Jello, Nice to Meet You

January 28th, 2015: An injured Rose is checked on by the school nurse and Remy. Cameo by Nate.

// Xavier's Institute, Medical Lab//

Cold uncomfortable med lab.



  • Annie Ghazikhanian (Xavier's School Nurse)

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Xavier's School for the Gifted.
A sterile yet well-equipped medical lab (beds within). It's the school side one, beyond these walls there are children yet they're asleep at this hour and out of sight to of course mind.
The school nurse Anne leans against the wall with a cup of coffee in hand looking tired, her dark hair pulled back tight with strands sticking out in all directions but she is laughing, a pleasant enough sound, light, sincere. She is also blushing. The reason?
The rake of a man across from her, hair a wild mess, red and black eyes rounded and he is half-laughing, "So, then de woman she says, Sir, are all of those children yours?!"
Remy LeBeau's voice deepens, "No madame, they are not mine. I am actually the owner of a condom company and these kids are de complaints of my customers. "
The woman giggles and takes a sip of her coffee.
Rose is in here also but last they were aware she is unconscious after surgery. No straps, no restraints, some pain medication (no weapons in close proximity either).

Nate tried to have Rose moved to a normal bedroom, but there was no convincing the medical staff. They don't expect Rose to wake up yet, anyway. At least they had her in the school, no the underground complex. A small concession, but it is something.

He doesn't believe Rose will stay unconscious that long. The X-Men know a lot about mutants, but not so much about metahumans. Believing she wouldn't recover much faster than a regular woman is a mistake. So Nate has spent most of the time since the surgery standing by her bed. Most of the time, because he is very bad at standing still. Five minutes ago, he left to look for the nth mug of coffee. He is getting back now, grunting in greeting to Remy and Annie as he passes by then. Since he has been over fifty hours awake, he is starting to look positively scruffy, but he has no plans to take a nap yet. Coffee will do for now.

Rose might have fallen like a sack of squishy potatoes to Jeans little —-'shh'…


That's how it went, it was a sad day in Rose's life, shortest fight ever, she fell before her thrown blade.

That and the flashbacks of NOWHERE were the last things she remembered, and as that metabolism starts burning through the sedative and pain killers she starts coming to.

Hand twitch..

The sound of monitors beeping comes through the haze and she remembers being tackled as well while that blade was being released.

Her hand rises and just as her eye opens she is reaching across her chest in a frantic pat-pat-clawing motion, ripping any monitoring pads from beneath the gown, her other hand snapping up and with a twist the IV stand is jerked to her hand like a yo-yo…

That little cup of jello ad plastic spoon? It ain't jigglers, and she is waking about as made as she was knocked out… Just drugged a bit.

"Someone's got about…10…minutes…" When she tries to sit up…That's another story… Shit hurts again and her eyes monetarily widen.

"Who dis?" Remy asks Anne with a thumb towards Nate.
The nurse smiles and pats the rogue on the arm, "Be nice, Remy."
"Hey, Remy is always nice. I jus' asking, who dis and who she?"
"Yes but you can be polite and ask them."
"Touche, ma chere. I need more coffee… "
"No, Mr. LeBeau you need more water. You were extremely dehydrated when you came in and probably still are. Headache?"
A grin and he turns to watch Nate and Rose as the pale haired woman stirs. Anne is already stepping to the other side of the bed, opposite Nate to check her vitals. "Please, don't take these out and be still. We only got one of the explosives out of your body. We need to operate again soon… you have to be rested. Get your strength back. Miss?"

"Ten minutes, uh?" Nate, appears over Rose, to try to keep her calm, a hand reaches for her shoulder. "You are getting lazy. Five minutes is all you used allow 'someone', in a good day." Coffee mug is left on the side table, and he glances up at Remy. He has to think a few seconds, it has been years since he heard of a man with red eyes and a Cajun accent, back in other life. "Gambit… right? I am Nate Grey. This is Rose," he addresses Annie too.

"Are we on a first name basis? I don't think so.." Rose says as she is /scooching/ to the opposite side of her bed, away from Anna and towards Nate, one of those motions where you're only moving across a surface using solely your ass muscles. Drugged to boot it is not graceful, white hair is falling over her face and veiling that patched ocular, spilling over her shoulders where that hospital gown is doing what they are want to do. Flopping sloppily.

That blue gaze goes frigid when Nate says what he does, her jaw working as that kinda…hurt her feels. Eye darts around the room and that jello dixie cup, plastic spoon… Where the hell is her gear and weapons.

Where's my stuff. Don't tell them who we are, they could be /spies/."

Yep she sounds as crazy as she looks when she spills off the edge of the bed, bare feet hitting the ground, one hand clutching the back of that damnable robe.

"Five minutes…ten minutes…" Mutter mutter. If there's a door she's inching for it, dragging that IV stand with her. It worked before! … Until the woman told her if she swung it she'd make her body parts scatter like a sorry game flipped.

LeBeau tips his chin up and studies Nate down the expanse of his own high cheekbones. Eerie, something was familiar about the young mutant's features but Remy cannot place it, "Point for you, homme. Got Remy at a disadvantage… " The sober expression the Cajun is sporting vanishes quickly and he smiles, "A pleasure, fo sure."
"We were warned your friend here is dangerous and to keep the weapons away. The amount of scars I've seen on her body I am inclined to believe it but as mean as she is, she'll hurt herself the most if she keeps moving." The nurse chides and looks like she wants to help but isn't about to get in grabbing range of Rose, instead her hands cup her face as Ravager spills off the bed and begins to drag herself. "You're going to tear open the stitching and bleed out."
Remy sighs, "Way too hungover for dis."

"They could be spies… hmm? They are going to spy… us… because we are so interesting," Nate smirks at Rose, but lets her stand up, and even offers an arm for her to lean. "We are in the school, and you are going to scare some teenagers if you start going through the classrooms looking for weapons in your underwear. On the other hand, they are mutants and they need to get used to crazy.

But when they get at the door, he moves to block the way out. "Lets make a deal, Rosie. First you let the nurse here… Anna?" He glances questioningly at the other woman. "Check your bandages so you don't bleed over the floors, meanwhile I get you some clothes and then we can go to the cafeteria for a sandwich or maybe take a walk by the backyard. Although I think there are three feet of snow out there."

Rose wobble-leans towards Nate when he says what he does, his attempt at making her seem like she's crazy, convince her… "You think we're so safe, you did not see what the Stormwatch is /here./" She says and in emphasis she snaps her finger towards the incision at the nape of her neck that has been reopened to extract part of the potential risk.

But Rose sighs and lets it go. "A sandwich sounds good.." Relent there in the slump of shoulders, long enough that Nate goes to get her one, and as soon as he is down the hall….

She rights herself with tha IV stand used as a proplike a staff, her chin up tilting.

Okay…five minutes was it?

Her hand ravels one more rotation around that IV tube her other hand releasing her gown as the tape over the IV needle is ripped off, yanking the needle free as well, but as blood spills down her hand she grips the needle between fingers like a brass knuckle blade.

"Give me my clothes."

Anne nods to Nate, "Yes, Anne, Annie but Anna works. Yes, please, Rose, just get back in the bed and let me get you some new wraps. Clean ones… Oh dear."
Gambit is kind of just watching, a two finger wave given to Nate as he makes his exit. "De Rose has some thorns, non?" A glance towards the door then back at the volatile young woman. "What if we jus' wait for you to collapse from blood loss den try 'an sew you back up again before you expire. Be sad to watch such a pretty young flower wilt." No move for her clothes. The man is rather calmly looking at… her body…
The nurse stomps a foot loud enough her shoes clap off the smooth tile ground, " REMY! Eyes up. Seriously, if it calms her down go get her clothes so she can at least see them. Maybe she'll realize she isn't being held here… please, we only want to help."

Rose is watching the nurse, who is wisely staying away, talking calmly. No force, no threats… Save the one from the man, who now gets her attention.

Frigid ocular scans him from toe to head, lingering on his gaze… That is not at her face, or at the fact she is holding an IV needle like a weapon.

"What the fuck are you….?" Then she feels the draft and reaches back, snapping her gown closed while spinning, putting her front to him with tha needle held in his direction. Okay, this is not the behavior of captors, not any she ever knew. They were fucking with her head! Just like the woman that put her out so easily..

Rose's upper lip peels back and away from her teeth in a sneer while she slides back onto the bed,one leg bending at the knee to follow with the other, tucking appendages beneath her in a crawl back into place but adjusting her body to face them both before she settles ass upon bare heels.

"It's cold." Yeah she has a draft, and those drugs are burning out of her system at a rapid pace. "You are an unmarked van away from creepy, dude." She says to Remy, a small quirk at one corner of her lips.

"I am Remy LeBeau and this is Anne, nurse Anne." He motions from himself to the woman, "Her gifted petite fingers are what pulled dat ting out of your neck." On a tray upon the counter on the opposing wall. It's deactivated.
Anne cuts in, "They're both defused as far as being triggered goes. I'm not skilled enough to get the other out of you back, we will probably need Dr. McCoy for that but it isn't in danger of exploding at least. Just… I mean, it shouldn't be in your body. Whoever did that is horrible."
The scoundrel laughs at Rose's jab at him, "I was only looking at your figure, I'm good at this, uncanny knack you may say… 34-26-36? See Remy is harmless, jolie fille, he find you some clothes that more comfortable then dat hospital smock."

Rose's kneeling stance on the bed with a bloody fisted grip on the needle wavers slightly as they talk, but when Remy confirms her size to the number what had fallen points at him like she was holding a shirt sword, even her upper body twisted accordingly. "Your van just upgraded to have free candy written on the side in spray paint." Pause, lowers, mutter. "Shady shit.." She looks at him double time and then to Anne.

Hushed tone, still unsure though she neatly sets the IV down in front of her and away. "Thanks..Can I have my suit back?" Now she looks from Anne to Remy, not going into who or what did it to her, tight lipped on that matter for now. The woman was sly, diffused may not be truly diffused. She needed to be sure…

The thought makes her reach back to her nape and press fingers beside the incision to check, single eye wandering to the deice on the tray with a small spark of rage.

"I can assure you Rose he never touched you or anything and I warned him he comes off creepy sometimes, idiot thinks it's charm." Anne sounds overly apologetic. She is just one of those sorts - probably why she chose her particular profession. "They're locked in my office. I'll go get them. Behave Remy." The woman quickly scurries out of the room.
"Ouch, so cruel. Dat stabbed right here, I feel it… like an icepick, just… " He makes a stabbing motion and a sound before placing his hand to his chest, over his heart, a handsome smile displayed at his toying around.
"Vans no, you insult my taste, my Harley. What bout you? You look like a Prius sort of girl."

Rose watches Anne, that scowl slowly shifting to a small smile for the woman, still unsure and still withdrawn, when Anne moves she slides away - a small adjustment but noticeable if you were looking.

When Remy speaks up again she tilts her head to shift her gaze back upon him, leaning forward and slapping that dixie cup of jello in his direction with her retort. "Prius? I have a vagina, I don't need to drive one!"

A derisive snort comes from her, flopping back to seat herself on her heels again. "I can appreciate a Harley but my Ninja H2R is parked and hidden. I'm a need for speed kind of gil and had a hefty sum to make disappear before I…Disappeared."

A sidestep - the jello *splats* against the wall and begins to ooze down it. "Green is the best kind, so wasteful." The Cajun casually taunts before sitting down on the counter near the sink, a pack of smokes drawn out, beaten on his wrist then one placed in to his lips. He almost lights it. Almost. A matchbox pushed back in to his pocket.
"I quit, was doin' good then went to Gotham. My friends there, they bad influences on poor Remy." A sigh escapes him as the door opens and Anne walks in holding Rose's folded up uniform and a pair of civilian plain clothes, with some tennis shoes. "I borrowed these from one of our teachers, she won't miss it. She hasn't been around in some time but I recall she had the same sizes as you."
"Remy, don't you dare light that in here."
"It safe. I'm behaving, nurses orders." Remy winks. "We jus' talkin' shop. Your girl here is a speed junkie, she likes dem crotch rockets."

Rose still watches Remy, the cigarette not bothering her any, in fact she was eying that pack and parting lips to ask for one before Anne sweeps back in and chides him, clamping her mouth shut and looking at the civilian clothing with a perked brow. "Gotham will do more then make you pick back up old habits.." Rose says lowly, pausing in her reach for the attire, fingertips resting on the tennis shoes as she remembers more.

"You're lucky you came out with just a hangover and a pack of cigs." Yes, she heard. Moving the tennis shoes aside as well as the civilian attire she spreads out her suit over her lap and runs fingers over the seams, down along the zipper, beneath the scale maille… Looking for trackers, wires…

What?? Conspiracy theories are real. "What takes you from this nice little slice to Gotham?"

"Gotham? Hrm, self-sabotage, bouts of naked poetry, wonderful mornings of awkwardness, vibation… you take your pick. Any of those probably be jus' right." The cigarette in Remy's lips bounces once.
Anne snorts, "This is why I will never let you take me on a date, Mr. LeBeau."
"Heyyyy chilllll, chere, Remy is easy not sleazy. It all safe… "
"You're joking right?" The nurse quirks a brow.
The rogue chuckles and tips his head, "Always, Anne."

Rose holds a hand up to Remy. No details please is all she is asking for before she is rocking back and sliding that reinforced body suit back upon her person, awkwardly trying to shift it on without removing the hospital gown, cursing and flailing when it came to the arms part.

Anne simply situates herself between Rose and Remy to block looks as best she can when the gown goes flying off to the side with a muttered curse and the zipper seals its way up the front.

This time her stance is a bit less Drunken style Kung Fu and more stable. "How much of a good girl do I have to be to get my duffel and swords back? I have a crotch rocket to go pull from shrubbery and put his growling vibrator to shame." Yes, even in the snow.

"You won't." Remy states in a firm tone. "No weapons in de school. Kids an' all."
Anne is moving forward to try and assist Rose in getting dressed but also back towards the bed. The woman no longer feeling Mrs. Wilson-Worth is going to kill her for being kind is a bit more convincing now.
"Growling vi… we handle dis later. I suggest you listen to Anne, she can get fiesty." Remy ducks out before things get wild. He needs a nap - the last thing he can hear is, "Why is there jello on the wall? Ouch, please, stop struggling, you're, ouch, FOR FUCKS SAKE IM TRYING TO HELP YOU!!!"

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