Finding Lost Acquaintances

January 30, 2015: Rogue finally finds Nate in the last place she expected. The Mansion.

Xavier's Mansion

A stately Mansion surrounded by snow-covered grounds.



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The last day or so has been quite interesting for Nate. Back to Xavier's, which is not like he remembered. Parallel Earths leave a guy with a weird mixture of deja vu and cultural shock. It is not something the human mind can get used to.

Rose is resting, extremely edgy for the surgeries, which she hates with passion. And being in a strange place, which fires up all her paranoid sense. The young woman has baggage, but so does Nate, so he avoids judging. He feels pretty safe at Xavier's, finding pretty unlikely there the X-folks are up to something sinister when they run a school full of mutant children on top of being a super-hero team with even a public sub-team.

Nevertheless, Nate is starting to feel the two sleepless days, so taking a walk outside seemed like a good idea to clear his head. Besides, he is curious. The fact the New York weather has been hellish didn't worry him too much. The snow is thick, though, and keeps falling, so he has not gone too far.

While Rogue normally always approaches the school in a 'mundane' manner, today is different. Today it's snowing and the snow is offering quite a bit of coverage for the brown and white haired woman to land with very little fear of non-Xavier people seeing her. And as such, she does just that. Visibility isn't the best with the falling flakes, but that doesn't stop her from dropping altitude and as she comes closer Rogue will definitely make out the lone figure of /someone/ down below.

Her course alters slightly so that instead of landing right next the entrance to the school, she's dropping down a few feet away from Nate. "Hey, today might not be the best day to go for a walk." She begins, thinking Nate is some sort of student with an icy death wish. "Just sayin', it's snowing cats and dogs out here. You could easily get lost."

And then as she takes a step or two closer she'll finally realize just who she's talking to. "You!" She says in an almost comical way and even points towards him with a gloved hand, when she realizes it's Nate. "Ah've been /looking/ for you!" Obviously, she has not yet seen the memo that went out to all the X-Types about the newest people visiting.

Nate could feel Rogue's mind within the area. Not familiar, but hardly unexpected to have people flying around near the school, right? He a little surprised to see the flying mutant is Rogue, but offers the woman a smirk when she speaks. "Yeah, it is me. I couldn't stay inside a minute longer." Too many teenage minds babbling about nothing, and edgy for being unable to get out.

"Cold doesn't bother me too much, and I will be here just a few minutes," he adds. "Why were you looking for me?"

Unlike other days, today Rogue dressed more for the cold with a long green coat that sports a hood. While she doesn't necessarily feel the cold as much as other people do, she does pull the hood up over her head, to cover the majority of her hair from the falling snow. Curls and water don't typically mix, not unless a person wants a snarl of knots for hair.

Shaking her head, the Southern woman takes a step closer to Nate, for ease of speaking, as she says, "Why was Ah looking for you? Why else, sug? Ah was worried about you. We were supposed to meet a few weeks ago and you all but vanished on me. Ah figured Ah'd have been finding your beat up body somewhere, just not here."

That last is said with a quirk of a grin, as she gives Nate the once over. "Ah'm glad you finally made your way here, though. How'd you manage to find here?"

Wait, were they supposed to meet? Nate forgot. He has been busy. Er… or something. "Ah, yeah…" he shrugs. "Well, finding the school wasn't too hard. I told you I shift through parallel Earths. The X-Men are usually associated to certain people and places, and the networks let anyone find people easily. It happens, Xavier's school is one of those places. And, hmm, Jean Grey was here."

An amused look is given to Nate, from Rogue, as she says with a rather dry tone to her voice, "Of course. How silly of me to ask how you found us." Her hooded head gives a slight shake, more for herself than at Nate, as she continues with, "Either way, glad you made it here."

Her gloved hands will sink into the pockets of her long coat as she says, "Shall we continue to walk? Ah had a couple of questions for you." And she'll take a step or two and wait to see if Nate follows.

Even as she takes those few steps forward, she does ask one of her questions as she looks to Nate, "Did you give Jean and the others the information you told me when we first met? About the collars?"

Nate nods, keeping the smirk, and shields them from the wind and snow with a weak telekinetic shield, so they can talk more comfortably. He is also getting back to the school, but with no hurry. "Didn't had the chance yet, I have not seen Xavier, and actually I didn't came here for that." He should have told Jean, maybe. But he was busy restraining Rose, and then with the surgery stuff. "Anyway, what do you need to know?"

"Huh." Says the stripe haired woman as she considers Nate's word. She had figured he came here for that, but when a person assumes … Well, we all know what that makes a person.

When the shield is deployed and the snow and wind lessen, the woman gives a thankful smile to Nate. The smile doesn't last too long as she turns towards the talk of the power inhibiting collars. "Well, Ah was wondering if you had found anything more about that? A friend is likewise working on figuring out what's going on too. Ah've also found out that a certain company has supposedly produced a medication that'll temporarily shut down, or at least lesson a person's powers. Supposedly it's only going to be used for the good of people, but -" And she'll give Nate a rather sardonic look, "- We all know how the good of people gets shut down so quickly, don't we."

"Ah thought perhaps we could pull our info together and see what else we know."

Nate shakes his head, "Mystique gave me a list of companies, I have scanned some high ranked executives of those for information. But so far nothing. Still got a few names to check. I got sidetracked." Drugs too? That is quite dangerous for mutants that rely in their powers for combat. "Hell. And at the same time? Looks too coincidental. Where did you heard about the drugs? Do you have a sample? The X-Men are going to have to develop a counter to that drug, or work in building up immunity."

"Ah thought the same thing." About it being too coincidental, "But no, Ah don't have a sample, but Ah'm pretty certain Ah can get one." Rogue hasn't said anyone's name of just who is producing it. Not yet, at least. She wants to see what really is going on with this drug and so far all she has to show for it, is simple knowledge of the drug.

"And Ah didn't just 'hear' about it, a friend showed it to me. Ah don't think he's trying to use it for ulterior motives, but - " She shrugs. One just never knows.

"Once Ah have a sample of it, Ah'll definitely hand it over to so it can be analyzed. Ah'm sure we can find something to counteract it."

Nate nods, looking more serious. Then it dawns to him maybe Rogue wants the drug to control her own powers. He almost asks about it, but… not his business. "Yes, uh? This is going to sound like an odd question. Who is the X-Men leader? In fact, if it is not a secret, how are they organized and what is this about the Team Red?"

Another one of Rogue's amused looks is given to Nate. "Going to sound odd? Like what we've been talking about isn't odd?" Again she shakes her head, grinning slightly, "And Ah haven't even mentioned our /first/ meeting. Odd." There's a slight chuckle from the woman, but she does eventually get to answering his question, "Well Xavier, typically gives us our marchin' orders, when it's something big, but for other things Ah'd go see Scott."

Her head tilts to the side as she considers, "Ah'd go find Calvin too, if you can't find either of them. He's a pretty good one to talk to when you need something, too."

"The rest Ah'm afraid is probably a secret and Ah don't feel comfortable tellin' secrets that aren't necessarily mine to give." She does look apologetic, but firm in that particular stance.

"Oh, fair enough!" Nate chuckles, "I guess I am to the point my weird sense is completely scrambled. Okay, I'll try to find Scott." And find out all the rest talking, not using telepathy.

They are back to the school back gates, and he opens the door for the woman, pulling off the snow from their clothes before they go inside. Warmth. It was freezing outside. "I am going to see how is the school cafeteria, want to come?"

"Ah would love to go to the cafeteria with you." Rogue replies, even as she smiles her thanks for the de-snowing. "Ah can definitely tell you it's much better than /real/ school cafeteria food." And with that said, Rogue will step inside, "And if you don't like what you see Ah can sneak you into the back kitchen and we can make what we want."

Her coat will be pulled off and carefully draped over an arm, as she leads the way towards the eatery, "And then you can tell me just why you came to the Mansion."

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