Malicious Intent

February 07 2015: Jericho rifles for info in a HYDRA connected facility. May and Misfit arrive for separate reasons.


A small criminal-run, HYDRA financed facility in Gotham.



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Jericho's pinged May and it sounds important. Actually, that's what it says. 'Come to Gotham. Kicked over a Snakes nest. You need to see this in person. J.'

Misfit may have noticed him entering. He was subtle about it but the next five minutes were all gunfire and unearthly roars and shattering windows and finally the meaty thunk of metal into flesh. By the time it's all over the place smells of blood and gunsmoke, but the hacker hasn't come out. Indeed a flashlight can be seen going back and forth before power comes on in the building and something begins to hum a little.

Well hell. Charlie pings in her location to Oracle there and that she is seeing a whole heck of a lot of chaos down below. She then adjusts her goggles and stands with a stretch from her rooftop. She leaps down off the roof, vanishing right at the start of the leap and appearing once more on the ground by one of the doors, sneaking inside.

Having received the message, May promptly notified Director Fury and waited for his approval to go meet with Trent. Thankfully, that is exactly what the SHIELD director had intended when sanctioned May to be the hacker's 'handler'. So it adds a little time to her travel, but that is more than mitigated by the fact that Fury's authorization (and then Oracle's premission to bring SHIELD equipment into Gotham) gives her access to a faster SHIELD vehicle than a car. So, not too long after the message is sent, a quinjet pulls to an almost delicate landing in an empty parking lot a block or two away from the coordinates Jericho sent to her.

May disembarks from the black plane and locks it down just in time to see movement on a nearby rooftop and then again at a ground level door leading toward Trent's coordinates. She would have honestly been more surprised if she'd NOT seen one of Oracle's 'kids' in the area. She trots quickly over to the same door and after a moment follows Misfit inside.

The inside of the building is lit now and looks to have gone through the wringer. There are claw marks and blade slashes and bullet holes everywhere. Scorch marks from detonated explosives and unearthly ichor on the walls. And bodies. Several people are dead and two or three… faceless, gangly creatures that look like the slendermen May saw during the Annex attack. There's the sound of something being pried open the next room over. Trent is there, his blade in one hand, using it to lever what looks like a heavy security door open. His traces are flushed bright blue.

Well ick. Misfit picks her way through the corpses and rubble and slashes and bullet pocked walls now. "This.. ew…" she goes quiet again and eases around the corner to spot Trent working there. "What are theres things anyhow?" she lets him hear her voice before coming all the way around, no need to have to teleport to dodge a shot.

Melinda May follows almost precisely in Misfit's footsteps and likely doesn't have to announce herself to Jericho because it's very likely that her comm unit echoed Misfit's voice to him. She does finally (and intentionally?) make a noise so as to not startle Misfit. She hasn't worried about sneaking up on Trent for a while now. "I was really hoping to never see those things again."

"Monsters." Jericho grunts as he pries the door open. Really, that's about as good as he can do. He's got no idea what they're called. "May, you got the message. Yeah, that makes two of us. At least outside their own realm they can't phase in and out."

The door swings open to reveal a large ritual circle. The same mix of magic they've seen before. This one though, is occupied. Well, was occupied. There's… thing in the center. A void, a black mass that seems to tug toward it ever so slightly… then push away. It may take the other two a moment to realize that it's breathing.

Well Misfit remarks dryly "Monsters. Well thats descriptive.. they kind of look like that internet urban legend guy… whatshisname…" she looks around and then the doors open and she stops. Then there is staring. Then there is taking a step back to put more distance "uck…" is all she manages.

"The Silence." May is NOT amused, even if her words might come across as a joke. She just used a Doctor Who reference seriously. When she sees the black mass ahead of them BREATHING, she pauses and pulls two large knives (small swords?) from where they were concealed at her back, the blades gleaming as if freshly oiled.

Jericho has his blade out as well and May might notice that (over his shirt) he appears to be wearing two bracers made of mercury. Which is… odd. The hacker winces as the thing 'breathes' in. Misfit too will feel a tug on her magic. The things drawing the mystical in. "May… if you can wreck the ceremonial implements at the edge of the circle, I think it'll go away."

Misfit uggs and shudders deeply as it breaths in "That feels messed up.. totes messed up… why would anyone summon that kind of thing…" she steps further away.

Melinda May notices both Jericho's wince and Misfit's reaction to that thing, and nods. "Easier done than said." She moves forward cautiously, and as soon as she's close enough to the first implement, she swings the pommel end of one of her blades at the object, wanting to smash it but not ruin her blade's edge against the floor.

The chalice cracks and shatters. The thing in the center of the field seems to shimmer and flicker and the draw on Jericho and Misfit is suddenly a bit greater. The hacker drives his blade into the wall and hangs onto it to make standing upright easier. "Get the rest." He grunts. It's going, it's just being held here by the circle.

Misfit makes a hiccup noise and gets even further away there unable to deal with staying that close there. "Guh….. what the hell is it doing Jericho…"

Melinda May glances at the others, then moves faster, shattering, crushing, and breaking the implements more quickly. And for the one thing that doesn't want to break, she pulls what looks like a small liquor flask from her jacket and pours its clear contents out over the item.

The sucking void collapses in on itself with a sigh, leaving behind the corpse of a man. HIs chest had been opened up, apparently by the void that came out of him. "That was a… some kind of magical black hole. I've seen Hydra open them up before but never like that. I'm not sure if it's something they do on purpose or…" The hacker trails off, walking over to where May is with a smile of thinks then looking over the victim. "Wait…" He leans down and picks a badge off the man. Ral-Tech Labs. "May… isn't Ral-Tech a SHIELD contract lab?"

Misfit does this little shake it off dance wiggling and giving a shudder. Then once the shaking the stress off is done well she heads over to join Jericho and May. "Secret SHIELD lab?"

Melinda May looks at the badge that Jericho just plucked from the corpse, then curses faintly in Mandarin. That's as much a yes as can be expected from May, especially when she practically bristles at Misfit's question. "That's classified."

"Contract SHIELD lab." Jericho clarifies. "They probably do secret work yes, but…" Hrm. The hacker's tempted to find out what his project was but… this is why he asked May over. Well that and he didn't think he could go in here without her.

He hands the badge over. "Might wanna see what his project was. I get the feeling it might be relevant."

The hacker starts to rummage through the various files and papers in here. It's boring for a moment until… 'the hell…?" He's standing and holding up one of the papers and looking right at Misfit, between the paper and Misfit and back again.

Misfit cocks her head at May "What… oh right.. classified… right.." she seems somewhat skeptical of this but well, Secret Agent May and all so she doesn't press it. She looks around with idle curousity and then pauses and looks to Jericho "Okay.. whats in the box… whats in the box." or on the paper in this case. If nothing else Charlie does a good pop culture reference.

Melinda May looks from Jericho to Misfit and back, then takes the badge and calls in to HQ to ask about the scientist and the project(s) he was working on. If she gets Misfit's pop culture reference, she doesn't say anything about it.

Jericho turns the paper around, possibly while before may goes to call. The pictire on it is of someone who… looks an awful lot like Misfit. But is dressed in red plate armor. With a sword. Riding a dragon. And looking, well… rather regal. "Twin sister?"

Misfit steps closer and squints at the picture. Though really it is making her having one of her mental dissonance moments. The squinting gets even more severe there as things conflict. "Uhn" she frowns and lifts her goggles to rub her eyes "No.. I had a little sister … she died in the fire with my mom a couple months ago… I mean… I got some red armor kind of like that but Ive never worn it ..and that isn't the dragon I've ridden before… what the heck is going on Jericho?"

Melinda May sees the picture that Jericho is holding up and that just elicits another frown from her. She doesn't get to react further, though, as she turns away clearly now communicating with SHIELD and updating them on what she's found here.

"I was hoping you could tell me." Jericho murmurs. "If I had to guess though, you're being targetted… or someone who looks a lot like you is." The hacker rifles through the papers more. "Oy…" He holds up another picture. This one of May. Odd. The others had May dead. This one is May in a green and yellow uniform. "They're getting… bold with their visions."

Misfit reaches for that first photo there and lifts it unless Jericho stops her. Then she blinks at the new picture "Woah… that is a scary scary though… but it looks like a photo?"

Melinda May finishes whatever discussion she was having on her comm link and turns back again in time to see… "Oh HELL no." She walks back over to snatch that picture out of Trent's hand. "Never."

Jericho doesn't stop Misfit from taking her picture any more than he stops May from snatching 'hers' out of his hand. He's got no idea what could have ever impelled May to join Hydra in any reality. Different paths he supposes though it's not comforting. "I wonder why they've got these?" He murmurs. "Yeah they do look like photos. Pictures of scryings if I had to guess but why is still kind of a mystery unless they were trying to somehow pull your doubles from somewhere…" He glances over at where the void was. Failed portalling, perhaps?

Misfit eyes the picture "Wierd… she looks like a badass…" her dragon riding picture "Other dimensional doubles.. well I bet this Misfit would sic her dragon on them…." right different reality, soothing thoughts, not her. Though well .. so complicated. "Im .. bouncing. Can you let me know if you discover more?"

Melinda May watches Misfit leave then looks at Trent again. "I need to go debrief at HQ. I'll let you know what I find out about Ral-Tech." She hands the picture of her in the horrid Hydra outfit back to Jericho.

Jericho is tempted to burn the picture, but he'll take it to his contacts. "Excellent. Mind if I ask you a favor?" The hacker starts to gather up anything that looks like he can use it. The bodies he'll leave for the authorities to handle after he's cleaned the place of Intel.

Melinda May looks at Jericho questioningly. She'd be about to leave. "You can ask." That she'll actually do what he asks she leaves unanswered. Because she's mean that way.

"Have a little chat with Fitz? He'd been instructed not to deal with anyone not on the 'approved' list by powers higher." Meaning the SHIELD chain of command. "Which is frankly about the dumbest thing I can remember your people doing in a long time. If you'd had anyone approved to handle this, it never would have happened. I have a line on something that may help. Just put his little heart at ease that he won't get eaten alive for letting me help."

Melinda May looks at Trent for a moment when he mentions Fitz. DAMN Hill and that stick she's got firmly wedged up where the sun don't shine. "Yeah. I'll tell him." Or maybe she'll drag Fitz to talk with Jericho directly. That might actually work better.

"Alright. Stay safe out there May." Jericho actually sounds a bit worried. Just a bit. "I'll be in touch."

Melinda May nods, then turns to leave. "You too." And then she's gone.

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