Longshot for Lunair

January 29 2015: Iceman goes looking for Lunair. Both get found by Longshot


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It takes a while for Bobby to get any traction sometimes. But today he's looking for Lunair. Because he hears that she might just maybe be in a little bit of trouble. Just a bit. He's fuzzy on the details but Lunair is one of Nan's friends and therefore one of his friends and therefore he's going to go find her. So he's called up Nyx (just in case backup is a thing he needs), who seems to have just recently gotten back from… somewhere, and heads on down to New York, Queens area where he hears thanks to connections to people with things like 'scanners' that she can be found. He hopes.

Longshot sits on the edge of a rooftop, eating Chinese noodles and enjoying the cold. It never got cold in Mojoverse, unless you'd been cast in a winter survival epic. Longshot rather liked it, the tingle and the way it burned his lungs a bit. He still had a trenchoat on, but the gloves…well, they didn't really make gloves for him.

He just happens to glance down and sees a quick glimpse of Bobby Drake. Hey, an X-man! He's an X-man! Technically! He'd been a bit busy filming his role on the soap opera 'Into the Fire', but his one-eyed robot neurosurgeon had sunk to the bottom of the ocean last week. Back to superheroing for him!

He springs down without looking, somehow landing just right on a stretched clothesline, catapulting from it and barely catching the underside of a fire escape until he's down in the alley, running to catch up, "Bobby Drake, wait! It is I, your famous friend, Longshot!"

Strictly speaking, Lunair is totally in hiding. Though, she is one of the X-men who seems to do her work mostly outside of the campus. She often visits M-town to deliver groceries, visit friends or what have you. She has take out for now, and might be taking it home or to someone. Her trouble is sort of long term, but maybe the cold repels HYDRA? Her path will take her towards Longshot and Bobby. She hums a little bit, heading towards her Vespa. Wait, did someone just spring down…?

Well when Bobby calls Nyx will show up. She is having a bit of a rough stretch but well she is game to help friends. She was walking along after Bobby and when someone drops down and announces themself, well she blinks at Longshot "Woah… what…" head tilting now. She squints "Arent you on TV?"

Famious is about right. Friend? Well sure, Bobby supposes. He's not been in the X-Men for more than about seven months, so he hasn't really been properly introduced to everyone. "Er, oh! Hey Longshot. How's it going?" The ice nerd waves to the soap opera star. "Nice to see you here. Just looking for a friend. Who should be somewhere around here…" Bobby scans the place looking for Lunair. "Yeah Nyx. Though I think he just finished his run."

Longshot shakes his head, "I am not on TV at the moment. I don't think," he says, looking around for a moment. "I am currently dead on TV. Although I was a robot, so I wasn't ever really alive. You may also have seen me in commercials for Big Al's Ribs 'n' Stuff. I am wearing a cowboy hat in that one," he says.

He casually finds himself falling in line to walk with the others, the hilt of his longsword sticking up over his shoulder Y'know, like you do. "What does your friend look like?"

Lunair is dressed normally, for one. She has a scarf over much of her face. She's loading up, although seeing a bit of motion nearby has her tense. Her eyes narrow and she looks around. Squint. She goes quiet, looking here and there. And yes, she has a box of waffle mix in a grocery bag put into the scooter's storage. Go figure. But for her part? Time to make sure that motion wasn't anything important.

Well Nyx is paying more attention to Longshot than she is looking for Lunair right now "I think I saw you on that commercial.. wait your character was a robot… thats wierd but cool"

Bobby finallyspot her and waves. "You two play nice." He grins. "I'll be right back. Found who I'm looking for." He breaks into a jog over Lunair's way. Gotta catch her before she drives away. Otherwise ice ramping after her might be a bit awkward.

Longshot looks over at Nyx, "Being a robot is how I survived being shot by my ex-wife's stepdaughter. Or, how how did, since I was not playing myself. I usually play myself or a version of myself," he says, holding up a four-fingered hand, giving a crooked grin, "I don't exactly blend," he says, looking over as Bobby runs over to Lunair, "What are we supposed to play nicely? Is there a game?"

Lunair goes still. Someone's running. She braces herse— oh. It's Bobby. There was a blank stare in her eyes. She relaxes for a moment, smiling politely and waves. "Hi you! How are you?" She seems surprised, looking over her shoulder. For now, she seems not to be driving off. Wait. "… oh, you - er, who's your new friend?" She might recognize Nyx if she sees her at least.

"Nyx? Oh she's an independant hero type. For now anyway. Nice girl." Bobby answers distractedly. He's sure Longshot and Nyx will get along fine together. At least a few minutes. Or they'll come over here.

"I heard you were in a bit of trouble. We haven't seen you at the mansion or anywhere recently. What's going on?"

Watching Bobby go "Oh… that girl.. crazy armor girl." Nyx grins and pivots back to Longshot and tilts her head studying his hands "Oh not special effects. So are you a mutant like Bobby then?" she doesn't seem disturbed about it though. "No game just wants us to be friendly I think right?"

Longshot shakes his head, "I'm a…a…not a mutant," he says. He's tried to explain what he is to people before, and he's found that they usually find themselves more confused by his explanation than they were before he tried. "But he and I are acquainted from mutant people. I am very good at being friendly," he says, looking over as Bobby and Lunair talk, "Is this the girl that Bobby copulates with?"

Lunair smiles at Bobby weakly. She rarely seems to emote properly, her usual expression a distant, blank sort of neutral. She relaxes a little, "I didn't visit much at the mansion. People seemed busy more with one another. These days, I have a snake problem so…" She trails off. "But Hank asked me to stay a few days, so I'll be around," She promises. Lunair looks around. "I guess you could say I'm in hidng for awhile. What do you know so far? And er- who's your friends?"

"Oh, that's Nyx and Longshot. I forget if you've met them. Come on." Bobby motions for Lunair to follow him. "Is there anything we can do to help you with your Snake problem? I could probably get you a room at the Nest if you'd like or DCI."

Longshot gets a blink from Nyx "Wait.. Bobby likes girls?" it is a whisper really. She furrows her brow a bit and then turns her punky attention back to Lunair and Bobby as they approach. "Hey armorlady" to Lunair on the approach.

Longshot considers, "I never asked. Humans have a serious obsession with how their parts interlock, I have found. In my experience, it always works itself out one way or another," he says. When he hears them being introduced he actually does a standing backflip, landing in a crouch, somehow drawing his sword in the midst of it and laying it across his knee, blonde bangs falling in his face.

"Longshot! Freedom fighter, superhero and thespian extraordinaire! I would give you my card, but I have not yet found a new printer!" he says and, as he looks up through that fanning of golden hair, his charisma radiating, his left eye gleams just a moment, literally sparkling.

"Kind of impressive, huh?" he says with a crooked smile.

Humans are kind of whacky that way. Lunair nods at Bobby, and she will fire. She pauses. "It's okay, I think. I move from place to place, and I even stay with my friends in space sometimes," She explains. She tilts her head. "What's the Nest?" There's a curiousity. Can she snipe from it? Nevertheless, Lunair pauses. "How are you? You must be pretty busy of late, yeah? I feel bad that HYDRA and stuff have been coming up so much. It's kind of depressing." It's also a sad reminder of her intended purpose and unintentional survival. Nevertheless…

She smiles to Nyx. "Hello. You can call me Lunair when I'm not in the armor, or Armory when I am. I keep forgetting that," She admits. Lunair usually doesn't talk to folks on the job. And then suddenly, a wild Longshot appears! Lunair looks startled, but manages a smile after a moment. "I see. That - was pretty good, She nods. "Pleased to meet you, Longshot. I'm Lunair outside of my armor and job," She remarks. "And it was."

"Place we founded a while back to help shelter mutants in trouble. Well, victims of human trafficking mostly but Nancy's there and the Outsiders watch it, so it's safe-ish." Bobby knows Lunair knows Nancy but doesn't himself know much about the Outsiders. Just the name, really. And a couple of the members. He looks between Nyx and Longshot who have been discussing his preferences. "What's that look for?"

Nyx steps back away as Longshot springs into motion, turning to watch the whole shot. She closes her mouth when he is all done and ends up with that crooked smile. "Why didn't I get that introduction.. also.. damn." she eases back towards Bobby and watches Longshot for a moment more then asks Bobby "Is his superpower some sort of charisma or pheremones or something….?" subject change!

Longshot rises up, casually flipping his sword one-handed. Somehow, with a slight lean, he lands it right in the sheathe. Lucky bastard. "It wasn't meant as a slight, simply didn't want to frighten Bobby and end up turned into an icicle," he smiles. "But I'll give you a flip sometime, if you like."

He doesn't comment on the charisma element of his abilities, instead answering Bobby's question, "I had suggested you were trying to mate with Lunair, but Nyx suggested that she thought you preferred males. We had not yet begun speculating or comparing evidence. I haven't noticed you looking at my butt, but, then, it is behind me, so I might not have."

"…" Blank stare. You can almost hear the glass shattering, the wooshing of wind, the record scratching noise. Lunair just kind of stares at them. She has no problems being a hitman, but when it comes to being a social, a lot is way above her paygrade. She stares at Longshot and his words. Her mouth opens, then closes. "Is that how people normally talk about this…?" One eyebrow is a little raised and she looks quietly concerned. She smiles weakly at the group. "And thanks, I understand." She nods at Bobby.

Bobby sighs. Oy. Lunair is fifty kinds of adorable, but no. "I don't know Nyx. I never really read his file. Just recognized his face from seeing him on TV and knew he'd been down to the mansion once or twice." He is himself kind of new after all. "And no, I'm not trying to get with Lunair, no offence Lu, I don't like guys and I do have a girlfriend. She's a nuller and a mutant and not an X-Man and I don't think either of you have met her actually." Lunair has, of course. It's Nan.

Well at that Nyx's mouth opens and stays open for some time before she manages to close it. Then she defends herself "All I did was ask if Bobby liked girls I didn't say he liked boys… I wasn't sure… and .. guh… may just die now thanks Longshot." she rubs her face with her right hand. She looks sheepish to Bobby.

Longshot doesn't really feel embarassment or understand it or register that other people are feeling it. So, to him, all is copacetic. "That must be very pleasing for you, Bobby! And Lunair, I do not know how people normally talk about this, as I am neither normal nor people, in the conventional way. I can only be myself," he says.

He does give Nyx an alarmed look, "No, do not die! Are you having some sort of brain attack?" he says, noticing her rubbing her face. "I am not a doctor, but I have played one on TV, even if he was a robot. Tell me where the pain is."

Lunair doesn't really 'get' people. Being desperately undersocialized and missing out a lot on early life, she's … really behind in that race. So she looks lost. "I thought Bobby had a girlfriend. And it's okay," She smiles politely. Lunair doesn't know Nancy terribly well. "She seemed nice from the times I've seen and talked to her," Lunair considers. She shrugs. She just - has to figure out what this input means.

Still, Longshot seems pretty earnest. She tilts her head. "I see. That's okay. A lot of us are hardly normal people," She notes. She doesn't seem to match her facial expressions to her conversation well. "Just be careful. Sometimes people will take advantage of that kind of honesty." Then she tries not to giggle. Poor Nyx.

Bobby shakes his head and laughs a little. "No no, Nyx, you're fine. I've just never had anyone ask… that particular question before." Mostly because the people he knows know what his interests are. Anyway. "I don't think she's dying Longshot… wishing to, perhaps." He winks at the younger hero and turns to Lunair. "Okay, so seriously, what do you need? Snakes are bad business. How can we help?"

Nyx adds to this to Longshot "Do you even know how hard it is to concentrate with you earnestly offering to doctor me. I mean really… your adorably earnest…" she shifts to look to Lunair "Ok.. right. Helping Lunair. changing the subject."

Longshot is definitely a younger hero, given that he's around eight years old, in technical terms. "Oh, no, there is definitely something wrong with your head. I'm not Ernest. I'm Longshot. Long-shot. I know, it is an odd name. The exclamation point is silent." Still, she doesn't seem to be in immediate danger.

"I feel bad that normal people have to be normal. On the other hand, at least they aren't grotesque yellow horrors covered with bedsores! That's a plus!" he says. "Now, what's this about snakes? Is there a giant pit of snakes? Or several huge snakes? I have a sword!"

When neural and logic circles go *spoink*. Lunair watches, blankly. "I'm okay. I was asked to stay at the manor. Normally, if I off enough of their goons when they come after me, they go away. But this time, they seem a lot more serious. I can drop by and say hi sometimes. I think as long as I keep moving, pay attention and try not to drag too many people into this, it'll be okay," There's a weariness to it. She's not sure she believes that, but she can try. "Mostly, I don't want anyone hurt for my sake. That's the big thing."

"But I was going to head to um, campus." That's being deliberately cryptic. Longshot puzzles her. He really does. Then a polite smile. "Longshot. I'm in hiding at the moment. I was just getting some take out and um. The snakes is a metaphor. It's used to paint an image and refer to a group of people who I sincerely hope are not anywhere near. Some people call them remnants of an old Nazi group." She looks around, just to be safe.

Bobby grimaces. "Come on. Let's get lunch and you can tell us all about it." Cause damn it. He's going to help. Or at least, make a good case for letting him try. Also food. Food is good.

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