Revenge, Part 1

February 6, 2015: Barry Allen works a case in Gotham alongside Janet van Dorn.


Eww. Gotham. Gross.



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"Well, I guess that's accurate."

The baby faced CSI pushes his thin frame up off the floor and begins to peel off the white gloves. Using the tips of his fingers, Barry Allen disposes of the gloves in a trash bag that a GCPD uniformed police officer holds out towards him. The way she watches him it is as if she's surprised he's here given how young he looks. "I mean, I think you guys got the right guy. The blood matches and you found a fiber that belonged to the guy's shirt. I'm not really sure why you called me down."

"Well, mostly because this guy aint saying shit, and he's about to be arraigned and we have a lot of physical evidence, but we aint got no motive, Allen. Besides, I'm friends with Mitchell up in New York, he said you were the best in the biz." Detective Flarthing is a 10 year veteran of the force and he looks like it. A big, reddish, walrus mustache cups his jowls while giant bags sit under his eyes.

Overwhelm them with physical evidence when you don't have the social aspects of the case done. It's how they do things here in Gotham, Barry Allen guesses. And it's another reason he hates Gotham City.

"That's what I keep hearing. Good evening, gentlemen."

The voice is cool, calm, professional. It's followed by the sound of heels clacking on the floor and the rustle and rush of a few police officers stepping out of the way. Several actually give the lady respectful nods, but apart from that greeting, she distinguishes these only with faint nods in return.

A lot of the Gotham cops are big barrel-sized men; among them, she's relatively small and slight. But breaking away from them, she proves decently tall for a woman. She looks young, too, but attempts have been made with severity of dress and hair and cosmetics to look severe, even cold. Anything but pretty.

She extends her hand when she's only a step or so away from Barry. "Mister Allen," she says. "District Attorney Janet van Dorn. Welcome to Gotham City."

Barry gives a nod and a sheepish smile, he doesn't seem to notice that several of the police officers begin to stiffen slightly as they hear her footsteps. "Hi District Attorney van Dorn. It's nice to be here. I wish I was more help on the case. I think you guys got the right guy, and I think your CSI's picked the scene pretty clean. There's not much for me to do here, I'm afraid." Flarthing slides Barry the case folder so he can look through that before cutting his trip early.

"Sometimes it just takes an extra pair of eyes. A fresh perspective." She'd also say 'it's not REALLY nice to be here; I'm from here and I don't think it's that nice', but that's not a very professional thing for politicians to say. Nor does she mention anything about questionable, skewed investigations.

She gives Flarthing a reasonably polite nod before gesturing back the way she came. "If we have you for the rest of the evening, I'd be grateful if you would take a look over the case. Just for that fresh point of view. I hope we've been treating you decently enough so far?"

"Yeah," Barry says, almost absently as he seems to be looking deep into the case file, almost to the point of being impolite. Something has grabbed his eye though. "You said you didn't find the murder weapon?" Barry looks over to Flarthing, "It's a wrench. You can tell by that extra little nub right here." He turns the picture towards van Dorn, almost sticking the disgusting, most vile picture of a horrendous murder you ever did see, right under her nose. "Guaranteed, it's a wrench."

She tilts her head back very slightly — Janet does see the picture, registers it, and lifts her chin so she doesn't have to keep staring. "I'll take your word for it. You're the expert," she says. "Did your men find anything like a wrench on the premises? How large would it have to be, Mr. Allen? One of those huge pipe-fitting ones?"

Barry shakes his head, "No, it's just about…yay big." He's holding his fingers out about 8 inches, showing that it's a normal sized wrench in every way. "I guess you'd want to check Young's trailer and see if you can find it in there. Maybe a speck of blood, maybe not. But it's worth a shot."

Janet gives a brief sharp nod to Flarthing. Surely this instruction will be obeyed. "And corners, trash cans, down the sewer if you have to." She nods down to the folder: "Anything else you can give us would be very much appreciated." This must be an important case, though. The DA is usually in her office behind closed doors unless she has a real reason to be out. Apparently she does this time.

Barry hands the folder back towards Flarthing and nods to Janet, "I'll be in town for the next few days, if you think you might want to contact me about it. I'll stop by police headquarters in the morning to take a look at some of the physical evidence. I'm afraid if you want to find out what his motive was, it'll probably come through interviews and not science."

"And here we were hoping you were Sherlock Holmes," Janet replies with a wry twist to her voice. "One glance and you could see the how and the why. I'll walk you to your car, Mr. Allen? Did we drive you or did you drive yourself?"

Barry shakes his head, "Actually I took a cab from the train station. Unseasonably warm and all that." That sounds better than the truth: I ran here after busting a Colombian drug cartel. In Colombia.

Nevertheless, Barry walks alongside JVD as they both make their way through the door. "What type of time limit are we looking at to get this all figured out?"

"I'm sure I can give you a ride to your hotel, then." For the Flash, this will probably be shatteringly slow. But at this time of night, the DA's car is probably safer and more comfortable than the subway. Not better than running, mind.

"Best to have it done in a week to ten days. I know that's fast, but that's the limit, ten days." There's plenty of officers around them as they head out, but as they reach the open street, Janet adds: "I don't suppose you have any other thoughts about this that you haven't mentioned?"

Barry nods as he holds his hand up to hail the cab, "I do." His blue eyes trail back towards Janet as the cab pulls up and nearly splashes him with the puddle. "We need to ask ourselves what kind of guy busts a man's skull in a hotel room with a wrench, seemingly for no reason. Something tells me there's more. If not here, then somewhere. And that's what I'm going to spend my time looking for." Barry gives Janet a nod, "Nice to meet you Miss van Dorn." He pulls open the cab door and enters.

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