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January 26, 2015: Kendrin arrives in Gotham to a very interesting welcome wagon


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It's a quiet night in Chelsae, which it has previously not been as evidenced by the fact that the Fox has traded his usual one handed sword for his 'I'm not f-ing around anymore' sword. Which is a claymore. He hasn't needed it tonight, though. That's nice. At the moment he's just trotting along the rooftops atop a ghostly elk, watching the streets below. Someone had reported… disturbances. Well, someone being Andrea, his friend who gets visions who had said something strange and important would happen here.

So far all he's seen is two possums and a dog. Nothing so strange there.

"Riiiiiiight… ollie ollie oxenfreee…."


Oracle, as usual, is monitoring all her team on the ground. With the Fox, Misfit and May it's fairly easy for the redhead, they've all go Oracle communicators and their avatars appear on her screens. Seeing the location of The Fox's avatar, she cocks her head and frowns slightly before activating the channel "Any problems there, Fox?"


Misfit is enjoying a quiet night of dangling a drug dealer off the edge of an apartment building. "Soo.. you are saying your source is a man named Alan Jeffries… ooh got it.. goes by AllieJ .. I get it.. so is there an official term for the guy who deals to dealers or are they just something boring like a dealer or a supplier?" she really doesn't have the whole scare them with a raspy voice and all down yet, but the whole oh my god this girl seems crazy and I am dangling off a roof works like a darn charm. All said though she isn't very busy.


First night here, and already Oracle's words about the 'night life' in Gotham being very active are proving to be true. She's not got her SHIELD gear, but she is wearing sturdy jeans and a fitted leather jacket. It's about as close to Batgear as she's likely to get. "Sitrep, Oracle. What's going on here?" Because that guy, the one with the Fox mask, she's not really all that fond of him right now.


In another world, on the other side of an inter-reality wormhole, there's an extremely noisy, high-speed chase happening. It involves a runaway, steam-powered cart, a pair of mechanical horselike creatures ridden by black-uniformed men carrying compression rifles, and something vaguely resembling a glowing hamster wheel on legs that clatters along after like a drunken elephant on two legs.

At the front of the chase, atop the smoke-belching cart, a diminutive woman fires a series of arrows into buildings along the cobbled road, slender wires thwwping out between the arrows that thunk heavily into sturdy timbers. A ferret like creature clings to the roll on her back, batlike wings unfurled in an effort to maintain balance.

A compression slug whizzes past her head, narrowly missing the ferret thing as well. It hisses and belches a gout of flame out of its mouth in response.

Then, one of the mechanized horses stumbles when it hits the wires and the men and black are pitched off. The lurching hamster wheel gets tangled in the flying gears and the cart pitches to one side as it screams around a rough-hewn corner.

The woman makes a wild leap, expecting to land atop a sloping structure covering the walkway before a storefront… Instead, she pitches much further forward than she expected, tumbling pell-mell into a trash-strewn alley, startling a cat. The ferret thing bounces off of walls, as it careens through the air, and the woman lets a string of words out that have the tone of expletives, though they're in no language heretofore heard on Earth, as she rolls back to her feet and pulls back her bow.
It's aimed at the fleeing cat.


The sound of unearthly shouting and the sound of cat both, oddly, signal the start of the Fox's signature trouble. Magic and the occult. There's enough of it in Gotham these days and no one (well, not enough people) really handling it.

So as the cat flees out of the alleyway, May stares at him from afar (thus far unnoticed) and Misfit interrogates a drug dealer, Kane urges Stomper into a run and comes around the corner with his repeater crossbow at the ready.

The sight that greets the woman who just landed there is… certainly an odd one. The elk is tall and glowing blue and transparent and the man on it is dressed in a linen and leather outfit that provides padding without overly restricting movement, topped off with a green hooded cloak and a fox masquerade mask. He's got a baondolier of purple crystals across his chest, a sack that rattles (with charms) at his side, a huuuuuge sword on his back and a sawwed off shotgun slung behind him. "What the… hell?"

Yeah, pot. Meet kettle.

"Yeah… yeah… no? Maybe. Definite Maybe." Kane's not sure if he has problems.


Oracle can see…. something through the video feed on Kanes communicator, she's just not sure what. "Standby May. This isn't our usual type of trouble. Conferencing you in with the Druid." That actually gets a roll of the redheads eyes, she recalls the last interaction these to had "Please try not to punch him this time. He does work with us…"

Before conferencing the calls, Oracle speaks to Misfit "When you've finished pla… ummmm… interrogating that drug dealer, would you join The Fox and May, please. I'm going to conference you in to that call." She passes the location of the Fox to Misfit, remembering that coordinates don't help the young woman at all.

"May, Fox, Misfit, call conferenced. Fox, May and Misfit will be joining you. Perhaps you could explain what I'm seeing?"


Misfit concentrates "So… anything else I should know about AllieJ and his operation… woops" she lets go and catches his ankle. Yeah she was concentrating so she didn't accidently really kill the guy. "Ooh.. his good old HQ is in the bodega at.. right… you are totes helpful man." She shifts to grab him with both hands and then gives him a solid flip to slam his face into the building and knock his ass out. Then she reels him up and zipties him with all the drugs and his gun in a pile nearby. "Dealer for pickup in Coventry O." yeah she is a ways from Fox and May but it isn't like that even matters.

Really all she needs is that she should join Fox, or maybe what Fox's comm is seeing through a small video patch in the upper right corner of her new goggles "Got it." she vanishes from the rooftop with a flash of pink and purple smoke, reappearing silently and without fanfare on the roof above Fox and the new girl's alley. A couple of short steps and she is peering down at them. Another vantage for O.


"I won't punch him if he leaves me the hell alone, Oracle." And that's all that May has to say about that as she heads toward Fox-mask's location. She clearly isn't a typical Gotham sort, as she's not rooftop-hopping. Once she's closer to the Druid, though, her attention turns toward whatever he's looking at. Archer. Damnit. She promptly moves to be out of Kendrin's line of sight (can't shoot what you can't see) and pulls her sash whip out of a jacket pocket. If need be, she's going to aim to take that bow out of the woman's hands. She's practiced this against Bishop, and can manage it about half the time.


Neither the woman nor the portal are particularly magical. Not even the ferret thing, though there are those that might argue the point. They're just… alien. And the equipment the woman carries, well, that's all *SCIENCE!* Albeit sophisticated science.

The ferret thing regains his feet and shakes himself out like a dog just out of the bath. He lets out a grumpy mreep and then launches himself into the air, to hover between the woman and the glowing elk.

The woman adjusts the aim of her bow, uncertain whether to aim it at the glowing animal and its hooded rider or not. So, she keeps it pointed down and to one side — just an easy sweep up away from ready. Of course, she can't understand a word he says… though the tone reflects her own thoughts.

Providing, of course, they have that much common ground between them.

She says nothing, herself, simply watching him, her narrowed eyes reflecting back the glimmer of street lamps beyond the alley mouth. However, when the teleporter appears, her attention darts up there for half a heartbeat. Then, it's back to the fox-masked fellow. And then to flick towards the movement at the mouth of the alley. And back to Fox.

Her expression tightens.

Slowly, she straightens, letting out a soft whistle between her teeth. The flying ferret protests with another mreep, but circles around towards her to alight on her shoulder. Though she doesn't put it away, she lowers her bow, the arrow loose on the string. She raises her right hand, the one that had been on the string, and says something calmly and carefully — again in that foreign tongue.


Is that English? No. Is that ancient Celtic? Also no. Is that an earthly langage? Damned of the Fox knows. Maybe it's Farsi or something. However the pointy eared creature doesn't seem to be hostile. Which is good. He gets along pretty well with the Gotham faerie population and didn't have an iron tipped bolt loaded anyway. So he lowers his own crossbow, very deliberately takes a round red crystal out of a pocket and holds it up, squinting, looking for…

Huh… no magical aura… on either of them." He announces mostly to May and Misfit but also to Oracle. "And here I thought she was faerie or something. Bow's kind of interesting…" Let's try the celtic.

"Greetings traveller. An' you mean no harm, we welcome you."


Oracle hopes the Fox remembers his last encounter with May and takes the womans words onboard. But time to worry about that later, the language the archer speaks has her interest. "Sampling the language and searching my databases. A wider sample would be appreciated." the Foxs words about no magic has her sitting forward and using the cameras' on three comms units to give her a better look. "I need a better look at her outfit… maybe there are some clues there."


Misfit watches the Fox having trouble down there. "Foxman, try the universal greeting. Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong." sounds like Misfit but the profile is different in this new outfit as she rests her elbows on the small safety wall at the edge of the roof and peers down at the alley's inhabitants "O, can I have a small flying ferret dragon cat… because it looks absolutely amazing and way cooler than K'nert."


Melinda May sees Fox lower his crossbow, so she moves back into the strange woman's line of sight, figuring the Druid would not have done what he did if she had not done similar. She studies the woman more closely from her new vantage point, and for her own part probably looks rather unthreatening next to Mr. Glowingelk over here. After all, she's only got a length of fabric in her hands… "She's not speaking any language I'm familiar with." Misfit's comments go completely ignored, mostly because she long since learned to tune out inane comm chatter. You can blame Barton for that.


The bow is high-tech, to be sure. Its composition and design isn't recognizable as any of the tech bow makers on Earth, certainly. And even a cursory scan of its doohickeys would suggest it's got a lot more going for it than simple point and shoot. Indeed, even the arrow is made of some sort of composite polyceramic shaft with an unusual metal point. There's a small, clearly technologically based lens on a visor in front of her right eye and some sort of technological device is wrapped around her left forearm. The drape of coat conceals most of what is attached to her belt and only the tip of the handle of her knife is visible out the top of her right boot.

She watches the crossbow get turned away and, though she doesn't relax, she considers that a good sign. The language, different than the initial one she heard, is just as incomprehensible, however.

Again, her eyes flick to the mouth of the alley as May makes her presence a little more clearly known. Her eyes flick to the sash in the woman's hands and there's a brief cant of her head and narrowing of her eyes as she considers the possibilities.

She speaks again, tone still even, calm, and perhaps a little slower and clearer than before — even if she knows full well they can't understand a word.


"I don't think she's from around here." Kane has more or less given up on communicating verbally with this woman but he doesn't give up entirely. Instead he climbs down off the elk and sends it off with a swat. It trots forward and vanishes into nothingness in a few paces. The masked man approaches the woman, both hands in the air and then extends one, empty but gloved hand out in front of him.


"I would agree" Oracle responds slowly "The language isn't registering on any database and neither in her style of dress." Magic might have Oracle baffled but interdimensional travellers or visitors from other Earths aren't an issue. The redhead ignores Misfit, although she snorts a little at the K'Nert comparison… supposedly the flying ferret dragon cat might not bite unprovoked, that's a good thing.


Misfit sighs "Why does no one ever take my advice. I swear one of these days someone will be all like.. damn Misfit was totes right… alas we should have listened to her but no .. now mankind is doomed…" she just sighs and shakes her head very sadly. She doesn't teleport for once, no sir she leaps down off the roof, grabbing the fire escape and swinging herself over, kicking off the wall on the otherside of the alley and landing by May. It isn't too hard to be fearless about parkour when you can always teleport if you miss a roof jump. She does land like an olympian though. May definitely hasn't seen her new costume.


Melinda May stays where she is as Kane approaches the woman. She's still wary despite the woman's tone of voice not sounding either threatening or threatened. And you know what? She's not on the clock. So she TOTALLY rolls her eyes at Misfit's words, and isn't at all startled by her landing nearby. "Maybe we should try introductions first. Maybe find a way to ask if she's got a universal translator on her." Yeah, Misfit isn't the only one that can reference crappy old sci-fi.


The woman's eyes dart to the elk as it trots forward and fades from sight. A wry twist pulls at one side of her mouth as she returns her attention to the man. He extends his hand as the figure on the roof bounces down towards the mouth of the alley. The woman starts to raise her bow, but pauses as it becomes apparent the girl isn't actually trying to offer threat.

Thus, she regards the proffered hand for a moment before slowly raising her own to match it, her fingers curling loosely over his forearm, rather than his palm. The ferret spreads his wings and peers narrowly at the man from his perch on her shoulder.

Perhaps, despite the animal's implacability, this is progress.


Okay. Arm shake. That'll work. Kane returns the gesture peering back at the ferret dragon cat thing for a moment and then loosing his grip to step back.

"I will not say that." The Fox calls back to Misfit. "Because I only say totes when Im referring to large bags."

"May, Oracle, we cant just leave this woman out here. She's not hostile but by her kit she's a warrior or hunter of some kind and Gotham is rough enough that she'll end up in trouble." Not necessarily a victim but trouble there will be.


Oracle considers the Foxs request and nods slowly. "I have places where people can stay safely…" a pause and then a sigh "They are secure with surveillence but… without being able to explain the implications to her, it's a massive security risk." Closing down the conferenced link, Oracle speaks directly to May "May, I'm speaking only to you, noone can hear this discussion. There is room for another in that location I sent you to, how would you like to play minder for me?"


Misfit eyerolls "Okay gramps." she snarks at the Fox, then meanders forward in an entirely unthreatening manner. She stops by the Fox and points to herself. "Misfit." pause repeat point "Misfit" then points at the Fox "Foxman." pause point "Foxman." then back to May "Agent May." no mangling her name, no sir no sir. Point "Agent May." then she smiles to Kendrin a patent pending totally disarming and guile free smile. Watching the winged Ferret with fascination.


Melinda May watches Misfit work on introductions, then taps her earpiece once to acknowledge Oracle's private request. And then she adds for everyone while tucking her sash whip away again, "We're going to have to be careful even if we get her back to a safehouse. How do we know that normal food for a human won't be completely toxic to her?"

The woman steps back as the man does. Her thumb strokes the haft of her bow briefly and the string is released from one end to reel back into an arm before the entire thing folds up into the haft itself. She latches it onto a place on the cuff on her right forearm and slides the arrow into a flat quiver covered by the roll on her back. She raises a hand to stroke the ferret, calming him some, though he still doesn't look happy.

Her attention moves to Misfit as the girl approaches and does the whole attempt at introduction. This is a routine the stranger is well familiar with. "Kendrin," she says shortly, laying a hand against her chest. She points to the critter on her shoulder. "Kell."

She is aware of May's body language, as she is all of them, and she recognizes the businesslike, almost military precision. Her quick evaluation now pegs the asian woman as the greater threat of the three, though no one — including the stranger — is offering hostility presently.

Again, that wry expression pulls at her lips and she glances to the ferret, stroking his chin. The animal snirks in an almost sardonic manner in response, and then stretches out his head for better skritches.


"Well some things don't change, I see. That is indeed a cat with wings." Kane notes and steps away and back. If she'll willingly go with May, so much the better. He'd offer to house the woman at Lost Arts but he doesn't particularly have a way to keep her hidden, nor to monitor her… and he kind of shudders to think what'd happen if Kell got into the forge.

"It's the Fox, by the way." He mutters as he motions for Kendrin to follow. As he turns his back the visitor will, perforce, get a very, very good look at the small armory he's carrying with him.


Oracle reconferences the channels "May knows where to take her. Kendrin." The Foxs mutter gains a small smile and the redhead speaks to Misfit "Misfit, please do use the right names. "As to food and such May, I really don't know. Once we get you to settled, maybe she'll be able to show us something. It would appear that Kendrin may have done this before."


Misfit blinks "What.. it isn't foxman?" okay she can be a bit of a brat it is true. She sighs and points after the Fox "The Fox." correcting the naming to Kendrin and then smiles and points to the smaller critter "Kell." pause "Very cool."
She tilts her head then does this come this way, follow me sort of gesture and heads after Fox. Pausing after a little ways to look back now.


"I'll start simple, then." Not that's any food to be had in that safehouse right now. She's not exactly had time to go grocery shopping. If Kendrin does follow the Druid, she'll nod and lead the way. Hope y'all are ready for a bit of a hike. May's travelling by shoe leather today. Well, unless Oracle has other ideas.


As long as they don't try putting her in a cell, locking her away, or stripping her of her belongings, Kendrin will be patient enough. She's had lots of practice. Her ears rise and fall at Fox's mutterings. She perceives the subtlety, but not the precise meaning. Not yet, anyway. She'll have to review the event, later, and try to decipher things. Certainly, as she begins to follow him, his arsenal isn't lost on her. A brow arches briefly, and a small, wry smile touches her lips. Oh, she's seen this type of thing before, too.

Fox's muttering, however, is reinforced by Misfit's repetition, so she files away the information change for later reference and, as the girl beckons and May assumes the lead, pads along silently with them.

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