Flipping the Bird

February 04, 2015: The Birdwatcher and Oracle have a face to face rendezvous. There is violence as seems to be par for the course with those of the Bat-clan. The Fox offers a helping paw. (Emits by Batman)

Otisburg - Gotham

Otisburg was originally three separate locations but after the 09' earthquake
restructure it's grown in size and those residential, commercial and
industrial burroughs have all become a part of Otisburg. The Otisburg section
of Gotham City stretches Burnley and it's Bay Side harbors overlooking the
Gotham River and Arkham Asylum up northwards where it flows in to Newtown,
the Scituate, Bryanttown, Grant's sporting district, West Village and
Amusement Mile of North Point.

From residential, industrial, entertainment and commercial Otisburg is a hub
of activity with it's lionshare of opportunities to be had.

The direct portion of Otisburg is actually called Bryanttown and is dominated
by heavy industry and chemical factories. Ace Chemicals, Wayne Chemicals and
Brant Chemicals all host sizable complexes here that run off along Sprang
River through a very high-tech set up of water filtration systems. It is in
Otisburg that one can find the easiest access pints to the very complex
underground waterways and sewage tunnels of Gotham City.



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The 'Birdwatcher' has for several weeks now been making his presence in Gotham known bit by bit. His torments extend to small pranks to the more grand.
The man himself or what can be presumed to be the man stands in a sparsely populated car lot just off of Rembrandt Way near the Grant exit where-in lies the Gotham Stadium and Technological Institute (Birdwatcher is visible as a silhouette in the lot).
It's a lightly trafficked location right now considering the snowstorm Gotham is in the grip of. Oracle was told to come alone. Whether she abides by that or not is on her. The Birdwatcher looks to be alone, however. Which everyone knows is not always the case.

With The Foxs communication blocked, Oracle has resorted to getting messages to him through real people and when this meet was arranged, she's rigged up a new communicator on a completely new set of frequencies, that she hasn't used previously. Backup in case her comms systems were compromised, just like this. The communicator was delivered to Lost Arts within the last few hours, via courier, the message inside had a location and time. The Fox will be there and his communicator unassailable for a time. After all, you can only hack what you know about.

Oracle herself, has misgivings about meeting in person… Robin and Nightwing were right about that. But, only a few know her identity, so she'll use that to her advantage.

There is a car in the car lot, not far from the person in silhouette and in the backseat, a woman. Her hair and face disguised by a high quality silk scarf, dark sunglasses hiding her eyes. At the appointed time, the window descends and the Birdwatcher receives an alert to look for the car. The woman, it seems, will not get out.

The figure in the parking lot turns to tap on a tablet, pounding it on it's side in a fashion that isn't exactly advisable for expensive equipment. Hooded parka obscures the body beyond the individual may be thin or at beast lean, tattered pants are visible above the large snowboats. Once the 'Birdwatcher' turns and moves towards the car a mask can be seen, a mask that covers the face and is stylized as a bird with a long hooked beak.
"I found Carmen Sandiego." A jab and an avian like tip of the head. "or do you go by Oracle?"

"You can call me Carmen if you like" The woman speaks quietly through the window, making sure she's looking straight at 'Birdwatcher'. His treatment of his tablet has her eyebrows raising "That's no way" a slight incline of her head towards said tablet "to treat an expensive electronic instrument. I take it you go by Birdwatcher?"

"The voice modulator did you no service. You are refreshingly not an obese middle aged man living in his mom's basement." The tablet is held up and then powered on, "I do, but you can call me whatever you like. Your Guardian Angel even." A fingertappity tap on the side of his tablet, "Fish people have become a problem." As if explaining why he is beating up that particular piece of tech.

Kane is in the area. He doesn't think the comm will work, not with the Birdwatcher's rather adept ability to hack tech (everything he was near for three days) and not with the storm now swirling over Gotham. It's annoying to be sure but the fact that he left his phone at the shop means just one less thing to carry. He's not in costume (it's daytime) but he's got a mask handy if it comes down to it. And he's constantly reminded these days not to go out unarmed. So there's that too.

Having received word by courier the young man is observing from loading dock not too far away. He had been making a delivery. Well, samples. A cold call. It's a good reason to be in the area anyway. Dipping into a pouch he pulls out a charm made of bird down and whispers over it. It disintegrates into dust and he lets it dissipate in the air. He murmurs softly and somehow, Babs hears him, his voice carried on the wind to her ears. "Nice admirer you have there."

"I suppose they are" The woman shrugs slightly and nods to the tablet "But punishing the tablet, won't help." Kane's voice in her ear, causes a slight twitch, unexpected as it is. "Why would I call you my Guardian Angel? You've caused enough problems these few days, that I hardly think you qualify for that."

"It's one of many. I am like a Ninja and it's a tool I can throw away when it's served it's purpose, you, being the do-gooder that you are, probably more of a Samurai. A reason I do so enjoy you heroic types." The bird mask turns to look out around them then he pulls the parka up higher, "Sadly, communications are completely down and I have absolutely no way of knowing if you're alone. It is making me a bit nervous. Even our short ranged are buggered." The man is now leaning on the car's top, peering that mask's eye slits towards the window and at Babs. It would seem he is unaware of Kane.

"So… where was I… it's distracting seeing you so close you know. I've followed your work for quite some time, I'm a professional like yourself but perhaps not so… polished? You have a certain finesse that is just fantastic. I was so fearful I'd developed a crush on another man too, do you know how many questions that brings to ones own mind? It's been a hell of a distraction. I even visited a bar in East End and thought hey, maybe I am in to dudes and had to test… " He stops, goes silent again then speaks, "I'm rambling. I do that when I am excited."

"Don't look at me." The neo druid whispers to Babs. "I'm about fifty yards to your left. I can see you both and hear you when you speak." Don't ask him to explain how, he's too busy making sure that nothing else happens. Also looking busy. Just staring at people draws attention. One has to be part of the background if one expects to blend. Hopefully he's blending.

As Kane speaks, the woman does go to look only just arresting the movement in time. "Would you minding stepping back, please." The woman speaks, still quietly "I … don't like people getting too close. And as you can see, I am alone here." Hopefully that will answer that question for him. "It's not unusual for men to think the only another man could be so good, I guess I should be flattered." Oracle isn't, of course. The woman in the car smiles slightly, encouraging the Birdwatcher to keep talking "A professional like me? What is it you think I do then?"

"Step back?" Birdwatcher cants his head the other direction then smoothly slides further away from the car, both hands in the air, "Touchy aren't we. I don't have any diseases, well, not that I know of." Another curious glance around and he taps his fingertips on the tablet again, drumming them. "Here I am, trying to help you out and you're getting awkward with me. It's heartbreaking. And you know exactly what it is you do… you deal in the most valuable resource in the world, information, data, intelligence. Like me."

From Kane's vantage he can see two motorcycles with riders draw up on the opposite side of the lot. It's a large one, the distance is enough the two speaking may not see it. The bikers are wearing helmets, their features unseen but they do have sub-machine guns slung about their necks. They appear to be talking to one another as they motion.

"I just happen to be a little more… lucrative minded."

Kane opens the trunk of his car and slips his mask into a coat pocket. The heavy coat he's wearing will serve for concealment otherwise. Best he can do. Inside the trunk, out of sight, is his crossbow, a set of bolts and a pair of tonfa. He thought about a sword (he really did) but much like the shotgun it seemed better not to drive around with those.

"Two bikers behind you. Armed."

"Do you blame me for being touchy?" The woman notes the drumming fingers and then Kane speaks. "Who are you waiting on?" a lift of her chin towards the tablet. She doesn't like his body language at all. "You'll have to forgive me, you say you're trying to help me, but then use the term lucrative." She's obviously not comfortable.

"Haha, well do I look like a threat!?" The Birdwatcher waves his hands out wide and turns in a circle. He doesn't visibly have any weapons and the only object outstanding on his person is the tablet in hand. Oracle can also tell by physique he is healthy but outstanding. Not a hardened body like someone who regularly exercises or trains towards lethality, then again, caution exercised does say he could be a metahuman or even a magi or any number of other things. "Oh, helping you is pro-boner. I mean bono. Haha!" The man apparently finds himself funny again. "You turned kinda cold, I almost thought we had a solid connection over the screens. Not in to girls are you?" He is leaning on the car again, apparently he is on the side of forgetful. He is definitely not getting to the point or the reason of meeting her face to face beyond hitting on her and making himself look spastic.

Both cyclists peel off in to different directions, around the car lot. Their bikes are silent, Oracle and Birdwatcher will not know they're incoming until it's too late (Oracle though already been tipped off by Fox).

Kane palms the mask and slips it on and grabs his gear. He can already hear the motorcycles in motion. Seems to be a pincer. Classic move. Which one they're after he doesn't know. Whether they're working with the Birdwatcher, he doesn't know. He does know that he has a fist full of crystal tipped concussive bolts. This should be interesting.

The bow tracks, leading smoothly and then the Fox lets fly, aiming for the base of the front wheel of the nearest biker. The blast sends the wheel skidding out of alignment and then the bike tips, rolling laterally. Hope the biker was wearing leathers.

Without a word the Fox releases one hand and grips another charm, this time sending out a blessing that causes Babs' skin to take on a rough pebbly texture. Bullet proof as regular body armor. It's not, perfect, well, no more perfect than actual military body armor, but it's a damn sight better than nothing.

One down.

The woman in the car has had enough, the question though is whether she lets him think he's a chance or should she just cut the flirting now. "Unfortunately, my time is limited" despite his continued approaches, she maintains the quiet tone. She does shiver slightly as her skin changes and thankfully she's wearing long sleeves and face is covered, Birdwatcher won't see the effect of the blessing.

"Let's get down to business. Apart from playing the part of the fan boy, why did you want to meet with me?" Obviously she's opted to ignore the flirting.

"Oh." Birdwatcher takes two more steps back as the sounds of a motorcycle crashing are actually now audible. "Guess they've caught up to me and I expected our first date to be much less rude." The sound of a cycle bouncing end over end has Birdwatcher tapping his chest, "That is the sound of my heart shattering. Don't you fret my dear, I'm sturdy and will take this as just more of your playing hard to get. Nothing is earned that is just handed over right?" He takes a few more steps back as gunshots sound out around him and actually ducks to throw his hands up above his head as if to ward off bullets, the shots are wild, scattered, one hits Babs but Kane's spell protects her. The rest riddle the cement.
"BMK I! BMK I, ask Batman about it! You'll thank me later!"
Birdwatcher takes off running only to find himself being gripped up by the 2nd biker. "Cocksuckers! Lemme go… fuck it…. until next time, dollface." He yells at Oracle the bike speeds up and as they pass by Kane… the Birdwatcher flips Kane… the bird.
Hacker and motorcyclist both tear down the road.

Kane sends another bolt down the street. It misses, drat the luck. Well, he's a better swordsman than marksman anyway. "So, I really do dislike your admirer there." Beat. "Get under cover. I'll check on the Biker for any clues and signs of life, then I'm gone too. I'll check in later. Assuming I'm not hacked." Beat. "Again."

"Ow" regardless of Kanes blessing the impact of the bullet still hurt and the back window closes. "Not nearly as much as I or your Oracle does, I'm sure" the woman in the car speaks to the air. "They'll be expecting you to check in. Thank you for your support out there, today"

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