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Lunair is here! She's onboard, quietly feeding her nemicolraptor-whatsits little buddy some berries. He snags them quickly in his beak and snarfs them down. "Well, the good news is, no one tried to dart me or blow me up. The bad news is, I met the most passive aggressive villain since Post-It man and then my grandpa hit him with a vibrating bayonet." Pause. The little dino cheeps. "Yeah, I don't wanna think about it, either." Deepsigh. When not deadly serious, Lunair's life is pretty comedic.

"I did meet some nice people. I don't understand all of them." And not all of them are nice. But nice to Lunair these days about boils down to 'isn't trying to dart me'.

Starfire is about as carefree as they come, when she is not out exploring, watching, or staring over K'tten's shoulder she is watching her tablet, if not for the moments she is glued to Disney in the room she designed for Lian where a projector shifted the rooms blank walls to the newest Disney themed enviro so it felt like she was 'there.' Spoiled much? He when you have the tech… It's fun to play with it.

Just like her tablet, now se is stuck in Tube videos, watching tutorials while playing with her image inducer. The airlock door to the 'lounge' room opens with a hiss, and what appears to be a woman with long black hair, a fedora like hat, and one purple sparkly glove moonwalks in, one earbud in as the music blares through while she remains glued. /Stop pressurin' me, you make me wanna../

Starfire smiles to Luna, reaching up to the fedora, tipping it down ith a touch of pale fingertips upoon the rim, flicking them to her in a wiggling wave and a small smirk.


Yeah… you don't have to get people to be around them, it just -is-.

Jericho had been up for a good chunk of the night using the Starfire's computer to crunch through data while he tracked HYDRA movements. Stuff's starting to come together though he's still not sure he has the whole picture. "Hello Lunair." He says as he emerges from the back. Did he sleep there? Sometimes he does though usually not. More likely he just arrived. "And er…" The black haired woman gets a startled look before… that wave. "Kori?"

Skaar has just arrived to hear the news. That is, Lunair not getting blown up or shot. That that is 'new' doesn't make him exactly happy. But Skaar is rarely a happy fun person, so all is normal.

Starfire new look draws a quizzical glance from the green-skinned giant. Blink, blink. Hmm. "Nice hat," maybe he felts he had to say something. As reality check.

"Talking to yourself, Lunair?" Roy asks as he walks in with a box full of what looks like various chemicals, arrow parts, and little kibbles. Taking a seat, Roy studies Starfire's new look, followed by a "Captain Eo's better. We should go zombie hunting sometimes," as he starts spreading out the equipment.

Taking an arrowhead, he starts loading it and attaching it to a shaft, before putting it aside. "What's going on, people?"

Lunair scritches the little critter's head and - blink. There's a smile, seeing Starfire. "Hi. That hat is great on you," Nod. The tiny dino snarfs another berry. "Hey! That one was mine," She pouts a little. "No, I am talking to him," A point to the tiny critter.

She notices Jeri, tilting her head. "You did sleep, right?" Uh oh. That sounds a bit ominous. Then, there's a Skaar. She smiles, waving at him. Lunair is joyful in her own way, most of the time. There's a serious disconnect between her body count and personality. But life not in a lab room is probably just incredibly precious to her. "It's good to see you guys." And hopefully no one was paying attention to what she was talking to her reptile-bird buddy. She really doesn't want to think about some guy getting vibrated out of his armor anymore. No siree.

There's several reasons and methods to Kori's madness. One: It kills time and she is enjoying Michael Jackson. Two: Secretninjaspyassassin.

Two is a lie. She isn't a secret, in fact it seems much of who and /what/ she is is becoming less pressed to be a secret with the news she is hearing and seeing, as well as the happenings in Metropolis. Some things she prefers to keep secret. Her home is one of them.

Leaning back upon the backrest of one of those lounge chaises near Lunair she plops the hat on Skaar and offers a wave to Jeri, popping the bud out of her ear and staring with a slow blink at Roy. Head tilt.

One thing about Kori, she catches things, but unless someone chooses to illuminate she assumes it is not desired and commences acting like a dim bulb.

…and then there's what Roy says.

"I can do the Thriller now…" Does that count?

There's several reasons and methods to Kori's madness. One: It kills time and she is enjoying Michael Jackson. Two: Secretninjaspyassassin.

Two is a lie. She isn't a secret, in fact it seems much of who and /what/ she is is becoming less pressed to be a secret with the news she is hearing and seeing, as well as the happenings in Metropolis. Some things she prefers to keep secret. Her home is one of them.

Leaning back upon the backrest of one of those lounge chaises near Lunair she plops the hat on Skaar and offers a wave to Jeri, popping the bud out of her ear and staring with a slow blink at Roy. Head tilt.

One thing about Kori, she catches things, but unless someone chooses to illuminate she assumes it is not desired and commences acting like a dim bulb.

…and then theree's what Roy says.

"I can do the Thriller now…" Does that count?

Ah, that was Kori. Jericho smiles and nods to the Tamaran Michael Jackson impersonator. "It might count." Upload it to youtube and see what happens? No, he doesn't say that. She might do it.

"I slept a bit yeah." Internal sensor logs show he's been gone only a few hours. Though he does seem rather well rested. So… who knows. The hat on Skaar gets a grin. "Not much. Looking into Lunair's snake problem and seeing how it's connected to other things. You guys?"

Skaar snorts amused, and grabs the hat, giving it a cursory examination. No answer about what is going on, but he has little to say. He hangs out often with Lunair, ostensibly to be her bodyguard. But she still manages to get in trouble, to no one's surprise.

Taking a decision, he drops the hat on Lunair's head, and gives an approving nod.
Lunair has partially disconnected.

"Your little dinobuddy, eh?" Roy comments, as he prods it. "Did you give him a name yet?"

Looking back up at Starfire, Roy considers. "Go for it. Wait, wait, someone got a camera? Record this." Leaning back, the archer grins at Jericho and Skaar. "So, the snake problem… what've you got so far…? All I know… well, I haven't heard much yet."

Especially after Skeletor blew a hole in it. er, Taskmaster. Lunair is going to remember that one. Maybe it was 'don't let him clonk you'. She needs every IQ point she can get, after all. Lunair grins as Skaar has a hat. "It looks neat on you, too." Tall, green and quiet. He could be Noir Skaar. Or something. She's really not good at narrating.

For better or worse, she IS touched by chaos. With others coming out, the tiny dinosaur 'walks' with his hind leg and little limb-wings. Hmmm. He's watching the group. "That's a pretty tough dance," Lunair remarks. As for Jeri, she nods. "Just feeding this little guy, thinking." Then a faint smile and she has a hat dropped on her head. An owlish blink. "Ah, hey." She beams at Skaar. "Thanks. And no, no name yet. I'm bad at giving names." Really.

Then there's a look to Roy. "Besides the fact I'm one of their creations and probably whatever, I don't really know. I don't care for them much." Sigh. "I know I'm not the only one though."

Kori would do it, she would put on the full show if tempted, much to her crews dismay more then likely. They like it on the inside. (No lie!)

When the conversation starts drifting to the snakes, codename for HYDRA and company Starfire just sits there, from utter stillness to a small head bobble, even a toe tap, that shoulder length curly black hair begins to descend and take on a red ombre,the pale skin tanning and then burning into that tawny hue, fully dissipating into the figure of Kori as she leans back and flows like liquid over the back of the couch down into the seat, a feline serpent in her own movements. Up side down her feet are dangling and snapping back and forth to the beat in her head from their expose perch over the backrest of the chaise, red hair spilling along the floor. Humanistic green eyes bleed outward into that pupilless emerald shine.

"Give me a location and I'll repay them in kind." Kori is not one for sitting and discussing. Only doing. Semantics make her fidgety - obviously. One hand extends, palm out towards the dino as se look up and up-side down company. "I will not meddle with morals for my friends and my home."

"I can give you several." Jericho grins and punches up the locations of a a few of the larger confirmed snakeholes in the Tri-City area. "And yeah, that's more or less it Roy. Lunair was created by a Hydra front company and her project was administered by them. Now they want to coopt her and a bunch of others for something big. Something specific in the Tri city area and I'm fairly sure it has to do with them mucking about with magical forces." He glances up at Roy. "Your name's come up a few times as a target. Kori's not so much. I don't think she's on their Radar. And I'd love to see you guys slap them around a little. Just be careful. They're prone to summoning big demons these days and messing around with interdimensional portal stuff. It's… icky."

Jeri'd needed May to help out the last time.

"I think mutants are born, not made," notes Skaar. But perhaps they healed the disease that kept Lunair insulated. That is something he would like to know before smashing indiscriminately. "Do we know the whole story? Or where can we find out?"

Of course they can count on him to visit some of those Hydra places. He looks at the addresses and memorizes them. Big demons, uh? He has never met any. Sounds interesting.

"Unless they're genetically engineered before the eggs are fertilized…?" Roy notes, as he considers. "Can't say I'm surprised, I've had a few run-ins with Hydra and Cobra, and whoever they're working with."

Glancing back at Jericho, Roy squints. "What's that friend of yours, the magician, got, by the way?"

Lunair blinks a moment. "Sorry," She notices the change. "And I don't know. All of us who were in the trial were dying of something or other," She considers. "Maybe I wasn't going to work out, then got kind of lucky." Then she looks to Roy. "I dunno, I think I have parents. I have a grandpa in town. He's pretty badass. I don't always understand, but he does want me to visit and stuff," She remarks. "My origin is weird. Maybe I should've launched off a planet or something," One eye closes. Unless of course, she was in fact, engineered or altered at some point. Who knows? It's not like she can go back in time. A look to Skaar.

She seem uncertain. "Technically, it all did." She goes quiet. "So there's that much. I still need to name this little guy." A peer down at the tiny dino, who now walks to Starfire's hand and will climb up.

Starfire's eyes flick from the screen and the points to K'tten, who already has them noted and correlated, a small flick of two fingers in a salute to Kori to signify as much. When the dino climbs up she places it upon her bare abdomen, that hand that slides from under it now lifts to offer a light finger curling scritch to its chin.

"Now many casualties in the areas?" One foot bops, pauses, then the other. The inquiry can go to either K'ttn or Jer, whoever answers first gets a cookie?

"Not all of them." He nods up at the screen. "The larger hideouts tend to be away from the densly populated areas because they get noticed otherwise. Smaller ones…" Jericho points out several others. "Those you usually have to go in and clean out personally." Not that he thinks Skaar, Starfire or Roy will have any trouble with this. In fact he hopes they decide to take up some part time Snake smashing as a hobby. The damn snakes have earned it certainly.

"Mmmm, not sure on that one Skaar. I need to find their research notes and I don't have them yet. It's possible they were destroyed when Lunair's project blew up in their face. Illyana's got a separate line on this Roy. Still haven't made it down to Central America yet to poke around but it's on the books. Good consensus at this point is whatever they were doing down there was a dry run for up here… and I have a feeling it concerns the Metro power grid…" Which is apparently a conspiracy theory. Seriously.

"Hrm. How about Savage, Lunair? That's where you got him after all. Er, her? It?"

Skaar would happily take snake-smashing as a hobby. His demolitions quota has declined sharply since their return from the Savage Land, and he is feeling restless. Not a good thing. "They must know more than we do," notes Skaar, "otherwise they wouldn't consider Lunair so important as to chase her even when they know she has powerful defenders." That reward is too high, and the skeleton guy even dared to attack the starship. It surely means Luna is very important for someone.

Lunair is quiet, smiling at her little dino as he climbs onto Starfire and lets himself get scritched. Cheeping ensues! "I was considering Sir Cheeps, but I'm bad at names…" She admits to Jericho. "And they also sometimes just hide in with normal people, I think. Unless that's something else." She gets her bad guys mixed up sometimes. "They're related to Nazis somehow, and most people really don't feel bad defeating a Nazi." Nazi-stomping is probably an American hobby or something.

"Um. If it helps, the blowing the place up wasn't me." She looks sheepish. "And I don't know…" Oh dear.

She looks to Skaar. "Maybe they want the stuff they used back. I'd rather not get juiced. I don't know." Sigh. She's saying that more than he likes. "It's all weird. And that expensive metahuman hunter group. I still have to say thanks to that detective. And maybe they didn't know about you guys. I tend to move around a lot."

"I grow tired of talking about it." That is when a look is given to K'tten with a small smile, but that small smirk on deep purple stained lips is moreso for th chirping little scaled beasties. It reminds her of some of the fauna of home. She misses the Savage Land in parts and had that area logged into her sips tracking system as well.

But just as serenity can be obtained the stars outside start to shift as well as their view of Metropolis below. The ship is moving! So Kori doesn't just sit and do nothing.

"The hole the skull faced man blew into our home made me realize I was not content sitting like a ostrich….goose.." A waffling gesture of her free hand into the air. Whatever the word was someone knew. "So I got the thrusters going again." Pause. "What's the most remote location again? I say we go say hi…"

"The most remote one that I can connect to this for sure?" Jericho pulls up the file on a medium sized base with about forty to fifty people in the remote Canadian wilderness. About fifty miles from the border and in an area that is festooned with small lakes. "Underground here. Big enough that it's the kind of thing I wouldn't usually take on by myself unless I had to." Which is why it's still there even though Jericho knows about it. Now that the Outsiders know, though…

"I heard about what that guy did. Sorry I wasn't here for that. Maybe they need a bit of a lesson… I'm fairly sure they're doing some kind of related research here. Genetic? Seems like anyway. Not mutants I'm fairly sure."

"As for you Lunair, I think it's because of your power. You could be, if you wanted to be, insanely destructive and powerful. They want that. Remember what I said last night about rapid, violent change?"

"Underground, nice," observes Skaar, wielder of the Old Power. They couldn't be more vulnerable to someone like him. "Although I suppose we should try to retrieve whatever information they have." So he can't just bury it all under a few thousand tons of rock. Then again, that would be boring. "You want us doing this?" He asks Lunair. It is her war.

"It's your call, Lunair," Roy interjects, as he adds a few more completed fixed arrows to the pile, before tilting his head back at Starfire. "Although I've got to say, the notion of just firing a bolt from the sky has its appeal. We owe them one, don't we?"

"We can subject change. I am sort of tired of them," Lunair admits. The lil dino seems happy to peer up at Starfire, curious. And the ship is moving. Both Lunair and dino are a bit wide-eyed at the movement. "Neat! And I guess. I'm not sure what I think of it," She admits with a sigh to Jericho. "I still get to see you guys, visit grandpa and stuff so it's okay." She's met lots of new people.

Then Lunair looks confused. "They're /wanna-be Nazis/. I think blowing them up is also a national past time or something. So um. Go for it. I'm kinda tired of hiding and killing them every so often anyway." That, and maybe she's picking up that Skaar might wanna smash a little. "So … it's okay if you wish. I'm not your boss. And I kind of hate them a lot." She seems a little more lucid looking at that last sentence. Someone's got a Japanese horror grade grudge. "Just please be careful. They do seem to have some serious weapons."

Starfire does not move from her up-side down seating, though that bopping foot gesture has ceased and her hand holds up and out to support the small falter the movement caused the tiny dino to falter. "I consider anything that hunts my friends or blows holes in my ship something not really worth more thought then a button push or a small game of slap and tickle punch… For funsies."

Starfire now looks at each person and then smiles. "Game on."

Legs swing up and over, moving with that feline grace to roll back and come to her feet, that dino having been tucked into her chest to not roll over him in the motion, handing him back to Lunair as she heads for the command console and K'ttn. "This is what I do. They blew a hole in the wrong ship." Que the big shiny smile of pearly whites and canines.

Oh dear. Well you know intel would be nice but Hydra has enough redundant research facilities that it's probably out there in more than one spot. Jericho will be more than happy to provide Skaar with the location of several confirmed remote hideouts. If he wants to bash, smash and interrogate them at his leasure, he's more than welcome to do so. The same goes for Roy and Kori. RIght now it seems like this base is going to get a face full of angry Starfire.

And the hacker is pretty sure he approves.

Lunair is quiet a moment. The tiny dino peers up at Starfire again. He cheeps at being tucked into her chest, and then gets handed back over. Lunair holds her hands up to accept dino. "Yeah, I still feel pretty bad that happened." Sigh. She look to Jericho, tilting her head. "I am helping my grandpa find a place to live and stuff." So really, it isn't all HYDRA, all the time. But she falls quiet, to think.

Starfire plugs her tablet in and now th music is streaming through the speakers, a moment of silence until she spins and loops a thumb into one of those purple straps and points, but instead of up like good ole MJ she is pointing to a spot on the map.

"You've been hit by.." The music streams after some ominous echoes and clatters of the beginning through the large metal ship.

"You've been struck by.."

Starfire commences moonwalking back towards the hallway where the rooms line the ships deck.

"Smooth Criminal."

Yeah… HYDRA's gonna love this onslaught. Death by alien MJ's.

They asked for it.

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