A Green Lantern Date Night

February 7, 2015: Hal and Reese go on some sort of date, and talk about the worth of heroes.

St. Martins Island

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Hal had made arrangements in advance for once, instead of ambushing Reese, picking her up on his motorcycle and letting her ride along with him to an actual restaurant, where they could order actual food. Some people might call it a 'date', even. Nobody got sucked through any bathroom walls, no demonic creatures attempted to batter them with inner darkness, no Atlantean invaders popped up to try and stab anybody in the eyeball.

Unless you count the fish course. The chef definitely drowned that salmon in lemon butter. Good stuff.

Now he's ridden them out to a private beach, jumping the fence and helping her over with his ring until they're walking along the sand. He's kicked off his own shoes and left them on the hill, the both of them able to enjoy the cool sand. It'd be cold as hell, if Hal's ring didn't keep them comfortable and warm in their own cocoon. He'd needed a night like this, after spending the last day or so battling a sun-eater in the depths of null space with a dozen other Corps members. In truth, he'd need to recharge soon - his ring was close to spent.

But, for the moment, the warmth was worth it.

A date. Reese had forgotten the concept of a date, she really hasn't been on one since the 1930's. Where the sequinned dresses and the pin curled hairstyle was a buzz and jazz premated the smoke shops where there was illegal gambling in the basements of clubs where.. Reese actually sang at. Back then, life wasn't much easier, but during the prohibition era that was put upon them, the music died away and often reserved for the rich and Reese's talents for all things was sold at a higher price. Dating back then? It sucked there after.

But this was good. She cleaned up nicely thanks to Starfire and co. Her hair cropped a little bit and Max.. the pitbull, sat back and watched with a whimper because he'd be off duty for now.

The salmon was great. The veggies even more so. Salted with a hint of garlic yet the bread was something to die for. It may have been the butter itself. Already softened. Yeah, it was the butter and the poppy seeds that lined the crust.

The food was had and paid for, conversations kept to a quiet minimum, the walk upon the beach something she needed.. just a moment of pure silence, hand in hand, occasionally stepping and stumbling lightly within the sand that gives way to her light weight. Recharging. This was good.

Hal Jordan laces his fingers with hers, his body feeling the bruises and wear and tear of his recent fights. She could heal him, he knew, but he figured she had better people to use her powers on. He'd get better - a bit o' hurtin' was part of the job after all. The battle with the sun-eater had tested his limits, made him use his powers in new ways. He'd learned a lot, maybe the most he had since he first began training.

At least one thing to thank the Kryptonians for.

He looked up at the sky, "I used to just see stars when I looked up. Now, I know the names of a lot of them. I know people who live around some of them. Call some of them friends," he says. "And more and more, that world out there is coming here."

There wasn't anything too different about the union that they were .. suffering, as she would call it. Just a simple walk on the beach, hand in his, arm pressed against his side to remain close to keep from her stumbling as he begins to speak. She couldn't see the stars, haven't seen them in almost three centuries, so she could only imagine what he sees on a daily basis. The people he's met, the battles he fought..

She almost wished to see it again, but to even get a glimpse, her life would possibly be forfit. But one can dream and wish about the stars. Right?

Her brows lower faintly though, he seemed troubled. Or perhaps it was her own troubled mind melding with his own. She couldn't tell. Heavy was her heart ever since those memories were awakened and it was hard to find a laugh even in the darkest of spots. "Is that a bad thing?" She asks, voice low and quiet.

Hal Jordan slides his arm around her shoulder and pulls her closer to him. He lays his head sideways against hers, quiet for a moment as he considers her question. He feels strangely like a teenager - that was when he used to take girls to the beach, romance them. As an adult, he'd been more of the one night stand type. That'd changed when he'd chased this strange, blind woman out into a snowy night a couple of months ago…

"Like anything, it's good and bad. There are vast civilizations out there - advanced societies. They could heal cancer, give us flying cars, teleporters, all that crazy stuff from science fiction. But a lot of them aren't so nice. A lot of them aren't so different from people here - they aren't fond of anyone different from them, who doesn't believe in the same god or follow the same leader. Some of them just hate for hate's sake. And some of them just can't help it. Like the monster I fought yesterday. It's entire being is based on eating solar systems. Not its fault, that's just what it is. But I still have to put it down, unless I want to just let it potentially kill millions by snuffing out a star. Worst of all that someone tried to let it loose here. Others from the same world as Superman - it's supposedly long lost, but he's apparently not the only survivor. And not all of the ones that came here are nice."

Their walk was slow, purposeful, and.. dare she say it, almost loving. She certainly felt something for the young hero, she didn't know what to call it and refused to place a label on that sort of things. He seemed like the guy who didn't like labels too much. But either way.. she listens quietly, still keeping that same pace with Hal, a slight frown upon her face as she draws in a slight sigh.

"I can heal cancer.." She says with a little pout, the grasp upon him becoming slightly light and soft as the blue light draws from her hands to waft warmth through his body. Healing warmth. "I can cure almost every and any thing. People like that aren't so bad.. some, at least." She was almost that type. In fact, she almost let a family die in front of Barry. That.. just the thought of it made her blood run so cold that she steps away from him now to continue the path without touch.

Hal Jordan wasn't used to having feelings at all, of this sort, but yes. Romantic feelings, was as far as he'd go for the moment, which was something special in and of itself. He'd slept through Romeo and Juliet in high school and he certain had never watched the fucking Notebook, but he imagined this sort of thing is kind of what those things tried to evoke. Just enjoying being around someone. Having them near.

Until she steps away. His brow furrows slightly, except that he knows he didn't do anything wrong. He follows quickly and grasps her wrist, not letting her pull away from him so quickly, "Stop tormenting yourself," he says. "I may not be able to read minds, but I know you well enough to know when you're blaming yourself for something. And I've known you long enough to know that you do your best to help people. So either talk to me about it and I'll explain to you why it's going to be okay or decide it's going to be okay on your own and save me the trouble," he says, reaching a hand up and smoothing her hair. "Either way, I'm going to make you feel better whether you like it or not."

The grasp of her wrist causes her to draw it upright in a slight tug and pull, but she knows for a fact that he was stronger than her and wouldn't let go. She.. in a way didn't want him to, but as he speaks to her, her gaze falls towards the sand, her head giving a slow enough shake, lips pursing and gaze lifting to try to pry his fingers away from his wrists. "You can't make anyone feel better. It doesn't work like that." There was a little smile then, something akin to relief or.. just glad that he was there. And once his grip was gone from her wrist, she laces her arm with his so that the stroll could continue.

"I know everything is going to be okay. I know tomorrow nor the next week isn't the end unless I decide that it is. And I've decided.." She lets her words trail off, hiding a quiet lie. "That everything is going to be okay. The world is how it is and.. everything is going to be okay even if all the worlds collide or not."

Hal Jordan let her talk herself through it. This is how people got through things, he'd learned. You have to remind yourself things go on. The first time he'd had to bomb a village in Afghanistan, he'd cried like a baby in his bunk, until another guy came down and talked to him and reminded him. It's okay. You're going to be okay. It'll get better.

It did. Not that he felt better about doing it. But that he could at least stop thinking about it.

"Really? Nothing I can do to make you feel better? Not a single, solitary thing?" he says and, because it just seems to perfect not to take advantage of and because he knows it'll probably surprise her, he leans in and kisses her, his free hand cradling her cheek, not letting her speak again until, after a long moment, he finally takes a breath, "Well, I know -I- feel better."

It was a practiced speech really, there were times when someone came along and tried to make her feel better about things but, she just supressed them, lied, put on a smile and a dance and eventually disappeared from the world. She couldn't do that this time. At least all of the people that she's met so far, drew her out into the open and into the surface, and now she was standing among the most important one. But, she wouldn't tell him that. Nope!

Hal had a big ego. She didn't want to make it even bigger.

She shakes her head, a slight smile drawing upon her lips as she begins to speak but.. a kiss was stolen, something she allowed to melt herself into, her arms wrapping around him and keeping still once the kiss was broken. She couldn't help but laugh, resting her forehead against his chest. She wasn't that tall, no..

"Okay. I feel better. I hate you." She mutters playfully, then lets out a sigh. "What are you going to do about those people from Superman's world?"

Hal Jordan gives a half-grin, "If that's how you kiss when you hate me, I look forward to seeing how you do it when I finally get into your good graces," he smiles, tucking a lock of dark hair behind her ear.

"I'm not sure yet. One of them, a girl, claimed that the man she was fighting, an old man, was responsible for the death of Krypton. She said he'd been a prisoner in the Phantom Zone, an extradimensional pocket that the Kryptonians used as a dumping ground for their prisoners - I gotta be honest, most of what I know about Kryptonian culture makes it pretty clear they were a pretty arrogant bunch, and they didn't even have superpowers on their homeworld."

"Ultimately, it doesn't matter - whatever grudges they had on their planet, they're here now and they can either play nicely or I can find a new prison that they can all go in together to fight for as long as they want."

Gosh, now he's got her. She was in full on blush mode, surely he couldn't see it.. she wasn't aware of how dark it was outside nor the moon that shown in the sky, if it was there, but.. no. He couldn't see it.

Though as he continues on, her head tilts a little to the side, her bottom lip poking out as she gives a shake of her head. "Two of them against you? Even if one is good and bad? You can't do that alone, Hal."

She pulls away long enough to settle down upon the ground, the shoes that she had worn, borrowed, were slipped off so that her toes could actually grace the fresh air. "Maybe call The Flash for help?"

Hal Jordan can tell she's blushing only by the temperature shift, his ring letting him now by its energy output that the air around her has grown warmer of its own accord. It's a little thing, but sometimes learning to use the ring was nothing but little things. Only the poorest Lanterns relied strictly on bludgeoning.

"You'd be surprised what I can do alone," he says, but he knows it sounds stubborn as soon as he says it. He is stubborn - he's trained, he's disciplined, he doesn't know much about these other people, these people who just slapped out outfits and went running around.

"The Flash, huh? He's that guy you know. The fast one that helped us out against the Psycho McSkinface." he says. "That is the one thing they have on me. They're damned fast."

"Don't be stubborn." She comments. "You'd be surprised at what you can do with another person there to help and have your back." She wanted to say that even others had help, but she was sure that he would get the point either way.

She drags her feet back and forth in the sand, toes curling and digging, her hands soon joining in the mix to give the impression that she was rowing herself on home. "Yeah, The Flash."

"He saved me a lot of times. Long before I met you. He's been a really good friend to me, and dependable. Maybe his speed and your power could.. I don't know. Help?"

Hal Jordan looks down, watching her stir the sand with her toes. He shifts his own feet in, playfully dueling, pushing sand up onto her feet like he was trying to bury them and grinning like a schoolboy when she shakes it off.

"I know the power of teamwork. I'm part of a Corps. I've been in the military. It's just…these so-called superheroes…a lot of them are just kids. No training, nothing but a freak set of powers and a mask they got out of a Halloween store. Bad help is worse than no help," he says.

"But…if you think this Flash guy is worthwhile, then maybe you should introduce us. Somehow." he says.

The sand was soon kicked back onto his own foot as she stops her little movements. Still kicking, yes.. but the sway of her arms within the sand ceased, her hands soon resting within her lap.

"You were in the military, you're part of a Corps, I guess that's why you sometimes act like a Mr. Know-it-all." She smiles, her nose bunching and both brows drawing out a wink to show that she was jesting. "A lot of them need guidance. They need people like Superman, or.. Cameron Tenoaks, even though she really doesn't want to be a hero at all." She giggles at that one. "Did you know, that there is a rumor going around of this guy, dressed in all black, just beating up people in Gotham and putting them right to jail? They need role models like that too. You and The Flash and those others? You all can do wonders."

She purses her lips faintly, then nods. "Now, when you say 'introduce us', do you mean your real selves or the super-hero sides of you?"

Hal Jordan takes the hands in her lap in his and pulls her back close up to him again, not quite dancing, just kind of swaying with her under the starlight. Sure, she can't see it, but that let him look at her without embarassment, without feeling like he's making her self-conscious. He liked looking at her.

"If Superman ever shows back up, you mean. And I'll have you know that I was smug and condescending long before I got into the Air Force," he grins, "I come by it naturally. And I have no idea who Cameron Tenoaks is, but that is a horrible, horrible name. This is why some people need codenames."

"And I take it by that question that you know who he is, under the mask, too? My goodness, but you're just everyone's confidante," he says, and there's actuallly a little fire there, a hint of…yup, that's jealousy allright.

Her hands were grained with sand, but it was apparent that he didn't care, but she took the time to at least wipe them off upon her bottom before he pulls her into a little sway. Both arms lift to wrap around his neck again, her head leaning back so.. well, for no reason. She couldn't see him, but he saw her. "I think he'll come back. Though, I'm sure he's probably going to face a little blow back for leaving this city the way it is. Oh well.."

"Cameron Tenoaks? I don't know what she looks like, but she's a really nice lady. I heard her name from some of the reporters when the lights went out. She helped with some of the relief efforts. Maybe she's Native American?"

But the mention of Flash's true name? It causes her to blush just a little and shake her head. "It's not like that. He has a girlfriend I think? I heard them smooching before I left to find Kida. I forget her name.."
Hal Jordan considers, "That or her parents were just weirdo hippies. And yeah, I'm sure he'll be back. He's probably off dragging some planet across the galaxy to a new home while it's wrapped in plastic wrap," he says. Fucking boy scout.

As to the last? He believes her, of course, but just because she considers it platonic doesn't mean the dude does, girlfriend or no girlfriend. That or Flash just had lower levels of trust before sharing his identity. "I trust you. If you say he's cool, then you can introduce me as myself. If you think there's a risk there, then Green Lantern can meet Flash in our spandex jumpsuits. Either way works for me."

"Probably. I want to read up on her a bit. Her heals are almost similiar to mine. Especially her life force. I want to know more about her so I could.." Well, so she could know more about herself. At least one part of her stayed buried, the one she couldn't remember to bring up.

"Superman's really cool." She states, a little childish grin drawing upon her face, the little sways stopping just in time for her to lean up and give a quick peck of a kiss upon his lips. "But not cooler than this Green Lantern guy. That guy can do /anything/."

"I think you both would get along. Just try not to be mean? I want all of my friends to be friends with each other. I know that sounds a bit childish and .. simple.. but I think that it can work. And I think you two can do great things together. And Cameron. Maybe.."

Hal Jordan is about to give a little bit of the he-man chestbeating treatment about Superman being 'cool', too, but she cuts him off with the quick kiss. He raises an eyebrow, "Awright, awright, I'll play nice as long as they do. I won't be the one to start anything, how about that? Just saying, when I was young, most guys usually ended up being friends after they'd punched each other in the face a few times. Especially if there were girls in the room. How else were you going to know we were supertough badasses?" he grins

More seriously he adds, "But you're right. We could accomplish more together than separately. We've seen that with things like the Justice League, I just…I've had enough of taking orders from people. I don't think I could give myself yet another boss. I've already got little blue ones on another planet and they drive me up the damn wall."

"Evolution." She states, lifting a hand to lightly knock at his head. "Try to use it?"

Chest-beating aside, she gives a faint nod of her head. "And in turn, are you going to be the new boss under the boss of blue men, then?" It was a little smile there. "You know, rallying the heroes who don't want a boss, offering them freedom, when in turn you give orders and .." She shakes her head. "You are so not the boss man type. You're wild animal. Like to run free." She even uses a bit of her accent, long lost yet easily found to speak. It seems like his funny little jibes were rubbing off on her.

Hal Jordan smiles and shakes his head, 'You're used to seeing me off the clock. I've commanded men in my time - Hell, I was in command of the Corps strike against the Sun-Eater, although I let Kilowog ride herd on most of the rookies. He's their drill sergeant, he's the one they trust. I'm still a new guy to a lot of them - but I've also already faced things most of them never have. I have no problem telling other people what to do, Reese. I just don't trust people who think that they're owed respect without earning it."

He leans in and brushes a kiss along her cheekbone, just beneath one of those sightless eyes, "You're the one who gets to see me act like an animal," he teases.

"Kila…huh?" Reese totally knew that whatever he spoke about, and whomever, went right over her head. And a Sun-eater? Way, way above her pay grade, but it sounded serious. It was obvious that she wasn't really paying attention.

But the kiss was met with a little flutter of her eyelashes, the brush of lashes possibly tickling his nose.

"You can trust Flash. He's the most humble guy I've ever met." She.. said nothing about him being an animal, she only pulls away from him to give a tug of his arm. "I'm hungry again. Let's go."

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