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February 5, 2015: Supergirl may get upstaged, but Logan and Vorpal ain't kneelin'.


The Harbour



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It was a late night, the cool ocean breeze wafting the aroma of sea air through the harbour amidst the noise of ships coming and going. The glittering lights of Metropolis could be seen in the distance, blotting out the stars themselves with their luminosity; it truly was a place that could be called The City of Tomorrow.

Investigating rumours of 'Superman', Kara Zor-El had come to Metropolis to seek out answers from a man that everyone she met assumed she had some kind of relation to.

Her arrival and search for answers had been cut short when she was ambushed over the harbour area by a team of well-trained military forces, private operators that seemed to have no visible affiliation or markings.

Even though the terribly one-sided battle was winding down, it was sure to have drawn some kind of attention from other heroes or organizations whose purposes might be friendly or malevolent.

Staggering out of the dockside bar, Logan still carries his pint of beer. He took two steps forward, then lifted up the rest of the mug to drown its contents. He looked up, squinting at the horizon. He had consumed a lot of alcohol, enough to get even him drunk, but the effects would not last.

With impaired reflexes, he would swing the glass about, his movement taking towards a barrel that rested near a wall, which he used for support. When he picked up again, the glass was no longer in his hand, but had been left on the barrel.

His eye lids felt heavy. He reached up with one hand to run it through his beard, cupping his face and rubbing with his index finger and thumb at the stubble that grown since he last shaved. The salt air would help him sober up.

He breathed in, closed his eyes, and soaked up the atmosphere. Opening them again, he made his way to the railings, where he could look out over the harbour. And so there he watched as a pretty young blonde girl beat up a team of trained operatives. He squinted some more, focusing his eyes. "I must be drunk," he said to himself. He's got to be dreaming this up, but his head is clearing and he's almost fully sober again. The benefit of a regenerative healing factor. He can get drunk with enough alcohol, but it never lasts.

Bringing his index finger and thumb to his mouth, he gave a loud whistle, and reached for his head with his free hand. He gave himself a headache. "Hey Supergirl," she looks like Superman, and she's a girl, "you need a hand with that?"

The battle does, indeed, draw some attention. Reports of the battle make their way to the Titans' communication systems, and the person at the office in charge of tapping the nearest member finds that Vorpal is currently the closest to the area. 'Closest' being, of course, a relative term for someone who could tear holes in reality and caper through them. One such Rabbit Hole opens in the vicinity, not too far away from Logan, and out comes the aforementioned feline.

At first sight, Vorpal was the kind of hero you couldn't help but notice. To begin with, he's got purple fur with darker stripes. To the build of an athlete, add a shock of unruly red manelike hair, and your typical form-fitting outfit. He lands right on the railing on a crouch, balancing perfectly- he's a cat, after all.

"Alright, I see what's going on," he speaks into his comm, "I'll page you if I need backu- huh. It's Superg-KARA. KARA Zor El," he clarifies. He met Kara at the Titans/X-Men Mixer and the woman GLARED at him when he called her Supergirl.

He doesn't know that this is not the Kara he has met in the past, so he clearly makes sure not to say the 'S' word out loud. He's preparing to go into the fray and lend a hand when he notices the man to his far right.

Well… what would be the odds?

He didn't need to ask himself that question, really. As a manifestation of pure chaos magic, coincidences happened to him the same way that gas happened to other people. And they sometimes had similarly embarrassing results.

"Fancy meeting you here…" Vorpal says, with a smirk as he looks over at Logan.

General Zod had been on Earth for several months following his untimely escape from the Phantom Zone; establishing himself and adjusting to the new found powers that the yellow star's radiant light provided. The once powerful leader had an agenda, and it had been mostly out of his grasp until word of a female Kryptonian arriving on Earth reached his dwelling.

Lucky for Zod, Kara Zor-El decided to tango with some operatives, leading the megalomaniacal General to Metropolis.

Zod walked along the harbour, keeping to himself as he approached the group… The man just didn't seem to blend in well, with his pristine black suit considerably out of place amongst the average-dressed patrons that passed by.

Zod offers a wavering glance towards those presents, paying little mind to anyone but the perfect female Kryptonian specimen and her handiwork, "Not bad… not bad." A sly smirk slides across his narrowed features, "You will do perfect…" It's bad enough that the comment is already creepy, but the way that he mostly said it to himself might add to the awkward levels.

The offer of help from Logan startles Kara for a brief moment, but at least she understood what he was saying. The young woman's hair whips around her face as she turns to look at Logan; the stench of booze assailing her heightened sense. That drunk wanted to help her?

She stifled a laugh , "I think this might be a little out of your league old timer, you should head back to the bar—-"

She stopped mid-speech to catch a bullet aimed at her, tossing it aside, "Seriously, thanks though. I think I'll be fine…" She stops speaking again for a moment when Vorpal arrives, she desperately wanted to pick up the talking kitty and squeeze him, "That's adorable!"

Only a handful of the military operatives were still alive, easy prey for Vorpal and Logan (Or even Zod?) if they wished to take them down.

Still feeling the after-effects of the alcohol, Logan opens his mouth wide, moves his lower jaw to the left, then the right. There's a noticeable snap as he stretches. Then his arms come up, rotating around in a wide circle. Whatever he had been up to in the Harbour Pub, he looked the worse for wear.

"Vorpal, right?" he says in recognition. He remembers the scent, but he's not sure if he put the right name to the face and scent. Once, he mistakenly called Darkhawk as Darkwing, or was that the other way round? Either way, it did not go over well. Not well at all.

When the man in black arrives, Logan gives him a once over. He doesn't smell human. The girl doesn't either. But at least she seems to be a heroine, looking like Superman, and fighting those operatives.

"Old timer?" He replied. Sure it was true, he was a century older than Supergirl, but he still didn't like the insinuation. It was fact, but she didn't have to go reminding everyone about it. Leaving her to take care of the rest of the operatives, he instead focuses his attention on the newcomer.

"Well, well, well, if it ain't the man in black?" He'll walk right into the path of Zod, putting himself between the two Kryptonians. If Zod wants to get to Kara, he'll have to go around Logan, or through him. He smiles sarcastically, "I'm far from perfect, but thanks fer the compliment. Now, what can we do fer you?" Just something about him, his arrogance, Zod just seemed to rub Logan the wrong way. This should be interesting.

"Vorpal's correct, Loga-" The Cheshire cat blinks as the Man in Black and Logan seem to have the beginnings of an altercation. The man is dressed all in black, with a rather distinctive suit. "… um… Logan, I am a little lacking on information here - why are you threatening Johnny Cash?"

He looks over his shoulder. Kara does seem to have things well in hand. However, it would be bad form not to put in his share of effort. He snaps his fingers and - a rain of purple, glowing anvils with ACME written on the side begins to fall towards the soldiers. They are mini-anvils, so they are likely to cause a lot of injury, but wouldn't kill. Titans don't kill… unless there is no other way around it.

~Wait, I'm adorable?… Kara doesn't say adorable. Is she being mind-controlled?~

Kara was still having some trouble with the differences in her Kryptonian to English dictionary, clearly she wasn't calling a 5'6" catman adorable; only a kitty cat could be such. Whatever she really meant, would likely remain some kind of mystery, better to leave it that way.

Vorpal is able to handily deal with the last of the operatives, strangely enough though after the fight has ended there are no bodies to be found or any sign of the enemies that they had just faced.

As Kara looks between Logan, Zod. and Vorpal. she mutters under her breath in Kryptonian, "Apparently, Rao thinks I do not have enough to deal with on this strange planet."

It was kind of like a nat buzzing around the face of a lion. It took almost all of Logan's speech to finally catch Zod's attention, as if he was totally ignoring the man. It takes all of Zod's willpower to not toss the man into space as he stops his approach. With a sigh and a roll of his eyes, Dru-Zod retorts sharply, "You can be silent, you blithering oaf. I have no interest in you.." Without attacking Logan, the General sidesteps and attempts to move around, "Did I hear your furry friend correctly? Kara Zor-El? Well…" He offers a charming smile, "I never thought I'd live to see another Kryptonian. I am Dru, one of the few surviving members of our once illustrious planet." Logan's assumptions were correct about this man, he was not trust-worthy, but he did manage to put on a good front.

While staring a guy down, it never looks good to take your attention off of him, so Logan doesn't immediately reply to Vorpal's question. He's gotta focus his eyes, his ears, and his nose on the blackened Kryptonian. Zod's taller than him, bigger too, but that's never stopped Logan. He just sees it as a challenge.

And while his ears are focused on Zod, he hears a foreign tongue. He's not even sure where to begin with that one, but he is a polyglot, let him hear enough of it, and he'll start to pick it up. He was good with languages, very good.

Okay, so Zod doesn't do anything but name calling. He's heard worse, but not bad for a first effort. Logan will allow Zod to walk around him, curious how this might play out. He knows Vorpal, a little bit, and he knows Superman, who wears a similar costume to the girl, but he's an observer here… for now. A very keen observer.

Finally answering Vorpal, he whispers, "there's somethin' off about this guy. I don't trust him." Sometimes Logan operated on instinct and they rarely led him astray. For now, he'd go back to his spot on the railing, just watching, listening, and quietly asking Vorpal, "how're the Titans doin' these days? You folks ever get a new home?"

Vorpal is not weird-ed out by vanishing bodies. A few months ago, he was being pursued by antediluvian Druids who wanted to split his soul in twain and release the Cait Sidhe by cleaving magical glass swords through his chest, something that required a trip to Faerie and several fights with strange things to fix. He's seen his share of weird.

But he trusts Logan's instincts - that mission in Greenland was enough for Vorpal to observe that if Logan felt something, then it should be taken into notice.

Therefore he keeps his eyes on the man in black, and answers Logan. "We're doing fine… yeah, we finally got a place. It's secret, though, so it doesn't get blown up again. But we are opening a public office soon so people can contact us and find us…"

His mouth is saying yakyakyak, but his eyes are saying 'I've got my eye on you.' If he were Bette Midler, they would probably say 'I've put a spell on you!' but unfortunately…

A step is taken back from everyone by Kara. She had been too busy with the fighting to notice Vorpal report her name back to anyone, but apparently Zod had plenty of time to focus in and hear it.

"My furry friend? You know, I'm really getting sick and tired of everyone acting like they know me." Her blue eyed gaze travels to Vorpal and she thinks back to the strange manner of travel he had used to arrive, "How do you know me?" She gestures to Zod, "Is this Jonny Cash -" She corrects herself, "Dru. Also a friend of yours?"

Of course, a part of her is happy to hear that Zod might be a Kryptonian like her but she wasn't stupid; this man was hardly someone to be trusted.

"Perhaps it is wise to not trust me, as obviously none of you do… I will not lie and say I am perfect, but I will say that not trusting me ended in billions of Kryptonian's losing their life…" Zod shifts his weight, leaning on his right leg while taking a deep breath, reminiscing about the Kryptonian Sea. "Your father saved my life when I was a boy. I never got the chance to repay him." Shrugging, Zod takes a step back from the girl, shifting to his native Kryptonian tongue, "I will be seeing you around, daughter of Zor-El."

With a nod towards the others, General Zod bends his knees then pushes off the ground, rocketing upwards into the cool night hair; splintering the concrete beneath him like a piece of porcelain.

Logan has good ears, but not the best memory. He tries to file away that the Man in Black, codenamed Johnny Cash, is really Dru, no last name given. The girl is Kara Zor-El, codenamed Supergirl for now, and the Cheshire Cat was Vorpal, whom he had met previously and successfully remembered the name of.

When your memory is as screwed up as Logan's, little details like that are celebrated. "Glad to hear it, Vorpal. I never much liked the idea of costumes, secret identities, or publicly known headquarters. Why make yerself a target? Really, all you need is a web page and yer set for public contacts." Wow, next thing you know Logan's going to have a smart phone.

Dru seems to welcome the mistrust he engenders. That's a good thing. Though part of Logan, a very small part, wonders if he might be giving the guy a hard time? It was rare that he ignored his instincts, but for now, he'd cut the guy some slack. Okay, maybe not too much slack.

"I know English ain't yer first language, bub," the girl spoke Kryptonian, or whatever the hell they call that language, and he seemed to smell similar to her, similar as in they're probably of the same species. "But I think you meant billions of lives. That's what we humans like to call a Freudian slip. You said life 'cause all you really care about is yourself."

Yep, he's that much of an asshole. And he had the gall to call attention to Zod's misuse of the English language while slaughtering it with his own statement. With the appearance of not one, but two Kryptonians, it looks like Metropolis just got a whole lot more interesting. He might just have to spend more time in the Diamond State.

Vorpal has no talent for languages - in high school, he drove poor miss Desjardins to distraction (and probably drink) with his singular incompetence at mastering the renowned romantic language of French, even such elementary things as 'Je n'ai pas la plume de ma tante' sometimes became twisted by his ineptitude into something that clearly ALMOST completely resembled the chants required to bring Mo-Demm, the Dark God of Bad Communication, into our material plane through the warping of reality. It's a good thing for all of us, then, that his linguistic incompetence also screwed that up. The young man is a saviour of the universe and nobody, sadly, knows it.

Then again, it is rather pointless to claim the title of saviour if the threat that you are saving the universe from is yourself.

The point of this ridiculous tangent is, however, to simply explain why Vorpal does not pick on Johnny Zod Cash's misuse of the language: he's been there. Occasionally he has owned time shares there.

"Well… I never had a secret identity to begin with, since I'm… you know, bright and purple, and I am dating a guy who is green and turns into green animals. Can't hi -"

Kara asks her question, and the Cheshire furrows his brows. "Kara Zor-El, have you forgotten me already? You were besties with Zatanna, we met officially at the X-Men slash Titans mixer? Where you glared at me and told me that if I called you Supergirl you would slap me silly?" he looks at her, puzzled. Yes, he said 'slash' out loud.

Disclaimer: This MU* does not condone Titan/X-Men slash ideas generated from poorly-framed sentences. Blame Vorpal for that.

Kara had prepared long and hard for her trials, the ceremonies that would mark her ascent into adulthood among Kryptonians. Was this whole thing some kind of simulation? She had never heard of the Trials being like this, but then again; nobody ever spoke of what the trials truly entailed.

She banished the thoughts of denial from her own mind, realizing that this was reality; the reality she was forced to live in.

"My name is Kara Zor-El. Everyone keeps calling me Supergirl and I /hate/ it. I don't know who the X-Men or The Titans are and I'm not sure why people keep trying to kill me. Aside from the pair of you…"

A faint smile is offered to Logan and Vorpal, "… nobody has tried to help me at all. To use an expression I heard, this place has been nothing but a big bucket of suck since I got here."

She inhaled deeply of the sea air, it tasted unlike anything on Krypton. The young woman looking lost for a woman as she wrapped her arms around herself staring at the sea, looking in the direction of the departing Zod.

Why do people always come out to Logan? Is that like a thing? He hardly ever gives out his secret identity, not that he really pays it any mind. But Dru has powers, Kara Zor-El has powers, Vorpal has… okay, so his is pretty obvious, but Zatanna, the Titans, dating a green guy who turns into green animals? That's got to be Changeling.

Someone really ought to teach these kids the value of a secret identity and that old phrase, loose lips, sink ships. It was sound advice then and it's sound advice now. He hasn't given away any of his powers. For all they know, he's just some drunken asshole who likes the sound of his own voice. Okay, so that might not be too far from the truth, but still.

Moving over to Supergirl, and giving a subtle hand gesture for Vorpal to tag along, he says, "Kara Zor-El, my name is Logan, and my feline companion here is called Vorpal. We, or I, called you Supergirl because of yer outfit. It looks a lot like someone who fancies himself the last son of Krypton. Between you and the guy with the Johnny Cash fetish, I figure he got that one wrong."

"I don't know what to say about the disappearing guys, but if you need help, Vorpal or I can and will. It's up to you. We're both sort of… used to helping out folks with special circumstances, though fer different groups." He then offers his hand to her in greeting. For someone who was recently drunk, and still smells of alcohol, he's remarkably coherent and seemingly entirely sober.

While Keith could lead a secret life by simply transforming into his human self… the fact would remain that his boyfriend did not have the option to transform into something innocuous, he would forever be That Green Guy Who Was On Space Trek And Is A Superhero. If he wanted a life with Garfield, a secret identity really didn't make much sense - they lived together and were openly a couple. They were also team-mates in the same team. If someone wanted to target Keith O'Neil because Gar Logan dated him, it would be no different than if they simply decided to attack Gar directly… because, human or Cheshire, Keith would be in the middle of it.

Besides, when your boyfriend was a millionaire, some things became a little easier.

"Hold the phone," Vorpal says after Kara and Logan speak. "You don't remember meeting me? Or anything. Hmmm…" he gives the young woman a look. Her demeanour is so different… not as… well, pointy and spiky. Not so full of vinegar and piss.

"Okay… well, I don't want to confuse you here, but this means you either have lost your memories to some accident… but that doesn't quite gel. Your personality isn't the same as the Kara I met… she was more. She was angry."

He scratches his chin, claw drawing along purple fur. "Mister Logan is correct, we would be more than glad to help. You know… recently I encountered someone who claimed to be one of our old team members in the Titans. Except that he wasn't… not the guy we remembered. Physically and age-wise he was completely different, yet he had the memories… I have this good friend of mine, Booster Gold, who explained to me something relating to parallel dimensions and timelines and how there's multiple versions of us all over them doing all sorts of things. And we guess that what happened is that our old friend somehow ended up getting swapped by another version of our old friend."

A pause. "Maybe this is what happened here, too. There was a Kara Zor-El… but you are clearly not her. Nevertheless you are Kara Zor-El. Confusing? Well, Cheshire cats confuse everybody. But we do have people who can help. The X-Men or the Titans would be more than happy to provide you with a place for shelter, to gather your thoughts, and they both have resources to find out what exactly happened to you. Or at least get close enough to the truth. Right?" This last is to Logan.

And one last pause, and then, "What's Krypton? Is that somewhere in Missouri?" Vorpal hasn't frequented the circles Superman runs (flies) in. He's not heard about his origin story.

It's a lot for Kara to take in after the things she had been through, but even on Krypton the Science Council had known of the possibility of parallel and alternate dimensions; despite being a genius in comparison to most people it still hurt her brain to try and wrap her head around the idea.

"It might be nice to catch a break for once if you want to help, I won't turn it down."

At the question of what Krypton is, she points up in the night sky, her vision penetrating the smog and cloud layers, "That's Krypton." If either of them could see, she was pointing towards a distant star, "It was the most beautiful world you could imagine. I was normal there y'know? I had a life. Friends. Family. It's all gone now. Krypton is gone."

Being able to see was nice, but Logan really didn't know what he was looking at. One area of the sky pretty much looks like every other. The only ones that really meant a damn to him were the ones he could navigate by. Still, he did look where Kara pointed, and tried to make a mental note. Who knows, it might come in handy someday.

He was in complete agreement with Vorpal. He'd offered his assistance, and the assistance of his friends. Vorpal presented another option. Both of them would work well enough, and each had their advantages. Vorpal seemed to know more about Supergirl, but the Xavier Institute was far better equipped to handle people learning about Earth, about themselves, and their powers. She couldn't really go wrong. But she would have to choose one of them, or neither.

He's a little disappointed when she doesn't accept the handshake, but then she may not have understood it. When she begins to talk about the pain and the loss, that's something that Logan knows all too well.

Moving close enough to place an arm on her shoulder in what he hopes to be a comforting manner, Logan says, "I know about loss. I've lost every which way you can think of. The pain, it's never gonna go away, but it will get better. It just takes time. Buildin' a new life, it ain't easy. But it can be done. Kara, the way I see it, you got two good offers on the table. You can go with Vorpal. He seems to know… the other you."

With a sight and a pause, "look, I don't know that science stuff, but I know people who do. I work at a school for Gifted Youngsters. If you want, I could take you there. If not, it sounds like the Titans would welcome you with open arms. And if those two options don't suit you, there's plenty out there, like that Superman. You could go lookin' fer him? It's all up to you?"

Kara totally didn't catch the significance of the handshake, in time she would figure out the nuances of Earth customs; hopefully. Neither offer was bad, "I'm actually here because I am looking for Superman. It just seems like Vorpal and The Titans have some connection to me." She sounds confused as she tries to make sense of it all.

"It was nice to meet you though Logan."

Vorpal has been gaining more control of the Rabbit Hole powers. Ever since he tried that trip from Orlando to New York with Gar, he's finding it easier to bend distances. Going to the castle or to the school would be feasible either way-

A school. A place that is geared towards making new people feel comfortable…

"Hm, perhaps you should visit the school after seeing us. You can take a breather at our place, and when you're settled we can have a group meeting so we can get to the bottom of it, at your own time… here."

He digs into his uniform and produces a card, which he hands to Logan

"This is the address for the Titans' castle. It's a secret location, to be known only to the Titans' allies. That includes the X-Men, of course," Keith says, "And their associates. I'll take Kara over and will give you a ring through Bobby or Roberto to let you know when she feels ready to talk to us."

To Kara, he grins, "There's several free rooms at the castle," did he say castle? Yes, he did say castle, the Titans have a castle! "So you can rest there and collect your thoughts. No rush. I'm making dinner tonight for the team, so I'll make it something special. You'll get to meet most of the team tonight, unless they're out on patrol. Anyways… Logan, it's good to see you again, I'll send you word."

The Rabbit Hole opens and he gestures, "Alright, all aboard the Vorpal express!"

Dear Titans and Titanetttes:

Some of you may remember Kara Zor-El? She and Zatanna were besties? Well, something has happened. I met KZL and she does NOT remember anyone, or most of this place. At first I thought this was amnesia , but her personality is also VERY different. I may be premature in this, but this reeks a little of that Timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly paralell dimension thing that Booster told us about, and not too dissimilar to what happened with Kid Flash.

Kara is disoriented, confused, and she is still mourning the loss of her home-world (yes, she's from another planet). For the time being, she will be staying with us at the castle. Feel free to speak to her and engage her in conversation and make her feel welcome at our home.

After finding someone who would explain to Logan how you leave important information, he'll leave a video message. He's sitting on a stool, blue jeans and a white muscle shirt. His biceps look amazing in that shirt. It's got to be the angle. It almost looks like they're wider than the waists of most of the female faculty. He begins to speak.

"… thing on? Okay, I was down in Metropolis last night and ran into two Kryptonians. One of them's a big fella, gotta be six and a half feet tall, and almost as wide. He dressed in black, just black, and looked like some nightmarish Johnny Cash. Called himself Drew, seems like a born liar. I trust him even less than I could throw him. He flew off before the fun really began."

He shifts in his stool, looking at someone off camera, though it doesn't seem to pick up what they're saying. "Yeah, yeah, I got it. The other one's Supergirl. I got her real name too, not sure if I should say it here. A Titan was there too, seemed to know her. But she didn't know him. Don't know if she's got amnesia or whatever. But he seemed to think her personality was somehow different. Talked about dimensions or some sci-fi crap like that."

Clearly, Logan doesn't believe in that, or have a clue what he's talking about there. "She took off with him, to their castle. Yeah, they got a castle now. Said he'd send her over to us later, since he seemed to think I was an X-Man, whatever the hell that means, and that we could help."

"So, you now you know what I know. Oh, and could somebody please tell me what the hell is going on?" After that, he got up off the stool and someone else seems to have turned off the recording.

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