January 27 2015: The Fox and Poison Ivy are probably going to end up fighting one of these days. Today is not that day.

The Narrows

The Narrows is all but abandoned by all but the criminal, the desperate, the Bats and Poison Ivy.



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The Narrows. A place not much traveled due to crime and the inability to live a peaceful and warm life amonst the citizens. There is a lot of death of course, mostly due to drive by shootings, overdoses, mob hits and random muggings, then there's the type of people who do not stop when they pass the city street and ping people with the front ends of their cars for 50 points.

The Narrows. Lovely.

But it's obvious where Ivy lays her head, the entire area walled off with a row of vines that jut from the ground and reach for the heavens like so. It was a dome, large enough to encase a house and filled with enough green that could actually survive the harsh winters that Gotham provides.

Snow still managed to weasel its way in, peppering the plants with a layer of frost that actually makes it look magical. Little sprite wisps tended to these by Ivy's hand, making sure that everything.. no everyone still lived in the chilled city.

But she was there, near to it at least, walking along the outside of her dome, words quieted as she whispers to herself, coat tugged up to cover her neck and held true with gloves that fit her fingers.

She didn't linger long, however. For she veers off onto the beaten path, taking a nice midnight stroll to admire the ruined buildings and daydream of a time that's soon to come.

In her eyes, at least.

Kane is walking, rather than riding. The Narrows are deader, magically speaking, than most of the rest of Gotham (which is already itself very magically barren) but every once in a while something crops up that brings the Fox down here. Tonight it was a simple lost bobcat. His contacts had whispered of a vaguely fey presence and he'd figured a lost malk. But no, just a large wild hungry cat easily led elsewhere. That taken care of he walks the streets now, sticking to the darker parts as he makes sure that nothing else is going on before he heads back to the hotspot that is Chinatown. Nothing so far it seems, but ruined buildings.

In these parts, Ivy was usually alone. Her crazy managed to secure this little part of the Narrows in which she calls home. Which is why when she spies a lone figure, her brows knit together in a little slice of heavenly anger, yet thinks the better of approaching and slides against a dilipitated building. As soon as he's out of her sight again, those heels lightly click fast against the ground, attempting to catch up with the figure to follow behind him without means to mask nor want to.

Quiet as he can be, and usually is, those heavy boots of the Fox's do make a soft thump, thmup as he steps down the desserted Narrows streets. He's used to hearing it. Which is why, when he hears those little click-click-clicks behind him, he thinks it's an echo. Then he stops and they keep going. Yep. There they are. Soft as you please. Click-click-click.

The masked man turns peering behind him. Nothing. They seem to be… approaching. No one tends to be on the streets this late, so Kane's curious. Who on earth…

There was a lot of manuvering on her part. Ivy had a flair for the dramatics, so to time this perfectly, she had to be quick and nearly out of breath to stand in front of him.

Yes. Those click-click-clicks echoed through the buildings, creating a cacophony of sounds to mask which way she was going. Which is why when he turned his head a final time?

She was right there in his face when he turned back. Alright, not in his face? But close enough. And out of reach. Just out of reach for a man with long arms…

Sidebar here. Men with long arms. That shit just looks so creepy! Who would even date a guy with super long arms, he's not even porprotionate. And oh god, the kids! One kid will have a ten foot arm and the other would have a three..

Wait. Getting off track.

"WHAT the hell are you doing here." Yeah, she knows this guy. She'd probably tie him up and beat him dead if it wasn't for his gift. He was a vigilante that she could get behind. And it doesn't hurt that the 'behind' part was hidden away with clothes and cloaks that she couldn't look at. A secret. One she wouldn't mind learning.

"Are you following me?"

"Ivy!" Kane almost jumps. Certainly starts. People these days do manage to sneak up on him a fair bit, but not usually that close and not usually Poison Ivy. He hadn't been expecting to see her… er… well ever. Despite the fact that they do seem to run into one another a fair bit. "Just leading a little lost kitten away." A forty pound kitten with fangs the size of nails. "Are you following me?"

There was a grin as he called her name, the need to reach out to snatch the mask from his face great but refrained from for now.

But she does step forward, stalkingly, that grin falling into a straight faced look with no emotion, nearly drawing nose to nose with the mask in front of her. "Mmhmm." She states, figuring that he's lying about the kitten. She didn't see a cat (yet), all she saw was a man-fox who encroached upon her territory.

"If I were following you." She states, but leaves it open ended.

Kane steps to the left. Carefully. Still facing Ivy. It's the dance of two people who know they can't quite trust the other. Well, Kane doesn't trust Ivy at all but given that she's only been overtly hostile to him once (and just a little distraught over a plant the other time) he's not prepared to simply break out the sword and shotgun. "You seem less upset this time." The last time she'd been rather cross with him for deciding that he didn't want to be a part of Doctor Venom's welcome party. Speaking of, he understands the damn guy got away. Which is a shame though not on his radar unless somone prods him about it.

"This time." She states cooly, stepping to the left to follow his movements. Her hands were behind her back this time, gaze narrowing, and stepping forward to add a little bit of danger to the tango they dance.

"I should be livid. LIVID." Her voice echoes, hands suddenly reaching out to curl her fists, but not reach. "You. Almost. Ruined. Everything." She states, a low hiss bubbling forth, another step taken.

"I should beat you black and blue for being on the side of The Bat."

Another step to the left, that slow circle. Kane doesn't move back, yet, but much closer than this and he's going to start. So long as he doesn't end up backed against a wall. Plenty of room in the streets so long as you keep an eye out for the odd car. Of which there are none at present.

"Dunno what you were working on, but your other buddy there was kind of a nut. Also, he bolted on you." Which was cute, almost. "What about the Bat has you so wound up mmm?"

Kane's quite sure that there is indeed an answer. A loooooong answer. Which is part of the point of asking.

The slow circle was met with one of her own. It was an odd dance of course, something that was rehearsed. Predator to prey, prey to predator. "That is a secret." She willingly admits, but anything further would be untold and left to the birds.

"He only did what I told him to. And my anger towards the Bat is my own." Because he locked her up in Arkham, took her from the Green, her plants. Her loves, her lives, her friends.. seclusion, thinking about it made her crazy.

"He kept me from them." She finally blurted out, almost hushed and rushed. "And he too will be dead for what he's done!"

Them could really be anyone. Buuuuuuut given the way she reacted in the gardens, he's betting on 'flowers' or something like that. Still that slow circle. It might almost be from a stage play or something. The two maybe-antagonists circle as they talk. Kane doesn't usually start fights he doesn't have to. Particularly with people who can do some of his own tricks, only better.

"So much anger. Though I guess you have a lot of company. Lots of people want the Bat dead."

"And I want those dead who want the bat dead." She seemed a little calmer now, not upset, not sad.. just a blank canvas in a dance only meant for two. "But you ally with him?" Was her question, it seems she was prying as well. "For not too long after you left the Bat came running. Did you call him?"

That dance continues to circle round. Slow, even cadence. One could almsot be forgiven for thinking that they'd practiced it. For the Fox he almost has. Footwork is part of swordplay and this is largely a fencing match without swords.

"We have similar goals. Different views of things. But that's how these things go. I don't have the Bat's number though. I rather expect that you called him, in a manner of speaking. He does seem to have eyes everywhere, and I do remember hearing him call you out by name."

For a moment, Ivy looks confused, but she keeps her eyes upon her surroundings, attempting to move him into a place where his back would be against the wall and she could pounce. "I called him?" She questions, brows lifting and lowering again. "Oh. I get it. His city calls him when it's in danger. That sort of thing."

She stops the dance abruptly, one could only dance so long in heels before the dogs start to bark, relenting .. for now.

"If I remember correctly, It was you who called my name. Where's Ivy." She states plainly. "Someone has a hard on for me." She even makes the motions, at times.. she was truly a sick individual.

Kane had said that. He'd been saying that to Oracle, mostly. Because Ivy is not someone to have sneaking up on you. "His city does seem to have him on speed dial. And he shows up in the oddest places."

"Ah yes well, consider that a compliment. An upset Ivy isn't anyone to be trifled with, I'm well aware."

"He won't have it any longer." If she had her way, no.. when she has her way? Gotham will be hers.

"I do consider that a compliment. It's not often when I do at least get a chance to have a conversation with .. someone like you." A calm conversation, no fighting. To be honest? Ivy was not in the mood to fight, she really just wanted a stroll. "Walk with me."

She doesn't wait for him really, she even goes so far as to show him her back. Even though Ivy was not to be trusted and her moods change with the wind, the relaxed nature in her stroll tells truths that she'd currently lie about.

"I don't remember if I garnered your handle from you. But judging by your mask.." Which she won't try to snatch off. She'll let him fill in the blanks.

The Fox walks forward, slightly behind Ivy and definitely out of arms reach. For either of them. Poison Ivy, despite having a power or two in common with him, is not somone on his radar. He's well aware from the news that she's dangerous, but doesn't know much about her. That she's… a bit unbalanced he's already gathered, but if he's going to see more of her (and he suspects he will) it'd be good to know about her.

"I'm called the Fox." He won't feel bad that she hasn't heard it before. Most outside his community really haven't. "Which, yeah, is why if have the mask."

She was going back home, while she wouldn't be above luring the man into her place to put him to the test, and that flower was still there unused, she wasn't going to do anything terrible this night. There were times when she was a hero in her own right, but those times were few and far in between.

"Known by any other name?" She asks, teasing just a little as she cocks her head over her shoulder. Even if he couldn't see her smile, her eyes told it all.

"Afraid of letting anyone see who you really are?" For she certainly wasn't.

"People who upset those more powerful than they should be a little circumspect." Kane chuckles. "Particularly when one deals in magic. Names and identities have power and death curses are messy things." The Fox shrugs. He doesnt expect to be believed but theres nothing in his body language that tells an intent to decieve. Indeed rather the opposite.

"Mmh." She offers up as a reply, turning the corner down into /her/ section, the view of the dome readily seen in the distance. They didn't have long to go now, her pace was still casual however, favoring the conversation for now. It was interesting, for she learned one thing. He dealt in magic.

"Only if you believe. I for one have never seen magic up close, however.." She lifts her hands to wiggle her fingers within the air. "What you give power to has it's hold on you. Besides, magic is just unexplained science." Not that she was brushing it off. In science, everything had an explanation or a reason, magic, in itself, just hasn't been understood yet.

Theres even a branch of magic dedicated to that. Hermetics. "I have to be careful to avoid giving out that power, at anyrate." The Fox is learning as well. Ivy is of a scientific bent… and may actually live over in that direction. "But then, you know of the power of names. The plants give you their own, or so it seemed to be in the garden."

Her head tilts a little in agreement, causing the curls of red to dance along her shoulders. He had a point. She kept her own name hidden from her persona, only a few knew of it. In fact, she wouldn't be surprised of the Bat knew as well.

They were gaining close, it was only a few steps towards the dome of vines that move and curl, breathe around the house she took up residence in. So close that they could snatch out and wrap anyone up in at a moments notice.

Though, his mention of plants give her pause, turning sharply upon her heels to regard him with a tiny bit of wonder. "You heard them too?"

"Not quite like you do I expect." The sudden turn has Kane tensing slightly. "Feel them is more like it. I sort of a whisper of a semsation at the edge of awareness unless i focus on it." All life calls to the Fox really but plants and animals call differently." He stops here, eying those vines.

Ivy can be nice! She didn't do anything to harm or snatch at the man, the fact that he could even feel the plants and greenery itself was a surprise. He wasn't the fabled Swamp Thing, no way anyone could hide that sort of bulk underneath a cloak and mask. He.. for all she knows, is a person underneath. A real person. Who was somewhat, kind of, just like her.

She still hates him though.

A bit.

"I don't like you." What? "But you're nice." All because he didn't knock her upside her head and dragged her back to Arkham. And it was possibly the only decent thing she may or may not ever say to him again. "I suppose after this, we will attempt to maim and maul each other. You or I will be captured and sent to hell or jail…"

"Is that really necessary?" The Fox grimaces. He's well aware of Ivy's reputation, though not the person behind it. And he can see there is a person behind it. Behind layers of insanity and resentment perhaps, but a person still. "So far it hasn't been." Neither of them have actually tried to hurt the other (rather shockingly) if you don't count Ivy's attempts to grab the Kane at their last meeting.

"Or is that just kind of how it works?"

She had to think about that. She almost looked like a wounded animal when he asked. She shakes her head completely, arms soon drawn behind her back, head lowered, feet slightly crooked upon the ground. "Yes. No. For me yes." One shoulder lifts in a brief shrug, her jaw tensing to steele.

"This is how it works." She states, preparing to teach him a lesson that even she isn't sure about. "I do something horrible. Or, go out into public. You spot me or catch wind of me doing something horrid, and then you chase. You catch up. We fight. If one of us is lucky, we get away to play another day." There was a turn then, looking up towards her creations, the vines slowly parting to allow a few of the spritely plant-wisps free. "That is how it supposedly works. Never have I ever sat and had a conversation like this with someone who is my opposite." Unless it was behind bars.

Kane shrugs. "I hunt monsters. You know. Ghosts. Witches. Things that go bump." Ivy hasn't pinged on his radar for a reason. He does do crime, but usually it has a 'cops can't handle this' angle. And cops can't handle Ivy… most of the time. But she's not a monster.

Per se.

"So that's not usually how I play."

"Usually." She pointed out. He did wreck her shipment. She couldn't get her hopes up that it was a one time thing and they could actually be friends. But, why not? Try it on for a while. Yet since she wasn't sure if he was affiliated with Batman or not, and he now knows where she lives, she was going to have to leave eventually. In a way, this made her sad. This area, although crime riddled, was filled with history. And it looked like a city in ruins with her part overrunning it with green.

"Friendship. Then." She states warily, her hand slowly reaching out, gloved of course, for a shake.

Kane reaches out and takes that hand, his own gloved in rather thick leather. "Friendship." He's not sure they can really be friends either but he gets the feeling that it's not normal for her to not just rant and strike and hurt and maim. Why she'd spare him, he's not sure, but if all she wants is this…

He doesn't think for a moment that friendship will cure all her ills. She's clearly got issues. But what could it hurt? "And respect, even if it doesn't work out. At least from me."

There was that itch again to reach over and tug off that mask while she had his hand, but she didn't. She just leaned in, giving the tip of a nose a chaste peck, then releases his hand and turns.

She really doesn't say anything else. Which meant it was a really good thing that she didn't. At least she had a.. friend of sorts to tend to her plants if something were to happen. Right?

Either way, she moves towards the vines, the little wisps following overhead as the vines part with a loud creak, in which she disappears inside.

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