Security Breach: Tighter and Tighter

January 27th, 2015: Clint Barton, Maria Hill and Diana Prince meet with Nick Fury in regards to the JL:A and security issues.

The Triskelion, NYC

It's cold and very high up.



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An upper terrace of the Triskelion, normally inaccessible but with the attack nights before the gaping hole has allowed an easy portal. Nick Fury stands out on this stretch of dangerous ice and snow coated walkway, a cigar clenched in his lips and lit up - a haze sits over New York that is a cold fog over the Hudson and actually blots out much visual for the Atlantic. A burst of frigid wind slices across the structure, causing the Director's trench coat to sweep up and back, he is dressed warm underneath it with a cozy looking sweater.
"Nice view this side of the building. Never would known… " Fury's voice carries.

Clint's been back and forth to his own little office, moving his stash of PopTarts from the general lounge to his desk. Not that it'll be safe there either. And after hearing about his arrow collection being raided, he's got R&D deal with replacing the tips, and quite possibly setting them up for new stuff. A word here, a whisper there.

Once done, while not necessarily 'summoned' to the hallowed (open) halls of the upper floors, it doesn't mean the Agent doesn't go up anyway. From behind Fury, Clint rolls his shoulders under his jean jacket in an attempt to get warm in even just the sight of the gaping hole. "Could get a nice spot from this angle." Hawkeye is all about being high up, and watching. "Not that I'd have put in for the duty, mind…"

The state of SHIELD's headquarters is as clear a sign as ever that a change in approach is in the air. Hill's been hopping around the globe trying to help prevent one crisis or another. Now the crisis is happening right at home. Right beneath her own damn feet.

She slips and nearly falls on a patch of ice across the smooth tile floor on her way up to Fury's office. "Someone get some goddamn salt down here, stat! Take it out of the mess if you have to!"

The Deputy Director is in a very, -very- foul mood lately. She's bundled up in a coat of her own over her standard uniform, the pistol holsters at her hips left open and accessible should she need to shoot some -other- intruder, or security breach, on her way to get another cup of coffee.

This time the outing is up to where Fury's hanging out, dumping the last heaping pile of reports onto her desk before making the trek, -through the snow,- to where the Director Prime lurks.

"This whole situation is fucked three ways to Sunday."

Oh, and 'reporting for duty, sir.'

There are only a few agents let in on the secret of /who/ Diana Prince really is, and she is a reserve agent, one hardly seen so far, but her field lies in other concerns more Amazonian - until now. It does not take much to get Diana back to the Tri-Cities and where she calls her home, and this has her in the suited up attire out of the norm. Black trouser cut slacks hug at hips and fall loosely towards feet, a button up white shirt in-seamed to a fitted portion and the top two buttons undone for comforts sake while a leather jacket rests over it all bearing the necessary insignias designating her as an active agent. Black hair is pinned up and glasses rest upon the bridge of her nose where cerulean eyes peer from behind.

Booted feet carry her towards the newly 'made' terrace where that chilled wind cuts past and pushes a lapel of the jacket aside but she makes no move to zip it up against the new indoor weather system.

"Could use a painting… Right here maybe to liven it up?" Diana says with a small quirk to her lips while holding a hand up on a blasted edge that leads from inside to out.

Too soon?

But as the gesture is made her had rests upon the charred markings there, smoothing over them. Looking. Feeling…

"Permanent sniper roost? May not be a bad idea considering this situation. You said something a while back about wanting an office space on the top floor right? Got an old maintenance closet about right… " Fury raps gloved knuckles on the side of the building, "About there."

The man is joking?

The director's chin tips up as Hill shows up, "This is why I got you as my second, Maria. Your absolute fucking expertise in pointing out the obvious." Yeah, he is joking. A night or two of rest and he has had time to cool down.

"Diana too? I didn't set out the china, all of you will just have to rough it with me."

"Alright, get the how you doin' chit chat out of the way then we're cutting to business." Fury is actually waiting for them to do just that before he proceeds with the serious stuff.

Clint scowls in consideration, not because of any ill humour, mind, but rolling with the 'punches'. He steps forward, making sure he doesn't slip, though his boots are pretty much proof against it. He's actually pretty damned sure-footed. Peering over the ledge, Hawkeye bounces his head in a nod. "No one'll steal my stuff, so I'm good with it." How much room does he need anyway.

Of course Clint knows it's a semi-serious joke. The message in return, 'I'm your guy.'

Hill's sliding into the area brings Clint's head whipping around, "Careful." As if Maria needs to be reminded. A hint of a smirk rises at the discomfort; they're all 'there'.

It's when 'Agent Prince' arrives that the smirk turns to a slightly broader smile. "Too soon, I'm thinking. Though, a quick consult with the lowest bidders might be a good starting point."

Now, however, greetings are done, and Hawk sticks his hands into jacket pockets. For as much as Maria is armed, Clint has his holdout pistol strapped to his leg. Yeah. He actually does take security breaches seriously.

"What'cha got, sir?"

"Just playing my part, Sir," Hill deadpans in response as she comes to stand nearby the gaping wound in the side of the building with the others. "'Roughing it' seems to be our new SOP, after all."

Hill is ready to get down to business, herself. There's plenty which needs to be addressed, however she can't help but eye the other female agent present with one brow hooked upward slightly. Given the mix of individuals in the room she can gather that the discussion isn't going to delve into upper-tier security levels. Not initially, at least. Simple stuff first.

All she has to offer for small-talk is to look at Prince and Barton then motion with a tilt of her head to one side. "If you're looking for coffee you'll want the pot at the end of the hall, the other nooks around this area are iced over."

That out of the way, she seconds Barton's question with "Just tell me where to go and whose ass to kick."

When Diana's hand falls she is rubbing thumb and index together, but beyond that she does nothing further save observe and offer her own extension of greeting with a smile in return to Clint and a nod to Hill.

"Agent Prince." Beat. "No need for coffee, thank you though." Coffee did her no good and the flavor was not truly worth it. She tried it once. Nowhere near as good as the Cold Stone.

Stepping away from the edge she holds little concern, now folding her hands one over the other in front of her and awaiting what is to come. She was not here for al that befell the Triskelion but she would help end it. The means, after all.

"Shit, I wouldn't want you on the top floor. That would be an HR nightmare… You ain't supposed to call my bluff, Agent Barton." A spit of cigar wad and Fury's lips are working before he is relighting it, the wind is a bit of a bitch but he's a pro at this.

"Cohiba." Fury offers with an extended hand for anyone who wants one.

Several seconds pass as the man toys with the smoke and flavor and he speaks again, "Clint, Maria, I want updates on your current missions, update them as best you can, full detail then sit on them. New priority is security and getting the JL:Avengers Initiative operational." Fury looks at Hill, "Rogers has already patch worked our security and got it level, I want you take over, run procedure, update it and hammer out all of the necessary details. We're fixing these holes, no one in or out or operating with unauthorized individuals without me knowing. Full reports… " He doesn't say the words Codex or anything further than that in front of the Amazon, but Hill should be able to catch the undertone in there.

"Do what you need to make this place and any other SHIELD owned facility, helicarrier, zipcar, go cart, trashbin, whatever, all of it needs to be tighter than Stark's toupee stitches." No one correct him that is Tony's natural hair, he'll just laugh at your face.

"I already have Steve's situation report and Fitz is working on a way to counter this portal issue."

"What? Moving one office to another? Worst part of it would be for tech to rewire my computer and get it on the network. And the mailroom to deliver my arrow tips. And.. and.. yeah," Clint concedes. "HR would be annoyed."

Clint falls silent, however, as Fury begins to bark out his outline, shaking his head at the offer of a cigar. Hands are still deep in jacket pockets, and his elbows straighten in the attempt to keep warm in the draft.

At the mention of the JL:A, there's that flicker of understanding; he's just gotten a metric shit-tonne more put on his shoulders with the Initiative than before. Twisting around to catch Diana, his gaze lingers there for a long moment before he's back to facing front. The weight of knowledge is daunting, but there's a nod of acknowledgment and a quiet, "Yessir."

Hill doesn't say the next few words which she happens to be thinking: 'It's about goddamn time.' What she does say is "I'll be sure that you receive full copies of the reports." Because documenting she most certainly has been. The situation in Maui is already written as a full report, complete with partitioned reports, recalling every move made and every expense taken.

The situation with Rogers and the hunt for the Red Skull remains ongoing, and also something which her involvement has remained partial thus far. Also documented.

With the instructions given she simply inclines her head in understanding, already mentally putting all of the pieces together. "Tighter than a gnat's ass, Sir." Because not only is the Division at large her home, and she's a damn territorial sort, but it's the home of countless numbers of agents all trusting her to do her job.

The look from Clint is caught and her head dips slowly, chin heading for plexus but pausing, just enough to peer that gaze over the black rim of glasses and slide it to Hill and then Fury, lingering, waiting…

The stance of business and bodyguard entwined shifts now, straightening her head upright, shoulders back. Anticipatory in her silence, but she is waiting to hear her part in this to the 'T', The Initiative is her business, but where to go from there, how it ties the two and for what purpose and longevity.

She does not ask, this may not be her version of a 'military' but she knows where to respect it and how to play a part diplomatically, it is why booted feet rest right. there.

One thing hard to miss is a small indiscernible twitch at the corners of lips. Perhaps a reaction to that wisp of noir hair across the ridge of cheekbone, tugged from the heavy bun of hair in the cold wind.

"Barton, you think a top floor office is a no go just because of the moving? You're pulling my chain. You're better off out of sight and out of mind, I don't need you causing domestic mayhem on any of the bureaucratic inserts we have up here. Last thing I need to hear about is you giving a 'archery lessons' to a senator's wife."

"I want your focus on the home front, Maria. You need to organize and administrate our agents operations, get in their and get in their shit and make damn sure our security is yes, three times tight." A thoughtful noise escapes him, "When done I want you to throw a leak out, a security leak, get an outsider to bite on it and see how far they get in. You catch them, you incarcerate them and hit 'em hard. Make an example of them. SHIELD's legs are closed for business."

"We're at limited resource right now, all agents are knees deep, Rogers is dealing with Skull business and then tackling Atlantean attacks on HYDRA aquatic bases, Fitz is going to be over his ears with this dimensional garbage, Mockingbird is taking over your previous operations Hill so you can focus on this and Hunter is investigating Jericho Trent. I want liaisons established with these other superhuman units too, I don't care if they're inserted as moles or openly SHIELD sponsored, but all these other metahuman threats need active monitoring."

A pause and he looks at Diana to gauge how she is responding to this, she is being let in on more than an earful. Maybe it's a sign of trust. "Agent Prince, I need to ask you a big favor, are you willing to hear me out? This may take your focus and leave the bulk of the Initiative in Hawkeye's hands but it's not too demanding, just means you need to put some faith in me, SHIELD and our relationship."

"She asked about her form," comes as a reply. "Plucking something terrible, too." Clint knows better than to go too far with it, but that quirked smirk is there regardless. "Everyone thinks it's so damned easy…"

As Clint falls silent to listen, however, his brows crease as he considers, and it's not hard to see from his expression he just may have -something-. Need to check with Fitz.

Confirmation, however, comes in Fury's words. The bulk of the JL:A is put into his hands, and he already knows what is eventually going to happen. Time to run interference for SHIELD. Bringing out the big guns while the Agency is on the ground. Running support until everything comes back online and is where it needs to be.

Clint's not stupid… and already the pieces are falling, while not into place, they're hitting the ground to be assembled.

Here's something Hill can agree with: Neither of them want to hear about Barton teaching the top Brass bad habits. Such as drinking coffee directly out of the pot. "We could always build him a nest on the roof," she 'helpfully' suggests.

As for finding some poor, unfortunate sap to take the eventual bait, she could almost grin. There are some details about her job which really do not suck. "I'll make sure it reaches every major news network even if I have to get the kids in Techland to hijack the signals."

It's as close to a public execution as she's likely to get, which would have been her next logical step if only she had the option available to her.

Tracking down suitable liaisons might be a trick but it's worth the trouble to have eyes and ears everywhere. SHIELD used to stand for something, she'll stop at nothing to get that badge shining once more.

Diana's movement came before Nick even acknowledged her, hands unfolding from their place in front of her and a few paces brought her forward, closer, no longer setting herself apart from the group of SHIELD agents.

Looking from Clint to Nick there is perhaps a glimmer of something there, but if Hill is privy to this as well then this would not shatter too much of her best/worst kept secrets. One hand comes up, a call for a moment of pause like she would at a meeting of the Amazonian Council - some things hard to let go of or switch from. But her stance from there to the Justice League remains the same. Protective though both in some changing tides. "As long as you are still under the acknowledgement that SHIELD does not hold over the Justice League. We are allies, we help each other.." As if to emphasize that point she sweeps her hand towards herself, "But what you do here I have no say in, and it cuts both ways. I am here to help, do not mistake aid for liberties. I won't."

Perhaps a bit too firm but in the area of diplomacy you have to be, or you need to remove the elephants from the room using harder means, and Diana nor them have time to wait for the forklift.

Every major news network? "You been around Barton too much. Don't fuck with me like that." Fury knows Hill is screwing around, that is way too obvious a leak for a SHIELD spill. Subtle. At least SHIELD's sense of humor is still intact unlike the Triskelion.

"Details not necessary, Clint. We don't need to become accessories here."

Hearing Diana speak Director Fury takes the cigar out of his mouth, "Don't worry, Ambassador, the JL:A is a sister organization and we're respecting that. Hawkeye is just our go to guy in your ranks and what he does there is very little business to us as long as it is in the best interest of the United Nations and global peace. I got no intention of snooping or playing with the big kid's toys nor does anyone else in SHIELD." He'd try to offer a polite smile but he doesn't want this face to freeze. No one wants Nicholas J. Fury's face to get flash frozen in a fake smile. It's terrifying.

"My question is this, Themyscira, your technology, do you think you would work with Agent Fitz on helping us out with this magical issue? I know your people been around a long goddamn time and you have to have some sort of way to defend against it. We need that, even a little bit of that, so we can keep our interests safe. Is this possible? Can we enter negotiations somehow with your mother? You? Whoever… I want to get my boy Fitz all the help he can get on this one. It's for the good of us all."

Clint shrugs lightly, though it could be yet another attempt at keeping warm, though the smirk is there. Plausible deniability. Though, a glance is directed at Hill, brows rising. Nest… on the roof. Wouldn't be impossible, but he'd demand his own coffee pot. Nook. Whatever it is that it's called.

As Fury speaks, blue eyes look out past the Director into the open space where there used to be wall. Not even glass! Clint nods his head slowly, though his attention comes back around on his boss, his expression a touch more surprised. That was his… okay. Maybe not the most unobvious of ideas, but with all the weird stuff going on, how far out of the realm of possibility is it that Fury is tele… he can read minds? Guy knows -everything-.

"S'what I was thinking, sir…" comes as a second. "Kinda. If there's a way the scanners can pick something like that up? And not even on a wide range. Just, say, on this building." Defense. Another layer.

It took a while but there's finally a hint of a grin crossing Hill's otherwise stoic features. "I'll also be sure to schedule myself a vacation away from him as soon as possible."

She can still play her cards well enough.

As the discussion switches over to Prince she's content to stand by and wait, the chilly wind tugging at the lining of her coat and the short blades of black hair about her face. No other words shared, barely any motions made.

At least, no motions are made until a bird comes fluttering up by the giant hole in the wall and looks like it's going to dive right inside of the building. -Then- Hill decides to move, snapping a hand up and out to level a sidearm at the errant bird.

An errant bird who then gets the idea to look elsewhere. Quickly.

"Christ, even the damn birds are at it," she mutters while swiftly returning the weapon to her side.

"I am in place here for a reason. I would be the one to negotiate with and then I take it home for a gathering of the elders to decide if they want to send aid." With all that is already going on in Themyscira, it brings a moment to pause. How to help what they loathsomely call the 'Patriarch's World' when their own dealings are being flipped like one finger to the end of a very long table.

"I will do what I can. SHIELD and the JL:A may be separate, but it does not mean our interests are."

"Great minds, right Barton?" Director Fury actually laughs out loud and claps the man on the back, laughing with or at? Fury is a hard tell but he does like Clint." I am glad to hear that, Diana. I'll have a pitch for you to take back and you can let me know where we stand once you hear from your people."

A look at the bird being keyed in on by Hill and Fury hikes his collar up, "Lets get back inside, you can shoot the birds nesting in the ceilings. It's getting cold out here and I'm starting to feel my age."

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