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January 28, 2015: Thor is looking for his brother. Thor finds his brother. There's a Rain, too.

Moontree Manor

An immense, gothic manor with a large lawn. And a Loki friendly balcony.



  • Steven - goat headed butler extraordinaire
  • David, household help

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Snow falls upon the city, and millions are holding their collective breaths before the 'storm of the century' hits. Thor walks the sidewalk, his gaze settles upon each of the doors of the residences as if they would give up their secrets to him. Where is Loki? He's dressed as one would in Midgard; light coat, jeans and cowboy boots. It doesn't appear as if the weather affects him in the slightest.

Rain is - probably helping shovel the walk at the manor until an immense fellow who looks like he could easily quarterback for the NFL takes the shovel and slings snow away from the walk. Nearby, one of the servants, with an illusion over her to make her look human (yes, it's the muscle-y roller derby succubus lady) chopping a few logs while they get ready. Captain is hopping about, fwumphing in the snow. It seems pretty peaceful, all in all.

No longer shoveling snow, Rain figures she'll help move the logs inside. Or something.

It's like a scene from Jotunheim. Or Frozen. Depends on one's cultural references. The thing is, Loki doesn't seem concerned as he stands at one of the balconies from his wing of the manor. He may be blue at the moment, but there's an amazing sense of freedom experiencing a blizzard that brings high winds and snow. The world is holding its breath for it to hit — it's like standing on a precipice and seeing if one will fall. He glances down at Rain as she makes her preparations, shaking his head as she and her servants go about chores that just aren't necessary. Well, they certainly aren't with him in residence.

Of course, the man wearing a light coat and Midgardian clothes pulls his attention. Most Midgardians are covered fully in this cold. Then, however, blue eyes narrow with recognition. There's a swirl of movement before he ducks inside and makes his way through the house towards the front door.

Nevermind that there are those working outside. Loki throws open the doors and strides across the front yard to wait in front of the gate…no longer blue, but also wearing his Asgardian clothing.

The business (busy-ness) and industry of the residence several doors down gains Thor's attention, and blue eyes watch the scene. It's a vision he's seen thousands of times before in his younger days, only without the hunts, the bonfires, and the kennings. Drinking in the wide, warm halls before the snows lay deep around them…

It's the rushing form, however, that truly holds his gaze. Thor's steps begin once more, but this time they are strides with purpose. Before he makes it to the corner of the property, his voice booms out, "Brother!" As he gains the property, he doesn't seem to take in the others that are probably now eyeing him, "There you are. I have been looking for you!"

Rain doesn't seem to mind. It's winter preparation as they had often done. Habit. And being prepared. Humanity once feared and dreaded winter, a time of cold, of endings and quiet death. In a way, it is one of the few things that rises up to remind them. For now, they all look up and over as Loki throws open the doors and strides across the yard. The group blink simultaneously, the silence broken with a THWUMP of a log being cut by an axe.

Captain, the orange tabby is still hopping along comically through the snow. Cats(TM). It seems there is a spot in the front yard for a bonfire. It just isn't lit yet. They seem curious about who or what has Loki's attention suddenly. They look between one another. And then, like an anvil onto an unsuspecting roadrunner, the b-word. Brother!? They all kind of blink again and stay respectfully quiet. Rain smiles a little as she moves something inside to the porch.

"What are you doing here?" is demanded once Thor is close enough for the dynamic he's chosen. Loki doesn't glance back at the others in the yarn as he closes the gap some, "Why have you been looking for me? Aren't you busy with," his lips curl, "Ruling Asgard?" Or some such nonsense. Being the favorite son. Having feasts thrown in his honor.

Naah, Loki's not bitter.

Well, the greeting that is gained certainly isn't one that is expected, if Thor's expression is any indication. He slows to a stop, glancing at those in the yard, and back to Loki. His eyes narrow slightly, and a hand upraises, "Come now, brother," he begins again. "Did we part with difficulty? I do not recall such a thing." He shakes his head, his smile turning a touch more tentative, "Why would I not search you out?" Thor approaches, closing the distance for his part, and even though he lowers his voice, it doesn't lose it's deep richness that carries in the winter air. "Tell me what it is you believe I have done, and we can have this nonsense finished."

The group watch the two quietly. They try not to make it obvious that they are listening in, but still. They look sort of concerned. Rain missteps off the porch and skids, landing with a solid fwump a near the porch. Oops.

Thor never really saw the jealousy. Oh, his poor, simple-minded brother. Glancing back over his shoulder at the 'thump' near the porch, Loki just gives a sigh, "What are you doing out in this weather and why have you been looking for me?" He reaches out an arm to gesture for his brother to come inside. "Why are you even here on Midgard?" There's no need to take any frustration out on Thor right now…it would just be like kicking a puppy.

"Are you hungry? Thirsty?" Oh, he should probably introduce some of the others, "This is where I'm staying for now. This is Rain, my apprentice."

Jealousy? Why? They were brothers, growing up side by side! They shared their parents attentions, and as far as Thor recalls, they were inseperable. And now, he relies upon Loki in his adulthood.

Thor watches his brother for a long moment, catching the 'ooof!', letting it register. He moves quickly to aid the fallen, now identified Rain, his hand out to lift her to her feet if need be. "Rain," is rumbled, and a smile is offered.

"I am here because of the attacks on Midgards major cities. It may be they do not need my aid, but I have offered it regardless. And if I am correct, it has been accepted."

Inclining his head, Thor's smile grows broader yet. "Drink would not go amiss."

Rain seems quietly concerned, but she smiles politely, waving. "Pleased to meet you," She lowers her head respectfully. And then, oh. "Um, Thanks!" At least she's more clever than she is graceful. She accepts the hand up. The witch's only notable characteristic is that her eyes are purple. She nods at Loki's words. She seems pretty quiet and reticent in a way. By now, more of the servants are coming over, curious and anticipative. Steven, the refined one who has the illusion of a properly British butler smiles politely, holding the door open if they wish.

He seems to be the head servant, experienced and demanding. There's a bit of relief. At the talk of cities, they look thoughtful. "I think New York, Gotham and Metropolis were all hit pretty hard. It was very chaotic. Someone's been messing with a bunch of magic stuff, too. But um." She looks to Steven who nods, and bows. Door is open when they wish.

Oh. Those. "Yes, I saw some of the damage to New York's park the other day," Loki offers blithely. He also may have started a fire there as well, but they -did- want to keep the homeless warm, did they not? Humans and their double standards. Rain gets a nod, "Midgardians seem rather obsessed with magic…and using it rather carelessly. Was it the magic that attacked those cities?" Because he really hasn't paid all that much attention to the reason for those attacks. "I suppose they must be rather unhappy with the cold upon them."

Of course, he moves inside, nodding to Steven to bring them something to drink.

What may not be evident before is now very much so. Upon Thor's hip, a war hammer hangs, Norse-looking runes inscribed upon it. It looks large up close, but not so much in relation to the blond Asgardian.

His gaze turns to Rain and he inclines his head. "Just so, Rain. Magic of which this Realm is unused, which is why some have sought my aid." The last words come as Thor turns his attention to Loki. "And in turn, I ask for yours, brother."

Thor follows Loki into the house, turning to shrug his coat off and put it somewhere. His hammer, however, remains with him. "It is my understanding that it was, indeed, magic. And there was something of a body… change?" Here, the older brother is a little fuzzy. "I was told that there was some sort of change. That the body of the person who did it is not the home of the soul which should be within?" Yeah. Not getting it. Shapechangers, he 'gets'. Body-swapping? Not so much.

"No, some less than savory sorts have been working on damaging and rerouting leylines." She frowns. "It takes some serious oomph to do that, so it's been worrying. I've been working on putting spirits back to ease and tidying up where I can," Rain remarks. She listens to Loki, nodding. "They are. I - guess it's not so bad now that I'm not homeless," She considers. "Still. This probably doesn't bother you," She seems a little in awe of how little the cold bothers Loki and Thor.

She nods to Thor, likely politely and in partial agreement. One of the servants will accept Thor's jacket - David the Golem. "Allow us, sirs." Steven nods at Loki. "Of course, any requests, Master?" He asks. His manners are impeccable. Thor is included in that, too. Rain is a bit quieter herself. Then a blink at Thor's words from the witch. She looks puzzled.

Magic is strange here in Midgard…or rather, the way some manipulate it is. Perhaps it is a major difference between the two worlds. "Damaging and rerouting where? For their own purposes?" It sounds like something he would do. At the mention of the cold, Loki looks between his brother and Rain, "No," his lips twist in a wry sort of smirk, "The cold doesn't bother me."

Thor gets another glance before Loki makes his request, "Something strong for my brother. Anything will do." Back to Thor and Rain, "Possession? It's possible…entirely possible. Dangerous though, as one generally leaves their body vulnerable. Unless they no longer have a body."

The look on Thor's face should explain it all; this just isn't one of his strengths. Asgard values warriors; magic simply isn't 'one of those things' that is viewed… as highly? As Rain explains ley-lines, he's looking back and forth between the two, knowing full well that Loki, at least, understands what it is his apprentice is saying. "And this is why I come to Loki with such things," is rumbled.

He does shakes his head at the concern regarding the cold, brushing it off. "This is nothing. It bothers me not. There are many other Realms where I feel the cold keenly, but this?" Thor chuckles, the sound almost as distant thunder.

It's the request for fine drink that brings Thor's smile back, blue eyes gleaming. The coat is passed on easily and without thought. "And this is one reason why I seek you, brother. They are doing things that they do not understand, and they need our aid."

It may well be a difference, despite some commonalities. "Yes. Some people like to harm others for the sake of power or the sake of it. We almost had a demon summoning down the block," Sigh. Rain wrinkles her nose. "Leylines are sources of power, and often balance. By damaging them, an area is also damaged. Plants, animals, people all get sick - as do the spirits. Sometimes they can be harnessed for power, but I don't think that's a good idea, myself." Unless one really needs it.

Steven bows. "We have some fine meads, mulled wines. I will fetch some, Master." His manners are impeccable. Something strong. Perhaps the fae mead it is. The servant will step into the cellar to find them something suitable.

"And don't feel bad. It's kind of complex in a lot of ways, especially if you want to work it well." She smiles at Thor's chuckle. David hangs up the coat on a nearby coat rack. "Do you know anything about the person or what happened during the possession?" She seems curious.

Rain pauses. "Well, for stronger or more advanced magi, leyline manipulation is fine. But it's honestly above my pay grade at the moment."

"Those rerouting the leylines or those possessing others?" Loki asks of Thor when his aid is requested. Rain gets a nod, "We can look at this together tomorrow. There will be time if this snow delivers what it promises." He glances to one of the windows before he looks to Steven, "That will be fine." He's rather used to having servants, after all.

"Come, brother," there is the briefest of hesitation before that title, "You shall tell myself and Rain what you know of this possession and we'll talk about what can be done next…and all over some drink."

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