Claws Out, Fangs Bared

February 4th, 2015: X-23 is unleashed on the unsuspecting masses in M-Town fortunately the X-Men and Magneto were present to keep the bad turning in to the worse.

Mutant Town, NYC

District X



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The last place where the mutant known as 'Laura' was seen. A political rally that ended in the wounding of McCours in Gotham.


Mutant Town. A known gathering place, obviously by the name. Be they apparent mutants/mutates or ones still uncomfortable with it being shown, or bear the gene beneath the surface. This is where they go to just 'be'. Families, friends, even some simple humans that are friend or allies gather to simply enjoy the company without the prejudices, the fear… The threat?

Overhead, the grey sky with light flurries bearing down to show the serenity of a winter day is silent until that private plane comes in. A speck in the distance, high enough but swooping lower with something hanging from a chain beneath.

Nothing to look at until the altitude of the aircraft starts to drop and a fog is released from an open chamber beneath the place where a cockpit sits. A light fog, a dusting… Cutting a couple feet above, that dangling cargo is in a wooden crate, people yelling and ducking, watching above with curses of shock and anger, some fists raised.

The fog does nothing as the people stop in the rippling wave of yells and look between each other, the plane picking back up altitude but that crate gets dropped, with the neat print across the face saying "This is Why…" Shattering on impact and leaving something beneath the splintered rubble, a form breathing, encased in black leather and covered in splintered tinder to interrupt…

Some curious begin to creep close, other gathering their children and backing off, anger turning to confusion an curiosity that quickly turns a moment of many emotions into a flurry.

The calm before the storm as that movement beneath the wood comes in a flurry, the woman beneath bursting forward like a wounded and injured animal, but the claws that come out with a sudden yell are those of metal coated in her on blood until she is on top of one of the onlookers that got too close.

The single claws from her feet shoot out, embedding into his chest while both fisted hands rise above her head and then come down, impacting him on the shoulders and taking him to the ground with her follow through where she sits over him on all fours.

Red blood shot eyes stare up and ahead now as silence turns to screams…

Lunair doesn't get out much these days. She's totes in hiding, though she looks over her shoulder when she comes out. She's likely bringing something for someone. Some mutants can't get to grocery stores, after all. The weather is making her uneasy, as does the whole having been chased by drones. Nevertheless, despite the bags she carries with her, Lunair is near enough in time to hear the screams.

What's going on? She looks worried, as the people here are vulnerable. Lunair blinks, at the poor fellow who is down on the ground. Is he alive? Can she tell? Nevertheless, there's a lady and she totally spiked a dude. Literally. "… Hey. Um. Sorry about the landing. What are you DOING?" She asks. Notably, Lunair is going to wait until the last moment to pull her armor on, as that's polite. But spikey lady is spikey. And Lunair is made of meat.
Somewhere near walking down the sidewalk…
"It's cold Remy. Why on Earth do you want to walk right now?" The big man striding next to the Cajun asks between mouthfuls of a bearclaw doughnut. His own! Meaning they're the best.
"Jus' to see what de noise is about, you need to get out and walk anyways." The rogue turned X-Men grins at his companion, he is always impressed by the resemblance Fence has with John Goodman. It is uncanny.
"Probably just a bunch of anti-mutant bullshit as usual. They do this like every month, bunch of skinhead Neo-Nazi rejec…. " Fence stops talking before he begins to rant. Himself not a mutant he is on the side of sympathetic, besides his bakery is within District X. Well, on the outskirts but close enough. He's an open minded sort.
Gambit pulls the scarf above his collar up higher so it's around his mouth and touching his ears. No kidding it is cold.

Advertising / headhunting for Roberto's company was one thing- following it up with actually being physically present was another. Schmoozing with different faces to get them to buy in and maybe work with contractors was another.

In the middle of talking to someone who could apparently manipulate electrical currents on a very very limited scale, the scream interrupts an interview, and Doug gets up, looking out to the window. "What…?"

Excusing himself, Doug keys in, starting to call 911, detailing the locale. Whether the police would respond or not, Doug heads out the building, intent on getting a better read. Wild, in control…?

Magneto is again lurking at Mutant Town. He keeps tabs on the place when possible, and lately he has been finding hints in the nets that one of those semi-clandestine anti-mutant groups was going to do something. Possibly a terrorist strike.

Unfortunately he is reading a newspaper inside a cafe when the plane arrives; it is cold enough outside to make the Master of Magnetism want to stay indoors. But the airplane following an irregular flight route, so close to the buildings, and then releasing some kind of chemical over mutant town… that draws him out. Screams on the streets? Looks like he found the anti-mutant terrorists.

A flick of his wrists and a traffic post is ripped from the ground. Then launched up at near supersonic speed. A few seconds later it cuts through the airplane right wing, sending the craft into a spinning dive that will make it crash on the Hudson River, if he calculated the flight path correctly. Otherwise some humans might get crushed. No big loss.

The men beneath X might be alive… But it is doubtful as the blood spills out not only beneath his body, but the punctured artery that runs between the neck and shoulder is coming out with every fading heartbeat, leaving the girl over him to stare at Lunair with a bloodshot green gaze that resembled bloody vines amassing over moss, her face covered in the red like it is paint. So much blood, already clinging to her face and wetting that black hair…

The sound is wet, but quick as limbs pull from the body in her lunge for Lunair, making the body rise and fall with the detachment of blades, a crumpled mess on the ground, left behind and quickly forgotten when that slight body clings to Lunairs own and simultaneously is trying to scale her armored form and landing a flurry of trained kicks and punches, all rising sparks as they impact armor relentlessly, the bellow from X like a war cry, teeth bared and eyes narrowed.

No one was home. There is only hell here.

The target once more changes when a barrel sized fist lands a blow upon X's head from the side, knocking X off of Lunair to bounce across the ice and slush piled street like a skipping stone.

There is no pause, X kicks back up after a rill that lands her on all fours and is upon him, using a retreating and scrambling fallen bystander as a platform for her kick off of bladed feet to land upon the meaty man’s face, claws sinking in for leverage while feet kick out.

His bravery turned a war cry into a frantic yell as he is still pounding into the much smaller adversary as she attempts to climb him like the wall of a man he was, leaving punctures in her wake that begin to fill in with the red of blood.

He might be. Lunair looks worried. That poor guy. And then she winces at the noise. Lunair is horrified. She's pelted by blows, but she is lucky her armor is strong.

There's going to be a lot of bruises, and a few not huge but definitely not happy times puncture wounds. Her world is reeling for a moment. She is being attacked by someone who seems to be stuck on berserker mode.

She's got to stop this. "Thank you," She whispers to the poor, second injured bystander. It's right about now, between seeing the fallen, between being kicked and poked and what have you - that she desperately wishes she could heal. She could just - waitaminute. Team Fortress! The medic's gun! She just - might!

… why not give it a try? It's limited, but she's determined to save the bystanders. Maybe the needles flying around'll be a distraction…? Though, she needs to refresh her armor. Never mind, healing first.

It's a beam, not needles. But still, something about cats and laser pointers…?

Gambit is about to say something to Fence when apparent hell breaks loose down the end of the road, "Never a dull moment in New York. What is that, Loon?" A snap of his left hand and the bo-staff extends - the man is racing that way before Fence can so much object.
The larger man only grunts and grabs his jeans at the waistline so they don't fall off as he begins to jog after Remy. "What are we doing, man?"
"I think dat may be one of de students in trouble!"
"Jesus I ain't built for running." Fence's huffed complaints.

With the police alerted, Doug comes to a stop, trying to get a read off X.

Chaotic, animalistic, no coherent human thought. All instinct, fury and killing.

Gulping, Doug immediately starts pulling people out of the way…

And if Lunair is -still- standing there, well, then she's next to be yanked, before X-23 tries to get a bead on her. Got to get a read on where X-23 is moving next and then hope he's not -too- far behind her thought-to-action trigger phase.
White and black armor forms over the white-haired man figure as he takes the air and flies to see what is causing all that screaming. He half-expects some kind of biological attack. Again. And he is half-right. Only the bio-weapon happens to be a crazed young woman.

Magneto's arrival does not help much to still the panic in the street. For many mutants, he is bad news. Even for many of his acolytes, he is like an ancient god of war, someone they rather follow from afar.

Now, Magneto knows both Laura and Lunair. It makes no sense to him they are the source of the commotion. He sees the broken crate, the injured on the ground, but the dots don't connect. "What is the meaning of this?" He asks, his voice booming over the streets.

X has no humanity left in thought or motions, the only thin Doug can read is the fact that there is a mass of static, screams, and if anyone can even feel it or garner from thoughts. Pain.

Rabid animal.

When the large man falls beneath her barrage of puncturing punches and ceases moving she is looking up, the crowds either having dispersed, some hidden, others frozen like deer in headlights, and the rest bleeding on the ground having been caught in the fray some writhing, and some still, disturbingly so.

Black strands hang like thick ropes in front of her face, her head tilting up as she catches scent upon the air, closes her eyes, and one of those sticky wet strands slides across her face, marking it in red like war paint, sliding over her shoulder. The sound of approaching footsteps has those eyes snapping open, pupils remaining those pin-dots, target points upon Remy and his friend.

Right when X lunges forward the plane that Magneto brought down into the Hudson explodes, the black billow of smoke rising as parts begin to sink if not incinerated. Whoever this is prepared to not leave a trace should things go bad.

It's mutants, it was a suicide mission on all sides.

Lunairs heals are saving the ones with less damage first, some of the others though… It is slow going or they are simply too afraid to move quite yet unless Dougs actions are doing it for them, to which thanks are being issued.

Magneto's words get no reaction for X, her focus is the man with a staff and she scales a pole with a twisted maneuvering of her body, kicking her legs out in a scissor motion to sweep those claws for his face.

Well, she owes the guy who hit Laura off her. And then the first poor target. Lunair isn't coming out of this undamaged, at least. Her armor looks like it's seen better days, but at least she can renew, create and shift it on demand. Since she's not being attacked, she's working on healing people more than anything else. Wait. Is that Remy? She sees a guy with a staff- and calls, "Hey! Look ou—" And is she yanked? She's not worried about staying close, she's totally healing! People. Who aren't herself.

Then, suddenly, there's a Magneto. "I don't know. There was a crate that fell. She popped somewhere and has been going nuts. I think she's berserk," Lunair offers by way of explanation. "Look out! Run away, people!"
Remy almost slows in his reaction speeds at the sound of Magneto's voice and the downing of a plane. Two not so quiet interruptions but somehow the mutant manages to tumble to the side of Laura's slices.
Fence isn't so lucky, he slips on a slab of ice and finds himself with arms pin wheeling gracelessly directly for the young woman, "OH SHIT!"

Why there was an explosion all of a sudden, Doug didn't have time to think. First priority, find safety. Second priority… this -was- Lunair, was it…? "Lunair…!" he manages to spit out, before jerking his head up to look at Magneto. Oh hell.

If Lunair was trying to heal things, without concern for safety, well, -Doug- was concerned, at least, and even if she was just zipping around healing, it was with the assistance of a frantic Doug playing navigator/dodgeball through. C'mon, read that crowd… where -is- everyone swarming to? And then get out of the way…!

People are inside now, doors locked as they peered through windows. It's not any safer, but it makes them feel that way - that's what matters right? Just like any other humans, they sit and watch as blood stains the ground and the ones who ran slower or do not run at all are felled like the weaker antelopes beneath the starved lioness. Some stand and fight, turn to bear their own weapons against claws… Or they ice skate into them.

Remy's artful dodger routine has X detaching from her agile twisted kick-spin on the pole as soon as impact is made upon the graceless ballerina that is fence, legs twine around his shoulder in the catch that detaches her from the pole, her abdomen flexing as she snaps her body in and around him behind, and it is almost like her smaller form disappears behind him until those claws erupt through his shoulder, pushing upward to detach limb from body cavity, kicking off of him and landing several feet away to head once more towards the only few that remain moving and on this block within direct sights….

Magneto hovers down. Landing close to Lunair and frowning when Laura attacks Gambit. "So she started it?" He seeks confirmation. "I lost track of her shortly after our meeting not far from here. He glances briefly to the crate, looking for clues. But then his eyes return to the berserk girl. "Enough!" He states, reaching through the magnetic field to her adamantium implants, trying to pull her from Gambit and into the air.

People are inside now, doors locked as they peered through windows. It's not any safer, but it makes them feel that way - that's what matters right? Just like any other humans, they sit and watch as blood stains the ground and the ones who ran slower or do not run at all are felled like the weaker antelopes beneath the starved lioness. Some stand and fight, turn to bear their own weapons against claws… Or they ice skate into them.

Remy's artful dodger routine has X detaching from her agile twisted kick-spin on the pole as soon as impact is made upon the graceless ballerina that is fence, legs twine around his shoulder in the catch that detaches her from the pole, her abdomen flexing as she snaps her body in and around him behind, and it is almost like her smaller form disappears behind him until those claws erupt through his shoulder, pushing upward to detach limb from body cavity, kicking off of him and landing several feet away to head once more towards the only few that remain moving and on this block within direct sights.

It is that leap, that one that has her going for Remy, intending to use him as a diving board to vault off of and aim for Doug, end the savior - then insert claws into the holes in Lunair's armor and open her like a can of hash…

The man with the booming voice, it does not matter how loud you speak, only the ability to be safe and that is when she stops. Mid-air in the line with the extended palm she blinks, the realization coming in that her body is no longer on a propelled path and her mission has not yet completed… There is not enough blood, there is not enough silence.

Like convulsions her body is spasming, trying to gain control of herself again, do as told, do as trained, hair wildly flailing like wet whip lashes across her face, neck and bare shoulders while she unleashes those screams…

Poor people. She's trying to heal them as best as she can. She warned people as best as she could. Lunair's going to keep her healing ray going, such as it is (1 person, not terribly fast). Fortunately, Lunair's not a target for now. Even if she can't shoot due to X being on and close to people. Portal gunning might end badly and she really doesn't want to be opened like a can o hash (she likes her hash from the tater or from the freezer, thank you! Must make note to ask Wolverine about cooking).

Lunair is going to bolt like a greased ferret on speed if/when she sees Laura coming her way. "Whoever dropped her or brought her here started I bet. She's not normally-" Poor X. Poor people.
Remy's dodge and tumble has him out wide, bo-staff held up in front of him. Something familiar about the girl but he can't exactly place it. Doesn't matter right now, she is going for the throat and Magneto is present.
Gambit's red eyes shift from X-23 to the Master of Magnetism.
"Fence… you okay?"
The big man is face down in the snow, his pants fallen down around his knees to show off smiley face boxers. Unmoving, his limb is detached but wires and cables are jutting forth, a smothered, "Yeah." Can be heard, "She took off my arm didn't she?" Still muffled. "I am pretty sure she took off my arm." A cyborg. Fence's limb is fortunately an attachment, no death there. Just… awkward.
The Cajun looks around to make sure no one else is close, "Dis be your mess, Magneto… you bes' clean it up or else you be answerin' to the Ragin' Cajun and de rest of the X-Men." Yeah, thats threatening. Who else is here? Remy doesn't want to take his eyes off the duo to look around, he knows he seen Loon but that doesn't mean shes alone.

Skidding to a stop as Lunair keeps slowing down to heal people, Doug spins around, ready to try and interject himself between her and… A blink. "Remy!"

The Cajun X-Man was a welcome sight for sore eyes, and so was his friend, but Magneto…

"Hey, guys…" Doug comments, his eyes shifting towards the spasming X-23, not quite up to speed. "This is Magneto's doing? She acts more like someone who's lost rational thought, than someone being controlled…"

Magneto keeps Laura a couple feet over the floor, noticing the bloodshot eyes. If she keeps thrashing like that she might very well, tear off her own claws, so he pulls some steel from nearby vehicles to form restrains around her upper legs and torso and keep her still.
Then he turns to answer to the other mutants. "My mess?" Magneto glares past his helmet, focusing in Gambit. "This was obviously yet another attack from human bigots against mutantkind, X-Man. Using one of our own."

X is not truly of the mind to speak for herself. The long ingrained training pretty much ensures that bit. The area is bathed in the effect that contorts and twists her mind, the people that found her, captured her and held her made sure their plans would leave a mark, leave a message, and drive the point home in more ways than one.

Monsters, animals, mindless killers… Though if they bothered to look at the irony of it all..

X's claws flash as that metal comes in towards her, trying to fight, so much so even where adamantium coated claws attach begin to crack bone, bruises coming over flesh to show as much with the strain and struggle - brought to a halt when the metal clamps around her in further restraint.

For a moment those yells falter, sift from animalistic to angry, crazed… Perhaps a moment to breathe, even breaths contain growls and that look is from beneath a blood soaked brow.

People still are not coming out, businesses have flipped their signs to closed ad drawn the metal bars down and locked them. Parts of Mutant Town are closing down early while some more of the bold creep out to see and /hear/ what is going on, staring at the hovering little monster on adrenaline and heralding their heroes, one kid hugging Doug that had been shoved out of the way and the man who took the first blow claps Luna on the shoulder. A passing green skinned female appraises Remy accordingly.

But this is not contained… Sirens wail in the distance.

And the gentleman who swatted X off of her - Lunair had to make sure he was okay and tend to him as she could, too. Poor guy. So many victims. "I think I can heal some people. I'm not entirely sure on this weapon…" She's not a huge Team Fortress player, it seems. But Remy and his friend are a subject of concern. "I don't think this is Magneto's," She offers. It doesn't seem like his thing.

"I think I ran into - someone like her or her before. She wasn't this way before." Lunair opens her visor to smile weakly at the guy who clapped her shoulder. "I don't know…" She looks at a loss. "I do hear the police. I hope they bring ambulances." She'll have to dismiss her armor. Bruises and a few puncture wounds about. She won't die or whatever, but she probably will want to get them cleaned and bandaged.
"Doug, Loon… you both okay?" Remy asks while kneeling down to pick up Fence's arm. He hands it to the man who is struggling to sit upright. "Need a hand, homme?"
"Corny, couldn't resist could you?"
The X-Man turns his attention back on X-23 and Magneto, "Fine, mebbe dis time got no choice but to trust you on this one as I ain't gonna let these two take her outta here an' I ain't got no means… you deal wid it den. I come asking for you again real soon and I hope she be in one piece. You comprehend? I don't care how powerful you are, Remy will make sure he is not alone." A grunt and he is helping Fence get his remaining limb up over his shoulders, "Doug, Loon, we go. No need you two being around the likes o him, not without Xavier knowin'. That girl… you take her someplace safe."
Lookit Remy, getting all head honcho with his protectiveness. The swamp rat is just doing what he thinks the rest of the X-Men would do. He wears the stripes might as well act the role.

"Uh, Remy… you sure…? I don't know if it's a good idea to let someone we don't know about go with Magneto. No offense, sir." The last line is directed to Magneto, but Doug shifts his attention back to Remy, before trying to get a feel for X-23's body language. She seems to have stopped by now, but… "I think we could help her, ourselves."

Magneto also knows Laura. A little. She was perfectly rational last time he saw her, so given the evidence he will blame the humans of the plane for her state. And Lunair… he says nothing. It is perhaps better the others do not know about her association with him. "No, I will take care of her. The police are coming and I won't allow her to end in the hands of the SRD."

That said, he flies away with the still restrained young woman. Not far, but out of sight, so he can sneak Laura into one of the Brotherhood hideouts and find out what happened.
Domino pages: I'm guessing that we'll have to try for another day? Dang, maybe I should have asked to get involved with the M-Town stuff. *smiles*
"She ain't exactly safe. Calm now or no… I got to get Fence here back to his place or he gonna be in it bad. I really don't want to hear bout some of Xavier's people gettin' diced up like…" He glares at Magneto and begins to haul Fence away.
"I'll hurry back. Don't do nothin' Remy would do."

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