Snake Holes and Dino-Pets

February 06 2015: Jericho and Lunair have a chat about HYDRA and dinosaurs

HMSS Starfire

The Bridge of the HMSS Starfire is quiet at the moment, as most of the crew and Outsiders are otherwise occupied.



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Jericho's borrowing some of the Starfire's equipment and K'tten seems to trust him enough that he's actually been left mostly to himself on the bridge. Well that or the tamaran woman is plotting his death. Can't be sure. Bht the hacker bets Roy will be the first to go if he snaps. K'nert has made himself scarce, leaving Jericho mostly to watch readouts and pour over several procedurally generated maps while he searches for Hydra… and Lunair's attackers.

Life as a bioweapon has pluses and minuses. On one hand, the recent revelation on her creation and purpose has left her a little cloudy headed and uncertain. It's unraveled a lot of what she thought about herself. On the other hand, it's given her a refreshing hatred of Nazis and their offshoots. And pretty much everyone is okay with shooting them as a hobby. Nevertheless, Lunair manages to make it to classes (her vanishing suddenly would throw up an awful lot of red flags…), even to visit her grumpy veteran of a grandpa (She loves grandpa, such as he is) and so on. Mind, after the violence in M-Town, she's cut her visits there considerably.

Nevertheless, she makes her way around the ship. Today, Lunair has a tiny tree with tiny fruits on it. Little oranges, even. "Hi! How's it going?"

Jericho turns to see the young mutant and smiles in greeting. His eyes glimmer a bit. "Hey there. Botany project or are you teaching Orn what actual food is like?" EIther would be welcome. Orn's cooking is atrocious.

Lunair smiles back. She has to work on emoting properly. But she's making some progress. Normal is an impossibility, for better or worse. "Both. You can eat the oranges. Want one? The peel is edible, it's a bit thinner than your usual oranges. Or don't. You can peel it, too. I figure I'm an Earthling. It's polite to introduce our food." Lunair is also a college student. She eats pretty much anything that's less bland than hospital food.

"Huh." Jericho takes one of the little oranges and takes a bite. Peel… isn't that bad. Well, yum. He's silent for a moment as he chews, watching data stream by on the screens. "Working on the Hydra network. The parts I can find, anyway. There's a lot of it out there. Any further… incidents?"

Lunair smiles. "It's kinda nice. You can throw them into a few things," She remarks. Then a look to the data. It's all foreign to her. "I see. Their roots run pretty deep, huh?" There's a troubled look on her face. She thinks a moment. "Not after the drones," She offers. "Still. I'm really careful. I only stay with grandpa, in a safe house, at the X-thingy or here. I figure if I alternate, they are less likely to bother us. Besides, sometime… you'll have to tell me where you'd like a new safe house or whatever."

"Mmmm. We'll talk about that when you're in the clear." Jericho murmurs. "Yeah, they're kind of everywhere. The trouble is finding out where they're looking for you and where they're not. Our seven headed beast doesn't talk to itself much."

"There's a pattern though. They want people who can affect swift, violent change. And I'm starting to suspect you were targetted as much for your location as for anything else."

"Yeah," Lunair nods, setting the plant down nearby. She sighs softly. "I keep kiling them and they keep back. I wonder if it was this bad for that half naked Greek guy," Nosewrinkle. She shrugs. "Really?" A peer over. "Interesting." Frown.

"I guess they're probably trying to nab you, too." And Lunair is perfectly fine with railgunning them, too. "I guess I do affect swift, violent change." She really is literal. "Oh well." Sigh. "I wish I could be more proactive, but… if you and that - I don't know her name, but when they took my car out, I figured I was a goner."

"Sara? Detective Pezzinni you mean. She's good people. One of the few cops I trust." Jericho looks back to the screens. "Proactive is hard, even for me. You've gotta know where they are first. Anyway, I think they wanted someone who people were used to seeing around this area… and you fit the bill, amongst other things. Why I'm not quite sure yet."

Lunair nods. "I didn't really have time to say hi…" She notes. She was sort of busy trying to do the Worm to freedom. "True," Sigh. "And that seems really weird." Nosewrinkle. "Unless they want to attack this place again. But is it really such a good idea after they hit the Trisky place once?" She ponders this.

"I know they have something big and it's centered on the metropolis. I think it has something to do with the fact that the Metro power grid is… strange." Ransom sighs. "Beyond that I have no idea."

Lunair hms. "That's weird. Seems like an awful lot to bite off all at once," She considers. "I really wish I knew more. Well, don't work yourself too hard. Being tired leads to mistakes." And they would probably cheerfully try to catch Jericho. "And stuff." Lunair looks to him and her tree. "Did you see my baby dinosaur? He's cool."

Quite cheerfully. Well, maybe less than cheerfully. Jericho has a rather lethal reputation among those circles. "You have a dinosaur?" He seems to have… missed something somewhere along the way. "Don't tell me. Savage Lands."

Who knows with those types? Either way, Lunair nods. "A baby Nemicolwhatsits. He's like, sparrowsized. I brought him some berries and sometimes he gets to catch bugs and stuff. But yup! He's bitty, but he totally counts. I need to name him, though. I can bring him out if you want. I know it's really tough work, but nonstop HYDRA stuff makes me tired." Sigh.

"I don't blame you. And I'd love to see your dino soon… but maybe you should get some rest. I'll be about for a bit… and you know, you can always hit me up on the comm." Jericho smiles a little bit and turns back to his work.

Lunair smiles. "You'd better rest soon, too. We'll be glad to see you then. I'll go set this tree with Orn. I think he might like it," She remarks. She'll pick the tree up and go to deposit it before finding her way to wherever Lunair has set up HQ onboard.

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