Demons in the Park

January 25 2015: Trouble in M-Town draws out it's defenders and hints at trouble elsewhere

M-Town Park

M-Town parks don't usually host demons…



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M-Town is not in Jericho's usual line of investigation. This is partly because the place - while troubled - usually isn't part of 'his' troubles and partly because it has it's own protectors. These days though he's close enough to some of those protectors to have the place monitored. Which is how he saw the demons. He could tell pretty quickly that they weren't Limbo demons (how he knew that so certainly at just a few grainy stills from security cameras near an M-Town gas station is a conversation for another day) and this very fact made him ring up one of those protectors (fine, not ring up, send an imp for her, but you know).

In M-Town itself a group of people are standing around a summoning portal in one of the several parks that dot the district. It's night - as usually it is for such things - and they've already collected oh, a dozen abyssal monstrosities of varying descriptions. "Okay. That should do. Now for the big one and we can take them all to get processed."

Audrey talked to the Red Team about signing on with them. And then she took a couple of days to get herself together. Something Roberto said - something about not going out alone - didn't entirely sit well with the young woman. Just a trigger issue, really. Which is how she came to be walking through M-Town at this hour, just in time to walk into…

Audrey pauses as she rounds the corner in sight of whatever is going on, stepping back into the shadow to try to figure out just what that is.

There's something in that alley with Audrey. Usually when something has to do with demons, one Jackie Estacado tends to take notice, steeped in the occult that he is. It's a hobby. Of sorts. Anyways, the man has been keeping particular eye, or rather, multiple eyes on the proceedings, if wondering what is about to go down, or perhaps if something in particular causing. Another relic or artifact would be nice to pick up.

So while he isn't there in person…exactly, there's a little a small peice that is. Audrey being there, just happens to be a nice coincidence. "Trouble follows you just about everywhere, doesn't it, kid." The voice sounds a little far away, detached it seems like. But in any kind of shadow, he corporeal self could be just about anywhere, really.

From a distance, all that can be seen of Joel is a valuely humanoid (maybe) ball of fluttery gold light hanging above the rooftops and streetlamps near the C-Street Medical Offices. In other places the floating light might be more interesting, but in Mutant Town? Unlikely, he may not even earn a second look: just another glowing flier type in the air. He's currently unintentionally masquerading as a golden steetlamp, while rummaging in his pockets. Any demonic activity? Not on Joel's radar yet. Patrolling awareness, not so much.

It isn't for any other reason beyond 'luck' that Joel starts to move, passing overhead along rooftops towards the ritual grouping, but (likely) too far up to be close enough to be all that intersting yet.

While Audrey is finding discretion to be the better part of valor at the moment, Illyana seems to opt for 'flashy entrance'. It helps that it's dark, and her stepping disks look like they're made of light, which makes them hard to miss as they blaze to life a short distance away from the summoners and their new pets. The two-dimensional light circle flares wide a good ten feet off the ground, falling gently downwards to deposit Magik on a picnic table and Jericho at her side on the ground. The sorceress has her Soulsword in-hand given their opponents and her voice is pitched to carry, honed from calling out orders across the wastelands of Limbo. "How about you just stop here, because I can almost promise you've bitten off more than you can chew."

Zee's teleports tend to be off when Jericho, and perhaps Illyana, are around and she's taken a bit of trolling over that. Today, would appear to be no different as she's no business in M-Town. A soft 'pop' sound and the Mistress of Magic simply appears out of nowhere behind Jericho, pauses and sighs as she realises what has happened again. Hearing Illyana's words as she draws nearer, Zee pauses and waits to see what happens.

GAME: Jericho Trent has set the pose order to Jericho Audrey Jackie Joel Illyana Zee

Jericho lands near Illyana with a muted thump, amber-demon wings flared as his blade unfolds from weird oversized leatherman to wickedly curved sword. "I'd listen to her." The amber eyed, circuit traced man says.

"Crap. It's Him!" Him? Sonofa… Jericho should have known it was these jackasses. "And that's the- wait, isn't she a redhead?" One of the summoners says as they reach for a variety of modern firearms. "No, you idiot, she's black haired and younger."

"I thought she always wore a purple mask and suit." Another mutters.

"Shut up and summon the big one. Demons, kill!" There's abruptly a dozen large, tough demons previously quiescent, now charging with a mix of roars, snarls and screeches.

Audrey starts at the voice, then grimaces. "Apparently it's some sort of secondary mutation," she mutters, staying where she is as she notices the others coming in. There might even be a little bit of a relieved sigh when Illyana shows up - probably not the usual reaction to that sight. She doesn't step out yet, though. Illyana can totally handle that, right?

"Mutation, eh?" The sound of Jackie's disembodied voice sounds almost disappointed by that idea. "Not really what I came lookin' for. Seems more like a demon summonin' than some sorta mutation. Shit, could be both, who knows. An that would be more than interestin'." When others arrives, it almost feels like whatever is watching Audrey has taken is view off her and onto the developing situation. "Gonna get a bit hairy in a coupla seconds. Fair warning. Though…you got some fancy tricks. I'm betting you could also do the direct opposite, couldn't you."

Lots of little lights and activity below draw Joel's attention more than the voices, due to how dark it is otherwise, and his distance. Joel for now does nothing notable, beyond moving down, hanging roughly over a group of alleyways. Incidentally, casting plenty of light down into the alleys, and making a few mutated people using the alley as a nice resting spot grumble and snark at him to move on. Joel does, but just into range to see what's going on with the disks and maybe start to hear some of the shouting.

Illyana rolls her eyes towards the heavens, as though someone with a soul as corrupted as hers is will find any kind of help *there* as the summoners argue amidst themselves and looks over to Jericho with an arched brow. "Just how many women are you making time with?" She asks dryly as Zatanna pops in. "Aaaand speak of the not-quite devil. Quit fixating on what's mine, kitten." She calls out to the homo magi as the demons start to charge. Really, a body should take being charged at by demons more seriously. And honestly she does, her expression shifting into a focused one as she keeps her high ground and lets the demons come to her. They're big and strong, but as the fastest one will learn, they do *not* want to be hit by a sword that Unmakes magic.

Zee shrugs apologetically to Jericho and snorts a little at Illyana as she draws closer. "We can talk about fixations later…" Zee knows the power of the Soulsword, she's held it, so she'll take up position to deal with the Summoners…

"That's Part, who'se not a redhead anymore, Spoiler and…" Pop. Sigh. "Zee. Who's behind us now." Jericho murmurs. "Less me making time with them and more their bad luck to be near me when stuff happened. Well, except Part."

Jericho takes up a position on Illyana's left. It's clear that the two of them have similar swordsmanship styles (which would be because she taught him) but his inovlves more wing. The contstructs spin and block and strike as his blade hacks and sices. The first three demons meet messy ends, two unmade by Illyana's soulsword and another eviscerated by Jericho. But there's more coming. An… the sense of something big coming through the portal.

"I meant more my ability to wander into trouble," Audrey clarifies to Jackie, reaching beneath her coat and to the small of her back to pull out a handgun, which she subjects to a quick, professional inspection. Apparently she's not quite as delicate as she looks. She's still watching, trying to figure out exactly how these demons factor into things, but when one of the summoners tries to pull out his own knife, she fires a bullet through his leg without flinching.

"Sure ya did, kid." Jackie chuckles from wherever he happens to be. In the midst of the demons, two pools of inky blackness forms in the middle. From each, spawns a black, little impish or goblin looking, each with glowing yellow eyes, claws, and fangs. The three of them yelp and chitter and glee, before then leaping to assert themselves on the demons that have so far appeared, doing their damnedest to tear into him, and have fun while their at it.

"Y'know, you never did answer my last question, kid. Could always shed some light on that." For some reason, he thinks what he is pretty punny. "Or not, as the case may be."

There's more than the motley collection of strong 'heroic' sorts of folk around the area; it attracts onlookers of a more civilian stripe: they are curious at the activity, and a group of them are crossing a street to see if it's a brawl or what, while some others are uncertainly frozen in place or trying to decide where 'safe' actually is located. Joel opts to rein in these civilians a bit, and he drops down between them and the ritual area, streaks of golden light covering the area as wings are thrown open in a splattering of blinding glow. "Leave this pace, return to your homes," Joel's clear tone comes from his glowing sillouette. He's roughly a humanoid glowy-shape that's heavily backlit due to his own ambiance. And probably surprising enough to effectively shoo away the civilians.

The swordswoman isn't a side of Illyana that most get to see. Part of the problem being that her Soulsword doesn't do anything to nonmagical creatures. That's what she's got the other, smaller blade for that she hasn't drawn. But the demons are bigger, stronger, and faster than she is, and it's only because of Jericho she's able to not give ground. More, she can feel the spell that the summoners are casting and hopes to Hell that Zee's got that taken care of.

As Illyana dodges one demon's claws and thrusts the sword through his chest, it leaves her open on her right side, one of the large demon's backhands sending her flying through the air a good dozen feet to hit the ground in a tumbling roll.

Zee takes up position to the right of Illyana, well clear of the unmaking sword. Focussing on the summoners and that portal, the Mistress of Magic chews her bottom lip as she thinks. before speaking

~ dniW kconK mehT revO ~

With a gesture of her hands, the air around the summoners begins to move and quickly gathers momentum… Only the most focussed of practioners should be able to keep a spell going under these conditions.

he mages in question are not focused enough to cast through a windstorm. Or being shot in the leg. And the sudden windstorm does save Jericho, Illyana and Zee having to deal with their guns, at least right away. Things seem to be going well…

And then Illyana gets knocked back.

"Illyana!" Jericho's eyes blaze with amber light and his weapon folds from blade to gun as he puts easily sixty or seventy rounds into the demon that did it and the one standing next to him. His traces go from amber to blue and a field of bright blue light shaped like a werewolf springs into existance around the man. His blade, too, gets bigger as he shifts over to the right to stand between the remaining demons (Still rushing on, driven by their summoner's commands) and the blonde sorceress.

And then he rips a park bench from it's moorings and throws it through the next demon's chest.

There are only about half the original demons left now, and… oh dear. The Angel and the Darkness seem to have gotten the attention of a couple.

"This is maybe not the time," Audrey points out at Jackie's question, grimacing as things go from bad to worse. Illyana is down, and Jericho is freaking out. Great. Something tells her the gun isn't going to do a lot of good against demons. Another of the summoners, though, gets a bullet, right in the shoulder. "You might want to cover your eyes," she warns Jackie, just in time to pull the dying daylight in the air into bar of incredibly bright sunlight, pushing it directly into the center of the demons. It makes it dark as pitch around the rest of the area, but hopefully these things don't like sunlight.

"Now's the perfect time." Jackie has to actually consider the demons a tangible threat as of yet, or maybe that's just him being the cocky type. The Darklings have had their share of fun tearing some demons apart. And that was just the appetizer. When some take notice of him and Audrey, he sighs mildly, especially when she puts on the light show. "Not givin' me much to work with. But…neither are they." There's a grunt of frustration, before the tendril that was in the shadows with her abruptly vanishes.

And for a moment, it might seem like Jackie left the whole thing to sort itself not. Not so, besides the certer of the fight being so wreathed in light, that leaves everywhere else in darkness. And that's where he likes to work. From the ground, sickly looking tendril stalks shoot around from the ground, thick as tree trunks and high as a couple stories into the air. Serrated, edged, and whip-like, they lash like an angry scorpion tails, slicing and lashing at any particular demon that happens to come within range. As for the man himself, he has yet to reveal where he is. More Darklings spawn from these limbs, entering foree with a peculiar murderous glee.

Well, Joel has a demon looking at him. Oh. He turned around, at least, in time to be aware of that. The sunlight being bent away from his area gets replaced… by a whole lot that Joel now generates in a pulse. It's close to daylight conditions on the opposite side of the summon area that Joel is occupying, but scattered, moving shafts, and said shafts of it are likely distracting as they create bigger shadows. More, since Joel moves to adjust to put a parked car between himself and the demon, and the gold light wings are flapping. His aura of light starts to warp the air a little visually, light getting harsh. Any demonic creature is going to have a bad day if they get close to it, but they may be smart enough to veer off. Most of the demons are now between the three groups, although Joel's "group" is a bit… lonesome. And unfortunately, his area will reject most help from any darklings or tendrils Jackie might have otherwise made near him. Between his and Audrey's light shows, the whole place is probably in irratic strobe.

Maybe it's getting hit that hard. Or the landing. Or the hot anger that suddenly boils in Jericho's blood. Illyana manages to mostly roll with the landing but that was a big demon and Illyana while tough, is still just a young woman. At least until her form and clothing shifts as Magik is replaced with the Darkchilde. A silver-armored hand hits the ground, pushing the sorceress up to cloven-hooved feet and raising horned head high. Lips peel back, flashing fangs beneath the burn of eyes gone all-white with power.

Of course, now the fight has gotten larger, the demons having more opposition while having lost their own numbers. The Darkchilde moves back towards the fight at a slow pace as demons and sorcerers start to fall, extending a hand towards some of the shot-and-bleeding summoners. Stepping disks open beneath them and wink out, taking them away to Limbo.

Light from Audrey and Joel, Zee can use this! She spares a glance for an angry Jericho, before following in the transformed Magiks' wake. The raven haired magician, takes everything the other two can provide, gesturing as she speaks

~ tghirB tghiL nruB mehT ~

Jericho looks over his shoulder as the Darkchilde rises. Or rather, the large blue digital werewolf with the spines and long lizardlike tail that he's become looks over it's shoulder. The hacker can still be seen in the middle of that field, if you squint.

The demons do not like the bright light and the definitely don't like the Darkness' Implings. They start to sizzle and burn as the light is ridirected moments before Aspect moves back into the fight. Outnumbered now, and definitely out matched, the demons still fight back. One gets sworded quite messily. Another burned to a crisp by Zee. And the others probably aren't long for this world.

Audrey's brows rise as Illyana comes back extra dark and extra creepy. All right, that's new. The addition of more light to her own attack gets a quick, curious look in Joel's direction, but she doesn't look a gift horse in the mouth. If she can, she'll try to use that light as well, concentrating it all in an attack on the remaining demons.

Constructs are as constructs do. The tree-sized tendrils languish around those who emit light, but away from them, they do more than their fair of destruction. Darklings, armed with claws to barbwire-covered bats are having just merry time. For every one that is destroyed, two take their place, as if there was never ending supply of them. As for Jackie himself, he's still yet to make an official appearence, rather working vicariously through his darkness-laden abilities.

But that changes. Near the back, he finally appears, in the same black armor trimmed with gold, eyes glowing the same golden colors as his minons. There is wall of pitch behind him, writhing and ungulating in his wake. In his hands are a pair of Darkness augmented pistols, crafted from unearthly origin, both of which are raised, releasing bolts purplish-black energy at the remaining demons. He stays away from Joel and Audrey, for obvious reasons, deciding for now, working from a distance. There's calm and casual stride to his approach, taking his time with the entire situation.

Joel is a bit… surprised that his light is being moved elsewhere and redirected. With the light bent away from Joel, it's possible to actually see Joel as more than just a blobby blinding light source. The easy assumption is that he looks mostly like an angel. Other than the wings though, he's just a somewhat scruffy young man, in street clothes. He's currently holding his arms crossed at the wrist in front of him, palms towards himself, focused on his channeling, wings out but shieldingly curled forwards. He's brave enough now that he's not being stared down by demons (and due to to the others!), to start forwards, intentionally moving his anti-magic ambiance towards whatever's left of the demons in order to suppress them: unaware that this could possibly cause any problems for the others.

The demons falling and new players entering (some people always need to be late to the party), and with prisoners secured, the Darkchilde doesn't move to reengage the last of the demons. Instead she comes up on Jericho's right, reaching a claw-fingered hand out to rest on the glowing demonwolf's shoulder. Or, well, arm. She's doesn't get any taller in her demonic form. Watching the darkling imps fall and more take their place, she says dryly, "Here I thought I had a lock on the whole Doritos bit."

Zee wasn't surprised by the Darkchildes change but obviously is by the Digital Werewolf that surrounds Jericho. Continuing to use Audreys and Joels light, the young magician keeps channeling power into her spell until she's sure all demons are done for.

The demons are done for. Audrey's light sears one of the last, and as Joel approaches, the Darkness' tentacles rend a goat headed monstrosity in two. Then it's all quiet. Jericho glanes down at the hand on his arm and shimmers, the field around him fading to set the man back down on the ground. There. Now the hand is on his shoulder.

The sword though, stays out as he looks about. Zee he knows is behind them. The others? He's got no idea who they are and he sees other not-Limbo-demons. THough at least they're not attacking. Oh wait… is that Audrey? Okay, he knows who one of the others is.

"These aren't yours…" He murmurs to the Darkchilde as Jakie comes up. "Do you know them?"

Once the demons are gone, Audrey lets the light she's gathered return to its natural state. Some flows back toward streetlights, some back to Joel, while more of it just seems to fade away into the night. She flicks the safety on the gun, tucking it away again, before starting toward the others with a faint frown. "Are you guys okay?" she calls over.

Once the demons have been delt with, the tentacle like weapons disperse in what might look like ashes, but is really fragments of shadow being absorbed back into the ambiant darkness of the area. The Darkling themselves look rather crestfallen at the fact that there's nothing left and shuffle their way back to their master. "They're mine." he states plainly, walking past to investigate the corpses of the fallen demons. Seems he did have a reason for being here. Kneeling, he takes a closer look. When you encounter something new, it's best to try and study it.

Joel's ambiance reduces rapidly, down towards a street-lamp amount, which makes looking at him less retina-warping. The wings made of light arch back and fold behind him, feathery tendrils of light curling against his hair, shoulders and legs softly, making in extremely back-lit, so his expression is going to be hard to see easily. He follows Audrey's called question with a somewhat awkward, "….Is anyone injured?" in the same tone a concerned person in a car accident might use: worry mixed with relief.

The Darkchilde glances to Jericho and shakes her head in answer even as Jackie answers. Joel's luminescent presence gets squinted at before looking over to Zee and Audrey. "I'll let you guys handle cleanup," She figures Zee will if nothing else. "I've got some… questions to ask." The demon-woman raises a hand upwards, summoning another stepping disk to teleport herself and Jericho out as abruptly as they showed up.

Illyana says, "Thanks folks! ^_^"

Zee will handle cleanup, with assistance from the others. As Illyana and her familiar depart, she looks around at the group and shrugs. "Hi, I'm Zee" always the performer, she plasters a big smile on her face. "I know you" she nods to Audrey "What about the rest of you?"

Audrey looks curiously between Joel and Jackie, trying to figure out the pair. "I'm all right," she answers Joel first, nodding once. "That was…" She glances toward Zee, but the others are definitely the focus of her curiosity. "You made more of the light," she says to Joel. "And you made the things that came out of the dark," to Jackie.

The horde of Darlklings chitter and chatter amoungst themselves around the armored figure, while Jackie himself is literally rummaging around in one of the demon's corpses. It's not exactly pretty, but it is somewhat…clinical? Opening his hand, a vial seems to materialize in his palm, constructed of black shiny glass, and some of the bloody visceral is deposited into it for later study. "You catch on quick." he utters over his shoulder at Audrey.

Clearly not a practiced 'Hero', the angelic male doesn't seem to know quite what to say, but Zee's big smile helps. "Okay. Good. I'm Joel," he offers his name. Audrey's question gets an immediate nod, but the reality of the slain and destroyed pieces of summoners pulls more of his attention. "…" Joel starts to verbally observe something of the slaughter, but then he sighs quietly, and moves a short distance to the nearest semi-whole summoner, and puts a hand on the summoner's forehead, the other checking for a pulse. With how many of them were sucked into portals or hacked apart he won't have many to actually check. If he gets close to any magic minions of Jackie's or the dark man himself, the anti-magic field is probably going to be apparent, despite being invisible.

"Pleased to meet you, Joel and thanks for the assist. The light was very helpful… I'm assuming some of it was yours." Audrey's glance gets a smile, but Zee is happy for Audrey to ask the questions. Zee will do social. "When you've all finished your checks here, I'll call this in…." Zee watches Jackie carefully "I'm sorry, I didn't get your name…"

"I can do it, too," Audrey replies to Jackie, holding out a hand to push the remnants of light away from the man, leaving him in pitch darkness. She nods to Zee, smile flickering, but she's clearly more curious about these new arrivals. "Are you…" Her brows rise as she watches what Joel is doing, curious.

There's seems to almost a blossoming of darkness around Jackie once Audrey dismisses the remaining around him. The Darklings look a little more deadly, a bit more devious, and Jackie himself looks a bit stronger, eyes glowing gold a bit more intensely. "Neat trick." he offers, rising back to stand, droping the vial in into a pit of writhing blackness, silently vanishing instead of shattering on the ground. A glance at Zee. "Jack." he headtilts slightly. "My…friend would introduce himself as the Darkness, but I feel the name is about as edgy as some kid playin' Linkin Park in his bedroom." No word on who his 'friend' is.

Misunderstanding that Audrey was asking him what HE was doing, Joel comments aloud, "I can't catch him; he's gone… and not to a particularly pleasant place, I think," of the person he was touching. He closes the summoner's eyes with his hand that was on the forehead, and kind of sadly looks around for others. It seems the group was pretty efficient in killing, though. Joel looks critically at the dark zone that seems to strengthen Jackie, but if he's judging, he's keeping it to himself. "Does this happen here all the time?" Joel asks.

Zee nods as Jack speaks "Jack, then." The mention of a 'friend' doesn't seem to phase her particularly. Audreys' display has the ravenhaired woman's eyes crinkling and then she turns her attention to Joel and her expression softens slightly. "I am sorry. I try not to harm people, just sometimes… " she sighs "it's not possible." Zee tilts her head slightly and regards the angelic man "You can sometimes catch them? Before they're gone?" Fascinating stuff, really.

Audrey lets the deepening shadows fade as well, watching Jackie curiously. Curiouser and curiouser. "It has its uses," she says slowly, looking back to where Joel is working on the wounded. Or dead. "I'm pretty sure they weren't very interested in not killing us," she points out, wrinkling her nose.

"Depends on who you're harmin'." Jackie doesn't seem to have many scruples in terms in taking someone, almost anyone to task in a deadly fashion. "Lookin' to track down the top dog, eh?" Extending his hand, what looks like worms, or snakes, or leeches or eels drip and drop from his hand, burrowing into the ground. "That type doesn't lay low for long. Sooner or later, they'll be knockin' on somone's door. Might as well do some knockin yourself." There's a shrug for Audrey. "They sure made a shitty attempt at it."

Joel stands back up, raking one hand back through his hair, in an expression of frustration. He meets Zee's softer look, and his own adjusts smoothly, to give her a brief answering smile. "They made the choices they did, and the cost is what it is. I just believe in redemption." He glances from Zee to Audrey and back, and answers Zee's last question, about 'catching them', with a sort of lift of both hands and mild shrug. "Sometimes." No pride in it, more a focus, it appears, on that he can't say 'usually'. "I'm better at, say, papercuts," he adds, with a brighter smile. (Literally, bright.) Which fades some at the eerie dark leech visual Jackie displays.

Shrugging at Jack and Audrey, Zee gives a grim smile "Still… I try not to deal in fatalaties… you never know when there's a compulsion in place or the motivations behind peoples actions." Another shrug "Call it a life choice." Joels answer gets a slow nod from the Mistress of Magic "I do too… redemption that is." and his bright smile is met with one of her own. "Are you guys nearly done here? It might be M-Town and all… but still, Illyana said clean up and that's what I intend to do."

"No, sorry," Audrey says quickly to Zee, taking a few steps back from the scene. "I'm, ah. This isn't usually my scene." Using the gun, she's trained for. Dealing with a scene afterwards, apparently not. The further intricacies of darkness-related effects from Jackie get a look, but she's already starting to back away from the scene.

"Some people just gotta die. That's the long and short of it. Other, they get lucky." No mincing words with Jackie, who takes another look at the mess they've created. "Right. That. Yeah, okay." There's no fingersnap or gesture, or much of anything. Rather, the night itself comes alive, as if the tide was coming in. A physical manifestation of darkness bubbles up from the ground where the fallen lay dead. It's almost like water, very thick, viscous water. It washes over the area where the corpses are, swallowing it all in what seems like a dark pit or mire.

After a moment it receeds, leaving no remains in it's wake, like some kind of unholy street cleaner. Most of the Darklings by this point have vanished as well, returned to…wherever they happened to come from. Beyond those standing there, there's litle in the way of signs that suggest that some kind of battle took place. "Someone needed a snack." He's not referring to himself from what it sounds like.

One of the Darklings, wearing a bowler cap, scampers up to Audrey, offering her a card. Smiling toothily, it patters away. "Waste not, want not. I need a fuckin' burger." At that, he begins to walk away, form eventually evaporating into the surronding night.

"My first time directly walking into some kind of dark ritual myself," Joel comments to Audrey. Clean-up…? Can I help with anything, Zee?" Joel asks, though his tone suggests he isn't sure what clean-up actually involves. He adjusts into a very low hover… about two feet off the ground, golden wings slowly moving, lazily emitting light. It's more obvious when he moves further away that he takes a little bit of warmth with him: nearby to him has a sunny-warmth quality. However, Joel just ends up hovering there and staring at the 'cleaning' Jackie performs. If he wasn't gold, he'd be green. "….oh," he says, simply, in a small voice. By his expression, he disagreed with what happened to the corpses. "They have families that will grieve… without answers," is what Joel says softly, possibly just to himself, or maybe also to Zatanna.

Zees eyes widens as Jack 'cleans up'. "Ummm not exactly what I had in mind, but that works." She sighs a little "I would have called it in, but doing so is probably going to be problematic now." and she nods in sad agreement with Joels assessement about family. "There's nothing left to be done now… but thank you for the offer." another wry look and she blows out a breath "I think I'm going to get a coffee, would you two like to join me?" The young magician, flourishes her hand and produces a card out of nowhere that she hands to Joel "If you ever need to get in touch."

Audrey takes the card from the darkling, bemused, before peering once more into the shadows. "Thanks, but I, ah. I should be going," she smiles briefly to Zatanna, nodding to Joel as well. "Take care, yeah?"

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