A Bold Suit

February 3, 2015: Cameron follows up with Janet Van Dyne for outfit upgrade suggestions, and socializes a little.

Van Dyne Industries

One of the many Skyscrapers that rise in the Manhattan Skyline. A symbol of wealth and power. In this case much like Stark Industries and the Baxter Building it is wealth and power built on the bedrock of amazing science and technological wonders.



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Janet is both on the board and the largest shareholder of her father's company, but she is not the CEO. Still she maintains an executive office with one of the best views of The City all the same. This would be the private office on the top floor that the executive elevator will deposit her camera shy guest from the secure garage. Also the windows despite code here open and are currently open as well. Options were made available.


The orange-haired heroine Columbia — also known publicly as EMT Cameron Tenoaks of Metropolis Fire and Rescue, has had a pretty consistent issue since she started getting out and helping people. That being that her garments… aren't quite designed for the sort of stresses someone who can eat a cruise missile - not a nuclear one, mind! - can put them through helping the people of the Tri - City area.

In fact, during one of those efforts she had the fortune to run into Wasp… who had offered her a business card and a chance for an appointment to at least discuss what options were available for the statuesque Cameron. It's taken a few weeks, in part due to power going out in Metropolis plus other issues surrounding increased criminal activity, but today she's managed to get to the appointment without the distraction of her sometime nemesis in the form of the public media. Wearing a non - descript grey hoodie she whips along the city skyline and finds the windows thankfully open for a quick landing.

Hopefully Miss Van Dyne doesn't mind the sudden arrival…


It was offered, though Janet was honestly not certain which of the options Ms. Tenoaks would take her up on. Once through the window though there is a low tone that echoes through the huge space. Said huge space seems to be a large meeting room area, designed to both hold a large meeting but also social space. Board table with chairs and a very subtle but high tech AV system. Couches and chairs gathered in small clusters for discussions and conversations. All of the furniture and the art on the walls are quite tasteful, modern but elegant, and very 'feng shui'.

A voice intones in a helpful manner "Ms. Tenoaks has arrived Ms. Van Dyne." as soon as the low tone ended it's echoing.
A few moments later Janet pokes her head out of the large double doors over yonder, this place seems to take up the entire top floor "Right on time… isn't flying amazing!" then to the room "Thanks Dave…. come on in here" and she ducks back into the other room.


The flight was a last - minute decision, because traffic in the Big Apple sucks, to put it politely.

Aside from the hoodie, Cameron's wearing a decent forest green blouse, black slacks, and work boots. Apparently, she's been digging deep into the closet to find outfits at the rate she's been going through them.

This office reminds me of Mom's living room. I wonder if she and Miss Van Dyne know each other…

"Yes, it is."

The taller woman (well, barring superpower intervention, of course) makes her way to the door and carefully pulls herself in to minimize the time that other eyes will see her. For being a publicly known heroine, she's acting more like one might expect a villain to!

"Thank you."


Not another soul in the entire penthouse office suite from the looks of it. The other room reveals a reception area but no receptionist, just a large wall screen with the red eye from 2001: A Space Odyssey displayed on it, though it does seem to track the new arrival's progress. Also the executive elevator. The other door in this reception area is open, leading to the other half of the whole floor.

In that half it is another world from the board room. It is pure workspace, looking like an unusual mix of fabric design and high tech micro-fabrication assemblies. Huge screens and holographic displays surround where Janet is standing now like a horseshoe shaped alcove. "Glad you could make it Cameron.. is that okay or do you want me to call you Columbia?"


The HAL - ish eye does get a bit of a glance as Cameron walks through the suite, taking in the strange mix of all the different things present.

It's like a command post here, and this is a private office?

Obviously, Cameron hasn't seen any of the offices of the more well - to -do supers in any city.

She blinks for a few seconds as she looks around, then nods. "Cameron's good. Not heroing right now?"

Her words are short, though perhaps it is the fact that the room is so overwhelming… or any of a number of factors.

"Glad you could see me about… well?"

How does one go into detail about one's clothes with someone they hardly know?


Janet waves at the reception area "Don't worry about Dave.. it's a personal assistant thing Hank is working on, it isn't a real AI." she hopes, at least. Christ, Hank. The young woman has a bright easy smile as she gestures for Cameron to come closer. "Costume right, you need something that won't shred off you like that one fight right?" she looks her over critically. "Have you tried anything yet.. like symbols.. color palettes… things the public might already recognize?"


The taller woman does get a bit closer, as she nods. "Yes… costume. That was the fifth outfit in three months. Lost shirts, jackets, shoes at other times." Well, no wonder.

"I actually hadn't, no. I wanted to go green and white because I liked the look?"

"But nothing actually out in public, too busy trying to stay fed, save people, and trying to catch up on clothing bills…"


Janet reaches up and waves her hand past a display and then does the Hollywood framing you in "Capture. 3 Dimensional. Throw up on the holo-projector." She turns back around and a three dimensional image of Cameron is emitted on a holo-projector stand in front of her, at about desk height. "Green and White." she muses. "Packers sports team. Don't actually know any superheroes who have made that color choice…" she considers the model and reaches up into the hologram and turns it slowly. She taps the air next to the image and pulls selects several options pretty quickly, re-rendering with a typical Superman look, well Supergirl classic, with a green and white color scheme. "White tends to be …well the Messiah super powerful .. purity and godly… the green is pretty connected to nature heroes for some reason.. or those Lanterns…"

Janet just stares for a bit of time "So no symbol… why Columbia?"


Cameron watches the depiction of herself on the holo-projector, and considers. "The Green Bay Packers use a green yellow and white scheme. When I mentioned it to someone in the past, they wanted me to wear the team colors and be their mascot…"

The look of distaste on the woman's face pretty much sells that one short.

"I can say easily no capes. Had enough of a hard time getting my trench… well, the two I wore before I got smart… caught in stuff or on fire. Trenchcoat and capes are right out."

She considers.

"I do it more for the hope thing? I mean, I'm just someone working on heroing in my little part, trying to help out and make the world a bit better…"

She considers the second question.

"Well, I… kinda was on the spot after things happened and there was a lot of cameras and flashing lights and it was the first thing that came to mind? I mean, Mom used to tell me stories when I was growing up that before there was America and Uncle Sam there was Columbia, and she wasn't some push-over as far as a symbol or a name?"

She peers at the design, then points at a few other designs that are a bit more covering, with reinforcements at particular joints. "Maybe something like that?"


Janet chuckles a bit. "No capes!" Okay she is in her lower twenties and she has a sense of humor. "Still the material I will be using is pretty much entirely immune to fire. It is a unstable molecular armor weave that Hank designed. Not interested in mass producing it, but the stuff is a wonder." Lots of reasons why she isn't out to mass produce it, mostly cost.

She turns to eye Cameron and then looks back to the emitted version. "This was just a placeholder to strip your clothes off and apply the color palette." she studies a moment longer.
"Columbia — you can easily see the influence in the statue of liberty and in Wonder Woman's outfits actually. So something more .. armored… reinforced. How high tech did you want to look… classic symbolism or modern armor?" she considers "Could go very much back to the Greek style but skirt away from the Wonder Woman look." She grabs the image and manipulates it, snagging elements and ending up with something very much like the personification but more armored. Eagle motif. White metal of some sort with a green belt sash and shoulder sash. No cape or wings.


"Doesn't have to be armored. I'm much more worried about it catching on things or things catching on it when I'm trying to save people from burning buildings or fighting armored cyborgs that are trying to get a grip."

She considers as she looks at the design. "Bit too ornate. I'm much more… well, I'm more of someone who's down to earth and watching out for everyone, for lack of a better term? Not big on the whole gold thing even if it isn't gold… that's just… it's… gaudy?"

Well, the orange-haired woman has given this at least some thought.


Janet smiles to Cameron "Well, none of this will be really gold.. it's something else entirely on a nano-material level but I get what you are saying." she ponders "So very utility." she pauses "Do you need to breathe.. does high temperature or smoke get to you?"


It takes a few moments for Cameron to parse that, then she shakes her head. "I still need to breathe, but I can hold my breath for a good long time in a pinch? And… I haven't tried to stress - test how hot I can go, but I stood in a burning building holding it up until it collapsed around me? That was warm but not dangerously so? Didn't get burned from it, though I did get a bit sooty which was a good thing because… clothes… yeah."

"Filter mask might not be a bad thought, though, as an accessory."


Janet nods and then leans and taps open another holo-screen and fishes through some folder structure for a while then plucks a file out and spins it over to the other holo-projector. A very futuristic filter mask. She taps it to change it to a white/green them then spins it onto your representation. "Sidewinder Breather. One of the divisions is doing prototypes for firefighting in big city metro future scenarios." She steps away from the screen and circles Cameron slowly.


"That's pretty impressive right there. Perhaps with soft rather than hard construction for the eye-frame it could fold back into a neck cover, which would allow it to be available for when it is really needed. That'd save on wear and tear.

"Semi-hard helmet shell to support the soft pieces… wow. Guys on the department would give an arm for something like that. Being able to fight fires without the tanks on the back?"

She gets distracted momentarily.

"Yes, that looks very promising!"


Janet eyes it then leans and eyes the specs where she dug it out of. "Mmm yeah it looks like it filters the smoke and reduces the heat to just about nothing really. Cartridges you pop when it is tapped out and can't handle anymore. Cost is really the main factor here like everything in this world." She leans back and eyes it then starts to carve some mild changes into the design on the model, doing what Cameron described very precisely and carefully. Zooming in to get it right. "Dave, mod the specs to account for these changes." She then zooms it back out.

"Okay that is pretty future tech… how about…" she starts to place a new costume on the model. Not skin tight, it looks like a heavier material for protection from neck to foot really. She reinforces the joints additionally, shoulders, elbows, fists, knees, shins, and boots. No colors yet just the frame "Do you carry a lot of gear?"


Cameron considers the description of the mask. "Would also suggest maybe checking and seeing if MetFireResc would be interested in giving some of them field trials? I mean, I'm a paramedic, I've seen their gear, they might even have better ideas." She pauses and looks at the outfit. "I could carry up to twenty tons of gear if I wanted to, but… practicality kind of limits what is useful in any given situation. Standard paramedic trauma bag would be a nice accessory in reinforced material, but I don't see how I could fit all of it onto a costume without it having other issues. Failing that, some in-line cargo pockets with minimal snag surface? Or maybe a belt?"

The woman is opening up a bit as she goes into the techs and specs. Again, it looks like she put some thought into this.

"Don't need heels on the boots. If anything, making the soles flat might be more useful in terms of traction. Gloves… Hmm. Maybe a half-mitten for handling things that are a bit caustic?"


Janet again shakes her head there "Don't need to worry about caustic or heat.. gloves will cover you just fine." she considers "Could use some Pym Particles… do you want a belt that allows you to store a whole ambulance worth of medical supplies to help people with?" She wouldn't probably use them for any other purpose. "Would need to treat the stuff going into the belt but that could be done." That is to say, she wouldn't do it for weapons.
She modifies the outfit a bit further. "Any eye covering or mask.. I mean you seem super public."


"That might be worth exploring, though if it isn't feasible in the first go that's perfectly fine, too. Hadn't thought of the idea of miniaturization, though." It's not like Cameron has that power, after all.

"Would have to make sure that it didn't impact any of the drugs or chemicals or components — last thing anyone needs is a lawsuit because they get an allergic reaction to something that had been through the shrinking process."

The comment about eye covering causes an eyebrow raise, then an almost sad smirk.

"Everyone in Metropolis seems to know me, and even some of the folks in Gotham and here in New York, too. It… well, it wouldn't be a good idea to try and do that right now after I've been so public. Tempting? Oh, yeah. But… folks put their trust in me in part because they know I'm not going to sell them out, I'm not looking to be the 'next big thing' and I've been fighting being spokes-model for all kinds of different things. Sure, it'd pay more, but… it doesn't help the average person any."

She pauses.

"Sorry, bit of a rant."


Janet studies Cameron. "Well you want to be careful. Public opinion can be very fragile. You are a superhero and a very public one. You don't hide your face like some of the others protecting loved ones. This means people feel they can connect with you and it makes it harder for people like Jamison to malign you." she pauses "That said, if you spur their love too much or their attentions, or the presses, they may try to bury you."

The Wasp shrugs. "It can be managed, it is just PR. Maybe take some of the endorsements and sink it all into a foundation for disaster relief and first responders. Don't take the higher paycheck.. leverage the fame and attention for the right causes and help more people than you can by rescuing one burning buildings worth of people." Another shrug "I'm not hiding my hobby helping people, but my charity foundation does more good on the large scale than I ever could… well short of a super-villain trying to doomsday us… but that is different right?" She makes a couple of last - moment adjustments.


"I suspect that's the reason the mobs follow me sometimes. Because I focus on helping first, then worrying about interviews and that kind of thing. It's hard to call someone on being selfish if they're always out there doing something to help others."

Cameron pauses briefly.

"Sounds like things that both my mom and a fella named Booster Gold have been telling me. And… I hope we don't get any of those any time soon. We've been rocked hard enough already as it is, and I don't know how much more we can take. I mean, I can weather a lot of things but… the average person… everyone has a breaking point."

She coughs politely.

"Sorry, got morbid there. Though… it did give me an idea for something like you said."

The orange-haired woman watches the adjustments thoughtfully.


Jan eyes the costume. "Please not Booster Gold, he isn't doing it for a charity from what I can tell he is just doing it to to be famous. I'm not even saying do product spots maybe… but some interviews to point them to causes that matter…" she sighs "I love fashion but I totally have a PR specialist for this myself, at the foundation." she smiles to Cameron now. "I could get her advice if you want."


"I've actually met the guy, seems decent enough. His sponsors wanted him to get me on board, but he respected that I wasn't into that kind of thing and pointed out that being a hero the way he's been doing it isn't any easier than the way I've been doing it.. and in some ways, its harder for him. But he's working on it, as far as I can tell?"

"I wouldn't mind advice and pointers, even if it's just 'have an interview a month to keep the rest of the media away'. I'm really… not a people person. I know, that's weird… I just…. I'm not good with people-stuff outside of work and saving the day?"


Janet nods "I get that. Yeah, I will have the PR specialist I get advice from on this reach out to you. Going public is.. interesting in the logistics really." she smiles. "Good to hear he isn't so bad. Because he seems to be on TV more than saving the day… which — well I get your fears there." she spins the model "How's this?"


Cameron glances at the outfit, then considers it. "Looks like it hits most of the points we were talking about. Now… does it breathe?"

The statuesque woman smirks a bit, apparently that was her attempt at a joke as she smiles at the outfit. "Tell me about it. Food bills through the roof and everyone wanting me to eat at their place if only so they can say I ate there. I'd have a hard time eating thinking about that."

She shrugs a bit and looks back to the outfit.

"Do you need anything to get this ball rolling?"


Janet laughs and then shrugs. "Not really anything no." She smiles looking it over. "It breaths fine. I mean it looks sturdy and it is but … the weave is very much not like any fabric you will have ever dealt with. It should be durable up to like RPGs .. maybe take worse I made it pretty thick. Heat and chemical resistant. The reinforced joints can take an even heavier beating." She gathers it up closer. "Dave check the work, make sure its sized right. Check the seams and all." She tweaks the color profile a tiny bit. "If it is damaged I can spin you out a new one." She notes and then she crumples up the hologram and tosses it to another screen.

A Progress bar appears.

"Now.. want to get a drink and chat a bit while it fabs?" Janet gestures back to the other room.

Janet leads the way over to the wet bar and settles in behind it. "What would you like to drink Cameron?" She starts to make herself a Long Island ice tea "You should see the drinks Hank makes. They take a while to prepare but they are out of this world."


Getting sloshed on strange chemicals is probably not the best way to start a rapport with the person who is going to be your tailor. "Oh. I… surprise me?"

A sad fact for the taller woman is that since she became an empowered heroine, she simply doesn't get the effects of hard liquor any more. And wine and beer are at best consumed for the taste. Fortunately, she hasn't tried to expand her limits by trying out alternative methods of intoxication. Unfortunately, this means that it's been a while since she's been able to properly enjoy a drink.


Janet mixes a couple of beverages. "I'm pretty sure he abuses the laws of chemistry.. he actually mixed me a drink that tasted like a banana split the other day.. " She mixes Cameron a cherry concoction of some sort and offers it to her as she steps by to settle onto one of the couches. The drink she made is primarily tasty. "So how did you get into the whole hero business anyhow?"


Cameron takes the drink and gives it an experimental sip, nodding appreciatively before sitting onto a comfy chair.

"Well, I'm actually a second-generation hero? My mom — that'd be Maria Tenoaks, and my dad — Alain Tenoaks are both meta-human on their own?"

Maria is publicly known for being a bit boisterous about women's rights issues, and is an exceptionally strong and durable woman. Alain is known as one of *the* healers and a zippy flyer, also publicly.

"I wasn't very good at any of the power stuff when I was a kid. I could kind of hover in the air a little bit, and I didn't get scraped up as much as other kids so I followed Dad's lead and became a paramedic."


Janet sips her Long Island ice tea, twirling the little umbrella in the drink. "Well that makes sense. I think I have met your mother a few times actually at events. She is an activist right?" Janet thinks they might have been to charity events together there.

Jan takes another sip of her drink and ponders "When did your powers really kick into high gear then?"


"You probably have, it's easy to pick her out. She's about seven feet tall and about twice as built as I am, and still somehow can pull off outfits…" The orange-haired woman pauses a second. "Yes. Very big on women's rights. It's why she's not running around doing the hero thing anymore — sort of like you said earlier, she can get a lot more done with an organization than just by herself."

There's a bit of a sip from the drink.

"In the last year, roughly. Middle of sitting around outside a bank robbery, some cyborg guy chucked a squad car at Eric — he's my partner at work — and I pushed him to the side without even thinking about it…"

She takes another sip of the drink. "I saw red. Guy had tried to kill me. So I walked over and gave him an ol' one - two combo like Mom had taught me growing up…"


Janet laughs a bit, it isn't a mean laugh "One - two combo.. nice. Well thank God you had your parents powers more than you thought and they snapped to the fore. Being hit by a car would have killed anyone.. or your partner Eric. You were able to take it and dish it."

Jan smiles now and sips her drink. "Good. So, yeah, I don't care about the costume being sourced in anything. If other heroes ask let them know. I don't need money from it .. I like doing it."


Cameron shrugs. "Eric's had my back since I got on the job. I wasn't expecting to walk away from it. Just glad I… could help."

She sips at the beverage again.

"If you need a paramedic or a light brick for some situation, let me know? No wet-work, though. Someone got this idea I liked beating people up and or killing them. I'm a lifesaver, not a murderer."

To a fault, sometimes.


Janet nods to that then blinks. "I hadn't heard that, also good. No killing is an excellent rule. I mean we have amazing powers… we can't be killing anyone. If people see us killing people they will get scared.. we have to be icons."


"It's… more than just being icons. If we don't help and protect folks, then who is going to do it? It's also why I haven't signed up with any groups. Haven't seen any out there that are just about protecting folks, as far as I know?"

Cameron finishes her drink and ponders.

" 'd be nice if there was a group to coordinate with, but I'm not expecting it any time soon?"


Janet thinks about it. "That may be true.. I mean X-Red might be the closest they do a lot of charity work but they are a company too. SHIELD.. forget it… JLA is all government too… " She ponders. "The Bats are pretty much just in it for their city but they are really freaky… Titans have merchandise of all things…." She sighs. "Hank and I are thinking of trying to get something together to be honest."


"Aside from the fact that X-Red also seems to be focused more on a certain subset of society, versus society as a whole? SHIELD… yeah, I was going to say that but was trying to be polite. And hadn't heard much about the League lately, thought they'd mostly disbanded."

"Been to Gotham a couple of times. No matter how hard you try to make it better, it just seems to make things worse."

At the mention of the Titans having merchandise Cameron visibly shudders.

"Ugh. That's not the way to go, either. But… you were thinking something? What did you have in mind?"


Janet nods "I really am not sure what is wrong with Gotham… I have charities there, but man it is a messed up town for no real reason I can tell." She sips some more 'tea'. "I don't know yet, Hank is working an angle. I can definitely loop you in when I know more."

The voice from earlier intones <Ms. Dyne the project is ready> from the other room.


"I'd appreciate it, just… I'm not big on social stuff."

"So yes, please let me know if you find out more." Then the announcement of the project being completed brinks some blinking from the larger woman. "That was pretty quick?"


Janet chuckles a bit "Well.. Hank … I swear he built a micro-assembler.. it produces the cloth on the fly to spec. Still, I will need to fine tune it. The main pieces are all done, though. I may need you to stop back in a day or so to pick up the final form."


"Well, that sounds like it would be a very effective means of custom creation? And… I've been going without this for months, so a few days aren't going to kill me or my budget. Thank you very much again Miss Van Dyne."

Cameron will pull out her phone and hold it up so the variable - sized heroine can see the number.

"In case you need to reach me for anything?"


Janet glances at then nods. "Okay, Dave has it now so no problem. I'll call you when I finish it up.. probably text you some early views to make sure you like it in the real vs. the hologram before I finalize it."


"I'll be sure to keep an eye on my phone and watch for any messages you might send along. I should probably get heading back for the time being though. Mind if I use the same way I came in?"

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