20150206-Passive Aggressive Villainy

Wednesday, December 31st 2015>: A man wants REVENGE! on Tony Stark and all that is Stark Industries! He's… just … not doing too well at it.

Rebuilding/Rebuilt Stark Place

It's huge! And it has Tony Stark! But it was being repaired at the time.



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Another day another minor crisis at Stark Industries.

The real question of the evening is, why is it snowing. Light flurries were not predicted until Saturday. Also why is this not a flurry but rather a good deal more. It probably has to do with the microclimate of very cold weather centered on the building. Further analysis probably points to the guy in futuristic white armor with a large cannon on one arm. Though in this case it isn't firing repulsors. No sir. The man in the suit is coating the front of Starks building with sheets of Ice now. "Come out STARK!" of course Tony isn't here right now, timing is everything in the villain business.

Lunair loves her grandfather. He's the closest family she has. And discovering HYDRA might've had a hand in why you are who you are? More than a little unnerving. It's unraveling the threads of her identity, her memories, worrying her. They created - naah. Lunair is trying not to think about it. There's HYDRA watching out for to do, there's house hunting with grandpa, classes and considering a career. Does she want to be a government hit man or…?

"Well, do you want something more like a house or an apartment? Also, you can drive since I doubt you want to ride around on my scooter," She smiles wryly to Lucky. But then, is - there a guy icing the front of a building? "Ummm…"

Blizzard in his fancy white armor and his cold canon is pretty darn focused. He ices a swath down the front of the building and then creates a thick sheet over the front doors. Sealing everyone inside still at this hour inside. "Stark! Come out you Coward!" its amplified by the suit. Poor Dr. Shapanka, recently fired research scientist who was trying to steal Stark Industries technology. Of course this suit is a good sign he definitely stole some Stark Industries technology of course.

Zipping along the Mahattan skyline on her way back from her own day in Metropolis is Nyx. Her hoodie and the back of her shirt are pretty much disinigrated. Of course this is not for once a villains direct fault, no the clothes are destroyed she has a pair of blazing white energy construct wings out the middle of her back. They aren't flapping their are more energy construct representations of the sheer amount of energy she is expending to fly. With Style! Flying into a sudden snow storm means two things though to the girl, either her best friend is doing something really wierd down below, or there is trouble. She tilts the wings and dives down.

Jason's got his hands tightly held onto a rather plain looking black briefcase held to his side for most of the day after the more recent incidents. "Not really s-" Is all he gets out before someone starts making demands, his step speeding up a bit as he moves for the front doors of the tower.

"Hey Frozone, we're closed." Being called out menacingly as it can be as Jason slides his finger just enough for the scanner to pick up his print and expand the briefcase into what is rather plain to see a large gun out of some sort of B movie set in the 50's vision of the bright future. With needless coils and an extra barrel expanding out to roughly twice the size of the case itself.

It's the end of another week. With the work in Metropolis finally starting to wind down a bit, Pepper's got enough time left in her day to check in on the ongoing repairs to Stark Tower. Of course, things never pan out the way they should.

As the car conveying the Stark Industries CEO pulls to a stop in front of the Tower, Pepper can't help but notice that weather here is more… weathery than just one block back. That's worrisome. She gets out of the car anyway and shades her eyes while looking up. "… that's not good."

Lunair likes to hang out with Lucky/Jason! She just - really doesn't show emotion very well. Her default resting face seems to be a neutral, blank and expressionless one with an alternately attentive or distant stare. Housechat immediately stops. "That is the most passive-aggressive revenge since Post-It Man I have ever seen," Lunair remarks, her expression now uncertain. She pauses. "There's um, someone coming." A motion to Pepper.

Okay, fightytimes now. Lunair is soon be-armored. "I don't know if you want armor?" She asks. But for her part, she is going to pull a heat ray and follow Jason, trying to aim at some of the ice. She's going to melt ice! And also maybe bother the ice armor guy.

Pepper Potts looks from the snow-flinging man on the tower (and she is SO glad it's snow and not something else), then she looks over at Jason and the young woman with the scooter and … oh. Armor. Wow. "Jason? What's going on here?"

One more heavy blast of Ice burying the front doors behind a small Glacier. The armored suit pivots "Closed now." and the targetting systems scan Lucky "Pepper Potts Bodyguard…." then he is twisting to fire a stream of super cold water at Lucky. "Where is your Master!" oh look Pepper. He starts to turn towards Pepper. Ignoring Lunair for the moment at least.

Unless Nyx is mistaken Iceman did not adopt white armor and have it in for Stark Industries. Last she checked Iceman was friends with a lot of the Starks. "Man.. Winter really is coming…." pauses a beat then continues her downward descent … okay she has flying really fast down… landing not so much. She slams down out of the snowstorm shoulder first into Blizzad knocking him off his feet before he can shoot another stream at Pepper now.. then she skips off him bouncing a bit and going right into the glacier on the front of the building.. CRACK…. that probably didn't stop the Blizzard mind you for long.

It's not the brightest move but Jason all to suddenly lunges full speed at the man dressed in his white supersuit, the moment he turns his attention for pepper. It's not a completely unheard of tactic, but it's perhaps also not the most tactically sound of moves either, as he runs in a full bayonet charge towards the man with the pointy end of the gun aimed out, like the kind of thing you'd expect to see more of on the front lines of some war movie then in real life in this day and age.

! Grandpa! Lunair looks shocked as Jason charges in. Oh, grandpa. Despite her heat ray slowly working at his ice, she seems to be a non-threat. Well, best not to stop Grandpa. He's doing his war thing. But Grandpa does have some back up. She's going to keep melting the ice as she can. She moves out of the way of the ice beam coming at them. "Hi!" She notices Nyx. "Who's the passive aggressive villain…? Do you know? He really likes ices and seems to hate this tower," She offers.

Pepper Potts makes the classic untrained civilian mistake: she stands completely still like a deer in headlights when the man with the freeze gun starts to turn toward her. Yeah. She has always hated the 'damsel in distress' moniker, but she's kind of embodying it at the moment. Shame on her.

Blizzard isn't paying attention to Pepper or Lucky really due to the blow from the flyer. Which is good since Pepper froze .. get it. Blizzard misses his shot going high on Lucky thanks to Lucky diving forward into the bayonet charge like that. Lucky may later discover that he has some frostbite on the tip of his left ear and some icicles in his hair though.

Blizzard does right himself though and looks around wildly now, the armor helmet twisting. "STARK!?" turning towards the glacier at the front of the building. It was flyer, maybe it is the dreaded Stark.

Nyx is definitely not that smart, talented, or armored. Those energy wings are also gone since she isn't flying. She tumbles down off the Glacier "uh … suck…" she manages not up to any cheerful Lunair greetings yet.

Blizzard "You are not Anthony…" and pivots to look for Pepper again.

And there goes any feeling that Jason had left in his eyebrows and ear with the blast completely adding that heavy layer of ice onto the whole of the hair on his head, giving it that blasted back look that all the magazines make look so spiffy. Going in for that single rather violent jab with the point of his gun, he goes for the most vulnerable spot on any fine gentleman in the hopes of ending this fight before it gets any worse.

Lunair worries about Jason, seeing him jab with the gun. "He probably went for dinner! It's outside business hours!" Lunair points out to Blizzard. She looks worried as Nyx tumbled. The warming heat ray is set aside. Melting the ice isn't bothering him. Maybe - hmm. Nudity might be a bit excessive. Grandpa's going in to jab, so shooting is going to be difficult (and frankly, a misfired nudity ray - Lunair doesn't want to think about it).

"Miss -" Oh geez. Well, maybe she can - gotta think… Glue gun! But well, weaponized. She can aim for his feet and try to immobilize him so grandpa and Nyx can take care of him.

Pepper Potts finally recovers some presence of mind and scrambles to get out of this lunatic's line of sight while Jason is fightng him off. If she doesn't, she's making Jason's job more difficult. She looks around hastily. Where is there a safe place to flee to? The building's entrace is iced closed, the next closest place is too far…

Blizzard gets jabbed right in his armor plated unmentionables with Lucky's gun -Clang-. "Really?" with a note of complete dismissal and starts to fire at the fleeing Pepper. Then of course Lucky pulls that trigger and the infrasonic gun fires high powered sonics right into the guys armor giving him an instant megaheadache and vibrating his… preciouses … much to much "ARGh…" the shot misses Pepper by about three feet and freezes the car in a rock solid block of ice… then the gun tracks up and nails a nearby building blowing the windows in with an avalanche of snow beam since he can't stop firing.

Nyx shakes off the blizzard bits, her clothing shredded from shoulders to the top of her jeans and all of it soaked now. "Crap…. uh hey Lunair." she brings her arms up now and both of them start to glow with violent brilliant white energy from her biceps to her hands. It looks like through the glare her arms have reconfigured a smidge. She fires two high energy particle beams right into the back of Blizzard, sending him right into Lucky.

Lucky keeps holding down that trigger, sending out that oddly low pitched sort of thumping noise that's only just audible. The kind of thing that's an ear-worm to those right by, and a real source of a headache for the person on the receiving end. "Ice to see you get the point," Being muttered out the corner of the overly scarred mans mouth as he holds it a bit closer as if that's really going to cause more damage. Trying not to let go of the weapon despite the headaches he's getting as well.

How strange. "… that was good and bad," Sigh. Oh grandpa. Fortunately, Lunair probably has painkillers in her bag for him. She nods at Nyx. "Hi!" And hey, he's getting glue shot at his shoes (passive aggressive freezer guy). She's pretty sure her first shot(s) landed, but nevertheless, keeping him in place should help the others deal with Blizzard. ANd not the fun Dairy Queen kind of blizzard, either.

"I can help melt the ice after, but um. What do we do with him? He seems to hate Stark…" She offers. Where did the lady he seemed angry at go?

Pepper Potts has managed to find a hiding spot behind the far side of another vehicle parked nearby. If that lunatic freezes this car, though…

She doesn't dare try to peek around the minivan to see where everyone is. Instead she fumbles around in her bag to try and pull her phone out. She isn't sure that calling 911 is the best idea, but it's the only idea she's got at the moment.

Blizzard would be knocked forward by the beams lancing into his back and into Lucky. Alas for him and yay for Lucky he is glued down to the pavement by Lunair… so he is a lot more like a weeble wobble and won't fall down now.

The sonics are making his nose bleed though and his… internals suffer great consequences as he "Aa .aa a aa aaa" from all the impacts and vibrations. The freeze gun cuts out suddenly as sparks and flames errupt from his back, Nyx must have blasted through to a critical system.

Speaking of Nyx she stops firing when the guys back errupts like that. "oo…"

When the bleeding starts that's the sign that it's about time to let go of the trigger. Jason winds up almost bumped into having developed a bit of a migraine himself, the realization coming that he might not have made the best decision when he decided to try and use it point blank. Though all things considered it was still a good test of the….. his own nose is bleeding a bit as well, the effects working their way through both people about the same. Perhaps it was a worse idea then the bad idea it seemed to be.

That… does not look good. Lunair decides to dispense with glue and pull a heat ray to help melt a little ice. Make life easier for the cops, themselves and - really, what a passive aggressive form of revenge… Sigh. "Are you okay? Do you need a tissue or anything?" Lunair looks concerned. If Lunair saw Pepper, she says nothing. "That looks like it hurts." A peer at the man and Nyx.

Nyx watches while Blizzard makes little shuddery spasms inside his armor and gurgle noises. "Uhm… does someone have a fire extinguisher… maybe we should get him out of the suit before he lights on fire for real?" she trots to close the distance and look the suit over "How do you get these things open?" her hands reaching to slap the sparking back portions trying to slap out the electrical fire. Also looking for the way to pop the armor off the guy without just ripping it off him.

"There should be a fire extinguisher around here, or else this place isn't code- wait. Foam!" She can take care of it. Lunair is going to blast him with happy, friendly carbon dioxide foam. Her grandfather likely went to make sure he didn't have friends or something and stash the firearm. Can't have something like that out if/when the cops get here. "Here, this should work… um." She has no clue on getting him /out/.

Pepper Potts realizes the chaos has stopped and finally dares to look out from behind her minivan hiding place. She approaches the two young women and Mr. Sizzly cautiously. "Is everyone okay?" Well, except for Mr. Sizzly there, he's most definitely not okay.

Nyx clothes are once more pretty totalled but she isn't paying attention to that "yeah fine… still not really excellent at flying.. hah day one.. Lunair did you see me flying this time instead of falling?" she eyes the foaming, then carefully digs her fingers into the seam of the armor. Yeah the teenager is slowly forcing the plates apart with her bare hands, until something twangs and she pops the mechanism holding the sections together and the back section can be wiggled and removed "this guy is going to need an EMT"

"Yeah," Lunair nods at Nyx. "That was pretty neat." She dismisses her armor, looking normal in winter clothing. "I think he will, too. And something for his ego." Then a look to Pepper. "Grandpa and I are okay. He went to put the weapon away and look around," She offers. "Are you?"

Pepper Potts promptly pulls her phone again to place another call to 911, and she nods to Lunair. Other than probably getting scared half witless, she's fine. Didn't even really get any snow on her, and that's probably a little bit unfair. She relays the information to the 911 person again about needing an EMT and then puts her phone away. "Well, this mess is going to set back the repairs for a couple of days." She looks up at the building and its coating of ice.

Nyx eyes the panel she managed to seperate and remove "Mmm sorry I didn't get down here faster Ms Potts." she reaches into the armor and feels around blindly trying to find a latch. Something unseen and unknown to Nyx happens which is a chunk of the internals is absorbed into her hand as she tries to figure out what to do. Then Pang! The armor disengages and starts to fall open and off him, must have found an emergancy release or something.

Doctor Gregor Shapanka falls out hurt to the pavement now. Pepper would probably recognize him as a fired technology stealing Stark Industry employee.

To be fair, not having powers and having to deal with all of /this/? Might be pretty overwhelming. Lunair has a human body despite all of her power, so there's some sympathy, at least. "Interesting," She peers down at Nyx and the man and his armor. "I'm not a doctor, but I can at least give him my coat, I guess." Probably more than he deserves, to be wrapped up in the coat purchased from the military surplus store.

Pepper Potts kneels down to look at the man, and then she frowns. "Dr. Shapanka." She sighs, but still helps Lunair wrap the man in her coat. She is only too glad to see the police arrive, closely followed by the EMTs. Looking at Lunair and Nyx apologetically, she steps away from them to speak with the police. Necessary evil, giving a statement and all of that.

Nyx looks happy to let Pepper deal with the police. Meanwhile she is studying the armor there. "Interesting. I wonder how it makes cold stuff…" she leans to peer into it. Then she bends down and picks up the helmet and looks inside it now. "Looks pretty high tech too…. So Ms Potts knows this guy?" she fishes her hand in poking inside the helmet.

EMTs and cops scurry around the fallen Doctor getting him onto a gurney and with police into an ambulence now. Other officers speak to Ms Potts. A couple EMTs keep asking Nyx if she is okay, cause well her clothes are shredded up pretty good especially her nonexistant back of her top and hoodie.

Lunair is going to stay quiet, content to let others with social skills deal with police. "I'm not sure. I guess he might be someone they knew and things went south. A friend wouldn't do this sort of thing," She offers. She nods at Pepper, and watches Nyx poke at the armor. "… you know, I really need to take you clothes shopping one of these days," She considers Nyx a moment.

Pepper Potts returns from talking with a police officer to look at Lunair and Nyx. "Yes, I know him. He's a former Stark Industries employee." And that's all she'll say in a public place. When Lunair mentions clothes shopping, Pepper focuses on Nyx and looks at her consideringly. "You do need a change of clothes. And right now, I feel like I owe you."

The cops inquire about the armor, which is clearly Stark Tech, but mutter mutter evidence.

Nyx keeps fiddling with the helmet then sets it down to look over the cold gun "I was trying to ignore the fact I shredded the new hoodie…. the wings.. which are amazing…. disinigrated it when they came out… I …" she just sighs "I can't wear clothes. I don't know how anyone does this really… I .. just can't afford this and rent." a shrug to Pepper. Though hey the eviction stopped mysteriously the other day so yay.

"Well, if you want to take her for now, I'll say hi another time. I should go check on my grandfather anyway," Lunair lifts a hand. "Good luck," She looks to Nyx. "I'm sure we can help." She doesn't push Pepper or Nyx for info. "I'll see you around." Yup, off she's going.

Pepper Potts smiles after Lunair, then looks at Nyx again before pulling the scarf from around her neck and offering it to the younger woman. Turns out, what looked like a hand knitted scarf is actually a full size shawl that she'd had bunched up around her neck. "Come on, my car's just down there a short ways. I think we should talk."

Nyx waves the scarf back "I dont want to get charred hoodie on the pretty shawl Ms Potts… I'm not cold." really she doesn't feel cold like she should anymore. "Uh.. should we let the cops take the armor?" she sets the gun back down now. Some rare metals from it have leeched into her hands while she was holding it, invisibly.

Pepper Potts looks at the armor for a moment. "We kind of have to, considering it was used to commit a crime. However…" She pulls her phone again, taps a quick text into it, and then a few moments later a youngish man wearing a Stark security uniform approaches them and offers Pepper a set of car keys. "Dmitri, the police are going to want to take this armor into custody. I want you to not let it out of your sight, no matter what they say, and as soon as possible get it back to the secondary lab." The man — Dmitri — acknowledges Pepper's instructions and places himself where the police will have to deal with him to do anything with the armor.

Nodding to Nyx, Pepper puts the shawl back around her neck. "Shall we, then?"

Nyx smiles watching this and then follows Pepper to the car now. "Figured it would be bad… from what I know of cops it would just.. well parts disappear or be sold…"

Pepper Potts leads the way to the mostly normal car — if one can call a high end sedan normal. She unlocks it and lets Nyx climb in and, after a bit of fiddling with the seat so she can reach the pedals, they're on their way. "You do have a point, though I usually at least try to give the NYPD the benefit of the doubt. All right. FIrst things first, before we get you replacement clothes, I want to see how those wings are damaging your clothing, maybe I can help figure out a way to make them stop tearing up your clothes."

Nyx slumps in the passanger chair getting cozy and closing her eyes now. "I just grew them today.. sprouted them.. manifested. Whatever the term. I can't do it in the car though I get the feeling I would disinigrate the seats and maybe the door." she smiles wanly over to you "Flying is .. the most amazing thing ever… also the cops.. well maybe the NYPD but with the SRD.. heck no."

Pepper Potts nods. "We're going someplace where you'll have room to stretch your wings, I promise." Yes, she actually managed to say that NOT ironically. They drive for a bit, then finally turn in to the drive of one of an entire street's worth of REALLY swanky houses. Practically mansions. She carefully steers the car to one side of the building, then gets out as another Stark security guard meets their car.

Nyx will pile out of the car and look around at the houses "Huh I don't even think I've ever been in this neighborhood on a patrol.." yeah she foot patrols the city all the time. The lack of crime in this part of town though means she has never had to show up here yet. She shoots the security guy what she hopes is a friendly smile.

The security guy is surprisingly chill about Nyx's presence with Pepper, and he gets into the car to drive it further around the back of the house. For her part, Pepper heads for a door there in the side of the house and leads Nyx inside. Yes, the inside is every inch as posh as the outside, and yet, it doesn't feel like a residence. There are little clues everywhere that make it clear this old mansion is being used as a place of business, though it's late enough in the day that the hallway and the rooms now holding cubicles instead of sitting room furniture are vacant and quiet.

Pepper leads Nyx through to what is still clearly kept as a ballroom, with high ceilings and chandeliers, and currently french doors leading to the outside somewhere. This room is understandably a bit colder than the rest of the building. "Okay. You should have plenty of room in here." Her voice echoes a bit.

Nyx follows along right now "Is this where you are running the company while the big Stark building is being repaired?" she seems floored at people doing office work in a mansion of all places.

In the ballroom Nyx looks around and then steps well clear of you and raises her arms a bit. Brilliant white energy constructs in the shape of wings burst forth from the center of her back spread out. They look like a energy construct, flaring. A bit like a Lantern energy construct but pure particle beam energy, but contained. Really it seems to be more an external manifestation of the energy she is harnessing to fly like that. It isn't angelic it is technology of some sort.

Pepper Potts smiles. "Yes, though it was really a choice of convenience. This house is the headquarters for the Maria Stark Foundation, so it was already being used as office space. Now stay still for me, okay?" She sets her bag down and sheds her coat and scarf, then approaches Nyx to look at the 'wings' more carefully. "Not organic wings, that's for sure. And not originating from your back the way organic wings would, either. Hm. All right."

The closer look, well the light is blinding at the source between her shoulders but it … almost looks like her back is subtly different under the energy construct now. Hard to say how with the naked eye though. Nyx carefully flexes and tilts the wings. "I dont need to flap them.. I just .. .. um.. .umffff and use them to steer?"

Pepper Potts can't have NOT noticed the difference there, even with the brightness making looking at Nyx's back a bit of a struggle. "THat kind of make sense. But I think for longer-term, I might want to get you in touch with an associate of mine who might be better equipped to understand." She walks back around to offer Nyx a smile. "In the short term, I think I forsee a lot of halter top style shirts in your future."

Nyx nods "That is what Bobby keeps urging me to do to.. a mutant doctor he knows but .. I'm not a mutant." she sighs a bit there and tilts the wings letting the energy construct collapse once more "Maybe I should get some heavy duty workout tops.. the sports bra variety but .. you know tops."

Pepper Potts was actually thinking along the same lines. "Great minds think alike. And I wasn't thinking so much a doctor as someone who … works with different kinds of metal and energy. Let's go find a computer and get some online shopping done." She gestures toward the doors they came into the ballroom from and then leads the way.

Nyx nods and rubs her face as she follows you out now "Cool… and cool. I really liked hoodies because they were nondescript and I could kind of do a cowl thing. The press has been very unkind." until today with her fighting rogue kryptonians, she got a lot of angel of metropolis tweets today but she doesnt know it yet. "Also the internet… I get why people have secret identities."

"No kidding." Pepper leads the way to what is likely a receptionist's desk based on its location, then gestures for Nyx to take the chair. For herself, she actually opts to sit on the edge of the desk directly. A tablet is pulled from her bag, and after a bit of tapping at the device's screen, the computer's monitor lights up and starts moving seemingly on its own. Really, though, it's Pepper controlling the monitor from her tablet. Remote desktop control is nifty when it works. And with Stark technology, it always works.

The computer's browser opens and loads the webpage for a fairly high end sporting goods store. "All right, let's see… tops. And, really? There's no way to narrow it down further? Hmph. Shoddy web building." No, she doesn't have the web-building-fu, she just deals with enough stuff online to know what can be done with a web page.

Nyx settles into the chair and almsot spins it, but stops herself and leans to watch the monitor. She eyes your tablet then goes back to the monitor. "Cool… the remote thing.. and the site looks nice to me?" she has zero clues.

Pepper Potts just smiles at Nyx, and uses her tablet to push the website around a bit more. "Okay, that's as good as I can get.

Pepper Potts just smiles at Nyx, and uses her tablet to push the website around a bit more. "Okay, that's as good as I can get." The list of possible garments has been narrowed to ones that might possibly allow for the younger woman's newly acquired/developed/something energy-wings. "Do you know what size you wear? I might be able to narrow the choices down further."

Nyx leans in and eyes the sizing on the listing and then points to her size on the monitor before collapsing back int othe chair. "Hey… thanks for the eviction stuff Ms. Potts. The landlord seems mad but they arent kicking me out so I have time to try to get the cash sorted."

Pepper Potts sets the website to show only the garments in Nyx's indicated garment size. "Your landlord has no room to take his annoyance out on you. Your rent is paid for. Oh, what about this one?" She again taps at her tablet and the computer screen in front of Nyx changes accordingly.

The girl blinks, not like rent in that utterly crappy neighborhood is anything but a rounding error to the Stark Foundation or Stark Industries, or Peppers checking account really, but she blinks "Oh… um.. that explains why he hasn't been hounding me for it… at all…" she then shakes her head and focuses on the screen. Nyx ohs "That looks doable."

And just like that, three of that particular top — one of each color available — are in the website's shopping cart. Then, probably faster than Nyx can keep up with, several more garments very similar to the first one are added to the shopping cart as well. "Do you want anything else while we're at it?"

Probably sounds like Cinderella did when a mouse sewed a dress "I.. I don't even know… I mean… this is great but." she blinks rallying "I could use another pair of shoes… my backup pair got shredded when I tried to catch Rhino .. asphalt is really .. well friction right.. is that the term?"

Pepper Potts nods at that, and the browser opens a new tab to a completely different website. "What do you prefer? Sneakers, boots, something all-purpose?" No, she's not going to try to get Nyx to wear designer shoes, she knows better than that.

The teen hero mmms "Whatever will be the sturdiest in all ways shapes and form…. I mean functional beats style on this one… though not clown shoes.. that would go viral."

Pepper Potts considers, then changes the website again. "As much as I personally hate these, they're probably going to be the best suited to your purposes." The new website is… combat boots. The traditional military ones are there, but so are the more decorative than functional styles. "Put your shoe size in there for me, please?"

Nyx nods "hey I would love footgear.. or anything really that could stand up to the pressure and force I apply to every day life." she inputsher information

Pepper Potts works on narrowing the list, and yeah, the only remaining choices are definitely function over form. "Well, then." She puts one of each style of boot into the site's shopping cart, and then in less than five minutes, she's got all of the selected items paid for. "They're going to be celivered here, I hope that's okay."

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