Off The Books Magic

January 28, 2015: Fitz seeks out "off the books" magical assistance from Jericho… and subsequently Zee

Hell's Kitchen - New York City

Hells Kitchen used to be a working class neighborhood composed primarily of Irish Americans. These days that is no longer so. The ongoing gentrification of the island has been causing this area to become slowly more upscale as well. Today, luxury apartment buildings near the river are not uncommon sights and the shopping is getting steadily more trendy, though the traditional ethnic restaurants are still in place for the most part. The district also is the home of the 2001 Fire Fighters Memorial.



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Jericho has a lot on his plate. The hacker is tracing HYDRA movements in and specifically in relation to the recent attacks on SHIELD and others, which has been somewhat enlightening. He's also breaking into several DoD programs which is slow going because he doesn't want to be caught and oh, also planning a trip to central america to try and locate the source of HYDRA's magic, or at least the last place they're known to have used it in a major way.

All of these things take time and since Jericho isn't tied to a computer (since he kind of is one) he's got lots of time to do things like people watch from a Starbucks in Hell's Kitchen. Since this is the kind of thing that means lots of background numbers crunching, he's also reached out to Zatanna, since she's looking into a few things for him, and Leopold Fitz also known as 'He who does not believe in faeries'. The Tri is not generally a place he wants to be and especially not now that it's locked down so he'll let the latter come to him, if he can and will.

Zee is glad to have heard from Jericho, Illyana would have been better but Jericho is the next best thing in this case. After being hit with the blast of Limbo power from Darkchilde Zee at the Pratt Institute, she's a bit concerned that there's a long lasting effect. So it is, the young magician teleports to the street just outside the Starbucks that Jericho is in.

Today, she's wearing her regular sweater dress, leggings and high heel knee high boots… and that collar that Jericho delivered several days ago. Smoothing her hair down, Zee enters the cafe, pausing at the door, looking for Jericho.

Receiving the message from Jericho on his cell phone had the effect of ratcheting up Fitz's anxiety level a few dozen notches. We're far beyond 11 now. 11 is child's play. 11 isn't even on the map. Still, he's not tied to the Triskelion, nor any SHIELD facility. He has a personal life, and time outside of work.

By the time he's gotten off the MTA line, Fitz is very nearly sweating, in spite of the frigid cold and post-blizzard-like conditions. He even goes so far as to loosen his scarf on the way over, and judging by the way his eyes look left and right, he's clearly wondering if he's been followed.

Across the street, he stares at the Starbucks with a pale face. "Well," he mutters. "Here goes my career." The young physicist steps into the street as soon as the opposing light turns yellow, in true New York fashion, and well after Zee has performed her teleportation trick. It just wouldn't be fair for him to witness that in his current condition.

Jericho waits until Zee is inside to greet her. Those odd amber eyes of his flash in amusement when he sees what she's wearing. "Hello Zatanna. Have a seat, can I get you a drink?" He hasn't quite had time to let her answer when the door opens again and the glow-eyed hacker looks up to see Fitz walking in. The poor scientists' concerns about his career are not unfounded. After all, May's on admin leave, a fact about which Jericho isn't entirely happy though he's not about to take it out on Fitz.

"Ah Fitz, hey there. I was just starting to wonder. Have you met Zatanna Zatara of the Titans?"

Zee nods the flash of amusement and raises a hand self consciously to the collar before slipping into a seat. "Coffee please… I wanted to ask…." the words trail as Jericho's attention moves to the door and the young man who enters. Flashing the scientist a bright smile, Zee turns in her chair and offers her hand "Zee, just Zee…."

Try conflicting messages from the Director and Deputy Directors of SHIELD; one telling him to use any resource to get his job done, the other telling him not to do anything outside of SHIELD's borders. That isn't really what's driving Fitz to feel so anxious; it's the impending sense that he's going to end up pitting the two against each other to protect his own bloody arse.

Or, he could just turn around and go home.

Instead, he walks over to join the two, a decidedly forced and altogether unconvincing smile on his face. "Oh, uh, hey there. No, I don't believe I've had the pleasure." He turns to offer a (slightly trembling) hand to Zee. "Hello, I'm Fitz, Doctor, uh Fitz. From, uh, the uh… from MIT. You know, the world famous university? I'm a professor of engineering."

Jesus wept. He's a terrible liar.

Jericho has worked black operations before. He knows all about compartmentalization and keeping secrets. He's also a better liar than Fitz, not that htat's hard. "Doctor Fitz here does cutting edge research and development in unusual energy sources and I think handles a few of the government contracts at MIT. You had an ongoing one for some UN agency or other didn't you Fitz?"

Inwardly Jericho's rolling his eyes but sometimes the best thing to do is play the game. It probably won't set the jittery scientist at ease if he outs him. "Zee's made the news a few times, you might have seen her. Heroics and what not in the city. She was at that mess at the Triskelion a few days ago." The identities of those involved didn't make the news. That's Jericho telling Fitz she was there. He was too but he assumes Fitz knows that though… it's possible now that he thinks aobut it that he doesn't.

Zee simply smiles more brightly at Fitz as she shakes his hand "Cool. MIT huh? You must be really smart." Fluffy Zee can be fluffy when the mood takes her. Jericho's comment gets a slow nod, and the teen glances at Jericho, "I was there… took out one of their mages. Supposedly that stopped them getting in."

Oh my God. Jericho is feeding him a story to help maintain his lie. This is an excerpt of the internal dialogue plaguing the SHIELD Engineer's head right now. "I have. I mean, I do. Yes." Great answer.

When Jericho mentions the Triskelion, Fitz winces. He's taken great care to hide the injuries that were sustained during that very attack; his right arm his without sling, and the bruises upon his face have been covered by makeup. Not the best job of it but, hey, he's not offering up what he does on the weekends, so nobody else ought to press him, right? "Ugh. The Triskelion. Terrible mess, bloody terrible." However, the story seems to have drawn his attention more fully upon Zatanna. "Tha… that's… you were there huh?" He shakes his head. "I couldn't imagine being, it must have… well, of course, you're probably used to that kind of thing by now, huh?"

He looks between the two, adopting an apologetic look that is surprisingly convincing (most likely because he is sorry for his stammering). "Sorry if I seem on edge," the Scott says. "The uh… well, things have been crazy, and these government people from agencies I don't even know who or what have been crowding my labs, demanding information, presenting warrants… I'm just a bit on edge about who I talk to, who I ask for help, you know? I mean, sure, that makes sense, doesn't it?" Despite the nervous banter, the young man seems to maintain some sense of direction, and his attention finally falls upon Zee. "See, my recent project it… well, I can't share any of the details with you at this precise moment, but it involves some cutting edge research unlike anything in science."

Finally, he just spits it out.

"I need to incorporate magic and technology. Can you do that?"

That gets a thoughtful look from the hacker and he glances over to Zee. Though not quite… in command of the full range of her power, the young mage is definitely more an expert on the magical in general than Jericho whose experience is more practical and leans heavily toward the demonic side of the occult. Still, said practical experience has a fairly broad base…

"Probably…" By way of demonstration he reaches back to that leather case hung over his chair and flicks the handle of the device inside as he draws it out. It looks for a moment like an oversized leatherman, but swiftly unfolds into a long, wicked looking curved blade. Then he flicks his wrist again and it folds in a different way into something looking kind of like a light automatic rifle, then returns to it's original configuration before anyone can get too alarmed and he puts it away. "It'd probably depend on how you did it and what methods and 'schools' you used, but it should be possible, right Zee?" Granted Jericho's blade is less magical technology and more technology made by magic, but it is proof that the two concepts are not mutually exclusive.

"Yeah, I was there… I've been" Zee lets out a sigh "watching out for that type of thing… and I sensed it." The smile doesn't really falter as she shakes her head "You don't really think about what it's like when you're into it… after though…"

Tilting her head at the question, a small frown furrows her brow as she thinks "I don't see why not. I mean, I manage to combine magic into my stage shows. Not a lot mind, but I certainly use a little real magic on stage." As Jericho demonstrates the 'leatherman', Zee leans forward and puts her arms on the table "Tell me what you're thinking about, that will make a difference."

A hand curls more tightly around his triple grande spiced vanilla latte during Jericho's exhibition, and with wide eyes Leo positively stares at the device until it's been put away. "So you're saying… that's not nanotech, or micro-ply fueled by static energy nanoamps, but… but magic." He looks doubtfully to Jericho for a moment, but it's visible in the scientist's face; his strict denial that anything beyond science exists is slowly bending.


Fitz finds himself chewing on his bottom lip when his attention is brought back to Zee. "Well, I'm not supposed to… details are…" Then, with an exasperated sound, he sets his elbows upon the table and leans in, latte forgotten. "It's a prototype, defensive thing. I'm calling it, 'Debra'. It's designed to reinforce the 'theoretical' trans-dimensional barrier, so… could it be used to block the use of magic to… travel. Portal. Whatever. That's… what I'm trying to do."

Not so eloquent. More details would certainly be helpful, but that will have to wait until Fury vs Hill takes place.

Security clearance is a bitch.

"The actual details are a little personal but yes, that device is indeed magic." Jericho is leaving off for the moment the fact that his traces were apperently designed to run off what has alternately been described as 'life force' and 'bio etheric energy' or put more plainly, his soul. Thats less combining magic amd technology more science going places it probably shouldnt ever go.

"It shouldnt be hard to teach Fitz here warding symbology… the trick would be powring it and check me here Zee but you cant do that with a mundane power source. We'll need something thats a real hybrid here." Beat. "Well lets start with the magic. If you were gonna make some permanent wards, how would you do it."

The young magician just grins at the poor scientist, her eyes gleaming "Magic… yes, it is real" Zee's living proof of that. Sipping her coffee, Zee worries her bottom lip as she thinks. "Warding takes time and ritual, really. You're right, symbology can be taught and I guess, so can the ritual. You just need the power source to channel." Wards can be a right pain if not done correctly.

"First, you need to know what you're warding for. Then I would select the right markings, words I guess, that would address that. You know… like if you wanted to stop someone coming through the window, you might use a combination of safety glass and steel bars, not not deadlocks." Blowing out a breath, the young woman shrugs "Bad example, I suppose."

Another sip of her coffee and Zee continues, "But then, once the markings are chosen, you need to power it. That's where the ritual comes in. Spend long enough to channel power into the markings and "Bobs your uncle" so to speak." She grins again "To continue my bad analogy, once I have the bars for the window, they've got to be installed."

Fitz listens with rapt attention to Zatanna, actively trying to suspend his disbelief. The thought does cross his mind; he may be one of the first scientists to attempt something like this. Perhaps.

"No, no, I get it. It's the same mentality as, say, deciding to use dendrotoxin to put your enemy to sleep, rather than armor piercing rounds to punch through a tank."

He leans back now, reaching for his latte and taking a slow, long drink. Oddly enough, he seems to be growing less anxious by the moment. "The problem is, we won't know… well, the user won't know what they're, uh, 'warding' against until the intrusion takes place." He glances toward Jericho; the man very well may notice that Fitz has quickly begun to connect some dots.

Back to Zatanna. "What if… what if the device was capable of, let's say, switching the markings. I mean, the 'symbology'. Would it then need a different power source, or is it feasible that a single power source could be channeled through different markings?" He glances toward Jericho. "'Debra' works on nanotechnology. If the symbols could be imprinted upon the nanites, and if a single power source could, you know, 'activate' them…" Back to Zee. "How many, uh, 'warding symbols' are there?"

"It would depend on who's teaching you. Magic works a lot off intent and mindset, and if there's one absolute rule to it, it's that it loves to break rules, even it's own. Moreover, some kinds are inherantly dangerous. I had to learn a magical language for some computer coding. Long story. Anyway, I flatly wouldn't try to teach that one because if some idiot tried to read it out loud bad things could potentially happen." He shakes his head, eyes glimmering a bit.

"Zee's school should be safe enough, and the big Red guy and Sara Pezzini while not spellcasting experts like Zee here, can probably give you some pretty good tactical feedback."

"Layers…." Zee murmurs as she drinks her coffee. "I think you could do it in layers. See… my concern is that once someone tries to breach the barrier, it's normally too late to 'reconfigure' anything, they'll be through. Particularly if they're using brute force." She nods to Jericho "Saw some badly formed spell work last night, but it was 'big'."

Producing a pen out of thin air, Zee reaches for a napkin and draws concentric circles "The circle in the centre represents the 'main ward', the one that does the all the grunt work. These others" she gestures to the outer circles "are an early warning and detection system." For the computer security geeks it would be like a combination of firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems.

Zee grins at Fitz "As the breach hits each one, the information can be fed to the centre to allow the reconfiguation." His last question, gets a shrug "I tend to make them up as I go. A bit of research, combine some base symbols and I have my ward symbol. I guess it's a little like chemistry and yes, combine the wrong symbols and we could have an earth shattering 'kaboom'."

"But," Fitz counters without missing a beat, "If these factors are built into a very complex, very smart AI system, then, the device could be designed to use data from the, like you said, early warning and protection system, and feed it into the main ward." He pauses, the very large grin on his face fading. "Bloody hell, that will be a lot of research, and a lot of nanoprogramming…"

Fitz takes another drink from his latte, considering everything carefully.

"You'll have to come up with an interface for your nanotech to detect and understand the arcane energy of an incoming breach…" Jericho muses. "Preferably without it developing a personality…" Or Fitz might find that he has an actual 'Debra' on his hands.

"I might know just the thing… but you'd need to come on a field trip with me. I can't just drop this kind of thing off at the Tri…"

That was exactly what Zee had been thinking and she nods "Yeah… it's not just your programming either, you'll need a group of us magic types to argue about what would work best." That gets a big sigh "We'll all have an opinion, and I'm the first to admit that my knowledge whilst good, is not far reaching."

The young magicians eyes light up at Jericho's comment "You think you have something that does this? That would be really interesting to see…. "

"The Tri… Force… Lab." He smiles lamely to Zee. "That's, um, just what I call my lab. At MIT. The Triforce Lab. Like Zelda". of, uh, Science, Labs. At MIT.

"Okay, uh, look. I've got to get back? Run these ideas by my liaison." He looks between the toe with an apologetic smile. "I'll try to keep your names to myself, but, if demands are made… just.. well… I promise I'll make up for it if some CIA or SHIELD agent tries to corner you."

He stands, and is about to dart away, before something called manners brings him back. "I can't tell you both how helpful you've been. Jericho, you can give Zee my personal number."

Jericho's eyes gleam maliciously. "The next government agent that tries to do that can go to hell." And the hacker will take them there personally. Fitz may have never seen Jericho portal into Limbo (with the assistance of a K'nert) but it may not be too far of a stretch to believe that it's not just a playful turn of phrase. Still, the tone of his voice makes it clear that it's not an angry statement, just an annoyed one. SHIELD. Off and on more than a rave lightswitch.

"I'll give her your contact." He nods. "And I think the Titans have a public office down in the Chronus building on Staten Island, so you can certainly call her. As for me… you have my e-mail if you need anything else. I'll be in touch about that other toy."

He nods to Zee at her question. "You might get the chance. Less I have one laying around and more I know where to find it and who to take it from. Not magi-tech precisely, but definitely something designed to work with esoteric energies." He can go into detail later.

Zee pulls a card from out of thin air and hands it to Fitz "Here are my contact details and I'll bug Jericho here for yours." She smiles at the mention of being contacted by the Government "I'll remind you, you said that" and winks at Fitz before adding "I'm glad I could be of some help. It was pretty hairy in the Triskelian that day… and if I can help, then I will."

She's not missed Jerichos' wording either and the hacker gets a raised eyebrow before the raven haired woman turns her attention back to Fitz "It's been very nice meeting you, Fitz."

Jericho watches the phyicist go. "Poor Fitz." He shakes his head and turns back to Zatanna. "He has his work cut out for him. So, that must have seemed odd. Sorry, though good thing you were here. Im guessing thats not what you showed up for, though."

Zee shrugs "You reached out, I came… things have a habit of working out that way." She liked the science geek, even if he didn't really believe in magic "He does have a lot to do though." Sipping her coffee, Zee focusses on Jericho "This might be more of a question for Illyana. Last night, at the Pratt Institute…. a timeway rupture occured and a Darkchilde version of me showed up." The young woman shrugs a little "I unraveled the spell, but not before she hit me with Limbo magic… it… left me empty, like when I gave up the sword. Should I be concerned about it, do you think?"

That is really kore a question for Illyana. However Jericho can provide some insight. He makes a so so motion with his hand. "Yes and no so far as I know, Demonic magic is corruptive amd those who are exposed to Limbo in particular over a long period of time do tend to get altered."

"Altered?" Zee watches Jericho carefully as she speaks "In what type of way? I'm not sure I really like the sound of that." The young mage shivers slightly as she remembers the feel of Darkchilde Zee's parting shot.

"Different for each person, so I couldn't really tell you, just that it does tend to happen and it tends to be in keeping with the place's nature." Jericho shrugs. He can, if he thinks about it, see changes in himself though he doesn't tend to think of any of those things as problems.

Zee is quiet for a time, drinking her coffee and considering Jerichos' words. Looking over at the hacker, worrying her bottom lip she nods slowly "So it might be a problem or not… alright." She'll just be more aware. "Thank you Jericho."

"It's…" Jericho cants his head slightly. "Unlikely to be a problem this early. Unless you're particularly succeptable to it a few exposures won't change you." Left undiscussed through all of this is the fact that Jericho has been around demonic magic and Limbo a lot so far as anyone knows. And what's happened to him because of it.

"I understand that, Jericho" Zee looks down at the table "But Constantine taught me to be careful, and knowing what I might need to watch out for is better." she shrugs again, looks up and considers the hacker "I'm assuming you're talking from experience."

"Some yes. You don't think I started out with these eyes, do you?" Jericho grins a bit, leaning back and sipping at his drink. His eyes do indeed glimmer and gleam with amusement in a decidedly not normal way. By actually, you know, lighting up.

"As you don't speak about yourself much, I wouldn't know." Zee gives a mischievious grin "Who's to say what's normal in my world?" He might have, she wouldn't know. "Why don't you tell me, instead of trolling?"

"I didn't. Actually my eyes have been somewhat… mutable over the last few years. Long story but I had kind of unusual ones as a result of my implants. This happened…" He gestures at his face. "… a bit more recently. Maybe or maybe not related to Limbo, though Illyana seems to think so."

"And is that related to the meta demon thing Constantine is worried about, or is that different." It's fairly obvious Zee thinks they are related as she leans back, crosses her legs and regards the hacker.

"Without knowing exactly what he's talking about, I'd say probably related. Though there's always the possibility that it's not." Jericho shrugs. "I get into a lot of troule, someimes." He winks. "I assume he means the digital imp my traces seem to have developed."

Zee grins at the wink "I hadn't noticed that you get into a lot of trouble." and then falls silent as she thinks some more "He said parademon and that it was possessing your electronics, yes." Canting her head she frowns at him "you call it a digital imp? I suppose that's a good description. And all that" It's Zee's turn to gesture to Jericho's eyes "Happened when he woke up?"

"He started talking. Freaked me the hell out, though the process wasn't all as sudden as that." Jericho shrugs. "And he's not… really possessing them. He is them. My implants 'awakened' and started doing things on a rudimentary, instinctive level. As they ate more and more magic they became smarter and smarter. Maxwell is sort of the ultimate expression of that. My implants have a personality and opinions and such."

"Sentient implants" Zee nods and says quietly "And I told John that I was worried it would harm you to exorcise the demon." Canting her head, she frowns again "And you think the sentience is due to the magic of Limbo? Well you must, you call him an imp and a demon."

"Because it is. It speaks demonic and acts like K'nert." Jericho laughs. "I'm not sure, really, why a collection of implants I've had for years would do that. Magic seems like a good explanation. Limbo magic specifically? Couldn't say for sure. Maybe any magic would have done it but I've been around Limbo's the most."

Zee frowns remembering how his traces behaved when she tried to heal him that day "Well they respond to any sort of magic. Ate mine up just fine when I tried to heal you." she shrugs "You and Illyana have a much better take on that… I just wanted to know what I should expect." The young magician throws another mischievious grin Jericho's way "As I don't have traces or implants, I won't look for that kind of change. But I'll keep an eye out… I'm pretty sure you're not the only one who can get themselves in trouble."

Jericho's eyes rest on that jewel encrust collar for a moment and he grins. "No, I'm sure you're not. And do keep an eye out." He pauses for a moment and adds as an after thought. "You were that rather will. Illyana picked it out, you know." Summoned it up is more like it, but still.

And for the second time that day, Zee's hand raises self consciously to the collar. "Thank you. As a thank you gift it seems a little overblown…" Her eyes meet Jericho's and she grins back. "I'm guessing there's more to it than a simple gift." she shrugs "It's clear of detectable magic though and it is pretty." Whatever else it means, she's sure the couple will make it known when it suits their plans. They've treated her more than fairly, even if they have trolled her at times, so far.

"Well." Jericho chuckles. "Less 'thank you' gift and more something you asked for. Mood took her to provide and there you have it. It's not enspelled or cursed or ensorcelled as far as I know. That's not really her style anyway. She's decided you're interesting though and while that's not a bad thing - certainly I get along with her fine - it can be… well, interesting, I suppose. I think part of it may be your magic. She doesn't often get a chance to 'talk shop' with someone who isn't a demon, and I'm no mage myself."

Zee laughs at that "Yes, I did… while I was nice and comfy and dozy on that massage bed." She nods at Jericho's words "Interesting is good, even when it's bad… she seemed to enjoy that meeting the other evening too. Having held the power she holds, I can imagine it must get, I don't know, lonely for her." Raising one shoulder, the mischievious smile back, Zee continues "I'll still think of her as girlfriend scarimundus though."

That draws a laugh from the hacker. "You don't know the half of it." Either the girlfriend part or the scary part. Clearly not so frightening that it put Jericho off… but he might be a bit insane. Mayb a bit. "Lonely… yeah, I imagine it does. She has friends, other than me. Friends's she's known longer… and sometimes better…" Often not though. Illyana will show Jericho things that she won't show others because she isn't worried about how he'll react to them. "She doesn't always ask for their help though when she needs it. Or wants it. Definitely the type to shoulder her own burdens." Taking a few of them over, even a little, has been a process.

"Doesn't matter how well or how long you've known someone…" Zee cants her head "if they can't even begin to imagine the burden you carry…" Zee's not sure she can, she'd only held that power for a minutes… "how can you explain it to them?" she shrugs again "You should have some idea of how that feels, when you're different… it can be lonely." The Titans have been a good thing for Zee in that respect, they embrace the differences and help each member feel like they are part of something.

"It's one thing we have in common." Jericho hasn't shared with Zee, because it's not relevant, how alone he was, how isolated he felt when it was just him on the run from HYDRA with nothing but his weapons and his stubborn unwilligness to lay down and die.

Zee nods slowly watching the hacker and finishes her coffee "If Illyana wants to talk shop," a small smile tugs at the corners of her lips "I'm sure she knows where to find me. I wouldn't say no to talking to someone who has magic and understands it either." She pauses "I would… just prefer it to be on this plane of existence." Not that scary, weird Limbo place.

"Can't promise that, but she doesn't usually just yank people off to Limbo." Jericho shrugs. Not, at least, until she's gotten to know them a bit. "Your frinds seemed rather curious/jealous, by the way." That gets another grin.

"You don't get what you don't ask for… that's what my Dad always told me." Zee smiles at the last statement "Misfit will forever be curious, I think, that was the younger girl…. Gar is Gar and Keith" Zee giggles "yeah, he's miffed. Can't say I blame them for being curious though. I mean really" the collar is touched again "it is really quite pretty and obviously expensive. And besides, I hadn't shared my adventure in Limbo with them."

Jericho's not sure if they'd be fascinated or horrified. He knows that whatever happened there, when Illyana touched it the grief overwhelmed her and nearly took him down as well. Something involving Piotr. Something bad.

With Illyana that seems to be a pattern. Bad things happening to or with the people she can actually bring herself to care about. "Well I'm glad it got you some entertainment value." He smiles. "Just tell the redhead it's not his color… or size."

They'd be fascinated… it's the type of people they are. "I will continue to, each time Keith, the redhead, looks at it. But it's not mine he wants… he wants his own." And eventually, they'll start questioning the tie to the Limbo couple. "Tell Illyana, thank you."

Jericho shakes his head with a grin. "I will. She'll probably shrug. Acts mean more than words to her, but I'll tell her. And as for Keith, I doubt Illyana wants a second kitty…" He's teasing a bit. "Though if I read him right, he doensn't want one from Illyana."

"Oh … no…" Zee laughs again "From his partner… Gar. And I'm not a really a kitty…" the young magician bridles a little at that but smiles anyway. "Then tell her I wear it… if acts mean more to her." Oh poor sweet homo-magi, what are you doing?

"I will do that as well." Jericho chuckles, finishing his coffee off and rising. "Any word on the mages from Central America? Have they heard anything? Knowing soon would be good."

"I've heard whispers but I'm waiting for more information. Another day or so should do it." Zee chews her bottom lip as she stands as well "It doesn't help getting distracted here, like last night…. I know it's important though and I'm working as quickly as I can."

"Thank you, then. I'll contact you again soon." He may be taking a couple people down there with him. He knows May's on leave and Sara's offered to come. Zee'd be welcome as well. And of course, Illyana. "Stay safe until then. Never know whose list you might end up on."

Zee would love to go with them. "Not a problem and I'll try to…." goodness knows staying out of trouble is hard. The raven haired woman waves to Jericho as she heads out the door. Soon, there'll be a soft 'pop' sound and she'll be gone.

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