Be Like That

February 3, 2015: Rogue sees herself one step closer to a personal dream.

Queen Consolidated

A few different areas of the Queen Consolidated building in Gotham.



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Another day, another dollar. There are people for whom the office environment is an enjoyable experience. There are people who live for this kind of work. But Oliver Queen is not one of them, and he barely does anything at Queen Consolidated. Even so, when he's there, he often looks for reasons to get out, to explore, or in this case, to get a coffee, but not a coffee from his secretary. Instead, he'll go down to the lobby, where there's a Starbucks, and get one there.

Despite the attacks, Queen Consolidated has managed to continue its operations. Some of their holdings were damaged, and they're heavily involved in the reconstruction, but their main tower continues to run like clockwork. Just like everyone else, Oliver has to queue up to get his coffee, and he's almost at the front of the line. One more customer, and it'll be his turn.

Unlike Ollie, or other 'masked' heroes out there, Rogue does not have a day job. Not unless you count hanging in Mutant Town and Xavier's School as a day job. Perhaps sometimes she teaches classes, but that's more rare than not. And as such, she has quite a bit of free time on her hands and after her conversation with her mother…

Well, Rogue is curious about Oliver Queen and specifically Queen Consolidated. As such, she found her nicest outfit to breach 'Corporate America' with. The outfit consisted of fitted black slacks, black boots and a silky green long-sleeved blouse. Her typical trench coat has been exchanged for a nice thin black leather jacket, as well.

Stepping into the Lobby, Rogue will walk like she knows where she's going. This is one trick she learned from her Mother, act like you know what you're doing, that you belong there and people will look over you. As she walks through the lobby her bright green eyes will scan the people and area about her. She's not thinking she'll specifically find Oliver down here, but it's always good to see the lay of the land. For the moment, she has yet to spot Oliver, but it won't be too long for her to see him.

When the last customer before him places her order, Oliver will approach the countertop, placing his hands on the counter and rolling his fingers in a wrapping motion. It will begin with his pinkies, and continue to his index fingers. "Oh, let's see, I'll have a tall non-fat iced mocha cappuccino… you know what" his secretary might want one, "better make that too." He'll pay for it, even though he owns the building, and head to the area to pick up his drinks.

While waiting there, he'll briefly have his back to the counter so he can scan the room. He does enjoy watching the comings and goings of the day, who's here, working in his mind what they're up to, and then he sees her. That's got to be Rogue. She's dressed differently, looking good, very good in fact, but that's Rogue. Grabbing the coffees that are placed there, he'll immediately head towards her and try to suavely hold out a cup, "thirsty?" And he smiles.

Not expecting to be found so quickly, Rogue will turn at the familiar sound of Oliver's voice with just a bit of surprise to her movements. A brow will quirk upward as he offers the cup of coffee towards her and Rogue can't help but flash a grin, "Really? You didn't tell me you were one of 'us'." Us being a mutant perhaps? "Clearly you got some precog powers of yer own, if you knew to get me a cup of coffee in advance."

As to the coffee, she'll wave it off via a gloved hand as she asks with good humour, "Who was it really for? Ah know you didn't know Ah was coming here today. It was a spur of the moment sort of thang." And then glancing around the area, she adds, "Nice digs you got here. Ah'm not surprised, after Ah looked up the specs on yer company."

The flash of that grin could melt the coldest of hearts, and Ollie is no different. "Only the best for women I hardly know, at least as long as you include Starbucks in your definition of the best." He doesn't reply to the one of 'us' insinuation, but when she mentions precognitive powers, he laughs, "no, no, it was a spur of the moment decision to get one for my secretary as a surprise, but I have a feeling I won't be going up to the office anytime soon, so please, enjoy. It's a no-fat iced mocha cappuccino. Please, I insist."

He'll begin to walk, hoping she'll follow along, "oh, it's just a place to hang your hat on. Would you like a tour?" This is perfect timing. He can avoid spending hours in his office, and get to know Rogue better, so it's as much of a win-win proposition as there can be. He'll lead her towards the security checkpoint, saying to Larry, the head security guard, "she's with me," and they walk right past, towards the elevator, which is currently playing Desert Rose by Sting, "so, what would you like to see first?"

"Yer poor secretary. Ah hope you give her a nice bonus every year." Rogue teases, before finally accepting the cup of coffee with grace. "Though Ah have to say Ah don't usually go into that whole no-fat iced stuff. Ah'm a simple kind of gal. Coffee, sugar, milk, those are the only things Ah need for a good cup." She'll take a sip, "Though this ain't bad."

And when Oliver begins to walk, Rogue will easily fall into step behind him. At Ollie's suggestion to a tour, Rogue smiles again, "A tour would be lovely. You pick Ah'll follow. Just looking at what Ah could find about Queen Consolidated it seemed like you dabble in a lot of things." And while she couldn't ask for a better opening to see the different parts of Queen Consolidated, almost Rogue feels a twinge of guilt. This almost reminds her of her time spent with her mother and specifically the Brotherhood, but thankfully, this visit really isn't for that reason. Per se. Yes, she wants to see if his company is involved in some way with the power inhibitor collars, but it's not as if the Brotherhood would come knocking down the door, should the company be building them. But then, if the company is, what would Rogue do?

"Your body is a temple," Ollie says aloud, and thinks something that would probably earn him a slap across the face. Few know just how mouthy the man can be, since he usually presents a face to the world, but he's always got a comment held back, tongue firmly in cheek. As to the secretary, he adds, "well, if she wants coffee, she does have her own machine adjacent to my office. I just like to get out and stretch my legs. It can be boring up there in the big chair."

"Simple is good, simple is nice. Things get so complicated, so easy, don't they? But I do try and keep in shape. Things don't last forever, right." And when she asks him to pick, he'll look at the numbers, pretending to cover his eyes with one hand, though he peeks, and rotate his hand in a big old circle, finally coming to the 41st floor, the same one that was attacked recently. It's been cleaned up, but it was the subject of an attack, not that they released that information to the authorities or anything.

As the elevator quickly lifts up, it's a high speed elevator, Oliver turns to Rogue, and says in a excited and playful voice, "I wonder what's going to behind door number one? Could it be a flying car? Or a jet pack? Or maybe it'll be a new type of cat food? Let's find out, shall we?"

"What's this Ah hear?" Asks Rogue with exaggerated care as she steps into the high speed elevator, "A playboy sayin' we should take care of ourselves and stay fit? That must surely mean we shouldn't drink too much either, right?" She smirks playfully, before shaking her head, "Ah'm so glad Ah was blessed with good genes." Another smirk at her last remark, though this one wasn't tinged with nearly as much humour.

When the elevator starts to move, Rogue will casually lean against one of the walls, as she waits for the ride to be over. It's only at Oliver's playful remark about cars, jet packs and cat food that she laughs out loud, "Queen Consolidated Cat Food? Ah gotta see this." When the elevator begins to slow, Rogue will straighten from her casual slouch against the wall. "How's everything else been going for you? So much of the city has been torn up, it's pretty terrible. Ah've been trying to volunteer my time for the cleanup crews." Her strength makes it easy for her to move big loads, when machines aren't available, though she does have to be careful on how she offers that help. Not everyone is so thankful.

"Hey, I'm not a playboy anymore. I mean, I was, yeah, but I'm all grown up now. I hardly ever get up to the hijacks I was known for in my younger days…" He has matured, and age is catching up to him. He's got a few years left, but eventually, he won't be able to be the Green Arrow anymore. He's only human, after all. But, why not enjoy it while it lasts before middle age sets in. Though knowing him, even when that day comes, he'll probably still keep in terrific shape.

Looking at her as she leans against the wall, she has the look of a model doing a magazine spread. They'd just need some lights, a camera, and they'd be golden. "From where I'm standing, you most certainly were, and I know firsthand how good those genes are," referring to their previous engagements.

"We have a hand in everything. You can't go into a grocery store, electronics store, or hardware store without probably seeing something with the Queen Consolidated logo splashed across it. It's kind of neat actually." The door to the elevator will open and Oliver will lead her through, then suddenly he will play confused and say, "you know, I don't know if I've ever been to this floor?" He pretends to be lost, looking in both directions, and then opens one of the doors.

They'll get a few glances from the scientists, but they don't approach. They're used to Oliver having the lay of the land, coming and going as he pleases. Dropping to a whisper, he'll say to Rogue, "we're working on repairing the damage to the Tri-City Corridor. And if you've had any trouble finding the right place to volunteer, we could sure use you, and I can promise that there would be no backlash." He knows she's mutant, but he doesn't care about that. He likes Rogue for who she is.

A look of disbelief crosses Rogue's features when Ollie states he's no longer a playboy. Once a playboy always a playboy, or so Rogue thinks to herself, but she doesn't voice that thought out loud. When they're out of the elevator Rogue will look around with an air of curiousness, which is the truth, but she's also keeping track of what she's seeing. When he looks lost, Rogue shakes her head good-naturedly, "Why am Ah not surprised you get lost in yer own business."

When he opens the doors to one of the labs, she'll offer a jaunty little wave to the scientists within, going so far as to offer a smile, "How ya doin' fellas." Then she's looking back to Ollie when he mentions trying to help repair the City and fix everything that was broken by the terrorist attacks. "Ah'd be happy to help. Just tell me where you need me and Ah'll be there."

She likes to make a difference, in part to atone for her own sins when she was more terrorist than good guy, but also because she's a good person at heart, as well. "Ah know Ah've been trying to help out around Central Park. Alot of trees were downed by the attack. Some of those suckers must have been hundreds of years old, with how big they were."

Being a playboy is a way of life. It takes some serious effort and dedication. It's not for the faint of heart, or those with a light chequebook, but it's something that Oliver once was, and is trying to get past. He's running Queen Consolidated, at least officially, he's not been going out partying like he used to, and he's not even dating anyone. One of the key aspects of being a playboy is that you're supposed to change lovers at least as often as most normal people change their sheets. Not that Oliver's ever actually changed a sheet. He leaves that to the cleaning staff for that.

The scientists who overheard Rogue's greeting with smile and wave back. One of them will even whisper something along the lines of, "woah, check out the girl with the boss." The other one's remark is a little more vulgar. Ah scientists, no social skills whatsoever.

Oliver nods to Rogue as he shows her around, kind of making out what's going on based on the information in the room, what's written on notes, the consoles, and such. "Looks like these folks," he tries to keep out of their way as they work, "are working on something to do with IPDD, whatever that is?"

The scientist will perk up at that point, spinning in his chair, "IPDD is I-Pollen Degenerative Disorder, a disease that causes the victim to lose both motor and cognitive skills in around ninety-eight percent of cases. Nasty stuff, it's kind of like a terrible combination of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's." Gesturing to another area, he says, "over there, Dr. Jones is heading up the research on a drug to suppress, or at least regulate the X-gene, while Dr. Bouchard," and he gestures to another area, "is working on a cure for the Solanum Virus."

The mention of IPDD causes Rogue to wince, "What a terrible…." She starts to say and likely would have said something much more, except that the scientist outlined the other projects each of them were working upon. It's the one about the X-Gene that immediately catches her attention and causes her words to pause. Surprise flashes across her features as she turns towards Oliver, "Ah didn't realize you were researchin' the X-Gene." Her voice is still dropped low, she obviously doesn't want the scientists to hear exactly what she's saying, "You realize that's dangerous stuff to be playing with."

Already her brain is going a mile a minute as she looks back to the scientist who's working on the X-Gene project and the drug that could potentially suppress or potentially regulate mutant powers. Even with the race of thoughts going through her head, she's still looking to Ollie to see what he has to say about the X-Gene project.

Oliver nods in agreement when he hears about IPDD, "I've heard about it," he doesn't know every detail of what goes on in his company, but he knows of IPDD from the odd news article about it or other cultural references. Rogue's reaction to the X-Gene research makes sense to him, given what he knows, but might surprise the scientist.

Moving away from, pretending to continue the tour, Oliver says, "we give R&D a lot of leeway. If it's topical, if it can help people, they're free to work on it. And you're right, it can be dangerous. We actually had a break in a few weeks ago, but that's part of the reason that some research gets moved around a lot. Some people don't want to see mutants helped. Some people would do terrible things with that kind of information. But we just want to help those, especially the ones who can't lead normal lives because of their gifts."

It's interesting that he would call it a gift. He must be a mutant lover, or at least someone open to the idea that they're nice, decent, hard working people, who just have some special quirks.

Reluctantly Rogue follows after Oliver, though she'll give the scientists one last look. At least, she musters a farewell wave for them. As to his explanation, she'll turn back and listen, masking any sort of facial reaction to the subject of the 'break-in' at Queen Consolidated. "And what happens when your miracle drug is used for things you didn't intend for?" She asks, even as she mentally shuffles away his remark about mutant powers being a gift. Yeah, she might have something to say about that, but for now, she leaves it alone. After all, he likely only thinks she can fly and has some sort of super strength, from what he's seen previously.

"Ah know it's being researched for good intentions as you say, but that rarely ever works out well, in my opinion." Unconsciously she'll tuck her gloved hands into the pockets of her jacket, as she speaks. "Ah recently heard that there are some companies creating collars to do the same thing." She turn a searching look to Ollie now, looking for his reaction to what she just said, "But it ain't to help those poor souls lead a 'normal' life. It's to shackle them instead."

Rogue's done a good job of hiding it, but Ollie suspects that she's curious about their work on the X-Gene, and so he tries to lure her over to Dr. Jones, the guy who was actually working on the drug. "Excuse me, Dr. Jones," he doesn't know the guy's first name, but it does say Dr. H. Jones" on his lab coat, embroidered, not a nametag.

The man rises from his chair, "Mr. Queen, um, er, wow, how can I help you?" He seems a bit nervous, especially around Rogue, whom he talked about to one of his colleagues earlier. Did they hear him? Hopefully not, and besides, all he said was to check her out. It was Dr. Grant who made the lewd comment.

"It's okay, this isn't part of an inspection or anything. I was just showing, my friend," he can't really introduce her as Rogue, "around, and she was interested in hearing about your work." Relieved, Dr. Jones will explain the scientific aspects of it, but the key parts of what he says is that they are ready for human trials, they just need approval from the FDA, which could come tomorrow, or it could come in months.

"Whenever we're allowed to test it, we'll be able to help some people to lead ordinary lives. Did you know there's a group who live in the sewers because their scared of showing their faces? So much pain…" he doesn't seem to be so bad, a little awkward, nervous, but a nice guy who genuinely wants to do good. "And even when we can start human trials, then the real work begins. This stuff, in its present form, doesn't come cheap."

Well, at least she didn't have to ask about the human trials, that would have likely shown more of her hand than she intended. Still, Rogue listens to what the scientist has to say, likely trying to memorize all of the scientific gobbly-goop he just said. The mention of the Morlocks living below is given a nod, as Rogue has seen some of them in the past. "Ah've heard of them." Is all she'll say to knowing of the Morlocks, "It is terrible and not many people want to help them. They talk the talk, but…"

Again she looks to Ollie, before focusing once again on the scientist, "What're the side effects?" She asks, "Ah mean Ah know you haven't tried it on people, but Ah'm sure you have some type of idea, right?"

Her expression is likely more pensive than she wants it to be, but she can't quite hide her worry about this drug. Sure, Ollie seems like a good man, but the underhanded type always finds a way to exploit things, especially things that can effectively neutralize a group of people.

The doctor looks at her strangely for a second when she asks about the side effects, "well, the usual ones, nausea, vomiting, constipation, dry mouth, weakness, sweating, light-headedness, dizziness, drowsiness, rash, itchiness…" he'll just go on, but he's covering his ass. Drugs can have effects. So he lists just about everything that can happen, none of it seeming too serious. It's almost like a legal form online. No one reads it. They just click I accept. "but in lay terms, it might not work, it might cause the same kind of reaction you'd get with any medication. But it works." He sighs at that last part, "we've got a working cure, but can't do anything about it because of the FDA, and the cost. That's when the real work begins." It seems like it's eating up at him.

Oliver then quirks up, "and there's the problem with regulating it. We're probably going to have to set up our own stores, like they did with marijuana out west. Whenever we get the cost down, we're going to have to make sure that the wrong people can't just get their hands on it." He may be thinking with his Green Arrow brain there, and hopes he hasn't said too much. Then he leans in, invading Rogue's personal space to whisper, "let me know if you know someone who might want to volunteer." It should go to those who really need it first.

"Sugar - " Rogue begins as the Doctor lists all the side effects, "That's a lot." And while it is, she at least understands they really don't know yet and they're seemingly making a haphazard guess, otherwise they wouldn't have included everything under the sun in that list. The mention of it working, causes her to ask, "How do you know it works, if you haven't tested it on people yet? Ah can't imagine you find too many rodents with super powers."

As for Ollie and him invading her personal space? It causes her to immediately take a step back, hands being pulled from her pockets to be held upward in a slight warding gesture. Usually she's much more aware of people and when they could potentially touch her, but she was too focused on the scientist to notice Ollie moving toward her. "Woah -" She says, then quickly adds, "Sorry, you startled me." Which is the truth, to a point. She was startled by him stepping closer to her, but most people don't necessarily react like she did.

For his whispered words, she simply gives him a solemn nod. Yes, she might know people, indeed.

The doctor smiles, "you'd be surprised. The X-Gene isn't confined to the human species. Finding them isn't easy, but they do exist. Do you remember those old cartoons about Rocky the Flying Squirrel? They were actually based on a true story." He plays that cool, as if he's telling the truth, but it's so preposterous, it has to be a joke, right?

"And," eyeing Oliver, he isn't sure whether he should go on, but Oliver gives him a nod, suggesting it's okay to say whatever he was holding back, "there was an accident. Um, well, not really an accident. But, we had an employee who found out about this, and took it upon himself to test it. He's been reassigned, but it did work for a good eight hours. You can't tell anyone about that."

Oliver nods in agreement, "it would cause us all kinds of legal trouble." Oliver's really going to have to take more interest in R&D, read the reports. He usually just glances at them. He doesn't say anything about Rogue's reaction, assuming that she just doesn't like to be touched, has a phobia, or maybe she just doesn't like him. Maybe it's the cologne. He's wearing something from the David Beckham collection.

The scientist is given a long look, "The squirrel." She says, "Right." But his next explanation makes much more sense and she nods yet again. "Ah see."

She'd love to know what sort of powers the man had, but that'd likely really show her interest in the drug. Instead she says to both Ollie and the scientist. "Ah promise Ah won't say anything to the cops, or the government." Especially the government, she could only imagine what they'd do with a drug like this. Of course, this doesn't stop her from letting Mystique know what's going on here, though.

"Sorry for all of the questions. Ah just know some people who would benefit from this and Ah know some bad people would /definitely/ benefit from this." The next words are said more for Ollie, "It's why Ah'd be nervous for you and your company when you get the green light for human trials. Ah'd be worried someone - " The government, "- Would swoop in and take it all."

"Well, that's a relief," offers Oliver when Rogue pledges not to involve the authorities. It was an embarrassment to have an employee take it upon themselves to test the drug he was working on. Queen Consolidated as a corporation, and Oliver Queen as its principal stockholder, had little or no involvement in his actions, but that wouldn't stop someone from trying to hold them liable. Even the press about such a thing could be devastating.

Chances are this lab is going to be moved again, and very quickly. It's already on something of a rotating policy given the nature of the work, but with Rogue knowing about it, maybe it's time for it to be moved to Vancouver or Melbourne.

As for Rogue's concerns, Ollie explains, "yeah, that is a concern. But we're a big company. If things get too difficult here, we can always control it some other way. Canada, Mexico, other countries, we don't have to offer it in the United States if the government tries to take it away from us, and hinder our ability to help the people who truly need it."

The scientist then pops up, "if it were up to me, I would handle it similarly to how they handle marijuana in some of the western states, with stores dedicated to nothing but the substance."

Oliver will then say, "that's a good idea, though it would still present a quandary for how to help those afflicted that live in more remote areas." Could Oliver be thinking of setting up a rival to Purolator and Federal Express?

Rogue listens to the idle chit chat between Oliver and the scientists and when there's a lull in the conversation, she simply interjects with, "Just be careful. That's all Ah'm saying." She looks to Ollie and then the scientist, in fact, all of the scientists and equipment here in the room. "It's one thing to have a theoretical 'cure', another when it becomes reality. Too many people on both sides of the story want that."

Her expression turns pensive for a few seconds, as she considers her previous words. Finally, she'll turn her attention back to the scientist who's been spilling the beans, as it were. "If Ah can ask, what sort of powers did the fella have that tested it?" Yes, she wasn't going to ask, but now she just has to. "Were they offensive, defensive, or somethin else?"

Oliver will nod to his companion, finding that he rather enjoys Rogue's company, even if she won't give him a real name. "We will," he tries to reassure her, "we will." She does make a good point. But then, that's why security is such as it is. One of the biggest lapses in the security on this project has been today, with him inadvertently giving Rogue a bit of a tour of it.

The scientist doesn't have much control over himself in this environment. He may not blab at home, but here, in this lab, with the boss, he's been quite candid. "Oh, um, I understand that when anxious, stressed, or otherwise alarmed, his body secreted a toxic substance through his pores. Kind of like a really scary panic attack. He also has the ability to breath underwater through a set of gills. Not the most debilitating of conditions, I'll grant you, but still made it tough for him to find work and live in society, I imagine."

Likely Rogue is showing too much of her hand, as she listens to what the scientist tells her of the other mutant who took the substance. She'll nod when he finishes, adding with some sort of emotion behind her voice, "Ah can imagine what he went through." And while under normal circumstances she'd likely toss a tease in here about the poor man, it hits too close to home for Rogue, to offer anything more than seriousness to the conversation.

She will definitely need to let Mystique know about this supposed drug. Perhaps she could steal… 'obtain' some of this drug for Rogue, to try. Turning to Oliver, Rogue offers an apologetic look to the blonde man, "Ah'm sorry. Ah didn't mean for this to turn into a whole grill session about the dos and don'ts for mutants. It's just a little bit of a touchy subject for me. Ah've seen what can happen with good intentions."

Oliver is usually a pretty good judge of character, and he's keenly observant. He knew that Rogue was a mutant from the day he met her, and part of him suspected it before she revealed herself to him. So far, he knows that she can fly, she's strong, she's probably durable, and she's fast. With a hand against her back, clothed back, he'll try and direct her away from the scientist so that they can speak in whispered private.

"Rogue, I want to show you something… on a different floor," and he'll begin walking towards the door, elevator, waiting for her to come with him, but he sounds quite friendly and social about it.

Yes, it is hard to hide the fact you're a mutant when you fly down from the sky. Either way, when Oliver tries to move her away from this particular program, Rogue stifles a slight sigh. She overplayed her hand. Oh well, it happens. Hiding her disappointment, Rogue will offer a quick wave to the scientists, "See ya, fellas. Nice meeting you and don't work too hard. Ah'm pretty sure yer boss doesn't." Work too hard, that is, and with those words she'll even flash a faint grin, before she allows herself to be moved away.

When they're far enough away, Rogue will turn her attention to Oliver, waiting to see just what he's going to say.

Oliver will smile to her and make small talk about the scientists, keeping the conversation light and breezy as they leave the laboratory, head down the hallway, take the elevator, pass his secretary, and enter his office. He'll close the door after her, and offer, "Rogue, why don't you take a seat."

For a moment, he'll look out the glass wall, admiring the sight, before he'll take a seat opposite her. "Rogue, I know that we don't know each other very well. You're a mutant, and I'm not." Raising his hands up, palms exposed, "no powers for me. But… I do have resources. I know some of your powers, but probably not all of them." He looks at her, trying to gauge her reaction.

He decides to trust her. It doesn't come easy, but he's been reading her reactions since they met. "The man who stole some of our materials is currently living in a country with less strict regulations. Since he had already started testing himself, we moved him to a place where we could monitor him. He's doing fine. It's been six months. Now, I have a question for you." He looks into her eyes, and takes her gloved hands in his, "Do you want it for yourself?"

When the two of them enter his office, Rogue can't help but curiously look about herself. "Nice digs." She'll say, before taking a seat. Why does it feel like she's been called to the principal's office? Good thing that never really intimidated her. Too much spark in her for them ever to get their message across to her, at least when she went to real school.

When he begins to speak, she can somewhat see where this is leading and so, when he finishes, she's not too surprised at his offer. Her hand, however, will be gently taken out of his grip as a precaution. Sure, she has gloves on, but there's always that fear eating away at her. As to the conversation at hand, she makes her expression slightly lighter than what it feels, as she says, "Dang. Guess Ah let too much slip past, huh?" And while she could tell him why she wants the cure, she doesn't, just yet. Instead she says, "Ah wouldn't mind having a sample of the cure, if yer offering. Ah'd like to see how it works, see what it does." Before she takes it, is the last part she doesn't say.

He's a little disappointed when she pulls her gloved hand away from him, but he doesn't let it show. She was spooked earlier when he invaded her personal space to whisper something. Could she have a tactile power? Maybe she secrets toxins like the employee, whose name has been kept confidential for his benefit.

"Don't be too upset with yourself. I like to think of myself as a keen observer. It's not a power or anything, just a skill I picked up along the way." As for her request for a sample, he's not too sure about that. It could fall into the wrong hands. "I don't know if I can do that, the risk, but here, or one of our other facilities, under controlled circumstances…"

What he's offering is illegal, but it is just and sound given the information they have. "If you want though, I could arrange for you to meet with the people behind it, from a client perspective. I'm sure you have many questions, and I won't lie to you, they probably can't answer all of them. But if you want to try it, you can."

When he offers her to meet the people working on the cure as a potential client, Rogue can't help but look away for a moment. Her gaze flickers to the window as she considers what Ollie is offering her. On one hand, yes, she wants this drug and she wants it to work. Just for herself. A completely selfish reason. On the other hand, she wants the drug so she can take it to Mystique or the X-Men to see if they can potentially make a drug to nullify the affects, just in case it falls into the wrong hands. It's hard to say which reasoning won out with that internal argument, but eventually her expression turns less tense.

Finally she'll turn those green eyes back upon Ollie, saying as she looks at him, "Ah'd like to meet them, yes."

Oliver is a good guy. He has nothing but the best of intentions, but we all know where that road can lead. "Kind of heavy stuff, huh?" He tries to break the mood. He'll talk to the relevant people and set something up, calling her once it's arranged. "So, I'll set it up and get them to contact you. And this'll be the last I ever bring it up. I'm in something of an awkward position here, but this is medical thing, so I'll leave it between you and your doctor." Though he is curious.

Trying to change the subject to something a little more cheerful, "So Rogue, have you had lunch?" He'll flash his pearly whites, trying to play the role of a decent host.

"Thanks." Rogue says, heartfelt. And then, "And thanks for not askin' too many questions, either. Ah'd hate to have to lie to you." So, clearly she /does/ have secrets, just like he has secrets. Still, she will take that lifeline of a more cheerful subject and run with it, "Ah haven't and Ah'd love something to eat. Ah'm assuming yer food here is just as expensive as yer taste in office decor?" She teases, even as she settles into more of a relaxed posture.

"Though Ah'm gonna pass on the caviar. Ah'd rather eat real food." She adds, with another good humoured jest.

Ollie will head over towards his desk, pulling out a tablet and he'll return to the couch area of his office, taking a seat beside her, but hopefully not so close as to make her uncomfortable, "have a look. Here's Jean-Philippe's menu, though if there's something not on offer that you'd like, assuming he has the ingredients, I'm sure he'd be able to whip it up for you."

For a building as large as Queen Consolidated, they have several restaurants, but there is also a corporate kitchen for the executives. It's good to be the CEO. "Or, we could just send out for Big Belly Burgers?" Looking at his physique, one would be surprised at how often he eats at that place. Best damn burgers in the Tri-City Corridor.

Rogue will give the menu a once over, but at the mention of Big Belly Burgers, she'll toss that menu aside. "Ah vote for burgers." She flashes a grin, clearly at ease with Ollie sitting at a respectful distance to her. "Sorry, this Southern Girl ain't about all the glitz and glam about the food. Ah just want it to taste good. With a side of fries, too." She adds for good measure.

"So, tell me what else you do when yer not runnin' around buying guns, or giving tours to muties, that you shouldn't be." Rogue asks, turning the tables to focus back on Ollie, instead of herself.

Oliver will reach for his phone, making a call that he has on speed dial, "Hello," he begins, and his voice is recognised instantly, "yeah, double the usual, yes," putting his hand to the phone he'll ask, "what would you like to drink?" And he'll place the order, which will be delivered. Big Belly Burger doesn't actually deliver, but he has a special arrangement with them.

With the food ordered, he'll lean back into the couch, "oh, the usual things that billionaires do. Philanthropy, investments, globetrotting," and in his best sarcastic tone, "and I'm secretly a superhero too," with a smile, "but I've had to cut back on that. The insurance premiums were murder." He tells the truth, but in a way that makes it sound like he's lying. He can be sly like that.

"Diet whatever is fine with me." Rogue says, even as she grins, "Ah know, burger and fries and Ah still get a diet, but it makes me feel better."

As to his side 'jobs' as it were, she can't help but laugh at that last line. "Ah see. Ah suppose one does need a break from philanthropy, investments, and globetrotting and what better way to do that, than by pounding in some heads of bad guys." And while she does wonder about the whole gun buying thing, clearly she thinks he's joking when he states he's a superhero.

She shakes her head, "You're too funny sometimes, Oliver. It's a nice break from the all too serious."

Oliver glances at her, admiring Rogue's figure and finding it amusing that she would want to drink a diet soft drink while ordering a greasy burger and fries. She admits to the dichotomy, and that makes his smile even broader, "Whatever you say Rogue."

She seems to appreciate his humour, and he likes that. "I tried being dull. It was an odd experience." With a hand going to his goatee, he plays with the Billy goat-like part of it, "but I don't think they'd let me keep this facial hair and be all serious. I'm a thirty-tree year with virtually unlimited funds, and I lost five years of my life…" most people have heard about how he was declared dead, was missing, then returned. "I have a lot of living to make up for." And maybe, he could have some of that with Rogue.

"Ah cannot see you being dull." Admits Rogue, even as she nods to the part about him missing for five years. "Ah remember that. The news had a field day covering yer supposed death. Ah swear Ah think they said every single conspiracy theory out there, with what happened to you. Ah wouldn't put it past them to say aliens abducted you."

And while she tries to make light of his experience, she does add, "Ah'm sure yer family and friends were happy to learn you were alive and well. How'd you survive all those years? If you don't mind me asking."

"Oh yeah. One of my friends bought me a copy of the funeral as a birthday gag gift. It was… surreal." He was legally dead. They buried an empty casket. He had a funeral. Then he got to go to court to have himself declared alive. Not an experience he'd recommend to anyone. Well, maybe a few, but they're all bad.

"Nah, I just washed up on an island. I worked on my tan, I had some coconuts, it was… fun." He tries to be flippant, but it's not really working. There's a sadness, of the hardship, those memories are not pleasant ones, no matter how much he may try to pass them off as such. At least now he can joke about it.

Then there's a buzz as his secretary informs them that their order has arrived. A young blonde woman will walk in carrying a tray with plates, cutlery, glasses, and the food already set out like it was served by the executive chef. It's even served under silver domes. Oliver will rise to take them, thanking her, and set them down on the table in front of the couch, "Bon appetit."

Was that perfect timing or what. He didn't try to ignore her question, but there was food. She might have thought he'd leave that matter left unspoken, but after taking a bite out of his burger and chewing it, he'll say, "it wasn't easy, but in a situation like that, you either figure it out pretty quickly, or you don't survive. I chose the first option."

A faint snort can be heard from Rogue, "Friends." She says simply, at the gag gift his friend brought him, "Can't live with them or without them." As to the rest, she nods, listening as he explains it. And while she was just about to chime in with something, the food arrives in a rather well played out moment. Her burger, fries and drink will be pulled closer to her, but before she eats anything she'll turn to Oliver.

"Hardship has a way of doing that to you. You either survive the experience, or don't." Seems like she has some experience with that sort of thing, "Ah'm glad you chose the first option, even though Ah'm sure there were times it felt easier just to give up and die."

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