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January 30, 2015: Lunair runs into Sam in the park and they catch up on the drastic changes in each of their lives.

Battery Park

Battery Park is a 25 acre park named after the 4 batteries that once defended the city in its early years. Now, it's a park with scenic walkways and a terminal for the Staten Island Ferry, as well as cruises to Liberty Island.



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Coming down to Battery Park to look at the Statue of Liberty seemed like the perfect way to reflect on the new direction his life is taking. Then Sam Wilson make the mistake of trying it.

The weather is miserable and it's freezing. The streets are as disgusting as New York streets always are after snowfall, compounded by the amount of snowfall. He's slightly drunk after trying to keep up with a super soldier through a couple of pitchers. The usual street vendors have wisely stayed indoors, and the murk is such that he can't even see the Statue across the bay. So he's flopped on a park bench, taking swigs of water out of a bottle and munching on an icy powerbar that he managed to snag in a bodega on the way. So much for serene reflection.

It's cold, so cold. Maybe HYDRA doesn't like the cold, too. Lunair's wary, uneasy and a little on edge but she wanted to get some very limited and special treats fresh from a bakery before it closes. She keeps the box close, so the snow won't hurt it - though, it is in a plastic bag. She has a thermos of hot cocoa in hand, and her path takes her near Sam.

Grandpa drinks often, too. Sometimes his gaze is distant, too. It's weird to see even New York's sidewalks slowed, with all but the most hail and hardy (or European) tourists staying indoors. But then, Lunair spots Sam. She smiles beneath her scarf and waves. "Hey!"

He may have been drinking a bit, but the old instincts don't dull all that much. Sam perks up when he hears Lunair's call, sits up straighter, and then waves her over. "Oh, hey there! Long time no see," he answers, his tone friendly. "What brings you out in this mess?" He spots the parcel from the bakery and adds, "Run out of food? That can be an issue."

Lunair smiles as he perks up. She moves over, nodding. "It has been awhile. How are you?" She looks over her shoulder, glancing around. "No, I wanted-" Pause. "It's quiet and a good time to pick something up." Uneasiness pervades cheerfulness, as a dying fruit taints the cart. She half-smiles. "I'm surprised to see you here," She admits. "Though, yeah, there is some food tucked into my scooter." She moves over, to talk to him more easily. "How are you? Did you find a cool job?"

Sam becomes concerned when Lunair grows uneasy, but he doesn't cut in until she actually asks him a question. "I did, actually!" he answers with a laugh. "A couple of them, in a way," he adds — the comment seems to quietly amuse him, but he doesn't elaborate. "I'm working for Stark Indistries now. I'm in their medical division. I just got back from delivering equipment to Metropolis and helping them out during the big blackout." He pauses to give her an inquisitive look. "Is everything okay on your end?"

It's gone on for awhile, really. But she seems genuinely happy when he laughs and nods. "That's good. I'm glad. And oh? I figured you would be like, chasing bad guys or something," She considers. "Maybe blasting them with classic rock." Hmmm. What an odd girl. "But that's awesome of you. I'm glad it's working out." At his question, her stare seems more distant. She frowns a little. "Well, sorta. I can't stick around too long. I'm teeeeeeechnically hiding," She drops her voice at that. It's really, really, really quiet. "But I saw you and wanted to say hi."

"Hiding? Who are you hiding from?" Sam asks, his own voice dropping to match hers. "I mean — yeah, there's a bit of chasing bad guys, since you mention it. So I might be able to help. I have some resources now." That's a bit of an understatement, but he only found out about the extent of his 'resources' two days ago, so the reality of it has yet to settle in. That said, he will absolutely call on them immediately if it means protecting this kid from more crazies who want to blast her. He remembers the first time they met vividly.

Lunair smiles sadly. "Nazis. Well, HYDRA," Her voice is little more than a whisper. "It turns out they were behind our experimental medicine." And they want them back. She takes a deep breath. "Don't - worry, I'm alright. I have a few places to go and stay. I just need to keep moving and stuff. That's all. When I scare off enough of them, I'm sure - they'll go away. I didn't mean to make this a sad meeting again."

Sam's eyes widen. "Okay, I'm going to need you to not apologize for being chased by HYDRA," he says incredulously. "That is a ridiculous thing to apologize for, and also terrifying." His words are a little muddled by the beer, but his meaning should be clear enough. "It's kind of blowing my mind that you're not freaking out more than you are. But I will say, running away from them forever is not going to work at all. Do you have anyone you can turn to for help? I thought you were working with SHIELD a while back?"

"Yeah, but it's kind of a bummer. It's eating away conversations, my life and everything. I'm quite tired of killing them, only for them not to get the hint," She sighs. But she smiles at him. "Thanks. And I am freaked out in a way. But kinda not. You sort of get used to people trying to vivisect you or whatever," Lunair also has the distinct problem of showing emotion properly. "I also have friends who look after me. And for that, I'm glad," She smiles. "I have a bit of help. And I was. They seem to have been having trouble, butheywait…" How did he remember? She blinks owlishly at him.

"I've worked with them a lot, too," Sam clarifies. "And you're right, they are stretched a little thin at the moment. I've been working with some other people, though…" He pauses, not entirely sure which way to go with this one. Stark Industries is a very public organization, easily recognized and easy to understand. But that public face makes them a slightly worse place to hide, and their bleeding-edge tech bent might remind Lunair a little too much of the people she's running from. The Justice League: Avengers are a new thing that he isn't even supposed to talk to people about, but it's hard to be better hidden and protected from HYDRA than on a freaking space station. "What kind of help could you use?" he asks her, trying to get more information before reaching a decision.

"Oh." Right, Lunair nods. "I understand. It's okay," She smiles. "The skull guy with the mask was the worst so far, or the metahuman hunters. It's really exhausting. But I have others helping me and I get to stay in space sometimes. If you let me know if you see any HYDRA running around… or really, it's just nice having friends," A soft sigh. Lunair looks over her shoulder. Habit. She looks to Sam. "And there's a princess in space. She's super cool. I'll have to introduce you guys," Lunair remarks. "But I think I've just gotten used to it. I wonder if that's bad," Frown. "Still… You have my phone number, yeah?"

"Sure," Sam answers, sounding unsatisfied. He wants to be able to help, damn it! "And you can call me any time you're in trouble, you know that, right? I'm mainly in New York now, but…" He trails off. He doesn't actually know how broad his reach will be in a few days. "Well, if you have to run somewhere else, let me know. I can get you there quickly and quietly."

Hm. Lunair looks to Sam. She thinks a moment. "I will," She promises. "I'm usually in New York when I'm on Earth. Mostly, I don't want people getting hurt for my sake." Then again, if she gets /caught/, what's gonna happen? "Sure. That'd be cool. Road trip with Sam." Beam. It'd be fun! Though, she seems troubled by his unsatisfied tone. "I think that'd be the best way. Just to have you around to talk to and visit if it comes to it." Nod. "Since I don't know how they found me or whatever. I wonder if those old medical files…" She trails off.

Headshake. "That, and grandpa wants me to stay in touch a lot, too. So I'll mostly be around here."

"Okay," Sam answers, nodding. It's not as much help as he'd like to offer her, but visits and conversation he can definitely do. Then he smiles. "Maybe you can come over to my mom's place in Harlem for some home cooking. Meet some of my other friends, too." Other superheroes, he's thinking. It never hurts for someone on the run to have the widest support network possible, and he knows a few big names. As for a road trip… "C'mon, kid. Where we're going, we don't need roads." He seems to think this joke is hilarious, although Lunair will probably have no idea what he's talking about.

Lunair seems grateful. "That'd be fun. I'll just have to be careful," She seems reluctant in some ways, perhaps due to the whole being chased around thing. "I'll make sure they aren't tailing me for the day," She nods. She looks to him and smiles. Then confusion crosses her face. She's - she really doesn't have any idea. She stops smiling, to look blank, cold. She's thinking and apparently thinking eats up enough brain CPU power that facial expressions fall to the wayside. She's actually thinking about it. "… space? No, wait, flying…" Hmmm. She puts a hand to her chin. Think. "But I appreciate it. it just feels sort of weird."

"Sorry, I'm being a dork," Sam says, wearing a big, friendly grin. He's not quite willing to let her in on the little secret yet, though. "Don't worry about it. If you call me for help, you'll see. I'm not kidding about having resources — and if they are following you that day, trust me, it won't be a problem. Hell, if you're in real trouble? All the more reason for you to call." He smiles at her, then stands up. "Anyway, I should probably get going. We're both going to freeze to death if we stick around in this weather any longer. It was really good seeing you, though."

"Ah, it was Taskmaster," She recalls. Then Lunair smiles to Sam. "It's okay. A lot of stuff goes over my head," She admits. Lunair might be on the autistic spectrum, she might just be a product of environment. She nods, "Thanks. I'm glad. I appreciate it." Then she looks to her box, then to him. "Yeah, I can't stay outside too long anyway," She admits. "I would feel awful if you froze," She adds. Lunair waves at him. "I am happy I got to see you. Thank you." She really is! Even if it doesn't always reach her face. Nevertheless, she seems happier.

"Can't say I've heard of him," Sam says sympathetically. "But if I run into him, I'll be sure to kick his ass extra hard for you." He smiles, waves, and moves off down the icy sidewalk, hunched over for warmth.

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