Wings and Weapons

February 7, 2015: Sam uses what medical knowledge he has of metahumans to try to figure out what's going on with Nyx

Stark Industries

Rising high into the skyline with the name of it's Lord and Master for all to see, the Stark Industries Tower is the most visible component of the Stark Industries complex centered in Midtown Manhattan. Manufacturing, office space, power generation and even some inventory is housed in the tower and its associated subelevels. It also contains guest housing and, at the top, the penthouse suite that is the domain of the Main Man himself, at least, when he's not at his Malibu home.



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Sam Wilson is not a doctor. He is a trained paramedic, and a trained paratrooper. In recent months, he has gotten a lot of experience patching up superpowered individuals, and in recent weeks, he has been moonlighting as the Justice League: Avengers' resident medic. This makes him far more qualified than any mere M.D. in matters of superhuman physiology, not that he's allowed to brag about it.

Fortunately, the right people know the right things, which is how he ended up in one of Stark Industries' clean rooms today, preparing to give a physical at Pepper Potts' behest. His 'patient' still hasn't arrived, although the front desk paged to say she was in the building. Pepper was unusually cagey with him; he'll have to see what this was all about when his subject shows up.

Nyx didn't patrol last night, not after helping defeat Blizzard aka Doctor Shapanka right out front of this amazing building with Lunair, Lucky, and a hiding Pepper Potts. Her patrolling plans were hijacked by Pepper taking her virtual clothes shopping back at the mansion being used as the foundations HQ as well as some recommendations to see an expert she knows about her powers and new wings.

This brings her into Stark Tower, still under repair and renovation after the recent attack, relatively early on a Saturday for someone who patrols in the nighttime. Though of course heck right now it is almost always basically nighttime in the Tri-City thanks to those damn Atlanteans. Anyhow Nyx checked in with security and was escorted up to the cleanroom, Pepper did likely recommend not one of the small ones, and left at the open door there with a 'Sir' to you.

Nyx looks pretty much like a punk teenager, crimson and white dyed streaks of hair. She is wearing some ripped up jeans and a hoodie right now, the new clothes Pepper got her can't arrive instantly, even if you are Pepper Potts.

Sam turns, eyebrows rising as he meets his patient. He's wearing his usual work attire: a snug olive drab t-shirt over khakis, but with the addition of a lab coat so that he looks officially medical for his patient. His expression settles into a wry smile as he realizes that he shouldn't have bothered. "Hey," he greets her casually. "Come on in. I'm Sam. You know Pepper?" He can't quite keep a note of disbelief out of his voice — the girl joining him doesn't exactly look like a member of Ms. Potts' book club.

Nyx nods to that "Yeah I've had a few run ins with Ms Potts over the last couple months." she pauses "She has been helping me the last couple weeks more than anyone and thought I should come in for a checking into. Heck Bobby seems to think the same thing is needed… and after yesterday maybe everyone is right." she sighs a bit but offers glimmer of a sweet smile there.

With that she steps into the clean room and looks around slowly at the equipment "So you are the expert in energy and metals.. and um medical stuff?" she squints at a piece of equipment stepping to peer at a scanner. "This building is pretty cool.. even being renovated."

It is probably best Jarvis is still not up to full speed after the attack, he would not be at ease with the current guest and his scanners.

"I'm the expert in weird medicine," Sam says with a wide grin, tapping at the touchscreen controls on a washing-machine-sized device. "Which means a little bit of everything. But I don't really know what to expect from you — Pepper didn't tell me. Are you made of metal?" He sounds pretty relaxed about the possibility. He knows a lot of robots, most of whom seem like okay people. "Not that I was going to kick things right off with an MRI, but if you are, it's probably good to know."

Nyx chuckles at the Wierd Medicine "I think that is a show on the discover channel…" she trails off and peers at the device you are tapping. "Um.. no.. I mean not really. I grew up here." the accent is explained then, New Yorker.. maybe Bronx. "I mean… eeh it is complicated.. I don't even know if there is metal involved really." she frowns. "Definitely a lot of energy.. and my new wings seem to be made of pure energy stuff." so scientific. Then again she managed to barely graduate high school and worked as a fry cook who couldn't even get into community college.

"Wings, huh? Those, I know a lot about," Falcon says with a wry smile. "Let's see 'em." He grabs a handheld scanner. He doesn't have his own show, but then, he's technically supposed to keep a secret identity or something, isn't he? "Just in case there is metal in you, we'll check for that before getting to close to any strong magnetic fields. Safety first."

The teenager eyes the room then steps well clear of you and any of the equipment. She also peels off her hoodie setting it aside. Under the hoodie Nyx is wearing a sports bra and nothing else. The girl pivots to show you her back and then … well yeah wings. Brilliant white energy wings surge out of her back, from the point where her shoulder blades meet. It looks a bit like containted energy constructs. Raw particle beams harnessed and shaped into angelic, but high technology themed, wings. She probably took off the hoodie because it would have disinigrated. The thing is, under the glare it almost looks like that portion of her back has reconfigured somehow.

Also worth noting is that the energy levels in the lab have flared dramatically from an unknown source centered inside Nyx

"Nice," Falcon comments, a bit enviously. His own wings are a lot less flashy. He focuses on the scanner's screen, inspecting the readings on non-visible bands — the lightshow is just as impressive in most of the spectra available to him. "These things are destructive, I'm guessing? But they have enough physical form to give you lift rather than just incinerating dust in the air." He shakes his head and sets the scanner down. "They're like something from Star Wars. Anything else you want to show me before we get to figuring out where all of this stuff comes from?"

Nyx looks around "Well.. they totally disinigrated my hoodie yesterday in metropolis fighting those Kryptonians. I mean.. they don't flap or anything they seem more… I dunno steering?" she tilts them a smidge and leaves the ground. The readings ramp. The energy constructs are really just the guidance and the emmitters for the energy giving the girl flight. It is obscenely high alien technology, so the Star Wars reference is good. Bit like a lightsaber the way the particle beams are being contained. Also yes Particle Beams. Like focused large haydron collider business. "I don't think I should shoot anything in here.. but…" she extends one arm forward for you and the brilliant white light coalesce down her arms from her bicep to her fist, without destroying her arms. Under the glare it looks like her forearms have subtly reconfigured. "I can shoot stuff." oh so technical as she floats there. Whatever the power source is, its compact and extreme. Depending on flight range and how many shots even an arc reactor would struggle with that particular weapon. In sci-fi its a ship based weapon usually.

"In principle, that's actually kind of similar to how m— ah, a lot of modern flight systems work," Sam says, covering his near-mistake with characteristic lack of smoothness. "Wings for guidance, something completely different for propulsion. We can't all be birds, even if it looks cool."

The weapon gets a slightly different response from the rest of what she has shown him: Sam isn't nervous or hostile, but he does become a lot more grim. "Hold that in place," he instructs Nyx. "I'm going to try to get some electrical readings from it." He returns to the not-washing-machine and punches in a sequence of commands that are normally used to measure nerve function, but with all of the normal filters peeled back to deal with the extraordinary power level being presented.

Nyx keeps the weapon visible and charged, ready to be fired. The energy readings are severe. It is definitely a particle beam currently contained and ready to let go. Same with the wings. The energy readings are unsurprisingly centered in her torso, there has to be some sort of energy core or powerplant going on in there. The thing is the readings are whack and not Fusion like an arc reactor. More analysis is definitely needed here to parse the ZeroPoint Module that was built inside of Samantha there.

That analysis is beyond Sam, unfortunately. Dammit, Jim, he's a medic, not a physicist! Apart from identifying the location of Nyx's power source, he's not going to be able to discover much about zero point energy today. Still watching the readouts on the nerve activity monitor, he asks Nyx, "Could you lower all those projections? I'd like to check whether I can see past this interference when your powers aren't active. Even if I can't, it's probably important to see what the system looks like when it isn't going full blast."

Nyx drops the energy cannon and her wings, they fade out of existance leaving her bare shoulders and arm looking like a normal teenagers. "Sure." she steps closer as well since there doesn't seem to be a danger with them turned off.

The energy readings aren't ramped now, but there is definitely a resting state thrum of energy from her core to the rest of her form. Still some interferance. Her structure is not flesh and bone in the conventional sense any more. Eenrgy scanning won't pick up more on that front though. "So what is it?" she asks curious. You know other than an extraterristrial weapons platform.

"Great, thanks," Sam says, recording his readings. "I can't say what it is for sure yet — I've never seen anything quite like this. Your body has definitely been altered by something. Is this a mutation? Something surgical?" He stands up, leaving the station, and pulls over a tray with some more traditional hands-on tools: thermometers, a blood pressure monitor, an empty syringe, and so on. Unless Nyx shrugs him off, he's going to wrap the blood pressure cuff around her upper arm and start inflating it. "Now I'm just going to try to get an idea of your baseline vitals. Check to see whether all of the usual systems are there and working normally. If not, it'll give us some clues about how you work. Sound good?"

That question causes her to fidget "Um.. I'm not a mutant… and no surgery no." Nyx is definitely hedging there really. She holds her arm out though for it. Her skin is not exactly skin now though. Due to the extent of the injuries she has suffered her 'invunerability' has pretty much come at the cost of it being replaced with a layer of techno-organic synth skin. Sure still feels and reacts like skin but it isn't anything but an alien hybridization at this point. Same deal with the muscles, enhanced replaced and an alien mix of cybernetics and techno-organics. Go nanites!

Still Nyx is unaware of all that and seems chipper about the examine (outside the evasiveness about the source at least). She finally inhales and sighs "So.. um… it maybe came from this meteroite…" danger will robinson!

Sam came up in Harlem. He knew a lot of people who spoke a lot worse than Nyx, so he doesn't comment on her pronounciation. "Meteorite, huh? That's kind of a classic superpower origin, right?" he says, keeping the tone light. He checks Nyx's blood pressure, temperature, and reflexes; gets a sample of her blood with the syringe; even tries to get a hair sample. He's not going to biopsy her muscles or anything, but a quick inspection with his hands is going to confirm that her structure is mostly artificial at this point. "How did you find the meteorite? What did it do?"

Well Falcon is going to need a lot more than a normal needle to punch into her skin. It looks and feels perfectly like skin, just doesn't react like it now. She can take an RPG to the arm a this point without slowing down. On the bright side that much if quickly apparently The tempature, blood pressure, reflexes and even hair sample are all quiete possible.

Nyx sits on a clean room table at this point kicking her feet some as the exam progresses. "Oh.. um.. well I was out in the Pelhem Bay Park… " she hesiattes then forges on "I was coming back from a Rave.. I was pretty high to be honest so I'm not really sure how reliable my memory of it all is. Still this like metorite hit and blew this super big crater … almost hit me. Thing wasn't a rock though.. it was like a silver looking egg thing.." she holds her hands apart a bit bigger than a football. "When I touched it it .. mmm " struggles with the word "It just melted and coated my arms .. I fell in the hole at that point and I think I hit my head. By the time I got my phone back and got the light back on it was gone."

"Yikes," Sam answers, frowning as yet another needle just breaks on Nyx's skin. "Sounds pretty scary." He gives up on the syringe, and instead swabs her mouth to get a DNA sample. "Speaking of which — some of these results are going to take a long time, but I can tell you some things now. You might not like what you're going to hear." He's thinking of Howard Stark's growing unease with his own robotic nature. "That egg, if that's what it was, has definitely changed your body. A lot of what's there isn't human anymore. You're a cyborg — a mix of human and machine. Which can be scary, but is also sort of cool."

Nyx kind of had a feeling it was something all sci-fi movie and maybe wasn't entirely healthy for her in the normal sense. I mean look at what she can do and she isn't a complete idiot about it. She breaths in and then sighs a touch "I.. yeah.. it's why I keep telling Bobby it can't be a mutation." she sounds like she wishes it was or a more normal metahuman thing. The teenager really really likes her powers though and has been avoiding poking to hard at it. Of course the hitchiker has been whispering not to think about it too. Though it seems okay with this turn of events and Stark Industries for some reason.

Samantha tilts her head and then pushes her bangs out of her eyes tucking them back. "So um.. Cyborg.. okay. Um I really don't know much .. well okay I don't know nothing about that kind of stuff. I didn't do that well in science class really…" its sort of said shyly, girl has some self-esteem trouble. "You really think it is sort of cool?" and hopeful.

Touched by her vulnerability, Sam smiles and reaches out to take Nyx by the shoulders and give her a reassuring look. "It is very cool," he reiterates. "Tony Stark is a cyborg, and he's this rich playboy genius with a heart of gold. Only it's actually made of metal." Not gold, although he wouldn't put it past Tony to figure out a way to bling up the arc reactor. "Changes in your body don't have to change who you are."

He lets her go and jots down a couple of notes. "I've seen mutations that affect the body in even more extreme ways, but the space egg plus the sudden changes plus the sort of… inorganic way they work? I don't think that's what we're dealing with, no."

Nyx nods "yeah Ironman is megacool." she grins at that and watches you take your notes. "I mean I am still me.. I kinda wish it had made me smarter instead of just stronger.. though hey being able to throw a car really far is pretty awesome right?" okay that part wasn't covered in the early demo. She looks down to her arms "I'm glad it didn't borg me out of terminator me.. I mean… I like the way I look…" which that feeling plus camoflage may be why it hasn't. Also vulenerable cute teenagers, good cover. "I like the wings though.. cause.. wow flying.. and I finally got the coolest writeup ever from yesterday.. I mean Angel of Metropolis.. sweet right. Beats the usual thrashing as a menace I have been getting from the Bugle…" still grinning "Now I just have to figure out the whole.. landing.. and steering.. yesterday I almost took out the front door downstairs when I clipped that guy in the freeze armor attacking you guys."

"The Bugle hates everybody," Sam says with a dismissive gesture and a snort. "Don't take them seriously. Ever. Just be proud of what you can do and try to use it to do the right thing. That's all anybody can ever ask of you." He smiles, tucks away all of the paperwork he's managed to create during the meeting, and tells her, "Flying is pretty great. I used to be in the Air Force, actually. And if you're looking for flight instructors, I know there are a lot of superheroes with their own sets of wings who might be willing to give you a hand. If you keep beating up baddies attacking the city, you're sure to meet at least a few of them." It's funny how quickly New Yorkers learn to take supervillain attacks in stride these days.

Nyx nods "I got some lessons early on from this ninja guy.. but I swear it was all wax on wax off.. build a motorcycle stuff… and then he kind of went dark on me" and Samantha oddly felt no urge to hunt him down. Mostly because it wasn't beneficial, magic is not technology. "So yeah … flight lessons… heck lessons in shooting would be good. I asked Hawkeye but I think she is busy with her life stuff… I don't want to take out the jumbotron again on accident." oh hey she is the girl from that viral embarassing video series on youtube. "Great power though … responsbility.. I mean I almost ended up on the wrong side of this but Bobby … he convinced me I could actually do good with this."

"Yeah, I don't know about Kung Fu or Zen or whatever, but having the right mentors around is definitely important," Sam says, his expression deeply thoughtful, perhaps even troubled. "You said 'Angel of Metropolis' — is that where you mostly spend your time? You should keep an eye out. I know there are some quality superheroes running around in that neighborhood."

Nyx laughs "I know right.. no that is just what they wrote me up on… I was feeling restless and ended up there yesterday. No I live in the city actually… Ms Potts is actually paying for my place right now." is that crippling poor. "There are lots of quality heroes here too."

"Hey, no argument from me!" Sam answers with a laugh, before he remembers that not everybody is supposed to know that he's one of New York's flappiest. "I mean… we have… lots of good heroes. Captain America was born in Brooklyn, you know." Wow. So stealthy. Who's the ninja now?

Definitely-not-Falcon picks up the folder he has compiled on Nyx, ready to carry it back to his desk. "Is there anything else you wanted me to check up on? Otherwise, I need to send out a couple of samples for further testing."

Nyx hops down from the table now "No I don't think so. I mean I am always around the city if you need me to come in for more tests or anything. Ms Potts knows how to get ahold of me.. not sure if she passed it on to you." she smiles "I should probably get out and practice flying… I have a feeling I will need lots of practice." she seems ready to mosey.

"Okay, great," Sam answers, opening the door with a smile. "I'm sure I'll see you around." He sounds it, too.

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