A Touch Too Much of Testosterone

January 29, 2015: Scott and Logan manage not to break anything in Hank's lab as Lunair looks on.

Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

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Beast looks between the two before he removes his glasses and cleans them off with his shirt. It's certainly something to do while he tries to figure out what to say. "Funny how we never hear about these things. Reversing polarity? Probably not all that easy, even for someone like Superman or Magneto." Right. So. "'Plants and stuff from the Savage Land'… that's very kind of you Lunair, and very thoughtful. I've never been… really only heard rumours about it, but it's a places I've been very interested in visiting. In a very 'Jurassic Park' sort of way." He looks again to Scott and shrugs. He has no idea. "Are you going back into space after this?"

"I almost got eaten by velociraptors. And a t-rex," Lunair considers. To be fair, Lunair is one of the more independent working mutants. She looks to Scott, with a little bit of amusement. "Fair enough. And a couple. I almost got tranq darted the other day. It was really annoying, and I think - I shot a couple of them." As if, you know, it were a minor inconvenience. "Then that Mist guy broke their driver and some other guys. Someone with shadows helped, and I shot a few down, but I don't know who they were." She goes quiet.

Lunair is talking to Scott and Hank in Hank's lab. There's an array of plants in plastic containers, and a few baggies with labels of scales, feathers and such. Even a few dino teeth. "It was apparently a big ritual. A magnetic lady's sister was involved. I saw Magneto there, but they beat him up pretty good. It was worrisome. I think he got them back, but he made it home okay." Because, you know, people TOTALLY worry about Magneto. "We figured the plan was dumb because even if they started it… It would attract way too much attention. You'd have everyone from A to Z on the case." She goes to a neutral face afterwards. "You're welcome." This makes her happy! Samples for Hank, hooray. "How have you been? And maybe. I'm not sure. I stay on Earth plenty, too. It's good to keep moving. I just wanted to give these to you."

Hank receives a wry smirk from Scott. Lunair certainly was an odd one, but after their conversation in Texas, he'd come to find it more than endearing. Turning back to Lunair, he listens to her story while perched upon the chair with the slightest of forward leans, nodding his head a couple of times. "Well, we sure as hell don't want you getting captured by them. Remember what I told you in Harrison." A cursory glance is given to the botany; definitely more up Hank's alley. There's no engine grease or military history involved. "It's good to have you back. Will you stay for a few days, at least?"

Beast nods to Scott's invitation, seconding it, "HYDRA tried getting in here once…we sent them home with their tails between their legs. Even if they -did- track you down to here, they wouldn't be able to get to you. It means you're sort of stuck for a little bit, but we'd love to have you stay for a bit. You can tell me all about how you found all of these," he gestures a clawed hand to the samples.

Lunair is pretty odd. But she seems to enjoy Scott and Hank's company in her own way. "I appreciate it," She nods. "And yeah, I'd rather not be a lab animal anymore anyway." She needs to remember to use /person/ pronouns when referring to herself. "And sure! I don't mind staying a bit. I helped when they bothered the SHIELD folk. I uh, this is quiet but I've done some contract work with them," She shrugs.

"And sure, it'll be fun. Also some dinosaurs did have feathers apparently. What have you guys been up to? I feel tired of Nazis and HYDRA and those guys," She admits with a deep sigh. "Especially when they try things like darting me or whatever."

"Damn right we did," Scott murmurs. There's still a scar in the lawn where he drew the line, literally. Spring time and fresh grass will heal it for good. One thing in particular draws his attention. "Wait, you've done contract work with SHIELD? Was this… before, or after HYDRA started to come after you?"

Beast slides a glance at Scott, "She's not the only one who has helped SHIELD, Scott…" Hank points out. Whether or not his teammate knew this, well…he's going to know it now. He then looks back at Lunair, "Well…we can certainly try and figure out how they're tracking you. In fact, Scott and I were concerned that you might be bugged somehow."

Lunair looks quietly amused at the memory. "Huh? Oh, way before. I mean, there's always random goons trying to vivisect you and all but you usually beat them up or send them home and life goes on." Another day in the life of Lunair. She looks to Beast. "Um." Hmm. That's not good. "I - uh. Hope not… They left me alone for so long," She shakes her head. "I don't know." Sigh. "They didn't notice me the other day but I made my armour way different and disguised myself."

There is a certain whiff in the air, a sort of peaty aroma, mixed with lilac, and the smell of a Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario? Smoking is strictly prohibited on the school grounds, but then, Logan is not a student, and even if he were, he wasn't smoking on school grounds. It's just that the smell of a cigar will permeate a person's clothes, breath, and presence long after they've finished.

There is the sound of his leather boots clicking against the old hardwood floor. Normally, he'd be tracking mud, but with the weather, it's snow that's falling from the underside. Someone should probably clean that up. It can't be good for antique flooring.

As he rounds a corner, he'll pop his head into the laboratory, looking a little bit lost. He's been here before, was given a tour, but that was months ago. A few people know him, but most don't. Seeing the group, he'll make a fist and knock on the open door, the rapping announcing his presence to them, "any of you know where I could find the guy in charge around here?"

A conspiratorial look is given to Hank. Though nobody can see his eyes, it's entirely believable that Scott is giving Hank a look that says, 'Really.' Soon enough though, he's looking back to Lunair. "Well, I don't want you to become too worried, but it's possible that your work with SHIELD has helped to draw their attention. This is just how investigations work, Lun. Piece together probabilities, rule out impossible ones, then? Boots to the ground."

Speaking of boots. And odour. Scott's nose twitches a moment before Logan knocks, but when he turns, his eyebrows rise from beneath the ruby glasses.

"Son… of a… bitch."

Looks like these two have run into each other before, and by the tone of his voice, it may not have been pretty.

"We should probably sweep you for bugs nonetheless," Beast starts to move to get something that may do just that when he suddenly stiffens at a scent. And sound. Turning swiftly, he peers at the door and the stranger there before he looks to Scott. "You know him? Should he be here?" Clawed hands curl into fists as if he's more than happy to help 'escort' someone who shouldn't be here out of the mansion.

Scent of a whatthewhat? "Uh, sure. That's fine. No one's really been close enough to touch me or drop stuff on me. I don't have any weird implants," Although she does keep the job offer with the exploding skull implant a - non-topic of conversation. Lunair looks between the two. The newcomer provokes a curious look. And really, it's sort of her motto that earth would be invaded and lasered a lot less if they greeted new, strange people. She looks to Scott. "I guess. I liked working with them, and I suppose if they had files on all the kids in the study, it was only a matter of time. It was weird seeing a picture of myself at the mall.

Nevertheless, Lunair is going to be polite. She beams, waves. "Hi sonofabitch! I don't think the professor is in at the moment. May I ask who you are? Because that sounds like an awful name."

And yes, she was perfectly sincere and cheery in greeting sonofabitch.

Stepping further into the laboratory, Logan will run his fingertips over a countertop before grabbing a container with some prehistoric teeth, or no, not prehistoric. These ones are fresh, but they're from a dinosaur. As he holds the contain in one hand, he makes a face, his lower jaw raising in contemplation. "Did you have to pay extra for one with the gums still attached?"

He'll put the container back, right where he found it. Scientists can sometimes be overly protective of their samples, and he may have an irate one to deal with after that bit of fun. And he's already got Scott Summers on his case. "Nice to see you too," he'll reply with a smile to the man he knows only as Cyclops. A while back, he caught an optic blast to the chest. He may not know his real name, but he knows that scent. You can't fake that.

He also heard something about SHIELD. Between the bones he assumes to be from the Savage Land, Cyclops, and some of the other faculty he knows that works here, he's got it on good authority that this is no mere private school. There's a whole lot more going on.

When he's welcomed as 'sonofabitch', he frowns, sighing a little, but puts a hand out to Lunair, "the name's Logan. That other name, I only use with my friends. It gets me, right here," and he beats his chest with the ridge of his free hand, right where Cyclops had hit him, "isn't that right, Slim?"

Beast starts forward as the stranger picks up the sample, "Put that down… this instant. Do not touch a thing in this Laboratory." Over-protective of his lab? Certainly! Irate? Most definitely, now. "Who are you and what made you think you could come in here?" He looks between Lunair and Scott, "You -know- him? Why is he here?"

Because, with a scientist in a lab who is blue, clawed, and looks much like his codename, it's obviously not a 'normal' private school.

By now, Scott has stood up. He hasn't adopted an aggressive stance, though. Lips are drawn into a concerned frown; nobody just finds this place, after all. Someone brought Logan here, and there damned well better be a good reason. "Ran into him in the Gaza Strip," he answers Hank, though his eyes don't leave the Canucklehead. "He, also, was hunting for the mutant virus."

So, he's been pegged. Must be the ruby glasses. He couldn't forget that brief fight, for the punch to his face had hurt for days. Something about the man's fist just wasn't natural. "Guess that makes us pals," he quips, filling the air with that signature sarcasm that is Scott Summers. "Who brought you here?" He's not going to point fingers or kick the guy out, not yet. Though, it's worth noting that he isn't offering a hand in greeting, either.

Lunair seems uncertain, but from the looks of it, she knows exactly where those teeth came from. "No, but…" She smiles wryly. She goes quiet. "Oh. Nice to meet you, Logan." She carefully accepts the hand. Then, she looks thoughtful. "I don't know him. But I suspect he is looking for someone here? And that he knows at least one of us," She offers. "Do you know some of the people here or were you looking for someone? No one really comes here by accident," She offers. She is curious, and eerily easy going. Why isn't she bothered? Although, there's some worry for Hank. Thankfully, Lunair's not in charge of talking, so she falls quiet.

When Hank gets antsy about the sample, Logan raises his arms, both hands up in a peaceful manner, "Easy there blue boy, it's all right, I won't touch your precious Savage Land samples. I bet you had one hell of a time getting those teeth. Most things that have 'em, don't like to give 'em up."

"As I said, the name's Logan. I'm a friend o' Jean, Kitty, Lockheed," and with a look into Cyclops' eye, "slim and I here go way back, don't we now?" Trying another tactic, he says, "maybe I'm going about this the wrong way. I'm lookin' fer Xavier, Professor Charles Xavier." Then again, that may backfire. Is he here as an assassin? He seems to know a lot about them, but he could have been fed that information.

"Nice ta meet you too… um, you got a name darlin'?" She never offered, and he hasn't heard anyone use her name, so he asks point blank. He's offered his name to the three of them, but so far, he doesn't know any of their names, except Scott, whom he knows only as Cyclops. All things considered, he's shown a lot of patience with them. This is a school, aren't they supposed to have manners?

No doubt the Professor would be able to stop an assassin in his or her tracks as he'd be able to sense their motive. Frankly, the Professor may be more dangerous than many of them put together. Golden eyes watch the newcomer for a moment before he pulls up a phone and texts someone… Kitty, actually, to try and judge the veracity of his statement. He may not get an answer immediately, but he has to check.

"What do you need with the Professor?" Another glance to Scott — they can't have people roaming free here!

"Name's Scott." He finally steps forward, offering a hand in greeting. Ruby-glasses never leave Logan's face, though. "Jean or Kitty invite you here?" Yeah, by the sound of it, there's not a lot of trust where Hank and Scott are concerned.

Lunair was totally polite! She tried. "Oh right, sorry. I was distracted by dinostuff. I brought them here, after a - trip there," She turns a bit red. "I'm Lunair, I've been kind of - Well, I've been sort of given reason to be wary of people lately. I'm sorry that I was rude," She offers. "I hope Kitty and Jean and them are doing well. I haven't seen them in awhile," She admits. And it's true, people with brain powers tend to do that. "Though, I get the feeling if he wanted to assassinate us, he could've done so while we were talking," Lunair considers. As for the professor, she doesn't say. "I have no idea, sorry." Aside from that.

Beast has already had three SHIELD agents out him in the last few weeks so he's definitely wary and not terribly concerned about politeness at the moment. He remains quiet, not offering a name, until he hears an answer to Scott's question. At Lunair's statement though, he offers to her, "He could have tried. I don't think he would get too far."

With a knowing grin, fully expecting Cyclops to hate what he's about to say, Logan explains, "I heard there was a job opening." In truth, he hadn't heard anything of the kind. All he knew for certain was that this placed was accepting of mutants and their pet aliens, or whatever Lockheed was. There was more to this place than they let on, and he had other reasons to take an interest, not that he was going to share that with Cyclops.

With a bit of a sigh when Beast decides to text someone, probably Jean, Kitty, or Lockheed? Does Lockheed text now? He couldn't remember, but he wouldn't put it past that little guy. He was way smarter than he let on.

When the hand is extended, Logan will take it, shaking, and do the guy thing, squeezing harder than Scott, not hard enough to damage him, but enough to remind the man that Logan's packs one hell of a punch, "great to finally put a name to the face."

After letting go, he'll reach into his back pocket, pulling out a phone and tossing it towards Beast, "it ain't locked. Check the photos." Logan doesn't make a habit of taking photos, but there will be a couple of photos that show he knows Kitty and Lockheed.

While Beast has the phone, he'll say, "it's all right Lunair," not really thinking she was being rude. She's got quite a motor mouth, and when she mentions assassination, that raises Logan's interest, "you always killing people like that?" Assassination not a subject he finds very funny, having committed it on a number of occasions. "Scott, Lunair," and addressing Hank, "so what do I call you, bub?"

For a second or two, Scott tries to maintain his poker face. Soon enough, however, it's clear that he's stifling a wince; and Scott Summers is no spring chicken!

Once the greeting is released, Scott proves how relentless he can be. "Who brought you here?" he asks again. Seems there's no room in the guy's flagrant sarcasm for jokes at this moment.

Poor Beast. Lunair looks sympathetic. She hms softly at Beast's words. She tilts her head at Logan. "Really? I hope it goes well for you. Jean was really nice when we last met," She considers. "And sorry, I had a lot to talk about today." Life has been interesting. Her expression /drops/ when Logan asks her about assassination, eyes darker and colder. "Not always." She's deliberately cryptic. "It was more a comment that if you genuinely were out to cause trouble… I doubt you'd put up with this much," she considers. "Anyway, I brought the dinosaur stuff. It's kind of a long story. But it did remind me that I am in fact, made of meat." It's true. Lunair is Grade A USDA - waitaminute…

"If he wasn't brought here, maybe he got directions?" She considers. She goes quiet, though. She knows better than to cause trouble around snikts and eye lasers.

Beast catches the phone tossed at him and tosses it right back. "I don't really care about pictures. Answer Scott's question." He's apparently unwilling to converse further until that's been clarified. In fact, he moves to the door to his lab and closes it before turning as if to block it. He then looks to Lunair, "Jean and Kitty both know better than to give directions."

Poor Beast, the man could have just opened up so much trouble with that. Logan catches the phone, and returns it to his pocket. He notes how protective Beast is, moving to the door of the lab and closing it. He'd make one hell of a bouncer. Not many would be willing to mess with him. But Logan's always been the sort of guy who made his own rules. And he'll show it with the way he answers Scott's question.

Raising his hand up, back facing to Scott, Logan spreads his fingers so they can be easily seen. He begins by bending his thumb in, "first time Illyana," he bends his ring finger, "second time Calvin," he bends his index finger, "third time Kitty, he bends his pinkie finger, "fourth time Jean," leaving only his middle finger still raised. Acting shocked, he says, "woah, how'd that happen?" and he'll lower his hand, point made.

While Scott may get under his skin, or he enjoys getting under Scott's skin, he doesn't have that kind of relationship with Lunair. He bears her no ill will. She called him a 'sonofabitch', but she said it as if she genuinely thought that was his name. She seems sweet, if a bit odd. "Look, I'm not here to cause trouble," if he were, he'd have caused it by now. "I heard about this place, and figured you might be interested in someone who could teach the students a thing or two."

It's not as if Scott is ignoring Lunair. Quite the contrary. Things heard, filed away for future reference. His ruby glasses never leave Logan's face.

At the middle finger, Scott's forms something between a scowl and a smirk. Only then does he turn to look at Hank, and nods his head. Four vouchers. Scott will, obviously, check with all of them, but he doesn't actually want to escalate… anything.

"I'll let Xavier know you're interested," he remarks. "After I speak with Jean." After all, a heads up would have been nice.

A deep heave of his chest is taken, at which point he gives Beast a look, before walking toward the closed door.

Seems he intends to go and find Jean, right now.

Lunair has been polite about it, she just has little to no say about it. She does stifle a giggle at the finger thing. Okay, that was pretty good. She shakes her head. "… you're a teacher?" Maybe he does philosophy. "Thanks, it was good to see you." She waves to Scott. "I'm sorry. I hope I didn't say the wrong thing. This is why I usually don't say anything," Sigh. It's hard being socially impaired, it is. Nevertheless, she looks to Hank. "I see." She goes quiet. "Well, I was wrong." She falls silent, looking to the door.

Beast certainly makes note of the vouchers, meeting Scott's gaze and nods in return. He caught them as well and may be talking to them for his own verification. The remaining middle finger just has him rolling his eyes, but he does step aside from the door. "Perhaps Illyana, Cal, Jean, and Kitty mentioned that there is a reason why we are rather secluded and wary. We have children to protect here. Children who would otherwise be reviled, captured, or worse if they weren't here. Children who have been disowned from their families because they have horns… or wings… or can shoot lasers from their eyes." There's a glance back at Scott then. "Most of the people who have breached our entryway came to great harm." So. There's that.

"We will pass on your request to Professor Xavier, but I recommend finding a hotel to stay in for the meantime if you don't have any other accomodations. I'm sure that we can offer recommendations if you need it."

Scott may not think much of Logan right about now, but Logan kind of likes the guy. Most people who clash with him don't hold their resolve the way old one-eye is, and Logan respects that. With a nod in the affirmative, he says, "you do that, Scott." And round one goes to Logan, as Scott backs down and heads for the door. It's a guy thing.

Nodding his head a bit more pleasantly to Lunair, "yeah, history, geography, language, philosophy, self defence…" he could teach a lot of subjects, but those are the most appropriate ones for children.

But when Beast starts giving him a lecture, Logan raises his hand, making a fist, and three metallic claws emerge from his skin, slicing through. He does it slowly, showing off that he has abilities too, but makes no move to attack anyone, and he holds his arm up at a fairly non threatening angle. It'd be tough to thrust or attack from that position, and quite obvious. The claws make a snikt noise as they come out, but it's a drawn out version. A moment later, they retract, and the skin seems to heal.

Normally, he doesn't like to show off, but he knows Cyclops can shoot eyebeams, Kitty can walk through walls, Beast is hairy and blue. Lunair seems normal, but he's fairly certain she's got more to her than she lets on. "I get it. You've got somethin' to protect. But I ain't yer enemy, bub."

At the door, Scott pauses. He glanced back to Hank, then looks over toward Logan. Once again, his eyebrows rise, but the expression in his eyes remains understandably hidden.

Now, we have a quandary. Logan's got vouchers; Hank has a very good reason to be rid of him; and Scott finds himself in the middle.

There's clearly more to Logan than meets the eye.

Out comes Scott's wallet. A credit card is produced and flung through the air. "Next to Harry's Hideaway. Tell him Summers sent you." Then he turns to leave, opening the door. However, he turns back and adds, "Put anything else on that card and it'll come out of your ass."

Lunair looks amused by Scott and Logan for sure, then offers a quiet, "I can pay for a hotel for awhile if you really want." It's probably the least they can do. She looks to Scott and Beast, sympathetic. She likes most of the mutant kids she's run into. But she doesn't seem to know much different or think it odd. Being undersocialized has left her accepting. Funny how that works. "Though, that's pretty big of a range," She considers. She's an adult, even if a lot about her seems incredibly off and her powers are subtle.

She jerks, startled at the snikt. "That - must hurt?" An eyebrow lifts. "Cool, albeit painful. Either way, good luck." Wave. She doesn't throw fire or offer her own stance up. She does seem to quietly respect Beast. "Um. Should I sort the plants or is it good as is? I feel kinda bad dumping stuff all over your space."

Beast's eyes widen at the display of claws, but there's more curiosity than fear or hostility in them now. That's one he hasn't seen. Watching Scott leave, he then looks to Lunair and Logan. His expression turns almost sad then, "Unfortunately, we need to assume everyone is until proven otherwise." Back to Lunair and his expression softens somewhat, "No, it's all right. I thank you for the samples. If you want to come back tomorrow, maybe, and help with the labelling and identification, I'd like that." And it might give them all something to do.

Logan could have caught that credit card. He could have caught it with his fingers, his palm, even his teeth if he had wanted to. But while he could have caught it, where's the fun in that? He reaches out, hands outstretched, but just a little low. The claws come out, slicing the card in half. Logan acts surprised in an over the top manner, "you can get a replacement fer that, right?" It's a nuisance, a pain in the ass really, but Logan couldn't help himself. And besides, he saved Scott the cost of renting a room.

To Lunair, he replies, a little too solemnly, "every time." But he's used to that pain. He was long used to that pain before her grandfather was even born. "Lunair, Blue," he gives Hank a nickname, since the man hasn't revealed his name to Logan, "it's been fun, but I think you folks have some things to discuss. I'll be at the B and B." There's not much to Salem Centre, and he knows Harry's Hideaway, so sure, why not rent a room there. But on his dime, not Scott's.

Lips part in a moment of exasperation. "Nothing like slashing the olive branch," Scott murmurs. Then he turns, and walks off… just a bit hot about the whole affair.

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