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February 3, 2015: Somehow FitzSimmons end up in Limbo speaking with Jericho and Illyana




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Jericho should really learn to be a bit more focused in Limbo. Or, well, at least realize when he's not stuff sometimes happens. He comes here to relax, unwind, escape a bit and of course, keep taking care of a couple really important things. The last is what he's doing at present. Limbo's Green has been his especial project ever since Illyana told him about certain connections between it and her and asked him to help take care of it. Make it grow.

This means he makes regular 'gardening' trips to Limbo. Lately it seems that some kind of storm or other has been coming through irregularly. Lightning struck trees, blown branches, scorch marks. He cleans up, as he always does, and then digs new waterways and generally puts a lot of effort into it. It's work, no question, of the hard physical kind. But he doesn't mind.

However because he himself is now connected to Limbo's ruler in certain ways (and therefore also to Limbo) sometimes the place reacts to him… oddly. Like today. He'd just stopped for a break, taking a water from the cooler he always brings and thinking about how he needs to talk to Fitz and Simmons soon about that odd Psytech. Get Illyana in on that too. It comes as a bit of a shock to him when a pair of stepping disks open up (which does happen at random in Limbo) as he's thinking this. It's probably even more of a shock when the other side of those stepping disks opens right on top of Fitz and Simmons, wherever they are.


The Bus is currently parked at USAF base close to New Orleans, and aboard it, FitzSimmons are undergoing some tests. Fitz has renamed his new weapon the 'Portal Buster', and while he conducts a number of test firings, Simmons is monitoring the machine's effect on the environment around them, both biological and chemical.

"Oy!" Fitz removes the Portal Buster from his person, setting the generator backpack and gun down in a corner, before running across the room toward Simmons. "Crikey, she packs a wallop! Did you pick up anything significant on that run, Simmons?"

When he comes alongside of her, that's when he notices something odd above him. He freezes, peers upward, and keeps his eyes locked on the stepping disk without moving a muscle.



Simmons is focussed on the results of the monitoring, frowning a little and making notes as she checks them. Looking up from the results with a small shake of her head and watches as Fitz runs towards her "Nothing of note. A few small things that I want to dig into but I'm not concerned at this point. A wallop huh?"

Fitz's freezing and look up, has her looking up as well. "Fitz… what are they?"


The stepping disks sweep down and close, leaving no one behind where Fitz and Simmons were a moment ago. Unfortunately the stepping disk end on the Limbo side is perpendicular rather than parallel to the ground, so the two scientists experience a rather sudden 90 degree shift in gravity that deposits them both in front of…

Well it's Jericho but they might not recognize him at first. Jericho habitually wears only long sleeves and concealing clothing even in hot weather to keep his traces hidden. He's already wanted dead, no need to advertise his presence. Also he habitually keeps his traces powered off when not using them. Today, though he's in jeans and a sweat soaked black shirt, shovel resting in one hand with the bit on the ground, bottle of water in the other. His traces are glowing dull red through his shirt, crawling up over his arms, and neck and down his legs (though the jeans are too thick to let the light show through). His eyes flash a little at their abrupt arrival before he settles, recognizing them.

They place they're in… isn't earth. Some of the plants are familiar, but many, many are not. Nor is the sky. It's red. And there's no sun, despite it being light out.

"Well… fancy seeing you two here."


"…. Portals." It takes a moment to connect. "Portals!!" Fitz looks to Simmons, then to the Portal Buster. Blasted thing is across the room! He makes a run for it anyway…

… only to find himself running sideways and falling right into his arse. "Augh! Wot the hell!?"

For a moment, the scientist scrambles about until he connects with gravity' sudden change. Pushing himself to his hands and knees, he looks about with eyes wide and worried. "Oh my God, Simmons, we've been abducted!" He turns to her. "They must have found out about it! They'll be attacking the Bus any moment, we've got to find a way out of —"

The voice of Jericho Trent interrupts him, but he has to turn completely around to see him. Wide and worried becomes wary and worried, but whatever words are about to come out of his half opened mouth, they're lost. His eyes dance over Jericho's traces, momentarily finding his scientific genius captivated by them.


Fitz's panicked run has Simmons eyebrows rising as she watches Fitzs' desperate run "Portals, Fitz?" and then she's quite literally tumbling to the ground. Jemma won't scramble up, she's wearing a skirt and takes the time to smooth it down as she rises, looking at Jericho. "I don't think so….. " although she's not obviously not sure.


Jericho regards the two scientists for a long moment under those simmering amber eyes and then turns to a small creature nearby. Jemma may remember that he called it 'K'nert'. He says something in that same language he used in the meeting with Jemma earlier, only here he doesn't bother to murmur it. K'nert eyes the two guests and then scampers off in the direction of what looks like a very large castle that can be seen in the distance. A castle… with only a fleeting acquiantince with the laws of physics and architecture.

"No, you've not been abducted, or not on purpose anyway. Stepping disks are a natural part of Limbo and do sometimes open at random." Not often, granted, not for long and they don't usually take anyone through but it does happen. The hacker steps forward and offers a hand up to each of the scientists. Unseen before because of his shirt, his arms are circled by… something that looks like scar tissue but made of a silvery metal in regular rings all the way up his forearms. A different material, evidently, than the dull red circuit traces beneath his skin.

"Welcome to Limbo, at any rate. Well 'welcome'. I doubt you'll want to stay too long though I can't send you back just yet."


While he's not yet entirely convinced that this isn't an abduction, Fitz does stand up. He doesn't say anything for a long while, seemingly more fascinated by the circles upon Jericho's arms than the place in which they've found themselves. "What are…" he starts to say, before remembering his manners.

That would be Jemma's doing, always harping on him about his manners.

Only then does he look about, eyes widening again. "The sky is red," he gapes, before looking back to Jericho. "Do they have monkeys here?"


"Well that is nice to hear, Mr Trent. Hello there, K'Nert" Jemma shakes the offered hand. It's then that the young biochemist looks at the hackers arms with evident interest and casts a small approving smile at Fitz. He did remember his manners after all.

"Limbo?" Simmons is fascinated "Like a place that isn't really anywhere? And what do you mean you can't….." her words are cut short as she looks to Fitz and replies "Fitz!"


Jericho quirks an eyebrow and his eyes flash again, though in amusemend and not in alarm. "No. Just demons, so far as I know. Well, and a couple of humans." If he and Illyana count anymore. They are, you know, still a bit different from full demons.

"One or two might look like an monkeys… with four inch claws and fangs the size of lumber nails." In fact, in the distance can be seen moving deliberately to stay clear of Jericho a demon the size of a medium sized dog that looks remarkably like a werewolf with a long lizard like tail and spines down the back. It gets a glance from the hacker who then pays it no mind.

"Oh it's a place, yes. A place all it's own that has some unusual properties." He doesn't go into the 'everywhere, everywhen' bit. No need to alarm the scientists. And SHIELD by extension. "How are things going with your magical machinery effort?"


"Wot?" Fitz returns fire. "I'm a scientist, I'm bloody curious!" He looks back to Jericho with a deadpan expression when he speaks of demons. A thumb gets hooked toward Simmons. "Don't let her catch one, she'll dissect it right in front of everybody."

Ribbing aside, the distant creatures are spotted, prompting him to backpedal ever so slowly toward Simmons. Because, of course, if they are attacked by demons, she's the clear choice of who should defend them.

"And here I thought Limbo was just some funny word the interns use to describe their career paths." He's pretty sure Lewis has made a remark like that once or twice.

Unfortunately, word has not been passed to Fitz of Jericho's being vetted by Director Fury. "Ah, yes, that." He scratches the back of his head, casting a worried look toward Jemma. "I've had to, uh, reverse engineer the prototype, but there's a… power… source… problem. Still." He wants to talk about the Portal Buster so badly, but he had his orders, and as if yet, they haven't changed!


"Fascinating" Simmons peers at the distant werewolfdemon in an assessing way before casting a glance a Fitz "Well, not in front of everyone"

Fitzs' backpedalling gets a small smile "It's ok Fitz, I'm sure your too stringy for its tastes." And of course Simmons is the obvious one to protect them.

Giving Jericho a small shrug, Jemma looks to Fitz with a bland look. He's made it clear it's his project, she's more than ok with that, and they both need to exercise discretion. "As he says. A power source problem. But you knew that already, didn't you?"


"Don't let them catch you." Jericho responds with an amused grin as he goes over to the cooler to fetch a couple more waters for the scientists. "I'm fairly sure they'll do the same." He doesn't add 'and don't wander off'. They should be smart enough for that.

"Yes, well I rather suspected that might be the case, hence my wanting to talk to you. I've located another example of that unusual tech I mentioned to Fitz. I just need to coordinate with you and Illyana to round it up. And possibly May now that she's back, since the owners may possibly object."

There's a skitter-leap noise in the grass and a small-ish vaguely ratlike demon hops up on Fitz shoulder and hisses. It seems to be about to take a bite out of him when it sees Jericho and quickly checks with a wince, hissing something to the hacker. Jericho responds in that same odd, kind of twisty language. It's probably a good thing that Fitz doesn't know that the subtext of the conversation is 'no he is not on the menu tonight.'


"Oh, that's nice." Fitz half glowers at Simmons; she's clearly enjoying this much more than he is. Still, he really wants to grin, so it sort of ends up on his face as a baleful half smirk. "So, like, this is a place in another dimension of space time?" he asks, turning back toward Jericho. Leave the wolf demons to her, he's interested in the spatial mechanics of this place.

The moment Jericho mentions May, you can almost see the tires screeching. "Wait, May's back?" He turns to Simmons, questioning. "Isn't May on Adminis—"

Cue creature!

"AAAHH! Get it off!" He leans to the side, away from the lizard, then turns to stare at Jericho plaintively. "Its, get it, hissing," Eyes dart to K'Nert. "Tell your cousin to get off my bloody shoulder!"

Poor guy is too distracted to really acknowledge talk of magitech just yet!


Jemma smirks back at Fitz "Better than wanting to eat you, isn't it?" Jericho's comment attracts her attention and she takes the water from him.

"Don't look at me, I just got back….." and then Fitz is fussing about that little demon on his shoulder. Looking back to Jericho, Simmons raises an eyebrow "If you want anything sensible out of him, you better call your pet off." She's clearly amused and little worried.


"They're not pets. Mine or anyone elses." Jericho clarifies quite firmly. "He wants to eat your liver. Apparently you smell healthy and that's tasty. He's only not starting because I've been around long enough that he knows I'll slap him around if he tries. And I'm connected to the person in charge." An extension of her, actually. So much so that demons do come to him for permission or questions in her absence. Well, sometimes. Not all the time. But often enough.

"They are demons after all." Jericho follows that up with a sharp pair of words in what must be these things' common tongue and the rat-thing hops off and skitters away. The ex-soldier watches it go for a long moment and shakes his head.

"Be glad it was just one of them. A group would have asked about you both. Where was I? Oh yes. May, she's off admin leave as of a couple days ago."

Fitz's other question gets a bit of consideration. "Mmmm, I don't think it's quite so mathematical. It's a plane, or realm. Minor hell realm, actually." Yes, Jericho spends a good deal of time in Hell. Well, a hell. And he prefers it to other places often. Calls it 'home' even. Which says something about how his life has been recently.


Watching the lizard go, Fitz breathes a sigh of relief. "You, both of you, are having far too much fun with this."

His eyes once again stray around the surroundings, taking notice of the gardening that Jericho has apparently been doing. "So," he begins to connect some things. "This is a plane." He looks back to Jericho. "And those disks, those portals, they wouldn't exactly be stopped by something so mundane as a trans-dimensional reinforcement barrier." He's still not forgotten about the reason they were 'brought' here. No, the scientist has had the fear of God, Country, and Nick Fury put into his soul. "How do you know May's no longer on leave? Did she tell you?"


Jemma was having fun but Jericho's comment about a group of ratlike demons wipes the smirk from her face quick enough. "His liver because he smells healthy?" Simmons is still fascinated. Mays reinstatement is news to Jemma and she nods at Fitzs' question "Yes, how do you know that?"


"That's what I said, isn't it?" Jericho says arching an eyebrow. "Healthy means they can keep you alive longer while they eat." They are demons after all.

"I know because I was in the car with May and Fury when he took her off leave. And I helped her pack her things at the place she'd been staying so she could head back. She should be in the office this morning. Hopefully she's not the only one because that was just ridiculous when the Tri got hit."


"I got hit pretty hard," Fitz agrees in response to the Triskelion's attack. Hearing that Fury and May and Jericho all had a talk together seems to set his mind at ease. His shoulders even visibly relax, though there's still a heavy portion of hesitation written all over him.

"Well, I've gotten the device to work, at least on mundane portals. You know, disturbances in the normal flow of space time." He grins slightly at first, then it grows. He is proud of his creation, after all. "Quite impressive, really! Simmons and I are testing it to make sure it doesn't have any negative effects on biomatter."

He's definitely ignoring the remark about his liver. It's true, he doesn't drink like some of the guys around SHIELD.


A wind seems to sigh through the greenery. It isn't one that is felt on the skin, which is odd. But the trees sigh and seem to lean with the weight of it. Except they don't all lean in the same direction, once again defying normal physics. Instead, they lean two the sides as though parting to form a path. The thick underbrush too seems to have melted away as a blonde that Jemma at least will recognize. Hair in a long bob, blue eyes as cold as a Siberian winter dressed head-to-toe in black leather accented with silver in the form of spikes, chains, and a stylized wolf's head on a leather cuff around her wrist.

Behind the petite young woman is the hulking form of a purple-skinned, eight foot tall demon with glowing yellow eyes and jutting tusks. It wears a leather vest and briefs and has a cigar clenched between its sharp teeth.


Jemma looks quite pleased at the news about May "Oh that is good news." May is definitely one of the ones they want around when things get tough. Even with Jericho's assurances he was in the car at the time, she's still skeptical and assesses the hacker carefully. But then Fitz starts talking about the 'Portal Buster' and she nods slowly. "Yes and those tests don't seem to indicate anything adverse…." and again she trails off as the blonde appears.

"Oh my" Simmons breathes softly as she eyes the purple thing behind Illyana and then catches herself "Fitz, this is Illyana, or Magik, of X-Red."


Jericho had already started turning slightly before the 'wind' began to part the brush. Almost like he felt something coming before anything happened. The big purple guy gets a quiet, careful nod from the hacker, but when his eyes slide down to the blonde, they light up. Literally. They had been flashing and glimmering, but they settle into a steady glow now. "Illyana." He greets the blonde with a deferential nod and an quiet, affectionate tone.


This is all a bit much for the pragmatic engineer. Leo looks first to the trees with a confused frown, but soon enough, his attention is drawn to the two who approach. He absolutely freezes for a moment or two, staring with a slack jawed expression that might deceive one of his brilliance. It isn't until Jemma introduces Illyana that he closes his mouth and gulps, prying his eyes away from that… that thing and acknowledging Illyana with a couple of blinks. So, this is the one they've spoken about, and she's the member of… a mutant hero team?

Fidgeting with his hands, Fitz smiles lamely. "Hullo." He points to Simmons, forgetting that they apparently know each other. "She's Simmons."


Each step that the big purple behemoth, who seems almost as wide as he is tall, takes seems to make the earth shiver beneath their feet. He stays a handful of paces behind Illyana as the blonde approaches. The smile she gives Jericho is small, but real, sliding into a smirk as she looks at the pair of scientists. "I heard we had company." She notes, the words laced with dry amusement. Almost mocking. Indeed, one brow wings upwards as Fits introduces Jemma. "And you must be Fitz." She says in a slight singsong that seems to amuse her for no discernable reason.

S'ym moves around Illyana, heading over to where Jericho's gardening equipment is. He worries the end of his cigar and then blows out a stream of smoke in Jericho's general direction. "Boss said t' take y'r stuff back." Unlike the other demons that Jericho has talked to, this one apparently speaks English.


Dividing her attention between Illyana and the purple monster, Simmons inclines her head in greeting "Nice to meet you again, Illyana. And dare I say it, unwitting company at that." Jemma nods towards Fitz "Yes, this is Fitz."

The purple mountain of a demon claims the biochems attention again as he, Jemma assumes it's a he, speaks in English no less.


Jericho shifts his stance slightly and now that his back is turned Fitz can see (and Simmons can see again) that ther's a small black mark at the base of his neck that looks like it might be part of some kind of tatto… though the rest of the design (if any) is hidden.

"Mmmm." Jericho acknowledges S'ym and gives Illyana a nod. K'nert scampers up from behind them and past Fitz' leg (rather deliberately, probably) to settle over by Jericho's. If imp expressions are anything like human ones, he's rather smirking at the two scientists.

"Accidental ones yeah." Jericho nods toward Fitz and Simmons. "I thought you might like to see them before I had K'nert take them back. And I was just telling them I'd found some of that tech we'd been discussing."

There's clearly some sort of history between S'ym and Jericho the exchanges between them (be they ever so brief) go.


Fitz goes so far as to point in S'ym's direction, once again going slack jawed for a moment. "It speaks English," he whispers, before watching as K'nert goes scampering past his leg. "Don't tell me it — he does too?" he asks, looking in Jericho's direction once more.

Looks are exchanged between all of the strange creatures and humans, before Fitz decidedly turns back toward Jemma. "Definitely not in Louisiana anymore, Simmons."

Finally stomaching up a bit of his bravery, Fitz leaves Simmons' side and approaches Jericho and Illyana, a bit hesitantly of course given the big purple demon thing. "So, what is it about this tech that makes it so interesting?" he asks.

No, he's not going to offer a hand of greeting to Illyana. The purple monster might try to bite it off.


The purple monster starts to gather up Jericho's things. Apparently Illyana figured that he'd be too busy and leaving things alone in Limbo is a bad idea. You never know when your pick will decide to go on a murderous rampage.

"Yes. He speaks English." Illyana says in that almost mocking tone again. "So do I. K'nert doesn't." Not anymore. "He hasn't got the tongue for it."

K'nert pipes up in that growling, hissing manner that is apparently a language and Illyana replies without missing a beat. "No, you cannot have his."

"I've got some time." For some reason that statement makes Illyana chuckle. "But why don't we take this elsewhere? Fear isn't a good cologne in Limbo."


"Apparently not in Louisiana, Fitz. Limbo in fact" Jemma does seem to be somewhat enjoying herself. "I think the red sky gave that away, don't you?" Illyana's assertion about K'Nerts tongue and the subsequent exchange has the young woman blanching a bit though. "Where would you suggest we take this? Jericho indicated he can't take us anywhere." Simmons looks back to Fitz to offer a reassuring smile.


Jericho folds his arms and smirks, slightly. "That was because I sent K'nert on to Illyana to tell her that you'd been 'dumped' here. I've got no magic and no ability to manipulate the stepping disks." The fact that he draws a distingishing line between the two may be telling. Or just confusing. "Most people here don't. K'nert has a limited ability to do so… and Illyana…" Well, a lot less limited.

"She's right though. We shouldn't stay. You wouldn't have been safe even this long if I weren't standing right here."


Illyana chuckles as Jericho trails off. "No, he can't." The blonde lifts her arms, hands palm-down with fingers spread and disks of light appear beneath each of their feet. As she raises her hands, the disks rise upwards. Beneath them is nothing, the two-dimensional circles of light swallowing them each up. There's that brief tingling sensation, and then the quartet appears in one of the X-Men: Red lounges at Da Costa International with a great view of Manhattan.

"I'd take you straight to the Triskellion, but I think they're a bit twitchy of late." Illyana notes wryly.


Looking at Fitz, Simmons smiles broadly "That was a much better trip this time." At least the scientific pair weren't turned 90 degrees and spilled on the ground. "And um, no, Fitz here would have had a kyniption fit if you'd taken us to the Triskelian." Jemma might have as well, but she's not admitting to it. "So, where are we?"


Jericho's apparently been here enough that he simply finds a section of, er sectional, to lean on. "New York. DaCosta Industries." Clearly Jemma and Fitz are both lab rats and not intel experts or he'd be clucking at them for not knowing that the company launched a very public Mutant Services division with a full on media blitz. Illyana's face was, for a while, all over the city on billboards along with the rest of the team. It's not now, though she has merchendising. The hacker finds it all vaguely amusing.

Jericho slips an arm around Illyana's waist as he leans. "Anyway, dimensional technology. The stuff's been popping up for a little while. It's advanced and a bit on the dangerous side, but it should be recoverable and it might help your efforts… if it doesn't kill you, wipe your memory or blow up in your face."


Illyana leans back against Jericho as he slips his arm around her, the black leather and chains a bit out of place from the Fortune 500 lounge. The blonde elbows Jericho at his warnings, smirking. "I think they're smart enough to know it's dangerous." She points out.

Illyana's amusement subsides as she turns back towards Simmons. "I'm rotting with tech, so I can't help you with that much I'm afraid. I am pretty good at dimension hopping though, if you end up somewhere and need to get back out."


Looking around the lounge, Simmons takes it all in. "Just so" Simmons nods to Illyana "We know it's dangerous." She glances to Fitz before responding "Where is this tech that you need to recover and ummm, who owns it?" She doubts she'll get an answer to the second question but it's worthwhile trying.

The young scientist, frowns at Illyana's 'offer' "Once I'm somewhere and need to get back, how on earth would you know that?"


Jericho takes the elbowing with a grin. "Just checking." He murmurs.

"I imagine the fact that you were suddenly not in Louisana anymore would be a good hint." His traces are starting to flush brighter red starting anywhere Illyana is touching him and spreading from there. "As for who owns it, I don't know. No one from around here. Been looking into that but nothing solid quite yet. It is sometimes guarded, and sometimes has its own defenses. Shouldn't be too horrible a field trip though."


"Well, if you go missing, that's a pretty good indicator to come looking for you." Illyana notes. "Hopefully someone will ease up on the need-to-know-ness and let me know if you're suddenly missing and have gotten yourself transdimensionally lost."


"I'm not sure that's such a reassuring thought" Simmons responds to Illyana "Goodness knows how long we could be gone before something thinks to contact you, but I get your point." The young woman sighs "But right now… unless you're vetted, that's not likely to happen. Maybe if I click my heels together three times and say 'I want to go home', it will help."

The effect on Jericho's traces gets Simmons attention and she looks to Fitz to see if he's noticed too and will control his interest a little. "Fitz here will want to know everything before he even thinks about making a decision."


"SHIELD knows it doesn't have the resources to deal with this. They don't have to like it, they just have to accept it." At Simmons attention to the glow Jericho smirks, maybe just a little more.

"You can't, I'm afraid. Even if there were time to teach you, and there isn't, this isn't a field that can be mastered in a day and even if it could, there are no absolute rules. Well, very few. Nearly anything can be gotten around if you're willing to pay the price. Though that's just a layman's perspective. Illyana could tell you more."


"Unless you've a talent for it, I wouldn't advise trying to learn magic." Illyana advises very seriously. "Some things, man really wasn't meant to know." She can't help but smirk a bit that they wouldn't call her for help. She does bite back the commentary that springs to mind though. This is Illyana being good.

Seeing Simmons' attention to Jericho's traces? Illyana's fingers trace the silvery rings around his bare forearms up to the traces themselves, tapping the magic beneath them to make them pulse with color.

This is Illyana being… not so good.


"I was joking." Simmons shakes her head "Like I would want to learn magic. I have science, thank you." But their point is well taken. Illyana's touch on the silvery rings has definitely got her attention "OK, sorry… I just have to ask. Is that a biochemical reaction?"


Jericho's traces flash with light under the fingers, the flash spreading out from the point of touch to several inches away, along the path of those circuit like markings. The silvery metal itself seems to shimmer as if liquid, though it doesn't appear to move as if that. "Not even close." The hacker murmrus. Each pulse makes him feel like he's a bell being rung. Which is not an unpleasant sensation. Much better than the pain it used to be before.


Illyana chuckles at Jericho's answer, glancing back at him before looking back over to Simmons. Those glaical eyes glitter with amusement that only manages to warm them a little. "Wanna see if you can light him up?" She asks, her grin feral-edged.


Jemma's eye widen at Illyana's offer and she coughs a little "It was just professional curiosity." The blonde is definitely offputting, the couple nearly doubly so. "That's fine. Thank you." A sidelong glance at Fitz, to see how he's going with all this. "Well, where to from here? I suppose you need Fitz to give you an answer on whether he wants to use the tech?" Change of subject and Simmons is all business again.


Simmons abrupt change of subject gets a flash of a similarly feral grin from Jericho. "Well you're going to need it unless you can think of another place you can find an example of technology and energies not normally handled by technology." Which SHIELD might be able to manage, sure, but since they couldn't beat off a portal assault, he's betting not. And if they tried to say, 'break down' a few mages - like the one in front of him - he might get rather upset.


Illyana lets her fingertips continue to sweep Jericho's arm, coaxing the glow from his traces as much to keep teasing Jemma's curiosity as anything else. Illyana shrugs, looking back at Jericho. "He could just figure it out on his own. It's possible." She points out. One way is likely to be faster, but knowing something's possible is help in and of itself.


"Well judging by Fitzs' current responses, you're not going to an answer today." Simmons looks to Fitz again and smiles in a slightly fond manner. "When we get back to the Triskelian, I'll speak with him and we'll be in touch. And yes, I know, we don't have much time." The glow from traces is watched, but Jemma won't be drawn today.


"Well, since portalling in is likely to provoke a mild panic… shall I call you a cab?" Jericho's already pulling up a web service to do that. "You may have to drag Fitz out. And tell him when he gets out of whatever scientific fuge he's gone into that I'm quite taken and he can stop staring at me like that." That last is a tease, certainly. "And we don't have much time. I didn't mean for you to get side tracked today though. We'll go soon. In the next day or two."


Illyana ducks her head, snickering a bit at Jericho's implication. She doesn't make any move to be all hospitable and see them out or anything. She just leans back against Jericho and crosses one leg over the other at the ankles. Demon queen is comfy, thank you.


"Yes, portalling in would be problematic" Simmons shakes her head as she links her arm through Fitzs' and starts to encourage him to move. "I'm sure he's just deep in thought about how to fix one of his projects." Jemma has tried to get him to curb that habit in company, but scientist is scientist. "A cab would be wonderful thank you." A bob of her head to Illyana "A pleasure to meet with again and thankyou for bringing us …. home, I guess." Simmons looks to Jericho to direct them out of the building.


Jericho nods to the elevator at the far end of the room. "That'll take you all the way to the ground floor. A cab'll be waitign for you and mister lala land there when you get to the bottom. Staff can help if you get lost but unless you get off on the wrong floor, you won't."

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