Silver Lining

February 07 2015: Bobby invites Pepper over to DCI to show some possiblilities for working together, a silver lining in the Atlantean Storm

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"I'll get you the device's specs if you want to take it back to your labs and mess with it." Bobby trusts Pepper to respect intellectual property. Not like Tony Stark needs to steal other people's ideas. And if they come up with application ideas, well, a Joint Venture is something he's sure Berto would agree to.

"That's really tempting, but our R&D facilities are a bit limited right now." Pepper really, really hopes that the repairs to Stark Tower start progressing faster. She knows that the recent weather insanity has NOT been helping matters. "But once we're back to one hundred percent, I might just take you up on that."

"Sure. I'm never too busy to make time for working together." Though young the ice nerd certainly at least understands the world of corporate research quite well. "How have things been over there? I heard about the attack in the news. Sounded pretty awful."

Pepper Potts nods a bit to Bobby. "It was pretty awful. I'm just glad that it happened after business hours, or there could have been a LOT of casualities." What they did lose was bad enough. "That's why our capacities are still a bit limited. The Tower is practically having to be rebuilt from the inside out — it suffered a fair bit of structural damage."

Bobby considers. "You know Mike has been real busy in Metropolis, but with that all winding down you might want to see if X-Red will hire him out. I've seen him do amasing things with Metal and you know, mutants using their powers for good and profit is kind of what we're about. Maybe he can speed things up for you."

Pepper Potts smiles a bit. "He's already been helping with removing and recycling the rubble, and I think we'd be at it for years if he weren't helping so much." Maybe that's a testament to how bad the damage to the Tower was that even with Metal's help it's taking a while. Or maybe to how completely horrid the weather has been.

Bit of both. Construction is dangerous in weather like this and there's the looming threat of Atlantean military intervention or so people surmise. No one's seen an atleantean as yet. "Glad to know you've got him on it though." Bobby chuckles. "He likes having things to do. Never seen someone so unhappy when bored."

Pepper Potts chuckles softly at that. "You know, maybe that's why he and Tony get along so well." She takes a step to follow Bobby, and hopefully move on to less … sensitive topics.

Bobby does. Also to the next work station where in there's an odd looking device that's been half taken apart on the table. "Oh yes. This one… doesn't work. We were trying to see if we could affect stasis by forcing molecular stability on something. So, you know, cold is just the molecules in a substance slowing down. We were trying to isolate something from the rest of the energy in the room and keep it from changing at all. Good theory but…" He shrugs. "So far the only thing we've managed to do is frostbite a lab tech. On accident. Fortunately it wasn't too bad."

Pepper Potts winces. "So he'll be okay?" She's never had frostbite, and she hopes never to even get close to it. "I think I'll leave that one be for a while longer." Though the flash freezing applications…no. Too dangerous.

"He'll be alright. It was an accident and it wasn't too serious. Just, you know, unexpected." Frostbite hurts. Fortunately modern medicine can fix it. Bobby pokes at it. "If we can get it going there's all kinds of application but… yeah…"

Pepper Potts nods in agreement. "Which of all of these projects is yours, Bobby?" It's really more of an idle question, but she's honestly a bit curious about what his answer will be.

"All of them and none of them?" The question is met with a chuckle. "Er, the sphere I worked on personally and a lot of these projects are informed by the… sort of interesting personal physical properties of my own abilities. But I run the lab so I end up doing as much administrative work as I do research…"

Pepper Potts ahs and nods. That makes sense. She then offers a small smile. "How are you holding up doing all of the administrative work?" She know how well Tony would do if he had to do the administrative work for his R&D team. He wouldn't. "I mean, it's not exactly getting to do the actual science yourself anymore.

"Well on the one hand I love the science…" Bobby says thoughtfully. "And not getting to do some of it is a bummer sometimes. But on the other hand my colleges are really good and I'm only one guy. And not even, you know, a genius. I mean I'm smart, don't get my wrong, but it's almost as rewarding knowing I had a hand in my friends' research as it would be doing my own. Almost."

Pepper Potts smiles. "Good answer. If I found out you were miserable here, I just might have to have words with Mr. DaCosta." It's clear she's only joking, though really, 'stealing' this young man from DCI would— well, it would be bad form, but it would certainly be a boon to SI's R&D. He's happy here, and that's what matters.

"Heh. I think you probably should anyway." Bobby looks out over the stormy city from the window they've come up to. "I hope you won't… er… I'm not trying to be rude. You never ask a lady her age, but you've been working the buisness world for a while, yeah? Kind of know what you're doing and what you're about."

Pepper Potts looks toward the floor briefly to try and hide her amused expression. "More or less, yes. I have. But I won't sugar coat it and say that it wasn't really difficult almost every step of the way." She looks a Bobby for a moment with her head tilted. "Why do you think I should talk with Mr. DaCosta?"

"Berto's got a natural talent for the business world." Bobby explains. "And he's been doing for a good while now, with the family business, but he's done a lot of it in his father's shadow and his father…" The ice nerd's face twists a bit. "Isn't a very scrupulous man. I doubt he ever hand anyone just to talk to about these things, much less an example to show how it should be done. You're one of the most honest, honorable people I know, Miss Potts and you're actually on his level in terms of business. A lot of us can talk to him about being a mutant or being a hero, but running a company? The closest we have to someone whose done that is Illyana and… she's maybe not a real 'shoulder to lean on' type, you know?"

Pepper Potts ahs and nods. "He has approached me once already about his father's business practices, and wanting to distance himself from that side of the DaCosta legacy. We've already started talks about a collaboration between SI and DCI to that effect. I'm hoping it'll officially get off the ground this spring." If there's a spring, that is.

"That'd be great and you know I don't often say this kind of thing…" Bobby scratches the back of his head. "In fact I never say it, but I really think that he could use a friend who knows what that part of his life is like. Cause right now he's pretty alone."

Pepper Potts nods again, smiling a bit conspiratorially. "So, are you planning on arranging a blind date or something?" She's joking again, though she'd sincerely be glad to talk with Robert about business stuff, and usually the only time she has free to do so is indeed around dinner time.

Bobby manages to blush a little. He is in many ways the opposite of the warm twin and one of those is that man's lothario tendences. "Er, uh, no Miss Potts. Just…" Oh wait. She's joking. He grins a little. "Damn it." She got him.

Pepper Potts laughs softly at that. "Relax, Bobby. No blind dates, please. But I would very much enjoy dinner with friends and some shop talk. You should join us. You can chaperone." Yeah, she's teasing again.

Were Pepper Potts any other person (literally any other person) a chaperone might actually be necessary. See previous notes about warm twins lothario tendences. As it stands he's quite sure he wouldn't be worried. Though Pepper may have to endure some light flirting. That's just how Berto is. "Well if you wanna hear more physics nerd stuff sure." He chuckles. "But I think you and Berto would be fine." Now Tony and Berto. That might need a chaparone. They'd be a terror.

"Maybe you've forgotten who I work for." Yes, Pepper's teasing again already. "But, I'm not going to try and strong arm you. If you want to miss out on steaks from La Estancia, there's not really much I can say to change your mind." Yeah, not strong arming. Sure. She just name-dropped one of the top Brazillian steak houses in Manhattan.

"Well now, let's not overthink it." Bobby winks. "I really should be there to be moral support for my fellow mutant." Yeah, he loves a good steak. And doesn't in the least think Berto needs moral support for Pepper. He's rather hoping Pepper will be the moral support.

Pepper Potts actually grins at that, like the cat that's just successfully pounced on a toy. "Fantastic. So, I should make a reservation for three? Though, I'm now thinking of bringing someone else along as well. Reservation for four it is. You'll let Mr. DaCosta know?"

"Of course I will. Well…" Bobby grins here. "Actually I'll let Simon, his PA know. That way he'll actually remember and make it there." Berto's a busy man. That's why Simon is there to bully his schedule into functionality.

Pepper Potts looks VERY amused by the mention of Simon. Wonder why. Not. She pulls a business card from her bag and offers it to Bobby. "Have Simon coordinate with my PA, Cricket. Then we're to have everything scheduled perfectly down to the nanosecond."

Bobby's only seen Pepper's PA in passing once or twice. A robot of some kind, and not a Stark one, he knows. The nanosecond gets a bit of a grin. "Yes I imagine so. That must be… either very efficient or occasionally frustrating."

Bobby's only seen Pepper's PA in passing once or twice. But Nanosecond? Maybe she's reffering to that mysterious voice that guides him around whenever he visits SI… The nanosecond gets a bit of a grin. "Yes I imagine so. That must be… either very efficient or occasionally frustrating."

"It's both simultaneously, far more often than I care to admit. I mean, she's doing the job I used to do for Tony, and she's SO much better at it. Kind of makes me feel bad." Pepper then offers a conspiratorial smile. "But only briefly."

"I'd hope so, because now you're doing the job that he used to do so that he can jet around the world and be a mad genius in the workshop." And of course invent much of what they sell so there's that too. "Well if any of the things we make here are at all interesting to you for development I'm sure Berto would love to hear about that."

Pepper Potts nods. "I will be sure to mention anything, once I run them past Nakamura from R&D. She's got final say on projects." She glances at her wrist watch. "Well, I should probably be going."

"Sure. Drive safe Miss Potts and I do hope to see you again soon. Before that dinner, that is." Bobby offers a hand to Pepper to shake it. He wouldn't do that to a CEO ordinarily but Pepper? Well she's a nice, genuine kind of person.

Pepper Potts shakes Bobby's hand, because she is a nice, genuine kind of person. "I will. And hopefully we'll get to talk again soon." She makes her way out, brandishing her phone as soon as she's back in her car to talk with Nakamura about some join venture work with DCI on temperature control technology.

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