Walking in a Mutant Wonderland

January 31, 2015: Girl meets boy, boy meets bear, bear meets cookie.

Xavier Institute

The grounds and surrounding area of the Xavier Institute



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For a sleepy little town, there's a lot going on in Salem Centre, Westchester County. Already Logan has met, made an enemy, and been paid a visit by none other than Colonel Nicholas Fury. There was more to this place than meets the eye.

Logan is no fool. He may often present himself as the savage beast, but that was far from the truth. And there was something about that school, the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. From previous dealings, he knew that Illyana Rasputina, Kitty Pryde, and Calvin Rankin were mutants with ties to the school.

He knew that Scott could shoot optic blasts and went by Cyclops. He knew that there was something odd about the blue ball of fur, who twice refused to divulge his name after being prompted. And he knew that they had been to, or knew people who had been to the Savage Land.

Obviously, there were no red flags in any of that. But while the facts were permeating in his mind, Logan approached the mansion on Saturday, eight o'clock on the dot. He was there for his date with Jean. Was it a date? They had arranged it. But was it a date? He wasn't sure, but he prepared just in case it was one.

He wore a jacket, as she had insisted, and parked his motorcycle near the hedges that surrounded the frozen water fountain. Under his arm, he held a Tupperware box that looked to be filled with cookies. Attached to the back of his bike, there was a bag that seemed to have the top of a thermos sticking out.

When he reached the doors, he grabbed the old ornate knocker and gave it three good knocks. If that didn't work, he'd look around for a doorbell, if they had one.

Talks were had, whatever means necessary. Logan was truly presenting himself as a shifty character yet Jean had high hopes of the man and that he was trust worthy. Katherine only aligned herself with a few, and if he dropped her name? He had to at least be legit or someone worth aligning yourself with. But telling this to Scott? That probably wouldn't have had a great reaction, but there were points made. The children were the first that need be thought about and if he was going to be around, there wasn't really any choice to do what she needed to do.

If this were a date? She was almost dressed for it. Thigh high boots that cover tight jeans, same olive green pea coat worn, hat, mittens… the scarf tucked against her neck. Underneath would be a lovely red blouse, something light and fitting for the occasion, and beneath that hat her hair would have been tied in a bun.

Her makeup was winter-esque. Light tones peppering her cheeks, a thin sheen of gloss to keep the chap away and a little bit of bronzer so that she could seem warm. Jewellery was absent as well, just in case whatever they were doing would require a mix up, so no little trinkets would be lost.

The knock upon the door has her opening it right away, the smile upon her face completely genuine, but masked with a little bit of surprise at the sight of the tupperware that was held within his grasp.

"What's that?" She didn't even say hello. Curiosity first, greetings later.

Logan might not have gone to the trouble of dressing up too much, he did wear an old worn brown leather jacket with some yellow accents near the arms. It suited him. Beneath that, he had on a black shirt, which looked kind of like denim, but not quite. It was a hardy shirt, the kind you could wear outside and not have to worry about the cold. Under that, he also wore a white t-shirt. The jeans though, they looked like they might have been the same ones she saw him wear the other day.

When she comes out in the thigh high boots and tight jeans, he whistles in appreciation, glancing at her from the bottom and working his way up, "yer lookin' great there, Red." He isn't sure if she's going to invite him in, or if she's coming out, so he stands there for a moment, waiting for her to make the first move.

But then she catches sight of the Tupperware, and he says, "Oh, yeah, I've been stayin' at Mrs. Olbermann's B&B, you know the one next to Harry's Hideaway. After I fixed her oven, she let me bake some cookies. I figured they might come in handy fer our walk." With a gesture over his shoulder, he adds, "got hot cocoa in a thermal on the bike too."

The thoughts of prying information from Logan was tossed aside as he mentions Mrs. Olbermann. He fixed her stove? He made those cookies? What? Her hands immediately strikes out, a little squeak bubbling from the flute of her throat to snatch the Tupperware from waiting hands to bring them into her own.

She steps out of the house now, door pulled up and closed behind her, the top opened and cookies smelled, which draws out a subtle wiggle. "Oh my gosh…" She murmurs softly, preparing to start the walk without him if he doesn't keep up. "Did she help you make the cookies? Because… they smell so good!" She even takes one out, immediately suffering herself a bite, her eyes nearly rolling into the back of her head as the Tupperware was hugged protectively against her body.

"You fixed her oven, and you made cookies. Please tell me that your job was a chef and you've studied with the likes of Gordon Ramsey…"

Getting information out of Logan is easier said than done, at least the information someone might want. Though he does smile broadly at the sight of her reaching for the Tupperware, acting so protectively of the morsels. First that big meal at the restaurant, and now cookies, she must work out a lot to keep herself so slender.

He'll quickly rush back to the motorcycle, grabbing the thermos as she locks up and begins heading for their walk, evidentially starting at the mansion. "Nah, I made them while she was taking a nap," he explains. Some of the crumbs fall onto the snow as she chews on her cookie. That might not be good. There are probably wild animals around here. It's not a worry, just something to be mindful of.

"Gordon Ramsey," he repeats looking confused, "I don't know who that is?" He watches little TV, and when he does, it's not reality television. "You know, I came around here the other day, figured they might need a history teacher."

"Mmh. They're really good Logan. Thank you." For the cookies and the compliment, but she didn't need to say that out loud for him to understand. The mansion and compound itself was large enough for them to stroll for hours, especially into Westchester and beyond if the cold didn't take them, but she was sure she'd be kept warm by the cocoa and the cookies that she ate. Which… had just enough crunch and just enough softness. It was the perfect mix.

"Gordon Ramsey is a chef. Owns a couple of five star restaurants across England and the States. I visited one of them, his food is amazing. He created some sort of dish with whipped cream, strawberries, and… some sort of breading that I can't place…" That was because it was given to her, compliments of the chef, and they didn't stop to tell her exactly what it was.

She turns her head a little to face him, the look of wonder dropping from her features as her lips purse, and a slight nod was given. "I had heard that you had stopped by. I didn't know that you offered to be a teacher. Are you qualified?" She laughs a little, then raises her hand. "I'm not giving you an interview but.. you're a good baker. You fix things. You have the hands of an angel and you're a teacher as well?" A little smile draws on her. "You're just a package, too good to be true."

"Glad you like 'em, darlin'" Logan hasn't had one yet, but before it becomes suspicious, he'll sneak an arm into her precious Tupperware box to grab a chocolate chip one, which he'll eat in two bites, and as often thinks when eating, he's glad that the Weapon Plus program didn't coat his teeth in adamantium. That would have been awkward.

Listening as she explains who Gordon Ramsey is, nods along when appropriate, but keeps quiet. Had he been there, he might have had a chance of figuring it out. He has a pretty good palate, and yet he likes Molson, go figure.

But then things get serious, with her turning her head and giving him a measured look. "Yeah, seems like a nice place, got a few friends workin' there, and it has you." It may sound like a line, but the way he says it, it just felt natural to say. He leaves the part about qualifications, instead focusing on the rest, "I'm a man of many talents. But I ain't no angel."

"I'm just a guy, tryin' to live a regular life," and as they pass by a tree on their walk, he steps away from her to look at the tree, noticing that one of the branches is dying. His claws come out with a snikt, slicing through the tree, cutting off the dead branch, and letting it fall to the snow. Then the claws retract, healing before her very eyes, "or as near as I can get."

Perhaps mistakenly, he assumes that if she's faculty, and heard he swung by, that someone mentioned the claws to her. If it had been him, he would have mentioned it.

The cookies were for both of them, though she seems to have missed that point. But it's okay, Logan got one of them, so he's good. Things were going well, she was enjoying the food, his company, he even made her blush, but then his nature, perhaps his true nature revealed itself, and she saw his claws. By her reaction, he's guessing that Scott, the blue guy, and Lunair didn't mention that part.

From there, things seemed to degenerate into business, pure business. While he was a straight shooter, he missed the flirting, the pretence, the softness. It looked good on her. "Yeah, she would, and her little purple friend too." The fact he knew about Lockheed should have been further proof to his legitimacy. "Cards on the table, I'm a mutant… plus. I figure that's a mutant school yer running over there. I can help. And if I get to spend some time with a girl like you, all the better. If you folks don't want me, then I'll keep lookin'. I'm sure there's somebody out there who could use me."

"Lockheed." She states. And then there was a smile. He threw his cards on the table, yet she didn't do hers. From Rose's reaction towards her the other night, she was right to attack Jean first and the rest later. Often times, telepaths and psionists made people uncomfortable, and she wasn't about to ruin their outing with a mentioning of that. Yet.

Talk about a low sense of self worth. "I'm sure you can help." She was back on with the teasing. "Home economics. Our current teacher gives the stoves hell when she cooks. And the students are better than she is." She starts walking again, keeping her back to the direction she is going, eyes upon Logan. Her backwards pace was slow, at least to pry him on to the walk until she turns again once he begins to follow.

"The motto of us… isn't to turn people away who look to help. Because at the end, everyone serves as a benefit. Every child needs a person of a certain personality that fits with their needs, and every adult needs that companionship or.. to just know the type in which they can form themselves around to reassess. You may be needed, but that isn't my decision. I just want to be sure that you aren't here to kill us all."

Those words were said with ease as she continues to walk, a cookie snatched from the Tupperware to offer towards him to eat. Chocolate chip, much like the one he just ate earlier. Cause he made them, of course they'd be the same.

"I'm surprised the little guy didn't smell my cookies and take them right out of that Tupperware box," he says of Lockheed. He, and Kitty must be out, or the mansion made it tough for him to sniff out things like Logan's baked goods.

He imagines she has gifts, but she isn't sharing. If she knew him, she'd think it was a good thing too. He and telepaths don't generally get along, but at the same time, most of them can't read his mind, not after what was done to it.

He'd rather teach history. Is this going to be a running gag, that he keeps getting put in charge of classes he doesn't like? Jean probably just wants to see him wear a pink frilly apron or something like that.

He'll follow after her, walking close to her. "I hope the decision doesn't rest with Scott. We got history. In Palestine, he did his eye thing to my chest, so I helped out his dentist." Yeah, Logan doesn't hide from the truth. But he contends that Scott hit first.

With the cookie offered up towards him, he could grab it with his hand, but instead, he leans forward, taking it from her with his teeth, showing that he hasn't had any dental work, or it's impressive dental work. Interestingly, his teeth are surprisingly white, but not whitened, just, they look like fresh teeth.

It was then as they began to walk as she opens herself, little by little, in that confined space to not hear his thoughts, but to feel how he felt. There were certain markers to it, when someone lies. Most would feel cunning, others would feel bad, some would feel guarded and tense. She examines it all while keeping quiet and listens.

"It very well could be." She states plainly, honestly. Hearing their history, she happens to chuckle just a little, then lets out a louder laugh as he grabs the cookie with his teeth. She was half expecting his teeth to shoot straight out of his mouth to stab the cookie itself, that would have been weird, and cool. This was easily transitioning from business to the fun side of their walk. Easily.

"I don't handle personnel, that is left up to the Headmaster. I know that at least one of them have passed the message along." Her thoughts soon turn to Lunair Weir, she was reminded of something but wouldn't speak upon it, not at least until Logan was brought into the fold, or not. "If that's the case and it does happen, would you and Scott.. would there be a chance that you two could get along?" She smiles faintly, probably figuring that it would be no chance in that. But still, when in Rome.

"I'm going to ask you, though. Why us first? Why not go elsewhere?" The question was put out there as she focuses her empathy on his feelings.

One of the advantages, and they are few, to what Weapon Plus did to Logan is that they made him tough to read. His body language says otherwise, but his emotional state, he seems guarded even when he's being open and honest. But it's not the kind of guarded that you get when it's deliberate. He has walls in his mind. Either he's a telepath, or someone put them there.

"So much for that gig," Logan jokes, feeling that Scott already hates him. After all, in their first meeting, he cracked the man's jaw. In their second, he gave him the finger. At least that's an improvement. Next time, he might only give Scott backhanded compliment.

"Jean, I can get along with anyone… almost anyone." There's a tall blond Canadian he'd cheerfully tear the head off of, but the man… what he did. He deserves it and a whole lot more.

Her question gives him reason to pause. He begins, "Look, I wasn't…" and then he trails off. He takes a step forward, keeping his hands near his side, but one gestures for her to stop and he sniffs at the air.

There is quiet for a good moment, and then, 'he' arrives. His arrival is a slow one, a lumbering, sluggish movement, but out of the brush, a seven foot tall black bear emerged, offering up its growl. There must be a hole in the fence around the Institute.

Locking eyes with the beast, Logan raises a hand to it, "woah there, bub. We don't mean you any harm." Cautiously, he'll hold his ground, between the bear and Jean. It will sniff at the air, rising up onto its hind legs for a moment and give a growl, but Logan just stands there, fists clenched. He holds his ground. And then the bear goes back down, and begins to wander away from them. Maybe he's not that hungry.

He was guarded. This was something that Xavier needed to handle. She didn't want to push the envelope further, to make him not trust her. If he was accepted, that alone would probably ruin the team-hood that they could possibly build. And more. But she understood, in a way, when motives are questioned, people would be guarded no matter what. The blame would be shifted inward and they would begin to question themselves. She didn't want that. She was enjoying her free time.

"Relax. I think eventually if you're accepted, Scott would rely on you." A pause was given then. "One day…"

As he stops in his tracks to speak, she felt it coming. The hunger. The need to eat. The curiosity of what's beyond the pines and the voices that accompany it. She stands completely still as Logan moves forward, a cookie is then slowly taken from the Tupperware box so that he could hear her munch upon it. She didn't know the range of his gifts, or even if he could hear her chewing, but she does with a crunch as four of them hover in the air. Just as the bear turns to leave the duo alone, those cookies fly with sickening speeds into the woods, aiming towards the bear. And if she's lucky? They'd fall to the ground at the bears feet.

"Wow…" Is all she could say, once it was all done. "That was… kind of scary…" She laughs nervously, dropping the half eaten cookie into the Tupperware.

"He was just curious," Logan offers to her as he returns once the bear is out of sight. He can still smell him, but he's heading away from them, "probably wanted a cookie." Did he know? Or was that just a joke? Logan's hard to read.

Continuing to walk with her now that the danger has passed, he puts an arm around her, a protective one, "it's all right, I'd never have let him hurt ya." He hates having to kill wild animals. If he needs to eat, the fur, or some other part, that's one thing, but to a kill one that just happened by, that wouldn't sit well with him.

When his thoughts turn back to being accepted, "I'm getting that you folks have a lot to protect. Must be nice, that feeling," they seem to be like a family, while he, he's a loner. Has been for a while. Even when he's with people, he's always alone. After all, they're just going to die on him. A bullet, a mutant, or old age, whatever it, everyone around him eventually dies. But for a time, it might be nice to belong again.

"I see that." She wasn't aware that Logan knows, or may not know, she just knew that she did it behind his back, but she was hoping he didn't see. As they walk along, the arm of his slinks around her and she leans against him for the warmth, the top soon covering the Tupperware and snapping it tight. She was done with the cookies for now, seeing as how it may seem that she ate a bunch.. but when?

"I know you wouldn't have. Besides, I think the cookies taste better than some raw human meat." Bad joke, Jean. But she was fairly certain it did.

"We do have a lot to protect, yes. In my eyes, we're teachers first and foremost for the students there. It's our duty to protect them while they're away from home. The parents put their children's lives in our hands and we owe it to them to follow through. It is a nice feeling… though at times it can and could be trying."

Let's not talk about Jack, he painted the walls with some acidic substance and the janitors had to clean and contractors had to spend days fixing it to its previous state.

Noting how cold she was against him, Logan kept the arm around her. He wasn't particularly well dressed. His jacket and shirt probably wouldn't have offered too much protection, but he was quite warm anyway.

"I can appreciate that. I'd feel the same way if I had children." In fact, he probably does, but none that he's aware of. Well, there's that one, but she's not really his child. It's complicated. He laughs at her joke about how difficult children can be.

Walking along with her, arm around her, his body close, he tries to keep things professional. He's doing it for her warmth. "Time to head back? Yer pretty cold there, red."

Yes, she was cold, but she tried to not let it show. Possibly because she dampened the uncomfortable receptors within her own mind so she could withstand the chill. In other words, Jean cheated.

The mention of having children though? It… catches her a little off guard. The conversation that was had with Scott still left her feeling a little bit raw. Raw in a good way, because the information she received was unbelievable and… it almost made her tear up just a little with an added sniff.

"Yeah…" Her voice cracks just a little, her lips pursing tight as she clears her throat, chin lifting to keep tight the little bit of pride she had and a quick nod of her head. "At least lets go back before the bear comes sniffing again."

When body heat proves insufficient, Logan will step away so that he can take off his jacket, "here you go, you need this more than I do." It's old and smells like him, but it's pretty warm. He'll move to drape it around Jean's shoulders before he goes back to holding her as they walk, pretending to want to stay close to her so he can remain warm. In truth, his body is designed for extreme temperatures.

Together they'll turn around and start heading back to the mansion. "You got honey in that mansion? We could bring some back for Winnie the Poo back there," which was so named for a bear from Winnipeg, Manitoba, that served as the inspiration for the children's stories.

Opening up the thermos, Logan will pour some hot chocolate for Jean, "you should get this down you. I don't want you catching a cold, not when you have children to teach. Come to think of it, what do you teach?"

When the jacket was wrapped around her shoulders, she gives Logan a look. It wasn't that look of 'don't touch me', but a look as if she were questioning his sanity at this very moment. "Logan… it's cold." She states, attempting to shrug it off but yet it was caught once his arm slipped around her yet again. It was then she chose to do it, create a telekinetic shield that bubbles around them, keeping the air from reaching them and allowing their natural heat to slowly fill the small area, coupled with the cocoa that he just handed her, hopefully it'll be fine and he won't notice that the wind just circles and moves around them.

"We have honey. Yes." She states, drawing the cup up towards her lips to take a sip, it was good. It had just the right amount of heat and chocolate to satisfy her sweet tooth.

"I used to teach biology. But now I'm just the schools counsellor. It feels right to be it. A much better fit. I rather enjoy it." She smiles, then glances towards him, giving him a bump with her elbow. "Even though there is more paper work than I can shake a stick at."

Eyes raise, nose seeming to move ever so slightly. Something's up, something's not right, not normal anyhow, but Logan doesn't say anything about the shield or the affect it has on the air and the wind. Instead, he just carries on holding Jean close and walking with her back towards the mansion.

"That's good," about the honey. "It'll make our pal back there happy." It's then that he notices how nice his jacket looks on her. It's a bit big, but it suits her, better than it suits him even. That can't be right.

"Biology huh?" Yeah, he has nothing to say about that, at least not the kind of biology she means. "Does that mean if I need counselling, I can come to you, or is it just fer the students?" He grins at the bump of her elbow, and winks at her, "next time you have too much paperwork, send some of it to me so I can cut it down to size."

Jean winces a little. "I don't think that's really such a good idea. What if it comes back searching for more food?" The children, of course. But if they make it out this far, she was sure one of the kids were packed with telepathy and empathy to know and sense when a bear was afoot. And probably had the good sense enough to run.

"You can come to me, yes. Students aren't the only one with problems. However, mostly, I make sure that the children are in the right classes that they need to be in and set their futures straight when it comes to education and profession. If something else is bothering them, they know that I'm here."

The mention of paperwork? It had her laughing, her head shaking easily. "I can't have you do that. I could assume that you're helping me fill it out but you're putting it to the shredder with your claws." The cocoa was sipped again, the cup soon offered towards him. "Drink some."

With a shrug of his shoulders, which she can feel through the hug he's giving her, he smirks, "bear's got to eat too. And they're nicer when they're tended too. I wasn't sayin' you should leave honey on your doorstep, but out there, in the woods, away, nothin' wrong with that… if you know how to do it." With their sense of smell, it can be a bad idea, but Logan knows how to stay up wind and mask his tracks.

"If I get the job, I think I might come t' you. See if you can sort my head out fer me. Do ya like a challenge?" Yes, he's being honest, and that's the joke. He's really starting to take a liking to this woman. She's bright, sweet, stunning, and fun to be around.

Though as for the paperwork, he says, "claws, what claws? I was gonna help you fill 'em out. I could do paperwork, probably…" he laughs and cheerfully accepts the offered coca, taking a sip from the area where she had her lips. It's still moist. As he drinks, he'll stare into her green eyes, "mmm."

"Well, I know that. But what if he comes looking?" There it is, the worry wart. That was something that no one could shake out of her no matter what. Even though his words were reassuring, she still felt a little nervous about the possibilities. It could go sideways, anything could. She was used to her brand of bad luck.

She smiles though, raising a slight brow towards him as they walk along, the mansion was not far now, she could see it closing in at the distance. "I can deal with the challenge." She states, surely. "However, can you? Can you handle the whole truth and nothing but the truth?"

She watches him as he drinks the cocoa, her lips pursing in a slight smirk, paperwork was going to be shredded if she gives it to him, she was sure of it. There were so many technicalities that went along with figuring out how many credits a student needed, it was insane.

She tears her gaze away from him, that smile still upon her features, gesturing towards the mansion with a slight frown. "We're almost there. I think I'm going to suffer a case of frostbite after tonight."

"That's why it's good to have me around," he answers back with confidence. It's not smugness or ego, just confidence in that he could deal with that situation if it arose. He rubs his hand around her far side for extra measure and to keep her warm.

A quizzed brow is returned to her after she raises her own. "I suppose we won't know that until it's out there, in the open. You gonna tell me you were born a man or something?" He tries to lighten the mood with some humour.

She was probably right about the paperwork. He'd try it, and then he'd just shred it and give everybody C's or something like that. No, that's not fair to the students. Maybe he'd do that on a pop quiz, once, just for fun, but he'd do it right. They deserve it.

As they near the mansion, and her talk of frostbite, he hugs her close again, "that's all right. I know a few old tricks in how to deal with that. I could show you, if you'll let me?"

"Logan. The bear whisperer. Not only does he cook and fix stoves, he can give the bear a what for with a stern conversation." She even shakes her fist, her brows lowered to make a serious face which soon relaxes into an easy going smile. "And, for the record. If I were born a man, I'm pretty sure I'd still retain my… well… no I won't. The lack of testosterone would possibly make my voice get higher." She was stuck thinking about the semantics now, how the operation would go, what parts of the body would need to be adjusted for that transition to happen, until she was pulled out her thoughts with a slowing of her walk.

"A few? Does one consist of taking a nice hot bath and snuggling under a really thick blanket with a bottle of Advil and chamomile tea to help the pain to pass?" But she does nod. "Yes. What is it?"

"To be honest with ya, I prefer Wolverines, but they don't have those down this far, so bears work, or wolves." Is that a joke or does he just like spending time in the great outdoors with the animals? But her fist, the brow, the serious fast, he smiles, "you know, yer adoreable when yer angry, or faking being angry."

Fortunately, he isn't a telepath, so he doesn't know anything about her thoughts on gender reassignment surgery or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

"Knowing if you got it, how severe it is, and where it is, is the first step. Once we know what we're dealin' with, we gotta warm it gradually, need gauze, frostbite's no laughing matter. It's a serious medical condition and I wanna make sure you don't have it, Jean."

"That is totally different and way out in left field." Jean comments honestly. She didn't expect him to say Wolverine's. That was a rare animal to come to mind indeed. Her being called adorable brings a slightly more reddish blush to already cold cheeks, her nose even takes on the tune as a little laugh is given, her gloved hand reaching up to lightly rub her face. "I'm faking." She states, as if he didn't know.

Though, once he starts in on his spiel, she was mildly impressed. One brow shoots up as she stops in front of the walkway towards the mansion, her eyes littered with amusement as disengages from the hug he has on her to press a hand against her chest, mocking 'faint'.

"Oh dear. What if it's in my toes? Do I have to sit down and take my shoe off in the cold dead of night? Out here? Where there's snow?"

"You should see my curve ball," he adds to her baseball reference. "Oh, I know that yer faking, but it makes it no less adorable, red." She's so cute, even when she's lightly rubbing her face with those little gloved hands.

Approaching the walkway to the mansion, they'll be at the doors soon. He's a little sad when she pulls away, even if it is to pretend to faint. But he takes her seriously, showing surprising strength and agility. He'll move towards her, to pick her up into his arms, unannounced and without invitation. She's light in his arms, easy to hold this way.

"Not on my watch. We're getting' you some medical attention now," and he'll start carrying her towards the doors, hoping that they're unlocked or else this might be embarrassing.

She didn't expect that, to be stepped towards and swept off her feet as quick as he made it. She even shrieked a little in surprise, Tupperware possibly dropped and left upon the ground, her hands soon covering her face as she breaks down into a fit of laughter.

"Oh god Logan!" She screams out, well… not in fear, but the typical scream that someone would do if they were having fun. "Put me down!"

The doors would have been locked, because HYDRA and other security breaches, so of course, it would be embarrassing. But she did drop the shields in time so that they wouldn't bump and bounce off of the door and onto the floor.

Yep, that's embarrassing. Logan, holding Jean in his arms, tries to open the door, but it's locked, and while he could smash it down, or pick it, that would be tough with Jean in his arms, and open up even more questions.

So he'll gently set her down on her feet, "too bad, the locked door ruined my moment." He gives a soft, friendly growl in the door's direction, trying to maintain the fun of the moment. "Next time I try that, I'm making sure I got a set of keys first."

It also would have been a great way to get an invite. He would like to spend more time with her, but has his date officially came to an end. A walk, a bear, trying to carry her over the threshold, and homemade cookies, what more could happen?

Jean couldn't stop laughing. Even when he sets her down, she staggers a little bit, her arms wrapping around her belly as she tries to breath. "Oh… oh no…" She manages to stammer out, her hand reaching towards the cookies as they lift from the ground of their own accord (hers really), piling back into the container with the lid soon following suit. She really didn't care to hide herself anymore, she was having a good time.

"I'll give those to Lockheed, or some other sort of animal…" She finally says, catching her breath whilst stepping forward to snag the box from the ground. Those poor cookies were wasted, in a way that made her a little bit sad.

But, since the date was at an end and they were at the door, there was a moment of awkward silence between them. Her gloved hand reaches up to rub at the top of her head, and a glance left and right has her soon gesturing. "I… should probably get inside. Long day tomorrow."

It's good that he made her laugh. She had a nice one, soft and lilting. The kind of laughter he could get used to hearing, it was so warm and infectious. "You gonna be okay?" He asked as she held her belly, trying to catch her breath after the momentary adventure.

"That's new," he said as the Tupperware box lifts up as if it were raised by an invisible string. So she's a psychokinetic, telekinetic, whatever they call it these days. "That's good, Lockheed loves my cooking," he says with a grin.

But then there comes that awkward pause. Is it too soon? Should he? Well, Logan's never been the type to waste opportunities or be afraid of risks. He leans in, his breath hotly playing against her cheek. He doesn't go all the way in though. Instead, he sort of stops, with his lips millimetres from hers, showing a great deal of control and restraint. He opens the door, but she still has to walk through it.

"I'm going to be fine." She was flustered, mostly from the laughing that did good to warm up her bones. Yet, that awkward pause lingered until he stepped close, close enough to her cheek to feel the intention there, her eyes widening just a little and canting in his direction. He was close enough to her that she could feel little traces of his stubble upon her cheek, even with him stopping it was dangerously close.

So she did what anyone in her position would do. She closes the distance (even though it wasn't much), to give him an official hug. It was a tight one, one that causes her arm to slip around his shoulders, tight and filled with as much warmth as she could muster. "I had a great night, Logan." She quietly murmurs, keeping her cheek pressed against his own. "And thank you for the cookies and cocoa."

That wasn't what he had intended. It wasn't what he had expected. But maybe she just didn't feel that way about him. It was possible. No everyone liked his hair, his stubble, his ruggedness, or the claws. Maybe she should find herself a nice, scrawny, little boy scout, someone who always did things by the book and probably would have killed that bear.

The hug is returned in warmth, though a little bit of shock too. It was definitely a mixed message. "I did too," he agrees, "we'll have to do it again…" but will they set a firm timetable, or will it be left in the air. Well, it's one way to see how she feels.

She was thinking now. She really enjoyed Logan's company. What else could they do… 'Oh! She knows!'

"I'm actually heading down to city in a day or two. They have this new health club that opened up and I'd like to try it out. Says each floor is dedicated to a certain sport. Basement, swimming pool… first floor, check in and showers… second floor…" She gestures around. "You get my point."

There was a kiss, a brief and chaste one against his cheek as she pulls away, her cheeks reddened from that as she takes the first step into the house, turning to stop and wait for an answer with raised brows and a little smile. If there was a way to get to know his motives? That was it. Yet, either way, he was damn good company. "Well?"

He liked spending time with her too. She lit up a room, well a diner, or a forest, with her smile. Listening to her, he understood the meaning. He wasn't much for health clubs, he'd rather work out by busting some heads, or do that whole Rocky IV Siberian training montage. He'd even sport the beard. Little known fact, Logan can grow a beard. His hair grows back to whatever form he wanted it to be, so yes, he likes that hairstyle he sports. It goes with his mask.

"The kiss was supposed to be chaste, supposed to be on the cheek, but at the last minute, he turned his head, not intentionally. He heard one of the students, but the effect was the same. Instead of lips to cheek, it ended up being lip to lip. And it was nice, even if it was brief.

"How about I meet you here on Monday?" If she was having a Super Bowl party, he wasn't invited. Too bad about that. He'd do well at a super bowl party. Just picture him now, foam finger in hand.

The kiss upon the cheek felt… wrong. There was supposed to be stubble there! Maybe even a little hair! Smooth but… she felt lips and… holy crap! She kissed Logan! She did /not/ expect that. Brief as it was. It burned her cheeks hotly as her hand reaches up to press against her lips, giving a full step into the house and a back away as she quickly, and rushed him on.

"Yep!" She awkwardly shrieks out, her hand reaching out to press the door. Her free hand. Her mitten was still pressed to her lips as she looked like a deer caught in headlights.


And the door immediately closes with her behind it.

For a moment, Logan just looked at her, smiling. He watched her reaction, her hasty escape, and the door closing on him. It was all too funny. She even seemed to have dropped the Tupperware box in her haste. So he squatted down to pick it up, collecting it under his arm. He walked over towards where his bike was parked.

He stuffed the Tupperware, which he had borrowed from Mrs. Olbermann, and the thermos into the back. He then sat on the bike, giving another look to the mansion, before slipping into his jeans for the key. Soon, he was on his way back to the B&B. And as he sped out of the Xavier Institute grounds, he grinned at the thought that she was still wearing his jacket.

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