have someone there to help her.

In the meantime, he continues corralling the sick and psychotic, penning them in and weighing them down so they can do any harm, as if he were putting them in dog cages.

Speaking of which, Cujo suddenly develops a leash that lashes to a nearby tree. He's not losing Reese's dog 'cause of that…whatever it was.

"My dad!" Destiny suddenly remembered. The reason why Hammerman thought that she was always going to be a great kid was that she worried about others than her own needs and fears first. The heroes were going to take care of the park, she needed to take care of her dad.

She runs away, leaving Reese to her own devices as she settles back upon the ground where she had laid.

With Cujo well out of her realm of worry, she closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath? one.. two.. three..

Murmur on the other hand, seemed tortured. If Barry's eyes were good, he could see the pain as Murmur clutches his chest. He didn't want to do this, but they wouldn't stop. All of this was, in essence, to get the only hero he knew who could help, to do so. To put him away. Or kill him.

Make it stop?

Make it stop..

Make it stop? Help me!

Murmur howls loudly as he could with stitched lips, testing the bindings against the flesh as it begins to peel and split apart underneath the mask made of human skin. His blades twirl like mad, fighting against the invisible air, twirling and turning to stomp and run off as awkward as he could while on blades.


Hammerman begins to jerk and twist against his binds, howling like a mad man, fingers clutching and attempting to squeeze out of the bands that keep his hands held true.

"Sedate him! CDC en-route in twenty minutes!" One doctor calls out.

"His heart is beating too fast! We have to stabilize him or he'll die!"

"Right," says the Flash as he nods up at Green Lantern. He can be a lot of places, but couldn't be a lot of places at once. It seems like Lantern can handle this guy, so he's going to take the flyer's advice and start picking up th—"Reese?" The Flash appears right next to her and gives her a knowing nod. "We're gonna go heal some people, Reese."

Now that he knows she's here, instead of taking the long route to the hospital, he starts bringing people right to Reese.

Hal Jordan puts himself in pursuit of Murmur now that he finds Hal and Reese helping the secured victims, flying down and in the direction the madman left. He isn't sure what kind of nutjob decided to poison cocoa at an ice skating extravaganze (the kind of nutjob who wears a mask made out of skin, Hal, duh). This guy seemed like something more up Batman or Spider-Man's alley. The papers were always full of those guys fighting off some weird psycho who's Mommy never loved them, their faces all scarred up by knives or acid or bad plastic surgery.

Of course, in California, where he lived, people like that were called 'agents' and 'producers' and 'Kardashians'.

His ring creates a knight-like suit of armor around him, including a broadsword as he calls out, "Olly olly oxen-free. Come out and fight like a man, Leatherface! I'll spot you a chainsaw!"

"Barry?!" Alright, that knocked Reese's concentration out of a loop. They were just talking about him a few minutes ago, at least before all of the mayhem broke out. "Barry are you.." And there was a gust of wind. Repeatedly. She couldn't get a word in but she felt all of those people in pain and lost and her words would fall on deaf ears. Typical Flash.

Too fast, too furious. Okay, he's not furious but there's the point.

She concentrates again, her eyes closing this time, breathing in the chilled air through her nose, exhaled from her mouth, building up that glow of light that begins to form at her center mass, expanding so much that it begins to wash over those present, her arms splayed at her side as her healing begins to take hold?

Murmur was in the thick of the trees when Hal called out to him, gaining enough distance to smash the blades away from the skates to run upon shoes meant for them, holes wetting the bottom of his feet. But he really didn't care, yet it was the sound and taunt that makes him turn around, blades soon twirled as he stood at the ready.

Green Lanterns, Flashes.. they all bled well when facing the likes of him.

The pain in Barry's legs is starting to take hold and he can feel himself begin to cramp up. The crowd around Reese is getting bigger and bigger, and although a handfull still remain, he simply must take a break.

His legs seize up on him and he doubles over in pain as if shot by a gun. Cramps are a real bitch.

From his vantage point on the ground where he desperately stretches his quad, he can see Murmur and Hal, while being within earshot of Reese.

Hal Jordan hears the whistle of Murmur's blades, turning into him as they strike against his armor. Even regular metal armor would've caved under those razored blows, but, of course, Green Lantern's power was stronger than any metal. His armor was as strong as his will and, in Hal Jordan, that made it one of the strongest things in the universe.

The energy sword in his hand transforms and becomes a hammer, swing with powerful force to try and catch Murmur in the side and send him flying, "Oh, yeah, it's rumble time!"

The healing continues, they slowly, slowly begin to regain their better senses, the people who were affected reverting to coughing fits which soon die down into gazes of wonder at the little blind shrimp. She was pushing herself truly.. so much that the tips of her hair slowly turns white.


Destiny finally arrived at the hospital, shouting for her father. One of the many family members who came in tow after hearing that their loved ones were sent there. "Ma'am. Ma'am, I can't take you inside. But he's safe. He's sedated and sleeping. The doctors are doing everything that can for everyone."

She nearly drops to her knees as the nurse holds her up, offering her tissues to stave off the tears. "Oh god. My dad. Everyone. What have I done..?" Somehow, everything was all her fault.


Murmur gave it his all, striking and slicing towards Hal, bending so that when the hammer crushes against his side, it hits his arm and sends him flying into a tree. There was a loud laugh through the pain he felt, staggering, blade dropped into the snow as the smile stretches the stitches that have already begin to bleed. His shoulder was dislocated, that he could feel, and a possible hair-line fracture right in the middle of his upper arm. He couldn't stand up to the likes of a Green Lantern, not yet.

In the midsts of his staggering, he catches sight of Barry, wanting to run towards the Flash to tear him asunder was staved off with the need to flee.

His blade was kicked up and mingled with the other in a quick snatch, arm drawn back and soon, flung one by one in Hal's direction as he pivots and runs towards the busy street.

Come on Barry, the young midwesterner thinks to himself. Come on. Get up. Get up and get this guy.
The Flash stands, wobbly at first, and puts his foot in the ground. His body screams with pain as he launches himself towards Murmur and he can feel his legs and the muscles in his back begin to tense and shudder wildly.

He aims to tackle the jerkface, hoping to drive him into the ground hard.

Hal Jordan puts up a shield to deflect the blade flung at him, interlocking tiles of it wrapping around him for a moment and then dissolving away as he sees the villain starting to run. "Really? C'mon, man! Just give up!" he says. And so he starts to fly after, his energy wrapping around him and starting to speed after the guy.

Of course, he might intersect paths with the other really fast guy who's coming up behind him that he thought was still busy doing something else. Don't cross the streams!!


The nurses manage to calm Destiny down long enough to seat her in the lounge, where other family members await the latest news from the CDC. Sitting next to her, Belinda, speaks on the phone, a direct line from her to Prospect Park.

"What? Let me get this straight. The Flash and a man in Green are fighting someone? What else is happening?" There was a pause as Belinda glances towards Destiny, who is staring the woman down hard. "A woman? Blue light? Whaaaaaaaat? Can you get her to come here! We need her!"


With the last of the stragglers attempting to attack the group, they were caught up in the healing bubble that Reese created, she then creates a barrier in the form of a dragon, which flies around the group to fill them with replenished energy that they've lost during their struggle. If you're going to do a job, do it right. It was so right that she started to slowly lift from the ground, the light soon fading from baby blue to white, all because she gave her all…

Meanwhile, Murmur was on the run, he was only human, the only thing that was abnormal about the man was his issues and strange blood. But he was tackled by The Flash, his arm in worse shape from the force of the blow, both bodies skidding into parts of the streets where cars soon swerve out of the way and stop completely from killing them both.

ST LUKES: "What's happening now?!" Belinda screams into the phone, Destiny soon reaching out to grip the womans hand in support. "Please let them be okay.. please let them be okay.." She murmurs in quiet prayer, lowering her head and closing her eyes to bite back the tears.

The Flash pulls Murmur to his feet, "You're coming with me…" Barry's voice trails as he looks towards Murmur incredulously as Barry is finally able to see the sticky dead mask he wears over his face clearly. "What in the hell?" Barry buries a hand into his gut with a little super-speedy stank on it and looks around for the flying guy in green as cars swerve all around them.

Hal Jordan barely dodged out of the way of Speedy Gonzales there, whipping himself up and out of the path of the Scarlet Speedster to fly into the air above. He watches Flash throw a hard punch into Murmur's gut, "Not bad, but definitely need a little more technique on that," he says, "Punch with your body, not just your arm," he says.

He flies up, a pair of binoculars forming over his eyes and extending outward to let him look back and try to spot Reese, wondering how she's doing.

Probably terribly. She always got the short end of the stick in these situations.


"They got someone?! They got someone?!" Belinda looks towards Destiny with grateful eyes, her body leaning in to give the woman who held her hand in support a tight hug. "Oh thank god, thank god!" She breathes, a loud sigh of relief drawing out.


As Murmur is ushered to his feet, he lets out a weird cackle, his body swaying back and forth until he's caught with a fist to the gut that makes him double over in pain. The Flash was swift as he was strong, and it made Murmur lower to the ground upon his knees to cough and wheeze loudly.

The sounds of sirens could be heard in the distance, for a nurse at the hospital dispatched ambulances and police to the scene. Soon, they'd be upon Flash and Green Lantern, the heroes of Prospect Park.
But the victory would be short lived, for as what Green Lantern could see, Reese expended herself saving the people that were gathered. Cujo begins to bark loudly, struggling against the chain that the Lantern made to keep him in place, howling and yapping as the light slowly begins to die.

Reese's body goes stiff as she tries to flex her fingers, her shoulders soon slumping, her head lowering as she falls straight back upon the ground, her skin slowly hardening as she becomes petrified from healing such a mass of people.

There were some things that she just shouldn't have done, and this was one of them.

"What's happened to her!" One man shouts.

"Is she dead?!" Another cries out.

Soon the crowd surrounds her, but she would be unmoved.

The Flash drags Murmur over towards where Reese and the commotion are. He looks downward at his friend, then back up towards Green Lanter, "Help her!" The exclamation shows how he's starting to panic. Thinking that Murmur is finding it funny with the little giggles, the Flash gives him another punch to the stomach.

Hal Jordan flies down swiftly and there's a whooshing sound as a green wind spills away from him, scattering everyone else away from Reese's body, "God dammit, woman, when I called you a saint, I didn't mean martyr," he growls.

He lays a hand on his stomach and sheathes her in green energy, the healing capacities of his ring flowing into her body. He isn't sure how well they'll work - he doesn't have the first idea of how her immortal body will react - but he knows he's got to try. He puts his will into it, though, and his will is one of the most unbreakable things there is. Live. Live. Live. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Wake up.


The crowd slowly backs away and disperse at their urging, The Flash and Green Lantern, it was surely a picture worthy moment but they were worried about the woman who had saved their lives.

"She's so young.. she can't die.." One elderly lady chirps up.

"They're going to save her! Just like they saved us!" A kid chirps up, happy. The Flash and Green Lantern have gained a life long fan this day.

The healing energies due to the ring has proved fruitful, her skin slowly relaxing from it's petrified state, the white streaks that bore itself into her hair slowly fading and regressing to a dark brown, her eyes slowly opening as she takes a shrill breath, leaping upright to skitter back and away from the crowd with a slight scream and a wave of her arms.

Cujo howls still, happy that his Master has awakened, and the crowd slowly begins to clap and cheer for their heroics. And through it all, what does Reese say?

*COUGH* "My ass is cold."

Murmur however, truly delighted in this. The woman was dead, the woman was dead.. the woman was *OOF!* That second punch to his stomach had him coughing and wheezing, but he still managed to giggle and laugh because he was finally caught. He was free. He was free. He was free. He was free!

"What is on your face?" the Flash asks and tries to pull the mask from Murmur's head. It doesn't dawn on him immediately, but with his background in forensic science, he gets it soon enough. He excuses himself for just a second and puts his head behind a bush as he begins to get sick.

Hal Jordan isn't paying much mind to Flash, too relieves to have Reese sitting up, even if she does have a cold ass. "Well, you were almost dead, you're lucky you can feel your ass at all," he says, although the crooked grin on his face shows how happy he is that she made it through. That's the first time he's really tried to use the healing stuff on the ring - glad we've got that tested out now!

He hears the puking finally and makes a face, "Um…I think the other hero guy's losing his lunch over there. Maybe he's got motion sickness."

Police were soon upon the scene as Barry inspects the mask, as he leaves the little crowd, the handcuff Murmur who begins to kick and scream, dragging him away from the others.
Reese smiles a little at Hal, even though she was a little nonplussed. She leaves her faculties and the issue of healing alone once he brings Barry into attention, then slowly with a wince, she stands to move towards his side to rub his back as if she were his granny.

"Green Lantern.." She says quietly, nudging her head towards Barry. "Meet Flash."

While the introductions were flying, the people were soon sectioned off as the EMT's look them over. They'll be fine, thanks to the three, and will have many tales about their heroics for days, weeks even, to come.


A few hours later, a nurse enters the crowded lounge with the family members of the sick, a smile upon her face as she regards them with incredible news. "All the afflicted have been stabilized. But don't rush to their rooms so fast. We're only going to give you five minutes with our patients and then we implore you, to please head home and get some rest. I know that this has been a long and hard day for all of you."

Everyone breathes a sigh of relieve, all soon filtering out to check upon their loved once, all the while Destiny lingers behind with a slight frown upon her face.

Hammerman's Room:

"Dad!" She bursts into the door, immediately crawling upon the bed to hug her father, pelting him with kisses along his cheeks. He groans in mild annoyance, but he does return the hug, giving her a nice pat upon the back of the head, just for fun.

"What happened? I heard only a little bit."

"Nothing Dad. Just get better."

"Where's Barry?" He immediately asks. "Is he here? Is he alright?"

"I don't know.." She frowns..


Destiny approaches the window, her gaze nearly stoned as she reaches out to take the phone. A hand, shivers, plucks the phone from the wall to place against his ear, listening.

"You're going to have to be in here for a while. We can't let them know we were together.."

Murmur begins to cry quietly, the binds still attached to his lips and healed over the scars.

"Shh.. shh.. I know baby. I know. I know you needed help, but I told you, just give me time. Why didn't you wait for me?" Her hand reaches up to place against the bulletproof windows, and soon his joins hers, matching to match.

"The Flash.. Green Lantern, they're going to pay for this. And I won't rest until you're in my arms again and they are /dead/."

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