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<February 07, 2015>: When the Titans investigate some odd happenings at Coney Island, the run into an unexpected ally.

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Coney Island has had a hard time rebuilding since the hurricane, but the 2014 season was deemed to be a succcess by all accounts- a record breaker, even. Snow is still on the ground today, and the opening of the park's next season is still six weeks away, on March 29th. Until that time, only maintenance staff and the park employees tread through its streets, check attractions and make necessary last-time adjustments.

It is just as well that there are no members of the public nearby tonight. The Titans have been contacted by an anonymous tipper who claims to have seen 'something strange going on' in the park. Strange with a capital 'S'. Normally anonymous tips would be passed on to the police if it seemed to be more their style… but the accompanying video from a camera phone peaked interest among the Titans.

A certain shambling… moving, something humanoid-looking was caught on video. The creature emerged from behind a building and headed towards one of the attractions at a quickened pace- before vanishing completely.

"I think it merits a look, at least," Vorpal says in hushed tones as he and his team-mate arrive to the prescribed location, just outside the park gates. They chose the midnight hour because it would only leave the security detail… and, well, they had a friend who could run interference with the security systems for as long as they were there, after all.

Bunker nods as he floats along beside Vorpal on a small platform of glowing psionic bricks. "Well, si. With the shambling. I'm thinking nothing good really shambles. Or stalks." He looks careuflly to eaither side, and over them to the towering rides and signs, all providing perfect hiding spaces.

Recognizable in the skies above thanks to his mostly jet black bodysuit hugging his skin, Osiris is airborne in the sky. His divine nature protects him from the cool weather. Currently, he is flying low enough that he can't see all of the park, but most people could probably see him. But no one ever looks up, right? Looking down, he spots the purple and feline figures. Sadly, the gods didn't give him any augmented senses, so he has no way of knowing what's going on or who he's even looking at, but he hovers down for a closer look.

"Now, let's not be so narrow-minded. I have known a few decent shamblers-" Vorpal's words die out as he narrows his eyes. His night vision gives him an edge in nocturnal situations, and he sees something.

"Over there. By the carousel…"

Behind them was the 'Scream Zone' area, clearly whatever was shambling about in the distance had chosen to do so in the ordinary section of the park. A Rabbit Hole opens to allow Vorpal to make it to the other side of the fence. He assumes Bunker can fly over it- "Over there… c'mon, let's move quietly and see if we can catch it."

Up ahead, in the darkness, a figure very much like the one in the video is shambling towards the carousel. It is a ways away, fortunately, so it is not likely to hear them.

Vorpal does not notice the figure flying above because… well, people usually don't look up.

Bunker tenses and moves in, his flight silent as it can be. He nods and follows Vorpal, moving away from him a bit in order to flank the thing - whatever it is.

"Weird…." Osiris mutters to himself in a hushed voice. The shambling figure is nigh impossible to see so far up in the sky, so his actions are limited. Perhaps not concerned or just not aware, the godling lands gracefully and softly on top of the carousel. Even then, his dark costume still provides him with some sort of camouflage, and he's really quiet as to not attract any attention to himself.

Though that ends soon. "ISIS!" He calls out causing his body to start crackling and sparking with electricity. It creates a large light source (and a lot of noise), but he's carefully not to actually blast anything with lightning bolts. What can I say? He's not very stealthy.

"Jeebus!" Vorpal's exclamation is not a magical invocation, merely the reaction of someone startled out of his wits. He turns around to try to identify the source of illlumination-

"Up in the sky-" Vorpal points Bunker. It's a bird. No, it's a plane. No, it's a guy in tights glowing and crackling.

The illumination causes the shambling figure to race at a speed that at first seemed unlikely for something that large. It is as if it fled the light… but the moment it reaches the inside circle of the carousel, it vanishes completely!

Bunker jerks back and almost falls off his platform. "Yipes!" he yells, and forms up bricks over his fists, giving himself 'Thing-hands'. He flies forward, towards the costumed figure. "You think he's behind this?" he comms to Vorpal as he closes on Amon's form. He glances to the carousel, then back to the black-clad figure as he speeds towards him.

"Greetings. You're in a better state, Vorpal." Osiris observes and nonchalantly waves at the Titans as they come into view because of his amazing illlumination. He postions his body awkwardly so he's litterally hanging upside down in the air and looks into the carousel, leaving him exposed to any sort of attack Bunker tries on him.

"He…She..IT is gone." Osiris says quietly, noticing the disappearance of the shambling form. He isn't quite sure why or WHAT he was looking for, and sparks of electricity are still falling off his form.

Vorpal blinks, and then he answers to Bunker "It's ok, Bunker, he's not a bogey." the cheshire cat looks at the glowing one. "He was one of the people who came to help when Gar was injured."

"Osiris, was it? Fancy meeting you here. We're investigating reports of something strange happening here. I think you just saw some of it, though your light show seems to have driven it into hiding."

The cheshire thumbs towards the carousel which remains inert.

Bunker pulls up short, letting the bricks encasing his hands melt away. "Oh! Cool," he says, floating over to where Osiris is, though staying back from the lightning display. "Yeah, I don't blame it, either. Can you dampen back on that, or is it not possible?" he says to Osiris, his voice and demeanor more curious than demanding. He looks back to the carousel, and drifts to one side again, in case the creature decides to make a break through him.

"Flashy, isn't it? I never considered how useful it could be." Osiris pauses for a moment. "Well, in any case other than hurling a lightning bolt at someone's face." The god flips around, and drops to the ground. "It eventually dies down, yes." He gives Bunker a sideways glance. "The name's Osiris, by the way." As he says this, the crackling and sparks come to a halt, and the divine magic imbued within him disappears.

"Sorry about that, I didn't know you two were trying to be sneaky." He looks towards the carousel again. "Do you think it's hiding in there? Or maybe he disappeared." He says as he takes a few steps inside the carousel. "I've never actually been inside an amusement park. They didn't have many where I was raised…" He states sort of offhandedly.

Vorpal follows Osiris into the carousel- taking note of Bunker flanking the attraction. If the two went inside and Bunker remained outside, perhaps they'd be able to flush the creature out?

"Oh? Where that might be?" Vorpal asks in relation to Osiris' statement, "We didn't really have much time for introductions over at the hospital…"

"Bunker," the cowled teen says to Osiris, pointing to himself when the other hero intros himself. He flanks the carousel as the others enter, and he starts to form up a brick wall of psionic-constructs, arcing away from him on either side. Maybe it will bolt when it sees it's route of escape closing….

"Egypt." Osiris responds. "Not in a very civilized part of it, though. I don't have very pleasant memories of the place," The godling murmurs that last part. "However, that was a long time ago. I like to think Kahndaq is my home, now. It's another country in the middle east."

At the mention of the hospital, Osiris raises a brow. "I assume your green…companion is alright, then?" His eyes are still focused on the inside of the carousel, waiting for this creature to show itself.

"My boyfriend's made a full recovery. Shapeshifters tend to be very hard to kill," the cheshire answers, and frowns as he walks down the rows of horsies. "Geez, these are frickin' creepy." Carousel horses tended to look far less appealing in the dark, even to someone who could see in the dark.

However, the carousel does not stay in the dark for long. The lights snap on, reflecting off the metal poles and gold leaf, highlighting the bright colors. Cheerful organ music begins to blast out of the fairground organ as the floor under Vorpal and Osiris' feet begins to spin gently when the carousel boots up, seemingly with no visible operator.

"Yeah, this isn't creepy at ALL!" the cheshire says, looking around frantically to find whomever pulled this prank.

"Yo!" Bunker exlaims, as the lights snap on and he's momenrarily blinded by their brilliance; he raises a hand in front of his eyes, and keeps his construct wall and platform intact for now. "What th—-?"

"Yeah, this is getting weird." Osiris says almost matter-of-factly. Still even with all the creepiness, h

"Yeah, this is getting weird." Osiris says almost matter-of-factly. Even with all the creepiness, he still floats off the ground and actually mounts one of the many horses.

"Hmmm….Not very amusing, I have to confess." The young man says, seemingly bored with the relatively slow-paced horse already. He looks around for the operator, too, while on the moving horse. "I'm starting to think this 'shambling dark' figure is less dangerous than I once thought." 'Cause he was expecting a dark figure cloaked in shadows, trying to terrorize children.

"What do you mean?" Vorpal asks of Osiris- and then to Bunker, "Bunks, do you see anything out there? Anyone at all?"

The grounds are completely empty.

And that shouldn't happen. There should be a security force somewhere.

Our heroes have little time to make further inquiries, however, as the carousel begins to spin faster.

"I want to know how this thing came to life. Isn't there usually a main switch somewhere-"

And faster. "-where the main controller can keep the…"
And faster. Faster to the point that Vorpal is not clinging to Osiris' leg as he almost loses his balance when tthe great carousel gives a jerk, a shudder, and begins to spin quite fast. There is a horrible grinding noise from a mechanism that was clearly not meant to move this quickly, but it is being forced by some unknown influence. "Whoa! Okay, is this dangerous enough?" he says, clinging to Osiris' leg and trying not to get thrown off by the momentum.

"No! Nothing!" Bunker yells to Vorpal, still rubbing his eyes. When the caroesel begins to spin, though, he makes an effort and extends his wall around the entire thing, and forces the bricks density down, down to something like quilting. "Let go! The wall will catch you!" Which might not be the most insane thing a teen superhero hears in a day, but it's up there.

"Walls don't catch peop-Oh." His voice is drowned by the sound of grinding, but he seems to understand what the purple hero's walls are doing. He throws his arms around the neck of the horse, and his legs press against the side of the horse, holding tight. "Okay! This clearly isn't some prankster." Flying or letting go isn't really an option for him, right now. Since Vorpal is still clinging on to his leg. "Should I destroy the machine? I think I should the destroy the machine!" He's doesn't act, but he's impulsive and uses his fists for most of the situations he finds himself in.

"Let's try not destroying the machine, these guys could barely rebuild after Sandy- but you could try lightning again and short-circuit it?"

Vorpal trusts Bunker, so he lets go of Osiris' leg and is flung across the carousel. On his way to the wall, he impacts one of the horses-
And ends up slamming against the soft bricks, sore on his right side.

Just in time, it seems, as the carousel is spinning faster and faster…

Bunker thickens the bricks under Vorpal, letting the man hit a wad of soft constructs, which let him down shakily to his feet. "Osiris!" Bunker calls out, "Be careful!"5r

"Not sure how this thing reacts with mystically lightning, but alright!" Waiting until Vorpal is off the platform and on to Bunker's purple bricks, Osiris shakily points his arm directly to the platform below him, trying to control the power. "ISIS!" A bolt of lightning streams out of his arm slamming into the platform. Turns out, mystical electricity works the same way as normal electricity.

It takes a while for the momentum to die from the carousel, but the lights die instantly, plunging the place back into darkness. The gears have stopped grinding, however, and it is clear that whatever was pushing the machinery actually needs juice to do whatever it was that it was doing.

"Hey… it worked! But where is our operator?"

From the center panel of the carousel, a dark shape begins to emerge- only to quickly dart back into the main body of the carousel.

"… did you see that?"

"Barely!" Bunker says, first blinded by the light, now by the switch to total darkness. "Osiris, are you alright!?" he calls.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Osiris calls back, stumbling off the horse. "Just a little shaken." He brushes off his bodysuit, and looks back to the others. "I think we can rule out telekinesis." Still shaking off the confusion, Osiris barely notices the dark form darting past him. "Wait-What was that?!" He floats backwards until his back is against Bunker's wall. "Oh gods, is this thing going to start moving again?" He asks to no one in particular.

As if to answer Osiris' question, the carousel gives off a groan… but there is no movement.

"Shh! Listen!" the cheshire, coming down from the wall perks up an ear. "… you hear that?"

There's a quiet sound. Like someone sobbing very, very quietly. It's coming from within the carousel.

Bunker keeps up the wall, but cocks his cowled head at the sobbing. He looks to the others to see if they hear what he does, then he walks slowly and calmly towards the carousel. "Hey, we're not going to hurt you…" he says softly. Maybe he's naive, maybe he's just never been exposed to the sobbing-monster-waiting-to-bite-your-face-off trap in video games, but he eases forward all the same.

Vorpal rolls 7 on 1d10.

Osiris's eyes narrow skeptically at the sobbing, his back still against the wall. Glancing at the others, the teen says, "From the looks on your faces, I'm guessing you all hear that too." Listening closer, the young teen draws a conclusion and shrugs. "We're dealing with ghosts, aren't we."

"Maybe," Vorpal says quietly, setting foot on the carousel.

The sobbing stops abruptly at Bunker's words, and there is silence for a long while. Finally, there is movement as the black shape appears once again. Slowly emerging from the carousel, but once it comes out it shambles forward and then comes to a full stop.

It is taller than a man, but that is all that can be said. It is very amorphous in shape, and it is impossible to distinguish any features at all. It is as if it is a large swath of darkness given shape. It does not move, however, nor does it attack.

A strangled, muffled voice from within it says "Leave me alone!"

It is hard to distinguish its characteristics, it is rather heavily muffled.

Bunker swallows as he slows, seeing the figure. He tries not to make any sudden moves. "Sorry," he says softly. "Don't cry. I want to help," he says gently. "That's what I do, what we all do," he says, nodding to the others. "Do you need help?"

Osiris glances nervously between Bunker and the shadowy shape. "Be careful…" He whispers to Bunker in a hushed voice. "Might not be a ghost, after all." The young man says, looking the figure up and down. Trying to be very gentle, he asks, "Wha-Who are you?"

The figure takes a step back. It is uncertain whether it is out of doubt or fear… But then Vopal has an idea. He remembers how the figure fled from the bright light produced by Amon.

"Bunker," he whipsers into his comm, "… make a wall around the central console." Out loud, "Amon, lights!"

Bunker nods gamely as he forms a second construct around the central part. Nobody has seen him make two large disparate constructs like that before.. because he didn't know he could. Sweat beads on his forehead, soaking his mask, and the boy blinks sweat out of his eyes. "Got it," he subvocalizes to Vorpal through thei

r commm.

"ISIS!" The words fall out of his lips, but echo in the air. Osiris's form crackles with gleaming golden lightning. "Third time, today. Hopefully I don't run out of juice." Glowing brightly, Osiris, once again, becomes the source of bright illlumination. "There's nowhere to run, dark shadowy thing!" He calls out in premature victory.

The dark, shadowy thing disintegrates before the Titans (and company) like flashpaper caught by the flame. Dark particulate lasts in the air for half a second before vanishing without trace.

In its stead, however, and revealed by the vanishing black body is a young girl… probaby eight, ten at most, with dark hair and tanned skin. She lets out a cry and hides behind one of the horses, cowering.

"… that… I wasn't expecting that." Vorpal says.

Bunker growls a wordless warning to Osiris, but then he swallows it as he sees the creature 'transform', and he goes down to one knee. OK, that's also because he has a splitting headache from maintaining two constructs this long.

"That was child." Osiris points out and sheepishly rubs the back of his head. Maybe assuming a scary-looking, dark form is evil wasn't such a good idea. Because, now, the teen hero feels pretty awful. He feels inclined to help her because of how he jumped to conclusions, but he forces himself to stay back. After a couple more moments, the light he was producing dies down.

"So it was…" Vorpal hms, and looks at the girl.

She looks as if she hasn't had a bath in weeks, and her clothes are ragged.

"That… shadow thing, the shambling thing she created… I think she could control things with it. That's how she did…" he waves at the carousel… "this."

He puts a hand on Bunker's shoulder, "Let it go, Bunk, she can't run right now… hey," he says quietly to the girl. "Are you ok?"

Silence. Stare.

-— New Activity ---
"Do you have anywhere to go?"

Stare. Slow shake of the head.

Bunker nods to Vorpal and lets his constructs dissolve, which also stops the spiking pain in his head. He smiles as warmly as he can to the girl. "We'll find you a place, then, where you can sleep somewhere warm," he says, as he stands again.

"How did you do…" Osiris makes vague hand gestures to the carousel. "that?" It probably isn't the most sensitive thing to ask, but he's really curious and can't help himself. "Not that I'm still mad or anything. I just really want to know."

"I just," the girl says quietly, "I just…" she shrugs. "I did it." She looks at Bunker with some apprehension.

""Mutant or meta. At this young age," Vorpal says very quietly to Bunker. "… alright, sweetie, do you have a name?"

A long hesitation, and then "Ariana."

"Ariana. That's a lovely name. My name's Vorpal, and this is Bunker and that over there is Osiris-"

"He makes the dark hurt…" the girl says, taking a step away from Osiris.

"He won't do that again, honey. But we needed to do it to see what was happening. Are you… are you lost?"

She shakes her head, but doesn't say anything.

"Did you run away from someone?"

The girl hesitates again, and Vorpal says, "It's ok, you can trust us, hon. We're heroes."

She looks down for a few seconds, and then looks up again. "Daddy. He wanted me to hurt people. I didn't-" she takes a breath, her eyes wide and expressive, "I ran away-"

Vorpal hums, and looks at Bunker. Then back to Ariana. "Uncle Bunker is going to take you to a place where you can be safe, okay? He's very good and you can trust him with anything. He'll take you to people whom you can tell everything and they'll do everything to keep you safe, okay?"

The girl nods slowly, and then finally steps away from the horse and takes several hesitating steps towards Bunker, making a wide curve so as to avoid going near Osiris.

Bunker takes hold of the girl's hand. "OK, now, we're going to go up in the air, so we can get there quickly, OK?" he says, forming his brick constructs up around them so it's more like he's standing in a bucket. "Don't worry about Osiris; he's a good guy," he says as they lift off slowly and then bank towards upstate New York, and the town of Salem Center…

Osiris crosses his arms and tilts his head at the girl. Once she's with Bunker, Osiris speaks up, "I don't think she likes me very much. Not that I blame her. Unfortunately, I wasn't very…sensitive to her. If I had known…." He sighs and turns to Vorpal, "Where's he taking her, by the way?"

"You don't need to apologize, you were expecting something else entirely. So were we." The cheshire walks over to Osiris and reaches out to put a hand on his shoulder. "You were fine. As for where he's taking her… it's a place some friendsd told us of. It's safe, don't worry."

He looks down at Osiris' form-fitting uniform and huhs, "Okay, you've got the black and gold theme going on, the lighting is a fitting symbol from what I saw of your display of powers. So.. what are you doing here? Kandaqh is a long ways away from Coney Island." He grins.

Osiris smirks. "You know, I never actually picked out this costume. It sorta comes with the package. The lightning bolt is a nice touch, though." He looks over the catboy. "Your costume is much more revealing…"

He pushes a strand of black hair from his eyes and looks around the park. "Kahndaq merely serves as a base of operations, and a place where I can visit my sister. I spend much more time here, though.

At this, the cheshire laughs and looks down at his uniform. "Yeah… maybe mine is a little on the revealing side. But hey-" he looks up and smirks, "If you've got it, flaunt it, right? So you're here all by yourself? Team member or lone wolf?"

"No, I'm not in any sort of team, at the moment. I'm came here because I needed some fresh air, and midnight flying is relazing. Plus I haven't slept in years." He looks up to sky where Bunker flew off. "I assume the purple one and you are friends and/or teammates?"

"Hey, I am the purple one. Bunker is merely honorary purple. We're both team-mates and friends," Vorpal clarifies, "We're in the Titans. Surely you must have heard of us?"

"Uh…You'd be surprised at how much information comes in when you're living across the planet," Osiris smiles. "But, yes, I have heard of the Titans, not it's individual members or any information besides you're a superhero group. I like to consider myself a superhero, too."

"Hmmm." Vorpal looks at Osiris from head to feet and ponders. "Well… outside of lightning-tossing, what else do you do?"

Osiris smiles, seeing where this going and clears his throat to tell a very short story. "There was once a time where I didn't have any powers whatsoever. That was before I was blessed and given a whole plethora of abilities to help my condition. I was gifted stamina, wisdom, strength, speed, power, and courage." He strikes a pose. "And lightning-tossing."

"So you're a lightning-throwing brick in black spandex?" The cheshire teases with a grin, crossing his arms. "A wise one, to boot?"

"Hey, like I said before, I didn't pick the black spandex. It just came with the powers. I'm basically like a…" He pauses for a moment, calling upon some of that divine wisdom. "Atlantean…on drugs." A Kryptonian might have been a better comparison, but the gods don't know much about aliens outside of their languages.

"Now that's definitely something," Vorpal muses. Atlantean-like. And the Atlanteans were a threat. Serendipitous? Perhaps.

"And don't complain about the spandex, you wear it well. Incidentally, are you interesting in perhaps joining one of those teams out there?"

"Definitely!" He paces still on the carousel, considering the offer. "That would mean I'd have a place to stay over here. Even though, traveling isn't exactly a problem," He pauses and looks to Vorpal. "That was an offer, right?"

"Well, it was definitely an invitation. For you to consider, of course. You don't need to say yes right away- you can always contact us to let us know what you think," the Cheshire says, keeping his eye on Amon.

Osiris lets out a deep breathe. "Right, of course. Is there any place where I could go to contact you."

"There's the Cronus building," Vorpal reaches into his singlet and pulls out a card from one of the secret pockets. "The address is here. Just tell the receptionist that you're Osiris and want to talk to one of us, they should be able to grab one of us."

Osiris sort of just looks at the card and leaves it in Vorpal's hand. Perfect memory for the win! He slowly lifts off the ground, preparing for flight. "And if you ever need to contact me…" He hadn't really thought about that part. "Send a message to the deities of Egypt?" And they should call him unless Zehuti is feeling especially wise that day. "I'm glad to be a part of the team!" He grins at Vorpal.

"Deities of Egypt. Got it." The cheshire grins and watches Osiris take off. "See you soon, lightning bolt!"

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