Who Watches the Watchers

February 07 2015: Fenris encounters other heroes at the scene of a disaster narrowly averted.

Adironak State Park

An empty stretch of forest, the trees knocked down and a magical circle smudged into the ground.



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Fenris had told Vorpal once that the world was far more fragile than anyone suspected and that each sunrise is the gift of someone who stopped something horrible at great cost.

He hadn't known, even then, how right he was. There's a fire, out in the woods of the national park north of New York (okay there are several parks but they do tend to blend together). A fire set by Fenris after he sends someone on to the next life. Perks of being a god, he can nudge souls onward.

Zees at Titans base, relaxing on the couch, when news of the fire is received. Putting the book she's been reading down, the young magician looks at Misfit and Keith. "Sounds like something the Titans should look at, don't you think?" Without waiting, she murmurs something and her clothes morph into her stage costume (complete with that diamon encrusted collar she now wears). "I'm ready… what about you two? Misfit and I can teleport in, separately of course and Keith you'll rabbithole there?"

" We're All Mad Here!"

Keith's transformation into Vorpal is swift, thankks to the use of a handy portable mirror. While Keith O'Neil had been sitting down, it is Vorpal who stands up. "Right as usual, Zee. I'll meet you there! It should take me about… three minutes to get there, or less."

He runs to the door so he can open a rabbit hole and start making his way.

Misfit is playing xbox, and humiliating some poor guy while trash talking fiercely. She is in her gear in case there is an emergancy here or in Gotham though. She looks up "What huh… oh um.. right seperately.. no offense of course." she slinks up to her feet "So uh… where is the emergancy.. name the place is good enough."

Adiornack Park is the name of the place. And while there's a lot of smoke rising (in a very remote area) there's nothing burning but the platform Fenris spent most of the morning building… and the body on it. Zee and Vorpal and Misfit should arrive just in time to see the body begin to disintigrate, not into ash but into motes of golden light that spiral heavenward. "Go to the halls of the brave, valiant soul." Fenris whispers a benediction as he watches the fire.

Zee gives Misfit the name of the park and disappears only to reappear near Fenris with soft 'pop' sound. Inclining her head slightly, Zee moves towards the Old Wolf, only barely catching the whisper. "Hello Fenris." The young magician speaks softly, not wanting to overly disturb the scene.

"Fancy meeting you here," Vorpal mutters after emerging from the rabbit hole. Fenris was not the person he was expecting to see here. He was expecting fire. Before he left, he sent a message to the rest of the Titans, in case anyone decided to join in the fire-fighting if the blaze was out of control.

So much for that. "What's going on?"

Zee has finesse and tact. Misfit has instincts. Vorpal is just Vorpal, so forget about a tactful entrance because, really.

Fenris turns at his suddenly arrived guests. The trees all aorund here are knocked down and there are signs of a fight. "This… this is a sending. The body is too ruined to house the soul any longer. I'm making sure this brave one gets he peace he deserves." As he speaks the body disintigrates entirely and the light vanishes skyward.

Misfit gets a warm smile from Zee. Watching the light vanish, Zee pauses a moment and cants her head "So many questions, Fenris. Let's start with… What happened?" The news of a sending doesn't seem to surprise the young woman… the scene though, certainly has her interest.

Well then Misfit looks a little cautious and slowly around at the whoel scene. Lots of destruction and signs of a fight indeed. "So the danger is past… um is there no forest fire…?" she looks to Fenris and steps away from the others and puts her hand on his back and peers past him at where the body was.

"What happened here?" The Cheshire asks, noticing the fallen trees, he has to wonder what exactly was it that had to get the Asgardian innvolved… that was seldom a trifle.

Gar got a text message from Vorpal. It read, "Hey, bring something sweet when you Come to Adirondack Park, there's something going on there."

Well, just in case it's supposed to make sense, Gar is bringing not just the makings for s'mores, but the neapolitan ice cream (a gallon bucket) and some picnic stuff. If it turns out to be something non-celebratory, he can fling ice cream at their foes.

Something Gar does that nobody else knows about: he doesn't always consciously choose what he turns into. Today, he just tells the Red (without words, because you can't use words when you talk to a conceptual entity that doesn't quite have a conscious mind) that he needs to get there by air in the fastest way … and ends up changing into a person with wings, and a peculiar sense of vision, and he's flying towards the bright spot… just in time to see it ascend. Well, that was different… he lands next to Vorpal, and looks over at Fenris.

"When did you take up Psychopomping?" is the most he'll ask about the circumstances.

"The danger was passed hours ago." Fenris says wearily. "A tear in worlds nearly caused the arrival of an Elder One. Well, a lesser Elder One. This mortal tried to stop them. I arrived in time to see him spill out the last of his life to do so." And, he had, to be clear, only delayed them. Fenris moved in, then, and scattered the cultists like crows. Damn Runners. Damn necromancers.

"Ordinarily I would not, but I've learned a thing or two from my sister." He glances over at Gar. "Not that I'd ordinarily send anyone to her." Only for special occasions.

Zee waggles her fingers at Gar as he lands, the picnic supplies get a small grin. "Did you tell Gar we needed food, Vorpal?" Zee asks the cheshire before watching Misfit put a hand on the Old Wolfs back. That action draws a small, but interested, frown.

"Did you know who this mortal… ummm person…. was, Fenris and is there someway we can let his family know?" It saddens the young woman to think that the family may never know the sacrifice that was made.

Misfit does let her hand fall as she steps past him to look around now "What is an Elder one.. well lesser elder one. Was he a superhero or just a really brave guy?" she sounds morbidly curious about it at this point "And all is well now then?"

"A tear in worlds. A tear in worlds, oh dear, that sounds nasty…" Vorpal mutters, and then he is by Gar's side. "Of course I told him to bring something sweet. Though I usually mean himself, but I don't mind it when he misinterprets me."

He frowns, though, at the mention of the man. "Was he someone we knew?"

Gar quirks an eyebrow at the Vorpal and wraps a wing around him as a hug — also because feathers — and sets the bag with picnic goods on a nearby stump. There's almost always something convenient like that at a scene like this.

"Do we need to track down the ones who called it?? Are they still in catching range?" His attitude is a bit more predatory than usual; sometimes the instincts of the form he takes are like that, a bit surprising and subversive of his usual calm cool collected personality.

Stop laughing. It is too.

"Perhaps… the ones here I have… dealt with. But I know them. They are called the Runners. A rather pernicious necromatic cult dedicated to the destruction of the living." The Old Wolf growls. He doesn't like these guys.

"I do not know who it was. Not a magi by the scent of him. Some mortal who knew enough to know the danger but didn't have the power to stop it." He glances skyward. "Didn't stop him from trying though."

"I don't think we did know him, Vorpal" Zee looks sad still "It would have been nice to at least let the family know." The Old Wolfs growl gets her attention "Necromancers…. more necromaners. Just great." Moving to help Gar with the picnic goods, she casts a look over at Misfit "Elder ones… are gods, I believe. Not nice ones either. Is that Fenris?"

Misfit crouches down and eyes the scene "Oh… other gods." she pauses "There sure are a lot of gods… it seems awfully crowded…" she pauses again "I could probably try to find them…." she hasn't ever tried something as abstract as bouncing to that one guys house but she is contemplating it.

"I don't go aroud believing in gods," Vorpal says, leaning against the winged embrace. "It only encourages them. What do we know about these necromancers, Fenris?"

"What is it with these special, special people who want to worship death … for everyone else? Why don't they just start with themselves and let everyone else get on it in their own time? Don't answer that, rhetorical question," Gar says. Complains. Mutters.

He looks over at Misfit. "Don't. Not a good idea. You don't know whether or not they've got deathtraps. They're necromancers. They probably have deathtraps. And they're magical. We wouldn't know until your undead self came shambling in."

Fenris sighs and walks over to where his sword was stuck in the ground and pulls it forth. It shrinks down and becomes a necklace once again. "Runners. They're associated with a Necromancer whose name I've only heard whispers of. No magic on their own but ritualists. They tried to bring forth the Shambling One. He's an… not a traditional Elder. But a being very anathema to this plane. The world would not have ended had they succeeded… just, possibly the county. Maybe the state."

Fenris drops down heavily. "This is getting out of hand." He looks tired. "Elders are beings of an alien nature. Utterly antithetical to this plane. They were sealed away long ago but they're always trying to get loose."

Zee looks to Misfit when Gar speaks and shakes her head slightly at the young woman "It can be incredibly dangerous." Fenris, causes her concern "And obviously people keep summoning them… can we help?" Zee frowns slightly at Vorpal "I can't tell if you're joking or not… "

Misfit blinks confused at Gar then pivots to Zee "No no no… I meant go to the poor guy who sacrificed himselves house to let his family know." she pauses frowning "I'm not like a complete tool or nothing I wouldn't bounce to the necromancers grand lair all alone and be like… boo yo"

"Sorry. The Cait Sidhe is unusually loud today," Vorpal says. He looks to Fenris, "We can help, Fenris. I do not mind showing a group of Necromancers the door to the realm they worship, after they almost destroyed this realm and killed innocents… what do you think?" He looks at Gar.

Changeling holds onto Vorpal and thinks about the question.

"What will it take to make them NOT want to come here? Is there an extraplanar equivalent of Bitter Apple that would make them foam off in some other direction?"

Gar nods to Misfit, "Sorry, misunderstood you when you said 'try to find them' … I figured you didn't mean extradimensional god-wannabes, wasn't even thinking about the guy's family. What happens if they don't exist? Do you vanish?"

"Want is kind of an odd word. To the extent that they 'want' anything it's to make reality aorund them they way they prefer it. It's more accurate to say it's their nature to try to get to places where things aren't as they'd make them and alter them." Fenris shrugs. "That's just… bad for us. The barriers and prisons are that bitter apple but some try to break the prison or let them in anyway."

"I'd welcome the help, they need to be dealt with, but this is only symptomatic of a larger problem."

"I don't think bouncing to the mans family is such a good idea either. It might be a dreadful shock for them, the bounce and then" Zee chews her bottom lip "How do you tell them they've just lost someone?"

The young magician looks back to Vorpal and Gar "Of course we'll help… what can we do?"

Misfit nods to Zee "True I guess.. but I am not a complete tool. Note this in the logs okay so people stop like assuming that I am always about to leap right into the mouth of a dragon or something.. geeze…." she sighs and straightens walking over to up and poke Fenris right in the stomach "Well good then we are going to help you because you look exhausted and that can't be good. We can consider stopping elder gods part of my training or something."

"This is going to get back to the Oroboros, isn't it? I know it is" Vorpal answers. He plays with some of the feathers around him, and then looks at Gar. "Hon, can you get back to the office and see if you can tell Lisa to send a message to the X-Men? I know Bobby knows of a spell-caster… Zee and her working together could be part of our weapon against these Necromancers…"

Little did Keith know about what has been going on between Illyana, Zee and Aspect…

All he knows is that she has a diamond cat-collar and Gar still hasn't bought him anything like that. Jelly.

Gar gives Misfit a careful, measured look, and then says nothing. Not even to the 'stopping elder gods' thing. He's familiar with the whole 'being underestimated' thing and it's a little embarrassing to be doing it to someone else, perhaps. He'll have to talk to her about it, later, when he's not going to come off as yelling. Also, when he can figure out how to tell her that.

"I can do that. You guys should decide what to do with the ice cream before it melts. I'll see you at the Castle later…"

He kisses Vorpal on the top of the head and there's an explosion of wings and movement and he's abruptly not there. Whatever he turned into, it's fast.

Fenris looks at the ice cream, then tugs his rod free and floats some over to him. It's a grim scene yes an a somber one but… someone brought food. He's going to eat it. "The trouble is a bit more than a single cult of necromancers, or a group of powerful druids. The Watcher who used to keep order in matters like these has gone missing. A Strange man, if you take my meaning. With him gone… well… things are starting to spin out of control."

Zee will quite happily snag Fenris' icecream out of the air but thinks better of it. Instead she speaks with a small gesture of her hand

~ evreS mearcecI oT laproV, tifsiM dnA eM ~

Three serves of icecream will animate and float to the remaining three.

"You're just full of good news today, aren't you Fenris? Can a standin Watcher be appointed till the real one is found?"

The chaos-muppet of a batmisfit watches the rod levitate the ice cream speculatively. Then she oohs and snags her own serving out of the air "Thanks Zee!" she says with enthusiasm "Yeah.. I mean you seem pretty good at watching and stopping stuff." she pauses "I'd do it but I imagine I'm not qualified." pause a beat "Yet."

Vorpal doesn't partake of the answer just yet. Instead, he decides to get at the core of the question. "What… exactly, is a Watcher, Fenris?"

"A Watcher, well, I'm not using the actual title, is one who keeps watch over a realm to ensure the integrity of it. And keep it safe from existential threats. This realm had one, but the fact that he's been missing has forced me to deal with many things that might otherwise get taken care of before they become actual problems." The Wolf sighs. "As for replacing him, that will be up to others, not my decision. I expect one will be deliberated upon, at least, for a while. That's generally the way of these things."

Zee gives Misfit a 'thumbs up' and eats some of her own ice cream. "So the person that minds the integrity of the realm is missing, some unknown group might replace them eventually… and you're left to pick up the pieces." The raven haired woman peers at Fenris "Sounds like a normal day at the office. What do you think, Vorpal?" Misfit's comment about 'yet' gets a smirk from the Mistress of Magic.

"Sounds like a job for the Titans. And friends. And their/ friends," Vorpal says, after he watches his boyfriend leave. He hmmms, "I think this is the point where we start rallying our troops, isn't it?"

Misfit mumbles something incoherent around her ice cream now as she takes a big bite of it. She swallows and tries again "Well as long as it isn't that Fox Guy…. cause meh I say.. Meh!" then she takes another bite of ice cream. "I bet once I harness this chaos kungfu magic I could totes watch stuff… I mean come on.. I can do santas job.. give me a list.. check it twice.. I can teleport presents all night…. how much harder is watching realm integrity?"

Fenris doesn't answer that. He just smiles. 'How hard can it be?' is possibly the most famous set of last words ever. "Well if the people in charge come, I imagine you'll find out. They do so love theirs tests. And there are several of them." And they tend to be quests and such rather than tests you study for.

"Rallying the troops might not be such a bad idea. Until the Watcher returns or is replaced this will continue to happen."

Zee finds what remains of a tree to lean against while she eats her ice cream. "Right now, Misfit, I don't think you want to find out" The comments about the Druid have her frowing "What's wrong with The Fox? I quite like him… " but Zee's noting this away for later. Looking to Keith, the raven haired woman nods slowly "I think so… "

Charlie quirks a face, the spoon making a funny angle since it is still in her mouth there. "Uh… right.. well the Fox is a bit of a jerkface… we definitely don't want him on team Titan." she pauses then notes "Rallying the troops is good though.. dont want Fenris worn out." she looks to him worried.

Aaaand the gauntlet's been thrown down. Vorpal looks VERY interested in his ice cream all of a sudden and decides to stay out of defending or attacking Fox's virtues, he can't imagine what Zee's going to say now…

Fenris looks over at Keith and murmurs in a voice so low that only his cat ears may pick it up "Wise man." Steppeth not between two women fighting. Even a little. Not even the gods do that. It's not smart. NOt at all.

Zee looks between the two men…frowns at their silence and then turns her attention back to Misfit "So…." the Mistress of Magic speaks slowly "he's a jerkface and you don't want him on the team… I'm fairly certain he wouldn't want to be either, so it works out all round doesn't it." She flashes a big smile to the young teen. Looking between Fenris and Vorpal, Zee shrugs "If you need his help, I work with him in Gotham a bit…" No explaining how that came about.

Misfit totally eyerolls when Zee looks between Fenris and Vorpal. That does remind her "Fenris, we need some help .. serious umfff with the wards around our HQ… is that something you can help with.. I had a demon stumble in on me."

"Right, that," Vorpal mutters, glad to have a topic change. He's no fool to get in the way of that disagreement. "The thing about the wards… that demon. Which reminds me, I should probably head out to the X-Men and grab Bobby before Jay's bill arrives… so I can explain why he's being charged in sausages."

"A demon? Interesting. Yes I can do wards. Not as well as some of the more magically adept gods, but still. Though I imagine that Zee and… you have anoher mage do you not? I imagine they can handle it." If they need help, though, he'll offer.

"If you already have words you may just possibly need to add in a few 'phrases' to block out that particular kind of Demon. Then again, depending on where the demon is from, it might be difficult. Summoning a demon is one thing. Being… dumped somwhere is another. Since you're still alive and uninjured I'm going to presume it wasn't very strong or wasn't actually hostile."

"A demon… at HQ?" Zee blinks at Vorpal and Misfit "What happens when I'm not around… " Fenris's comment has the young magician nodding slightly "I haven't looked at the wards, but I'm pretty sure I can add to them… and Raven might have something too." Wards can be tricky "Do you know where the demon came from?"

Misfit wibbles her hand from side to side there "Limbo Demon.. evidently liked me… didn't try to hurt me but wrecked the castle… we should probably just tune the wards to Limbo." she takes another bite of ice cream "Cool Zee.. and yeah Raven and you and Rain maybe." she has the decency to look sheepish

"I wouldn't count on Raven," Vorpal points out. "She hasn't been seen in longer than a month, which means she is probably back in Azarath according to Gar. As long as she's there we don't have a way to reach her."

The Cheshire stretches, "In any case, I'm heading over to the X-Men to warn Bobby. I'll see all of you back at the castle… Fen, just let me know what we can do, and we'll do it. Toodles!"

He opens the Rabbit Hole and steps through it before the conversation can go back to the subject of Fox and why he is/isn't a jerkface.

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