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February 09 2015: Three people with A in their names ask Melinda May to come knock over a snake hole.

Colorado HYDRA compound

A Colorado compound, privately owned and rather suspicious.



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The Outsiders seemed keen to strike back at HYDRA for targetting one of their own. This is something Jericho is quite comfortable supporting on general principle. The world needs a few less Snakes and anyway this particular branch of them seem to be engaged in dangerous and foolhardy activities even by HYDRA's standards. So he's located a good sized base that seems to be doing related research out in the Rockies, pretty remote location in Colorado, and told Roy and Lunair to kit up. "K'tten, see if you can patch me through to May." He says as he grabs his own blade case and flicks the blade out just to make sure. The thing's magic-ish, so it basically needs no maintenance.

To be fair, it's not just Lunair. But she's a pretty obvious target. Such is life. While she's more than a little bruised from her run in with Winter Soldier (Who knew the HYDRA peeps had a weird metal armed aerobics instructor or whatever it was he was doing…?), Lunair figures she should help out. She'll have her armor on, and likely gather a few things like rope and a flashlight. "At least that one guy won't be there, I don't think." She did not like being shot.

Having volunteered to help Lunair make like a bolt from the blue, Roy Harper was only too pleased to take advantage of the opportunity. Still, that this information, in part, seemed to be coming from SHIELD and Melinda May meant a possible jurisdiction issue. Not that Roy was going to invoke Checkmate, but this -was- taking place in US borders, so there was just the teensiest bit of problem…

"Hey, May! Look here, this is in -Colorado-. Domestic affairs! Just because HYDRA's international…"


"What do you mean, -do I want to have another kid-? Are you -threatening me?!"


"FINE! You come along, have it -your- way, but I want -the big gun-, you hear me?"

Melinda May says, "No."

Yeah, all of Harper's bluster? It's going right over May like water off a duck's back. She's heard ALL the complaints before, particularly from Barton and more recently from the likes of Hunter. "Now pipe down or I'll bench you and go by myself." She touches the com unit in her ear to respond to a ping from one of Trent's contact. "May here.""

Jericho's actually laughing on his end. The three are in an industrial warehouse that sees some use as a CCU asset, and some use as a staging ground for some of Jericho's activities. "I take it you've spoken to Harper already? I think that qualifies as a request for inter agency cooperation." He's grinning. That means this isn't technically a request from an asset that some might find somewhat questionable. Given that, you know, he's an asset on more or less his own terms.

"I can give you a full work up when you get here, if you're coming. Strike team is myself, Arsenal and Armory." He's using codenames because of the monitored line but he's fairly sure that SHIELD has files on both Roy and Lunair. "Expecting moderate to heavy resistance on this one. And it might have a link to the attack on the Tri so…."

Actually, they probably do! She has worked with SHIELD and seems quietly fond of most of the folks she's run into. Lunair boggles a bit at Roy. She does smile as Jeri laughs. She nods. For her part, Lunair is like a well armed duckling - following quietly.

"You can't -bench- me, I don't -work- for you!" is Roy Harper's inevitable retort, before he answers Jericho's hail with a "… the battle axe's on board, I guess. Beam us up, and beam us down, Scotty. We're ready to go. Oh, and can we just bring the battle axe with us? I'm pretty sure she'll lash everyone down with that tongue of hers."

Though, she does offer quietly to Roy, "She might be nicer if you were nicer," Lunair points out. "She was pretty okay to me."

"Are you kidding? That's a compliment. They'll all flee in fear before her."

Melinda May is about to respond to Harper's very much expected protest, but then she abruptly finds herself standing near the trio already in place. Thankfully, whomever is doing Scotty's job up there gave her just enough time to collect a bladed weapon choice to use against whatever they're about to face. The demons, at least, seem to fall better when they're sliced. Thus, she appears with a matched pair of axes in one hand, wiping the blades with an oily cloth until they gleam.

"Harper, keep up with the attitude and I'll tie you to the nearest tree and let you wait for us there."

"We all here?" Jericho's not going to give them time to snipe at one another. They can do that there. "Okay, K'tten, we're ready."

A female voice comes over Jericho's comm. "Relocation in three, two, one…" There's the usual flash of purple light and sense of dislocation before they're in Colorado, in a wooded thicket overlooking a compound on a wide valley floor. The air is a bit thin up here…

"Okay people here we are. Target is a 'ranch' compound. Privately owned but it's been suspected of being a militia armory by the BATF for some time. Feds never got anything solid but when I did some digging I found that the owner, Wayne Resnik, has ties to the Polyglobal corporation. You may remember them May from the Ubermench and Virus fiascos."

The compound itself has a wall and a barbed wire peremeter. There's a helicopter on a helipad big enough for two. Not very big, one of the civilian MD 500 series. "My intel suggests that there's an underground level to the compound that's dealing in… something really unusual. There's been a lot of heavy lead shielding shipped in recently and none of it went into the above ground structures. Best estimates have forty to fifty occupants plus I'm not sure who or what else. Ordinarily I wouldn't be able to even think about taking this place down without some ordinance… but Armory can have pretty much all the ordinance she wants. So, we go in, grab whatever they've got and then shoot the place to hell on the way out. Any questions or objections?"

Lunair nods. Lunair goes quiet, listening. She frowns faintly at the news. She inclines her head. The virus is at least a little familiar? Maybe? She's not sure. Regardless, there's HYDRA to be put down, and that's that. If there's demons, maybe she'll have to get a super soaker with holy water. "Don't worry, I can help a bit if you want something. I figured out explosives ages ago." Pause. She'd better not tell Mike if there's any cars that get exploded. "And no, I'm fine."

"Try it and we'll see who ends up tied to a tree," Roy retorts, slinging his bow behind him, and taking up a hand-to-hand combat stance. He does, however, have to flash a grin. "Somehow, your choice of weapon seems -exactly- perfect, though. So… we stick close. I use any weapon, Armory provides any weapon, and Battle Axe there can cut through any red tape we run into. Piece of cake.

He does tilt his head at Lunair. "By the way, to neutralize the odds… got an EMP pulse gun ready? We'll just take out their cameras so they'll have to find us by the blind spots we're leaving in their coverage."

"Shooting is overrated. Armory, if you have C4 or Semtex plus timers on hand, get it ready." Having seen the little helicopter on its pad, she's already mentally planning their escape plan. So far it involves that little copter and likely Lunair having to sit on someone's lap. When Harper suggests using an EMP to disable their cameras, she quite literally rolls her eyes before adding, "Trent, can you break into their systems?"

"Yeah, I'll be on that. Ordinarily as the flashiest and most bullet proof person here I'd suggest I draw fire, but I think it may be best if I run overwatch for this one." He breaks out the PSG sniper rifle he'd been prepping before they all left. "So, approach it how you like. Just be aware I'm fairly sure they've got some surprises. They're running on their own generators here so I can't kill the power, but I can mess with the security and cut the phone lines , which I will as you make your approach. Good luck and if you need any help I'll be right in behind you."

Lunair looks quietly amused. "I feel as if I'm going to party like it's 1399." Axes, and bows! "Sure." She nods. Lunair seems pretty fine setting up explosives. Making those on demand is one of her favorite things to do. She just tends to be careful about it. "Thank you," This is nodded to Jeri. Good help is awesome, and all. She is soon quietly armored up, in a newer, slightly different looking blue and green armor. Maybe she's feeling natural. Or she's figured out looking the same all the time is unwise.

"I can give other people armor if they like. Otherwise, I can walk in front, too." She seems fairly flexible about it all. She's happy to step on HYDRA in front or shoot them. Whichever, really. It's like Werther's original for bad guys. Step on a few, shoot a few, it's all good.

"If they're running on their own generators, then shut it right down with her gun," Roy mutters, as he lugs along one of -those- guns. Why he only pulls them out when there's someone like Melinda May along… probably raises Freudian questions best left unasked.

"Anyway, I'll take point. Night visors, check, shut down the lights and we're good to go. We find their generators, stick a nice bomb in it and blow it all skyhigh. Any other locales you want us to hit while we're there?"

Melinda May nods to Trent, then looks at the other two. "Armory, if you can go stealth, do it. Place charges on every load bearing wall or pillar you see. I want this place to be a crater when we leave. Arsenal, find a computer terminal." She offers him a USB drive with a tiny SHIELD logo embossed on it. "That should auto-pull everything it can. And take down anything and anyone you see along the way.

"Trent, that stick also has wifi capability. If you see it, you might be able to use it to get further into their systems." She tosses the cloth aside. "I'll take care of the generator and create a distraction. Give me two minutes." And then she moves off along the wall, her steps quick and careful and alert for any kind of security systems on the outside of the ranch's fenceline.

Jericho nods and sets himself up a sniper's perch. One of the nice things about being him is that he can fly, so quick relocation is definitely a thing he can do at need.

The approach is through tall grass. There isn't much cover but there is quite a bit of concealment. The barbed wire fence doesn't seem to have any security features but past it there are odd mounds in the ground that one might relatively quickly realize are spring loaded traps. Someone's serious about those no trespassing signs.

The wall is six feet high and white adobe around the built up portion of the compound. There are two main buildings in the center of it and a dozen smaller sheds, garages and smaller out buildings. No one on the approach seems visibly armed but all those people milling aorund the entrence seem suspicious and the patterns of people walking around a bit to regular to be anything other than guards and patrols. Generators humm near the southwest corner.

"Communications blackout in three, two, one… blackout. No signals in or out. No sign you've been spotted."

Flying. So nifty. Nevertheless, Lunair goes quiet now, nodding at Melinda. She'll do her best to be quiet, plant charges and help mow down anyone if she sees them. That's easy enough! … except it never is, is it? At the finding of the odd mounds and such, it's a little unnerving. Such a 'ranch'. Nothing good is bound to be grown or raised here. She looks up to the wall, around the fence and at what the options are. She also doesn't comment on Arsenal's weapon. Her own tend to be much in the same vein. But when you're squishy, you gotta hit first, right?

Nevertheless, she looks about the fence, trying to find a good opening. Cutting one may not be an option, but she's cautious as she moves, moving and watching the guards, the others.

Nodding, Arsenal makes a hand-gesture to Melinda, basically saying to watch his tail, before he goes in first, leading the way. In stealth mode at first, Roy shifts from corner to corner, making his way to the first office he finds. A network that he can plug into… and then get the heck out and come back for it. Given that it has wifi capabilities, that means Trent can keep better care of it and let him know when it's time to come back to get it.

Melinda May makes her way around the fence, finds the generators, and takes a moment to sabotage the various units. As easy as it would be to just hack into the machines to make them useless, she wants them to end up completely urepairable. Hence, the microcharges. The charges are planted and she's gone again before they start to do their work, releasing acids that eat through the generators' control circuit boards. LEt's just hope that Harper plugged that USB into a computer with a UPS. She meets up with young Checkmate agent again, and points him toward their next target. The main building.

The power goes dark, which of course sets the place on alert. The moment it happens May, Roy and Lunair can hear shouting and the clatter of weapons being broken out as several groups of men run in various directions to secure the perimeter. "May, Roy, you've got a group of six coming your way from the east. Ten seconds. Lunair, there's two around the corner from you breaking out rifles. Looks like you're next to a cache… and… I've got movement in the main building. The access to the sublevel must be there."

Okay. She's near a cache. "I can clear them out and plant charges on the beams. I'll set the rifles or whatever I find and can't carry somewhere with a portal gun." She states this simply. Armory is going to wiggle her way over. And fortunately, lasers are much, much quieter than bullets. Even she can appreciate stealth, despite not using a bow. "Unless someone needs something now," Lunair adds quietly. Nevertheless, keeping them from getting armed is probably wise. Time to wiggle to glory. And sneak in. She'll even see if she can get a box to hide in and move around. Boxes are everywhere in warehouses these days.

Yup, doombox is gonna sneak into the cache. And laser some foo's.

Nodding at Melinda, Roy doesn't even make a quip, getting right down to business, as he shoulders the big gun, and spins around to the east. "Got it covered, thanks…" he replies, as he aims for the ground. Let's see… don't kill, easy enough. Being non-lethal in the process…? Well, that was easier said than done, but… doable enough.

Because the big gun? Makes big boom in ground. And unless these snakes could -fly, they were'n't closing in. Fall down and go -crack-, maybe…

Melinda May showed up carrying axes, she clearly had no intention of playing by Gotham's rules. She lets Harper pfutz wtih that whatever-it-is and skirts around to take that group from the east by surprise. She's going to wait until the big boom, though. Catch them while they're panicking.

The big boom does knock everyone in that little group down. And, of course, attract more attention since now the armed men have a direction to go, "Another dozen closing in from left and right." Jericho calls out as the sniper rifle goes to work. No shortage of targets. The boom has made Lunairs life eaiser thats for sure. No ine suspects the doombox when theres huge booms going off elsewhere.

Lunair is solid snakin' it through the bushes! Yeah! Fortunately, lasers are silent. And it's easy work to affix explosives in peace, even though that's likely to be brief - since she's in a cache? of some sort. Anything that looks useful is squirreled away into the walking box. She can portal gun it out when she has line of sight. Weapons, any bits, yup. Stick, snag, snipe. All in a day of the life of LunaBox.

"Hmmmph. Hey Jericho, how's that download and Armory doing? I guess if they're focusing on where we're raising hell…" Roy peers over towards Melinda May, before re-shouldering his big gun. "So, right then. Hey fellas!" Raising his voice, Roy calls out, "C'mere. I got a -boom stick-. It's -awesome-!"

Aiming upwards this time, as the first sign of motion that's not Melinda approaches, Roy fires, then. "Man, Lunair, this thing's -great-! It's bringing down the roof here!"

Melinda May didn't really know what to expect from the Compensation SMG that Harper seemed to think was a good choice of weapon for this, but she finds out quickly enough and then charges at the group of sentries from behind. She may not be as silent as a laser gun, but just about anything short of a Who concert would be quieter than that thing that Roy's brandishing.

The Lunabox finally does garner some unwanted attention. Granted, any attention is kind of unwanted but doubly so when it comes from some guy with a road flare leaning over your very flammable cover. She might wanna do something about that.

May starts to play havoc with her axes. Sort of like watching a much more violent asian Legolas. There aren't a whole lot more left above ground to deal with but…

Jericho's HUD suddenly lights up, as do his traces quite involuntarly. A sure sign that they're eating magic. "Incoming spellwork." The code imp in his systems is already frantically flashing a warning. "Something's powering up… aw hell. I've got mechanized hardsuits coming up from the main building. Looks like some kind of knockoff Sta- wait, no. Hammer-tech. You've got a minute or so before they get to you."

Oh snap. There's a little ! moment at the man and his road flare. From under her helmet inside the box, her eyes widen. It's time to laser him! She'll keep her box if she can, but if lasering him requires popping out like an angry, armored weasel, then so be it. Lunair has no intentions of dying on fire. Actually, yes, she will pop out and load her misbegotten goodies into the box to lug along quickly as she sticks explosives onto things. Passive aggressive coffee pot refill note? Totally getting C4'd.

But the gentleman with the road flare? He's so getting a laser to the face for christmas.

"Great. Hardsuits. So… do I have to actually -aim-…? Uh… Lunair, how many charges do I have left on this thing, anyway…?" Roy asks, as he checks the gun, before grimacing. Maybe it'd be time to resort to explosive arrows - at least then he could aim for the weaker cracks. No wait… wait.

Bringing the gun to where the main building is, Roy queries May, "You got explosives set up there, right?"

And whether she answers yes or no, it really didn't matter… just fire at the main building. See about bringing -everything- down before the hardsuits get off the ground…

"Armory, did you get the charges set?" The answer had better be yes. May's trying to mow through these guys as quick as she can, especially when she sees Harper starting to aim that weapon at the main building. Damnit, this is moving faster than she'd planned on. Chopping into one last person, she races toward the helicopter,

The Hardsuits stomp into view… but something's wrong. They're not moving… normally. It's stilted, like someone's not used to the suit… or perhaps having a human shape. One of them swings a shoulder mounted cannon toward May and Roy… which promptly startss spitting lightining. In moments the others are making variously elementally flavored attacks against the two in the open. They haven't seen Lunair yet. Her laser man didn't get a chance to get an alarm off.

Up on the hill Jericho curses and sprouts wings, abandoning the rifle in favor of his blade.

"Yes'm, lots of charges," Lunair is duly polite. She's got her box of pilfered stuff and picks up anything useful she can see/carry. There's a pause, as she spots the hardsuits. She stifles a giggle. And sneaky-sneaky-sneaky up. Surprise dubstep attack! And then run away! To - the helicopter!

Melinda May has to knock a few people aside, but the little helicopter is surprisingly intact. She scrambles into the little aircraft and starts the engines. GOD, she had forgotten how SLOW civilian whirlybirds were to get up to speed.

Jericho lands near Roy as the hardsuits close in. One minute the archer is blazaing away with his SMG of doom at the possessed hardsuits, the next minute he's back to back with a seven and a half foot demonwolf made of light. With a huge sword. "Lunair! Get to the chopper!"

Roy's weapon runs dry and he switches to his bow. The hacker and the spy spin in a dance of bladed and pointed death as a half a dozen hard suits close in. Arrow throw the eye socket, blade through a joint, another explosive tip right into where the generator would be if this thing weren't being powered by some kind of demon… "Any day now, May!" Roy calls out, eyeing the chopper to make his break for it at just the right time.

Lunair is just glad not to be in anyone's path. "I'm going, I'm going! You too! I think you also want to live!" Right? Right. Lunair is bolting for the helicopter, box of stuff and all. At least her weapon she can call and dismiss, so it's a good deal of weight away. She got a little pick up happy. "Just say when-" For the explosives, because they aren't going off until she's told to. Right? Right. She's probably so going to have to sit on someone. With her box.

Melinda May finally, FINALLY gets the little helicopter to start lifting off of its pad, and holds it about four inches off of the ground. "Now, Harper!" She's waiting for the Checkmate agent now, and… sorry, Lunair, it might end up with him being the one sitting on her lap rather than the other way around.

That… is indeed what happens. Lunair beats Roy there and to the victor goes the seat. Good thing neither of them are exactly huge. Jericho drops his wolf armor and exchanges it for wings, rocketing skyward moments before several pounds of C4 collaps floors and structural supports turning the entire compound into a sinkhole. "Don't think anyone survived that…" He does a scan. "And I'm not picking up anything else… Looks good."

And Roy gets to have Luna's doom box of pickpocketry in his lap. Lunair doesn't seem to mind too too much but this is not the most comfortable ride she's going to have in her life time. "Looks like it. Do you think I used enough? Maybe I should've used more," There's no kill like overkill…

Melinda May says, "If it's a crater, you used enough." May gets the little whirly bird scooting away from the 'ranch' just in time, and aims them toward the nearest SHIELD branch facility — in Boulder."

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