X-plosive Surgery

Feburary 1, 2015: Surgery day for Rose Wilson

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It starts with food being delivered to Rose. Jean in the guise of a doctor who came to check her vitals. A tick or two later, Rose was fast sleep upon her bed by Jean's mental manipulations and soon transported to the medical bay to be prepped for surgery.

The woman was flipped upon her belly, sterilized sheets opened up to give a great viewing of her spine, lights shone down as she was hooked to a respirator and the heart monitor was steadly beeping in a slow cadence whilst the drugs that would keep her locked into that sleep were fed to her intravenously.

Jean and Anne were outside of the room prepping for the surgery, side by side, scrubbing down their arms and nails with a little brush as one woman looks to the other unsure. "Anne, she'll be fine. I know you admire her and her strength. Believe in that and she'll get through this. It's only an extraction." The corners of her lips curl into a smile as she focuses upon her nails, a hip leaned against the cement sink as she puts the call out to the two favorite blues.

The call itself would be telepathic in nature, always meant to be met with a choice. If they choose to listen, she would note that they were almost ready to proceed with the extraction of the explosive device. The area was sterilized and cleaned and so was her people, even Nate had a time or two in the showers just for Rose's safety. All suffered well, just for that fact.

It really is hard to make someone who is covered in fuzz sterile. Kurt's tail is tucked down into the leg of a pair of surgical pants, a hat, a mask and gloves that have absolutely no hope of covering a three-fingered hand are also worn. The fuzzy blue elf stands on the inside of the door, gleaming, featureless yellow eyes taking in everything, waiting for his part.

Extraction and demolition.

Beast darts into the preparation area and quickly puts on sterile scrubs before he moves to one of the sinks to scrub as well. "I'm sorry I was late…sorry…" he most likely got caught up in something. He nods to the others, "Are we all set for this?" Jean gets a sharp-toothed grin, "Ready? I'll be there right beside you if you need me." Assuming that he succeeds in his own part of this extraction. "I'm hoping that we can get this diffused and remove it without having to use you, Kurt, but…" well, they're being safe rather than sorry.
If Nate would have known Jean was going to knock out Rose telepathically, he would have objected. There are things you shouldn't do to Rose Wilson, that woman will hold grudges, and she is pretty good with knives.

But no one explained to him the exact procedure, just that Rose was sedated, and the operation somewhat risky. So he is just outside the medbay surgery room, pacing. His hair still wet because, yes, stupid sterilization stuff. It is not as if Rose could catch a normal disease.

Rose hated being back in the room, she knew they were going to want to remove the other internally installed ticking time bomb. If the Angry Black Woman (tm) knew she was here, knew who they were, and what the fuck was going on it was a matter of time. Life at the press of a button and it'd endanger the apparent 'kids' they had here. Odd school, she couldn't figure it out even with her trips to the cafeteria.

Back in that drafty ass revealing gown she ensures it is sealed tight at the back by a knotted grip of fingers and everyone who came in the room got the frigid one-eyed glare of distrust. Even Jean…which by lesson learned prior came in disguised, by the time Rose realized who she was…

That's all she wrote.

Jean was going to suffer the wrath of a Wilson for what she did. But it was all in Rose's better health and interests. To be free of the Mad Black Woman's (tm) clutches and left to her own devices. Free will. There's a hefty price to pay for that, Rose was getting her reward while Jean gets the desserts. Better her than anyone else, in Jean's mind.

Beast and Kurt's arrival was met with a little sigh of relief. And soon her hands were dried by an idle nurse as the gown was set upon her whilst she speaks to the man in low tones. "Yes. We're almost ready. If I'm correct, as soon as the bomb itself is exposed you may only have a few minutes to diffuse. From what I caught of the vision, they continuously kept her sedated, which is what we're doing now. I'm also keeping her under lock and key to keep her still." She looked strained, rightfully so. It was no easy feat to keep a strong personality like that down.

"If.." Jean hated to say it. "..the bomb starts ticking Kurt's going to have to get it out of here. I'll try my best to keep her body safe from the transportation of the device." Jean dealt in worst case scenarios, it was her bread and butter.

As the gown was cinched and gloves soon placed upon her fingers, she straightens them with a slight nod and a following of Nurse Anne into the room. It doesn't take long for the other nurses to assemble, keeping the tools within reach as they surround Rose, waiting on Beast's word to begin. With a glance back towards Kurt to see if he was ready, she'd start at their word. Everyone had to be a well oiled ship, and she wouldn't move if there were doubts.

Kurt nods soberly. "Is it wired into her spinal cord? Or is it just in a place where to operate would be difficult?" He doesn't want to step forward; not about to get in the way of the actual medical personnel.

"If I need to grab it, tell me immediately. If you cannot do it, I will take it somewhere where it won't hurt anyone." Though he hasn't yet asked about its blast radius. A sharp-toothed smile rises soon after, "It will be fine." And, just in case, Kurt crosses himself. Just so he doesn't jinx anyone here.

"It shouldn't be that much of an explosion," notes Nate, "it is very small and designed to kill just the implanted person, right?" Or maybe Stormwatch kills their forcibly recruited operatives sending them as suicide bombers. Weirder things have happened.
Beast already sterilized his own equipment and it's waiting for him when they enter the operating theater. He puts on his magnifying lens and brings the table with his equipment over as close as possible before he grabs a stool with his foot as well. He may not stay seated, but he's going to need to be as close as possible and this is far better than hanging from the ceiling.

It may come to that, depending on the device, but he's going to start fairly normally.

"The scans show that it is…which makes this even more delicate. It's my hope that we can diffuse the device and then operate as carefully as we can, but…" But. Freedom might come at a difficult cost.

He looks up at Nate and offers, "Let's hope that none of that happens." He takes up a couple of tools and nods. He's ready.

"I would like to say both." She would like to, she hasn't seen the scans that Beast was offering, that was his job. She would only be there to open up Rose's back to provide Beast with a way to safely remove, and Kurt to dispose of immediately. As Nate speaks up on the blast radius, she furrows her brows up towards him, then looks back to the exposed back of the woman upon the table. "Let's start."

"Scalpel." A slender hand was extended, scalpel placed upon the palm of her hand as the other nurse spreads betadine over the exposed parts of her skin. With the gauze and pad safely removed from Rose's back, Jean leans in, one hand placed upon her back, the other with the scalpel that drags a smooth line across, splitting the flesh in two.

She was careful at this, any words spoken to the three (and possibly to Rose) was done telepathically. It was just the skin, and now she sets through to cutting away the layers carefully so that the bomb itself will be exposed. In due time, of course.

« Hank. Are you ready. »

The moment the first cut is made, Kurt's lips begin to move wordlessly as the 'Our Father' begins. Featureless glowing amber eyes watch like a hawk, ready for the moment when he may be needed. It's not as nerve wracking, he's sure, as the job that Jean and Hank have before them, but they are a team. Each plays a role.

Beast takes in a deep breath and lets it out to steady — he's not a practiced surgeon and this is delicate work. But his is mostly the mechanical part…which -is- one of his fortes. "Ready," is offered quietly and mentally. These three have worked as a team long enough to pretty much read each other even without Jean's help. Once the bomb is exposed, he gets to work, golden eyes taking in the device as quickly as possible before starting in on it.

"All right, I see how it's attached. I think I can remove it without it doing lasting harm…" but to diffuse or remove first? As it starts to count down, Hank gets to work removing the thing. "Kurt…stand ready…" He's not sure he has the time to both remove -and- diffuse this.

Jean immediately takes a step back as Beast gets to work. The bloodied scalpel was soon placed upon the tray that was near, both hands lifted to keep off of random surfaces as she and the other nurses watch with bated breath. She does not panic, it was just a normal day in the medical bay. No one ever freaked out when little Jack vomited corrosive acid or a self, rapid healing child was accidentally impaled on an oversized thorn ejected by another kid during Scary Movie Night, in which they were not supposed to be watching.

Cake walk. Well oiled machine. But her heart does beat rapidly, for the adrenaline was high in this one.

The moment the words 'stand ready' exit Hank's mouth, Kurt teleports (bamf!) to the ceiling and hangs there, his tail wanting to make a bid for freedom but kept under wraps; it's easier to get into the middle from above than from the side. "Tell me when, mein freund," is whispered. "Just say 'go'."

Nate almost jumps out of his skin when the bomb starts ticking. Just pull it out, he can hold the explosion! Wait, the plan is Kurt teleporting it somewhere. The main flaw in the plan is that he is not being useful. It takes all his will not to burst in the operation room. "Get that thing out of her," he mutters.
Beast makes sure to keep his breath slow and calm, his hands steady as he works to remove the device from Rose's spinal cord. That's the most important thing, really…to get that removed before the device goes off. He's trying not to pay attention to the countdown, but it seems to crescendo in his ears.

There are only seconds left when he simultaneously pushes back from the table and says, "Go!"

C'mon Beast, c'mon. That was the way Jean felt at that moment. She didn't make a move or her resolve didn't break, but she was allowed those thoughts which she wisely kept to herself. He moves fast, he was the best at mechanics, obviously the right person for the job.

But once he gives Kurt the signal, Jean lifts a hand, finger pressing against temple and jaw as the suturing items were soon drawn from their place and set to work upon putting Rose back together.

Her other hand lifts, her eyes flaring to fiery life as she surrounds the woman in a protective barrier; a doctor a day keeps the sulfur away..

Kurt simply drops from the ceiling like a spider, and now, his tail slips around the weapon. He doesn't land upon the table, nor does any wisp of fuzz-covered spade-tip touch a part of the stricken girl's body before he's gone. It's his turn, and this is what he does best.


Miles away. Miles and miles away… up and over the sea.


Whew. Well, now Nate bursts in the operation room. He just wants to be with Rose when they stitch the place where the bomb was. At least this time, with proper medical treatment, there is not going to be a scar. She got too many already.

Jean was still concentrating, sealing the wound with layers upon layers of dissolving stitching. There may be a scar, but it would be neat, barely seen. And it would possibly blend in with the collection that was already placed upon her skin.

She had to ignore Nate's burst into the room, preferring to focus on keeping the sulfur at bay while she continues, her body twisting slightly as the mix of what was left of Kurt was tossed aside and into the can, safely dissolved.

A message was sent to Cyclops over the waves of their finishing, and soon all barriers were let up, all items were placed where they were before to be sterilized and cleaned.. the fire within Jean's eyes slowly dying down as she allows the nurses to continue their job of cleaning the woman to prep her for recovery.

"Beast.." Jean says tiredly, taking a few steps away so that she could remove her mask and cloth hat. "They're going to move her to the recovery suite, I can't be there when she wakes up. Let him go with her at the very least?"

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