Devils and Monsters

February 4th, 2015: After X-23 rampage through Mutant Town, she recovers her mind and faces Magneto

Somewhere in New York

Dusty apartment, New York



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The old hideouts the Brotherhood still has in New York are not really equipped to hold a crazed mutant teen with adamantium claws. So Magneto’s plan was to sedate Laura and then take her to a safer, more remote location. This plan failed because Laura is pretty much immune to normal sedatives. Magnus has some experience with regenerative mutants, but nothing in Mutant Town able to knock her out short of electrocuting her until she faints. Not usually a good idea, even with a regenerator.
But fortunately it has been fifteen minutes since the trigger scent was deployed, and her body had time to purge it from her system.

It takes as much as a shower or a good wash to remove the scent… Or removal from the effected people and area. The writhing and fits ceased after 10 minutes, her breathing going from that of a crazed beast and irratic to calmer, shallower… Trying to find her mind, the right one.
The adamantium claws drew back into her hands, the puncture wounds seal in the matter of a second as if it never even existed, those red bloodshot eyes and pindot pupils normalizing as she hangs suspended, the flight whipping dark strands across her face, the cold in the air unaffecting her apparently, but the exposed skin shuddered with withdrawals as the chemical triggers effects leave her as well as that rush of adrenaline, that piercing gaze staring directly at Magneto and then down - back up. Her words a hoarse gravelly sound in a dry throat.
"Put me down."

Magneto brought Laura to the topmost floor of an apartment building at the edge of Mutant Town. There is an apartment that has been unused for years; it belongs to a ghost company operating from the Cayman Islands. Nowadays the place only keeps a few pieces of furniture and outdated electronics, and Magneto is quite used it has been unused since the Brotherhood split years ago. None of the Brotherhood’s members that knew about it are in America anymore. He picked it because it is well-insulated.
Magneto, still uniformed, is listening to police bands and news reports using built-in electronics in his armor. He is quite sure agencies like SHIELD could track him here if they get involved, he used too much power, so he shouldn’t stay for long. Still, it would be better to wait until night has fallen.
Laura speaking coherently surprises him a little, and he turns to look at the young woman. "That, young lady, doesn’t seem a wise course of action considering what you have done," he replies.

X looks at him, it's almost like she does not know what happened, what he is speaking of, her glare incredulous until she looks down at her hands and attire, the blood splatter across them as if she had been working on an oil painting and went 'artistically' nuts.
In a way she did.
There is no art in a bloody massacre only kept from being deaths due to others. She looks then at the haggard ends of her hair, stuck together with the dried blood, turning her head to sniff and then it all comes in at once…
X doesn’t have anything to say, nothing to defend, but if you know what to look for, and look close she starts to close down, no longer looking at Magneto and if she had the ability she likely would have recoiled.

Magneto studies the girl for a minute, trying to read in her face what might be going on in her head. It is not as easy as it should be; the blood-stained mutant woman seems strangely inexpressive.
Then, the bands of iron holding her snap open, the metal falling to the floor with clanking sound. "What happened to you the past two months? You vanished from our radar quite suddenly."

When the bands drop away from her she moves slowly, the bands having has no effect on her aside from earning an equally empty stare that has her pulling back and away from them like they were a danger not to move too fast in the face of. But it was not the metal cuffs, it was /him/.
Those mossy eyes turn upward towards him after several moments of long silence, the vined tendrils of black hair hanging over her profile lamely in a feeble attempt to shield her from his direct gaze, though it does not cow her. She is just -there-. Nothing more, nothing less.
For several moments his question goes unanswered while booted feet drag across the wood and tuck in against her, the more time passes the more her senses come to her. "How many did they make me kill?"

Magneto folds his arms. "That remains to be seen," he says. "A few civilians were very badly injured, but there was a woman able to provide immediate medical attention, they might still survive."
Magneto stays unmoving, his pale blue eyes watching every move of the brunette girl. He needs to know what has happened, there are too many variables and some are quite dangerous. "Sit, and think. I need to know. Can this happen again?"

X slid one hand up the wall she had come to stay against keeping solidarity at her back. Fingers brushed over it like the blind reading over braille… Fingers then hooking into indents and aiding in pulling her up while keeping her against that surface for support and a backing she felt she has lost. It's a creepy motion, and coming from the blood stained woman it almost appears out of a horror movie awaiting the jerky possessed motions.
None come, just a slow affirming nod as her hand balls into a fist at her side. "It has, and can. Do not take this as your affirmation to cage me." A warning, one the woman is brazen enough to give with that slow extraction of those duo claws slowly pressing from her fisted hand, not a sound made. "I don't do it of my will."
As X speaks she does not look at him, and that other hand stays pressed against the wall… She is listening… Waiting.

"No?" Some irritation filters into Magneto’s cool voice. "Then I need some explanations. Why did you go in this murderous spree? Who was in the airplane that dropped you over mutant town?" A plane he needs to track down. Airplanes are very expensive and he is quite sure there is a paper trail he can follow, but it would be better if he does it quickly.

X just shakes her head a Magneto, a slow motion that is only shown by the wavering of matted hair. The there's that flash of her eyes, in all their normalcy. If you can call the emptiness mingled with sorrow normal. Though it stayed out of her voice.
"The Facility. You ask too much." For something that can be answered in two words, and she gives him that much, but any more he is going to have to ask under different circumstances. "And who /exactly/ are you?" Yes, she had met him before, albeit briefly and under different circumstances, but not ones that delve too deep.

"You know who I am," replies Magneto. "I brought you here to prevent you from being caught by the SRD." And to make sure he was the first to know who was behind the attack. ‘The Facility’ he recognizes as a criminal organization that sells biological weapons and occasionally super-power treatments to other criminal or clandestine groups. It makes no sense for them to drop a crazed mutant on Mutant Town.
"I don’t believe I am asking too much," he adds. "I am trying to protect the people of Mutant Town, and also protect you. Would you prefer to be in prison?"

"No." X says as she remains watching him. "Everyone knows who /you/ are." But there it is, there's a spark in her eyes, an intelligence comparable to that of an animal, beyond the surface and whats can be believed. "I asked /who/ you are. Not what people think or see."
Stepping away from the wall X straightens and closes some distance between them, enough to stare up at him and be in arms reach, perhaps a daring motion in her doll-like stance before the much more massive man, an abused figment covered in anothers creation at her hands.
"Is it easy to answer?" Her head lowers a bit, looking down to the hand that bears the duet of claws, unfurling fingers and retracting them. "A devil offering a hand to a monster." Her voice goes numb again, lacking of anything at the mention of emprisonment. "Is that safer then anywhere else for everyone?"

"You… seem too young to be a monster," replies Magneto, his commanding voice losing some edge. "As for me. What I could say right now matters little. However, I need to know if I can let you go free and why so many mutants are in the hospital. This means you have to tell me what happened. As soon as possible." It dawns to him Laura might be in shock, her reactions are unusual. "Sit down, and tell me," brief pause, "please," he adds.

"Age means nothing. Actions." X says as she remains looking down at her hands, not up and at him, that large shadow that easily covers her and her own. There are times when you feel bigger them mountains, and times right now when she wants to forget, wash the blood off her hands and find it really is paint and not her doing. To do that she has to be allowed to let go.
/They/ won't let her, and apparently neither will /he/.
She does not sit, even as she can hear his attempt to be patient with her, she would leave if she could, but she knows he can stop her, she has learned that twice now and the trapped feeling does her no good in easing tension. "What do you want? What do you want to know? How much will you push until you'll let me go?"

Only the young think age means nothing. And Magneto is much older than he looks. He shakes his head at the young woman’s words. "Your actions today contradicted your attitude last time we talked. But it might be I do not know you at all." He reaches for her wrist. "Adamantium blades. Worth a fortune. Obviously, someone didn’t think you were too young. The Facility? And even so, they were willing to abandon you today. Why? Who give you these? Why were you acting like a rabid animal not an hour ago?"

"You don't know me." X responds and when he reaches for her wrist she jerks it away, the wrist turning, straightening as the blades flick free, a fresh flow of blood running along the amanatium sheen to dangle a single bead off the edge. Her keen gaze now upon him, chin uptilted to accomodate.
"Ask them. I won't play along any more… But they can make me…" Her voice fades. "When I refuse."
"It's a scent." X is only answering what she wants to and as deeply as she wants to, there are some demons best left in the closet, and she is looking back down at her hands, the blades. "I told you why." Monster.

Magneto hrms. A scent. The chemical release from the plane, perhaps. Maybe there is still time to get a sample. No. The SRD will be all over this. They might even be involved in the attack.
"Then you need to stay hidden for a time, until I find them," decides Magneto. "Whoever used you to attack Mutant Town will respond to me. You can stay here for a few days. I will have food brought to you this evening. Then… I could send you overseas, but I will offer you other options. You have my word you will be safe here."

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