Snow Devils

February 03 2014: Rose has escaped the confines of the mansion and Nate and Rogue happens upon her kicking up some snow devils.

Xavier's Mansion

A mansion surrounded by snow covered lands.



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It's cold, but that does not stop some people from doing things labeled as 'stupid shit'. That's Rose's middle name sometimes. From down the road along Westchester that snow kicks up in a flurry, swirling around the jetstreamed motorcycle. Yep, in the snow. She needed out, wanted proof she was not trapped here and under some sort of illusional hell cast by those who could flip her on and off like a switch and apparently cload Xavier's. So Rose went and got her hidden bike at the end of the drive where they stashed it the night they came, went shopping and returned, this time bringing the bike with.

Ninja's are expensive and should -not- grow legs and walk away. She was kind of attached to what her blood money bought.

The kicked up typhoon tunnel of snow dies when she slows, a slow that has her sliding across compacted snow and swerving it to a nice parallel park in front of a bush, the dead looking branches wavering with the added weight that comes and goes. Pulling the bandanna down off her face and the goggles up that 'viking braided' hair of white tugs free of the collar of her coat, gaze snapping up to the school.

Okay so she was not a prisoner, that's one small relief.

While Rose may think she's alone out here, in reality, she's not. High in the sky sits Rogue and while Rogue was simply enjoying some flight time, it was the whirlwind of snow below, that caught her attention. When the snow devils being to dissipate, the brown and white haired woman begins to descend towards the ground. She curious to see what student is out here having a bit of fun and has yet to realize it's not a student at all.

When Rogue is within speaking distance, she'll call out a generally friendly and good humored, "Good Morning. Ah see you're helping to clear the snow off the grounds, already." Rose will find Rogue has landed a few feet from her, perhaps not wanting to startled the woman, or just not wanting to have snow kicked up at her. "Nice riding, too."

Nate is waiting for Rose outside, wearing a 'borrowed' coat on top of his regular clothes. The weather is cold enough to bother him, but the constant chatter of hundreds of teenage minds makes him want to take walks out of the school quite often. Finding out Rose went out to pick up her motorcycle and shopping gave him a good excuse. «What did you got, Rosie?» He asks, coming to join the young woman.

Wait, Rogue is here too. Well, of course she would be here, he supposes. Last time they talked she left pretty vague her affiliation with the X-Men. Walking closer, he greets, "Rogue. Good to see you. Rogue, this is Rose. We are staying here for a few days."

The duffel Rose is about to hoist over her shoulder follows through and lands upon the ground, her hand resting upon belt and buckled thigh, leather coating beneath the strappings and coating over her legs to conceal skin from the elements, also protecting from the underlying blades she has randomly tucked away. Thats where her hand is by the time the duffel huits the ground in response to Rogue's appearance. That single blue gaze snapping from the sky back to her, the hand not moving but not drawing one of those hide-away blades.

It's a school, and one for those not of the 'norm' so she has managed to figure out. (Obvious!) She just has to get used to the fact that they can come from anywhere, including the woodwork.

Nate's approach and knowledge of the woman eases her, but only slightly, tipping her head into a nod at the introductions, dismounting the bike then to unzip the duffel. Several packaged and new prepaid (disposable) cell phones, clothes, a newspaper for apartment ads, and if Nate probes, buried at the bottom and hidden in a seam… A new gun. Girls and her toys.

"Hello, Rogue."

"Nice to see you again, Nate." Rogue says in that still friendly manner of hers. As to Rose's reaction? Yes, Rogue caught it and the curly haired woman will simply stay where she is, going so far as to tuck her hands in her pockets. Rogue is trying her best to appear as unthreatening to the other woman as she can. It wasn't that long ago that Rogue was a mite jumpy herself. "Nice to meet you too, Rose. Ah heard we had a few visitors at the Mansion. Ah also heard you were in the infirmary. Ah take it you're feeling better?"

When Rose seems to settle down enough that she actually dismounts from her bike, Rogue will take a casual step towards Nate. "And is there anything Ah can help you with?" She doubts Rose will let her carry anything for her, but it's Rogue's southern manners that prompt her to ask.

Nate shakes his head, smiling at the southern woman. "I think we got it… well, if you know a good place to leave a bike. I don't think I have seen the garage yet." He eyes the ninja. It is quite good it was still working after two or three days buried under snow. "Also, have you been in touch with Mystique the last week?"

This place is like a small (southern) town. Did they also hear and gauge the tonal level of her drunken snores at night? Did she snore?? Shit. Brows furrow slightly in a moment of thought about it all and with a subtle roll of shoulders beneath the leather jacket she zips the bag closed and rises, hefting it back over her shoulder and leaning back against the seat of the bike for a prop while the casual meet and greet commences.

Though, when it surfaces that Nate knowns Rogue not only from here, and there’s more a single brow rises, also with the familiarity of the other woman’s name. Mystique.

"As good as it gets, thanks." Abrasive, too abrasive. Be nicer, Rose! A smile then cracks over the surface, though it seems badly timed. She's about as awkward as that Lunair chick she met the other night - just less /nice/.

"Sure, Ah can show you both the garage. Probably be best to keep it - " The bike she means, " - there. Ah hear we're supposed to get more of the white stuff the rest of the week." Rogue says to the two of them, as she continues with, "And yer bike won't be the only one there. We've quite a few people with them."

And while Rogue was splitting her attention between the two, her green eyed gaze turns right back to Nate. It was the mention of her mother's name, she hadn't expected Mystique to be brought into this particular conversation. "No, Ah haven't spoken to her in a few weeks. Do Ah need to?" Which really means, do I need to worry about her?

As for Rose's rather sharp response and that awkward smile, Rogue once again looks towards the light haired woman. "Ah'm glad to hear it." And while Rogue didn't make an overt show of it, she did notice Rose's eye-patch. She didn't want to stare, after all, look at Rogue's hair. Skunk-striped. She gets quite the stares at times.

Skunk-striped hair is awesome. Even if Rogue and Nate are about the only two mutants on Earth that have it. The response about Mystique makes Nate thoughtful for a moment, he moves to help Rose with the bike, she still has many bandages under the clothes and probably should be taking things slowly.

Back to Rogue, he admit, "I don't know. She seems to have dropped off sight. But I guess that is normal for her. Also… Jean didn't seem too happy of hearing about Mystique. Bad blood there?"

Rose saw Scott on his, and got a challenge from Remy in regards to bikes, though he insulted hers because it was no Harley. Rose has a need for speed, if she wanted to casually cruise she'd invest in a Harley. She just likes to get things done, and a Sportster seems to bastardize the Harley name and meaning. "Got any snow mobiles in this place?" So shoot her, she's changing the subject and interjecting but the conversation seemed to go to an awkward front, or she was misconceiving? Either way, third training wheel! Rose has no clue about these people and their (dis)functionality.

It was like her own dinner table. Come on.

Silencing now she just listens as she glances towards Rogue and Nate, kicking the bikes gears into a neutral so they can push it towards the garage.

"Ah'm pretty sure we do. Ah'm sure no one would mind you taking one out, if you like. Just make sure to wear the right gear. It's going to get icy cold." Rogue says to Rose's question - and is there a vague look of relief in her eyes now that the smile has left the other woman's features? Possibly. Even southern politeness can't always cover /all/ the awkwardness that one feels. And speaking of awkwardness and even more awkwardness, it's back to Nate's questions. Rose must really feel at home now.

Turning her attention back to Nate, Rogue's expression turns slightly grim, "Ain't there always?" Bad blood that is. "We're on opposite sides." We're? Likely she means they're on opposite sides. A slip of the tongue to her Brotherhood days and probably loyalty to Mystique, as well.

"Ah'll see if Ah can get in contact with her. Did you need to meet with her or something? Ah can set it up, if you like. Ah can't promise it'll be soon though. Ah know she has a lot on her plate." Rogue says, leaving that statement purposely cryptic.

Nate nods hesitantly. He needs to talk with Mystique soon. He also needs to finish the task she gave him, still has more than a few corporate execs to mind-scan. "Maybe next weekend," he decides. "Oh yeah, weather is going to suck, but we can't stay locked indoors too long. It's bad for us, but worse for the helpless bastards trapped with us." He grins happily. "We could go back to New York this evening, Rose. I can fly us there if the roads are still icy."

Watching Rogue and Nate, Rose has nothing to add, not unless someone needs removed from the equation. But it seems like they are treading careful lines and keeping a vahue conversation and backdrop of awkwardness where it should be. Mind boggling.

When they reach the garage she shoves the Ninja into a back corner and resists the urge to shove Remy's over. That is if she could figure out /which/ Harley was his, if any, but the vehicles get a low inspection, license plates taken into memory.

It's what she does!

"Good, perhaps when the snow starts again, more traction…" Though Rose is speaking to herself moreso in regards to that while she takes the goggles off and looses the bandanna around her neck. "That'd be great." She says to Nate in regards to going out again. She does not do well with staying in one place.

"I have a few calls to make." Rose says lifting the newspaper as indication. "Be seeing you, I am sure." Rose says to Rogue before she hefts the duffel across shoulders and heads back for the Manse.

When Rose makes her exit, Rogue will turn and look back to Nate, "Ah can get in touch with Mystique and let her know you need to contact her." And here is will Rogue pauses for a moment. She's considering her next request and it's enough to cause her to push her curly hair behind her ears.

"Not many people know she's my mother." Begins the white and brown haired woman, "Ah'd like to keep it that way. Ah don't want that relationship ever to be used against her, or me."

"Anyway, Ah should get going to. Ah have a few errands to run and Ah'll get that message to Mystique today."


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