Kryptonian Chaos (Alt. Title: 'What about Bob?')

February 7, 2015:General Zod and his team perform a heist. Then things get crazy.

Downtown Metropolis - Metropolis

When the sun sets a whole new light is shed across the cities streets, cast
by a neon glow that runs artistically along the buildings eaves, both ominous
and awe inspiring with the skyward stretch that still pulses 'life' through
the giant metal monoliths.

This is home to some of the cities biggest corporations. The Daily Planet,
formerly known as Our Planet, stands a beacon with its rotating globe, having
its first editorial written by George Washington. LexCorp and S.T.A.R.
Laboratories being the main employers for the city and harbor the
technological and scientific advancements that keep the city's pulse flowing
in more ways then one, and not just through the veins that cut through
underground from Union Station.


Eric Johnson, ALS Paramedic, Metropolis Fire and Rescue
Unknown Road Rage person
Unknown Taxi driver
Unknown musclebound male Kryptonian
Unknown female Kryptonian
Unknown security guard

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It is a late night in Metropolis, although given all of the glittering city lights it's almost hard to realize that the stars were somewhere in the sky behind the clouds and the moon was out. The streets downtown are crowded as usual with throngs of people, going from point A to point B; completely unaware of the events unfolding around them.

In the street, a taxi driver beeps his horn repeatedly at the car in front of him, yelling loudly out his window, "Hurry it up ya jackass!"

The driver of the vehicle in front of the taxi driver steps out, a large burly man who looks more at home in the wrestling ring then he does on the street. He cracks his neck with an audible snap and begins to walk towards the Taxi, pulling the driver out of the vehicle in a single motion and slamming him to the ground, "Did you just disrespect me punk?"

In one of the large office buildings above, something far more serious is occurring however. An alarm had been tripped not long ago as a group entered the building from above, breaking into a secure vault.

These were no ordinary thieves however, these were General Zod and a pair of his most trusted followers; recovering something that Zod felt belonged to him. Private security forces had arrived to deal with Zod and his men, but were swiftly dispatched. Somewhere on the 57th floor, Zod and his team were preparing to make their escape; unless stopped.


Green Lantern has been making Metropolis his home recently, in part due to Superman's current absence, in part for more personal reasons. Regardless, he flies above as a streak of emerald light, visible even from the ground, a beacon to remind the citizens of Metropolis that they are watched over.

His ring picks up the electronic alarm, the signal going out long and strident. While he might sometimes not think theft a big deal, the screams of terror from the security team over their feed certainly tell him that it's no ordinary burgler.

Hal Jordan narrows his eyes and shifts his direction and sweeps towards the source of that signal, unsure of what he'll face…but certain that, whatever it is, he can handle it. Overconfident? Maybe. But that's how you get to be a Green Lantern.


The life of a Metropolis Fire and Rescue Critical Care Paramedic is never a dull one. And that's before the excitement of living in one of the best cities in the world. Or being one of the folks that is appreciated for her service to the city and resisting the lures of money and fame.

Cameron Tenoaks, AKA 'Columbia', is with her shift - partner Eric Johnson as Medic 41 tonight. The call had come in a few moments ago, apparently there was an activated fire alarm in a high - rise and reports of possible injuries. Paramedics usually aren't the first wave in, but Cameron is a special case.

Why she's a special case becomes obvious pretty quickly to those not in the know as she sees the traffic starting to stack up from blocks away.

"Go get started, Cam, I'll find somewhere to park." Eric offers that to her even as the orange-haired woman is popping the passenger door open, flinging herself out of the vehicle to a rolling stop with a paramedic bag over her shoulder before gathering her feet beneath her and launching herself skywards, looking for the building in question.

There may even be more of a traffic jam now, as some of the folks in nearby vehicles point and start taking photos of her launch with phone - cameras.

"Columbia, released, heading to hi-rise. Need traffic control here A.S.A.P."

There's lives to be saved and seconds count!


Well Nyx has been feeling very twitchy ever since that portal snagged her and dropped her on her head from several hundred feet a week or so ago in Neverwhere. She isn't sure why she is feeling twitchy but it has driven her from her native stomping grounds for New York and caused her to somewhat aimlessly wander the streets. Some.. part of her.. is looking for something specific now though.

The teenager's head cocks to the side, she isn't conscious of the alarm but part of her is. Looking up at the building in time to watch the emerald light head up that way. Wow that is high up… Nyx eyes the building now then the 57 stories and curses lightly under her breath. Maybe she can hulk leap.. she hasn't tried it but theoretically. Then she spots Columbia flying off towards the building as well and her eyes narrow even further. "Oh come on… does everyone in this city fly… I mean.. Really…." she eyes the building once more there. Well she isn't as strong as the hulk… but this is five hundred and seventy feet not … miles. What could go wrong.

Nyx gives a quick glance around, checking for bloody stupid cellphone cameras, please let this not continue her YouTube streak of horrible embarrassment. Then she takes off running hard at the building. Gauging the height… and distance .. like only a kid who couldn't get into community college could she launches herself pushing off. The pavement cracks…. she is only about a third the punch strength of The Hulk but it is plenty strong enough to get airborne in the direction of the building… but her aim is .. eeeh. She is going to hit the building certainly.


The man in black, as the good people of Earth have so casually dubbed General Zod, had been seated on a bench caddy-corner to the general area of chaos that had been unfolding. Zod's pristine black suit labels him just another late-night businessman as he waits for a taxi, or whatever his purpose. The elderly man is flipping through The Daily Planet, scanning the pages at a pace he deemed suitable for the alien species he was trying to mimic.

Little attention had been paid to the break-in area, pretending to simply not hear anything. Once the drama starts spilling out into the streets, Zod stands up, the faintest scoff as he twists his lips into some weird expression. Everything had been unfolding exactly as he had planned.

Turning towards the opposite direction, the REAL Zod… or Dru as Supergirl and friends knew him, rolls up his newspaper starts to walk off. There is a momentary pause before Zod begins to whistle.. the tune is faint, and unfamiliar to human ears, but to any Kryptonian, they'd recognize it as an old song of victory.


It had been less than a day since Kara's breakfast at the Titan's Castle and meeting or re-meeting several of them as the case may have been. In the time since, she had found herself looking for the only lead she had found since coming to Metropolis; the man Vorpal had called Johnny Cash, also known as Dru.

It was hard for her to focus her hearing to find the man, but she was trying anyways despite the difficulty she was having in blocking out all of the ambient noise of the city.

Her hunt for Dru had taken her into the skies above Downtown, searching desperately for her target; the man who had dared mention her father to her. He was here somewhere, he had to be.

The sight of the Green Lantern is impressive, it's distracting enough that she flies towards him and the other two women, but then she hears that whistling; somewhere down below in the streets. She dives towards the sound, not pausing to help the others, but given her time of arrival it doesn't look the best for her especially since she doesn't help Nyx who is about to smash into a building only feet away.

Just as Supergirl flies by a hulking brute of a man smashes through the side of the buildings wall, yelling loudly, "KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!" A meaty fist is swung directly towards Hal as the figure soars towards the Lantern. Was this General Zod?


Green Lantern has been approaching at a fair clip, but he's a flier, so that's to be expected. The sight of multiple flying women, one on a downward trajectory, one going…mostly up, distracts him only for a moment. Seeing that Nyx is about to splat herself into the windows, he projects what appears to be a large pillow, letting her land on it softly, "I think you should maybe use the stai—"

He's rudely interrupted as the massive thug strikes at him. Hal wouldn't know Zod from a bucket of peas, but he knows that the blow from this sucker tests his shielding, sending him flying across the street to crash through the windows. It also unfortunately dissolves Nyx's helpful pillow support, as his concentration is broken.

Hal isn't sprawled, though. He rises back out, floating in air, and spiked mace-balls form around his fists as his emerald armor gleams, rage and willpower feeding him, "All right, Bluto, I dunno if you're Zod or Zod's flunky or Zod's fanboy. I don't know what a Zod is to be honest, except it sounds like a ride at Disney world. What I do know is that you're in violation of this sector of space and this sector of space is under the protection of a Green Lantern. Too long, didn't read? You're about to get your ass kicked."


Columbia, currently clad in a paramedic outfit and carrying a paramedic bag while flying at a brisk clip to the floor where the fire alarm and injuries were reported is not the best candidate to grab someone who decided to try their new SuperParkour running power. She does slow down a bit to make an effort at catching the errant unknown, but with the cushioning from the Lantern slowing Nyx's fall she misses the grab and goes shooting up and past into the room where the hole has been punched in the wall, looking around for the reported injuries and the like.

If it turns out that there's no one in here hurt she *should* be able to launch herself out of the window to catch the falling woman. Otherwise, it's time for her to do what she does best — save lives.

"Met FireResc, who's hurt?"


Once flying people start making their way towards the building, Dru-Zod cannot help but look up towards the sky, his expression bewildered at the sight unfolding before his very acute eyes! Those definitely were not Kryptonians flying.. not all of them at least. Shaking his head, "Cursed cities.. I need to find a job out in the country, damn kids flying around.. whatever happened to taking the bus.."
Continuing his march away from the drama, Zod occasionally looks back towards the event, until Kara Zor-El appears in his vision, and he tilts his head. Stopping his saunter, Zod crosses his hands behind his back, his whistling cut-short as he awaits her inevitable arrival.


Poor Nyx, she probably would have been better hitting the building. She would have made another hole, much higher up, but well she is cushioned and caught before impact "uff.. stairs… right…." she starts to try to figure out what this giant green cushion is. Right about when she gets a grip on what is going on the cushion vanishes.

Then she is falling and she is about.. one cushion width from grabbing the wall on the way down. "Goddammit all" Nyx curses as she pinwheels. Great this is definitely going to end up on YouTube again. She doesn't seem to worried about hitting the ground below. Not as much as she should be at least. She is trying to grab the building though.


Remember that Taxi Driver? Nobody saved him from getting senselessly beat up. As the muscled man is about to swing another punch the Taxi driver cries out, "Look behind you!" The muscled man laughs, "Right, I'm not that stupid—-" The shadow of Nyx can be seen by them and then the man looks up and says, "Oh Shit." Surprisingly he reaches up to grab the hand of the Taxi Driver and pull him away so the pair of them won't be squished, "Come on pal, we gotta move!"

Cameron comes across at least a dozen casualties in her immediate area, the men with heads twisted fully around their necks as if broken by great force. Not far from her, she sees a man struggling to hold on to life, blood speckled upon his lips and a piece of a door frame sticking out of his stomach, he says meekly to Cameron, "Help me please"

As the cry for help is given, Cameron also sees a woman making her escape; a lead lined briefcase held in her hand as she prepared to leap out the building.

"Green Man talk too much, time to kneel!" The hulking brute who seems to be Zod? fires glowing red laser beams out of his eyes, a power eerily similar to the one used by Superman. It wouldn't take a Green Lantern to figure out this guy probably shared the same power-set as Supes without the intelligence.

Kara isn't focused on anything else, except the man in black; Dru. She screams at him in Kryptonian, "<Do you think this is a game?>"

Like a speeding bullet she races towards Dru from above, whatever the man did it had to have been bad; or maybe she was just a loose cannon. Either way, to all of the onlookers, it seemed like this 'Supergirl' was screaming incoherently while moving in to attack an innocent person.


Green Lantern's shield withstands the heat blast, even absorbing the energy to increase its own strength. Kryptonians were some of the most dangerous beings in the universe, as his ring immediately begins to remind him, the Galactic Encyclopedia's knowledge and lore of Krypton pouring into his head.

The important thing to remember? Green Lanterns have one job: safeguard the innocent people of the universe. Kryptonians were just another threat, just another big, bad alien to get handled.

And so Hal, now focused on the brute, streaks in a blur of light to drive his maced fists into the thug's chest and drive him up and away from the city, the mace's turning to jackhammer's, pounding rapid-fire machine-gun blows against the big man's chest *DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUD*


Cameron is a paramedic and a healer. And one of the unadvertised features of her healing is that the more critically wounded her patient is, the quicker the healing occurs. As she takes in the guy with the door sticking out of him there's no question in her mind as she leaps to him and places both hands on him. He DID ask her to save him. If anything, that lends a bit more urgency to her, even though there's no way she knows of to 'boost'.. but the patient must have been at death's door and knocking, because the healing is so violent that the chunk of door comes shooting out towards Columbia, shredding her coveralls partially at the mid-section before caroming off in a random direction.

"I got you! Hang on to this!"

The paramedic bag is placed in the now almost unhurt man's hands.

"I'll be right back."

She turns to pursue the escaping woman with the briefcase. Fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, she can't see through objects to realize quite yet that it is lead-lined…



Plummet.. flail.. plummet.. flail… plummet flail. Wow it takes quite a while to go over five hundred feet even at terminal velocity. The tedium is suddenly broken up by a burst of brilliant white light as wings of pure energy, constructs — not real — burst from the center of Nyx's shoulders vaporizing her hoodie. Looks like the system and power upgrades she wasn't even aware were occurring finished, rushed a smidgen due to impending impact.

Instinctively, well to her since it is really guidance from her hitchhiker, she manages to flare the wings out and slow the descent. "Woah…. hey… awesome!" she tilts her wings now and shoots back up, at a pretty good clip. As she gains altitude the same brilliant white glow engulfs her forearms from her bicep to her fists, and if you squint through the glow it looks like her arms have reconfigured partially as well. If she sees Columbia chasing any flying person out of the building yelling stop, well she will make that individual eat white hot particle beam.


Taken aback by the screaming Kryptonian, Dru-Zod looks flabbergasted! Why would Supergirl attack a poor, innocent old man.. who was practically a giant. He throws his hands up over his face, as if that would protect him from the impact of the now full-speed Kryptonian. The force in which she strikes the man sends him several yards underground, forming a giant crater where most of a street-corner was. A water main is busted, and water begins to fill the giant hole
There is no physical way a normal human could've survived that, and after a few moments it would seem as if she had finished the man off entirely.. but from beneath the rubble of his seemingly urban grave, that old man rockets out of the hole! He is airborne just long enough to land.
Zod's eyes narrow in frustration, his suit trashed and soaking wet. Surprisingly he doesn't look very injured, but his demeanor had totally changed from his earlier persona. Speaking in his surprisingly fluent English, Zod says, "You have a funny way of saying hello. It's good to see you too."

There is a pause before he attempts to make eye-contact, "I do not know what game you are speaking of. I do know that I reached out to an old friends daughter several days ago, and requested nothing of you. You seemed hostile then, and you seem hostile now.. but I will not fight you. I've got too much respect for my people to cause a scene, but if you wish to beat me.. go ahead.. it will get you nowhere."


The big man Zod? takes a rather large series of hits from the construct Jackhammers of Green Lantern, the man letting out a loud, "OOOF!" As he is sent upwards into the sky. The rapid machine gun blasts send him flying up in the air, high up into the clouds like some kind of comic book super-villain as he yells, "KNEEEEEEEEL BEFORE ZOOODDDDDDDDD". It's doubtful anyone really hears it; Hal could pursue him but it looks like his trajectory will send him somewhere into space for the next little while.

The Taxi Driver and the road-rager stare up at the sky, pulling out their cell phones as they record Nyx sprouting wings of light. The taxi driver removes his cap and says solemnly, "An angel, sent by the heavenly father friend to end our disagreement." The rager just replies, "Amen bro, amen. I can't afford to go back to jail. I'm totally gonna turn my life around, go back to college, get a job."

The security guard clutches the bag Cameron tosses him, the man still somewhat amazed he's been fully healed; he's still in shock, "Thanks, whoever you are. Please stop her, that's a Class-7 Security Risk."

The woman kicks a large piece of debris towards Cameron and leaps from the building, perfectly in sight for Nyx to laser blast her!

Kara doesn't seem to be interested in talking to Dru, instead she rushes towards the man, screaming loud enough to cause what seem to be sonic vibrations in the air around her that slam into Zod, "<Don't you dare mention my father! You're no friend of his, you're a monster from the Phantom Zone!>" Unlike Zod, she seems to stick to her native tongue of Kryptonian.


Green Lantern watches the big Kryptonian fly off, debating for a moment, but then his ring picks up more Kryptonian being shouted below, Kara's screaming cry drawing him in. He turns and flies back down, a streak of emerald light as he shoots down.

He streaks by Nyx and the angel person, who seem to have something well in hand as he zips over to where Zod and Kara are in conflict, zipping up to hover over the pair. He can't really tell who's the good guy and who the bad guy (although "monster from the Phantom Zone" sounds bad in a 50s sci fi sort of way). His ring augments his own voice, however, so both Kryptonians (and the ring clearly analyzes them both as meeting those standards, being designed to say HEY LOOK ALIEN) can hear him.

"Kryptonians! Whatever dispute you have, if you're going to fight, take it out of this city. There's been enough collateral damage already and I won't let you risk human lives. I've already kicked one Kryptonian ass today, I have no problem going to extra innings," he states authoritatively.


Bit of debris kicked at her? Class - 7 Security Risk? Cameron's instinctive reaction is to duck. Mom would be so disappointed in her… until the bit of debris goes through the wall and ceiling behind where she's standing. Was the ITEM the risk, or the woman? Because that had a lot of heat on it!

Columbia goes flying out the window towards the fleeing woman, unaware that the falling person from before is now both flight-capable and armed with a ranged implement. On the plus side, the woman she's pursuing probably thought she was taken down by the debris, so it's a nice even wash for the moment.

Given the number of security guards slaughtered upstairs, though, the briefcase is probably the focus… so if it comes down to a choice of targets the container is going to get a nice, firm, *YOINK*… or at least a firm arm wrapped around it to hold it shut.

Could it be a nuke?

"Crime doesn't pay!" Okay, corny old lines for one hundred, Alex….


Excuse me, Nyx is evidently the Angel person now. Though those white energy construct wings, very similiar looking to the green energy of someone's ring but in this case white. Also definitely different energy (not emotional), are not really flapping to keep her aloft, they just represent all the energy being expended to keep her airborn.

Still Nyx is perfectly positioned to unleash a pretty potent barrage of white particle beam blasts slamming into the woman with the lead lined case. "Columbia said stop!" woooo hero-ing! She also does her best to not blast the heck out of Columbia.


Oh.. so she wants to bring up the phantom zone, ehhh? The sonic vibrations slam into him and forces him backwards, tumbling about on the ground before he catches his footing and stands. He stands dazed for a few seconds.. surprised, just long enough to actually piss him off. His eyes narrow in anger once the effects of the sonic screaming have worn off.
Zod is yelling at the top of his lungs, his eyes glowing red as he holds back the searing heat from his eyes. Green Lantern is totally ignored, as he zips forward to deliver an incredibly fast slap to the girl. He may have been older, but he was a far better trained fighter and he was angry.. but he wasn't trying to hit her. Not hard anyways.
Switching back to English he adds, "I'm DONE with you Kara Zor-El. You disgrace yourself with your psychotic behavior. What would your father think.. randomly attacking people, damaging their cities.." He shakes his head, finally looking towards Hal, "I'm being stalked by this psycho.. if I were human I'd be DEAD by now.."


Kara is distracted by the arrival of the new-comer, the awe-inspiring Green Lantern Hal Jordan and she ceases her conflict with Zod for the moment. She seems extremely distraught as she tells the Lantern in English, "He's the monster who destroyed Krypton." Her fists ball up in rage, "He killed my family!"

The uppercut from Zod seems like it will hit Kara, but with a Green Lantern there; through the force of Willpower it was always possible he could prevent it.

Cameron is unable to get close enough to the presumably Kryptonian woman flying in the air with the lead-lined case due to the white hot particle love being shot at her by Nyx.

The woman whoever she is raises the case instinctively to defend herself from the unknown energy attack and several of the blasts hit it as well as her. A hole can be seen blasted through part of the case.

Cameron, Nyx and the Woman hear an otherworldly screech of terror coming through the case, as tendrils of energy snake outwards. It's likely that Hal's ring would detect the potential threat shortly to.

Hearing the screech, the Kryptonian woman holding the case just lets go of it and says in English, "I wish I had time to stick around but, it seems you have more pressing matters at hand now. So long ladies." She tries to fly away unless stopped.

Meanwhile, the compromised briefcase is falling towards the street, the tendrils of energy slowly moving out of it. The briefcase itself seems to be compressing in on itself at the same time. Not good.


Green Lantern slams up a brick wall between Zod and Kara, although Zod does manage to slap first thanks to sheer speed. The wall does separate them and Hal narrows his eyes, "I'm not interested. Whatever your history or crimes elsewhere, you'll behave yourself on this planet or you'll answer to me."

And then the ring alerts him to the disturbance in space, feeling it warping and starting to tear as the briefcase starts to open, "Son of a…" he mutters, flicking away in a flash of light to leave the two Kryptonians and extending his power out, wrapping it around the spiralling energy and binding it into a bubble of containment, imposing his will to prevent it from doing further damage. His ring identifies the retreating woman as another Kryptonian, "Fucking Metropolis," he mutters under his breath, brow furrowed as he makes sure to clamp down on the device.


Cameron winces as the case is shot. There wasn't even time to shout out a warning! Well, the folks of Metropolis are counting on her to be a hero, and sometimes, the hero has to do crazy stupid stuff. She dives down and attempts to press a hand over the holes in the case to try and force them shut, even as she's enveloped in the containment bubble.

This is gonna suckkkkk!


Nyx looks unsure for a moment which way to go, she didn't mean to shoot the case that was used as a shield and she definitely didn't mean for Columbia to get caught in a bubble like that "Crap…." she decides to pursue the retreating Kryptonian, at least for a ways. Her wings tilt and she surges up very fast nailing the retreating form with a blast that would demolish the best earth tank really.


General Zod can't help but laugh, "I killed your family? I destroyed our planet? Nonsense. You really are a stupid child. You must've been one of the idiots who believed all the propaganda the science council force fed them after the big cover-up. It's sad how they covered up the truth. How that coward Jor-El did NOTHING to save his planet when given the only choice. Your family is dead, our planet is DEAD.. because of the INACTION of your uncle, and the LIES and deceit of the Council. Believe what you want.. you are of no use to me anymore you helpless wench, you are just as useless as the men who I tried to save our planet from.."

With that, Zod launches into the air, cracking the ground beneath him as he flies off at an extraordinary rate, unless someone tries to stop him.

He had an army to amass.


Shimmering green energy surrounds the briefcase even as it continues to collapse in on whatever horrible creature is inside continues to emerge. Cameron is given a front row seat to the formation of an eldritch terror that would have given even Lovecraft chills; she sees as reality and time bend around a central conflux in the form of a grotesque heart within the briefcase.

As the tendrils of energy snake out around her, the containment field likely grows attempting to keep the creature inside. Instead of stopping it however, it seems to be feeding off the energy; the ethereal tendrils becoming something substantial as they phase into physical reality.

Hal's Ring alerts him that the creature is a ????? before trying several times to translate the name into a suitable language, no matter how many times it relays the name to Hal he would be unable to pronounce it in this lifetime or the next.

The important thing is his ring tells him that this creature was a member of an extra-dimensional species ancient Kryptonians had hunted to extinction and harvested as some kind of unlimited energy source. It's weakness would be inside of it, that with enough energy poured into it could be destroyed; severing the creatures hold on reality.

The containment field can be seen shattering, the power levels of the ring unable to sustain such an immense force; not without the aid of a Blue Lantern.

Kara watches the fleeing Zod and looks up towards the heroes attempting to stop whatever monstrosity had been unleashed. It's a hard choice to make, but at her heart she didn't want to see anyone else suffer. She sonic booms up into the air beside Hal Jordan and says to him, "Soo, anything I can do to help with this?"

The woman is caught off-guard by Nyx's blast, but it doesn't seem to hurt her badly. Instead she continues trying to flee, calling back, "You should be more worried about your friends and the poor pathetic people of Earth!"


Green Lantern grunts as he feels the field shatter, breaking under the force of the creature. He doesn't get his constructs broken often. To be frank, it usually just pisses him the fuck off when it does. He makes sure to keep Cameron shielded as the containment breaks apart, pushing her down.

Without an immediate solution to attack it, he quickly adapts: he transmits back to Oa, alerting the Guardians and the Corps of the creature impinging onto this universe and giving them a set of intergalactic coordinates, a largely uninhabited region of space, an empty void where the thing won't have much to assault.

And his ring begins to warp space around the briefcase, creating a wormhole that starts to suck the thing in to transport it to those coordinates, "Get back, everyone, NOW!" he says, pushing out with his ring's power with a shock-wave to knock everyone back until he and he alone is at risk from the monstrosity, trying to force it into the wormhole, a dome forming again to try and keep it from lashing beyond those boundaries, but not applying energy directly to it, not feeding it, using his will to alter space itself instead to drag the thing where it can't do any harm to people…


Wait… no… stop!

The protest was not at the Lantern, but at the energy thing that was once in the case as her healing power decides that it is a viable candidate for healing. She'd never had THAT reaction before, usually she has to focus on healing someone but that… that was almost like the thing was trying to rip it through her… and the getting shoved and shielded is a thankful relief as she finds herself deposited on the ground under Lantern's shield.

"Thanks for the assist and don't get near it, it's hungry!"

Okay, so maybe she's not the most coherent at the moment, but did she just say the thing was hungry? A few camera - phones take some more pictures of Cameron under the shield…


Nyx fires one more blast into the ass of the retreating Kryptonian. I mean sure Kryptonians, but it does still at least sting a wee bit. The hitchhiker prioritizes better energy weaponry into the queue next. At this point the teenager looks down at the chaos below "Ack!" she flips tipping those energy wings and soars down towards the situation, in time to be blasted back by the shock-wave. Well not back so much as angled and deflected down. Bright side is she ends up by Kara, maybe that is good right. "What is that thing!?"


The Kryptonian woman yelps audibly as Nyx's blast strikes her straight in the derriere, but she continues fleeing from the scene apparently terrified of what could be unleashed below.

People are continuing to snap photos of Cameron and take videos as well as the sight going on above, it was definitely not something you saw everyday.

When Nyx is knocked back by the same shock-wave she is, Kara responds to the question, "Uh, it's big, mean, ugly and I'm pretty sure it likes to eat people. I don't even think it has a name, we could call it Bob. That's a common name on this planet, isn't it?"

The creature momentarily emerges from within its pocket dimension, whatever was in that briefcase containing it. It's horrifying to behold, more mouths and teeth then anything should have contained upon a huge mass of pulsating neon green flesh.

Then it was no more.

The wormhole opened by the Green Lantern sucks it away into a remote region of space where the Green Lantern Corps can deal with it safely. More than likely to be locked away in a containment cell on Oa.

Finally, a calm settles over the area. People in the streets are cheering, most of them anyways. Some people are pissed about their damaged cars and delayed trips. Others? They couldn't care less about the meta-humans, as far as they were concerned; none of this would happen if they didn't exist.

Maybe they were right.


Green Lantern isn't about to leave his Green Lantern brethren to deal with this threat alone. He looks back over his shoulder, making sure no one needs his immediate help. Despite the chaos, things seem to be relatively under control, even if the place is crawling with aliens and alien tech. He had clearly been reticent in checking green cards. Something he would have to rectify.


He points a finger at Kara, "You and I are going to have a talk sometime. I'm not about to let Earth start turning into Kryptonian Thunderdome. For now, I have a monster to annihilate," he says, his voice showing not the hint of doubt that he'd be returning triumphant.

Which is because he had no doubt. That's why he got the ring, after all.

Hal turns back and dives, leaping into the wormhole after the monster and letting it snap shut in his wake, the world seeming to wobble for a moment like gelatin before returning to normal.


Cameron stands up and dusts herself off, noting the shredded side of her coveralls with a bit of a sigh even as she looks around for anyone that may need assistance in the immediate area aside from folks taking bunches of pictures of her, some with flashes, some without. The human tide of the interested folks swarm in on her for a brief minute before her partner Eric shows up and sort of barricades himself in the way.

"Folks, folks, we need to get to the injured and get things calmed down. Cameron will answer questions later, after things have settled down a bit."

That's enough to mollify the masses for now.

At least in her case…


Nyx stares after the Green Lantern and then asides to Kara "He definitely seems mad about something.. didn't we win?" pausing a beat "Also yeah Bob works, and hopefully we never see Bob or anyone like Bob again." she smiles though. Flying who can't smile and pivots to extend a hand to Kara "Name is Nyx."


Kara gulps a little when Hal disappears, he didn't sound pleased with her at all.

She wouldn't miss the significance of a handshake this time around and accepts Nyx's hand, "Kara. Let's hope we never have to see Bob again." As she looks around at the crowds of people, police sirens and other commotion she explains, "I don't think he's happy with me, even though we won. This is pretty much, all my fault."

"Nice meeting you." In the next instant, she was gone soaring up into the skies above The City of Tomorrow, which had thankfully survived to see another day.


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