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January 27, 2015: Argyle is the lucky contestant for a little design project.

The Triskelion

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The next item on Hill's agenda for the day starts with a personal visit down to the weapons R&D labs. She would have gotten a head start on this as soon as the Maui situation had been resolved buuut it's an unfortunate truth that the baddies of the world never truly take a day off. That it has to happen now in the wake of everything else is just poor timing, but things still have to be done.

Right now, having someone working on building her a brand new weapon seems like a -wonderful- idea.

She steps down into the lab, still wearing a winter coat but now in possession of a lengthy metal case with a bio-signature lock on the side. Given the case's dimensions, and where she's now standing, it's pretty easy to assume that she's got some manner of weapon in there. Or she's currently looking to put something inside of it.

"Argyle! Front and center, if you please."


Argyle has been working closely with Fitz on the project to secure the Triskelion against dimensional (magical) intrusion. It's a little outside his pay grade, but given the Scottish genius has only one working hand, he's been happy to oblige. Right now though, he's back at his own station, working on a few bits and bobs and being a good little agent (read: keeping up on paperwork.) He's wearing SHIELD-issued combat pants, a long-sleeved black t-shirt and…a lab coat, which is completly apt given the line he straddles between scientist and field agent. But really, what better person to have a dual role than a weapons engineer? No one understands better what they need than someone who goes under fire.

"Agent Hill. Yeah, comin' right out. One sec. Just running a series, here." Typeity-type-type. He really isn't putting her off. Science can't always be interrupted when the boss says snap-to. He is on his feet and heading towards her quite quickly though, passing the outer lab door and stepping out into the common area. "What can I do you for, Agent?" He eyes the case. "Got a project for me?" Forgive him for looking slightly pleased at that prospect.


For the moment Hill is anything but forthcoming with information, waiting in what may be a 'not quite patient' manner for the other agent to approach. The only response he gets up front is a stern "Come with me, please."

It's enough for anyone else within earshot to get the impression that poor Argyle's in trouble for some reason or another.

Fortunately, one thing which the Triskelion has in excess are secure rooms where secure information can pass hands, eyes, and ears. Securely. It's the buzz-word of the month for the Division as a whole, and one which she completely agrees with.

Once the door is closed and the room is properly locked down, almost resembling one of their interrogation rooms on the inside but without the nosy cameras and audio feeds leading out of it, she places the crate upon the desk between them both then spreads her hands out across the brushed aluminum surface, leaning forward slightly to stare at the designer.

"I do indeed have a project for you, if your schedule isn't already fit to burst with all of the bullshit happening around here lately. It will require an extra helping of discretion on your part."


Tongues might wag, except for the fact that Argyle isn't really a guy to get in trouble. In fact, his record has remained pretty darned clean, except for a regrettable incident here or there. Nothing major, nothing that he was found at-fault for. A few rookie mistakes, a few wrist-slaps. It's only the fact that he's fairly sure he hasn't done anything wrong that stops him from being too nervous.

He follows Hill into the secure room, hands resting in the pockets of his lab coat. "Well, if I ain't got time for a project for the Deputy Director, then what good am I?" He smiles and eyes the case, brows arching. "What level of discretion we talking here?" Read: who does he have to hide this from?


"Complete," Hill flatly replies to the next question with a stare that's as level as her tone. "I'm sure you can agree that we've had more than enough problems with leaks in our collective boat these days. This project will be for your eyes and yours alone. You will answer only to me. Given your history I'm led to believe that you're exactly the man that I want taking care of this for me."

Clean record, certainly. Though there's a lot more to her statement than what can be scratched from the surface.

"Your primary duties still take preference, getting the Triskelion back up to where it should be remains our absolute and immediate objective. Consider this to be nothing more than another side project."


Argyle leans on the table, eyes the case, looks to Hill. He works his jaw to the side. "All right." He may be a bruiser in the field, but it's clear in moments like this, that he's also a scientist. There's a spark of curiosity in his eyes. "What you got for me? I'm assuming it goes bang or boom, since those are kinda my specialty."


"Something to that effect," Hill replies while pulling one of her ever-trendy white issued gloves free long enough to open the lock on the case. Then the glove goes right back on her hand. Popping the catches and opening the lid reveals one very shiny looking concussive air rifle, affectionately called a 'whump gun.' Straight from the SRD's armory.

In its current configuration it's designed to offer normal Joe's a non-lethal means of dropping many superpowered individuals with a range up to fifty feet, just using compressed air. Point-blank it'll still wreck just about anything it happens to be put up against.

"First, I need you to reverse-engineer the hell out of this. Then, I want you to rebuild it as an arm-mounted device. Two, in fact. Think less 'projectile weapon' and more 'Hulk smash.'"

"In addition," she continues, "if there's any other fancy implements you could find a way to include in the design which could safely incapacitate a metahuman, high voltage tasers or the like, that would also be useful. Bonus points if you can also figure out a means of making a pair of high-jump boots which won't destroy the operator."


Argyle looks at the gun, looks at Maria, then back again. "You want a bear suit." He reaches out to pick up the gun, assuming there's no objections. "I thought we had the schematics on this thing. Not that I can't reverse-engineer it," he's done things like that before, "But I'd think Fitz would already have all the info."

He's already building schematics in his head. "How portable, how agile we talking? You want something slick, or quick'n'dirty?"


"Even better if you do," Hill replies. Frankly it wouldn't surprise her if the schematics were already in SHIELD's database. Not in the slightest. But, she's also not a techie sort. Which is why she's here! It all works out in the end.

"Make it ..presentable," she replies after giving the matter a little thought. "Also, do try your very best to make certain no part of the design can be traced back to SHIELD. I want this to have the hallmarks of having had a personal touch, a unique one-off construction."


"I might reverse engineer it, then. There'll be hallmarks if I work off a schematic." Argyle hefts the whump gun and fingers its construction.

Another agent might ask why, might get curious as to the purpose of such a weapon. But Socks doesn't. Which is why, most likely, this project has ended up in his lap. He doesn't ask questions, unless he needs to know the answer to complete his assignment.

"I suspect that most of the casing is to help mitigate kickback. If I work up something shoulder-mounted, attach it to a frame, I should be able to strip it back to the bare mechanism." He nods once to Hill, then drops the gun back into its case. "You'll have the beta schematics by the end of the week." Delivered by hand, naturally. He's too smart to use the internal servers for something like this.


"Good," Hill nods once in confirmation. "Just try to aim for a minimalistic approach to weight and dimensions, if you can. This isn't a showpiece, it's intended to see some proper field use."

That said, it's a simple matter for her to electronically re-key the case to also open for Argyle. Then she'll leave him to it. Business calls, as always.

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