The New Dynamic Duo

January 28, 2015: Eventide and the Flash team up.


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  • Kid Flash and Kim Traynor are mentioned


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Well, that takes care of that.

Courtesy of the New Flash-Eventide Team, the Film Freak is unconscious and awaiting pickup by the cops. His latest movie crime was to try and blow a smiley face into the face of a building like in Fight Club. One battle later, Film Freak — and his "Project Mayhem" rent-a-goons — are down and out.

Eventide fought like a bare-knuckle brawler. She seemed to be applying a judicious amount of force, but there was a point where she seemed ready to start snapping bones — or maybe necks — and only seemed to back off from the idea at the last possible minute. More than one guttural cry of rage was uttered. She needs to work on her banter.

Still, the mission is complete, the day is saved. Eventide snaps one of her fighting batons onto her gauntlet and looks over at the Flash, smirking — though her eyes are hidden by her frosted-white goggles. "I bet he wishes he'd tried the Office Space earnings-shaving scheme," she huffs, not out of breath but breathing heavily from the exertion.

Flash chuckles and shakes his head. "You know, that's one of my favorite movies and I still have no idea what you mean. But I have this great idea for a game. It's called a jump to conclusions mat. It'll be a mat, and it'll have conclusions that you can jump to."

"That's how I decided to become a costumed crime fighter," Eventide says with a laugh. She pops her back, arching and lacing her fingers above her head. "This was fun, though. We should go on dates like this more often."

"You know, now that I don't have the ankle bracelet, we'll actually be able to." Flash leans against a brick wall with legs crossed and arms folded over his body and would look like that 'not impressed' pose if he wasn't smiling. "How long you been doing this?"

"Not long," Eventide says. She steps over to Film Freak and taps him with a boot, and then hoists him up by his coat with one hand — so strong! — and seems to be looking for something to hang him from, like a grade school bully. "Couple months. I mean, I've been mostly… small-time, you know? Muggers and stuff. This guy is probably one of the biggest fish I've run into yet."

"Well," Flash says with a tilt of the head. "You stick around me, kid, I'll show you the ropes." He pushes away from the brick wall and looks at Eventide as if sizing her up as a joke. "You seem like a natural."

Eventide looks back over her shoulder. She's got the important part of the job down, which is looking good in spandex. Her muscular thighs are the only parts left bared by the costume — other than the blonde mop on top of her head. "Why, Flash," she says, "are you asking if I want to be your sidekick?" One-handed, she hangs the Film Freak from a pipe outcropping, leaving him dangling.

"Partner," Flash says with a sidelong grin and eyes that stare out of their tops from his lowered head. "I have a sidekick already, and I'm not keen on adding another one. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with a sidekick…" He looks down at the captured bad guy, and pauses. "It can wait."

"It would be sort of an abuse of the mentor-pupil relationship, wouldn't it," Eventide says dryly. She opens one of the pouches on her belt and gets out a supply of plastic wire flex-cuffs. One pair for Film Freak as he hangs, then she sets about sticking them on the other goons. "And I think hot-for-teacher stuff is usually the guy going for the girl…"

"A little creepy, frankly," the Flash says. Especially given her occupation, but he's not going to mention that out here. "Don't you have a sidekick too? We should introduce them."

"We're like the Brady Bunch," Eventide laughs. "Though I dunno which Brady girl Velocity Dash would be. Whichever was the mouthy one, I guess." Flex-cuffs dispensed, she looks around. "Am I forgetting anything?"

"Marsha/Marsha/Marsha," The Flash responds. "I think she was the best. Jan was alright, though, too," he says, waxing poetic about one of his favorite television shows. "It looks good to me, Tider."

"If Kid Flash is the irrepressible type too, then we might have to worry about creating a force even we can't stop by putting the two together." Eventide rests her hands on her hips. "Then I guess we just need to call the cops. If the big gang brawl didn't get people calling them already."

"You have no idea," The Flash says, thinking about Wally. "You just have to meet him." About calling the cops, the Flash nods, "I actually already have Caitlin and Cisco on it. They've made me so lazy, I tell you."

"A sidekick with your name in his name, a whole support crew, a costume that isn't virtually homemade… you really have it all, Mr. Flash," Eventide trills, just a bit mockingly. "But we can't have you getting lazy. I figure giving me a lift to our next destination might be the solution for that. That way the balance is restored, because ~I~ get to be lazy."

"I can do that," the Flash says as he reaches down to pick Eventide up. "But you forgot one thing," he adds as he repositions her in his arms, preparing for ludicrous speed. "I got a pretty lady, too."

Before speed and wind overtake any possible audible words, Eventide notes. "Well, duh. You're like Jay-Z and I'm Jewish Beyonce."

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