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February 7, 2015: A few young mutants and one young Kryptonian end up on the wrong side of a Friends of Humanity protest at the Central Park reconstruction effort.

Central Park



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It's a frosty Saturday afternoon in Manhattan, and normally the X-Men Red Team's reconstruction of Central Park would be on idle for the weekend. Not today, though. The Friends of Humanity have turned out in force to picket the project. They claim to object to the funneling of city funds into a project run by a political activist group; their real concern, of course, is the people in the group. Mutants living and working openly, winning city contracts, and using their powers in public? These are a few of the FoH's least favorite things.

Roberto da Costa, as the corporate sponsor of the Red Team, isn't going to be a popular face here, but he thinks it's important to put in an appearance, if only to show that his group isn't afraid of the protesters. He steps out of a limousine, bundled up against the cold and trailed by a clutch of assistants, two bodyguards, and a few co-workers who were also curious about the protest. "This should be fun," he says firmly, rubbing his hands together in what is possibly eagerness, but could also be an attempt to start a mitten fire. "I love a good photo op."

Quicksilver has been hanging out at Xavier's, eating their food and generally mooching. His hosts don't seem to have minded much, so he's not feeling too guilty about it. Still, if there's one thing the speedy silver one can't stand, that's staying in one place for too long. A zip to New York is like a trip down the block for him. He didn't come for a protest or reconstruction or anything like that - he just happens to be zipping by.

The silver-haired mutant is…well, sort of conspicuous. Not just because of his unusual haircolour. He's also wearing a shiny black poufy down-filled coat with a fur-lined hood, a winter hat knitted with silver thread, white jeans and deep treaded white hiking boots (safety first! Even he can slip on ice.) He's leaning on a tree and bunching a handful of snow between black gloved hands. The classic rock stylings of AC/DC filter out of the earbuds tucked into his ears.

Audrey is a member of the team now. Mostly. Even if she's still figuring out just what that means. But as she gets out of the limo, she could easily pass for one of the bodyguards, dressed in simple, sturdy, close-fitting black, with her hair pulled back in a practical braid down the back of her coat. And she's definitely carrying, for anyone who knows what to look for. "You like poking people with sticks," she murmurs at Roberto's words, a faint smile quirking.

"I do. I totally do," Roberto admits, flashing a warm grin over at Audrey. "Come on, though — these guys deserve it. Ooh, that's a new one!" Roberto says, pointing to a sign featuring his own face, with photoshopped-on devil horns and pitchfork, plus the one-word caption, 'TEMPTER.' "I like it when they have that personal touch. 'Don't let your sons be like Sunspot,' you know?" he says, quoting one of the slogans he's heard. "Almost like they're worried we'll become role models."

As the group steps toward the picket line, today's less imaginative chanting gets louder: Hell! No! Mu-ties go! "An oldie, but a goodie," Roberto mutters. A group of reporters covering the protest swivel to get lenses on the newcomers, probably hoping for a riot and the impressive visuals that would bring.

Quicksilver blows a bubble. A big one. The outside of it freezes a little in the cold air. He snaps it and pulls it back into his mouth. Then he gets a wry little grin on his face. He pats down his pockets until he finds a marker. He carries one, because he might just be the kind of delinquent that tags things. He chews thoughtfully and pops the cap off the marker.

The only clue the protestors have that anything has changed is the sudden cool breeze that whips by them. Considering they're in the middle of a park, that hardly seems unusual. When the speedster has done his thing though, several of the signs have been…creatively altered. One rage-filled mother of three now finds herself holding a sign that says, 'Mutants are SEXY AS HELL' where it once said 'Mutants are Going to Hell.' Another one has been turned around in the hands of an angry man with a shaved head. The backside, which faces forward, now says, 'I'm a Douchebag.' A few other signs have been altered, some with just a series of scribbles across the text to obscure it entirely.

Off to the side, past a park bench, Pietro is snapping the cap on the marker and slipping it away. He looks awfully pleased with himself.

Since her screw-up the other day, Kara had been trying her best to look for some way to help others; as a way of making up for trashing part of downtown Metropolis. Flying above the park she can't help but notice the large crowd gathering around what seems to be a small group of people.

"<Earth is such a strange place..>" The words muttered under her breath in Kryptonian. Still, it seemed like people might be in trouble and there was no way she was about to let them get mobbed.

The X-Men might catch sight of a speck of red and blue speeding towards the ground from the clouds above.

"Because being a mutant is a choice," Audrey snorts at one of the signs, shaking her head as she looks over the crowd. "They'd probably panic if I plunged the world into darkness, wouldn't they?" There's something detached about the way she looks at the protestors. This is, after all, sort of a first for her. Growing up in the military, and then in a militarized mutant training program, she's always seen the mutations as something more normal than not. As the breeze goes by and the signs change, she pauses, turning a circle. "I think we've got company?"

The press quickly frame the X-Red group against the backdrop of the protest, cameras snapping as reporters pepper them with questions. Roberto holds his hands forward to quiet the inquiries from the reporters — although this only spurs the protesters to yell louder and nastier things behind him. "We're just here to make sure that the protest is staying within its designated boundaries, so that it won't set back the reconstruction," he explains, his words vetted by a PR consultant during the car ride over. "New York has already seen enough destruction driven by hate, and it would be a shame to backslide just when we're starting to rebuild." This is a canny — if underhanded — rhetorical move: align the X-men with the city that wants to recover, while subtly conflating the anti-mutant protesters with the terrorists who caused the damage in the first place.

The effect is slightly undercut when all of the signs behind him mysteriously alter halfway through his statement. Several of the reporters start to snicker, and Roberto can't hold back a look of confusion. That isn't usually how the press reacts to him. Audrey's comment gets him looking around, and then upward. "Look - up in the sky," he mutters, shading his eyes for a better glimpse. (There are some narrative conventions it's best not to question.) "That's not one of ours, is it?"

Quicksilver does his best to look inconspicuous on the fringes of the protest. Doot doot doot. Just leaning against the tree. Ignore him, TV crews and various heroes. He's just a lookie loo. He does, however, pull his phone out of a pocket and snap several pictures before the protestors have a chance to lower their altered signs. Totally going right on Twitter. #FriendlessHumanity

The speck of red and blue begins to slow its descent as it approaches, turning into a blonde haired girl that has a costume resembling Supermans; albeit much more revealing (Stupid 'Ceremonial' Battle Armor).

Landing near Sunspot and Audrey her cape flutters about her and she asks the pair almost casually, "Don't these people have anything better to do?"

If the protesters hated human metahumans, they probably liked alien metahumans even less.

It takes a great deal of self-control for Audrey not to reach for a gun. Being out in the open like this is not her usual choice. But going for a gun in the middle of an angry protest wouldn't be helpful. Instead, she builds an illusion around herself, a perfect copy, before going invisible and stepping out of it. To the cameras and the crowd, she's still standing there, searching for the disruption. "Apparently not," the invisible Audrey answers Kara with a sigh from a few feet away, starting to circle out.

Roberto allows himself a small smirk and adds, "Bigots usually do have limited social lives." He quickly figures out that the Audrey at his side isn't real, and gives a small nod in the direction he hears her whispering from. Keeping out of sight is a smart tactic — it's just not one he's particularly good at.

For sure, there's no way Roberto is going to be able to stay mad at Quicksilver when he sees that trending topic. Let's face it: he himself would give up a thousand prepared statements for the right viral hashtag. Heck, he probably has a few social media interns back at the Red Team headquarters who are even now busy photoshopping ever-more ridiculous captions on the protest signs.

Unfortunately, the crowd doesn't have nearly his appreciation for a good live-action shoop. They were already angry — a mutant getting one over them is just the spark this powder keg needed. They start throwing their vandalized signs at the X-red group. For the most part, they weigh too little to do significant damage, but once they free up their hands, it's anyone's guess what else they'll find to fling.

Kara's appearance momentarily cools the tension. People — even bigots — respect or fear the S, and even if Kara's not Superman, she clearly shares at least some of his abilities. But the dam isn't quite done breaking: someone shouts, "She's with the muties!" and the attack is back on. A line of NYPD officers is containing the protesters for the moment, but it's anyone's guess when they'll either be overpowered or decide against putting their well-being on the line for these people.

The only hint that Quicksilver is in any way involves in the fracas is the very deliberate way in which he removes his gloves, cracks his fingers, then…wait, where'd he go? The signs that are flung at the X-Group inexplicably bounce right back and smack into the people who threw them, as if they were attached to their hands with rubber bands. Here's hoping the camera caught the moment where a short, balding man gets a sign full in the face and snaps his head back. No one's going to get more than a bloody nose unless they were really hauling the projectile. Normally, Pietro would be a little more careful, but to make sure the cameras don't capture him, he's got to be moving a little faster than normal.

Kara may not have realized just how much Superman was respected, but she gets a sense that things were simmering down a little until the angry person yelled at her. In all honesty, she has no clue what the hell is going on here but the fact that one of the mutants are actually harming people; albeit in a small way. It is enough to actually make her move towards the group of protesters and distance herself so she doesn't seem to be on any one side.

She calls out loudly, using her abilities to amplify it, "Actually, I'm not with /anyone/ here. Superman" She considers it, "told me to come by and make sure everyone was on their best behavior. That means, no violence, on either side. Am I clear?"

She really didn't believe it would work, but she had to try.

Quicksilver is fast, but he's not faster than light. Audrey can't see him move, but as she extends her awareness, she can feel him move through the area, almost like a faint current in water. Light's bouncing off of him, still. Strangely. Keeping track of where he goes, Audrey moves around the police and crowd to try to stop where he looks like he's going to end up.

Photographers snap up images of Quicksilver's brand of instant karma — although the mutant himself will be a vague blur at even the highest shutter speed. The problem with sending the objects flying back at the protesters is that it means sending them flying back over the cops holding the protesters back. As is becoming depressingly common in recent months, the police apply a broad definition of what constitutes a threat to their lives: one that, apparently, includes cardboard signs moving in their general direction. They give up on holding back the protesters and flee, probably to get riot gear or call in the SRD.

The protesters rush past them, but the ones up at the front come to a quick halt when confronted by Supergirl. Or they try to, anyway: with the shield of anonymity that the crowd gives them, the Friends behind them are still shoving forward. The end result is a crushing lateral sway, like those at the front of particularly rowdy small-venue rock shows. The crowd parts around the Kryptonian like a stream around a rock.

Sunspot grimaces and extends his arms, but the expression is lost as he dons the molten aura and impenetrable silhouette of his solar form. "Get back," he tells the reporters and non-powered members of his entourage. "I'll hold them off." Crouching, the superstrong mutant plunges his fingers into the earth next to a newly-laid paved walkway and lifts. With a tremendous crack, the segment of pavement separates from its neighbors and is transformed into a wall.

Honestly, Quicksilver never really meant to make things go sideways like this. He just wanted to smack some jerks in the face with signs. Not only will Audrey's power help track where he stops, so will the skid of snow about twenty or so feet away from the edge of the crowd. He stops and turns back and well, he actually does look contrite. "Damn." Imagine that. Actions have consequences. Oops. Mmmaybe he'll just stay over here at let Fire Guy and Flying Girl take care of this.

Kara is jostled, pushed and run into but she doesn't move; it's just inconvenient to have the horde of people trampling past her. A few of them likely even apologize when they run into her. It's becoming obvious to her now, that there is some kind of distinction between different 'super people' on this planet and not all of them are well liked.

What a strange planet.

The 'Supergirl' lifts up above the crowd, her temper rising as the people try to get to Sunspot and his non-existent companion and flies in front of the impromptu wall of pavement.

She screams loudly, "I SAID! EVERYONE STOP NOW!" Her scream is not just an ordinary scream, invisible sonic shockwaves lance out around her as she manifests an ability not seen among her kind; something that definitely separates her from Superman.

The force is enough to momentarily stun and daze anyone affected without harming them, but car alarms can soon be heard going off in the distance.

When Quicksilver stops, Audrey is just a few steps away, letting the illusion of her disappear and her own invisibility drop. It might even look like she's teleported. Never hurts to leave people uncertain about what you can do, after all. "Fun, maybe, but not super helpful," she informs him with a faint smile, one that starts to fade as things escalate. "This is getting ugly." She starts to reach for a communicator in her ear, only to go down into a crouch with a shout as Kara's shout reaches them.

The wall of concrete isn't all that wide, and there's nothing preventing people from going around it. Like Sunspot said, he's just trying to slow down the crowd long enough for anyone without superpowers to get away. It does, however, provide a decent buffer to sound — one the Brazilian is incredibly grateful to have a moment later as he's dazed by even the reduced effect of Kara's sonic powers. The makeshift barrier shifts back, and then he quickly backs up and lowers it back onto the ground. He doesn't want to be carrying anything dangerously heavy when he's feeling woozy.

The aural assault is much worse for the protesters. Those nearest Kara drop to the ground almost immediately; farther away, they clutch at their heads or sink to their knees. The effect does neatly deal with the problem of crowd dynamics: no one at the back is shoving this time. Sunspot dissolves back into Roberto, who slumps over with his hands on his knees, staring at the defused near-riot in disbelief. "Merda," he breathes, impressed. "You should start a punk band."

Without further commentary, he runs off to find Audrey. He noticed that her illusory duplicate vanished, and he needs to make sure she's okay and get the whole group out of here. Behind him, the rest of the X-Red group gets into the limo, whose engine is already running, the chauffeur ready to get them back to the DCI building as fast as possible.

Quicksilver is buffeted by the auditory shockwave, but really, it's not much compared to the stresses on his body from moving at incredible speeds. He feels it, but it doesn't knock him on his arse like the others. Though, if there's anyone who actualy deserves it…

He blinks at Audrey's sudden appearance and smiles sheepishly. "I uh, I'm sorry. I just can't stand people like that. They threw signs at you guys!" Which wasn't the biggest threat in the world, which is rather why he decided to give them what they were trying to give the Xers. "Wow. That lady. She knows how to shake down a crowd, huh?" He thumbs over towards Kara. He might actually be toeing the ground when Sunspot runs up. Aw shucks. He didn't mean nothin' by it, honest!

"No clue what that is, but uh, thanks? I think…" Kara calls back to Sunspot/Roberto before surveying the crowd; it didn't seem like they would be causing any more trouble for the time being.

"<Rao help me, this planet sucks.>" Kara says with a shake of her head before crouching down slightly and flying off into the sky with a small sonic boom that flattens the grass where she once stood.

Up! Up and Away!

"I don't like having signs thrown at me, but I like getting mobbed less," Audrey points out as she straightens, glancing toward Roberto and the limo. "We should get out of here. I'm guessing you can handle getting out pretty well yourself," she adds with a faint smile. "But he'd probably like to talk to you if you wanted to come with."

Roberto locates Audrey and her silver-on-silver friend just in time to have his hair ruffled by a much gentler Kryptonian sonic boom. "Aw, damn… wait!" he calls out, waving one arm after Supergirl. "A Kryptonian in New York, and I tell her to start a punk band and then run in the opposite direction," he complains, turning to Audrey with a hand on his forehead. "Way to network, da Costa. Genius." Nearby, some Friends start to get to their feet, looking decidedly unfriendly, and remind him why it was important to look for his new teammate. "Are you okay?" he asks Audrey, his words rushed. He turns to eye the unfamiliar Pietro. "Are you not one of these guys? Because if so, we need to leave." He points over at the limousine, which is waiting for them at the nearest curb. Still keeping an eye out for Kara, in case she forgot her scarf and comes back or something, he waves them after him and starts his own retreat.

"Ummm…" says Quicksilver as he looks at Roberto, then over to the limo. "Yeah, uh, totally not one of those guys." He points to the crowd. "I mean…" he eyes Audrey. Is she going to tell on him? He looks like he might just bolt off in a silver blur, but he honestly didn't mean to start trouble.

"Your call," Audrey says to Quicksilver with a tight smile, then turns to jog after Roberto toward the limo. Running, at least, is something she's very good at.

It wouldn't do Kara any good to go talking to the X-Men right in front of the crowd, it wouldn't do anyone any good if she was trying to stay neutral in these kind of things. Instead, she uses her super-vision to keep an eye on the limo and the people getting inside so she can follow a little while!

For his part, Roberto seems mostly interested in getting all of them out of the park before the Friends of Humanity get their feet under them and try to start another ruckus. He couldn't care less about finding someone to blame. He slaps Pietro on the shoulder and hoofs it to the waiting limousine. One more will fit in easily, and as soon as the door shuts behind them, the chauffeur is off. It's only a few blocks to the Da Costa Building, most of which are spent making sure that everyone is uninjured. The limousine pulls into the basement motor pool, and Roberto leads the passengers out and points out the express elevator to the Red Team headquarters on the top floors of the building. They'll need to report in and check on media coverage to make sure they aren't being cast as the villains in this event.

Quicksilver hesitates, but, hey, limo! He's always wanted to ride in one of things. Frankly, that's really what makes the decision for him. Once he decides, he's off like a shot, and already sitting, reclined comfortably by the time the others arrive. If there's a minibar, he finds it. He flashes a wry little grin. "So. I got my first favstar." He holds up his phone and shows his photo tweet. A hundred-and-some retweets. @licketysplit is his handle, because of course.

Audrey takes a seat near the limo door, still in guard mode, until they're well away from the park. Only then does she look back to Quicksilver, not quite able to hide some amusement. "Good thing you're fast." It's all she says, until they're safe back at HQ, where she starts to unload the weapons. And there were way more of them than it looked like. Three guns, a very large knife, and a brace worth of throwing knives. And a taser. "So, maybe a little less taunting the ignorant hicks?" she suggests to Roberto.

A knocking can be heard coming from one of the upper windows, wherever is convenient! Kara appears to be outside. Always polite to knock, right?

Roberto reaches out to hold Pietro's phone steady and take a look at the tweet. He can't help a cocky smile. He looks great and the protesters look ridiculous. "So, I guess you're the guy who messed with the signs?" he asks. "That's one mystery solved. You should probably leave the PR stunts to the experts, though." That's a gentle way of pointing out that the stranger nearly started a riot, but truth be told, Roberto can understand the impulse to tweak the bigots. God knows he didn't always resist it all that well as a kid.

He gives Audrey a minute to get her armaments back into the appropriate locker before dialing his code into the elevator. "A little less taunting, yeah," he allows with a casual smirk as they ascend. "To be fair, I wasn't the one who actually came ready for a fight." At some point they're going to work on getting Audrey comfortable in public without a small arsenal on hand, but for the moment the goal is just to get her comfortable with her new teammates and surroundings.

As they step out into the Red Team headquarters, they are in a uniquely good position to hear Kara's knocking right outside the nearest window. Roberto stares for a second, then grins, then points her toward the landing pad nearby. "Guests! I love having guests," he says enthusiastically, jogging over to let her in.

"Great digs, great digs. Like your work. And I mean, it's been real real fun, but I feel like maybe I've made enough trouble for the day. Plus I have a ham in the oven or something." Quicksilver flashes a smile at Roberto, winks at Audrey, the, "Tweet at me if you're feeling chatty. And uh, dude, don't you know you can't manufacture virality?" That to Roberto re: PR stunts before he's suddenly…not there. Meep meep.

And he's gone." Audrey looks in the direction Quicksilver went, shaking her head before she looks to the window, blinking at the woman there. "Do you maybe want to find out if she's not thrilled without performance out there before you just let her in?" Not that anyone can stop her from getting in, but procedures are a good thing, right?

Kara enters when Sunspot lets her in, looking around and noting politely, "Nice place." She looks over the group of mutants and adds, "Sorry to barge in your party all unexpected like that. On Krypton, people would have been too busy bettering society to waste time gathering in a mob and harassing other people."

She stares after the departing Quicksilver and laughs, "That was quick."

Roberto is having unusual difficulty keeping track of his visitors today. "Speedsters," he mutters darkly, pausing to note Quicksilver's absence, then continuing to the landing pad.

"If she's not thrilled, she's here to talk about it, at least," he points out to Audrey. "I don't mind being told that I'm doing something wrong. It's when people aren't using their words that we end up having a problem." And, as Audrey herself said, if she weren't using her words, they would notice.

As he invites Kara into the hub of the Red Team headquarters, he cracks an amused smile. "We spared no expense," he says of the office, the central chunk of which occupies most of two floors. Also, of his clone velociraptors. "Well, here you can still better society, you just have to expect a little pushback." He rubs a spot behind his temple where one particularly well-aimed sign gave him a papercut. "Or throwback, in this case. Roberto da Costa — good to meet you." He extends a hand toward the newcomer.

"Does every little girl also get her very own unicorn that poops rainbows?" Audrey drawls to Kara's comparison to Krypton. She may not like the protestors, but she's a military brat. Everyone working to better society doesn't quite jive with her. As Roberto takes to introductions, she moves toward the refrigerator to go get a bottle of water.

Kara has yet to wrap her head around the whole secret-identity thing, in fact it's pretty much something that seems to be a pain in the butt. It's not like she was really in any kind of disguise, sure people called her Supergirl but she was just, "I'm Kara Zor-El of Krypton." She shakes the accepted hand, an Earth custom she has learned not to ignore since the first time.

Kara smirks, "Actually, on Krypton they're called Kryptonian Rainbow Dancers and they don't poop Rainbows, they shoot them from their horns. Every little girl has one."

Roberto accepts the handshake with a look of amusement. "Good to meet you, Kara." He doesn't say it, but he appreciates being given a name, rather than a cipher of some kind; superheroes do tend to lean pretty hard on secrecy, and encountering this kind of openness is refreshing. "We've got similar creatures in Rio. I should take you all down to Brazil one Carnival so you can see for yourselves."

Moving to more serious matters, he puts his hands into his hip pockets. "I appreciate your help in the park. I didn't realize you were taking an active interest in our efforts there — to be honest, I thought most of the high-level metahumans stuck to Metropolis."

Audrey gives Kara long look at her response, opening the bottle of water to take a drink. She's definitely trying to decide if that was serious or not. But she's not quite secure enough to actually ask. Just yet. "I'm Audrey," she says instead, moving toward one of the couches to sit where she can see Kara and Roberto both.

Kara nods to Audrey, "Nice to meet you." Turning her gaze back to Roberto she explains, "I'm getting kind of used to not having a home, I would hate to settle for choosing a single city on Earth to fly around. Kind of limiting I guess, plus normally, Metropolis has Superman who happens to be missing."

She's blabbing on just a little bit, good to let it out, "Well, mostly, I'm here because I think I pissed off a Green Lantern and I don't want to deal with him chastising me and acting all authoritative."

"Audrey is our newest member," Roberto says, flashing a smile over at the illusionist. His expression turns a bit confused as he considers what Kara has just said. "You pissed off a lantern?" He may have known some aliens in high school, but most of them managed to steer well clear of the interplanetary law, so he's not familiar with the corps. Xavier's was a very specific kind of sheltered ubringing, to be sure, but it was still sheltered in its own way. "That sounds… annoying."

Green Lanterns, apparently, were not covered in military training. Not from the army, at least. They probably fall under air force jurisdiction. Audrey's brows furrow slightly at the explanation, but she doesn't ask for clarification, leaving that to Roberto. Listening.

"Right, very annoying. He wouldn't even listen to me when I was /trying/ to explain the person I was fighting was this very very very bad guy named Zod. He's a Kryptonian General who I am pretty sure destroyed our homeworld. You would think Green Lanterns, being police officers would you know, want to catch him?" Kara sighs, obviously frustrated, "So, what do you all do? Are you like The Titans?"

Roberto was picturing the talking candlestick from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, but colored green. Kara hasn't entirely corrected that impression: now Lumiere is wearing a tin sherrif's badge.

He shakes off this musing and answers her question after a second, though. "We're allies with the Titans, but we have a very different approach. We're focused on mutant/human relations, using our powers openly but living and working alongside people without them. We do a lot of community outreach and public service, but also corporate contracts. It's like a superhero team, but it's also a functioning company." He makes a mental note to Google 'Zod.' Also, these weird police lamps she seems so fixated on.

"Was there maybe a lot of destruction going on at the time?" Audrey asks, arching a brow as she takes another drink. "The peacekeeping sorts usually get a little touchy about that sort of thing. Even if the guy was a planet-destroyer. No sense in getting two planets destroyed, after all."

Kara shrugs in response to the question about damages, "Just a street corner, not really any worse than ripping up the ground to act as a shield." She considers the riot earlier, asking Roberto, "How has the whole living and working alongside people been going? I don't get why they didn't really seem to hate me, but hated the group of you. Did you do something to earn their ire?"

Roberto shoots a guilty look at Audrey even before Kara calls him out on his own property destruction earlier. He is usually the last to criticize other people for that sort of thing, and given the smashy-smashy nature of his powers, that's not really a surprise. "Certo — I'll be rebuilding that. Again. Promise," he assures them both.

"As for the hatred, we're mutants. We're normal kids who suddenly become better than them at practically everything for reasons of sheer luck." The handsome Brazilian shrugs helplessly. "We get a lot of resentment from that. Understanding, too, from the good ones, but the bad ones just see us as a threat. Why not the other metas? Personally, I think it's because you can become one. Like a poor man defending a rich man's privileges — he aspires to be that rich man someday. You can't aspire to be a mutant. You either are or aren't."

"It's not practically everything," Audrey disagrees with a roll of her eyes. "I, for example, am a terrible dancer. That didn't go away when my powers manifested." She pauses, head tilting. "Though I did develop the ability not to been seen dancing horribly, so I suppose that's an improvement." She stands up, pacing a few steps. "Power is frightening. And there are more of us," she adds to Roberto's theory. "We're potential replacements. Others are aliens or accidents. We're a trend."

Kara being from one of the most privileged families on Krypton, probably just simply doesn't get the concept of the poor men and rich men; after-all, even her own view of society was likely skewed given her families position.

"They should probably just get over it. Isn't there a saying you use here, something like, Life isn't fair? It's insane to think someone would hate their own people but not aliens who can do the same things. I mean, it's ok for an alien because you can't get lucky and be an alien?" She rolls her eyes, the more Kara learned of Earth, the more it confused her.

Roberto grins at Audrey's contribution, teasing her, "You're only bad at dancing because you haven't had me around to teach you. Give it a few weekends out and you'll see. I believe in advancing mutant exceptionalism, one dance floor at a time." In a slightly more sober tone, he adds, "That's a good point about seeing us as replacements. Like a threat to their society or something." He rolls his eyes. "I only wish I could tell the bigots to just get over it. Unfortunately, we have to be twice as good as they are just to prove we aren't supervillains. We don't get to cut loose, even verbally, without consequences."

"I am also bad at makeup," Audrey says, smile flickering. "But I usually cheat instead." Kara's protest gets a soft sigh. "A person can be reasonable. But people? People are dangerous, foolish, and swayed by their fears and their hungers. I'm pretty sure there are groups in the deep south who think Superman's an illegal immigrant and are petitioning for his removal from American soil. Actually, I bet if we went to that White House petition website, we'd find one for exactly that. But I think they also know they're not going to be able to punch him out of the country, too."

Kara looks out the window she came from before looking back, "It was nice to meet the pair of you, I'd hate to keep you any longer from your duties but maybe I'll drop in on you sometime to say Hi if I happen to be in New York." She steps towards the window now, waiting for anything final to be said before flying out the same way she came. She still wanted to see if she could fly out into space, Zod had after-all; why couldn't she do it…

"Good to meet you, too. Feel free to stop by any time," Roberto tells Supergirl. "If the office is closed, I live in the penthouse upstairs." He smiles as he waves farewell.

Turning back to Audrey, he laughs and continues, "I would tell you that you're great at makeup, but how could I really know for sure?" He peers at her in mock suspicion. "It's illusions all the way down, as far as I know. You could be taller than me, and just pretending otherwise to make me feel better…"

"I'm actually morbidly obese," Audrey deadpans, nodding, before a smile breaks free. "Illusions take effort to keep up," she admits. "Makeup is bearable, but more than that gets to be exhausting for more than a couple of hours. So what you see…" She lifts her hands, shrugging. "Here I am."

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