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December 31, 2015: Rain found a thing that apparently is relevant to Jackie's interests. Being a good friend, she lets him know and tells him about a local magic market that might be coming in.

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Rain watches the item get pulled into shadow. She nods, "I'm glad we could help then." It's probably better that something that nasty is kept nice and in storage. And notably /away/ from passive aggressive and aggressive cultists who will do donuts in SUVs on the front lawn. They're just jerks that way. "The recent disasters have stirred up a lot of supernatural stuff," She remarks. "So I apologize that we've been kinda quiet lately." Also, snow totally sucks.

"I don't know if you're much interested in the usual magic news," Rain looks over to Jackie.

"One day, I'll show you around the Vault. You can either drool over what I have or be terrified of it. It depends on person. Some useful, some only interestin' how they were created. Others…or just fuckin' odd." Jackie replies, watching the pool of shadow seep back into the carpet, back to wherever it came from. "Right. Helpin'." If she wants to call it that, she's free to. It's just as much helping as it is him making a self-preservation method.

"Apologize for…what exactly? You ain't workin' for me. Though…if you were lookin for gainful employment…" it's a joke, sure, but he wouldn't look a gift-witch in the mouth. "I'm interested in anythin', Rain. So, what's the news."

Rain quirks an eyebrow. "That would be neat," she nods. "And likely both. Magic is rarely without a price, whatever its source is," She notes quietly. She glances to the shadow that slowly ebbs away. INteresting. She's likely growing used to it. "Hey, /you/ don't try to drop winnebagos on me or tie me to a stake and set me on fire," Rain half-smiles. "And the Angelus? Um. I've run into angels. The only notable one was this lady in a metal bikini with horns. She really hates sinners and shadows. That's all I remember. Then some shirtless angel guys tried to trident the hell out of me. That's honestly about the only thing that sounds angel-y to me. Course, I almost fell into the cleavage of an angel-spirit when I was being put to sleep midflight. I don't know…" She puts a finger to her chin.

"I don't mind helping or taking up jobs. As it sits, I mostly work as an occult detective and part time healer. There's been an influx of healers, but honestly that's kind of nice since I've been branching out." She thinks a moment. "Well, I'm sure you heard about the recent disasters in the cities? The spirits and leylines have been mucked with. So there's going to be weird stuff. On top of that, I believe a supernatural market may be passing through New York soon."

Jackie considers Rain for a long moment, almost as if the entity lurking within him peering out through his eyes. "She and I…we don't really agree on much. And all this…shit with magic goin' on, well, she might be lurkin' about. She's around, I know that much. Celestial grudge match an all that shit. I could give two fucks about her, but it's not exactly my decision often enough, yeah? So…" Saying someone is a 'friend' of his is a little difficult to do for him. "I've been holdin' onto to somethin' that she wouldn't really want in my hands. May come a point where she comes lookin' for it, specially if she hears I have it. And you're a smart cookie when it comes to this sorta thing so…" Another pool of blackness appears on the floor, but this time, something comes out of it. It looks like s small bronzed statue with a stylized sunburst on it.

"This is called the Prism of the Brothers. Made by the Brotherhood. THere's the Siphon, meant to hold the Darkness. And the Prism, to hold the Angelus. THere's some history involved and I'll tell you if you really want to know, but short story, their vessels designed to capture and hold each of them. I'd rather this be in the hands of someone, well, not me. Someone…that isn't directly tied to me." And really, how many people beyond their cat know they talk on a relative basis? "It's my insurance policy, incase she happens to get one over me. I'd like you to hold onto it. Keep it someone safe. Hidden." Leaning down, he picks it up by the handle. "You don't have to, but there ain't many people in this fuckin' world I trust enough with this kind relic."

Rain really doesn't have much luck with angels. A lot of them seem pretty big on that whole Malleus Malificarum business. That whole 'Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live'. Throw in being pagan and Rain's a nice, incidental brownie point. Nevertheless, she looks to Jackie. She seems to trust him well enough. Granted, celestial grudge matches are usually above her pay grade. A friend's a friend though. "Well, I can understand that," She considers. "Thanks." Those words are a compliment, and Rain is duly grateful.

She falls silent to listen, violet eyes reflecting an attentiveness. Captain, meanwhile, is asleep on his back, fuzzy belly and backside to the fire. Cats. She nods. "I see." She furrows her brows. That's a pretty big deal. Concern washes over her face. It takes her only a moment to decide. "Sure. We can look after it for you. Here, it's mostly me and sometimes the Asgardians who drop in. I doubt she wants to tangle with them." Rain replies. "It means a lot to be trusted like that. Thank you. Hmm. I'd offer to give you a key, but there are always shadows in the manor." In other words, probably kind of pointless.

"The problem with the Darkness and Angelus is that they the same thing, only two different goddamn aspects of it. Angelus wants the world in the most ultimate form of order, the Darkness chaos. Neither is very pretty, and either would probably lead to a lot bodies. Now, I ain't got no problem with killin, but I'm not in the market for wholesale planetary genocide." Beat. "A man has to have his limits." A small grin follows that. "Yeah well, just consider it that anyone lookin for that is gonna come lookin for me long before you. This thing is pretty stupidly dangerous, so just be careful with it. I'm pretty sure it can do something else besides trap the Angelus, but I have no idea what. It's a 'in case of emergency, break glass' kinda thing, yeah?" Probably a reason he doesn't call her a friend. Those people never tend to turn out alright. So far, he's been able to get away with the word trust.

"Yeah, I've heard some shit like that. It's interestin', but I ain't sure there's much goin' on, unless you know differently." A blink. "Supernatural market?" he asks.

Rain listens. Hmm. "That makes sense," She quirks an eyebrow, smiling faintly at his grin. "Of course. I suspect it's best just to keep it safe and hidden until she comes looking for you and manages to get a leg up on you," She considers. "It will be here if and when you need it," Rain promises. "I'm not really involved in cosmic scale stuff," She waves a hand. Rain does seem to care about Jackie. But she's odd in the face of it all. Worrying about people seems to be something she does.

"There was some stuff. Someone was tampering with the ley lines and altering the energy in areas. That tends to lead to things like ghost hauntings, revenants, sometimes zombies and general upsets. Plants and animals die, it's rough. I can probably enchant you a bit if you ever want to see some of it," She remarks. "And strictly speaking, there's a lot going on. I sometimes have to hide bodies from cops because they'd be eaten by werewolves or something. Stuff like that. It's sad… but it can't be helped," Rain shakes her head. "And yup! In a plane that overlaps ours. They sell almost anything you could want. I object to the trafficking of sentient beings, but that happens. You can buy senses, magical items and - it's hard to describe in a word. Ever hear of the Marrakesh Market?" Pause. "Well, think like a giant bazaar…"

"I haven't noticed anything." Jackiet ponders, looking at his hand, which suddenly become wreathed in shadow. "My powers hasn't been affected. The Darkness hasn't been bitchin' to me about anythin' strange. Well, when it's not bitchin' at me in general." The shadow vanishs in a motion of him flexing his fingers. "If there's shit goin' down, best to get some clue on what's what. Could be bad for business an my boys got shit to do." It is sometimes hard to forget that the man is the Don of a crime family.

"That so?" now he sounds interested. "Could be something of interest there, if it's on the market to be sold. It's not often I get a chance to screw around in a place that might have some…unique peices for sale." So really, more relics. Because if it wasn't obvious, he is sort of a collector when it comes to that kind of thing. From the mundane to the dangerous. "And I take it you know, bein' the witchy sort, know how to get there when it decides to roll on through?"

"That's good," Rain smiles. "Then it isn't as spread as we thought," She considers. "I'd rather not have zombies shuffling around or life just up and dying in an area, whatever enterprise may go on." She seems okay with quietly not commenting on his mafia business. So long as there are people, so there will be groups and so there will be conflicting goals. Rain simply accepts them as part of the world's ecosystem.

She nods at his question. "Almost anything you could think of. And things that human minds cannot. Just be careful making deals there, but I'm sure you're familiar with that principle," She smiles wryly. Then another nod. "Hard not to notice. I hope the reality barrier around Brooklyn holds up. It really puts a strain on it." Sigh. "I take it you'd like to go?" She peers to Jackie.

"Every day, I seem to be behind the ball more than I'd like to admit." Jackie frowns. "Used to be, it was people comin' to me for occult type knowledge. Now here I am, doin' the exact same fuckin' thing." A sigh follows. "Eh, maybe I'm just gettin' old. Or busy. Or both. Guess I need to make myself a bit less of the hermit I've been lately."

His smile grows a bit more toothy at the explanation on what the market has and what it could offer. "See, now that just sounds like one big tease, Rain. Yeah, I'd like to go, whenever it decides to show the hell up. You know a way in?"

"Nah, you're still way ahead of most schmoes," Rain offers. She smiles at him. "And to be fair, I /am/ magic." She wriggles her fingers. "Stereotype and all. I mean, I went nuts for a few weeks when it all happened, but there you go," She shrugs. "But getting out and stuff is always good for you," She replies. Knowledge is power, after all. Plus, it's healthy to keep up contacts.

"Is that so? And yeah, usually it involves a portal or crossing a plane. An astral plane, not the airplane," She explains. "It's hard not to feel it. It feels sort of foreboding, or like a giant carnival," She remarks. "I can take you with, easily enough. Hopefully this one doesn't spill over. Most mortals can't really fathom or handle stuff like basilisks running around."

"That's…huh. I don't know if I can actually do that." Jackie tilts his head, taking a moment to ponder that. There's a lot of things he can do. He's been called a god before, at least where's no light. He almost doesn't believe that. "Yeah I'm not so sure and traveling between planes. Probably need an assist on that one." He waves a hand at the 'how you feel' explanation. "That's my everyday, kid. And I wouldn't worry about my mind breakin' or anythin'. It shows me a lot worse." he taps at the side of his head.

"Yeah, no. I haven't felt any differently. Maybe I'm not affected like you are. Maybe I'm a different kind of magic. Maybe I just haven't been payin' fuckin' attention about it. The more you talk about it though…" he shakes his head. "I do feel some kind of odd…vibration. Fuckin' weird."

"Well, if I'm with you, I'll help," Rain waves a hand. "But you can also do tons of stuff I can't. You're probably way better in a fight than I am," She admits with a wry smile. Not to mention all of the stuff he can do with shadow. "I see. I can't claim to understand, but-" She shrugs. She tries to be empathetic.

"But it's not really too close yet. You'll probably notice in a week or so," Rain considers. "Magic is a strange force. It manifests in countless ways, a lot of them very personal and specific. Anyone trying to codify all of it would just get laughed at," Rain notes. "Odd vibration? Hm, I wonder if that's partly the manor. My aunt was crazy strong at magic. Too bad her drinking problem caught up with her. She was pretty nice to me."

"If you're curious, I can fill you in. Though there might be stuff about what I can do and what I've done that you're probably better off not knowin', Rain." Jackie shurgs, not looking bothered by the idea of it. "And I bet there's shit you can do that I can't. To this day, I still don't everything the Darkness is capable of. Seems like a lot of it is limited by imagination."

"It's just been recent. Like a low hum or vibration. Recent. I thought it was somethin' in my Vault, but even now, I feel it. It's…odd. Don't want to say unsettlin', because I'm used to that feelin' at this point. Is the Darkness magic or somethin' else? Celestial? Primordial? Who the fuck knows. I don't and it doesn't really feel like givin' me specifics."

"Hmm. I think it's interesting, but I don't want to pry too much," Rain seems to value Jackie's trust so far. "I do know you are way better in a sudden fight." Her magic is slow to deploy, one of her key disadvantages. "That's probably true of a lot of magic if it helps," She notes. "Will power is a big deal in the magic community." And sometimes will power means the difference between eating or being eaten, magically speaking.

"Really?" She looks over to him. Hmm. Her eyebrows furrow. "It could be the current events, or it could be you're more in tune with things. Blizzards and winter are very much times of shadow," Rain points out. "Or it could be the market rolling in in a week. I wish I could tell you more." Captain snrrks in his sleep.

"Willpower. Heh, I'm told I got that shit in spades." Jackie says. "Tell you what, at some point, you an I will have a sit down about magic an shit. I mean, you say witch, but all I think of is broomsticks an cats an cauldrons an shit. An you sure as fuck don't look like you got any warts on you." he states, leaning back agaisnt the wall. "Huh, I was just really prejudiced at witches just wasn't I? Yeah, my bad."

"Maybe. Could be a lot of things. I dunno what's it all about. But you say shit's goin' weird, could be that. Could be something else. I guess we won't know till shit hits the fan. Which it probably will. It always does. That seems to be the thing. If it's not one thing, it's another. Considerin' the amount of fuckin' superhumans that're runnin' about an crap, I wouldn't be all that surprised."

Rain smiles. "I believe that," Then a pause. "Well, I do have a cat. And there's a cauldron in the basement." She extends a hand. A broomstick just appears out of nowhere. "So I guess 4 out of 5 isn't bad," Big grin. "And my eyes are my witch's mark," She explains, pointing. She does have purple eyes. "Some get warts, some get horns - although, warts are viral and so anyone can get those, really." Then a soft laugh.

"There is power in hiding behind stereotypes," She offers. "Just keep your eyes open, that's about it, really." Rain sighs. "Sometimes it's weird having all this information and a lot of it is kinda vague. No wonder oracles are always high, huh?" Rain is quiet a moment. "But I would be glad to sit down and chat sometime," She promises.

"Well." Jackie pauses as the broom appears, glancing at it, expecting a vacuum or an old style broom. "No warts. So yeah, good on that." It's only then that he actually takes a decent look at her eyes. "Huh. I never noticed that, but I guess I didn't know that was a…witch…thing. Wait, so the wart thing is true? And it's all, what? A luck of the draw? I can't say witches is somethin' I'm really versed in. Not like you run into them all the time. Or maybe you do, fuck if I know."

"Yeah, sterotypes. I don't really have a lot of those. Not like the Darkness is really more than a single thing. The mob thing, sure, I got all the tropes of that shit down to spades. Granted, I get really tired of Italian food sometimes. Sometimes, a man just wants a good burger."

Rain looks quietly amused. "So far. It is a virus, so it is ultimately luck of the draw and immune function," She offers. She beams up at him. "It - is and isn't. It's probably rediculously rare without being a witch. Frankly, I'm just glad I didn't get horns or something. We all have some mark or another that marks us. You probably didn't notice. I can always buy contacts, for example," She points out. "It is luck of the draw on how you're mrked. And no, there aren't many of my kind of witch left. Some folks took the 'shalt not suffer a witch to live' thing pretty seriously. Most of us hide these days."

"Hmm. Do they ever get annoying?" She asks. "And I like Italian food, but - I'll eat whatever doesn't eat me first." She has a terrible diet. For shame, Rain! "And a good burger is pretty nice." Rain smiles wryly. "Plus, suits are making a come back."

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